Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#432. Celebration-less Touchdowns

Black people just being Black
Professional athlete, as we have learned, is the vocation of choice for young Black males. The majority of Black males grow up believing they will one day make it to either the NBA or the NFL and that though the taste of riches may be fleeting, “making it rain” for a few years will be worth every penny lost that would have gained compound interest sitting in a bank.
Black athletes compete not only for playing time as professional athletes, but also for endorsements dollars against fellow athletes. This means that the optimum place to showcase their skills will be on ESPN Sports Center, a daily telecast highlighting the top plays from the prior day's sporting events.

One-handed catches on the gridiron, monster "poster material" dunks on the basketball court and long runs through a maze of defenders only to eventually penetrate the end zone are what the producers at ESPN continuously highlight and the viewer craves watching.

But one of the more intriguing highlights ESPN promulgates is the end zone dance, the spontaneous celebration of Black individuality and creativity after a player has scored a touchdown (though the practice of Black braggadocio is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, seen after minor pass breakups by corners and even five-yard receptions by Twitter happy receivers).

The end zone celebration was a ritualistic dance notoriously performed in the 1980s with impressive flair and increased levels of team participation coupled with intensely choreographed maneuvers. The NCAA quickly moved in to limit these celebrations and subjugate offenders of flagrant celebration with the dreaded "Miami Rule": 
College football players planning to punctuate scoring plays by high-stepping into the end zone, somersaulting over the goal line or waving the ball at their beaten opponents better get it out of their system this season.
Nearly two decades after the creation of the so-called "Miami Rule," the NCAA is taking another step to reduce taunting, a harsher penalty for the guilty party that could take points off the scoreboard starting in the 2011 season.

It all goes back to Miami's 1991 Cotton Bowl rout of Texas, when the Hurricanes committed a school-record 16 penalties, including nine for unsportsmanlike conduct.

That performance resulted in the institution of a 15-yard penalty for any player engaging in prolonged celebrations or taunting.

Fast-forward to April, when the NCAA approved a rule that wipes out a touchdown if a player taunts his opponents en route to the end zone. Instead of getting six points, the team would be assessed a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.

The harsher rules don't sit well with former Hurricanes receiver Randal Hill, who despite a standout career probably is best known for his touchdown celebration in that '91 Cotton Bowl. After scoring a touchdown, Hill ran into a stadium tunnel, then emerged while pretending to fire a pair of six-shooters.

Hill admits that some of the things he and his teammates did "were over the top" but derides the NCAA as "stuffy guys" searching for ways to take the fun out out of the game.

"I think it's sad," said Hill, who works as a special agent for U.S. Homeland Security. "All these guys that are making the rules? Get rid of every single one of them and put people in there that understand more about the game.

"I guarantee you, the fans don't want to see a snooty, boring game."
Excessive celebration is banned in college sports, but the professionals (especially the NFL) have the market cornered on gaudy end zone dances, mugging for the camera after big hits on defense and the primeval yell that ejaculates from the throat of the athlete upon securing a big catch or extended a drive with a long run.

Black players make up 70 percent of the NFL athletes and 80 percent of the NBA players. If a study were undertaken to determine which race garners the most unsportsmanlike/excessive celebration penalties in the NFL and technical fouls in the NBA, SBPDL believes these would be 90-95 committed by Black players.

It is rare to see excessive celebration called in the NFL, but in a recent playoff game a critical mistake was made by the New York Jets that resulted in a 15-yard penalty. That mistake? A Black person scored a touchdown and that player decided to grandstand for the crowd and the viewing audience at home:
When you talk big, you'd better back it up. And if you back up the big talk, you deserve to celebrate even bigger. That wasn't a problem for the New York Jets during and after the team's decisive 28-21 victory over the New England Patriots in the AFC divisional playoff.

A bit of the celebration didn't please CBS announcer Jim Nantz, though. After Shonn Greene(notes) scored a late game-sealing touchdown, many Jets, Rex Ryan included, converged in the end zone to whoop it up and send one final message to the Patriots and their fans. Nantz didn't like this, particularly Greene's "nap time" celebration, which saw the running back fall to the ground and mimic that he was going to sleep.

"I've never understood the absurdity of all the self-aggrandizing and now you're going to cost your team 15 yards on the kick and you're going to give Brady and his unit a chance to do something."

All right, Jim. Come on down from that soapbox and let's talk about this. You're right that it's absurd for a player to cost his team 15 yards for an incident that was completely unnecessary. And you're right that Brady and his team were going to get another chance to do something. But did you have to go with "absurdity" and "self-aggrandizing" when ripping Greene's celebration? You know who's self-aggrandizing? People who use the phrase "self-aggrandizing." I assume you've been introduced to the pot and the kettle, Jim?

The real culprit here is the NFL for having lame rules in place that penalize players for having fun. Greene didn't get flagged for doing something wrong -- like taunting or disrespectful behavior --  no, he was penalized because he intentionally fell to the ground in the course of celebrating a touchdown. That's all.
End zone celebrations are an unwritten, de facto right for Black players to display effortless cool (though none have pulled off a Clarence  yet) and an opportunity to gesticulate and contort their bodies in ways that display the sportsmanship that sports fans have come to know and expect from Black athletes.
Black people really, really love being Black. No Self esteem issues here

Though the game may be in doubt, Black athletes on a team losing by 30 might taunt the opposing team with an exaggerated, multifaceted celebration that oozes with Black machismo.

You see, Black people have no shame and are normally completely unaware of their surroundings. Being quiet at a movie? Impossible for Black people, though before every movie people are implored to refrain from speaking during the viewing of the film.

Using 6-inch voices like our teachers told us was polite to utilize in public places? Nope, Black people believe in the 40 foot voice rule, demanding that everyone within ear shot be party to their conversation.

This is why football players (and to a less extent basketball players) must celebrate every play that just might conceivably -- possibly, maybe -- merit even the smallest accolade. It's only natural for Black people to be the center of attention and with tens of millions watching and television, the opportunity for endorsement dollars and precious ESPN highlight reel time translates to excessive dancing upon scoring a touchdown. Or making a five-yard catch. Or breaking up a pass. Or sacking a quarterback. Or... pretty much anything that can be counted as a positive play - involving a Black player - will inevitably end in a celebratory manner that screams of a two-year old engage in a temper-tantrum.

Perhaps one of the primary reasons Black athletes enjoy showing-off and demanding attention on the athletic fields is due to a heightened level of self-esteem that removes any of the moral inhibitors that keep white athletes from engaging in similar behavior?

It is a well-known fact that Black people are blessed with the highest rates of self-esteem of any of the racial groups in America (maybe even the world). Why do Black people have the highest self-esteem, when it would seem they should be the least racial group participating in boasting?

That will be discussed tomorrow.

For today, Stuff Black People Don't Like includes celebration-less touchdowns. Such an action would be best described as "acting white."

Black people live by the mantra of "keepin it real" and they must always show off an alpha male mentality by bringing attention to themselves upon scoring a touchdown, which sometimes can be an aggressive affair. Mostly, though, the touchdown dance has a P.T Barnum feel to it; watching players like Chad OchoCinco, Ray Lewis, Terrell Owens and virtually every other Black athletes prance around brings to my the infamous phrase, "No homo."

It is these extracurricular activities upon the pro fields and courts of football and basketball that highlight dramatic differences between the races participating in the games.

And it gives the viewer a glimpse into the high levels of self-esteem that Black people possess, though the glory they feel may only last for a year (though high levels of Black self esteem are documented in non-athletes, even those who drop out from school). Black people showing off by dancing after touchdowns, is eerily reminiscent of animals marking their territory against competing males of the species or when the male of an animal species attempts to impress a mate.

Why do Black people have such high levels of self confidence and self esteem? The answer comes tomorrow and it may shock you. In the mean time, why don't you take a guess at it?


Anonymous said...

Hey these are some of the dances we used to do upon scoring. But we were, of course, twelve years old at the time. Childlike is as childlike does.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the hoopla over a dunk. It's about as exciting as watching a golfer sink a 1-inch putt.

White Guy said...

"Why do Black people have such high levels of self confidence and self esteem? The answer comes tomorrow and it may shock you. In the mean time, why don't you take a guess at it?"

I believe the raging narcissism of most blacks can be linked to low IQ. Black criminals, in particular, are megalomaniacal in their arrogance.


A lot of black athletes give thanks and praises to God for plays that result in points or a victory. After all, we all know how God takes an active interest in American Sport.

But just once, just one time, I want to see a black athlete curse the devil for a dropped pass or a lost game. I don't know ... maybe he would complain about how the devil's been ridding his back the whole contest, or something like that ...

Anonymous said...

I assume levels of self esteem will correlate directly with average IQ levels for each group. The lower the average IQ of the group the higher the self esteem will be. Low amounts of self examination will produce people who think very highly of themselves even when they are greatly flawed.

1. Blacks will have the most self esteem.(85 IQ)

2. Mestizos and Amerindians come next. (90 IQ)

3. White will come in a bit higher than (100 IQ)

4. Asians. (105 IQ)

Phalluster said...

The Jason Whitlock article was the worst piece of jet-black coonshit I have ever seen. Sorry that I can't link to it - my young heart can only withstand so much trauma, after having my local pro team's victory likened to the toppling of a White Protestant value system. hooray indeed

Anonymous said...

By Premier league "soccer" standards Shonn Greene's celebration wasn't that bad.

Taunting fans (which will get you fined and ticked off by the police for inciting crowd trouble) occurs every season. So do well choreographed group celebrations.

I remember Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelroy scored for Manchester United he fired an imaginary pump action shot gun at the opposition fans. Somewhat run of the mill.

In the late 90's Robbie Fowler pretended to snort coke off the touch line.
Yes he did get punished.

And here is the Ireland captain Robbie Keane's famous somersault kart wheel and pistol salvo.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with....they are completely useless.

Final answer


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


You mean this article?


I read Whitlock on a regular basis and this piece was way over the top, comparing the Patriots (I guess an all-white offense line, Wes Welker, Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Danny Woodhead equal a team like Duke, even though the defense is coal-Black) to Duke Basketball and a bunch of WASPs.

Perhaps it because the Patriots have a white guy as a mascot?

Mish said...

Hey these are some of the dances we used to do upon scoring. But we were, of course, twelve years old at the time. Childlike is as childlike does.

As J. Philippe Rushton has pointed out, Sub-Saharan African IQ corresponds to a mental age of around 11, and African-American IQ to a mental age of around 13-14. I've found that when confronted with perplexing Black behavior, said behavior becomes easier to understand if one remembers that many of them are stuck at a mental age of around twelve.

Rushton's article, highly recommended:

Solving the African IQ Conundrum

Anonymous said...

"Black people showing off by dancing after touchdowns, is eerily reminiscent of animals marking their territory against competing males of the species or when the male of an animal species attempts to impress a mate."

That is brilliant. I imagine that 400 years of having to wear clothes in America, as well being taught to refrain from urinating in public, evolved blacks feel compelled to gyrate and gesticulate in their opponent's endzone once they have penetrated it. They are probably as powerless to NOT do it as my dog is to NOT pee on every utility pole or fire hydrant in city-block radius around my home.

White Guy said...


Your statistic should read:

1. Australian Aboriginals. (75 IQ)

2. Blacks.(85 IQ)

3. Mestizos.(90 IQ)

4. Whites.(100 IQ)

5. Asians.(105 IQ)

*It should be noted that Asian intelligence and Caucasian intelligence differ in expression.

Asians have an adaptive intelligence; Caucasians have a creative intelligence.

For evidence of this biology:

Study the Asian Nobel Prize winners, in the Sciences, and you will find [ALL], that is to say: [EVERY ONE] of their achievements are based on a previous scientific advancement. In other words, the most advanced Asians, the most intellectually supreme of their race, based, or, [adapted] their remarkable intellect to the scientifically defined and discovered in order to redefine or expand on scientific phenomena.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

"Perhaps it because the Patriots have a white guy as a mascot?"

That's funny.

I'm not sure which is worse amongst the celebratory fails. A jump up chest thump after gaining two yards with or without getting a first down....or the jubilant touchdown celebration when your team is still down by over twenty points. Both seem like a fail.

Anonymous said...

I dislike touchdown celebrations only when the other team scores. To the white guy above, shalom mofo, Jewish IQ FTW with 107.5.

Anonymous said...

"Black people showing off by dancing after touchdowns, is eerily reminiscent of animals marking their territory against competing males of the species or when the male of an animal species attempts to impress a mate."

Matriachal societies seem to be characterized by displays of group male peacocking or dancing, all for gaining the attention of females. Think of American Indian males dancing around a fire, the women forming the outer ring, or the choreographed line dance of black males that is a part of every black college movie ever made. Where men collectively lack the authority and power that comes from creating and sustaining a patriarchal civilization, they'll resort to more primitive displays of plumage and individual grandstanding.


Anonymous said...

"I dislike touchdown celebrations only when the other team scores. To the white guy above, shalom mofo, Jewish IQ FTW with 107.5."

Yeah! Didn't you know a penny saved is IQ earned?

Anonymous said...

You know, it's funny but, every Jew I've ever met had to tell me they were a Jew. What's with that? Everything was fine until they made things uncomfortable. Is it so bad just being white?

Anonymous said...

"Jewish IQ FTW with 107.5."

That must explain Israel's average IQ of 94.


Anonymous said...

lol Jewish IQ...LMAO

Try to stay on topic there Saul (insert precious metal/gem stone)-Burg.

Douglas said...

You hit on the number one reason I quit watching football years ago. They have been taught self esteem is all that matters. This display is disgusting. They have no concept of being humble. I also hate the trash talk. Now, whites are doing it.

Anonymous said...

The simple reason why blacks have inflated self-esteem is because they blame all their failures and setbacks on white racism. What's interesting here is that blacks will do this, even if it is extremely unlikely (or profoundly unreasonable to assume) that prejudice or racism has anything to do with their failings. To black people, whites are basically guilty until proven innocent, and there's not a damn thing anybody can do about this. It is what it is.

When, as a black person, you think that each and every black failure is the fault of evil, conspiring whites (and such beliefs are, like pretty much all forms or irresponsible behavior, prevalent in the "black community"), you avoid ANY sense of personal responsibility for ANY failure. The result of this, of course, is a very narcissistic view of one's self and belief that one can do no wrong whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:32...100% correct.

Blacks have no sense of accountability, they take zero responsibility for their failures.
Additionally, they set the bar remarkably low for themselves, going through life without any particular standards, expectations, or sense of shame.

Anonymous said...

Black people have high self esteem because of sex. Most people whether male or female base a large part of their self worth on how attractive they are to the opposite sex and how much sex they have. Black people have lots and lots of sex with each other, they spend a whole lot of time looking for it, so they end up getting a lot of it.

Self esteem though the ceiling.

Objective Black Man

DGB said...

The 'look-at-me' gene is prominently expressed in blacks.

Anonymous said...

"The average intelligence in the United States is lower than in Japan because of America's large number of blacks, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans."

Former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone

Anonymous said...

"Black people have high self esteem because of sex"

Oh God this is so true! You have nailed it. The walk, the talk, the clothing, the bling, the hook-ups, even the prostitution. Many black girls turn tricks for a quick buck or drugs in the black community.

Blacks are constantly in pursuit of the next sexual encounter. Black men are always "on the make". I am sure this trait serves one well in the harsh climate of Africa since not everyone survives into adulthood. However, it is a nightmare when expressed in western culture.

B. Herder said...

The last NFL game I went to, in person, was the Packers vs. Chargers in San Diego in 1999 ... (Huge Packer fan here, and wanted to see them, and living in L.A. at the time) .... And I remember Bill Schroeder was a (WHITE!! GASP!!) wide receiver at the time... Anyway, the Packers destroyed the Chargers that day, and #84 scored two TD's ... All he did was score and simply toss the ball to the ref after all was said and done.

Anonymous said...

...some of the stupid shit is kind of funny (idiot dancing in the street), some of the other stupid shit is sad (idiot dancing in the street's mom will probably have to take care of him) and some of the attempts at "official-sounding" bio-historical analysis is ludicrous, (white men conceding the superiority of asian intellect over whites, but only because it's "imitative"), so I will say this: I have not come into contact yet with an ethnic group that does not have some culturally legitimated way to indulge in self-aggrandizing excess. Not one.

Anonymous said...

What standard makes the above comments worthy of approval..."self-aggrandizing" myopic views?