Monday, October 17, 2011

So You Don't Want Fries? Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child at 365Black McDonald's

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So that's how Tiger Woods felt...
It wasn't that long ago that a brazen shooting in broad daylight outside of a Brooklyn McDonald's offered the latest example of 365Black behavior to marvel at; and by marveling, we mean being able to mutter almost inaudibly, "thank God for Chick-fil-A."

Now, another McDonald's in New York City (this time Manhattan) provides 31-year-old cashier Rayon McIntosh with the opportunity to earn his 15 minutes of 365Black fame:
A McDonald's cashier is caught on a horrific cell phone video using a metal rod to brutally beat two female customers who'd jumped the counter of his West 4th Street restaurant early Thursday during a fight over their order.

The cashier, who police said had previously served a decade for manslaughter, beat the women so badly that one suffered a fractured skull and broken arm in the shocking attack, which was captured on a customer's cell phone and then posted to YouTube.

Police have charged the cashier, identified as Rayon McIntosh, 31, with felony assault charges, along with criminal possession of a weapon. Both women were charged with menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct. He is being held at the Manhattan Detention Complex on $40,000 bail, according to the Department of Correction website.

The drama began about 12:30 a.m. Thursday when the two customers — Denise Darbeau, 24, of Queens, and her pal, Rachel Edwards, 24, of Brooklyn — entered the popular fast food spot and began giving McIntosh a hard time, police sources said.

In the video, Darbeau, 24, of Queens, is clearly heard cursing at McIntosh after the cashier told her he had to scan a $50 bill to make sure it was authentic before he would give them their food.
That's when all hell breaks loose.

An agitated Darbeau is seen slapping McIntosh across the face, prompting him to lunge forward and shove the two women.

Darbeau leaps onto the counter and clears the other side while Edwards retreats to the other end of the restaurant, according to the video.

Suddenly, McIntosh reappears on the video, brandishing a metal rod, which he slams onto Darbeau's head.

McDonald's is good for providing at least three or four examples of Blacks Behaving Badly (BBB) in any given month, more video proof that avoiding the Black Undertow and fast food restaurants that pander to Black people is not only good for your waistline, but good for avoiding being bludgeoned with a metal rod or shot by a customer irate over the McRib being dropped from the menu.

Corporate America offers a wonderful barometer of how politics are being played in America and which group is being favored; judging by McDonald's continued use of 365Black marketing efforts, Black-Run America (BRA) still holds sway.

But it is videos like that of Mr. McIntosh and his metal rod of doom that continue to be E-mailed and viewed online which serve to further erode the power of words like "racist," because once again, the stereotypes of Black people are confirmed by their actions. In this case, a Black dude who just spent 10 years in prison for manslaughter violently attacks a Black person who had the inability to refrain from chastising him.

Hilariously, a white woman - an obvious Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) - can be heard yelling "stop it," incessantly as Mr. McIntosh continually lays into his victim with a metal rod. It is that same DWL who will complain incessantly when news stories online showcase Black people behaving in an unflattering light and comments come pouring in from anonymous (and increasingly via Facebook) of people noticing that it is indeed Black people behaving badly.

DWLs will write the equivalent of the white woman's "stop it" when confronted with a barrage of comments from Those Who Can See and dare point out that the socially unacceptable behavior is courtesy of Black people. Again.

Just check out this story of two Black criminals intimidating a fat, out of shape DWL, procuring his iPad in the process to see a typical DWL whining over the comment section being hijacked by Those Who Can See.

You have to ask yourself: how will Black people top the latest two incidents of 365Black behavior at McDonald's? We've seen a shooting - in broad daylight mind you - and a iron rod incident that would induce jealousy in even Elin Nordegren.

365Black at McDonald's. Has there ever been a more fitting marketing slogan for a company?


Indianapolis said...

Conisder allowing your listeners to call in for a live podcast.

Anonymous said...

A favorite cliche of DWLs is any negative view of black people is a "stereotype." The truth is that any stereotype is based on reality.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, you're way off-base on this video when you blame Rayon McIntosh. He was attacked, he defended himself, end of story. There IS a racial angle in that it was two black women who started it all, and it's impossible to imagine women of any other race behaving in the same way, but to blame Mr. McIntosh for the fracas is not right. Interesting that the YouTube comments are all in support of him too; I wonder if Mr. McIntosh were white if the black commenters would still rush to his defense. Somehow I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd say Rayon (or whatever) acted initially in self defense. Probably got a teensy bit carried away HOWEVER the benefit of the doubt goes to him. No charges should be pressed.

I'll be those two females will think twice before attacking someone behind the counter - McDonalds or anywhere else for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Black men beating their women is not uncommon, or even a big deal in the "black community." I once knew a psychiatrist who, after working with beat up women, came to cynically view this aspect of male Negro behavior as "foreplay." In this instance, it is just carried over into the workforce.

Of course if the women hadn't been acting like savages, they wouldn't have suffered the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Shheeiitt, homey! Wha's a brutha ta do? Da beeatch got in mu grill! Ya gots to break off yo' foots in dos skank's azzes. Nowhutimsayin? Wurd!

Anonymous said...

gIVE THAT aPE A MEDAL FOR HOPEFULLY BEATING some sense into those ghetto hoodrat bulldykes.I enjoyed the HELL out of watching those two mouthy shanaynays getting their fat asses beaten down.

Stephen said...

This could have been a # post, a kind of sequel to "Running out of McNuggets"

#243: Getting pimp-smacked at 365Black

Stephen said...

This could have been a # post, a sequel to "Running out of McNuggets"

#424: Getting pimp-smacked at 365Black

Anonymous said...

Great vid on the fat DWL getting his toy ripped off. Would he have used a pipe had he had it? The more the merrier. I can't wait till the call goes out to the crack brigade as reinforcements to OWS. HAHA. That should be good!

Anonymous said...

When the 'lady' hopped the counter-even after slapping the guy-this opened herself for whatever followed.

Even tho the guy is a total waste of space, he acted in self defense and the 'lady' got what she deserved.

Rev. Dr,. Swift said...

Hey, that nigger just keeping his pimp hand strong. Sometimes you just got to beat a ho when they get all mouthy.

MuayTyson said...

We need to all applaud Rayaon. His actions will have a lasting effect and these two fat buffalos will think twice before attacking anyone else.

In a way he may have saved some White people from the violence of these animals.

Anonymous said...

I say make him the manager. Mickey D's must be sooo proud!

Jeronimus said...

If I was on the jury I'd find Rayon "not guilty, self defense." It seems like the commenters at cbslocal agree. They slapped the guy and he lost his temper.

When you assault someone for no good reason, you should be ready for consequences ranging from beating to getting killed. There's no law of Nature that says "you will only be given proportional retaliation if you attack someone."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I gotta root for the attacker in this video! Guy did hard time and is minding his own business at a job, when the two fat apes decided to chimp out on one of their own. Despite a lifetime of rash, reactionary and animalistic decisions, they're definitely going to be reconsidering THIS one...when they come to!

make it rain TRUTH said...

This guy is going to be in trouble because he continued the beating AFTER the threat had been neutralized.

Up until that point, he did nothing wrong and those thugs got what they deserved.

In older times, that's exactly what the police would have said and not charged the guy with anything, while considering the broken bones and bruises for the thugs as hard lessons learned.

Indianapolis said...

Not exactly a Rodney King replay, is it?

And what is it with black people hopping over fast food store counters? Seems this is a fad.

Anonymous said...

I love this site, but you've lost some credibility with this post. McIntosh perhaps dealt out a few too many blows in the eyes of the law, but aside from that, he was completely right to defend himself with force against those violent female animals.

Indianapolis said...

Off topic but worth noting . . .

The headlines report Harrisburg, PA is facing bankruptcy.

What is the demographic breakdown? I wondered.

It looks like this:

52.4% Black or African American
18.0% Hispanic or Latino
9.3% other non White

30.7% White

Now stop and think:

In 2041, when the nation's population reflects that of Harrisburg today, will our country be bankrupt?

source: Wikipedia

Hannibal said...

He should have beat down the DWL woman for being a shrieking DWL.

Californian said...

Well, there is some hope for civilization...

Darayvus said...

I invoke the Charles Barkley rule here. Paraphrased: if you throw shit at the players, you get your ass beat. Substitute "employee" for "players" and that's what we have here.

If I were the judge I would sentence the cashier to a week of hard time in a majority-black facility... say, Barbados. Accra Beach will be nice in a couple months. I mean, awful. That's the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I say da brotha be actin' in self dafens.

MemphisMan said...

Gotta side with the Cashier on this one - seems like self-defense. Who knows, the negresses could have just come from Mall-Wart and were packin' their Bleach.

What is it with these Blacks and their orders anyway? McPander's offers a limited number of items and these baboons are either calling 9-11 or ripping it up because they are not satisfied.
Sounds like someone's getting too used to "entitlements".

McBlack-365 can keep them and their garbage food for all I care.

Anonymous said...

I'm Lovin' It

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that whites should both boycott McDonalds and use it as an example of Blacks Behaving Badly. If this sort of behavior is a constant possibility at McDonald's, then whites would be out of their minds to eat there, fights on the premisis drives away customers.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I don't think I attacked Rayon in this piece, did I? He did violently attack the person who jumped the counter - and that individual (a woman) - was verbally assaulting him.

Pointing out that he was in jail for 10 years prior to this incident isn't bad. Yes, he was defending himself, but it just provides evidence why McDonald's continues to live up to its 365 name.

AmericanGoy said...

This is NOT what happened.

The story is that the two black women offered the cashier a $50 which he did not accept.

Good on him.

The fat piece of **** then swarmed over the counter and advanced at a fast pace towards the cashier, offended that he did not accept her $50, which she just printed off her computer printer as was just seen on CNBC American Greed.

The man retreated, the woman advanced, and he defended himself to the best of his ability.

Good on him.

I expect BETTER from this blog.

Anonymous said...

Crayon just acted in self-defense. Those negresses are no joke.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Awww...Anonymous at 7:05pm beat me to it...still...

ba-da-da-da-da...I'm lovin' it.

dark night of the soul said...

How about 365Black Ruined Atlanta?

Our news is as surreal as the voodoo miasma of Afrique.

Just now, our VERY negroid-physiognomic mayor, the coal-black one who speaks just "articulately" enough to prevent Whiteys from the apprehension we should always keep stoked and at the ready, was saying that he doesn't want to arrest all the law-breaking Occupiers of downtown because of our "image in the world as the cradle of the civil rights movement."

(Must see video and analysis of blacks who try to talk like us-

Which means, if a bunch of unemployable degenerates who don't have jobs because they refuse to take the required drug tests decide to squat in a public park and make a general nuisance of themselves, the "ongoing civil rights struggle" calls us into a deeper understanding of their role in the ongoing global-darkification of the remaining "too White" enclaves of 'da ATL.

God, what a sickness we must endure for our failure to help the poor, suffering, oppressed, marginalized African "Americans" get back home to the sunny shores and verdant jungles of home sweet home Africa.

Then, the next immediate news story was about the armed thug who the MARTA policeman shot dead last night. And his brother who was interviewed wasn't lying to us by speaking "correctly". He was fully in the ebonics patois, which we encourage and support.

Doesn't it amaze you that blacks are always composed well enough to speak to reporters just a few hours after the violent deaths of their family members? Any of us would be collapsed in stupifying grief for at least a week if the same thing happened to our family. We would be distraught, while blacks are able to talk to reporters. We will never understand blacks, and shouldn't try. Our fragile spirits wouldn't be able to survive the contact with that much evil voodoo, even in our imaginations.

We don't want blacks speaking our English language like we do. We want them a close to showing us true Afrique as possible, and that means emancipating themselves from acting all Whitey up 'en he'ah.

In Memory of Brittney Fox Watts, killed by a negroid "security" guard who was hired to protect her. We are all White South Africans now. Are you ready?

Troy Davis, 11:08 PM, 9/21/2011, and he's still an annoying nusiance.

Anonymous said...

We all agree that each and every one that you see in this video should immediately be given some Diversity Scholars Merit Scholarship to a flagship university that is "too White."

I'm not kidding. Don't you resent the "diversity initiatives" that bring somewhat educated or perhaps somewhat educatable blacks to majority White campuses so the Whites will be diluted and held accountable by the blacks?

We would rather that "real diversity" of the sort on the video be recruited and admitted. Whites who encounter read negroid diversity are less likely to say "Diversity is our strength because we must embrace diversity and inclusion while celebrating diversity and welcoming differences".

We want them to get an up close and personal enough experience of diversity such that they all come down with the White Nurse Syndrome:

"Before I started working here, I wasn't a racist."

Anonymous said...

we be lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

"When 'Keepin it Real' Goes Wrong!"

Drunk black women were angry that they were accused of passing a counterfeit $50, and messed with the wrong brotha!

Too bad The Chapelle Show isn't still around!

Anonymous said...

Paul, having read the summary of the man's rap sheet, we can all assume that he's PROBABLY not an upstanding citizen. (Although, to be fair. he may be reformed.) But whether he's Charles Manson or Mother Theresa, I don't think a reasonable person can fault him for his actions in this situation. Did he hit them one too many times? Perhaps (PERHAPS), but I think everyone here would happily like to do the same, and many would have actually done so.

This is your site and these are your opinions, but as a fan, I think you do your message a disservice when you jump on people just because of their background. Actions are what ultimately matter, are they not? If a white ex-con had put those two wild animals out of commission in the same manner, would you have hated on him?

Anonymous said...

"Shheeiitt, homey! Wha's a brutha ta do? Da beeatch got in mu grill! Ya gots to break off yo' foots in dos skank's azzes. Nowhutimsayin? Wurd!"

These types of posts are excruciatingly unoriginal and unfunny.

Cap'n Crunch said...

cashier; not guilty. in fact he should get a certificate of achievement. attacked, unprovoked by two black walruses, he beat them doen and saved all the mcnuggets. good job, (c)rayon.

Anonymous said...

Although he got a bit "extra happy" with that steel rod...

I agree it was self-defense.

Just look at how hard he was swinging, like he was trying to kill those two beasts...freakin' awesome!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, even though I'm being critical tonight, I can't stress enough how much I appreciate your hard work and your thoughtfulness. Thank you.

But, I still can't get behind a post where you seem to be demonizing someone just because of his background (black + ex-con), regardless of his actions.

Anonymous said...

"attacked, unprovoked by two black walruses, he beat them doen and saved all the mcnuggets. good job, (c)rayon."

he doesn't always drink beer, but when he does he drinks Dos Equis.

JB said...


I read somewhere that Rayon did a dime or so at NU for a manslaughter rap, in that he accidentally killed a buddy.

So, our boy does his time, now he's got a job, he's on the straight and narrow...a productive taxpayer.

One night, two drunk women come in with a counterfeit bill, and place an order. Rayon questions its validity, and is immediately assaulted.

Right after Rayon is assaulted, one woman jumps the counter, and the other woman flanks him around the right side of the counter. He's being set upon on two fronts.

Rayon quickly, instinctively, arms himself with a found weapon of circumstance, and defends his very life. After all, with the transgressive behavior of his attackers, he could be dead at any moment; his assailants could be armed.

He lashes out in self-preservation. One of his assailants falls behind the counter, and he continues to beat her. Some may think him excessive in his quelling of this situation, but consider this:

The woman is behind the counter, and the only angle we've been so far afforded does not show her. It only shows Rayon repeatedly striking her.

Isn't it obvious that she was continuing to menace Rayon, that all of his blows were justified? That he feared for his very life, as his assailant continued her course of violent assault, until Rayon was finally able to neutralize the situation?

Well, it's obvious to me.

He feared for his life.

BTW, I also read somewhere that Rayon has been dismissed from his position. Apparently, McDonald's would just rather their employees capitulate and die, rather than fight back. Another good reason to boycott Micky D's.

And I haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet: Who was the cameraman? Another confederate in cahoots with two transgressors, there to tape their experiment in counterfeiting?

Discerning minds want to know.

Joe Clay said...

What a blessing the internet has been. BBB in all their glory. Videos like this are viewed by people that would never think that this even happens. People who live in white suburbs the country over get to see what blacks are like, first hand.

Remember the computer commercials that show the power of the internet? Where a classroom of Japanese children wave into a computer and directly to a classroom of African children and the all smile? Everyone is so happy that the world is so small?

Well this is the reality of that promise. The world gets to look into their computers in horror at the face of black violence and trashiness.

Thanks, internet!

Anonymous said...

Fast food employees are not there to be abused or humiliated.
McDonald's should pay for his legal expenses. He defended the store from violent rampaging savages who tried to pass off a fake $50 bill.
I despise blacks but I will cut Rayon some slack for trying to make an honest living. These ape sows would not even let him do that. When it slapped him she deserved retaliation, when it jumped the counter she earned that broken skull.
Rayon did more than defend himself, he defended all of us, customers and employees alike from negro abuse brutality. If the sow didn't want to keep getting hit she should of stopped moving. The woman screaming "Stop" deserved one in the mouth for interfering with justice.

Traveller said...

I agree with the others before me, you have failed this post.

He did not attack randomly, but in self defense.

He did it right.

Anonymous said...

Blacks imprisoning other blacks for their social security check.

Anonymous said...

Hi - this is Denise from Occidental Dissent. I'm writing to say that I LOVE the Metal Rod MacDonald's viddie. LOVE it. Every moment is a gem. My crowd of Mean White Evil Racist Knaaaazee Klan nearly chocked to death, laughing, at dinner on Saturday, as we described the events to those of us wot hadn't seen the fun! It was the BEST!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Black men beating their women is not uncommon, or even a big deal in the "black community." I once knew a psychiatrist who, after working with beat up women, came to cynically view this aspect of male Negro behavior as "foreplay." In this instance, it is just carried over into the workforce.

It migh not have been foreplay in this case as the two women are referred elsewhere as lesbains meaning this is a despicable hate crime.

Anonymous said...

Who was the cameraman?

Disappeared from YouTube but still on the Huffington Post.

Anonymous said...

@ anon @ 910:

Seconded, Paul is above that kind of crudeness and readers should follow his example. It doesn't help and it isn't funny.

Anonymous said...

Not only should - what's his name? Crayon? Raccoon? Ramrod? - NOT be prosecuted for this incident, he should be deputized and put in charge of policing his fellow savages.

He opened up a can of whoopass on dey ass. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking he probably will be prosecuted. You can see the moment when he should have stopped.

Alexandra said...

The guy's name is Rayon...wonder if he has a sister named Cotton. LOL

DaFarmer said...

"When she jumped the counter she earned that broken skull..." Well said! Agree!!

Anonymous said...

This video is another example of the stupid and pointless violence that seems to be so common within a certain segment of our population, but I think Paul blamed the wrong person in this case.

Agree with other commentors that the cashier may have landed one or two blows too many, but two large women leapt the counter and went after him. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that had they stayed on their side, this situation would not have escalated to the point it did.

I think what makes the video more chilling is that he was beating a WOMAN with the pipe - had two male thugs jumped the counter and attacked the cashier, nobody would give a second thought to the cashier's response. And maybe these women thought that the guy wouldn't fight back, or fight back as hard, because they were women. They won't make that mistake again.

This guy was just doing his job and they decided to physically assault him. People can cry and wail all they want about whether or not the cashier overreacted, but this is kind of like the example in the Bill Cosby "poundcake" speech - what business did these women have going after the guy in the first place?

Anonymous said...

This was a two woman mahagony mob. The first woman took the first punch and came straight towards him while her cohort tried to circle from behind. I wonder what this might have looked like if there were five women, or 10, or 10 men?

Prof. Woland

Julian Felsenburgh said...

Hey Kersey,

Since you are speaking of fries, a little treat from France: The Camp of the Saints.

Anonymous said...

What if it were a white male cashier in this case? Would he have even considered beating them? Would he have defended himself at all? Would those women have been tempted to hurl the contents of the deep-fryer at him? Personally I think he did the right thing in defending himself but he went overboard.

Anonymous said...

What if it were a white male cashier in this case? Would he have even considered beating them? Would he have defended himself at all? Would those women have been tempted to hurl the contents of the deep-fryer at him? Personally I think he did the right thing in defending himself but he went overboard.

Rasheed Smegma said...

Dem hoes had it comin. Dat nigga just do what a nigga gotta do.

Anonymous said...


The older brother is D'Polyester...

I say, arrest and house (jail) all three of them. Who really cares if ol' Crayon did good or not?

As I've said a thousand times: At the end of the day, they're all still niggers.

bubo said...

Them hoes' had to know that they were in for a beatdown. This wasn't some Starbucks manned by DWL's who would have fallen over themselves apologizing and acting all white. This was Mickey D's in the Big Apple. You wanna start trippin' you gonna bleed.

And what's up with the DWL freaking out? Just take it in. It's like being at a zoo and seeing an animal attack another. I might not like it, but there's nothing I can do. Just take it in.

Discard said...

If there's two or more attackers, a person has every right to make sure that none of them can get up when he turns his back to deal with the next one. Only when the victim is certain that a perpetrator cannot pose any threat should they stop swinging (or shooting).

Phalluster said...

Just want to chime in and add that I have eaten at this McDonald's a couple of times and walked past it fifty times more. It's right next to a big subway hub at the edge of "The Village", next to a strip of dive bars that are famously patronized by Manhattan's 19 yr old slam-pigs. A buddy of mine has been in a legitimate fist-fight right outside of it, with another drunk white. They were apparently rolling around in the piles of garbage outside of the empty lot that is forever 'under construction' next door, managed to convince a couple of beat cops that they were "just fooling around", then resumed their drunken brawl until friends intervened. Just a constant parade of ornery drunks on that block, out for a quick latenight fix from the dollar menu.

It's as "diverse" as any neighborhood in Manhattan, but certainly not "black". Countless drunken whores stumble down those sidewalks every hour of every day of the week, without fear of nigger rape.

All the more funny that it is the niggers who wind up starring in the viral chimp video. Sure, they have a strong proclivity for fast food and are obviously over-represented there as employees, but this is not a "black" McDonald's. Put too many of them together anywhere, and this is invariably what you get. Whites can belligerently battle each other and yet still maintain the visage of civility, but niggers? Climbing on furniture, beating girls with metal poles... astounding, but then again not really.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who was amused by this should realize that his or her amusement comes at a high price.

Thanks to the typical lack of self-control these three exhibited, we taxpayers will get to foot their medical and incarceration bills.

Anonymous said...

"A McDonald's cashier is caught on a horrific cell phone video..."

It is definitely a horrific video. Dude needs to get a better phone.

Wulfram said...

Too funny. One of the 'cashiers' buddies was 'trying' to get him to stop but could not help doing that belly-ache laugh that blacks are known for. I did not catch that when I first watched the video. This race of people 'get off' on this kind of thing.

Also, I do know that if the 'cashier' had been White and beat on these protected class of 'people' he would be facing Hate Crimes charges right now.

Anonymous said...


I've got to agree with alot of the previous posters regarding the worker. He's moving away from the sherilla that jumped the counter in front of him, and like pack animals, the other comes from his left flank, basically trapping him.

It's basic survival mode at that point, and you beat your attackers down until they pose absolutely no possible further threat to you. He has no idea if they are armed with anything, and until they are on the ground motionless, they are still a threat. I don't think these two wanted to fight this guy using formal rules for boxing or with any sense of fair play.

Anonymous said...

When I heard this story I immediatley thought "it must be those elderly chines grandmothers violently assaulting people again". Imagine my surprise when I found out it wasn't chinese grandmothers, but black women??? Black women never violently assault people....these two exceptions to the rule must've been the victims of the racist YT power structure. I mean what else could it be besides racist YT, it couldn't be genetics, could it?

Anonymous said...

Paul, your mistake here was in one word.

You refered to the woman on the ground as the cashiers "victim"

The cashier was the victim, and he was defending himself.

Thats really the only sentence I can read the puts the onus on him. The rest of it is your usual blacks behaving badly storyline.

But I concur with most of the posters. He did his job, They slapped him, he backed off, they chased HIM down, he defended himself. And Mcbag'n'Gag should be on the hook for wrongful dismissal on top of that if they did indeed fire him.

I believe that his previous prison experiences merely led him to not take chances with an attacker. Being surrounded by violence everyday, you learn, defend yourself first. Then find out if they are armed by searching their broken, unconscious bodies.

Otherwise, you end up dead or seriously wounded.

Tech9 said...

Paul - you're wrong on this one. The black Mickey D employee had every right to defend himself. How was he to know that these sheboons weren't armed?

He did what was intrinsic in his DNA, to defend himself. I would have done the same thing.

BTW, that dumbass white DWL made me sick with her screeching. Sounded like some owl in a tree or a banshee. Had I been there I would have tackled that idiot and put a muzzle on her.

Anonymous said...

Paul, your mistake here was in one word.

You refered to the woman on the ground as the cashiers "victim"

The cashier was the victim, and he was defending himself.

No everyone is a victim here. Ching ching chuing Hear the cash register ring?

Yours sincerely,

Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr.

Anonymous said...

Black thugs beat an 84 yr old white guy for the fun of it, not even bothering to rob him...maybe they forgot to?

Zenster said...

To quote another comment about this elsewhere:

"Would you like to supersize that order of whoopazz?

I also concur with many others here that portraying the sheboons, Darbeau and Edwards, as victims is wrong on too many levels to count.

Darbeau is recorded as saying to McIntosh:

"Bitch ass nigga, checking my money like it's fake"

So, straight off the bat she is verbally abusing this man and then immediately proceeds to physically assault him.

To McIntosh's immense credit, he backs off to de-escalate the situation and the sheboons trespass in order to further attack him.

As JB noted:

The woman is behind the counter, and the only angle we've been so far afforded does not show her. It only shows Rayon repeatedly striking her.

Who knows if they were threatening to grab him by the plums or throw him off balance to get him on the ground where they might recover an advantage.

All that Rayon was obliged to do was inform them:

You have the right to get more skull fractures if you don't stay on the floor and stop moving.

Anonymous said...

If the cashier did not check the $50 dollar bill like he was instructed to do wouldn't that have been racist because he would be treating them differently?