Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#245. Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox: Not Guilty. As usual, a Black guy did it.
The reality of crime and punishment is very boring.  Television shows such as Law & Order give us a world of super intelligent white criminals based out of wealthy New York City apartments that use complicated schemes to (almost) get away with murder, until they are stopped by dedicated law enforcement professionals like Ice T.  Movies tell us about white costumed super heroes that leap into action against (white) villains who use advanced technology or super human cunning to try to take over the world.  Even commercials for personal alarm systems or government sponsored PSA's about terrorism star nefarious white villains who are lurking in the shadows to steal your television or attack Black-Run America.

In the real world, crime is mostly committed by low IQ career criminals of which a
disproportionate number are black.  It is easy to mock how the media ignores black on black crime but flips out whenever a pretty blonde goes missing in some tropical locale.  Of course, there is an obvious answer.  Chronicling the reality of entirely black run urban America, a benighted land populated of an unemployed lumpenproletariat kept from starvation by EBTs and numbers culled by abortion, infant murder, black on black crime, and drug addiction, is depressing. As Tom Wolfe chronicled in the classic Bonfire of the Vanities, "The press couldn't even see these cases. It was just poor people killing poor people. To prosecute such cases was to be part of the garbage collection service, necessary and honorable, plodding and anonymous."  It also raises questions that shouldn't be asked, lest you jeopardize your job or, worse, your social status.  It is therefore better to gloss over the reality of urban America, with a vague reference to the "underprivileged" and to move on to stories that both Disingenuous White Liberals and unfashionable Middle Americans can either relate to or be tantalized by -- white women in tropical locales, doing things that they shouldn't.

Those involved in criminal justice face the same conflict.  No one wants to admit that what people in criminal justice do for a living is put black people in jail.  Therefore, for journalists, prosecutors, and all people of good will, the hunt is always on for the
Great White Defendant, a person of breeding and status who benefits from institutional racism and white privilege.  In America, the most notable case was the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal, when prosecutor Mike Nifong secured his reelection in a black district by launching a huge investigation against evil white lacrosse players (from the evil racist school of Duke).  Unfortunately, it didn't happen, and the black stripper involved turned out to be just another criminal.

This crushing disappointment to people of color might have been avenged by the Amanda Knox case.  Amanda Knox was a young, beautiful American girl who was charged with killing her roommate Meredith Kercher along with the help of her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and black career criminal Rudy Guede.  Italian prosecutors have described a lurid scenario of interracial threesomes, Satanic rituals, and violent sexual abuse.  Unfortunately, after four years of being imprisoned, an Italian court (which uses rules far more favorable to the prosecution than American courts)
has overturned the convictions of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.  The court has ruled (as the actually existing evidence suggested) that this is just another simple story -- a white girl was murdered by some black guy.

Even Republican trophy girl Ann Coulter is disappointed that the criminal turned out to be what it usually is -- some black guy.  Even though those who know her understand she knows about racial reality (and has
forbidden acquaintances, attended forbidden meetings, defended forbidden organizations, and uttered forbidden facts), occasionally she says something deliberately stupid to maintain her career being paid five figures to do a stand up comedian act for College Republicans.  Therefore, in a remarkable column, she maintains that "liberals" are defending Knox, who is the “new Mumia.”  Not quite.  Actually, they want her convicted because Knox is guilty of the worst crime of all -- being a good looking white girl who didn't commit a crime.  Disingenuous White Liberals don’t defend “criminals” (somehow we missed the huge liberal outcry about the execution of Lawrence Russell Brewer on the same day as cop killer Troy Davis).  They defend black criminals because all black criminals are the victims of racism. 

Knox being set free is hugely disappointing -- rather than a sexy murderess with bisexual undertones, we have another boring story of a college girl paying the white tax.  How lame.  

Stuff Black People Don't Like will always include Amanda Knox.  She's a white girl who was acquitted of murder who had a black guy kill her roommate.  She is obviously a racist, who should have helped him to prove that stereotyping is very wrong and only done by bad people.  Rather than a heroic collaborator of National Black Foot Soldiers who had taken the fight to racism in Italy, she was just another recipient of white privilege who gets to go home and lead her racist life after only losing four years.   


Anonymous said...

White girls should always avoid negroes. This one had four years to think about it. Somehow I doubt she has learned her lesson, but I would like to be wrong about it.

EYE OF HORUS said...

I wonder if there are enough blacks in Italy to riot? We may soon find out.
However, the macho Italian Authorities are NOT going to allow them to riot like the effeminate englanders did. I would expect a LOT of cracked thick skulls if they do...

Anonymous said...

The student, Kircher, that was murdered by the black African, Guede, her mother is black, and the black mother is stark raving mad at Knox. According to her it was all Amanda Knox who murdered her daughter and she was really going after Amanda Knox. Too bad. It was one of mama's bros.

Anonymous said...

Samuel Jackson joins Morgan Freeman in pissing all over people who pay his salary.


For those of you are not already boycotting these race-baiters, PLEASE stop spending your hard-earned money on people who hate you.

JB said...


"Drag addiction" and "black distract" are HILARIOUS. You've coined some neologisms. I'm going to use them, and give you, oh, say a NICKEL every time.

Dig: Even your TYPOS are funny!

Capn'crunch said...

Congratulations, DETROIT! once again voted the most dangerous city in USA, with memphis as a close runner up. Once again, SBPDL is right on the money.Good job!

Anonymous said...

As a tangent to this story I gather Knox was convicted of falsely accusing another black man (a former employer or co-worker). She made her own problems by telling one lie after another, as did her boyfriend (slightly fewer lies in his case).

Another tangent is the black guy who was found guilty was found guilty of acting 'with others'. Now those others have been released. So, they will probably appeal the appeal. The boyfriend may still have a case to answer but Knox will probably go straight to Hollywood and never come out again except in heavily fictionalized form.

Another tangent already noted, one I was unaware of; the victim's mother being black. All in all this case is as foxy as Knoxy. No easy answers.

In the end it's a story of a strange American girl in Europe. In my opinion everything is not quite what one would expect.

Stephen said...

I love happy endings

Anonymous said...

Italy: Cops get violent with immigrants [Lampedusa, RT]


Anonymous said...

The black woman who accused the four Duke Lacross players of rape has since been charged with murdering her boyfriend.

Zenster said...

Those involved in criminal justice face the same conflict. No one wants to admit that what people in criminal justice do for a living is put black people in jail.

All of which honorably beggars the perfectly justified question that is asked so often here at SBPDL:

What's so wrong about putting Black people in jail?

It seems like 90% of the time Black activities are in direct violation of the law and demonstrate a palpable disrespect for it as well. The almost inseparable murder, rape and violence that routinely accompanies said criminal activities make it just that much more imperative to incarcerate a maximum possible number of Blacks.

The more Black people in jail, the safer society will be. The intolerable cost of incarceration is one of the only things which abates the truth of that statement. However, the intolerable havoc and mayhem wrought upon so many lives represents an even less acceptable outcome, not to mention an across-the-board reduction in quality of life for so many White Americans.

No, not all Blacks are criminals but a lot of criminals are Black, especially the rapists and murderers.

As usual, the parallels with Islam abound. Such as; Not all Muslims are terrorists but almost all terrorists are Muslims.

What passes for Black and Muslim "culture" here in America constitutes a perverted hall of mirrors full of reflected race baiting, terrorism, genocide, deceit, dissembling, self-imposed ghettos and routine abuse of Social Services.


Anonymous said...

Kercher's mother isn't Black. She is from India.

Anonymous said...

Here's an update on the Duke Lacrosse stripper and some other great civil rights heroes.


Anonymous said...

What's the best way to avoid becoming a victim of black-on-white violence? AVOID ALL CONTACT WITH BLACK PEOPLE.

The only black people whom I permit to address or approach me are:

1. Those who work for me

2. Those performing some service for me in an institutional context (e.g., bellboy)

3. A select few Negroes who belong to my Catholic parish who are personally known by me to be good, trustworthy people

Otherwise, I avoid contact with black people whenever possible. And always I go armed.

It really is just that simple.

Cry me a river said...

Rudy Guede is guilty as charged. His DNA was found all over Kercher's bedroom. Amanda wasn't anywhere near Kercher the day she died. Also there were no reliable witness that could prove Knox and Sollecito were in the house at the time of the homicide. Liberals get off on rewarding bad behavior. Imprisoning any white just to feel morally superior unknowingly and ironically proving the opposite. Liberals can make almost anybody go to prison just because they don't like'em.

What a waste of 4 years.

Traveller said...

Do not have an idealized idea of Italy.

I copy and paste what I wrote for The Spearhead:
What you wrote is understandable, given the fact that girl was American so there was worldwide coverage of the trial, and as an outsider it is difficult figure what is not usually reported.

So I tell you all, there is nothing different between this process and the routine treatment of Italian citizens accused of a penal crime. Simply, of them you will never know. You have no idea how many similar stories are in the Italian news.

The true facts:
- judges are leftist and omnipotent, prosecutors are omnipotent too and most are totally incompetent. No one of them will ever pay any mistake, exactly as your equivalent in the USA.
- most journalists are leftist, stupid, lazy and hypocrites, exactly as your equivalent in the USA.
- judges know they are unable to rely on serious evidence collection, hence the Medieval mediatic witch hunt. For us, CSI is like Star Wars.
- so they did what they do ALWAYS: a bit of prison and after, freed. So, if she is innocent, she did not pay much, if she is guilty, at least she did a bit of time. The sole thing we will never know, is who did the crime, ANY crime.
- another thing we have like in your USA, is the guilt always extended to some male, in this case, her boyfriend.

I do not know how much anti America sentiment was here, since the victim too was American. But “anti blonde” is plain stupid idea.

About the comments here: "the macho Italian Authorities" are another stupid idea. They are machos mostly with law abiding weak Italian citizens.

There is not a lot of blacks in Italy, but first, we have a lot of gypsies and they cause a huge amount of crime, although not violent (children in streets and a lot of filthy pregnant women who steal); while the violent criminals are from East Europe or South America.

Second the effect of Lybia war is still to be computed. The left here is already asking every black from everywhere in Africa be given citizenship.

Anonymous said...

It has been argued that Knox incriminated Lumumba after intense interrogation based on innocent text messages between the two. (If it is possible to extract a confession by means of relentless questioning, how much more possible is it to extract false witness against another by the same process?)

Anonymous said...

Shocking! Shocking, I tell ya!!


Silent Running said...

I'm with The Traveller on this one. Those "macho Italian authorities" are the reason Knox lost 4 years of her life.

S.V. said...

Well, here in Italy everyone knew that it was the negro lol, the MSM may try to fool you because there are too many leftist tards on tv, but the people are far different... I'm happy that she is free and i wish her the best, i just hope that she'll come back someday and enjoy her time here...

Anonymous said...

Obama Presidency by the Numbers


Natassia said...

Regarding the Italian machismo aspect of the case, I recommend that folks visit Lawrence Auster's View From The Right blog. Yesterday he posted an article written by a man who has been investigating the role "facia" has played in Perugian law enforcement.

Anonymous said...


You get Al Capone on tax evasion, you get Shitavious on a minor disciplinary action.

Anonymous said...

I would pin the blame more squarely on the incompetent Pubblico Ministero Mignini and not go so strong on the "faccia" business which is more or less at the same level as the rest of humanity. If anything northern Europeans suffer from pride and the southerners from cynicism. La Knox was unlucky to have had that particular magistrate along her path.

Zenster said...

Traveller: Second the effect of Lybia war is still to be computed. The left here is already asking every black from everywhere in Africa be given citizenship.

At the tiny island of Lampedusa alone, mostly Islamic invaders already number 60,000 and counting.

A few calculations will demonstrate the scope of this issue.

Suppose it costs only €1,000 to process each "refugee". With the EU's fondness for paperwork, you know that's a lowball guess. Suddenly, that's €60,000,000, just for paperwork. No temporary housing or food is accounted for much less security and police overtime.

If these illiterate and chronically under-employed Muslim colonists get out into the Schengen countries, look for many of them to obtain state benefits at some €30,000 per year.

That's a mere, €1.8 BILLION per annum being pissed away on these scum. Now add in the cost of free hospital visits, benefits fraud, plus legal prosecution and incarceration of the huge criminal element that washes ashore in these Mariel-style boat lifts, and the number suddenly soars to TENS OF BILLIONS OF EUROS EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

This, in a Europe that is teetering on the edge of insolvency as it is.

Who is kidding whom? This could easily be the straw that broke the camel's back. And, remember, those numbers are just for the Lampedusa invaders. They do not take into account the flood of other "refugees" pouring across Europe's sieve-like borders.

Meanwhile, the EU's moron social engineers continue to pursue their wet dream of a "Mediterranean Union" that would only turn this flood of invaders into a full blown deluge.

Zenster said...

From the link provided by Anonymous (October 5, 2011 7:15 AM):

Report shows minority students suspended at higher rates

The latest findings "strongly suggest a need for reform," according to the NEPC, based at the University of Colorado-Boulder's School of Education. The center is a left-leaning think tank that studies racial justice in K-12 education. [emphasis added]

Whenever you see or hear the words "Racial Justice" or "Social Justice", instantly think COMMUNIST. These are their new smokescreens for the same old Socialist garbage they have strewn everywhere in the path of modern civilization. Social Justice has one specific goal: reduce the First World to Third World status and conditions.

Disarm and impoverish everyone so that Communist one-world government can be put in place. Think otherwise at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, I know, but had I put this in the comments of the essay on Ethan and Carissa in Tulsa, likely no one would've seen it.

Tulsa, OK, meet Jackson, MS.


The victim's mother . . . well, see for yourself.

Look further at other stories on this and you'll soon enough find the alledged perps' relatives saying, Naw, dey wunt raised dis way, dey wunt do dis.


Zenster said...

Oops! Credit for the link should have gone to Anonymous (October 5, 2011 1:53 AM).

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Lets see:
black criminal with priors.
black criminal's DNA all over the flat.
Roommate comes home, discovers crime, reports it, doesn't try to cover it up.

So according to Occams Razor... a bisexual-interracial-love triangle-satanic sex cult murder plot!

thud said...

She got off on technicalities, she also freely associated with blacks and as a result emulated their behaviour...guilty!

Ronen Magenta said...

This is one of the most racist blogs I have ever read. Wow! God bless you. I am so glad that I don't know what it is like to live with such a high degree of fear and self loathing. Ya'll need to come on back around and realize that we are not so different.

In a country (United States) where you would rather give blacks hand outs and free housing ( because of the glories of white guilt, lol) instead of access to better K-12 education or opening doors to well paying jobs in rural communities (mostly white areas) where they could become valuable member of your society you whined up with the Shit Tank you so vehemently describe in your blog. Poverty breeds desperation. Desperation breeds crime.

It is sad that so many whites are the victims of the actions of their ancestors. You know the sins of the father. The farcical notion of white superiority and the generational advantage of white privilege in America has led to an epidemic of laziness and self entitlement within the white community. There is a reason why when you go the the hospital many doctors have the name of Chang or Patel and the person who pumps your gas or greets you at Walmart is named Barbara-Jean.

No my dears you have it wrong. Things aren't being made too easy for minorities, believe me I know. For too long things have been too easy for whites and now they aren't. It's like watching a bunch of spoiled brats dropping their sucker in the mud and throwing a fit because they can't get a new one ( But you deserve it, right? Well because you always had it. Its not fair!). Seriously, grow up!

And as a side note: I would not desire to white in the world today. This really not a good time for ya'll. Anyways, have fun with that.

Anonymous said...

@ Ronen Magenta, October 13, 2011 4:11 AM

" No my dears you have it wrong. Things aren't being made too easy for minorities, believe me I know. For too long things have been too easy for whites and now they aren't. It's like watching a bunch of spoiled brats dropping their sucker in the mud and throwing a fit because they can't get a new one ( But you deserve it, right? Well because you always had it. Its not fair!). Seriously, grow up!"

Thanks for this moralizing piece, you MAJOR IGNORAMUS.
You're just another frustrated illiterate, uninformed self-righteous dullard spewing your indignation at being called out. You repeat the same PC garbage that is being propagandize in the lamestream media.

Why don't you admit it, you can't understand statistics and have no desire to?
No one here tolerates assholes who relish in calling whites RACIST (TM).
Don't evade the topic by blaming society's ills on Whites, when the culprits are Black racists.
Entitled Affirmative Action Negroes like yourself will play the race card till the end just to milk the system ( i.e. White taxpayers money )and continue receiving unwarranted privileges.
No one OWES YOU anything & if your kind were to act like civilized beings, we wouldn't be stuck financing the lifestyle of such a dysfunctional group as your ever growing Black undertow.

You and you brethren need to grow up instead, and become fully functional members of society.
If you can't take constructive criticism regarding your failed race than you have no business posting here.
What is totally wrong is your mindset and you need to acknowledge Negroes many pathologies that are NOT the result of White privilege.

kevin said...

I was horrified by Coulters dumbest writings..maybe shes jealous of Amanda?
What do others think of the mumia comparison?
There wasnt much DNA to link this gal to the slaying of the HALF
white victim..sorry blog owner the gal was half indian.