Monday, January 10, 2011

Chief Moose types govern Black Run America: Thoughts on the targeting of American Renaissance

Chief Moose clones govern us all
One story illustrates the severity of the acceptance that the liberal paradigm enjoys in Black Run America (BRA). The government, media, educational, military and entertainment sectors are all firmly in the grasp of the liberal mindset and one tale should convince you of this reality and it comes courtesy of Marvel Comics:
Leftist propagandizing is not new to Marvel, nor to the author of the Punisher series, Irishman Garth Ennis.  Two months after September 11th, the Punisher was featured threatening the life of President George W. Bush.  The story portrays the President as a slobbering belching incoherent drunk, gleefully itching to launch nuclear missiles.  The Punisher breaks into the Oval Office, tosses a nine-millimeter bullet before the President and warns ominously, “I can get in anywhere …Nine millimeters.  I’m never further away than that.”  Yes, you’ve got it right – Marvel published a threat to assassinate the President of the United States, only weeks after September 11th.  Even viewed as sick humor, the tenor and timing of this piece was inexcusable.
Would Marvel dare publish a comic that depicted the Punisher performing a similar threat to Barack Obama? Of course not as they'd only publish a story of Spiderman and Obama engaging in a glorious team-up to vanquish evil.

Epiphanies are supposed to be wonderful moments of discovery, but we at Stuff Black People Don't Like look at one moment from 2010 as a revelation that showcases the dire situation the United States faces.

In February, a gathering of individuals was to occur that brought men and women together to discuss racial differences in intelligence, behavior and achievement. BRA is predicated on intimidation and left-wing terrorists called the hotel that was to host the event and threatened violence.

That hotel promptly canceled the contract. Another location was secured, only to be greeted with more left-wing threats of violence. Cancellation came swiftly. This dance would go on for one more song, before attempts to find suitable accommodations were nixed.

Few people around the country heard of this story or were made aware that left-wing terrorists could bring down a lawful gathering with bomb threats. Fewer people came to defend the organization that saw its Constitutional rights violated, for the toxicity of discussing race openly and frankly in America is not allowed.

Think of the Department of Homeland of Security, an organization that has decided to use broad powers given carte blanche to the agency by the American people in the hysteria after 9/11 and how the DHS has turned that authority into creating a surveillance state and hired an army of TSA goons to grope law abiding American citizens merely trying to board flights.

We live in a country that is governed by Chief Moose clones, a radical left-wing government that refuses to acknowledge any transgressions by Black people, racial or religious minorities and instead amplifies any indiscretion committed by white people. It is through the latter that the government can push a radical agenda exemplified by the labeling of Tea Party types (those who cling to their US Constitution) as potential terrorist threats.

The tragedy in Arizona is a sad reminder that crazy people live among us, though it is only when high profile people are killed that the swords of the left are unsheathed. Horrible tragedies befall normal citizens on a routine basis, though those deaths are usually the workings of a different kind of crazy person.

Mentally unstable people should be removed from society, but we live in an insane society that tolerates left-wing terrorism threats against the peaceful gathering of people who desire to speak freely about racial differences and how the the honest appraisal of these variations should dictate public policy.

American Renaissance (AR) was that organization that had its conference canceled because of a barrage of left-wing terror threats. Attempts have been made to connect the deranged shooter of Gabrille Giffords and 11 others in Arizona with AR.

It has been slandered by Fox News in a strange memo circulated by the Department of Homeland Security, the former a channel that the left believes is the incubator of right-wing ideology in America.

This is wrong: if tomorrow the publisher of American Renaissance – Jared Taylor – was allowed to appear on Fox News opposite Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, millions of Fox News viewers would instantly wonder why it took so long for someone as urbane and polished a speaker as Taylor to be an invited guest on the “conservative” channel.

In a country ruled by Chief Moose types – Chief Moose of D.C. Sniper fame – one quickly understands the insanity of contemporary America. It’s okay in our approved entertainment for vigilante comic book characters to threaten sitting Republican presidents, just as it’s tolerable for right-leaning conferences to be shut down by left-wing terrorists.

This people who govern this country are at war with the historical majority population and anyone who dares notice the existence of Black Run America (BRA). Holding views that would have been deemed normal 30 – 40 years ago now make you abnormal.

The Targeting of American Renaissance has shown that a Chief Moose mentality has permeated into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and that the liberal paradigm is the only accepted model for decent thought in America (which is why no charges have ever been filed against the left-wing terrorists who shut down the American Renaissance conference in 2010, with the government agreeing such vitriolic rhetoric has no place in BRA).

The reaction by the military to the Fort HoodDHS.

Indeed the DHS's one mission is apparently to harass law-abiding airline travelers, warn local law enforcement to worry about the threat of Tea Party participants and circulate memos that dubiously link critics of BRA with paranoid schizophrenics that go on shooting rampages.

SBPDL lays out an open channel to the Fox News Channel: allow Jared Taylor to come on Bill O'Reilly and respond to the accusations leveled by the news organization. Let him speak openly about subjects deemed taboo for polite society. 

You failed to mention the left-wing terrorists who shut down his conference in 2010 on your channel and now you slander and libel him in 2011 by connecting his organization erroneously with a deranged left-wing loser. Let him speak on your channel and we will soon see just how many people can truly see in America.

As America's power fades and the creeping Browning of the nation continues to  destabilize cities and states, the liberal paradigm will work overtime to maintain power. The Chief Moose types will only accelerate attempts to link any tragedy such as the Arizona shooting with law-abiding groups like American Renaissance or the Tea Party.

The liberal paradigm openly spoke about needing another Oklahoma City to reconnect Obama to the American people. Those who push this paradigm want those who stand against it to die, so they can lord over their crumbling multiracial empire in peace.

And the liberal paradigm controls the hearts and minds of the entertainment, educational, military and government sectors.

They are all a bunch of Chief Mooses.


White Guy said...

The American Renaissance conference will be held February 4th-6th in Charlotte, NC.

I knew the left would try to link this left-wing nut to the right in some shape or form, but I never expected them to make that link with AR. When I heard it, I couldn't believe it. Left-wing ideology is truly at its most acute form in today's society.

Jared Taylor is the most eloquent advocate of Western culture. Listen for yourself as he almost effortlessly defeats his opponents ...

[Jared Taylor] Racism against whites

[Jared Taylor vs Jose Angel Gutierrez] The Hispanicization of America

[Jared Taylor vs Peter March] Racial diversity in North America

[Jared Taylor vs John Dovidio]

[Jared Taylor debates racial profiling on BET]

[Jared Taylor vs Tim Wise] The merits of racial diversity

And here is one from Jonathan Bowden. Another stanch advocate for Wester Culture - every white person should listen to this:

Steve said...

The liberals are jumping all over this with their usual republican bashing and vitriol against Palin who is forever locked in their sites.
AmRen has been under the radar but a still a thorn in the multi-cult beast. Using this incident to attack Jared Taylor is a prime opportunity for them.
I've mentioned on another site how this whole thing reeks of a false flag operation. Watch for massive clamp downs on free speech and constitutional liberties.
Obamas internet ID ( could very well be passed overnight with the blessings of both the Dems and RHINOs.
We are at the mercy of BRA and multitude of Chief Moose clones (or clowns).

"And the liberal paradigm controls the hearts and minds of the entertainment, educational, military and government sectors." How right you are. Americas slide into the same pit as South Africa has just increased.

Fayette White Guy said...

I was hoping you heard this as well. I couldn't believe it when they mentioned AmRen on Fox News Saturday morning. One thing is for sure, AmRen would not advocate what happened in Arizona. I hope AmRen's name is cleared in this smear attack.

Anonymous said...

If anyone bothered to watch that nutjob gunman's youtube videos, they would be incapable of linking him to anything to the right of center.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched Fox News for more than a few minutes, but Mencius Moldbug insists that it's

John Sobieski said...

This smear of AmRen and conservatives and anyone who speaks the truth is typical of the liberal media. They live in their dream dystopia ignoring what they see before their eyes, excusing the intolerant, embracing the other who hopes to rule oneday over them. Such is Western civilization today.

Sheila said...

After Fox News publicized the Deptartment's lies, all the right-liberal websites followed suit. Then came all the proforma comments, with the "conservatives" falling all over themselves to denounce racism, anti-Semitism, and any other ism as unAmerican. Why is AmRen such a tempting target? Perhaps because it is merely a compendium of the media's fabrications, lies, and damned statistics followed by relatively uncensored comments (I have had a few comments removed by them) by ordinary people, ranging from far-left to far right with everything in between, and most of them thoughtful and rational. After all the sound and fury of the Tea Party and supposed "conservatives" waking up, here we go again with the same old song and dance: the left attacks, and the right prostrates itself and retreats. God, how disgusting.

Franz said...

Disclaimer: I have no sympathy for the shooter. Killing a nine-year old child is beyond the pale. My sincere hope ist that the gun toting lad will share a cell with an ill tempered Hell's Angel.

That being said, the whimpiness of the modern political elite never ceases to amaze me. The very congress critters who routinely cough up funding for various undeclared wars are surprised that one of them is being shot at?! Shouldn't they rather be surprised that they don't get shot at more often?

It really is a debateable feature of the democratic process that so called leaders order young soldiers to stop Afghan bullets with their chests, but shriek in panic as soon as one of their own class makes the acquaintance of a projectile.

Politicians remind me of schoolyard bullies: They are happy to boss everybody around. As soon as an intended victim hits back, the bully takes only nanoseconds to expose himself at a crybaby and promptly goes snitching to the headmaster.

You want to be leaders? You want to wield power? Well then. Remember Theodore Roosevelt who once gave a whole speech with a bullet in his chest.

There was a man.

Those who govern us nowadays are just bullies ... and crybabies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth: I blame the drug laws in the United States for Mr. Loughner's outburst. If it is true that he smoked marijuana habitually, then his drugs were probably laced with insecticide (bug spray), chemicals (fertilizer), fungus from urine and >4% THC. His brain didn't stand a chance. Prolonged exposure to poisonous marijuana has the same effect as tertiary syphilis -- the actual chemical imbalance of the human brain is different, and should be treated differently, but the parts of the mind associated with reasoning and perspective are damaged just the same.

To prevent something like this from happening again -- or at least to lower the probability that something like this will happen again -- the federal government of the United States ought to immediately legalize natural drugs and strictly regulate their life cycle, from plant seed to human body. We already do this with fruits and vegetables.

May God Bless the 9 year old girl Mr. Loughner shot and killed ... sure do wish I had a chance to push his lethal injection plunger.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

Who remembers this groovie ditty from the hip-hop group "Public Enemy"?

"By The Time I Get To Arizona"

Warning! The video contains violent imagery of assassinating white Arizona politicians, attaching bombs under white people's cars, and white killing policemen.

All for "good" leftist reasons, of course.

Sierra Nevada said...

Yawn. Here's a cure I found 3 years ago; cancel your cable, and don't watch TV...what kind of a moron PAYS to be propagandized at? Maybe a moron like you, dear reader?

Toss your newspapers-again why support your own subjugation? I laugh at you who complain about the news coverage. If you are above the age of 11 and surprised by its slant, you, again, are a moron.

Go buy Spanish Pipedream by Prine, and every time you feel the urge to buy into our corrupt, Ponzi culture play it a few times.

You people roll around in sh*t and then are surprised it stinks.

Joe-6 said...

I was thinking of Chief Moose just today. That idiot sheriff Dupnik is a Moose clone. Moose (empty black suit) showed how moronic even high achieving blacks are.

Remember how Moose and his white wife scored $200,000 off a Hawaiian hotel on some phony racial beef lawsuit. Desiree is looking to pull a reverse on that. SBPDL is her tryout for getting that white husband to dilute her (self loathing) black genes in her offspring. She is IQ high enough to pull that off