Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Public Transportation Could Work...

Portland's public transportation works beautifully. Why is that?
It has been argued here that the spread and proliferation of the Black Undertow comprise the great ecological threat to mankind (and the concept of sustainability), as real, discernible Climate Change brought about by the Black Undertow keeps most other races from utilizing public transportation.

In cities like Montgomery, where a bus-boycott galvanized a nation to accept sweeping Civil Rights legislation (that lead to directly to Black-Run America), it is only Black people who now ride that antiquated - and dangerous - system:
In 2011, 83.6 percent of the people who ride the Montgomery Area Transit System (MATS) are African Americans, even though African-Americans are 54.5 percent of the population of Montgomery. Whites are 42.3 percent of Montgomery residents, but are only 12.7 percent of MATS riders.
White people in Montgomery have fled the city to create new suburbs, which require them to drive their cars to and from their places of employment, contributing unnecessary amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. All to avoid riding in buses next to Black people.

In Atlanta, more than 76 percent of the riders of MARTA, which just approved a fare increase to become the most expensive - and poorly managed - public transportation commute in the nation, are Black people. White people in Atlanta have fled to outlying suburbs throughout the metro area, where no MARTA station can be built to allow a criminal element to enter their shining Whitopia.

Atlanta has the wost traffic in the nation because white people living in the suburbs are trying to escape the Black Undertow and would rather spend 10 hours a week in the car (commuting two hours a day to and from work) than allow MARTA into their towns. Think about that for a second.

The same is said of Washington D.C., where the DC Metro is basically a job program for Black people with more than 90 percent of the employees being Black - though DC is almost majority white... talk about disparate impact - and Black people make many of the stops no-go areas. yes, white people ride the Metro to work, but DC still has some of the worst commutes in the nation because of a desire to live away from the wondrous diversity we constantly hear makes our nation great and a greater desire to avoid riding next to them on the Metro rail and bus system.

In Cleveland more than 85 percent of the citations issued to customers not paying for a ride on the public transportation there have been Black people.

Atlanta's MARTA system is broke; 76 percent of the riders are Black
US News and World Report did a list of the Top 10 American cities for Public Transportation, and no city with a majority Black population cracks the list. In fact, eight of the cities have small to negligible Black populations. LA and New York are on the list because having a car in the latter city is an insane proposition. Public transportation works in San Diego, Portland, Boston, Seattle, Denver, and Salt Lake City because there are low Black populations there to loiter, skip out on paying for fare, and making the systems inhospitable to people desiring a peaceful trip to work, a sporting event, or other service. Phoenix has an outstanding trolley system as well.

Those who have dedicated their lives to environmentalism, protecting the environment, creating energy independence in America and a move away from our dependence on importing fossil fuels and other green causes are hypocrites unless they are willing to understand why white people (and Asians and other non-Black people) flee Black Undertow cities and refuse to ride public transportation in cities like Memphis, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cleveland, Birmingham, etc.

They are hypocrites who live in places like Boulder, Austin (Texas), Portland, Seattle, and Burlington (VT) where few eyes every are set upon a Black individual and riding public transportation is a safe and clean activity.

Civilization is a very precarious thing. Looking at why cities collapse and why cities (and regions) thrive is a messy business, because the data provides patterns that run counter to the egalitarian ideology touted by Disingenuous White Liberals who enforce BRA at every turn. Detroit vs. Pittsburgh is not a football match-up; it offers a simple look at why one city survives and the other is on life-support.

The Blaze.com provides a video from the New York Subway System which serves as a metaphor for why people flee the Black Undertow - no, not because of the Black gangs roaming the subways with box cutters - and sadly no one points out that this same behavior isn't found on the public transportation of lily-white Portland, Seattle or Salt Lake City. These cities work (as do their public transportation systems) because white people, regardless of their political orientation, can maintain civilization and high standards of moral behavior in public.

Black people? Well, you be the judge of it:
You’ll want to put headphones on or turn down the volume, because the video you’re about to see is full of screaming and chaos.
It shows several NYPD officers in Harlem attempting to arrest four girls who had tried to board the subway without paying the fare. The girls resist arrest — but that might be an understatement. WNYW-TV explains:
One girl is seen swinging a bag at the officer while others try to pull away as they’re being handcuffed.  One of the officers pulls out and swings his billy-club in a defensive move as he is attacked.
The same girl with the bag can also be seeing kicking one of the officers.
Strangely, despite similar moments of Blacks Behaving Badly (BBB) on public transportation in cities all across the country, some Herman "Munster" Cain fan at The Blaze left this comment:

Posted on October 11, 2011 at 10:18amThis is a clear example of what the liberal democrats have done to (some) blacks, they’ve turned them into idiots who belive the law does not apply to them. Liberals disgust me.
Why don't Disingenuous White Liberals riding public transportation in Seattle, Portland or New York City (home to hundreds of thousands of Stuff White People Like white people) act this way? Why do these "liberals" have the ability to turn (some) Blacks into idiots who belive (sic) the law does not apply to them?

For the same reason that disciplinary measures in schools across the country is disproportionately targeted at Black people misbehaving; the same reason that Black males - though only 5 percent of the population - are more than 50 percent of the prison population and commit (according to 2010 FBI stats) more than 50 percent of the murders in America.

This is exactly why white people avoid public transportation in cities with high populations of Black people; the inverse is true, as the lack of Black people riding public transportation in cities with low populations of Black people makes for an enjoyable trip.

What other cities have horrible public transportation that citizens avoid and instead waste countless hours driving in their cars to avoid the Black Undertow? Philadelphia? Remember, most public transportation is in some ways subsidized by the federal, state, or local government.

Public transportation could work, but the Black Undertow makes such efficient forms of transportation an impossibility for those living in Whitopias who hope to maintain high property value. For those living in cities - like Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City - with a minimal Black population, this isn't a problem. Public transportation works there.


Sheila said...

DART here in Dallas is always losing money because paying fares is essentially based on the honor system (no one checks tickets) and most blacks and immigrants don't pay. They are now going to charge Whites who park at DART stations to make up some of the losses. I've ridden DART 2-3 times; I'd rather deal with the traffic on 75 alone in my car than do so again.

Georgetown (in DC) refused a metro stop back when they were building the system, yet the area is still prey to large numbers of black criminals. They find a way to get where the Whites with money are. Every time I see someone walking here (I mean walking on the sidewalk to get somewhere, as opposed to walking on the bike path or women "exercise walking"), or an adult riding a kid's bike, it's one of the recently arrived ghetto blacks. Those waiting for the bus are always Mexicans or recent Indian/Pakistani immigrants.

To paraphrase a stupid 70s poster, public transportation is not safe for Whites or other civilized creatures.

W74 said...

Agreed! I'm one of the few conservatives I know who support Mass Trans.

1. It will reduce our dependence on foreign oil
2. It's cheaper than driving
3. It will reduce vehicle accidents and thus reduce car insurance (I assume most of us will keep a car around for non transit trips)
4. It will get cars off of the overcrowded highways (good for people who want to drive).
5. To be effective trans needs multiple lines and multiple stops. Example: in Baltimore there are less than 25 stops total and unless you live on a line and are going somewhere on it then it's useless.
6. Systems MUST be policed and have ticket booths/counters and guards to prevent free rides.
7. Transit MUST be quicker or almost as quick as driving on the highway, even during non-peak periods. Must also come often (non of this 30 minutes between trains crap) and on time.
8. There must be monthly/yearly passes for citizens to make riding worthwhile and encourage frequent ridership.
9. FELONS and undertow criminals must be bared from riding....ever....period.

But all these things are doable. There are advantages to being flexible and taking a mix of public transit and one's own vehicle for outside trips. Transit must hit all major centers of work, schools, hospitals, stadiums and recreation centers and still be connected to communities which must be kept safe. Keep in mind my experiences with transit (never have taken the 100% black buses though) mostly come from D.C. and Baltimore but I admire New York's exceptionally efficient (you'd never have to walk more than 3 blocks anywhere) system..

Again, these things are doable, even could be made much more efficient and cheaper than driving, but must be done without catering to blacks and the stigma of the "welfare train" which we've come to know it as could be lessened if whites were safe on the trains and anywhere the train has a stop.

Brother Anonymous said...

You might have added that cities like Beverly Hills have always fought public transport tooth and nail, because they know what that will bring to their communities....

O/T, but I wanted to suggest a second look at Herman Cain based on the public back and forth he's having with figures like Harry Belafonte and Cornel West:


My question is, what white politician would dare fight back like this? What white politician will stand up to the black/DWL riots that will surely ensue should the GOP win in 2012? Romney? Yeah, sure. So while I'd like to see Cain do something really shocking, like denounce affirmative action, I do find these recent statements somewhat encouraging. And it would be ironic if a black politician were the one to undo some of this horrible damage, both of the last fifty years, and the last three.

I'm just throwing this out there; it may very well be a pipe dream. Of course, it would be better if race weren't an issue at all in the next election -- but they'll never shut up. They'll. Never. Shut up.

Fayette White Guy said...

Mazzy Star? I am impressed, Paul.

W74 said...

Sheila, Baltimore's light rail is honor system as well and the 8 stop metro actually has gates. Blacks literally DON'T PAY because no one checks the tickets and the system is devoid of money and uses taxpayer dollars instead of ticket revenue to fund itself.

About 3 weeks ago while my car was being fixed and my wife was at work I decided to walk, then take the light rail then walk again to work. It took 2½ hours, though walking took about hour of that time. I wish I had a video camera of that trip! It was hilarious when during one of the stops in the city the train stopped abruptly and one of the denizens screamed "WHIPLASH." They all laughed and one of them said something about how they could all get a nice "fat check" if they decided to sue the city and that they'd likely "settle out of court". It just shows the mentality of the handout grubbers.

Normally I drive to work or school in 15-25 minutes and there's no mass trans other than (probably 3 or 4 different lines) bus to get to any campus in the Baltimore area. At school the buses coming and going from the city are comprised of the black workers who work the kitchens and in administration or as janitors (who text on their phones more than they work) on campus. Even students are smart enough not to ride the city buses.

Again, my transit experiences are based mostly on Baltimore and D.C. and a couple trips to NYC. Though I've never been my father says that Boston and Seattle are also nice as he goes away for business somewhat frequently. New York is interesting and although Blacks use the train I never felt unsafe as there was a good mix of everyone to keep their behavior in check.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I thought it was a fitting song for the post. There's a haunting sadness to the guitar riff that punctuates the continued retreat from the Black Undertow.

You can almost visualize the generations of people who built, maintained, lived and worked and then stood in awe of new skyscrapers going up in these major cities. Then, you think about it all... well... being abandoned.

There has never been a historical parallel to what is transpiring in America in the man's recorded history. Never.

Sheila said...

Brother Anonymous - I saw a comment at AmRen that captured my feelings for Cain. Essentially, the day he (or any black) calls and/or works for repeal of all civil rights legislation, affirmative action, and the disbanding of all black organizations (including the congressional black caucus) is the day I might possibly conceivably consider even thinking of voting for a black for public office.

Amarillo said...

Herman Cain is a useful idiot. He is saying what the other pols can only think inwardly.

I plan on voting for Shaka-Cain to do my part to help burn down this BRA monstrosity.

The posts on black undertow and the damage they do should be put into your next book. If Buchanan ever got a hold of your work he would privately fund you. You are such an asset to your people Paul.

Kersey, could you add Occidental Dissent to the blog roll. He is doing amazing work.
Thanks for switching back to a white background.

Brother Anonymous said...


Well, obviously, that's a lot to ask for. What about what you could conceivably have right now? Did you watch that clip? Maybe it's just me, but I found it quite nice to see someone talk back to "Saint Cornel." No one in the upper ranks of the public sphere has dared dispute any of these guys for many years. Bloggers talking back can accomplish something, but nothing near to the effect of someone like the President. The role of President has always had a "ripple down" effect on American culture. Even the suggestion of a push-back would have all sorts of beneficial cultural effects. That's why you're seeing figures like Belafonte and West freaking out -- they understand the danger he represents. That is very good.

Anonymous said...

Like Sheila, I am also a Dallas guy myself, from one of the nicer communities called Plano. It was a place where crime went up immediately when the rail was finally built, as the rail brought the trash from places like Oak Cliff to prey on people who really do not know what true evil is.

Eric said...

This article jogged a memory of a hook on the news this morning (hook meaning, "story x when we come back from break").
It disgusted me so much, I think I blocked it out 'til now.
The newscaster's lead-in was something like this:
"A recent study was conducted in Los Angeles county to determine if non-native-English-speaking students are getting the resources they need to learn and compete with other students, and also if majority-black schools are receiving supplies in quantities equal to majority-white schools. We'll be back with the results."
My first thought was, "Piss on their 'resources'. If their families would condescend to learn the language, the kids wouldn't have such a tough time."
Second thought was, "Of course a majority-black school won't have as many supplies. A majority-black school will naturally be surrounded by a majority-black neighborhood. This translates to incredibly low property values, which in turn will incur far lower property taxes. Lower property taxes means less public funds going to the school. Why would they possibly need to conduct a 'study' to point out the obvious?"
Perhaps that could be the subject of a future article, haha.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:
Portland's public transportation works beautifully. Why is that?
Because they use tramways made in Europe?
Sorry, it is hard to comment on SBPDL when you live in a homogeneous society. But changes have arrived even here:
Gipsy pickpockets' "guard" attacking a man at underground station. No shooting yet, but that's question of time.

Anonymous said...

I see the YouTube is marked "Private" so only the uploader or those he knows can view it. I wonder why ?

Zenster said...

… Black people make many of the stops no-go areas.

Yet another parallel between Blacks and Muslims who are establishing "No-Go Zones" in a huge number of major European cities.

Look for some serious bloodshed when the wheels finally come off of this whole "Cultural Enrichment" fantasy.

10mm AUTO said...

"There has never been a historical parallel to what is transpiring in America in the man's recorded history. Never. "

Au Contraire! In the last stages of Rome, when being a Roman citizen was being handed out to anyone and the Empire was breaking down, Latin Romans fled the capitol to get away from the "undertow" of barbarian citizens. When Rome was finally sacked, very few citizen remained as the city was largely abandoned, the aqueducts were in disrepair and city services were in complete disarray. This must sound familiar to many here. We are watching the same thing in real time in Detroit or Philadelphia, except there is no foreign army to sack the city, just lazy, ignorant negros to occupy the buildings.

Observation from history, When I was in Corfu I saw Roman villas being excavated. Inside were floors with marble stones and copper ducts under them to move hot air for warmth as the Romans wealthy had central heating. When the Visigoths (today's equivalent of negros) took over these houses, they did not understand how to operate the heating system, so they built open fires in the middle of the beautiful decorated floors, where the scorch marks can be seen today. Same with the aqueducts, when one was knocked over by earthquake or falling tree and the water stopped, the Visigoths merely dug a well where they were, because the did not understand the technology, the Men of the Mind had been killed or driven off, thus the Dark Ages.

This must be considered by Whites. Much of our technology now is digitally based on silicon chips, which a negro can not understand or reproduce with spit, Jenkem and good intentions. In blunt terms, you can't "nigger rig" a central processor or software or access digital memory. If we fall again, this period of darkness will be deeper than any we have ever seen as even the mines require advanced technology to extract basic ores from. It will truly be a "Black World".

Anonymous said...

One doesn't even ned to SEE these videos; they literally sound like agitated zoo apes. Ever noticed that?

Just listen. You'll know what to do, white man.

B. Herder said...

"Atlanta has the work traffic in the nation because white people living in the suburbs are trying to escape the Black Undertow and would rather spend 10 hours a week in the car (commuting two hours a day to and from work) then allow MARTA into their towns."

First, I assume you mean "worst traffic" ... And "than allow" ...
Second, two hours a day is *nothing* .. When I lived near L.A. and worked IN L.A., a two hour *each way* trip was norm. That's how far away I had to live.. And keep in mind, this was two hours 'distance' time, not 'stuck in traffic' time. My employer (City of L.A.) worked with us to get 'off-hours' commute times. So we started work at 6 AM and got off at 2:30 PM. Worked well, and I really didn't mind.
But c'mon ... Even never having been there, Atlanta does not have the worst traffic in the nation. I'll bet there are a few in/near Dallas that would say the same thing. And Seattle, come to think of it...

Call Me Ishmael said...

Look at the crime wave which hit Lenox Square Mall (Atlanta) when that station opened and it's no wonder outer Atlanta has resisted the honor. It was a feeding frenzy for the previously pedestrian denizens of East Lake. I worked downtown and rode MARTA until it became too sketchy to ride home on the nights I had to work late.

Nice to see NY's finest imposing a little order - that's a good, if symbolic, start.

Anonymous said...

So the cops caught the girls breaking the law, and the girls started screeching and fighting the cops. Isn't that what you would do?

We must be struck by how completely lawless these apes are. Most frightening, they actually think they might get away with this kind of behavior. Maybe they will. Surely Al Sharpie and the NAACP are sending at team of "civil rights" lawyers to their defense right now.

Blacks are taught that they don't need to follow any laws made by Whites and enforced by uncle tom, oreo black cops.

Limit any contact you have with blacks to the least amount possible. Don't make eye contact with them. They interpret our eye contact as flounting our White Privilege and thus a challenge that must be met with a robbery, rape, and murder.

Brother Anonymous said...

@10mm Auto,

That's right. In fact, when they excavate ruins, they go back through layer after layer, discovering records of people living on top of those ancient ruins who clearly could not build or support that level of civilization themselves.

W74 said...

"Limit any contact you have with blacks to the least amount possible. Don't make eye contact with them. They interpret our eye contact as flounting our White Privilege and thus a challenge that must be met with a robbery, rape, and murder."

While I agree with limiting the amount of time spent around negros as much as possible I disagree with your statement about eye contact. You should, at least once, make eye contact with any negro or group of negros in your vicinity.

If you do so they will realize that you are not a punk and not someone to be messed with and even if they 'win' you won't go down without first doing some damage.

No need to stare but you should keep them in sight, keep a little distance, and never ever....ever...turn your back. If they start coming close or start to surround you you'll have plenty of time to know what's happening and should prepare the appropriate actions you would take.

Anonymous said...

DC isn't even close to being majority White.

Cap'n Crunch said...

True, very true. I grew up in a small city 7 miles north of boston. the massachusetts black transpotation authority (MBTA) tried for years to extend its tentacles in our city, but the residents said no. In 1976 the mbta won and turned our once quiet city into a section 8 shithole in the blink of an eye. when you ride the orange line now it looks like the planet of the apes.

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago South Africa had a advanced, cheap, and safe public transportation system. One could easily enjoy a peaceful and beautiful train ride from the Cape to Johannesburg.

Today the system is falling apart and if you dare try it you'll be lucky to get to your destination alive. Automobile is the only safe form of transport and if it breaks down in the wrong area, god help you.

Anonymous said...

BTW Paul, like the new design, but move the McDonalds boycott badge down the column and put up a graphic more representative of the site on the top.

Silent Running said...

+1 for Mazzy Star.

O/T, but I wanted to suggest a second look at Herman Cain based on the public back and forth he's having with figures like Harry Belafonte and Cornel West

I'd still say Cain is a race man. He recently called "Mestizo Rick" Perry "insensitive" for not renaming part of his own property.

My take is that Cain is no different from your typical black "conservative." Fine with dismissing the race card when confronting blacks, not so fine when confronting whites. If a black candidate does all the things Sheila mentioned AND recognized our innate differences in IQ, I might consider voting for him.

Actually, that's a fib. No black is suitable to be president for the simple fact that blacks do not represent America. They will never be more than a troublesome subpopulation.

Anonymous said...

Public transport certainly works in Scandanavia.

Indeed, the success of these quasi-socialist states is something conservatives often cannot answer. Unless they note race, which they are afraid to do.

But given the amount of African immigration into Scandanavia, these societies will soon be failed or failing societies like most of our big cities.

Anonymous said...

Good catch on Mazzy Star. Why didn't they make it bigger?

Anonymous said...

Typical blacks in Sacramento bravely punch, push and spit on elderly, mentally handicapped white woman. At least she fought back for a bit against the weak black punk:


No hate crimes here in Obama's Amerika:

Edwood said...

Here is what happened the last time we rode the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). We went to the state fair and decided it would be fun to ride the train. Our two little boys LOVE the train. The fair was a disaster and we decided never to go again. On the way back, on the train, we were treated to vile displays of "sexy", semi-pornographic dancing--much of the train laughed, while the normal people ducked their heads and pretended not to notice. When we finally got to our stop, a very tall black man asked if we could give him our tickets. We said we didn't have them (didn't want to make him mad or cheat the system). He tried to jump onto the train to ask the other passengers for money, but the doors were starting to close and he had to LET GO OF HIS PANTS to keep from being squished by the doors. His pants fell off and he almost fell on his head since his ankles were restricted by the pants. My kids got a full view of his underwear and butt. We got out of there fast and have never gone on the train since. We will also never go to the fair again.

Edwood said...

Another story about DART: Back when I went to church, I knew an albino man who was legally blind. He relied on DART to get him to work, church, etc. One day at church he showed up with two black eyes, stitches, and a broken arm. He had been jumped by the usual suspects at a DART rail station. No DART police around to keep anyone safe. It really shook him up and I am not sure what happened to him. He stopped going to church and we didn't see him again.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Here's why people avoid the bus system in most cities, and keep that same system from having stops in their "nice" neighborhoods, so that productive citizens like this can't easily access them.

Anonymous said...

How someone be named after Paul Kersey, write an article on public transport, and not mention the subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz?


chuck said...

Good point, Bernhard is a hero.

By the way, check out this beat down of a mentally handicapped white lady, by thug pukes.


Anonymous said...

Judging from what this guy claims was "good" music in the '80s, I doubt he's a Mazzy Star fan. But I will bet that, given he's wholly informed by pop culture, he saw the video game ad that uses the song (sung by a Latina) and thought it was real neat!

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain was the Kansas City FED chair in the early 90s. He's just another bankster puppet and reason enough not to vote for him.

Nothing will change until Republicans get the message that its not good enough to be the least bad choice...... .vote 3rd party, let them loose and let Obama finish destroying this thing so we can get on rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

"Judging from what this guy claims was "good" music in the '80s, I doubt he's a Mazzy Star fan. But I will bet that, given he's wholly informed by pop culture, he saw the video game ad that uses the song (sung by a Latina) and thought it was real neat!"

Hope Sandoval if I recall correctly. Saw her in concert once and she looks like a goth girl. But she was indeed born and raised in East L.A.

Silent Running said...

No hate crimes here in Obama's Amerika

Notice how a young Negro is among the first to be interviewed. Naturally, he's just as horrified as everyone else. The message is that we're all one community, crime has no color, blah blah blah. The Negro knows exactly what he must say to manipulate the reporter, and the reporter is eager to be manipulated.

It reminded me of this short documentary on the Knoxville Atrocity. Sticking to the script, Negros are interviewed throughout about the crime that plagues the community. As if part of that very community wasn't responsible for said crime.

You'd think that Grendel climbs out of the sewers by night to rape, butcher, and mutilate people at random. Except the Negro is Grendel, and he singles out Caucasians as victims.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (October 12, 2011 6:44 AM): Indeed, the success of these quasi-socialist states is something conservatives often cannot answer.

Rubbish. It's very easy to answer.

Many of those so-called "successful" European Socialist nations were let off very easy after the war. To assure that Communism didn't get a bigger foothold in post-war Western Europe, America spent trillions of dollars providing the military defense that those European countries should have been paying for themselves.

It's a lot easier to provide lavish welfare benefits, cheap public transportation and medical care to your populations when you don't have to arm yourself and train up a standing army of competent fighting soldiers.

As of now, many of those same European nations are busily bankrupting themselves in the process of paying out billions in welfare benefits to illiterate, non-assimilating and chronically unemployable Muslim immigrants along with their huge extended inbred polygamous families and exponentially higher rates of birth defects.

The PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) are just the beginning of a financial domino effect that will put the EU and its Euro out of business, hopefully forever.

Wulfram said...

@ Silent Running

You are so right about the script being kept very tight for that documentary of the Christian / Newsom rape, torture and murders. I watched it and, just as before when I have read, watched and listened to other takes on this Hate Crime, I get all worked up and my temperature RISES.

I could see and hear Channon Chtistiam's dad just totally out of it, not accepting all of the 'help' he must have been put through to get over his daughter's death.

I do imagine his part of the interview was one that had to be edited severely so as to make this film PC-friendly. They would NOT have been able to use the footage of my interview because I would call THE NIGGERS out on their murderous inclinations.

I DO like that Christopher Newsom's mom said that they would be getting gun carry permits after having lived through the horrible loss of their son.

I feel like beating on 'something' now.

Anonymous said...

Last time I took a bus through the 'hood to get to downtown (Cleveland), nobody would sit next to me - the only white on the bus - even though the bus was packed.

I just had to laugh. It's cuz I's raciss...

Anonymous said...

I live in Dallas and the DART system sucks. The "Black Hebrews" are always at the main station downtown screaming "Jesus was black!" at all white passers-by. I have been threatened by blacks at DART stations too many times to count.

News from Philthadelphia - want to make bets on the race of the fraudsters? :


Crackdown set for SEPTA fake injury claims

Thu, Oct. 13, 2011

By Paul Nussbaum


The SEPTA lottery is paying less.

Prosecutors have launched a campaign to crack down on SEPTA riders and others who fake injuries in bus crashes and other accidents, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams and SEPTA general manager Joseph Casey said Thursday.

Video surveillance cameras on SEPTA vehicles have given prosecutors a powerful new weapon in fighting fraudulent claims, Williams said.

Video displayed at a press conference Thursday showed a man running to get on a SEPTA bus that had been involved in an accident, so that he could lie down on a seat and claim a back injury.

Another video showed a woman getting out of her bus seat to check an accident scene before returning to her seat to sprawl out and instruct her six-year-old daughter to feign injury, too.

SEPTA pays about $40 million a year in accident claims, and payouts have risen by more than 10 percent in the past two years, Casey said.

anon dude said...

Mazzy Star?

Going for an analogy between the black undertow in real life and the locust in Gears of War.

Anonymous said...

There are actually tons of news stories of violence caused almost exclusively by blacks on Seattle's metro transit system. Anytime there is violence on a Seattle metro bus, which is far more often than you would think, about 95% of the time the culprit is black, even though blacks make up only 8% of Seattle.

Also, blacks commit at least half of all homicides in Seattle annually. Blacks committed at least 14 of the 28 homicides in Seattle in 2008, at least 12 of the 21 in 2009, and at least 7 of the 17 in 2010. If present trends continue, blacks will commit more than half of Seattle's homicides in 2011.

Always keep in mind that Seattle is ONLY 8% black.

AmericanGoy said...

"It's a lot easier to provide lavish welfare benefits, cheap public transportation and medical care to your populations when you don't have to arm yourself and train up a standing army of competent fighting soldiers."

Not true.

It's a lot easier to provide lavish welfare benefits, cheap public transportation and medical care to your populations when you don't have BLACK AND MOSLEM immigration problems.

Unfortunately for Europe, they done goofed.

Holland is done, and so is Sweden. Paris also.

Whole areas are classified as "no go" for whites unless as heavily armed SWAT teams in armored cars.

Zenster said...

AmericanGoy: It's a lot easier to provide lavish welfare benefits, cheap public transportation and medical care to your populations when you don't have BLACK AND MOSLEM immigration problems.

And your point is … ?

You seem to ignore that the incredibly attractive social benefits of these European Socialist utopias would NEVER have been possible unless America unilaterally absorbed their defense budgets with respect to any pending Soviet invasion.

How else could Europe's Socialist paradises offer such lunatic welfare support to largely illiterate, chronically unemployable Third World barbarians?

mr_evergreen said...

I've taken rides on MARTA. I've never had any problems with Black people on the train. No one bothers me and I don't bother anyone. The way MARTA works, you can't jump the gate because you have to have a Breeze card. There are tiny double doors you have to go through and you actually have to be quite fast in order to get on without paying, or it slams in your face.

mr_evergreen said...

"9. FELONS and undertow criminals must be bared from riding....ever....period."

I don't think barring felons and "undertow" from the riding the trains will curb the crime. I speak from experience. I was a victim of Black on Black crime myself.The perpetrators drove up in an old SUV, ran out of the car and jumped me, as well as take some money from me. They drove off thinking "A Black man will not call the police". Well, one of them is still sitting in prison because he was a repeat offender. And he was a juvenile when he did it too. Those perps found a way to get to me and rob me. They used a car. So much for the "transit brings in the crime" theory.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget being heavily pregnant, 8 months or so, Riding the train back from the aquarium in Atlanta & a thuggish black man sat & stared at me as I struggled to remain on my feet. Finally an older black woman saw me wincing in pain and offered her seat. Then the black man gave her his seat while glaring at me & my 3 year old daughter the whole rest of the ride. Sad thing is, both offer daughters LOVE riding the train so anytime we go to an event downtown (which thankfully isn't often, the circus only comes once year) they always ask to ride MARTA...I remember the saying even from being a kid MARTY moving africans rapidly through Atlanta lol