Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haiti a year after earthquake, but why so few stories on the flooding in Queensland?

Why does nobody care about the Biblical flood in Australia?
You'll hear a lot about Haiti and the solemn one year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince in that already devastated country.

The entire western world will cry crocodile tears over the status of Haiti, where uncleared debris, cholera outbreaks, witchcraft and lynchings are a way of life.

The Dominican Republic lacks the capacity for sharing in those tears and empathy for the Haitians, deporting illegal immigrants from there at an incredible rate:

Dominican Republic – The Dominican Republic’s top immigration official said Monday the nation will keep deporting Haitian migrants despite criticism by human rights groups of stepped up efforts to catch illegal border crossers.

The government sent roughly 1,000 Haitians back to their earthquake-shattered homeland last week, deploying soldiers and immigration officials to set up border patrols and surprise checkpoints last week along highways, asking people aboard public buses and vans for their papers.

Dominican immigration director Sigfrido Pared said Monday that the government is compelled to resume immigration enforcement to prevent the flow of illegal Haitian migrants since last January’s earthquake and to stop the spread of cholera, which has killed more than 3,000 people in Haiti and sickened about 150 in the neighboring Dominican Republic.

He also said the crackdown is urgent “because a massive entry of Haitians always occurs in January.”
The state of Haiti in 2011 is incredibly sad, just as it was in 2001, 1991, 1981, 1881, and 1801. Earthquake or not, Haiti will always be a nation without hope.

But why are so few people talking about the Biblical flood the size of California in Australia? Perhaps the horrific natural disaster is happening to the wrong kind of people, one that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) garner no points from helping with aid or telethons.

Just like the Nashville flood of 2010, the incredible flood in the Queensland state hasn't sparked anarchy or chaos, nor an outpouring of tears from DWLs.

What is the difference between Nashville and New Orleans, Haiti and Australia again?


Anonymous said...

"why so few stories on the flooding in Queensland?"

Because they're white.

Obama pledged $100 million to Haiti because they're black, he won't even mention Australia.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no massive riots, raping, pillaging, or roving gangs of people standing around in groups looking pathetic and begging for aid! I don't understand!

Anonymous said...

I bet not one single Australian dies of Cholera or dysentery despite the flood being the size of California.

you wont see Hatians bothering to boil or chlorinate their own water. How hard would it be for a village elder to organize all the inactive young men to start a water purifying or rubble clearing procedure?

Nah lets just drink our own shit and build on unstable rubble so our country stays messed up.

Franz said...


how pathetic of you to compare the tragedies that befell Haiti and Queensland. We all know that the flood victims in down under have been eaten by crocodiles, scuba-dingos and amphibic-meat-eating Koalas. Had it not been for these predators, white Australians would have indulged in the same kind of rape/killing spree which the Haitians so much enjoyed. After all, race is just a social construct.

On a serious note: In 2002 I was smack in the middle of a big flood in central Europe. I am still impressed by the calm, dignity and let's-help-attitude that prevailed at the time. Apparently the same benevolent spirit is at work in Australia. Sadly, it is apparently only during those moments of danger and amergency that the white race realizes its full potential for greatness.

P.S.: Are there any direct flights from New Orleans to Queensland? I imagine that Lootie is mighty impatient to get his paws on all the good stuff floating about in Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Because we all know that blacks won't lift a damned finger to help their own plight. Even White liberals know this. One occurrence that woke me up from my former DWL stupor was when my university put together a team of students to go to New Orleans and help rebuild after Katrina. My university was around 15% black, and not a single black person volunteered for the all expenses paid trip. Australia has resources to help their own people, and they will help these people, and rebuild. It's not just a monetary issue, but a humanity issue. If a refugee camp were set up for these people do you think rape and lynch mobs would be widespread? Do you think the Australians in this camp would attack relief forces? No one helps White people, or even Chileans or Pakistanis after their recent disasters, because they know these groups are capable of helping themselves. Blacks, on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all the good people suffering down under. But i could not give a rats ass about haiti or the haitians. Too bad a giant tsunami has not washed them all out to sea.

Anonymous said...

The Dominan Republic is a black/hispanic population, and EVEN THEY are smart enough to keep the Haitians out.


Anonymous said...

Where are black guy, and desiree?

Even those two coundn't spin this, or answer this question in some ridiculous way.

This is a 1 + 1 = 2 thing.

Again. blacks are useless, violent, and useless.


Sierra Nevada said...

Wonder what happened to all da Haitians that got to come here, the hundreds of thousands.

I bet they are all working, paying taxes, and inventing great products.

Anonymous said...

haiti was a place where the slave traders dumped the sick, dying, retarded and niggers not even qualified to perform as a slave. and they have been inter breeding for a century. what do you expect?