Monday, January 17, 2011

A Nickel, a Nagger, but what does it Matter?

We would have sworn that said "nickel"
We all know how sensitive Black people and Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) can be to anything that violates their delicate sensibilities.

Mark Twain, racist snack cakes, a teacher who dares say the-word-that-must-not-be-named (nigger for those wondering) and even Hallmark cards and Black holes are all on the chopping block for using variations of words that dare go against the prevailing winds of tolerance that sweep across the tableau of American life at an increasingly intolerant speed.

The day that DWLs, Black racial agitators and those running Black Run America (BRA) decide that The White House is in need of a more appropriate for the 21st century name upgrade is the moment you know Pre-Obama America is never coming back.

A more all-inclusive name will be needed one day, since The White House reeks of the putrid scent of white privilege, supremacy and paternalism.

Don't believe us? Just look at what happened to a statue of George Washington, whose visage as The Father of our Country was no veneer worthy enough for Black people to gaze upon as they celebrated the true father of BRA, Martin Luther King, on his righteous day.

We approach the day when The White House will be renamed and creep ever closer to the moment that many of the monuments in Washington D.C. (those relics of an evil nation) will be torn down, those antiquated celebrations of Dead White Males failing to align with the progressive time period we live in now.

Look no further then this story to see how crazy things are getting, as mere regional dialect is misconstrued as a mispronunciation of harmless word that sounds an awful lot like the-word-that-must-not-be-named:
Rachel Baldwin is defending her company's new commercial that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.
The Jax Bargain Plywood ad has received more than 4,000 hits on YouTube and is the subject of jokes on Comedy Central.Ruth Taylor, a woman in the commercial, sings: "Save me a nickel. Save me a dime. 

Jax Bargain Plywood can do it every time."Bloggers claim the jingle contains the "N" word."The e-mails that we've gotten are that we are being racist," Baldwin said. "They can't believe we got an African-American woman to say that. They're making a lot of derogatory comments about her."Baldwin said she's disgusted at the growing number of online comments targeting her staff and Taylor, who's a Gospel singer.
One e-mail reads, "Your commercial is deplorable. Save me a what? People are beginning to notice, and it's becoming a joke on the Internet and it's not funny."

Taylor said in a phone interview Friday that the allegations are ridiculous, even moreso because she herself is black."She was hot. She's mad," Baldwin said of how Taylor felt about the allegations."It sounds like several things," customer Lorraine Chavis said. "It depends on what ear is listening. When I hear the commercial, I'm listening for how much I can save. What's the bargain."
That didn't sound like nickel...
A hilarious news story on the nickel-bag crime can be found here. That people would find folly in the word nickel being ever so slightly fudged by a haphazard recitation of a catchy jingle makes us laugh here at SBPDL.

It brings to mind the classic South Park episode, "With apologies to Jesse Jackson" or, more commonly referred to "The Nigger Guy" episode.

The ultimate naggers appear to DWLs and many Black people who find ever nefarious intentions behind even slightly mispronounced words.

Even Alf, a lovable alien who starred in his own eponymous 80s sitcom dared to say the-word-that-must-not-be-named.

It's time to lighten up big time. A nickel, a nagger, what does it matter?

Of course it matters: the prevailing winds of intolerance will blow any person, business or TV show that dare use the-word-that-must-not-be-named, even if it is a mispronunciation of another word.


Anonymous said...

not to threadjack you, but here's another SBPDL I just picked up from WSJ: Chinese Mother (successful parenting)

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that many blacks really fight with their tongues to form the sounds of the English language. Sometimes I can not understand what they are saying, almost as if they are speaking a different language.

Many blacks have problems forming their mouths to say the "L" sound, it comes out so "OH", and the hard "G" sound comes out like "CK", and "ING" comes out as "IN".

This woman struggles with mechanical issues.

B. Herder said...

The solutio is simple.. All oe has to do is ba the letter ' ' from the Eglish laguage altogether.

Anonymous said...

The solution is even simpler - don't air a commercial unless every word follows the rules of standard English pronunciation.

Now if THAT rule is found to be discriminatory, well that's yet another signal Americans of Western European heritage need their own country!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post, B. Herder, which reminded me that I need to go back and read "Ella Minnow Pea" once again just for its take on the banning of letters.

I'm not sure just banning the "n" would work. Perhaps not just the letter "n" should be banned; perhaps we must also ban the final five letters of the word as well since this problem continues to get b . Obviously, it's not just the initial letter that tr s such a gnashing of teeth in the black community. For my part, though, this essay does nothing but make me sn .


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Remember the negro who got his face beat by Epic Beard Man and how he asked for amberlamps/m&ms/ambulance?

Anonymous said...

They could ban all words that begin with the letter "N", but I guess that would take away the liberals favorite attack word, Nazi.

Oh, well. Couldn't have many very well thought out ad hominem attacks with out that word.

Anonymous said...

The lady in the ad says, "Nicker" -- it's as clear as day, for God's sake! So she can't speak English -- look at this poor lady. I would guess that she has an 8th grade education. It's no sin to be uneducated, but that's who their target audience is, probably, so it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I think she has a lovely voice, so what if she doesn't pronounce nickel with 100% clarity.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Exactly. That this even became a controversy shows how insane things are progressing.

I can't get the catchy jingle out of my head.

Anonymous said...

Controversy for the sake of controversy. These bloggers etc know exactly what she meant! Desperate individuals looking for an issue, so they can have a few minutes of face-time.

Pathetic actually. Then again, why arnt these same whiners complaining about popular black culture, where the word in all its forms, is used constantly. Like rap etc.

Anonymous said...

In the USA, radio and TV used to have very strict standards for English diction, pronunciation and grammar.

The voice of a person who pronounced the word "nickel" as "nicker" wouldn't ever grace the airwaves.

It's this lowering of standards which played a substantial part in myself firing the television set 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

(Love this site, but it seems every other post i write doesn't make the cut.

If I can't post, it's a lot less fun. But I'll try again.)

My solution for this silly "race" problem we seem to be having with our wonderful, patriotic, horribly mischaracterized, black population, is perfect: It's both easy AND cheap!

Ignore all things black that you can. Period.

Yup, that's it!

Stop talking with them; buying from them; hiring them; watching them play sports; Stop shopping where they own/ "work" - you walk into the shop/ bar/ restaurant, and a black guy is in charge? Turn and walk away. No need to utter a single word. A black guy saunters over to "help" you with the purchase of a car, fridge, computer, whatever? Say, sorry, gotta run! and either come back and deal with a White person or find another place to buy from.


Now of course, this isn't going to be 100% fool proof, and I'm sure all can think of lots of scenarios where you're just plain stuck where you am at (The cops, an emergency repair, etc)

But for the most part, we can at least make it plain that since you want nothing to do with us (Cover the Father of this once great country?? And crickets from our "patriots" in congress, or elsewhere??), we will be HAPPY to return the favor.

Try it. I have, and it feels great.


Anonymous said...

You need to do an article on this
The queen of England (yes that is right)
pretty much confirms everything you are saying about sports and tolerance of black people

White Guy said...

You should do a piece on the above link for sure.

Adrian said...

In my BCT at Fort Leonard Wood back in 07' we had two fine examplesiosaurs of Black youthful, degenerate, behavior. I and every other Pvt on up to our Company Commander a West Point graduate witnessed what happens and rightly so when the "N" word was used. Third day in BCT these two were sagging their ACU's, shirts open and no t-shirts on standing next to the water fountain cracking wise on Pvts like myself who were cleaning. Along came our senior DSGST, well those who know the drill understand bait of just how much shit they were in for. One said "what's up my nigga?" And next thing that happened was these two nitwits heads being brought together by our Drill, he marched their happy, slappy asses downstairs and outside. All through this he was giving them corrective verbal instruction, once outside he had them in leanin rest facing each other and with every repitition say. "Drill sergeant I am a worthless nigger, I am not worthy of being in the Army Drill Sergeant!" Along comes our 1st Sergeant also Black who asks, "Sergeant what are you doing?" He explained the situation, where upon hearing this our 1st Sergeant took them on a nice mile+ run and them introduced them to what total muscle failure was. They never graduated Boot, I and others Pvts were glad they were gone. It was only due to Infirmative Action that these two subpar examples of mental and moral execrement were allowed to sully the name of U.S Army soldier.

Anonymous said...

How fucking politically correct do we have to get? Jesus Christ. Stop reading into everything so goddamn much. We are all just humans. If people stop drawing attention to these things, they lose significance.