Saturday, October 8, 2011

iDon't Care: Steve Jobs vs. Michael Oher

Blind-Sided by Stupidity: An actual tweet from Michael Oher...
A lot of ink and tears have been spilled over the passing of Steve Jobs, whose truly greatest achievement (outside of filing more than 300 patents) was the creation of Pixar, the studio that has gone on to consistently put out the best - and most creative and original - film of the year over the past decade.

I'm not the biggest fan of Apple, though I'm glad iTunes came along and completely devastated the music industry and its ability to charge insane prices for CDs with one or two good songs on them. Any time I venture into an Apple store (I travel a lot to highly SWPL cities, and make a habit to check out these stores), it feels like an extension of a Whole Foods. Different city, same clientele: SWPL whites.

That a spontaneous outpouring of grief from largely SWPL white people at Apple Stores across the nation transpired after Jobs passing was a beautiful reminder of the strange times we live in. Many of the innovations that came from the mind of Jobs have made it possible for millennial and generation x (and y) white people to avoid living (and working) anywhere near the Black Undertow. Indeed, is an Apple Store open in any city that isn't predominately white (or in a mall or out-door mall that caters to predominately white or Asian customers)?

One of the ultimate signs that gentrification of a formerly 'bad' (read majority Black) neighborhood has officially transpired is the building of an Apple Store where crack was once sold, a fitting commentary on the heights of typical Black entrepreneurship and capitalism.  

Switching gears, reading that Steve Jobs was adopted (this saccharine piece from National Review is hard to read) and hearing how so many people have tried to turn this into some kind of political statement against abortion is incredibly disingenuous.

It should be noted that in the National Review piece, the author points out that she pulled a Madonna-Angelina Jolie by adopting an African baby, a much needed accessory to be accepted by the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) elite that rule America. But I digress.
Think Different?  That's what we do at SBPDL

I started thinking about another famous adoption, the product a Memphis Black women (who also mothered - irresponsibly - more than 10 other unwanted offspring that the state now cares for) who she cared little for named Michael Oher.

We all know the story that Michael Lewis made famous in The Blind Side: Black kid from incredible dangerous (almost all-Black) Memphis, unwanted by mother with father nowhere to be found is subsequently adopted by a rich white couple - graduates of the University of Mississippi, a school that has thrown away all traditions in a bid to entice Black athletes to help them become a .500 team - and lavished with tutors and academic help to maintain his eligibility at prestigious suburban Memphis private (all-white) school.

This story symbolizes the pinnacle of what an adoption of a Black kid from a Black Undertow city can produce; Oher got an athletic scholarship to Ole Miss and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens.

 Steve Jobs was adopted and went on to have more than 300 patents. Michael Oher was adopted and helped conservative white people in the south feel good about themselves, ultimately having them ask the introspective question of why they didn't adopt a Black kid from a Black Undertow city that some Black father left behind to be cared for by the state?

Though he was adopted, Memphis is still the second most dangerous city in America, thanks entirely to people who look like Michael Oher.

A tale of two adoptions: Steve Jobs helped create, innovate and patent technology that made hipster white people feel good about parting with vast sums of money to play the never-ending status game of that SWPLs play. Though these same white people hate corporate greed, every time they purchase an Apple product some Apple stockholder is smiling at the rising stock price.

Hell, from Steve Jobs' mind flowed more original thought and innovation then from the minds of all (yes, ALL) of "great" inventors from Africa or the African diaspora. I'm throwing in the Super Soaker in that statement, though it's one of my go-to weapons when I engage in water fights at the beach or at the pool.

Michael Oher? He made the NFL and provided a feel-good story for millions of white people around the country who refuse to live anywhere near the Black Undertow cities (like Memphis) that produced Michael Oher.

The canonizing of these two individuals tell us a lot about the weird time period we live in. The adoption of Michael Oher provided him with the opportunity to play in the NFL, the pinnacle of Black achievement. The adoption of Steve Jobs?

Well, as the history of white people shows, he forged his own path and created new frontiers for innovation and achievement through his patents (not to mention the tens of thousands of people he has employed through his innovative mind and the markets he helped create through his ideas), setting new standards that another white individual will someday work to eclipse.

Jobs was a dedicated DWL, but that doesn't change the fact that he was a white guy. Michael Oher is a Black dude from a Black Undertow city, who was enabled by his adoption to pursue the primary vocation that keeps the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) alive; athletics.

This is the history of white people no one wants to talk about. This is the history of Black people no one dares point out.


ProudAfroAmerican said...

Hey Paul,

Why don't you talk about Detroit's rebounding economy?

Detroit is literally LEADING this nation out of the economic slump that it's in.

Hell, Detroit's even attracting high tech jobs back to AMERICA!

Even your boy Drudge acknowledged it!

PS: The article was written by the WALL STREET JOURNAL (A White Boy Business Rag)


Zenster said...

ProudAfroAmerican: Why don't you talk about Detroit's rebounding economy?

What, did someone drop a nickel on the sidewalk?

Anonymous said...

"Why don't you talk about Detroit's rebounding economy?"

And while we're at it, let's talk about Detroit's low crime rate, and low illegitimacy rate, and low poverty rate.

ogunsiron said...

haven't read the article but, proudAfroamerican :
are black people creating those jobs ? Just who is making the economy rebound ? Might it be the arabs ? Gentrifying hipsters ? If it's not black people than what are you proud of exactly ? what are you trying to prove ?

Anonymous said...

"are black people creating those jobs?"

Detroit is experiencing unprecedented growth in pawn shops, fried chicken restaurants, and abortion clinics.

Anonymous said...


Please refrain from using the slur "white boy." You reveal yourself as racist and hypocrite when you do.


Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs ain't got nothing on Laquinaquesia Jackson, she is da Iphone of 'hoes and sheet!

Anonymous said...

Three words for ProudAfroAmerican: "Dead Cat Bounce."

Zenster said...

From ProudAfroAmerican's WSJ article:

Gov. Rick Snyder [White] has won praise from corporate leaders [mostly White] for pushing an overhaul of the state's business-tax code through the legislature [mostly White] earlier this year, and for balancing the state's budget.

Nobody, including Gov. Snyder, says Detroit or Michigan's problems are solved. Detroit's city budget is deep in the red and its schools have been taken over by a state-appointed emergency manager. Some of Mr. Snyder's prescriptions for the state's economy, such as taxing pensions and capping welfare benefits at four years, have drawn fire from critics who say his efforts to spur business investment only add to the burdens of the elderly and poor.

An August poll by EPIC/MRA of Lansing, Mich., found that 54% of respondents said Michigan was on the "wrong track," while 31% said the state was headed in the right direction. But the state scored better than the U.S. as a whole—75% of respondents said the country was on the wrong track.

Driving the improved picture in Michigan are the Detroit Three auto makers [run by Whites].
[emphasis added]

Yup! Them Detroit Blacks be bootstrapping themselves, big time!

Black unemployment has been so bad in Michigan that the lowest rate of 12.2 percent in 2008 was close to the highest rate of 12.7 percent in 2009 for white people.

Anonymous said...

"Steve Jobs ain't got nothing on Laquinaquesia Jackson"

This comment is excruciatingly witless and unfunny.

Anonymous said...

@ProudAfroAmerican, That wsj blog post basically stated that the success of Detroit's sports team's are fueling optimism for financial recovery. His figures for lowering unemployment were for the State of Michigan, not Detroit. Furthermore, while Michigan's governor has balanced the State's budget, Detroit's budget remains well into the red and the State was forced to take over the failing schools (Black run schools). He also states that the auto manufactures are rebounding and investing back into local economies. What the hell does that have to do with Detroit's black population?

So Michigan is doing better (thanks to white people) and Detroit has winning sports teams. Does this means that blacks get to take all the credit?


Anonymous said...

In regards to the Madonnas and Jolies and the other DWL of the world who adopt African (or worse AA kids) children, what happens if you no longer want your accessory?

Kids to women are little more than purses and iPhones, and likely the men have to pay for it. It's ruining our families, but adopting black kids is just like that, trying to stand out with a Gucci instead of some other broad's Khols purse.

When they realize that the kid is a failure (no matter how much money is lavished on it) or barely successful do they toss it back to Malawi like you can toss away yesteryear's fashions?

HandoStomper said...

To above Anonymous:

When their black kid grows up, they drop them off at black adults daycare for the rest of their lives. Some people call this daycare "prison."

Anonymous said...

There was a TV news story on last week in Detroit about the cutting off of welfare after 4 years. There was a lot of whining about how all these people would starve when the money was cut off. They showed a number of them looking very sad and every last one of them was also very overweight. They sure didn't look like any of them were missing any meals. So make sure you chip in your "fair" share to feed these poor "starving" people.

Dissident said...

Hey Proud Afro American, I can't believe that you'd actually have the audacity to "suggest" that Detroit's "rebound" was somehow through the innovative and tireless work of the majority black population of that third-world pest hole.

Are you even kidding me? I'd laugh, but I'm still trying to catch my breath in astonishment over that insinuation. My goodness man, what planet are you on, Niburu?

Now go back to reading your black-boy rags like Jet and Ebony and go back to watching BET, and continue listening to Lil' Wayne and the boyZ, ok?

Leave the real world problems and solutions to someone who'll actually take some initiative and GET THINGS DONE (ie. white people).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Anonymous said...

Jobs eventual success was to listen to people he hired* rather than ignoring them which was the reason behind his ouster in 1985 that saved the company.

(* One doubts that many of them were black)

Michael Oher proves that if you take a black kid out of "the jungle" and make them behave YT they can be successful. So I guess that story is rayciss' and sheiiiiit

The Elector of Saxony said...

The only rebounding of Detroits economy is the result of the government bailout money. This money is trickling into Detroit generally through the hands of auto workers, and will last until the bill comes due, or grownups take the government back. 5000 dollar bonuses for manual laborers? Yeah, we'll stay competitive with Hyundai and Honda. Without that taxpayer (White) money handed out by President OpieDopie, Detroit would be just as it was, crumbling in the same way all of Black-Run Africa is crumbling. Any and every black society is falling into ruin all the time. If the process of ruin pauses as the result of some freak occurrence (Govt or UN Aid dropping from the sky), the process is underway nevertheless. How many Whites predicted Zimbabwe? How many of us predicted the slow death of South Africa? If Detroit is actually taking a detour on its path to becoming Haiti, it's only the result of White interference, and it's only temporary.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I am so UTTERLY SICKENED by the pseudo-canonization given to Mr. Jobs, all because he invented chic escapist 'techie-toys' for pampered and coddled Yuppie kids, I could retch.

I was so upset, I wrote about it on my blog. But then, I realized most brain-dead idiots don't even believe in GOD anymore, it wouldn't make a difference.

And then I read your post today, before going to preach. I can think of no better analysis of the utter disingenuousness of American 'culchur' than this comment. I also wrote over at my blog about 'the Blind Side as well, and include the two links, just for 'kicks and grins.'

But, as with your prior post, you are skewering the charade that is modern 'society' with all the barbs it needs to deflate our 'supersize' National Ego- with Obama as the biggest pustule in the pack.

- Fr. John+

Rev Dr Swift said...

A rich cracker died? *yawn* But that Michael Oher sure can play some football can't he!

B. Herder said...

I'm not so sure I'd hold up Jobs as a positive example.. After the mandatory 'Boo hoo, he was such a great visionary that changed lives .. The world has lost a leader' type articles, the 'Bad Steve' articles are trickling out. At best, I think he was manic-depressive, and at worst, just a plain ol' asshole. The stories of obsessiveness, belittling and humiliating employees, and the horrid working conditions in his 'MADE IN CHINA' factories, do not serve his memory well. Yeah, I think I'd rethink this one...

Anonymous said...

the Beat goes on,0,4264575.story

11:08 PM said...

Blacks are fed a constant diet of "Whites are all racists, they conspire to keep their racist unearned White privileges through systemic bias, institutional and structural racism, and they don't believe in Equality. We didn't come here voluntarily, but God sent us here to take over everything and keep the White man humble by running off with his TVs and daughters."

That our White Humanity doesn't rise up en masse to counter such hate speech proves that we deserve whatever jungle horrors the Africanism Freedmen give us. All the "Embracing Diversity and Inclusion while Celebrating Diversity and Welcoming Differences through Whites making more sacrifices of their systemic privileges" is nothing more than the demonization of White Humanity with lies that stoke hate and violence. We must do more to call attention to such hostile and dangerously anti-White bigotry.

"White privilege" is discredited and a malicious falsehood.

"Privilege" means being left alone. With all the Affirmative Action restrictions on White Life, White Liberty, White Happiness, and White Progress, we have nothing but degradation, which isn't a privilege, it's a torture.

White Humanity shouldn't associate with any institution that has a Diversity program. Why enable to our enemies to hurt us even more?

Your greatest duty to White Humanity right now is to GIVE NOTHING but contempt to your enemies. You can't give money or time to your church, school, civic organizations, etc, because whatever you give, will be given to the advancement of the Freedmen and the retardation of your living out your obligation to be the best White Man you can be.

Anti-White rhetoric and Affirmative Action and Diversity are all Evil, and we must defeat it or suffer a defeat worse than we can imagine.

Anonymous said...

AMEN 11 08!

More Whites need to embrace our own White Humanity and fight against Hate! We deserve better than this!

Anonymous said...

Michael Oher twitted "who is steve jobs"

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

How did I miss this? Wow.

Anonymous said...

The best part is that he was doing it from an iphone.

Hannibal said...

Yep, Steve Jobs, major league asshole.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (October 9, 2011 10:20 AM): Michael Oher twitted "who is steve jobs"


From the Matt Vensel blog that SBPDL linked to above:

I’m also surprised the blogosphere is having so much fun with an innocent Tweet by Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher, who asked his 75,000 followers on Wednesday night to clue him in on who Steve Jobs was. [emphasis added]

Wake up, you friggin' moron. It wasn't an "innocent Tweet", it was a world-class, jumbo grade AAA, 24K gold-plated IGNORANT TWEET.

To not know who Steven Jobs was, Oher has to have his head so far up his @ss he can see daylight all over again. Calling that sort of grossly uninformed mentality "innocent" is the exact sort of horse pucky that SBPDL has been exposing with its examination of SEC football and America's willingness to adulate a bunch of otherwise nameless street thugs.

bubo said...

Why don't you talk about Detroit's rebounding economy?

Is "Hardcore Pawn" hiring more bouncers? If there's any show I've seen that captures just exactly what Detroit is, it's that show.

Zenster said...

For all of Jobs' shortcomings ― and, evidently, they were manifold ― imagine completely redefining something that was already so ubiquitous as the cell phone. One may as well have introduced a car with five wheels and made it work.

For those unfamiliar with the history of computing, Apple's Macintosh desktop computer totally upended the entire industry. At a time when computers were controlled using line code and the manuals of such systems occupied a foot of shelf space, the Macintosh could be plugged in and productively operated within minutes and came with a manual that was all of 3/4" thick.

The most egregious error that Apple made was in trying to milk its OS (Operating System) applications like the last cow on the farm. Jobs and Steve Wozinak (who I have met), should have used Jack Tramiel's strategy that made Commodore computers such a formidable marketing model. Understandably, Apple opted for trying to maximize its profit from some admittedly arduous coding work.

Had they, instead, like Commodore, gone with a wide-open application market, Microsoft might still be a small Redmond, Washington software company, even today.

Moreover, it still defies all logic and reason that Microsoft remains capable of ignoring how one of the single most creative user groups in the entire computer industry ― graphic designers and animators ― almost unanimously use Apple computers.

You would think that the message sent by such a glaring statistic would somehow register with Microsoft. Evidently not. What that says about Apple cannot be ignored.

Again, I do not defend Apple, especially not their Chinese manufacturing arm nor the exorbitant pricing structure they continue to maintain. However, when an upstart entity can wrestle away so many business opportunities from much larger competitors, there is a message that merits some close attention.

Remember, Apple is now larger in capitalization than Microsoft. That alone says something undeniable in terms of real innovation, a concept that continues to elude Microsoft to this very day.

Silent Running said...

When Steve Jobs died, the first thing that popped into my mind was the following headline:

Steve Jobs Succumbs to iCancer

I was half-hoping to see it at the top of some snarky blog post, but no dice. Alas.

While I have a lot of respect for Jobs (as an innovator if not as a man), I do think that most people purchase Apple products simply to be seen in public with those products. Now that Jobs is dead, maybe Apple can show a little honesty and rename the company Hipster Electronics.

I also think that attaching "i" to the front of every product is juvenile, incredibly obnoxious, damaging to the culture, and worthy of mockery.

Zenster said...

I'm not the biggest fan of Apple, though I'm glad iTunes came along and completely devastated the music industry and its ability to charge insane prices for CDs with one or two good songs on them.

Paul, this may remain one of the single-most important points that you make about Jobs and Apple.

On February 24, 2010, the store served its 10 billionth song download.

At one dollar per download, that's a hefty TEN BILLION DOLLARS, courtesy of coming up with a simply music clearinghouse strategy.

Imagine, no sweating over musical instruments (of which I play several), no hunching over hot mixing consoles (which I also own a few of). Not much in the way of concert tours, roadies or roach-infested hotel rooms, just pure cream skimmed off the top of an industry which ― as Paul duly notes ― charges "insane prices for CDs with one or two good songs on them."

What better cure for such a common industry cold? And Apple is just the gatekeeper, NOT the payola DJs, NOT the recoding execs, NOT the, now redundant distribution network.

iPhones, iMacs and iPads aside. Consider the immense impact of just this one disruptive, game changing, iPod, technology alone.

Try to imagine the incalculable damage done by MTV (properly pronounced "Empty V"). MTV has corrupted and ruined more musical artistry that any other single entity besides, perhaps, the music industry's payola structure itself.

A simple thought experiment:

What chance does a middle-aged, overweight and prematurely balding guitarist ― of even the most exceptional talent ― have in the world of MTV's über-photogenic, youth-oriented market?

Answer: ZERO

Literally, overnight, Apple has trounced this dysfunctional marketing model to the tune of ten billion dollars.

If anything, should the lot of us not be profoundly grateful that Apple's iTune marketing model allows for all sorts of non-(c)rap music cuts to be profitably marketed in a world that would, otherwise, favor such unmitigated tripe volcanoes?

We have much to thank Apple Computers for, if not Steve Jobs.

Zenster said...

Silent Running: I also think that attaching "i" to the front of every product is juvenile, incredibly obnoxious, damaging to the culture, and worthy of mockery.

Evidently, you are uncontaminated by how powerful the notion of market "branding" is in the commercial world. So be it, but you are the one who is opaque with respect to how most items are sold these days.

"[J]uvenile, incredibly obnoxious," yes. "[D]amaging to the culture?" That remains to be seen. "[W]orthy of mockery"? Let me know when you make ten billion dollars off of music downloads and then we can talk. Emkay?

Apple ― for all of its manifest faults ― has propelled a hugely creative portion of this world's population and the value of that acceleration cannot be overestimated.

Anonymous said...


You're SURPRISED that Michael Oher (or any other low IQ black athlete) is unfamiliar with Steve Jobs??

Shirley, you jest.


Unamused said...

SBPDL looks so different now. so bright. so clean. it's almost as if...

... as if it's turning into the apple store! zomg

quoted for painful truth: "Detroit is experiencing unprecedented growth in pawn shops, fried chicken restaurants, and abortion clinics."

PS full disclosure: i have an iPod and an iMac, and at least one of these is chock full of pictures of kitties (jk both of them are)

Whiskey said...

I loved/love Apple's computers, OS, they have always been so intuitively easy and powerful, combined. I remember my first Mac, I loved that thing, and still miss it. Jobs brilliance, was siting the nexus between liberal arts and technology, with design as the intermediary. Not just to look cool, though it did that, but to enhance FUNCTION.

Oher's idiocy is a reminder just how closed off and incurious Black people are. Even say, Tony Romo, a White NFL athlete not given to introspection, would know who Jobs was. Black people even those adopted by Whites, and given fabulous wealth, remain imprisoned in a terrible sameness, of Black-only culture and lives, in its own way a horrible prison of the mind.

It is pitiable, and ought to be expressed. Even SWPL status mongers, have richer, and more complex emotional and intellectual lives than those imprisoning themselves in Blackness only. How could you not know who Jobs was?

Silent Running said...


Evidently, you are uncontaminated by how powerful the notion of market "branding" is in the commercial world. So be it, but you are the one who is opaque with respect to how most items are sold these days.

Take your effete little attitude and pound it sideways. I'm well aware of marketing tactics and I understand what makes them effective, but it doesn't follow that effective = good for the culture. Are the endlessly repetitive, mind-numbing commercials on teevee good for the culture because they are effective at getting sheeple to buy the products they're pushing?

Let me know when you make ten billion dollars off of music downloads and then we can talk. Emkay?

So the fact that I can't play guitar means I'm unable to discern between good music and bad music? Get back to me when you've grasped the basics of argument, emkay?

Zenster said...

Anonymous (October 9, 2011 6:42 PM): Shirley, you jest.

And don't call me Shirley.

map said...

The genius of Steve Jobs and Apple is actually quite simple: Apple products are a technology so simple that any woman can use them. Apple always assumes that the default user will be a woman who is obsessed with both instant gratification and appearances. That is why the Apple is focused on both design (the sleek appearance) and a user experience that attempts to isolate the user as much as possible from the underlying technology.

Remember, women do not experience the world the same way as men. Women pretty much assume that the edifice of civilization just exists, that everything built by men is just a product of nature. Technologies that are difficult to use remind women of how men are the backbone of the world they live in and women don't like that. It makes them feel less empowered.

So, along comes Apple that designs a technology they never need to ask a man how to use. And, since women are the primary decisions makers in an economy that is 70% based on consumption, Apple takes off.

In fact, if you compare the design, layout and color scheme of an Apple store, you will notice it looks like cosmetics department of a Macy's.

Anonymous said...

Just another comment to add. It seems a few people want to dwell on Steve Jobs reputation as an "Asshole". Well, what I have noticed is that throughout history, these so-called"Assholes" also tend to be the ones change the paridigm shifts. Without these people who are considered arrogant, manic-depression or whatever xatch-phrase that is popular at the time, this world would still be sitting around wood stoves reading by candlelight. Just my two cents on the subject.

Wulfram said...

Something weird about me - I never really ever liked Apple products. I even hated the whole iTune downloading software. Everything about their products seems so 'tight' and 'regimented'.

They never saw dollar one from me. I am in awe of how people are so taken up with wanting to buy the latest, most expensive Apple products to (it seems) keep up with the Joneses.

I got a 'iTouch' for Christmas one year. I should have given it back to my brother. It sat for a few years but I had no desire for it. I eventually gave it away.

Just a few thoughts.

Dissident said...

If there's one television network that I despise more than all others, it would be MTV. Of course, there are many others, but that one really grates on my nerves.

That network is responsible for much of the decline of our western civilization.

Apple was a game changer and I'm always for that personally. Whenever I see the apple-cart getting overturned (pun intended) I'm typically happy. Like Zenster referenced; the music industry was turned on it's ear because of Apple. That was a good thing.

Jobs Chinese sweat factories are typical of all corporations these days and certainly nothing to celebrate, but no surprise either. Jobs was no saint.

I have an iPod and I absolutely love it. It's a third generation model and I've never had to replace even the battery in it. A very worthy device with well over a thousand podcasts and songs........That's technology!

Look forward to putting some of Paul's podcasts on there soon. How bout'it Kersey?

Anonymous said...

Another raceless victim of criminally inclined Freed Africanisms at Georgia Tech.

Atlanta, one of the Civil Rights meccas for Freed Africansims, as well as a very fertile breeding ground for more, encouraged the demonization of White Humanity and stokes hate and violence against us.

Every time you hear "Civil Rights" and "Atlanta" in the same comment, you should hear "institutionalized bigotry against Whites".

PK is one of the few young bloggers out there who gets it and says so. May God bless you with lots of money so you can penetrate the college market for what you have to say.

White students are ready to hear that "critical theory of how race, class, and gender intersect to expose and eradicate oppressive systems of privilege and injustice" is designed to force us into misery and slavery.

Every advance that blacks make, we are set back in our proper destiny by a degree of ten. Blacks simply aren't worth all our sacrifices and losses for their sake. They are the lowest, we are the highest. Interfering with that fact is a violation of the iron laws of nature and will not stand.

Anonymous said...

One of the best posts I ever saw was "I remember when MTV was about music".

That poster is right.

Now it is Sixteen and Pregnant and other schlock.

Veronica said...

Love your site! I look forward to my daily morning coffee and SBPDL! So glad to know theres other like minded people out there! --proud mom of an 8yr old white male! :)

Sheila said...

I wrote a comment a little while ago (before you changed to white on black) and it won't post. I'm trying to post again to see if you've changed the rules or it's that I tried posting when you were changing the website.

Anonymous said...

I have a different perspective on whether Jobs and Apple destroyed the music industry. It was already destroying itself when Napster came along. Suddenly the majority of people felt entitled to steal music. Napster nearly destroyed the while rotten edifice. No one in the music business could agree on a sane course of action. Law suits were flying all over the place. enter Apple with the iTunes store model. It was a compromise that all the key players could live with. In my estimation Apple rescued the industry. Sure there is wreckage in the wake, but the possible future that did not happen would have been worse.

Plus, Apple isolated Napster and prevented them from becoming another Facebook-like entity. Who speaks their name now?

I'm not saying any of this makes me happy. I was once a huge music fan. Now I work and drive in silence. Screw them all!


Anonymous said...

Whenever I see Michael Oher he is getting beat and letting his white QB get sacked. All-white offensive lines are the key to Super Bowl wins (New England, Green Bay and Indy) are three very recent examples.

Stephen said...

Of course a negro is confused when the word "jobs" rears its ugly head.

By the way, as an improvement could you also have a grade of teams as far as Whiteness is concerned so we know who to cheer for?

Zenster said...

Silent Running: I'm well aware of marketing tactics and I understand what makes them effective, but it doesn't follow that effective = good for the culture.

Nobody is saying any such thing. Consumerism is immensely damaging to culture. Just look at how Blacks ― and to a lesser extent, Asians ― are enslaved by conspicuous consumption.

Towards that end, branding works splendidly, just as it is intended to.

Are the endlessly repetitive, mind-numbing commercials on teevee good for the culture because they are effective at getting sheeple to buy the products they're pushing?

I'm not sure where you got the sadly misplaced notion that commercial enterprises give a rip about actual culture, but that's your problem and not mine.

Is it deleterious that much of the commercial sector drowns consumers with vacuous suggestive advertising directed towards a preadolescent mentality, at best? Hell no.

What can a person do about it?


It's that simple. Don't like the way all of our jobs are being sent to China?


Don't like the way that both political parties are kissing BRA's hairy corpulent arse?


Admittedly, that last one is a bit of a bear because of how elections are more often a matter of keeping liberals out of office and not actually voting anyone of worth into office.

Returning to the original topic; if you don't like a product or what it stands for, hit them where it hurts … in the pocketbook. No company worth its salt can ignore a plummeting bottom line.

Paul does a wonderful job of exposing garbage like McDonald's Black 365 and that should be enough to make lots of this site's readers boycott the Golden Arches. I have not voluntarily purchased their food in the USA since 1986 and continue to boycott them unless it's totally unavoidable, like when traveling in the Philippines and you want something to eat that won't give you the trots for a week.

As others above noted and I have repeatedly commented about here, MTV (pronounced "Empty V"), (c)rap music and every other bit of garbage that orbits those two degenerate prime movers in what passes for modern "culture" all deserve the back of our collective shopping hand.

DO NOT expect a single company to give a rusty duck about consumerism and the negative effects of third grade education-level advertising until they see their profitability drop out from under them.

Anonymous said...

Towards that end, branding works splendidly, just as it is intended to.

During the Tottenham riots in London not one pair of Converse shoes were stolen "becos' dey dont be fly!"

Silent Running said...

I'm not sure where you got the sadly misplaced notion that commercial enterprises give a rip about actual culture, but that's your problem and not mine.

I suggest you reread my original comments. Each of your responses has made vast assumptions about what I was actually getting at and none have addressed my actual points.

Is it deleterious that much of the commercial sector drowns consumers with vacuous suggestive advertising directed towards a preadolescent mentality, at best? Hell no.

So this mass advertising is good for society? You sure you want to stand by that statement?

Lastly, here's some friendly advice. You're not at GoV with the other essay-writers. You're not a lecturer. Spare us the keyboard diarrhea.

mr_evergreen said...

If Michael Oher doesn't care, that's his choice. His problem. I have not beef with Steve Jobs. I say RIP Steve Jobs because this was a human being who passed away in his battle with cancer and my condolences go out to his family. I just not into Apple products. Apple products are only compatible with itself. I don't want to pay $1000 for a laptop. You also have to get USB dock connectors. PC's come with USB ports in it. My Toshiba Satellite L775 was $500. The battery works wonderfully and it's fast. For how much Apple products cost, it isn't worth it to me. I've used an Apple desktop. Not a bad product. I just prefer my PC. If I use a Toshiba, I don't have to buy all Toshiba products. If some of the same stuff that was in Apple was applied to the PC, even better.

Anonymous said...

"Lastly, here's some friendly advice. You're not at GoV with the other essay-writers. You're not a lecturer. Spare us the keyboard diarrhea."

Most of us come to this blog so we can read the blow-harded musings of like-minded people. Just as with the college football articles, we have the freedom to skip over Zenster's postings if we choose. You and mr_evergreen are the only ones who don't find Zenster entertaining.

Silent Running said...

You and mr_evergreen are the only ones who don't find Zenster entertaining.

I doubt that. The ones who skip those comments completely have no reason to comment on them.

I can and do skip/skim many long-winded ramblings of several commenters here. Zenster only recently came to this blog, and immediately began commenting/lecturing as though he knew the score. In at least one case, I showed that this was not so. I hope that he will read a bit more so that his comments are more informed, and that he'll refrain from sniping at those who are on his side. I also hope that my fellows will point out my own bad habits, the better to correct them and hone my arguments.

Anonymous said...

Silent Running,
I enjoy your comments as well as Zenster's. I disagree with both of you on a variety of issues, but nevertheless, I think both of you are assets and hope you will keep posting. Don't let Zenster's style bother you. If someone were to go on like he does in my presence, I'd be bothered to no end. But on the internet, I have the freedom to just not read his posts, without causing offense. A lot of Zenster's posts may seem to offer nothing new to older people like myself (and perhaps maybe yourself as well), but what he does is invaluable.....the heavy lifting. I don't have the energy to keep reciting Hayek whenever I see a vague analogy to be made, but he does. For some of our younger readers, this might be the first door which opens on their path. And I think this blog is the better for it.

Silent Running said...


Wise and well-spoken.