Thursday, October 6, 2011

Detroit vs. Pittsburgh: The Difference between 'Most Miserable' and 'Most Livable' is Skin-Deep

Pittsburgh, the best city in America. Also, it's the whitest big city
The Motor City gets dumped on a lot. Recently rated by Forbes as the Most Dangerous City in America, Detroit also happens to be one of the most monochromatic. The core of the city (roughly 808,000) is 92 percent Black, where no major grocery store chain dare open for business. The suburban area - where the people who work in Detroit and fled from the Black Undertow to raise families - is 82 percent white, complete with flourishing school systems and a robust economy.

Detroit was rated as The Most Miserable City back in 2008 by Forbes and has since remained in dubious contention for that honor (competing with other Black Undertow cities like Cleveland and Memphis), probably because the Black population subsists entirely on government handouts, Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) charity, and $1000 houses, which brings down the average Black family net worth.

How did Detroit go from one of the most remarkable cities in the world - when it was all white - to, well, the Detroit of today? Thomas Sowell and other conservatives would have you believe it was all about liberal policies and socialism, yet those same policies have helped a country like Norway flourish. Innovation and entrepreneurial activities are commonplace in Norway, similar to the commonplace high rates of illiteracy, corruption among the elected officials, and crime found in Detroit. 

It's a safe bet that none of the top neighborhoods to trick or treat in (according to will be in Detroit (though many of the worst neighborhoods commonly featured in First 48 will be), because maintaining a sense of community - where parents feel safe to send their kids out into the night to collect candy from neighbors - isn't something high on the list of Black people. Quite Note: I'm working on a major article detailing why Halloween is the most explicit white holiday, and how only those cities that have fostered a sense of community, safety, and,'good school systems' can maintain this tradition.

Just look at Prince George's County to see how the elite Black families live, courtesy of federal government employment (or should we say, mandated levels of over-representation of Black people as federal or state bureaucrats). You see, government can work, but when federal and state agencies become bloated with unnecessary employees on their payroll, accountability takes a back seat to coerced diversity.

But back to Detroit. People blame the loss of jobs and the stagnation of hope on the decimation of Detroit and its gradual collapse into an Earth Abides scenario. In reality, Detroit represents the ultimate Life After Black People for all to see (to borrow from the Life After People show on The History Channel). Detroit offers an unfolding drama into what happens when Climate Change - necessitated by white flight and the crippling effects of the Black Undertow taking control - turns a once thriving economy into the ultimate embodiment of what transpires when Black-Run America (BRA) reaches its logical conclusion.

But.. but.. but... Detroit lost so many jobs! Poverty causes crime! Lack of access to quality education dooms children to a life of misery (actually, it rewards them with a life provided entirely by taxpayers, either in jail or through welfare, EBT,section 8 housing, etc.). In Detroit, students are paid to actually show up for classes (and everyone eats for free, courtesy of the taxpayer). School systems routinely have Teach for America-trained Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) attempting to fight back the evil forces of nature with nurture and nearly unlimited funds, provided once again by the taxpayer.

Yet the population of Detroit has shown little to no motivation for innovation, save for the Coon Man selling his Raccoon, providing a melancholy raconteur for the demise of The Motor City.

Exit Detroit, stage left. Enter Pittsburgh, stage right.

The Steel City, where a steel town girl once worked hard for her money. Sadly, much of those steel jobs disappeared when free trade agreements made purchasing and importing steel more profitable then having an industry in Birmingham or Pittsburgh.

Instead of waxing nostalgically for past glories and blaming the loss of an industry for the demise of an entire city, the citizens of Pittsburgh refrained from violence and turning their city into the Most Miserable and Most Violent in America and instead, have diversified the economy through innovation and turned Pittsburgh into The Most Livable in America; The Best City in America to Move to; and The Economist rated Pittsburgh as The Best City in America.

All accolades that will never be associated with 90 percent + Black Detroit, but are associated with one of the least diverse and most monochromatic cities in America. Pittsburgh is shockingly white - like Norway - and faced the same problems that Detroit did; the gradual erosion and  loss of its primary industry. But because Pittsburgh was overwhelmingly white, the citizens were able to rally around a community and rebuild. Because white people fled the violent Black Undertow in Detroit - deciding that building new cities around the dying inner core of Detroit was a better proposition then raising children where trick or treating was an impossibility - you had the reverse of Pittsburgh.

If you traded the population of Detroit with the population of Pittsburgh, instantly Pittsburgh is doomed. Instantly. Detroit recovers in a matter of months, with the overwhelmingly white suburban areas realizing that Detroit is safe once again. The city is rebuilt, schools work again, and the government is staffed with adults who care about the long-term consequences of their actions and decisions, instead of the short-term motivated Black politicians.

A paradox exists though: How can the Economist Intelligence Unit rate Pittsburgh the best place to live in America when it lacks racial diversity? When their are few Black people (hence low crime rates)? How can a place that is so hideously white - and for that matter, a large thriving metropolis - work? Does Pittsburgh in 2011 resemble Cleveland in the 1950s? Detroit in the 40s and 50s? Birmingham before BRA took over? Or does it just resemble what America once looked like - even Los Angeles and San Diego - and offer a glimpse at what once was, and what could be again?

Yes, yes it does:
It would be hard for any metropolitan area to be whiter than Pittsburgh.

It's so hard, in fact, that of the 100 largest metro areas in the United States, only one has a smaller share of blacks, Hispanics and Asians -- the Scranton-Wilkes Barre region of northeastern Pennsylvania.

A new Brookings Institution report released last week, examining 2010 census data on how Americans identified race and ethnicity, found that southwestern Pennsylvania is whiter even than the Amish country around Lancaster, the Mormon population center of Salt Lake City, Midwest agrarian capitals such as Des Moines, Iowa, and far more isolated places like Boise, Idaho.

It is not stunningly new data for this former melting pot -- findings from the 2000 census were much the same -- but what might be eye-opening is that the pace of change toward greater diversity is even slower here than for all those places above, as well as the rest of America.

The report called "The New Metro Minority Map," by demographer William Frey, found that the 87 percent white population of greater Pittsburgh -- Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland counties -- is exceeded only by Scranton's 89 percent. The report noted 8 percent of metro Pittsburgh's population identified themselves as black, 2 percent as Asian and 1 percent as Hispanic.
It's fitting to remember that the illegal immigration of the United States - which will end - is being fueled by the desire of white people to abandon Black Undertow cities for new suburbs, built by cheap labor from Mexico. Or from white people escaping California, where the crushing burden of paying for large Mexican families makes raising their own families impossible, and moving to Idaho, Arizona, Montana, or Texas.

But there stands Pittsburgh, one of the top cities in the world. Though it lost its steel industry, the cities inhabitants adapted, innovated and thrived. It didn't descend into violence and become the punch line for comedians the world over (somewhere in China, a comedian just told a joke about Black Detroit), it turned into a city that is attracting top talent and expats from failed cities and states in America.

A tale of two cities, Pittsburgh and Detroit. One offers a glimpse of Life After Black People, a once mighty city ravaged by a weapon more destructive then an atom bomb (the mandated and enforced notion of egalitarianism). The other, is but an aberration, a city in 2011 America that resembles what all of America looked like before the Civil Rights Revolution enshrined BRA as the law of the land.

Detroit: Life After Black People
It's never been about what, as in the case of Detroit vs. Norway. It's about who, as in the case of Pittsburgh vs. Detroit.

Where would you rather live? In a city where taking your kids trick or treating mean possibly running into spooks who will shoot you for a Starburst or Reese's Cup, or where you can take your kids trick or treating and see white families dressed as spooky characters engaging in Steel town fun?

Detroit vs. Pittsburgh: The Difference between 'Most Miserable' and 'Most Livable' is Skin-Deep. It's simply one city being nearly all-Black, and the other being nearly all-white.

To borrow a line from Flashdance, what a feeling stating a truth that so few dare state.


10mm AUTO said...

Awesome Paul. In one line you destroy the entire multicultural core of BRA, collapsing years worth of indoctrination and lying Liberalism. For thousands of people who could not see before and read this blog for the first time, this will be their moment of awakening. I Quote:

"A paradox exists though: How can the Economist Intelligence Unit rate Pittsburgh the best place to live in America when it lacks racial diversity?"


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the Rooney Rule came from a place so void of diversity. Art must be close to the top of the list of the most D of WLs.

Anonymous said...

Oslo, Norway is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe. Liberal policies there have lead them to take in every refugee from anywhere in the world.

Oslo has a higher crime rate than New York. It is a dangerous city that will soon be comparable to Detroit.

Police, Fire, and Emergency workers can't even enter many areas of Oslo without being attacked by the foreign population.

Norway is going down the tubes. Total surrender to BRA and Saracen-Run Europe in Norway.

Anonymous said...

I also find it interesting that only one of the whitest cities, Knoxville, TN, on that list is in the South, home of all that is intolerant and racist.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few documentaries and shorts on Detroit and passing the blame onto socialism and government programs. That's just code for throwing money at minorities. Just like most things these days, the more you read and watch, the more obvious the truth becomes. It wasn't policy that ruined Detroit, it was the blacks.

Paul (and others), have a look at this:

It's a PSA advertising Detroit in a bid for the 1968 Olympics. It's narrated (and "starred in") by Mayor Jerome Cavanaugh. They came in 2nd in votes; Mexico City won. Voting was concluded/decided in October, 1963. Less than four years later, Mexico City was finishing buildings to host the world while Detroit blacks were burning down the city and rioting.

It erupted over a black business selling alcohol without a license. Arrests followed and the riot ensued. Mayor Cavanaugh had to call in the National Guard, curfews were enforced (sound familiar with the Flash, er, Mahogany Mobs?), and various businesses and services shut down.

As the years went on, Whites left Detroit and the standard of living that was quivering on the edge fell into the brown abyss, never to return. The once vibrant music scene of funk, rock, soul, R&B, also fell apart, leaving some DWL's, impoverished blacks, and drug-addicted babyboomers on the curbs. MoTown records left, and that was that. Blacks got what they wanted; equality (and then some). They were the majority now.

Whites literally fled for safety, not only for themselves, but their families. Detroit imploded and the suburbs didn't. Why? Well-funded police helps. Charter/private schools help. High-price homes, constant renovations, and upkeep/maintenance keeps property values up and low-income people out.

Don't look to MSNBC or Rachel Maddow for this information, because "she" is too focused on how blacks aren't allowed/welcomed into these new areas. She did a wonderful(ly liberal) piece on how a park was being bulldozed in NE Detroit for a golf-course-&-gated-community where a former "black park" resided.

Aw, isn't that sad? Let's call it gentrification! DWL's will blame white people for leaving and returning.

Let me say this again: DWL's will blame white people for leaving and returning.<

That's right, if you leave because of crime, and you're white, then you caused the crime. If you come back, build the neighborhood up, and make it unaffordable to those same criminals, they commit acts of violence which is also your fault.

Just ask Seth MacFarlane! I read up on him two nights ago. He's disingenuous about equality and his sexuality; which combined make him the champion of gay rights. Seth grew up in a very diverse area of Kent, Connecticut.

And by diverse, I mean the median income per family is 60k (that's median, not average), and it is 96% white and .56% black. To put that in perspective, the town has a little over 2,800 people in it and 16 were black.

He then attended college in Rhode Island (if you want to see black people there, it will be on tv or the big screen). Now he lives in Los Angeles. And by Los Angeles, I mean in a mansion with other rich white libs, not a barrio in East L.A.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure your numbers are accurate about Pittsburgh being 82% white? Is that including non-black Hispanics?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Great article by Kersey. It's impossible to hide on the internet.

Dissident said...

Paul, I really wish you hasn't published that list. Now the black undertow will be scrambling to take up residence in any those cities.

My suggestion would be to wall off all those whitopias before the undertow establishes a beach-head there.

Excellent article, your writing is superb.

Californian said...

Powerful article.

Be interesting to see the response of mainstream Americans to what you are saying.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

If you enjoyed this article, consider posting it in forums or send it to radio talk show hosts (Boortz, Michael Berry, etc.). If you use twitter, Digg, fbook, reddit, post it there.

Anonymous said...

@Californian: I believe we ARE the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Blacks may well be only 8% of Pittsburgh, but they still cause 90% of the problems.

In 2007, black pressure groups called Pittsburgh "the least livable place in the nation for African Americans." But this article details how Pittsburgh officials bend over backwards to give preferential treatment to these devils.

NW European said...

Oslo is the asshole of Norway, much like Malmo is the asshole of Sweden. These cities showcase what happens when you mass import people from the most primitive places in the mosleem world and Africa. It is true that there are a lot of entrepreneurs in Scandinavia, but everything revolves around the government. Scandinavians love their welfare states, and they decided to share it with the world. Oslo and Malmo are only the beginning of what is going to happen to those countries.

You can't have immigration to a welfare state, you just can't. Welfare breeds dependency, and then there will be demands for more welfare until there is no more money left. What happens then?

I agree with your article that people are what create societies, not the other way around, people are what matters. Productive people in Scandinavia and Pittsburgh created those places, and they will still be there, but the only way to avoid total bankruptcy in the long run is to abolish the welfare state. If not, those productive people will sooner or later have to get in the bread line with the rest of the dependents.

You might think that a welfare state could work in a homogeneous society, but you'll still breed a whole class of white dependents. Capitalism is the only system that can work in the long run, and also the only system where true segregation is possible, if that's what you want. The nation states are doomed, the only way forward is to accept what has happened, create a minimalistic federal government, and let communities enforce their own regulations. Trying to keep the nation states and repatriate the brown masses will result in war, trying to live with them in a welfare state will bankrupt us. What other options are there?

Paul, I like what you said in the podcast about everyone having a Paul Kersey inside them. I believe this is what moral men should feel when their values are threatened, an emotion that stirs up an urge to defend them. However, it's hard to know who the enemy is, there are plenty of people of all races who hold western values, and these are not our enemies. Criminals and parasites are the enemies, but first and foremost the parasites in the (mostly) white political over class, i.e the western elites. These are the enablers of destruction, these are responsible for enabling the low-IQ criminal underclass to wreck entire cities by not locking criminals up, and even importing more and more criminals from abroad. What needs to be done is a full system reboot, going back to scratch with a small system and decentralizing power, i.e removing it from the Federal Government, the EU and the UN. These will be the death of us unless stopped. If BRA can't be thrust upon us by force, it can't exist.

bubo said...

Ford, GM and Chrysler still have their headquarters in Detroit. I would bet they pay 99 percent of all tax revenue that Detroit takes in. Can you imagine how bad off Dtown would be if those companies up and left. I'm sure it would never be allowed to happen, but what if? Post-apocalyptic would be an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...all isn't as well as it seems. Although Pittsburgh maybe the most livable city in America, they're also home to Disingenuous White Liberal cretins like this:

Just google their lyrics and vomit profusely.

Californian said...

Paul, new look to the website? Or has my browser changed?

The nation states are doomed, the only way forward is to accept what has happened, create a minimalistic federal government, and let communities enforce their own regulations.

Another thing: get organized internationally, exploit the internet. Form alliances with white peoples under siege in places like South Africa, learn from nationalists groups in Europe how to fight for your rights, etc.

S.V. said...

The new layout of the blog is great, reading it's much more simple now, before i had to lower the brightness of the monitor...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Experimenting with a new look. Remember - the ultimate goal is to move to a new site within the next four months.

~AV~ said...

I love Michael Berry!

This is WHITE HISTORY Month on his radio show and it is a Flipping B L A S T !!!!!!!!!

Ya'll need to I heart radio and find thsi cat Michael Berry he is a RIOT and calls it like it is...and certainly enjoys ripping BLACK RAGE blacks a new one every chance he gets!

Robert Marchenoir said...

Ha ! Please ! No light typeface on a dark background ! It might be stylish, but it's horrendously difficult to read !

Whatever experiments people might make, there's only one suitable colour combination for text publishing : black on white.

It's been so for centuries. Make that millenia. The Internet is no different. The human eye is what matters, and it's been the same since writing was invented.

Yeah, I know, it sounds boring. But the difference is to be made elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

White text on black is not good. My suggestion would be to soften the contrast and use some color.

Anonymous said...

I see it is now back to black on white. Much better. While working in the standard KDE Bash terminal I have found that black on yellow background is OK, but I would suggest that you stick with a traditional black text on a white background..

Indianapolis said...

Keep tweaking your web site until everyone is satisfied?

It looks great. Leave it alone.

Indianapolis said...

The only black people I see are victims of White oppression, nice people who are constantly put upon, and remnants of America's slavery past.

Then, again, the only black people I see are on television.

Joel said...

I like the current look of the site (black text on white background). Much better than how it was.

Keep up the good work, Paul.

Stephen said...

LOVE the new layout. It's so much easier for my computer to load now and it doesn't crash my other tabs.

Great article as usual. You are performing an excellent service. I hope that after civilization reasserts itself you get your own pyramid dedicated to you.

Zenster said...

…a once mighty city ravaged by a weapon more destructive then an atom bomb (the mandated and enforced notion of egalitarianism). [emphasis added]

This is one of the core issues that has perverted Classical Liberalism into the über-nanny state of modern Liberalism.

Firstly, there is an inability to recognize a most simple and basic fact. All men are NOT created equal. Some are born blind, lame, halt or retarded. Others are deformed or immune compromised and will have a minimal chance of contributing to society. There is no amount of leveling that can obtain such universal "equality" without clear-cutting society of its towering geniuses.

That this clear-cutting is exactly what is happening remains only a part of the story. Think; "Atlas Shrugged".

While all men may may not be created equal, they are equal under the eyes of the law. Which is a far cry from the instituted racial and sexual preferences of today.

However, most poisonous of all is not the "mandated and enforced notion of egalitarianism". That is just "equal opportunity" run amok.

What looms as the real nation-killer is Liberalism's obsession with ― not just equality of opportunity ― but equality of OUTCOME.

This is madness writ large and a naked face of the Communism that slaughtered untold tens of millions over several decades of the last century.

There is no possible way of assuring equality of outcome without government intervention on a level so massive that it validates no less than Gerald Ford's observation that:

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

For those who haven't been following America's political libretto very closely, this is exactly what Obama and his minions have been doing their best to achieve. That is, when they aren't throwing billions at their political cronies.

Lyndon Johnson's Great Society cannot hold a candle to the way that Obama is forcibly leveling American society to an almost Third World state for the sake of obtaining "equality" for its unproductive underclass. It almost gives redistribution of wealth a good name.

As a waggish friend of mine said in all seriousness, "Conformity breed mediocrity." Making individual outcomes conform to some arbitrary government standard will utterly assure mediocrity on a heretofore unknown scale.

This goes to the root and branch of just how alien the Liberal mentality has become. It is not just a form of mental illness, but something that has mutated and shed its humanity in the name of forever unattainable pseudo-equality.

Anonymous said...

I know everybody understands this but of course Detroit at 92% black is far less diverse than Pittsburgh at 87% white.

Obviously we all understand that 'diverse' doesnt mean diverse, it really means not white. So, if Detroit became 100% black it would still be more 'diverse' than Pittsburgh.

Robert Marchenoir said...

Good grief ! I nominate Paul Kersey for the Most Blazingly Fast Customer Service Blog Awards.

- Commentator whines online about some design feature.
- Comentator goes make himself a cuppa coffee.
- Commentator reloads his web page, only to find his suggestion has already been implemented !

This is almost scary.

Look, Paul, I really, really think that in order for SBPDL to look more professional, you should stick some nude photographs here and there.

Er... okay, forget it. I'll just shut up now. This blog is going to be big.

Anonymous said...

Site looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Site is great!

Rev. Dr,. Swift said...

New layout, honkey? Looks nice. Now if you would just stop using Blogger I'd be satisfied. Well, when you stop using Blogger, and I start getting my reparations checks, then I'd be satisfied.

Back on topic:

You honkies keep complaining about how terrible Detroit is. I fail to see the problem. Almost no crackers, we can do what we want with minimal interference from the police, and our checks get there on the first.Crime, schmime, that's just brothers getting their hustle on. Don't hate the players, hate the game.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a rats ass about Detroit. Stay away from there and let them live their gangster tribal capitalist life.

map said...

Zenster, you are not getting it. The liberal mentality is motivated by a complete and utter hatred for white people. That is what it is. Every policy the liberal pushes is designed purposefully to humiliate, dispossess or kill whites.

Van said...

map: "The liberal mentality is motivated by a complete and utter hatred for white people. That is what it is. Every policy the liberal pushes is designed purposefully to humiliate, dispossess or kill whites."

I think this is true for many of the liberal elite - politicians and policymakers. Even white liberal politicians want to get white voters out of the way to ease the transition to totalitarianism (with them ruling the various black and browns). Liberal blacks have a simple and more blatant dislike of whites.

But the rank and file white liberal voter is a true believer.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how DWL's complain about the lack of diversity in a place like Pittsburgh, yet they say nothing about the lack of diversity in Detroit. Their hypocrisy is sickening! Detroit will go up in flames when Obama loses the presidency. I would shutter to live within 10 miles of that hellhole when he loses.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... How the hell does Detroit rank higher than Seattle in the most livable category?

Zenster said...

map: Zenster, you are not getting it.

I get it just fine. Evidently, you're attempting to judge me on the basis of a single post. Please don't.

Brother Anonymous said...

"It is amazing how DWL's complain about the lack of diversity in a place like Pittsburgh, yet they say nothing about the lack of diversity in Detroit."

That's because "diversity" is code for "anti-white."

Site looks great, Paul.

Cap'n Crunch said...

Ford's HQ may still be in detroit, but I was working in southern arizona recently, and I saw hundreds of freight trains going to mexico loaded with vehicle parts..and hundreds of freight trains entering the USA with assembled ford vehicles on them. Crime was so rampant that CSX had to design and manufacture car carrying freight cars, because the cars were being stripped of parts WHILE THE TRAINS were in motion.

Hannibal said...

Pittsburgh resident here...I relocated here from South Carolina, and I enjoy encountering people who speak intelligible English and aren't whipping out the EBT at the store.

Additional census data here, while Allegheny county is about 81% White, the surrounding counties are well over 90% White.

There's still a couple shithole districts (Oakland, Hill) that are majority black and you don't dare to traverse through unarmed, but those areas are undergoing gentrification. My only concern is where these uprooted shitheads are going to wind up.

Anonymous said...

You forget Memphis is number two and a total shithole...Detroit in training.

grizzle said...

I happened to get off the interstate at the wrong exit while on my way to a political gathering in Ann Arbor, Michigan when I was 19 (I'm almost 44 now). Kind of like the scene in National Lampoon's Family Vacation where they end up in darktown, St. Louis.
We were in Detroit, a particularly bad part. I remember thinking that it looked like pictures of bombed cities in post-WW2 europe.
We parked by a convenience store. They had to buzz us in.
The counter had a layer of bulletproof glass that completely separated us from the cashier. There was a lazy susan, also made of bullet proof glass, set in the bullet proof glass wall that ran from counter to ceiling, wall to wall. You put the items and money in the lazy susan, the cahier spun it around, and returned your purchase and change the same way, buzzing you out the door as you left.
It was still the age of public phone booths, so fortunately we were able to call our friends who arrived quickly in order to lead us to civilization and relative safety, before we were cooked in a large pot or something. It was quite an eye-opener for someone from a semi-rural area in southern Ohio.

Black said...

You all say that DWL's hate White people. What for?

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is NOTHING but hills. Black women and exercise do not mix. Black women are not going to want to live in a place where they have to huff and puff as they stroll around. I suspect that Black men will lose interest in living anywhere without women to impregnate.

The minimum IQ to navigate Pittsburgh's spaghetti maze of roads also might be higher than elsewhere. This might cut off the bottom of the barrel Blacks from living there.

Indianapolis said...

Another suggestion for the site:

Get rid of the nav bar at the top.

Google 'delete blogger navbar' for instructions.

Anonymous said...


Lifelong professional broadcaster/mass media guy here. I urge you to ignore all the amateruish comments re: Your format redesign, and your podcasts.

As far as readability on the net, and IRL, red on yellow is the best way to go. Black on white is the default format for Western civ so far, but in more recent times, it's a fact that red on yellow is superior. All these hidebound conformists notwithstanding, nowadays, the preferred format should be red on yellow, black on yellow, and then black on white. Test this and tell me it's not true that the eye prefers red on yellow, on the net, and IRL.

Now, re: The podcasts:

Streamline. You're basically doing a radio show (Think Paul Harvey). Brevity is the soul of wit. Condense your message into an easily managible two to five minutes, including your lead-in theme and your outro.

Speaking of which, fix on one musical theme to intro your podcast (voiceover optional), and use it again at the tail.

So, it boils down to this: Intro theme, pithy message, outro, and done. Be slick and professional. Don't half-ass it. Make every cast count.

And I know that you'll NEVER use the red on yellow. After all, it's all about black and white, right?

Dissident said...

New site format is much easier on my browser Paul. Thanks.

I used to work with Pittsburgh's finest juvenile delinquents. Let me tell you that I know all about them. I could could even publish a list of their particular and peculiar vocabulary words.

Words like I'm "salty" or give me dat "blunt", man. How about, "chumpy"...I could go on and on for hours.

Ebonics was alive and well in the 'burg'.

Anonymous said...

I was in Pittsburgh only once and that was around the time of "The Collapse".There was a palpable sense of despair and it was difficult to see how a recovery could occur.
Pittsburgh WAS steel and steel was the only game in town.

I should have known better of course but I was lot younger and more ignorant then.

BTW,a question has been nagging at me and perhaps some older Pittsburgh resident could answer it for me.
Is that doggy still in the window?.You know,the one with the waggly tail?.

Anonymous said...

Great article!

Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African Negro has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar,a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. (Note: This is in reference to the pure-blooded Negro.) He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his head. For shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.

*Pendell, Elmer, Sex Versus Civilization, Noontide Press
*Stell v Savannah-Chattham County Board of Education, U.S. DistrictCourt, Southern Georgia, May 13, 1963

Anonymous said...

We made Rhodesia great. They made Zimbabwe Ruins.

Anonymous said...

the white man has had technology many times in the past. His biggest mistake every time is his sympathy and compassion towards the black headed people. His compassion turns into a nightmare. His innovation and his incredible technique are continually buried deep in the ground when the black headed people commit mass genocide and make the white master retreat back to the caves. It's happened many times to an advanced white society. It's happening again.

The white man will never enter star trek. He will be thrown back in time very soon and the black headed people will restore nature. I say restore nature because the black headed people have not the ability to manipulate their surroundings

Anonymous said...

" is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service."

Drat, I was really looking forward to seeing what "Whitewatch" was all about! Your blog roll has quite a few tantalizing possibilities that are new to me. And yeah, the new look is a big improvement.

Word verification: slaphomp

Anonymous said...

"But the rank and file white liberal voter is a true believer."

Of which, unfortunately, there are many on the so called right.

Anonymous said...

Those numbers for Youngstown, Ohio cannot be correct. In the 2000 Census, it was 44% black. Now it's 11%? Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

nice site redesign Paul,
while not completely on topic, I will mention again one of the best places to live away from the black undertow is in the country out past the suburbs. For some reason that I can't put my finger on blacks people(in America) generally do not like rural areas.

Anonymous said...

Why not turn Detroit into a theme park ?

Let's call it 'Third World Africa' !

No need to travel to faraway cities like Lagos, Monrovia, Kinshasa. Experience the wonderful culture and the exciting life of that fascinating continent right here in the Good Ole USA !

Anonymous said...

For some reason that I can't put my finger on blacks people(in America) generally do not like rural areas.

Here are my guesses why:

1. lack of public transportation
2. lack of low-income housing projects
3. lack of people walking around in the street to rob and/or sell crack cocaine to
4. lack of cell phone coverage by carriers paid for with hidden fees on whitey's cell phone plans
5. rural life reminds them too much of the slavery times (supposedly - DWL's use this one to explain why most blacks don't like national park areas and other outdoor activities like hiking and camping.)

mr_evergreen said...

"The minimum IQ to navigate Pittsburgh's spaghetti maze of roads also might be higher than elsewhere. This might cut off the bottom of the barrel Blacks from living there."

Funny. Now explain how alot of Black people are living in the Atlanta area, which is very hilly, has many winding roads, and has attracted alot of Black people. Explain Cincinnati as well.

mr_evergreen said...

"For some reason that I can't put my finger on blacks people(in America) generally do not like rural areas"

The South has the largest percentage of Blacks in the USA. It also 56 percent of the nation's Black population. There are entire rural areas in the South where Blacks make up the majority. Look at Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, and parts of Louisiana. You can find alot of Black people living in rural areas. It is mainly in the South where you will find them. Most Black people who live outside of the South live in urban and suburban areas because that is where the settlement parts slated to. Blacks started going to Chicago and Detroit because of the jobs up there.

The riots that occurred in the 60's are what happen when you treat an ethnicity like crap, and the people of that ethnicity are what happen when people get treated like crap. These riots happened in the South too. The difference is that Detroit and Chicago were more crowded than the South. Not saying it's right, not excusing, just saying it like this: put someone in a cage and tease them long enough, that person eventually reach the breaking point and hurt you.

Sheila said...

Paul, another example of black thugs in action (in NY - couldn't happen to nicer DWLs):

Anonymous said...

Mr evergreen, you are wrong. Even in the south blacks live in the most urbanized areas they can find.. They may not live in "big cities" but they don't live in the "country". If you're curious about where blacks that don't live in major cities live, it's in places like Donaldsonville, La. Which if I had to classify it, I would call it the sphincter of Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

"The riots that occurred in the 60's are what happen when you treat an ethnicity like crap"

Then negroes should be very concerned about how they have treated everyone else.

Dissident said...

"Not saying it's right, not excusing, just saying it like this: put someone in a cage and tease them long enough, that person eventually reach the breaking point and hurt you. "

You see, Mr. Evergreen this your dilemma in a nutshell. You can't get beyond the simply irrefutable fact that blacks haven't been "enslaved" in this country in over a hundred years; yet you keep falling back on that tired old cunard of it's the 'man', that's keeping us down.

That is exactly why blacks will never move forward in this world. They keep perpetuating the lie that someone else is responsible for their own miseries and they NEVER except ANY responsibility for their own actions.

I blame this mainly on the white liberal aned his welfare state, BUT I also place much of the blame on people like you-always making excuses for blacks and their strange pathologies.

Quit the blame-game and start admitting that your people refuse to move into the 21st century.

We are our own worst enemies aren't we?

bubo said...

More attacks on the "precinct 13" campus of Georgia Tech. Serial groper and probable rapist roaming around, of course much to the DWL media's delight, the suspect's description is "vague."

Read this crap: Police have a very vague description of the man targeting Tech students. They are not ruling out the possibility that he could be a student.

Yeah, I'm sure it's just some dusky Indian computer science student that's roaming around trying to rape girls on the GT campus.

Anonymous said...

@ Dissident

Bravo, for your adequate and no-nonsense approach in putting this lame bore called everspleen, in his place!
He ( everspleen ) takes great delight in rehashing the same old tired excuses regarding Black dysfunctions. To echo someone else who posted previously on him on this blog: He sounds like a broken record.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (October 7, 2011 6:34 PM): He sounds like a broken record.

Unlike (c)rap music.


Anonymous said...

"Those numbers for Youngstown, Ohio cannot be correct. In the 2000 Census, it was 44% black. Now it's 11%? Bullshit."

Probably gentrification. blacks are losing the demographics game against rich white liberals that want valuable downtown realestate, and against the hispanics.

Anonymous said...

Property values in Youngtown have been squat for at least 30 years--because of the danger of break-ins from blacks. A friend of mine gave up trying to sell his house two decades before the housing bubble burst. There have to be far more than 11% blacks there.

grizzle said...

Re: "Anonymous said...

Why not turn Detroit into a theme park ?"

Blackassic Park

Anonymous said...

The riots in Detroit were over the fact that "Da Man" wanted a shebeen to pay tax on liquor sold and poor oppressed americant said that they could not becos' of slavery and sheeit.

Rev Dr Swift said...

Tell it like it is evergreen! Malcom X said the white man has a powder keg in his house. And that the Honorable Elijah Muhammed said that the only way for the white man to save his his house is for the complete separation of the races! Wait...

Anonymous said...

"The riots that occurred in the 60's are what happen when you treat an ethnicity like crap"

Once again, Mr Evergreen repeats his tired, boilerplate, blame-whitey, negro excuses.

Black people behave like animals, so it is not surprising that whites think of them as sub-human.

Mr Evergreen, black people have the highest violent crime rate, the highest murder rate, the highest rape rate, the highest dropout rate, the highest illiteracy rate, the highest illegitimacy rate, the highest AIDS rate, the highest incarceration rate, etc etc etc...

Black people CHOOSE to behave this way. Your childish attempts to deflect blame only make you look foolish. You are not man enough to take responsibility for your own people and their atrocious, irresponsible, anti-social, self-destructive, violent behavior.

You have been fed a monstrous lie, and just like a gullible infant, you continue to buy into it. This blog exposes that lie. If you are not interested in being enlightened, then please leave, this blog is not for you.

Anonymous said...

Great article, as usual!

I'm a Brazilian conservative blogger and regular reader of yours and I've just translated this post into Portuguese:

It is the second time I make one of your posts available to Portuguese-speakers. This was the first:

There are several other texts on your blog I'll be translating in the future.

Go on with with your fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

We should just move all the blacks to Detroit so they can breed and kill each other in one place. Animals.

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, Just finished the Kindle book, "White Girl Bleeds Alot" about negroid violence over the last 3 years. Most insightful are the text messages negroids send to each other acknowledging their races misbehavior, but the moment they are speaking to Whites, they switch into denial and Race Covering mode. Excellent book with links to pictures and video documenting literally hundreds of riots. Authors style is very choppy, but the message is clear.

Anonymous said...

"The riots that occurred in the 60's are what happen when you treat an ethnicity like crap..."

Well that's certainly true. Jews were treated badly for many centuries throughout much of Europe & now they're on the bottom of the ... oh wait.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I also find it interesting that only one of the whitest cities, Knoxville, TN, on that list is in the South, home of all that is intolerant and racist.
October 6, 2011 9:51 AM

Guess you were being sarcastic, lol.

I also was surprised, very surprised ... since you would think the minority population was much much higher. At least half of crime released in the local press and in the news is committed by minorities. There are also significant no-go areas to the north and east of the city center.

Who would have thought!

Anonymous said...

I find it so funny that you "whites" forget what you have done. Please what you are saying here is nothing to black people. We already know not to trust "your kind". Ha Ha Ha!! Stupid idiots!!! We feel the say way and guess what? We talked about you all the same way.. :)

Zenster said...

thecounterproppost: Oslo, Norway is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Especially for ham-fisted liberal social engineers, courtesy of Anders Brievik.

Zenster said...

Paul, thank you for having the courage to post my last comment.

Many blogs are running for cover now that Liberal Socialists have finally garnered the wrath of those Europeans who view unlimited Muslim immigration as being detrimental to the survival of White Culture in general.

Again, thank you so much for your dedication with respect to the survival of White culture. Few others within the Internet community display anywhere near the same degree of concern that you do for this world's supremely productive race.

If Whites do not hold that particular place, I welcome all opposing arguments. If they do, then the rest of this world needs to shut the f&%k up.

Somehow, I doubt that you have any argument against this.

Again, please keep up the good work.

Dissident said...

"Ha Ha Ha!! Stupid idiots!!! We feel the say way and guess what? We talked about you all the same way.. :) "

Yawn! there's the pot calling the kettle BLACK!

Look bro. We all know what "your kind" thinks of us. We're not as "stupid" as you may think we are. Now go back to the hood and get yourself a slug of jenkem, it'll help clear that head of yours.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. October 9, 2011 7:37 PM

"We already know not to trust "your kind". Ha Ha Ha!! "

Do you think people here trust YOUR KIND? If I can avoid areas or places where your presence is prevalent, the better. The facts is most of us here don't want to be associated with primitive beings such as your brethren, and lastly a LOT OF US think your kind would be more suited living among yourselves.

W74 said...

"Look at Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, and parts of Louisiana. You can find alot of Black people living in rural areas. It is mainly in the South where you will find them."


Yes, and the shacks they put in place or the once white areas they ruin are not much more advanced than dwellings in Kinsasha. You'd might as well dub parts of the Mississippi valley the Kwongotwo (i.e. Congo number Two)

W74 said...

"Property values in Youngtown have been squat for at least 30 years--because of the danger of break-ins from blacks. A friend of mine gave up trying to sell his house two decades before the housing bubble burst. There have to be far more than 11% blacks there."

There are. My Grandfather lived there for over 55 years and refused to leave (think Clint Eastwood's character from Gran Torino) despite black infiltration into once white neighborhoods.

ALL of my family has left the area without pops there. My father, aunt and uncles used to tell me that with 4 kids they were one of the smaller families and that it wasn't uncommon to have families with 6 or 8 or more white children all playing outside in the neighborhood or woods nearby or the Mahoning river before it got too polluted.

You never saw that of course once the neighborhoods and schools fell to the black undertow, the wave of destruction and madness.

I might have visited Youngstown for a few nights at a time twice or three times a year as a kid and it wasn't uncommon to hear gunshots once a year (even during the week total I'd stay there'd always be shots, so you knew there were more when you weren't there), police sirens and to always read about break-ins and armed robberies in the paper.

mr_evergreen said...

"Yes, and the shacks they put in place or the once white areas they ruin are not much more advanced than dwellings in Kinsasha. You'd might as well dub parts of the Mississippi valley the Kwongotwo (i.e. Congo number Two)"

Those are also areas just as poor and run down as areas in Appalachia. Look at where educated, middle class African-Americans live. They don't live in such squalor. Cascade Heights in Atlanta is an example of a Black neighborhood that is affluent and safe. I can't afford to live there because it's in Atlanta(getting more expensive by the day) and I'm just a student.
Country Club Hills,IL is another example of a predominantly Black community that is affluent and safe. Police patrol the neighborhoods. The people living there feel they have a stake in the community. Because of this, people are willing to work to keep the quality of life high. As Dr. King said, the most dangerous people in a society are those who feel they have no stake in it. Those who feel that way will try and tear it down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Black people feel they have no stake in White countries, they should accept one-way tickets to Africa.

If Blacks can't get along without the goodies provided by White taxpayers, anyone complaining is a lousy hypocrite.

W74 said...

The People of Appalachia, though poor, do their best to maintain and provide upkeep to their homes. Also they are not representative of the average suburb-dwelling white American.

You cannot say the same for blacks in certain parts of the deep south and you certainly cannot say the same for millions upon teeming millions of blacks who have DESTROYED virtually every major (and minor) American city from coast to coast, or at least the parts they dwell in.

Another difference is that rural Americans often like to do more with less and you'd be surprised how wealthy some can be but who don't flaunt it (Buffet in a modest house in Omaha?). Blacks however LOVE TO FLAUNT and would even neglect to feed their kids or skip a rent payment if it meant a new gold necklace or watch. Many don't even HAVE to pay their own way but will still have bling, rims, iPhones, etc. I have none of those things and furthermore I choose to live in a smaller house than what I can afford which enables me to invest the savings elsewhere for better results in the future. How many Tyrones in Baltimore or DeShawns in St. Louis are investing in mutual funds?

The difference is that Whites who live in rural areas, even the ones who ARE poor, would not trade in their lifestyles to live in areas even though jobs may be more numerous. Blacks on the other hand have ample opportunity for jobs and plenty of transportation options to get to them but choose not to. Most, if they say won the lottery (because apparently going to work, gaining skills/education, and saving to better themselves is not an option), would move to a better location in a heartbeat. That's the difference.

Andymon said...

Robert Marchenoir:
Look, Paul, I really, really think that in order for SBPDL to look more professional, you should stick some nude photographs here and there.

Paging Desirrhea... Put on this ball gag and let us tie you to that tree for the antebellum layout.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh lacks diversity for sure. Metro south eastern cities do well when all people have an opportunity. Whites have given themselves a head start with slavery and continuously plotting the downfall of anything non white. Money and greed have no color. So what makes the a neighborhood ghetto? Lawranceville, Troy Hill, New Kensington, Arnold, numerous surrounding areas of Pittsburgh are plagued with droves of abandon homes, blight and low lifes that just happen to be WHITE as snow. Blacks are to blame for their neighborhoods being terrible, dirty and if blacks moving in to any area causes white flight then the next move will be to the moon. Detroit was politically set up for failure. Just as the U.S. has been set up with Obama being president. When the going gets bad call in the negro for the fall guy. The negro can't do anything without the white man permission. The negro can run but can not hide. Whites allow the downfall of different places to gain complete control at a later date. Whites will sacrifice a few of the own for the good of their race. The "one drop rule" was invented to divide the race mixing, but the whites did'nt know that the mulatto would go underground and disappear from the negro count on the U.S. census, just to live better, "passing". Now we have whites with black features, rough textured hair, african shapes...that love the black culture so much,the pants sag, the baseball caps, the close crewlike haircuts, ebonic lingo and rap music. And the white woman stands is on every corner in every good and bad neighborhood with half breed children, neglicted by a black father, that never knew his father,and not one of the men in that family has had a job, unmotivated, lazy, can't be good to anyone. And all of outr tax dollars pay for this shit....he is in jail...she"the white female" is on food stamp and benefits just like her black baby daddys sister and mother....WTF...Give everyone a chance...and stop the bullshit!...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, despite those stats, Pittsburgh is not all peaches and cream. I should know, I was born there and finally left when I was 30. I saw formally thriving White neighborhoods turn into dangerous black hoods. Luckily, the city is fairly well segregated so you know where not to go, but I'm telling you, there are a LOT of blacks there. I moved to sunny FL, and where I'm at now, I feel 100% safer and I'm in a very urban area. I couldn't imagine going back to Pittsburgh...ever. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh has become the new Portland:

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Rocks ! Your article is amazing and every word is concrete truth my friend. Pittsburgh being proudly a largely white city has adapted and overcome it's former issues because it's white population went back to the drawing board and started over. We weren't bogged down with the burden of taking care of blacks and catering to them at the expense of our city. Our hospitals and universities staffed with whites emerged and we were reborn.
I promise you that this could not have happened if the city of Pittsburgh was burdened and weighed down with blacks and all the problems they bring along with them. Bravo to your article for nailing it with pure truth.

WilliamWallace said...

Compare pictures of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Detroit in 1946.
Now compare photos of the same cities today. Quite a contrast.
If we had dropped 15 kilotons of negroes each on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they still, to this day, would not have recovered.
But, I'm not one to complain without proposing a solution.
Why not create "reservations" for blacks in much the same way as we did for the Indians in the 19th century? Detroit, as it's already been restyled to the likings of blacks, could be the first such reservation. Other cities in similar condition could also be named as "reservations". In this way, blacks could live in their accustomed style without being disturbed. They would also have a "homeland" in the West. The reservations could be entirely autonomous with their own government, much like the Indian reservations.
This strategy gives us the best of both worlds: Whites can finally live in peace and blacks can live under their own rule, make their own way and finally, stop complaining about "whitey".
It's the perfect solution.

Anonymous said...

I live in Knoxville , Tn and am glad the black population is very low. Even with that being the case, there are black areas no one wants to go into and there are always reports of shootings in those areas, as well as murders and robberies etc.
The Christian Newsom kidnappings took place within a mile or so of my house and the home where the torture/murders happened is about two miles away~ well, the house on Chipman Street has since been torn down.
Many of the blacks here that I've dealt with are horribly racist. One black co-worker(a decent guy who doesn't play into all the race card nonsense) related how a lot of the black racists we worked with had invited him to a Nation of Islam meeting. He came back and told me, "Man! Those people are crazy! They were teaching people how to scream racism and stir up trouble even when nothing is going on!"
As is, many areas such as Knoxville get labelled as white racist enclaves but the truth is we're race realists and no one wants the black population to increase as that will only expand the problems they create.
Note: the reason I had to work with the black racists back then was that my state kicked everyone off of generational welfare and the "hoods" had to get jobs as the free monthly check stopped. The company I worked for was headed by a libtard and she hired them by the dozen and they immediately began screaming racism, trying to get special treatment and have others do their work. It created tons of problems as they played the race card everytime someone sneezed.
In fact, I was accused multiple times of being a racist and had to put a stop to it. So, I told the "hoods" that they were only playing the race card because they thought they had something to gain but I was there to tell them they had something to lose- that I'd been to a lawyer that dealt with slander and defamation and that what they were saying was actionable and i could sue the piss out of them (and would) if they didn't stop their crap. That when they were up before a judge, they would have no evidence at all and standing there saying, "I think he be a raciss, I FEEL he be a raciss" won't do you any good." I also told them that if they kept it up, not only would I sue the piss out of them but once the judgement against them came through, I see them lose their jobs for discrimination and harassment.
It shut them up completely but -man o man!- they were infuriated! If looks could kill, I'd have died a thousand deaths on the spot.
On another happy note, I busted the libtard for wage and hour violations through the Dept of Labor. My check alone was about $900. Some people got checks for up to $1200. Still, the libtard didn't learn and I later busted her butt through the EEOC for gender based discrimination against males.
The libtard met her end when another employee turned her into the state for misuse of federal funds and violations. When the libtard was being escorted out by police, her head was hanging down and she was sobbing uncontrollably.
Always fight back against libtards and black racist trash! Never surrender!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know your credentials for making these statements. Have you ever lived in Detroit? I live in a nearby city and I can tell you that nowhere in Michigan will you find a robust economy. The entire state of Michigan sucks, and it's not about race as much as you're trying to make it seem. Your theories about Trick or Treating are flat out wrong, and to post them the way you are is just bad reporting. There are few "white" kids in this area who trick or treat, it's actually quite diverse, which again leads me to believe that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and should not be writing public articles that sound like fact.

Anonymous said...

I see Detroit declaring bankruptcy

Anonymous said...

In poland 97.8% is polish and surprisingly there are no neighborhoods where you cant enter fearing your life and no riots (unless after soccer match but it's between poles lol).

Anonymous said...

In Madison WI, blacks make up about 6% of the population but are named as suspects in about 90% of violent crime. Most are never apprehended. According to the 2009 New York Times EBT/Food Stamp map, 51 percent of blacks living in Dane County, Wisconsin (home to Madison) rely on the generosity of the American taxpayer for the food on their table. But the police and judicial system are racist. Ask any Madison liberal. Hell, Madison even hosts a "White Guilt and Privilege" class every year. Not making that up at all.