Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tim Tebow Hate = Duke Hate: The Tebow Era Begins in the National Football League

The Tebow-era of the NFL begins Sunday
Oh no. Not another football article. This one is important. Very important. Most people won't admit it, but the National Football League (NFL) is largely a league consisting of comical - entirely interchangeable - Black athletes, engaging in stereotypical Black male behavior in turn for a salary they will inevitably piss away immediately after retiring from the gridiron. It's basically a modern-day version of a minstrel show, albeit an athletic version. 

Sure, it's the most popular professional sport in America, for a few reasons: baseball is boring, and basketball is filled with tattooed thugs that corporate America (and casual fans) find uninviting to invest in. Another reason is that each team only plays 16 games in a regular season, easily making the NFL a simple league to follow and stay interested in with games played primarily on Sunday.

The most important reason though is that the predominately white fan base have white athletes to cheer for and identify with, along with the memory of the many great teams and players that comprise the history of their beloved franchise. Just take a look at the top selling jerseys of 2010, with 15 of the top 25 jerseys for men being white players and 8 of the 10 for women being white guys.

It's important to note that the NFL is 67 percent and 31 percent Black, numbers that aren't far off from the National Basketball Assocation's (NBA) 80 percent Black, 19 percent white league. Just as Black players were once 'stacked' at certain positions in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s (when the league was anywhere from 80 to 60 percent white), white players are now stacked at certain positions like center and quarterback.

Only 12 percent of running backs, 15 percent of wide receivers, two percent of corners, 15 percent of safeties, 26 percent of linebackers, 21 percent of defensive ends, and 11 percent of defensive tackles white guys.

Yet the face of the league has always been provided by the quarterback, a position that was 83 percent white in 2010. Peyton and Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and  Drew Brees are all prototypical drop-back passers, garnering high wages for their play on the field and millions more in corporate endorsements off of it. The predominately white fan base of the NFL embraces these athletes, with the interchangeable Black players (the majority are thugs, evidenced by their continued inability to abide by societies laws off the field) serving as important cogs for fantasy teams and comedic relief.

Many people believe that Black players were discriminated against and kept from playing quarterback in the NFL for purely racist reasons. That they weren't smart enough. Isn't it an equally racist belief that Black athletes are better athletes, making it irrelevant to recruit white high school receivers, running backs or defensive backs to major colleges? Ask a guy like Peyton Hillis what type of welcome he got from integrating the running back position in 2010, running over, around and through majority Black hands and paying the price for it by being called "white boy" in the process.

Even a white receiver like the Miami Dolphins Brian Hartline faces criticism for being a white guy at a predominately Black position, much like Black players once faced in the NFL when their numbers were minimal on teams in the 1950s and 1960s.

When your average NFL team has anywhere from 10 - 20 white players, you know that the various franchises will have racial divisions. Enter the push for the Black quarterback, whose unique "talents" would revolutionize the game of football. Names like Donovan McNabb, Kordell Stewart, Cam Newton, Vince Young, JeMarcus Russell, and of course, Michael Vick, would make irrelevant the old-school, drop-back quarterback.

But this hasn't happened, largely because Michael Vick spent a few years in jail for his sociopath avocation of bankrolling dog fighting. The media seems to have a fetish out of hyping the flavor of the month Black quarterback as the bridge to the next generation of quarterback, most notably Cam Newton.

Interestingly, it is the man Newton backed-up at the University of Florida (before he got kicked out left for academic dishonest, stealing a laptop a JUCO school and ultimately Auburn) that represents the next generation of NFL quarterback. The problem? He's a white guy and a devout Christian who ministers to primarily Black inmates in prisons as an avocation. His name is Tim Tebow. We've written about him before, and we write about him now as he prepares for his first NFL start this Sunday.

Peyton Manning is the face of the NFL, but after undergoing three neck surgeries, it appears unlikely he will ever lace up his cleats again. Enter Tebow, a person of outstanding moral character who fans in Denver love - after he was drafted, his jersey instantly became one of the top selling in the nation - and corporate America loves as a spokesperson. White fans love Tebow, as he succeeded for four years in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), a league that is even Blacker (in terms of starters) than the NFL. He's the Great White Hope, whose passion for the game is unparalleled in a league filled with interchangeable Black thugs who celebrate every minor lay they make, while Tebow celebrates every play his team makes.

Perhaps this is one reason Tebow is so polarizing, because he is so passionate and because he is white. Fans of opposing SEC teams made fun of Tebow for his infamous crying incident after losing to lowly Mississippi State, but did they do this because its okay to hate a white player (a lot like the intense Duke Hate in college basketball) and uncool to be antagonistic to a Black player?

The SEC consists of universities boasting schools whose student bodies are overwhelmingly white, while the football teams are largely, academically embarrassingly Black athletes. With Tebow, the Florida Gators had a white player who ran all over the purported best athletes in the country for four years, being the type of running and throwing quarterback that Michael Vick was supposed to be. But his talents were questioned and scrutinized, with many NFL analysts suggesting one of the most potent and prolific quarterbacks in college football history should play a different position if he hoped to go pro.

Tebow was selected in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft by the Denver Broncos, and was shown celebrating with his family at this announcement. It was this candid shot with his family that prompted one sports talk show host to say it looked like a Nazi rally:
“Just when you thought you knew everything about Tim Tebow, a Boston sports radio station informed us that he is probably a Nazi. The host was joking, but then so was Don Imus when he insulted Rutgers’ women’s basketball team. CBS fired him. Will it do the same when the race-based insults are directed at Tebow? Why do I get the feeling Tebow will be Denver’s starting quarterback before Fred Toettcher is out of a job? 

“‘Toucher,’ as he is known to his listeners on 98.5 The Sports Hub, had this observation on Tebow’s draft-night gathering. ‘It looked like some kind of Nazi rally … so lily-white is what I’m trying to say. Yeah, Stepford Wives.’ Come to think of it, I didn’t see much diversity at the Tebow house. Maybe all that missionary stuff is just a cover, and his family has really spent years setting up a skinhead movement in the Philippines.

In the first round of the NFL Draft, heavily hyped Black players are selected and television cameras capture this moment as they celebrate with their families. Never has a sports writer or talk show host said, "Gosh, that looks like a welfare office," or, "so that's what a welcome back from prison party looks like." Or my favorite, "someone just got on EBT cards." No, sports writers offer compliments to the Black athlete selected, as football offers the primary vocation- okay, only - where they have the opportunity to earn millions.

Tim Tebow Hate = Duke Hate: It's okay to hate the white guy
Again, Tim Tebow Hate is reminiscent of Duke Hate, a team of white basketball players competing for a top academic college in a sport dominated by Black 'scholars' from Black Undertow cities. Just as Duke is unbearably white, Tim Tebow is unbearably white. Opposing fans are allowed to hate Tebow, but the NFL needs Tim Tebow, as even admits:
The NFL needs Tim Tebow to succeed.

Not because it needs a chiseled, smiley face to sell to the red states, but rather because what the most profitable, successful league in the country lacks right now is star power. Favre is gone. So is Terrell Owens. Peyton Manning will probably not play a meaningful down in 2011. Three of the league's 10 biggest names are marketed almost entirely on their hair. And although Brady still appears to be in his prime, the days of him occupying tabloid headlines are over. If you take a hard look at the upcoming stars, who could really play a leading role in the NFL's ongoing drama? Philip Rivers? Matt Ryan? Joe Flacco?

The Tebow-era begins this Sunday for Denver and for the NFL. Unlike Michael Vick, Tebow will not renege on his contract and engage in sociopath behavior - that Black people have no problem with-  though some people equate his outspoken Christian beliefs in such a manner.

Denver fans love Tim Tebow. Judging by the sales of his jersey, a lot of fans across the nation love Tebow. He has put up solid numbers in his appearances as an NFL quarterback, and he'll finally get his chance to start this Sunday.

You can't judge an athlete until they actually perform - or fail to perform - on the field of play. A lot of people don't like Tebow because of the whole Duke Hate phenomenon. Come Sunday, the NFL will garner a new face, one who Black writer Jason Whitlock wrote represented the re-emergence of the Great White Athlete.

The prototypical drop back passing quarterback is a white guy, like Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Brett Farve or Troy Aikman. The media has long been hopeful that a Black messiah would come along and revolutionize the position. But Tim Tebow will now be given the opportunity to represent the next step in the evolution of the quarterback.

Funny, didn't Steve Young already do this?

So when you hear people talk about Tim Tebow in negative terms, automatically qualify it as a hybrid of Duke Hate. You're allowed to hate Duke, because the school is an elite institution that actually recruits white athletes and plays a white style of the game. Openly hating things that are white is a hallmark, a cornerstone of Black-Run America (BRA).

You're allowed to hate Tim Tebow, because he's just a dude that has embraced an unbearable form of whiteness. But like Peyton Hillis, he'll have the chance to run over primarily Black defenses.

And like it or not, he's about to become the face of the NFL.

Remember, the NBA is a dying league that no one cares about (ESPN keeps the league alive). It's only 10 percent Blacker than pro football. The NFL needs a white face to hide a primarily Black product that really isn't that great. It's primarily a league of Black guys who dance and prance around after every pass break up, catch, tackle, or touchdown and then tweet about it.


MuayTyson said...

Hit the nail on the head. Nice article short and sweet. Now to get that D.J. fired.

Stephen said...

I wish Tebow the best.

Dissident said...

I wish Tebow all the best. I hope he disgraces all of his detractors and critics......make them eat crow-Tebow!

Indianapolis said...

Professional football.

Think of it as a proto-type interracial, integrated culture. Black 'citizens' earn extremely high wages as do members of the White minority.

Still, the race card is played at every opportunity.


Inclusion of blacks into white culture, empowering blacks, giving blacks pay parity and beyond will not resolve the race issue.

11:08 PM Troy Davis Good Riddance said...

Excellent post. PK has the BRA formula better understood and explained than any other race observer out there. You are doing great work for White Humanity. You could retire right now in satisfaction that you have made a difference.

Your virtue is your habit is your duty is your nature. You take our side of the argument, and God bless you for it!

"Prejudice renders a man's virtue his habit, not a series of unconnected acts. Through just prejudice, a man's duty becomes a part of his nature." Edmund Burke

Tebow will get taken out long before he reaches his potential. Look for "an unfortunate, but unavoidable," savage thug helmet to helmet hit that rattles his neck worse that Manning's.

He's now a race hate target. BRA teaches blacks that their duty to the "ongoing legacy and struggle" of lying Martin Looter King Fake Reverend and lying Saint Rosa Parks is to "unburden" us from as much of our racist unearned White privilege as possible.

The Africanisms love to revel in the hateful voodoo of "justice" that stokes violence against us. Demonizing White Humanity has consequences for us, and it will shorten Tebow's career quite soon.

We simply are no longer allowed to be our best selves, because if we were, we exacerbate the social and economic achievement gap, Nature's Iron Law, and since that offends blacks, it must be outlawed as something vile, toxic, virulent, and hateful.

Tebow's excellence will not be tolerated by BRA and BRNFL.

What are PK's influences? How did you develop such BRA insights? How did you get your awakening?

Anonymous said...

Not related to the topic but this needs to be disseminated. Thugs abuse mental disabled woman.

Anonymous said...

Anyway to have the first video available to us up here in Canada?

Your fans are global...

- Apollyon

Anonymous said...

Football. Great. Here we go again. I'll be back when the latest round of jocksniffery is over.

make it rain TRUTH said...

I don't know whether Tebow will sink or swim. At the end of the day, the QB position is not about running the ball. It is about reading defenses and finding the open guy for passes. You have to be able to stretch the defense, and hurt them in vulnerable areas via the passing game. Otherwise, you'll face constant blitzes and 10 men in the box.

The NFL "experts" that desperately want every black QB to be great, never seem to acknowledge this fact.

I think the "athletic" model QB can work in college ball because the opponent defenses aren't as consistently good. Larger windows to make passes allow for more wiggle room on accuracy or timing, and slower opponents allow you to run for big easy yards.

When you get to the NFL, every guy on defense is fast. Defenses don't allow you large windows. Timing, reads, and accuracy need to be better. You can't outrun guys with your legs any more. When you do run, it's 250-lb linebackers lighting you up.

What is interesting is that it's OK for NFL commentators to discuss this side of the equation as to why Tim Tebow (likely) will not be a success in the NFL since he isn't a great passer but runs well (your prototypical "athletic" mold QB).

But it's never discussed this way in regards to the black versions of the "athletic" model QB. And when this double standard is pointed out, it's heresy. Ask Rush Limbaugh about his Mcnabb comments and subsequent fallout.

Anonymous said...

Love Tim Tebow. I hope he makes all the anti-white, Anti-Christian DWLs eat their words and choke on them.

Zenster said...

It was this candid shot with his family that prompted one sports talk show host to say it looked like a Nazi rally:

Liberalism has declared all Pale Males™ to be the undying enemy of mankind. The momentous strides made by White Males over last few centuries make the rest of our world's races look so deficient that there clearly must be something evil about the Pale Male™. Admitting otherwise would involve discarding the favorite Liberal myth of the Noble Savage, something that would quickly erode all of the other idiotic garbage that passes for Politically Correct Liberal Multiculturalism.

That Tebow is also Christian just makes him that much easier for DWLs to hate. While it is still a reprehensible epithet, likening the Teboy family gathering to a "Nazi rally" only serves ― as with other favored Liberal slurs like "homophobe", "racist" and "Islamophobe", etc. ― to lessen the severity of such an accusation.

Continually undermining the impact of Nazism is one of the best ways to normalize or rehabilitate its image. Much like Russia is trying to do with Stalin.

As it so frequently happens, such Liberal ruses invoke The Law of Unintended Consequences™ with a vengeance. By downplaying both White achievement and congenital Black criminality, DWLs actually help midwife the possibility of Nazi-like measures to combat the cultural corruption perpetuated by their favorite protected species, Blacks and Muslims.

Cap'n Crunch said...

Not going to comment tonight: I dont support the Negro Football League, have never bought a ticket, shirt or hat. I dont believe in paying blacks millions of dollars for football; or anything else. I do however believe that when AFDC, WIC, & Section 8 housing raised curious george to a NFL player, or (c) rapper, that ALL of those funds should be payed back forthwith.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (October 12, 2011 6:10 PM): Football. Great. Here we go again. I'll be back when the latest round of jocksniffery is over.

Did you get dropped on your head when you were a baby or are you just naturally so dense? You really don't get it, do you?

This isn't about football. At least it isn't for anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size. Apparently, you have been spared from the ravages of intelligence required to comprehend the much bigger picture being presented at SBPDL.

Why not save us all from any more of your pissing and moaning by permanently boycotting SBPDL so Paul Kersey can enjoy the well-deserved respect that he regularly earns from his dedicated readership.

Bernhard Goetz said...

Organized sports were more fun when they used a Shield and Gladius vs Trident and Net.

The good old days...

Zenster said...

Indianapolis: Inclusion of blacks into white culture, empowering blacks, giving blacks pay parity and beyond will not resolve the race issue.

How could it ever do anything of the sort when a majority of issues now reside exclusively with Blacks? No amount of conciliatory gestures can overcome or cure the almost staggering stupidity of Blacks. Some races, like India's, are able to capitalize upon White culture. Sub-Saharan Africa is an incontrovertible demonstration that Blacks are simply incapable of doing the same.

Whites need to stop bewailing or sympathizing with the largely self-inflicted wounds that Blacks cheerfully continue to impose upon themselves and move on with preserving modern civilization from these unlettered savages.

Let Blacks obtain their culture the say way that Whites did, by earning it. Until then, they can go ahead and genocide themselves for all we should care. It seems like brutality on an unimaginable scale is one of the few skills that Blacks possess in quantity.

Whiskey said...

I have to go with Make It Rain Truth. Tebow's problem is the problem Vick has had throughout his career, the problem Newton will have, the problem McNabb has, the problem heck Randall Cunningham had.

The NFL is a ... passing league. That's it. QBs must get rid of the ball in about three seconds, and hold the ball up high. The can scramble and roll-out like Favre, or Montana before him, but that's it. They cannot run, because the defense is too big, quick, and able to knock a guy out of a game or a season. That's been Vick's problem even in Atlanta, and again in Philly.

HOWEVER ... the QB position is so thin, that Tebow will get his shot, in the hope that maybe he has the discipline Vick does not to become a good passer. Realistically the other guy can't get it done.

But the NFL DOES have a great White QB. Detroit's Matthew Stafford, has put up amazing numbers. So too has Buffalo's Fitzpatrick. Those two guys, are likely the future of the NFL.

[Good points about the NFL's vulnerability to the fan base drop-off, Hockey IMHO stands a good chance at moving up, particularly since they are NOT on ESPN and ESPN has pissed off a lot of fans, see Hank Williams.]

Anonymous said...

Get a load of this TNB, Kersey:

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever connected the increase in black QB's with the introduction of the Motorola helmet communication system?

JB said...


Fascinating post. Truly fascinating.

And so many great comments so far...lots of funny stuff, and many interesting points made.

Except, of course, for the hurler of "jocksniffery."

We've met here before, haven't we, Mr. Jocksniff?

You were always picked last.

Because you throw like a girl.

Anonymous said...

Cunningham, McNabb and Vick were all Pro Bowl QBs. Hopefully Tebow is the same.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. Some 35 years ago, it was speculated (in Sporting News as I recall) that QB would become a "black" position because NFL coaches were by then calling the plays.

Anonymous said...

I'm broke as a joke right now; I could use a little cash infusion. I was thinking maybe I'd find out which clubs these millionaire ape-thletes patronize on Sat. nights. Maybe, if I was in the right place at the right time, I could scoop up a little cash when one of the jigaboo jocks "makes it rain" ...


Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested

Black bus lady beating and biting (really>>??) a white kid on her bus.


Your pal, Tyler

Anonymous said...

Paul, sort of off topic but have you seen the video of those black thugs in Sacramento attacking and spitting on that mentally disturbed white woman? Two of them punch her in the face and knock her to the ground. Drudge has a link to it.

Anonymous said...

"Football. Great. Here we go again. I'll be back when the latest round of jocksniffery is over."

Don't come back, your whining is tiresome.

Anonymous said...

"Why not save us all from any more of your pissing and moaning by permanently boycotting SBPDL so Paul Kersey can enjoy the well-deserved respect that he regularly earns from his dedicated readership."

I second this!

Anonymous said...

The game is next week, because Denver has a bye

Anonymous said...

"Paul, sort of off topic but have you seen the video of those black thugs in Sacramento attacking and spitting on that mentally disturbed white woman? Two of them punch her in the face and knock her to the ground. Drudge has a link to it."

Here is the video link

Hey, evergreen, you still puzzled by why everyone 's sick and tired of your kind???

Dissident said...

Tebow is a rarity in the world of "professional" sports. He's a breath of fresh air and an upstanding young man. If I were to declare anyone in sports to be a shining example of character, it would be he.

I support T Tebow and I wish him well. We need more men of moral character and fortitude to stand for what they believe, no matter the consequences.

Anonymous said...

The problem? He's a white guy and a devout Christian who ministers to primarily Black inmates in prisons as an avocation. His name is Tim Tebow.

He has gained my respect.

Anonymous said...

Football. Great. Here we go again. I'll be back when the latest round of jocksniffery is over.

Tebow is a running Quarterback like Vick. There is no place in the NFL for Tebow because he is a running Quarterback is a constant topic on various sports pages yet no one ever writes that about Vick da blak man. Why?

Das discrumnation against de blak man!

Now do you understand what the topic is about?

Anonymous said...

There is an unwritten rule that governs, or at least used to govern, the NFL QB position. I read it in a book in 1968. It is this:

QB is the most important player on the team. He makes the most money (usually). He is the face of the team. He is the owner's and league's biggest investment. You want him to last a long time. Therefore he needs to be protected. Plays and offenses the use the QB as a runner have always been frowned upon. It has been this way since the 50s.

In high school and college ball, you only have your players for four years. HS & college has more of an "anything goes" approach to play design and use of the QB. Hence the option, the veer, the bootleg and rollout, and finally, the spread. The QB running the ball is one of the most effective plays there is.

Now let's look at whats; happening. Because of the spread a new style of football and quarterbacking has evolved. Remember that legend has it Urban Meyer "invented" the spread to utilize his "athletes". That's code for blacks. So now we're a decade into the spread era. Many black QBS have excelled in college and had some success in the NFL. Yet ultimate success eludes the black superstar QB and his media enablers.

Look at Mike Vick and Andy Reid. It seems Reid is the #1 proponent of the black QB. He even went out and signed Vince Young to back up Vick. Same type of player. This insures continuity for when Vick goes down.

But come back to my point about the unwritten rule. Vick (and Reid) violates this rule. And what is the result? They embarrass defenses. And because of that the defenses are really unloading on Vick when he runs. He is getting hurt again and again. Most likely he will not finish the year. In baseball there are unwritten rules. You don't show other players up. Vick is showing up defenses and is getting, in baseball terms, brushback pitches, getting his had throw at, and basically getting punished.

Side note: One must wonder how much animus black players have toward white QBs. After all, once this black superstar QB finally emerges it's all over for white in the NFL. what thoughts do they harbor? I noticed some pretty insulting remarks directed at Joe Flacco in the off season. Are all the younger emerging QBs like Ryan and Flacco targets? Then there's also the case of media wanna be superstar Mark Sanchez. Not a spread QB, but not white either! The media is all over themselves with Sanchez love.

make it rain TRUTH said...

Defenses don't hit running QBs with any exceptional malice. It's just a simple fact that running backs understand. You will be hit and hit hard. Shelf life of an NFL RB is short because of the brutal beating the body takes.

The running QB suffers from a similar fate. That coupled with, you know, not passing (as you are running) is why running QBs are not a good idea. If a guy is a good passer first and uses the running as a last resort then ut can work. Like Steve Young or Randall Cunningham.

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched football in years and you couldn't get me to go to a game for free. However, this is fascinating insight and analysis from PK. And it is so, so true. And I agree with the comment about paying back your section 8 once you 'hit it big'.

Anonymous said...

Another Cleveland Brown who can't drive a motorcycle, Marcus Benard, who broke his hand in an accident involving a three-wheeled motorcycle. Witnesses have stated he was traveling at least 100 mph. And to top it off, the Browns will still pay him for the rest of the season, even though they are not contractually obligated to.

Also, now it appears the Browns are trying to get rid of Peyton Hillis. Can't have two important positions on the same team held by whites, I guess.

Anonymous said...

"baseball is boring"

Baseball is not boring. It is the greatest game ever invented and the most popular sport in this country bar none.

It's not popular among blacks, who prefer the raw violence of football because they have low IQ's.

The popularity of the NFL is a mile wide and 1/8 of an inch deep. Baseball has a fervent following that is mostly white in the U.S., and world wide. In addition it's the only game this country takes seriously.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Some day someone might do a Moneyball study on typical black positions. (And then hide the evidence because thye would not like what they found.)

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon, on the Moneyball comment,

What makes you think someone isn't already doing that? :) Yes, I just used an emoticon.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess they might find that someone who is not a speedster like (A Name) but has great movement and field presence, ability to change route so QB can pass him the ball, like Jerry Rice that the movement guy is more valuable.

Anonymous said...

As a reader of this blog and listener of the Toucher and Rich show I think I can safely tell you the comments by Toettcher aren't worth reading into. He says a lot of nonsense and was just trying to be funny. He definitely doesn't worship black athletes though, he makes fun of black people all the time.

mr_evergreen said...

I don't like NCAA football period, so I could care less about Duke. I don't like NFL either. I'm sure Tim Tebow is a nice guy, but I don't like NFL. I like MLB and MLS Soccer better.

Anonymous said...

I guess Phillip Rivers isn't either since his last game he was 16/32 for 179 yds, 1 td/2 ints with a QB rating of 51.4.

Tebow was 18/39 for 172 yds 1 td/1 int with a QB rating of 56.8

Read more:

Tebow is the best throwing Tight End in the NFL what is Phillip Rivers excuse?

Anonymous said...

In Moneyball the scouts had the prospects sprint 180 feet.
Then they were made sprint again because Billy Beane was the quickest.

Nobody ever sprints 60yards straight, the distance between two bases, in baseball because there is never a need to.

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow will never become morre than a folk hero

Mark Sanchez, whose QB rating has gone up 10 points each year he has been in the league, is another QB who has a hard time convincing the critics.

Last night the Jets were unable to make the most of early dominantion on defence and Sanchez threw a "Favre like" interception while chasing the game to end any hopes of a win.

A week earlier the much maligned Joe Flacco saw the Steelers give a big interception and the Ravens won.

Roethlisberger and the other top guys have an ability to look across the field from receiver to receiver to find a guy open. This is learned and cannot be taught.

For example Jamrcus Russell will nver have it particularly as the team whose coach did not want himn drafted because he did not think he was NFL material has let him go.

Tim Tebow the jury is out but when you are 2 for 8 for 69 yards and winning you wonder what this guy would be like if he could play "more averagly".

Anonymous said...

Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer attract detractors as it is felt USC quarter backs cannot do it in the NFL.

Maybe there is some truth in that. We shall see but it is not right to write off Florida alum Tim Tebow who is 4 and 1 in his 5 starts.

The first five opponents are 29 - 16 (24 12 if you discount Oakland due to teams in the same division narrowly being beaten at home going to win the return fixture.) and the second 21 - 23 (16 19 without Oakland.)so what are the chances of a 23 / 44 shot turning up 4 and 1?

So what if the Denver offense is not picture perfect. Which is better to be 1 and 4 after five games or 4 and 1 to go 5 5 and Tebow has got it done with an offense that has been drawn up to suit his strengths.

Will he make it the next step up? Who knows but then again how many QBs who are drafted do?

Anonymous said...

"When you look at our third down numbers, those have to improve. I mean, that's the bottom line," Elway said. "We can't go 3-for-13 and win a world championship."

The Broncos could go 13 for 13 next game in third down conversions and not win the world championship.

He and his staff should concentrate on trying to win their conference and seeing where that will take them then improving for next year.

With the Bears 7 3 with Jay Cutler maybe Denver's problems has not been as much down to the QB as is being made out?

Anonymous said...

Raiders Bears game yesterday saw Caleb Hanie going 3 for 8 while Tim Tebow went 2 for 8 a while ago but his 2 for 8 was better than the 3 for 8 because 2 of those incompletions were interceptions. One interception later in the game was on a trick play which saw him throw to his left on what he thought was an empty field except there were two Raider defenders there one to block the ball away which would not have been bad for the Bears as they could still kick a field goal bu the second was able to catch the ball and run it back to inside the Bears 10.

At the end of the game one of the commentators stated "I like that kids moxie".

That is because he saw a game where the QB gave up 3 interceptions and each time he got knocked down he got with the attitude which said "Come on universe you mostly empty wuss is that all you got?"

In the Kansas Pittsburgh game we learned that Kansas had scored 1 touchdown from 44 drives starting inside their own 20.

Peter King informed us that if you ignore the Denver Oakland game Denver had scored 0 touchdowns from 37 drives.

I think this tells us more about Peter King than it does about Tim Tebow.

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that quarterbacks that are winning games but not putting up big numbers are being looked at as the weak link?"

sportsillustrated today

The guys wanted numbers to be able to compare QBs without going through all the numbers themselves and now when they cannot use the numbers they complain because they are unable to use them.

Says more about sports journalists than almost anything else.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if you have a million dollar arm if you do not have a football brain.

Vince Young's first and third interceptions were all down to him and that proves the point.

It does not matter how well you can play if your team is not on the same play as you.

Caleb Hanie ended the game for the Bears against the Raiders by looking to throw to one of his receivers on the left only for the receiver to not move because he was expecting a spike.

Caleb Hanie's attempt of a spike was intentional grounding because he did not take the first opportunity to spike the ball.

On both these tests Tim Tebow and the Broncos have succeeded so far.

Unknown said...

damn im black. i like tebow, both manning, and tom brady is a beast. other then walter payton, i love payton hillis. i mean was this article a shot at all black ppl? its articles like this that keeps the black and white crap going. so sad to all who agrees with this article. i like mike vick as much as tebow. it is their style of play that attracts me to the mannings, brady, vick, and tebow. does everything has to involve what someones look like. those who entertain racism is just as bad. just ignore lame ass racist ppl.