Sunday, January 16, 2011

What is Heroism? USA Today Tells Us

Not enough "injustice" to be described as heroic
What is a hero? We ask this question after reading The USA Today and learning that orchestras across the nation are in danger of shuttering their symphony halls. Whoops, that wasn't the article we meant to talk about, though the discussion of the racial breakdown of the dwindling audiences wasn't mentioned in that piece. Perhaps a reason for the declining revenue... never mind.

The article we meant to discuss is this one, where we learn that Black people and Hispanics are twice as likely as white people to have performed heroic deeds:
New research would seem to support President Obama's observation Wednesday night in Tucson that "heroism is here, all around us."

Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford University professor emeritus and colleagues used a nationally-representative sample of 4,000 adults and found that 20% qualified as heroes — they had helped during a dangerous emergency, taken a stand against injustice, or sacrificed for a stranger.
"Heroes are ordinary people," says Zimbardo, of San Francisco. "You become a hero by doing an extraordinary deed."
In the study, both blacks and Hispanics were twice as likely as whites to have performed heroic deeds. Zimbardo says they want to do follow-up research on the reasons for the racial/ethnic differences, which he speculates could be attributed to "greater opportunities to respond" or "being discriminated against makes them have more compassion to others in need."

The study, supported by the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford, asked participants "Have you ever done something that other people — not necessarily you yourself — considered a heroic act or deed?" Those who answered "yes" selected from a list the actions most similar to their own: helping another person in a dangerous emergency; "blowing the whistle" on an injustice with awareness of the personal risk or threat to yourself; sacrifice on behalf of a non-relative or stranger, such as an organ donation; defying unjust authority; or other.

Among the 20% who met the survey definition, 55% had helped someone during an emergency, 8% confronted an injustice, 14% had defied unjust authority and 5% had sacrificed for a stranger.
The 21st century is still a land of extreme prejudice and injustice, where a Department of Justice actively discriminates against one group and fire departments across the nation discriminate against that same group because of their propensity to pass tests that Black people fail to perform satisfactorily upon.

Confronted an injustice? Defied an unjust authority? The authority and justice in Black Run America (BRA) is administered by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) bent on perpetuating the myth of eternal white racism holding back Black people from becoming the next NASA scientist.

DWLs profit mightily off of this myth, maintaining hegemony over the hated and despised rabble they deem untouchable whites. Only white racism can blamed for poor credit scores, test scores, and lack of qualified Black job applicants in, well, name your vocation.

We know that DWLs run this country and preside over the editorial board of every newspaper, network and cable television channel, and university, this study on heroism make perfect sense. The never ending battle to confront injustice and deify authority must be waged in earnest to supply DWLs with heroic images of Black people participating in a struggle - long ago won - to defeat rampant racism, omnipresent and persistent that keeps Black people under the heel of whites.

Let's stop for a moment and imagine a world where the rules governing BRA didn't dictate every inane study published by USA Today and other media outlets. Why don't we look at who is actually volunteering out of the goodness of their own heart? Remember, we have done an entry on volunteering and on those who give blood and donate organs.

What about the United States military? Who is doing the fighting and dying?

Who exactly joins Teach for America and tries to educate inner-city students, all the while Waiting for Superman? Who are the teachers who strive to educate those who seem impossible of education (they do a good job for whites and Asians)?

Who are the social workers who help those in need? We'll give you a hint:
A majority (87%) of regular members list their racial/ethnic origin as “White/Caucasian,” and 5% selected “African American/Black.” The remainder of members fall into other racial/ethnic categories.
Who joins the Peace Corps? Who are the primary people going into impoverished areas and building Habitat for Humanity homes? Who is it that cares for the environment and then bemoans the fact that diversity isn't noticeable in their ranks?

What group of people fight littering, work to create a culture of recycling as a major priority and strive to implement green policies that would benefit future generations who will be increasingly brown?

Who cares for animals, treats them with dignity and provides habitats for these creatures to flourish?

Who works in the national park system? Who works to cure disease and enrich our understanding of biology, genetics and infection so that plagues can be stopped before they spread?

Who volunteers and donates to food banks? And this is called a white privilege.

Who fights fires because one group of people continually fail tests in every city where fire departments require written exams to gauge the aptitude of their applicants? Why are the standards being lowered on these tests and who does this benefit?

What group of people in America go out of their way to adopt the unwanted children of a certain racial group, the majority of whom treat their children as unwanted detritus or just have them aborted?

Athletes aren't heroes, they are paid to play children's games that adults with widening bellies treat as Gods. Some do open charities and work to improve the city that is written across their jersey, but most go bankrupt pursuing more interesting endeavors while making it rain.

USA Today has no problem publishing a study on heroism, though the facts are hardly on the side of the only virtuous people in people in the eyes of that newspaper, academia and those who control and guide BRA.

People need heroes, those who strive to promote good and better the lives of those around them. USA Today has a much different view of hero then the real world, but it makes perfect sense when you understand how the DWL thinks and how BRA works.

This week Stuff Black People Don't Like encourages all readers to go out of their way to donate food to a food bank; any unworn clothes to the Salvation Army; perhaps volunteer at a nursing home, church or community center; assist a neighbor with their yard work or shoveling snow; or visit a hospital or animal shelter.

Read to your children and spend time with them; be their hero (this goes for all readers, Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Indian). Call a brother, a sister, a father or mother, maybe that friend you haven't spoken to in ages. Make a surprise visit to your grandparents and you'll see immediately who is their hero.
It is acts of unrewarded kindness and altruistic sacrifices that are truly heroic not what USA Today tells us, which borders on the moronic.


Anonymous said...

So this jack wagon sends out a vaguely worded and subjective self evaluation survey, and then compiled scientific data from that?!? This is fail on so many levels. I wonder how much money was shelled out for this "study?"

Anyway, here are some more cases of black altruism and White selfishness:

Percent of organ donors by race in New Jersey:
White: 63%
Hispanic: 59%
Black: 34%

Holiday Good Samaritan Swindled:

Cry me a river said...

"True heroism is alike positive and progressive. It sees in right the duty which should dominate, and in truth the principle which should prevail. And hence it never falters in the faith that always and everywhere sin must be repressed, and righteousness exalted."

John McClellan Holmes, p. 312.

That sounds like a pretty good description. What they ought say is "Black people and Hispanics are twice as likely as white people to have performed evil deeds".

One thing I can't stand is non white's saying, "More than half of the Armed Forces are minorities fighting for your right to be ignorant". First of all that's not true. And second of all no one twisted their arm to enlist. And even IF their were "ignorant" service men they would still get crap. I remember being in JROTC. I was wearing my class B's and I told this ultra liberal teacher "Heil" as a joke. She was going on about how I'm wearing the uniform of a country that stands for diversity, democracy, tolerance and all that kind of shit.

What blew my mind was that most of her students were nonwhite's who acted so crudely, I don't know how she ever put up with them.

Hirsch said...

Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?

Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?

Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?

Who robs the cave fish of their site?
Who rigs every Oscar night?

We do! We do!

Anonymous said...

How about all the white people who work hard every day, year after year, to support their families while watching their taxes support able bodied blacks who refuse to provide anything for themselves? Are they heroes? Or are they saps? How about Whites who have to drive older cars and wear older clothes because their children need braces, or must pay tuition for private schools because the public schools that they pay for with their property taxes have all been destroyed by marauding blacks? Are they heroes or saps? Whites who have seen the values of their homes plunge below what they owe on them because banks were forced to give mortgages to blacks without the wherewithal to repay the loans. The whites see their major investment tanking yet watch their tax dollars bail out the companies that were forced to loan to blacks who didn't have a job or a down payment. Heroes or saps? Whites who simply pay their bills and meet their responsibilities while they live on a budget and forego vacations, dining out, or any trivial luxury because, thanks to DWLs and blacks who voted for the anti-Christ as POTUS, fuel and food prices are skyrocketing as the U.S. dollar becomes worthless and hyper-inflation looms near? Heroes or saps?

Steve said...

The word hero has been diluted to near uselessness now. In BRA your a hero if you go to school on a regular basis or have kids in wedlock or a job or any of the things that used to be considered routine or normal.
There is no place for people like SSG Giunta (latest living Medal of Honor recipient)in BRA. There is however a place for Lovelle Mixon the rapist Oakland cop killer;

I'm reminded of this,

Another excerpt from a link I previously posted;

"...official Communist “historians” rewrote history to fit the current party line. In many countries, revered national heroes were excised from the history books, or their real deeds were distorted to fit Communist ideology, and Communist killers and criminals were converted into official “saints.” Holidays were declared in honor of the beasts who murdered countless nations".

Anonymous said...

Audie Murphy was a hero.

(Rosa Parks, not so much.)

Don said...

Arrrrggghhh!!!, I swear,I' ve about HAD it with this insanity!!

The list of heroic deeds from our race (great & small) would fill volumes & take a lifetime!!...I won't even go into to list of martial heroics from say the Spartans at Thermopylae to the Texans at the Alamo, to the Brit's at Rourkes Drift to the German Fallshirmjagers at Monte Cassino!...

No lets only talk about the everyday heroics..Who is it that ALWAYS comes to the aid of ANY country in need?. Whenever there is famine or plague in Africa or earthquakes in Haiti? (white nations & peoples!!)...When hurricane Katrina hit NOLA in '05 it was white helicopter pilots that risked there lives saving those folks on their rooftops! (while next door Biloxi/gulf port Mississippi-WHICH SUFFERRED FAR GREATER PHYSICAL DEVISTATION BTW!!)-a white community. They came together & helped their neighbors & rebuilt their towns!!..The recent biblical flooding in Australia, the same thing!!.

It was the white Albert Shweitzer who dedicated his life to saving sick Africans (& who are the countless unknown volunteers helping Africa today?, whites!)..I've donated blood many times & have NEVER once seen a black there donating blood!, never!....I once worked as a delivery van driver for our local food bank...Virtually ALL the recipients of the food parcels where non-white while EVERY helper/volunteer at the food bank was white!!

I sure would like to know WHERE & WHAT this report considers "heroic"?...For reality, peoples own eyes & my own personel experiences show just the opposite. That it is whites who are the ones out there giving their time..Risking their lives..Saving the Africans or saving the whales!..Saving our communities, giving our blood, our treasure often our very lives for our fellow man

Arrrgghhh!!!, how much more of this madness will we tolerate?!!.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of small acts of heroism, I was at the gym yesterday and as I was getting ready to leave I saw this big black buck was in a shitload of trouble on bench press. He had about 315 pounds and his arms gave out and he was just flailing and about to crush his throat. I was halfway across the gym and sprinted over there to pull the bar off him. I'm only 5'6" 165 so I nearly threw my back out. The damn black trainer standing about 15 feet away was oblivious to this and went on trying to hit on a milf housewife.

Anonymous said...

Also, consider how many whites would consider what they do as heroic. Think of where Sully, which in every sence of what he did, never described his actions as heroic and just defined it as doing his job. How many white communities would look at their actions pulling someone out of a burning building as hero? I recall a post on SBDL where a black male had pulled someone out of a burning building, the first words out of his mouth was: “Yeah I’m a hero”. In white culture that would be seen as vulgar.

Anonymous said...

There is no generosity within the black community. Blacks are suspicious of everyone and are all out to "gettin' mines".

Between blacks and whites, there is a clear difference in culture. White culture includes generosity, civility, cooperation, empathy, sympathy and selflessness, and knowing right from wrong. Blacks only offer to help if they will get something material ($$) in return or if there is an opportunity to victimize someone else.

White people are genuinely cordial to each other, smile and greet their neighbor in a friendly manner, and work for the greater good of the neighborhood, community, country and world. This is the foundation of the American way and was so for European countries.

Blacks are only a sub-culture in a larger white culture which explains why they are separatists. They take full advantage of white generosity and empathy, and laugh to themselves because we trusted them, we should have known better as they know better than to trust blacks.

Blacks are homeless in our country. They are like the vultures that fly in after the kill and pick over the scraps. They fight for entitlements, work for nothing, and are unable to see the bigger picture, which resides outside of themselves. They are like small children, greedy, self-centered, self-indulgent, and unable to wait patiently for the prize at the end. Blacks participate in immediate gratification at the most basic animal level and indulge in pleasure without restraint.

We all know this is true based only on the observation of blacks in our western white culture. They just don't fit in, and in fact, they are a liability in all aspects of life. Avoidance will not work forever.

Anonymous said...

You know what would be heroic of black people? Turn in all the thieves and criminals in your own community!! But no, instead we get Stop Snitching campaigns and thousands of black homicide victims who go to their graves without justice because "ain't nobody seen nuffin'." Of all the things I dislike about black people, nothing makes my stomach sicker than the "no snitching" thing.

Bo Sears said...


Stanford University School of Medicine's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) exposed its Patron Dalai Lama's hatreds toward the diverse white American peoples by promoting a vicious and racist stereotype ("blacks and Hispanics were twice as likely as whites to have performed heroic deeds") in USA Today on 1/14/11.

Dalai Lama is not only the first Patron listed on the CCARE web site, but he is held out as an exemplar of compassion all though the CCARE web site which is located at:

Click on About Us, Forums, and Videos on that web site to see how Dalai Lama is literally the spiritual and moral leader of CCARE. And CCARE is not embarrassed by the promotion of the Dalai Lama's racist stereotype ("blacks and Hispanics were twice as likely as whites to have performed heroic deeds") which can be seen on CCARE's web site by clicking on News.

The USA Today article that revealed the Dalai Lama's hatred toward white Americans may also be seen at:

Bo Sears

Anonymous said...

All those "heroic" things you mention are not heroic because according to DWLs those are part of Whitey's job description.

Desiree said...

Hero is a totally nebulous term anyway, no need to get into a racist huff about it, SBPDL.

I don't know what it is either.

Which is more heroic really: an 'I-have-to-prove-something-to-someone' high school dropout going into the military and becoming a soldier (that's what the media tells us when they 'die', or maybe the soldier who leaves a happy life to fight for a 'cause' and dies in the process), or a man rescuing a rich old lady's purse from a hungry homeless thief?

I can't really tell the difference although to someone somewhere either would be considered heroes. I don't believe in heroes, especially the 'abstract' ones.

Anonymous said...

Of all the things I dislike about black people, nothing makes my stomach sicker than the "no snitching" thing.

Agreed, check out the "First 48" televsion series show for the no snitch policy

Anonymous said...

To Desiree:

Stuff was merely responding to the ridiculous article in USA Today which implied that whites are less heroic. The msm are the ones misleading and making the "nebulous" term one centered around race. Or is that too much for your head to comprhend?

D J said...

Anonymous at 4:32: you are neither a hero or a sap. You are a slave. The government uses its badges and guns and threat of imprisonment to confiscate a ever-larger percentage of your wealth so that Jaheisha's 5 bastard children will be fed, clothed, given day-care. Meantime, you and the wife have to really think hard and sharpen your budgetary pencil when thinking about having another child.

You are a slave to mandated extra fees on your utility bills to help them run the Xbox and the 54" plasma set that you can't afford.

If you have a telephone, you are a slave to the fees you pay to subsidize telephones for "the poor", who in my younger days did without a telephone, or paired up with a neighbor.

You are a slave to the elevated prices at the store so the merchant can cover "shrinkage" from shoplifting and employee theft.

No, you're not a sap. You're a slave just like the rest of us. It's what reparations are all about.

NeoconBasher said...

Omar Thorton was an hero.

Ya know, fighting "injustice" and all that...

Anonymous said...

I'm the 10:22am Anon, responding to the 1:12pm Anon re: 48 hours - I've watched every episode, it's my favorite show on TV: riveting, reality, well-produced, and yes, full of no-snitching apologists for killers - The fact that The First 48 exposes this reality is surely SBPDL.

Mish said...

Of all the silliness in the article, this:

"being discriminated against makes them have more compassion to others in need"

made me laugh out loud. Being discriminated against makes you one thing and one thing only: Even more loyal to your own group. At the expense of all others.

Furthermore, in my experience the most virulently anti-semitic, misogynistic, homophobic, and all-around racist people I have ever encountered have been Black Americans. The idea that "being discriminated against" gives you more compassion toward other groups is pure myth.

Anonymous said...

Black people are the most racist and hateful people on the planet.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a black American. If a person is black, he or she is not American.

John said...

First off Blacks can be openly racist but at the same time, most of it is joking...its funny how most whites that hang around blacks every now and then ACT like they have the scoop on the black reality Whites talk behind ur back (cowardice)more than any other race...What u guys dont understand is that blacks dont want more than u have, most just want the same american benefits that whites get..and for those that say only blacks get welfare: there are by far more whites than blacks on welfare, im im sure u dont realize welfare was around long before blacks even had access to it, had no voting rights, yet still paid taxes into the system....and a country that wouldnt allow us to succeed as a race...even in today's society, there's subtle racism that affects our growth as group in america..acting like blacks are lazy when the country we live in was "built" by people who used to maim/kill another for not doing their work for free/trying to educate urself,is BS...think of how long blacks have even had rights here,then think of how long whites have. over 200 years.when u purposefully hold a group of people back on purpose so that ur people can get ahead and talk shit because that group is behind and hasnt caught up yet is crazy...Common sense/logic supports this..It's like running a race u didnt know u were running, until the other person had won and SLOWLY unchained u..while they're talking shit the whole time about how slow u are, and how long its taking u to catch up

@Don said...

And Don a book can also be made to show all the atrocities whites've commited over the years too, and that book would still proll be bigger than the good book...I find it funny how whites claim ownership of the good they've done in the past but not the evil...Double standards maybe?