Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Whiteness of the National Register of Historic Places is Blinding: 97 percent Revolve Around Dead White Males

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The faces of who built America
It's sometimes sad to think about what kids are forced to learn about these days in schools across the nation, courtesy of the ruthless indoctrination of Black-Run America (BRA) by overzealous Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP). While the Chinese demand their youth be proficient at advanced calculus and trigonometry, American students must recite with exact detail the intricacies of the Underground Railroad and be reduced to whimpering jelly with continuous stories of homicidal, genocidal white devils laying waste to all around them.

A People's History of the United States, courtesy of Howard Zinn is the prevailing blueprint for inculcating students, but even he would be hard-pressed (if he wasn't dead) to top a statement made by the Obama Administration's Ken Salazar, when he spoke of the lack of National Historic Places for La-teen-Os and La-tin-As:
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in the past year has pushed the National Park Service to identify more sites or properties related to the histories of women and minorities that could be added to the National Register of Historic Places or be preserved as national parks or historic landmarks
 “Less than 3 percent of all the national landmarks that we have — the highest designation you can receive as a historic landmark — are designated for women, Latinos, African Americans or other members of minority groups,” Salazar said in a meeting with reporters last week. “That tells you that the score is not even.”
Wait... only three percent of all national landmarks that we have are designated for women, La-teen-Os, The Blacks, or other minorities!?!? Surely La-teen-Os, who were historically less than 1 percent of the United States population up until around 1960, made significant contributions to the growth of the country outside of providing an endless supply of cheap labor in such fields as farming, yard maintenance, house cleaning, janitorial services, and generally doing the jobs that Black people no longer feel compelled to perform.

Oh, and working in the construction industry so that white people - tired of high taxes to pay for La-Teen-O welfare, hospital bills, education, food stamps, etc., in places like California - could flee to cheap homes in Florida, Denver or Phoenix. Or so white people could flee Black Undertow areas like Atlanta and Birmingham.

But you are telling me that 97 percent of the National Register of Historic Places revolve around dead white males? Does that include the moon landing? But what about all the outstanding contributions from Black people that center around sports? What about the Michael Jordan statue outside the United Center? The Joe Louis Black Fist statue in Detroit? The Hank Aaron statue outside of Turner Field? The Bill Russell statue being erected in Boston?

The contributions of Black people to the United States have always (always) been grossly over-exaggerated. The contributions from Black people to the undermining of the United States have always (always) been silenced by the totalitarian guardians of BRA. Now, a push is on to inflate the contributions from La-teen-Os to America's past, so that the present population turning much of the country into unlivable barrios can be tolerated.

Ask the fine citizens of Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama what they think of that. Ask the millions of white Californian's fleeing the state to Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon, Colorado and Arizona what they think about La-teen-Os.

Can this day laborer site be part of the National Registry?
When you try and qualify the contributions of La-teen-Os to the building of the United States, one must remember that it wasn't until the 1970s that endless waves of 5 foot tall La-teen-Os started crossing the board to do the types of jobs that certain Americans won't do. And when I mean 'certain Americans', I specifically mean Black people.

Mobile taco stands - as entrepreneurial as they might be - don't count as a National Historic site.

97 percent of the National Register of Historic Places are dedicated to dead white males.

For those who keep peddling the concept of Imagine2050, when whitey is no longer a majority but just another powerless, eternally oppressed minority group that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) will use to garner power over the majority... whoops, that's how DWLs stay in power through the People of Color Coalition vs. the dwindling white majority now.

What do you suppose could be deemed a national landmark to enhance the contributions of non-whites to the history of America? The unguarded border with Mexico, which allowed tens of millions of La-teen-Os to enter America unmolested?  The courthouse where O.J. Simpson was acquitted? The laboratory where the Super Soaker was invented?

In one statement by Ken Salazar, talking about the need to create more National Historic Sites for La-teen-Os and other non-whites, was the entire concept of this being a nation built by immigrants utterly decimated. It will be a nation undone by an undying loyalty to promoting BRA and a pandering to La-teen-Os, but it was not a nation built by either.


Anonymous said...

Another benefit of Latino immigration/takeover of communities- declining football programs. Look to the rapid decline of Midland Lee and Odessa Permian in the past decade as absolute proof of this fact. Mestizos cannot physically dominate or even compete with majority white (Austin Westlake, Smithson Valley, Southlake Carroll) or majority black (almost all the Houston powerhouse programs) schools in 5-A Texas football. HBD is 100% real.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I have a theory on why Alabama, Georgia (and South Carolina and Mississippi) passed such fantastic immigration legislation: la-tin-oh kids have made no impact on the high school or college football fields.

Black kids, who white families avoid like the plague, offer Auburn, UGA, Florida, BAMA, etc., an opportunity to succeed in college football (though white kids could do the same, but they don't get recruited because alumni and coaches have been conditioned to believe Blacks are better athletes), so the Black Undertow is tolerated.

Hispanic families? There kids offer no positive gains to high school or college football teams. They must go.

Kevin said...

"It's sometimes sad to think about what kids are forced to learn about these days in schools across the nation"

Well, it's not just in the USA. Cf.

This has made quite a stir here, but it will go on, of course. Note that 2011 is the first year french students will benefit from one of the great advancements in pedagogy, IE the US Gender Theory, which will be taught in high school from now on. I wonder if charles rivkin approves of that?

W74 said...

I weep internally every day thinking about just how far America, and indeed the whole of Western Civilization has fallen. What made the US great was the combination of Germanic, Slavic and Mediteranian Europeans (and even as a Slav I'll admit, mostly Germanic) who through work ethic, the rule of civil law, and great ideas (high IQ, abstract thought, etc.) turned the United States from an agricultural backwater to an industrial powerhouse in half a century.

The Blacks and Mestizos pouring across our borders now will (WILL!!!) turn us into the most violent areas of Mexico and the most backward, unproductive, AIDS infested places in Africa. The same will happen in Europe. Most of Europe's countries, through their very own notions of inclusion, justice and tolerence, have sealed their own demise too.

Anonymous said...

The Fist in Detroit,had nothing to do with Joe Louis,it was of course the jockstrap smellers who in the media who fell for that consept,but it was Coleman Youngs(Detroit Mayor)of hudwinking whitey,but it is really the fist or signal for BLACK POWER

Anonymous said...

Boycott absolut

Ad that appeared in Mexico.

Shows Oregon to Texas as being part of Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 8:12 AM: run-on sentences make Hulk's head hurt.

Rev. Dr,. Swift said...

What the hell is La-teen-Os? Is that some new kind of cereal.

Damn you Paul! Nobody gives a crap about those beaners. I demand more racist stories about black people. Mexicans ain't earned all this attention yet!

Anonymous said...

Think of it as slow motion and sustained cultural genocide for Whites. That's exactly what is happening.

John said...

In no small part the continued annihilation of the Caucasian - "white" race in all manner is being brought about by none other than whites themselves. Insane but true.

Look no further than the very foundation of what this wonderful website speaks to. Consider the negrofication of America as same very much is. Consider in equal breath the raging fixation - fanaticism on the part of too many myopic and ignorant whites for the darling negro. Don't believe it, look no further than this open liar and beyond ruinous fraud Herman Cain (the same must be said for Allen West).
Cain is nothing more than a lip-licking ebonics-ridden Southern Baptist Evangelical Pentecostal empty suit barking crow canned motivational speech inside Federal Reserve Bilderburg plant liar and hustler. But oh how the ignorant white conservatives are rallying around this con artist as though he were the second coming. Aside from his raging incompetence and ruinous vision for America (again, he's an inside Neo-Con Bilderberg plant)the impact against this nation were he to be nominated, moreover become president, from a sociological standpoint would, of course, be beyond ruinous. Has America gone completely negrocentic? I think it has. One would think that after three years witness to the other negro in the White House and the monumentally pernicious impact - negrofication alone that Sham Wowbama has manifested an adequate percentage of white Americans would awaken to the reality of the inherent ruination within the negro and that furthering the negrofication of America......, the New South Africa is not a good thing.

I'd really appreciate all the Cain supporters taking a trip to some of my former stations, beginning in Nigeria and Kenya, moving on to Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa and have a good, visceral look around. They really need to see the negro in unfettered bloom. Then again they could save some money by simply walking through numerous regions of Kansas City, St. Louis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Chicago, Oakland and Detroit. Even our once great nation's capitol, good old Washington D.C.

In the interim continue on condemning nasty old whitey, write more and more revisionist history. It's working.

Sheila said...

Further evidence of my contention (since D'Won's coronation) that we may not have elections in 2012 (when the movement faux-conservatives are eagerly anticipating the election of their own black messiah Cain): Jessie Jackson Jr. says Congress is in rebellion and Obama must use whatever measures, contra the Constitution, to save the American people. Found originally at Ace, found the following synopsis at Daily Caller:

"Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that congressional opposition to the American Jobs Act is akin to the Confederate “states in rebellion.”

Jackson called for full government employment of the 15 million unemployed and said that Obama should “declare a national emergency” and take “extra-constitutional” action “administratively” — without the approval of Congress — to tackle unemployment.

“I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past,” Jackson said. “He’s looking administratively for ways to advance the causes of the American people, because this Congress is completely dysfunctional.”

Anonymous said...

97% of the historic markers are monuments to the achievements of white men? That seems appropriate in a nation that was founded, settled, and developed by white males. As far as monuments to all of the contributions that black men have contributed to America, every city, county, and state has them.....They are called prisons...

10mm AUTO said...

Foe some reason, Whites feel the need to pat negroids on the head and put up monuments to people like plagiarist/Adulterer Martin Loofer King, and fools like George Washington Carver, inflating their claims and supposed "discoveries" to make negroids feel better.

When challenged, the response always is: "Well of course you are right, but we can't say that because blacks need someone to cheer for too!".

In response, Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is racist merely to object to dispossession, much less to work for their own interests. Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage, and giving away to others its place in history, only whites have been tricked into thinking that love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others.

Joel said...

Scary stuff, Sheila.

Unlike many on the right, I am not yet convinced it is a foregone conclusion that Obama will lose in 2012. A lot can happen between now and next November. But come August/September of next year, if things don't improve for Obama, I don't put it past them to declare some kind of phony emergency that, they'll say, requires Obama to stay in office. As you have pointed out, they're already laying the groundwork for this.

Sooner or later all-out war will break out. I know I don't have to tell you guys, as most of you know this full well. This country is so fractured today--along racial/ethnic lines, political lines, as well as religious lines-- that the only thing holding us together at this point is our semi-functioning economy: as long as most people are able to afford food, clothing, their favorite fancy gadgets, etc. we tolerate each other. But as soon as the dollar crashes and hyper-inflation kicks in to the point that our materialistic lives are severely affected, all hell will break loose. And it's not a matter of IF this happens but WHEN.

That is, unless God miraculously causes a great revival, starting with our liberal churches. That's the only thing at this point that would save us from inevitable war, as far as I can see.

make it rain TRUTH said...

The shockingly stupid part of this is that this guy is surprised by (and deems unfair) the notion that a country built by nearly 100% white settlers, would have 97% of it's landmarks attributable to whites.

Beyond that, what should occur from this understanding is a question: "Why aren't blacks and latinos contributing as much to the society?" Which leads to another question: "If they are contributing so little, why do we continue to reward the incompetence while allowing more and more non-contributors into our country?"

But all of that takes introspection, hard questions, and most of all a whole lot of TRUTH.

No room for that.

Brother Anonymous said...

"Obama 2012: Don't Let Whitey Take It Back."

Anonymous said...

Obama 2012 " Change you can step in". 2012 is rapidly approaching, 30 days supply of food and water would be wise. Also, a semi-auto military type rifle with at least 2 high capacity magazines would be advisable with 500 rounds of brass cased bullets. I live aproximately 8 miles north of the Detroit border and fully expect to see a blazing southern skyline in the advent of an Obama defeat by anything other than another negro. I think that the powers that be, realize that if Obama is dethrowned, there will be blood. This would explain the republican/conservative support of Cain/West. We the people(BRA) must take every posible precaution to ensure that the negro is happy and content with outcome of the 2012 election. Therefore, the praises of West/Cain must be shouted from every posible venue. Thank you. "In BRA we trust".

Anonymous said...

The Black Police Association vs. The Dallas Morning News (And a Few Others Too)

The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, which represents the area's black police officers, is waging a serious PR campaign against The Dallas Morning News and journalist Tanya Eiserer, a longtime criminal justice reporter at the paper. And while they're at it, the association is taking swipes at some fellow officers.

Although the two sides dispute the severity and the exact circumstances, the newspaper and the BPA agree that Eiserer used the words "cocksucker" and "asshole" outside Dallas Police Chief David Brown's office after being denied what she thought was supposed to be an exclusive interview. But while The News says Eiserer was cursing out of frustration -- and not directing it at anyone in particular -- the BPA says she was swearing about Chief Brown.

"Ms. Eiserer's antics are symptomatic of a pernicious spirit troubling the soul of America," the BPA writes in a press release. "Black leadership in America is under disproportionate scrutiny and assault by neo-conservatives, state righters, and uncouth birthers. The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, Incorporated will not tolerate the local media aiding and abetting these assaults. The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas understands that this event is a carryover of the general disrespect for Black leadership in the Dallas Police Department by union officials -- both Anglo and those with dual consciousness."

They're calling for Eiserer to be fired. They also want "mandatory and documented anti-racism training" for all News reporters, executives and staff, and for Dallas's Only Daily to hire "representative numbers" of black, Asian and Hispanic reporters. It also called for the firing or discipline of any police personnel who knew about the event and "failed to act appropriately," and for the discipline of Glenn White, president of the Dallas Police Association, "for his public statements that fueled discord within the ranks of the Dallas Police Department."


More at link above

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Go to for an accurate history lesson about who built America.

Lili White said...

Something that I've been wondering, and maybe some of you good people can clear it up for me: I know that the DWL crowd is rubbing its collective hands together for the day that Whites are no longer in the majority. But when that does happen, do they also realize that the tax money that is taken from Whites to pay for BRA will dry up, as well? Surely they are aware that once they've killed the golden goose, the well's going to be dry. (Wow, those two metaphors don't work together at ALL, do they? Well, you know what I'm saying.) Who do they think is going to pay for their darling Blacks' and La-teen-Ohs' welfare when the working/paying class has dwindled?

Anonymous said...

@ Lili White
The real suprise is going to happen when the new dark majority minority will declare open season on all the minority majorities. Honestly, do the DWLs not realize that their new dark rulers are going to destroy them as well? Blacks and browns have absolutely no compassion for their own, let alone their former imaginary oppressors. I suppose that it will be a bit easier to hide once the darkies take over as there will be rolling blackouts and lack of any real infrastruture. Once the canned food, gasoline runs out northern states with their harsh winters will be an ideal refuge for what is left of the humans. I can almost hear the DWLs now "Hey, thats my wife, please don't hurt her!. We love minorities!" or "Please stop! we voted for Obama!"

"Go to for an accurate history lesson about who built America."

Please! I for one don't need a history lesson as to whom built this country, it was George Washinton Carver, The Tuskeegee Airman, MLK, The Buffalo Soldiers, Chinese Railroad workers, South American migrant workers, Muslim party store owners, Etc...... The white western European was just along for the ride, a mere spectator to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the previously mentioned Demigods.
The race war is coming folks, be ready. Am I a nut that rubs my hands together in giddy anticipation of the inevitable? No, not even close. But I am ready. I will not roll over and succumb to these subhuman pathogens without a fight.

Anonymous said...

LaTeenos have plenty of historical Mexico, to which they should be deported. They haven't done squat for this country, just illiterate parasites.

Anonymous said...


I love frequenting your blog, but stick to writing about blacks.

I really don't see how this article plays into the larger scheme of things, like unpopular football posts do.

When I visit this blog I want to read about BLACKS.

I apologize for being so harsh, but I really don't want this site to deviate from criticizing Blacks, Black "culture," Black behavior, and other Black idiosyncrasies.

I don't want to read about wetbacks, and if I wanted to read a STIHIE (So This Is How It Ends) post I'll read it on Alt-Right.

Also, If Whites cease being the majority in this country, there won't be a People of Color Coalition.

Beaners don't like the Blacks. Gooks REALLY don't like the Blacks. I can't blame them both.

Oh yeah, I didn't like the La-teen-O moniker, so I'll just stick to Beaner and Wetback

Paul, you brought entertainment to race realism. Please don't turn this blog into a dull site always lamenting about the downfall of Western Civilization. I'm aware it's a serious problem, but there are about a thousand other race realist blogs that already do that.

W74 said...

Mr. Kersey, I'd like to see you do a segment on "Mapping BRA" and show images using verified sources like Google Maps. I present to you a scene not far from where I grew up dubbed 1441 Booth Street in the SW portion of Baltimore, MD.(though really you could pick THOUSANDS of streets in this city alone and get similar results).

Here's the Link to the street view:

Take a good look up and down the whole block,(maybe even take a peek out into the parent streets) and witness, not just the future and/or released felons playing basketball, but the utter devastation as well. Take a good look because that's what we're all could be living (or dying) in in a decade or two.


You best write up...and i been visiting your site forever..and i am a black

Indianapolis said...

Think where civilization would be had it not been for White innovation.

1. Anything and everything that runs on electricity wouldn't exist.

2. Health care would be remedial at best.

3. No planes, trains or automobiles.


In the post Western world the accomplishments of White people will be ignored or reassigned. Whites will be remembered as brutal beasts with a bent for racial hatred.

Wulfram said...

@ W74

I see what you mean by that area of Baltimore. I spotted those kids playing basketball first. The disrepair is amazing. I scanned around some more and ended up on the corner of N. Gilmor and W. Fairmount and at least every fourth building (whether it be residential or business) is boarded up.

I can already tell I would not want to be anywhere near there at night.

Zenster said...

Indianapolis: In the post Western world the accomplishments of White people will be ignored or reassigned.

Three words: Dead White Men

Please name another more fecund source of "disruptive" or civilizational changing technologies. I dare you, not that you are attempting to do so.

Tomorrow, I'll address Fjordman's respect for the Western European Orchestral Tradition and so forth. As of now, I challenge anyone to posit art forms that transcend such supreme icons of White, or any other color, cultures' achievements.

Go right ahead. I dare you.

One example is, all those "Dead White Men" like Bach, Beethoven and Brahms who, somehow, have not managed to inspire anyone else to transcend them in the last several centuries

Why is that? Any answers are welcome.

W74 said...

"I see what you mean by that area of Baltimore. I spotted those kids playing basketball first. The disrepair is amazing. I scanned around some more and ended up on the corner of N. Gilmor and W. Fairmount and at least every fourth building (whether it be residential or business) is boarded up."

Wolfram, I'll to find you a neighborhood where every fourth house ISN'T boarded up. In other times, when the economy was better (not that that will stop them) I'd drive some side streets. Now? Hell no.

Another Link: This is Aprox. 2305 E. North Ave., Baltimore MD.

This is also US ROUTE ONE which goes from sunny Key West, FL to Fort Kent Maine, both places I've been to (Fort Kent's Hospital for a broken bone suffered in the backwoods)

Anyways, BRA at it's best, every 4th house, maybe, is lived in. The Sun is roughly South West in the picture so I'm assuming it's around 10:00 and most of the denizens haven't woken up which is why you don't see too many animals roaming around. Wait until after 18:00 and the welfare scum will come out en mass. If you drive these street you WILL see a least a fight (yes, that's the only one I've regularly seen) and likely some other crime, open rape, robbery, a shooting perhaps. You can check the city's crime reporting map. Keep in mind, this is only ONE negro city in the USA, and there are many.

Keep scanning down North Avenue for more destruction and drudgery.

Dissident said...

"In the post Western world the accomplishments of White people will be ignored or reassigned. Whites will be remembered as brutal beasts with a bent for racial hatred. "

Exactly! And that is what Orwell was alluding to in his monumental work 1984. Except, I don't think he envisioned a power elite using minorities, to get the job done. My thought is that that the DWL's are largely useful idiots and tools of the power elite that want to throw the middle class back into feudalism and revert our "high entropy" way of life back to the dark ages.

Just my opinion.

The negro (because of his communist/socialist mindset) is an all-to-willing accomplice to getting the JOB done! Besides the commies have always said that they would use race and hostile indigents to accomplish their goals.

Anonymous said...

The truly sad thing about our lack of historical understanding when it comes to who and what makes America great is that it is as simple as it gets: race.

Germany was the cultural and innovation leader of Europe for years because within the nation every subcategory of European was represented, the Germanic, the Celtic, the Slavic, and the Mediterranean. All subracial categories united under a common language.

America was the anglophone version of this phenomenon, and on a far grander scale.

What has been and what could be in the future all depend upon us uniting in a collective consciousness that values our people above abstract theories and self-righteous ethnomasochism. Western man is flagellating himself for being excellent, which is the worst form of heresy against the Church of the Holy Negro.

Anonymous said...

pandering to La-teen-Os

That's "Hispandering", which is IMO a catchier term that you may wish to adopt.

Anonymous @ 1:43 PM, I know whereof you speak.  I recently left an area not that many miles north of you, and hope that those I left behind have the wits and guts to arm themselves.  (Forget Detroit; there is a mass of Section 8 housing less than a mile from them.)

Cry me a river said...

A day without a Mexican used to be one of my favorite movies of all time. But a day without whitey is a lot worse. New Orleans is proof of that. Movies like "La misma luna" and "El norte" really pound the message of reconquest into Mexicans heads. The brown berets and Mecha have their heads so far up their fuckin' ass that the lump in their throats is their goddamn nose.

A Latino boycott would totally back fire. It's like Thomas Sowell said "People who think that they are being "exploited" should ask themselves whether they would be missed if they left, or whether people would say: "Good riddance"?"

Whites are their own worse enemy. Just how big a threat would nonwhites be IF liberals didn't encourage the victim status.

ApprenticeWireman said...

"Not every problem can be traced back to blacks."
What a profound statement! Kudos to you!
I have always found it interesting how the complaints of those on this site almost always place the blame on blacks, or so-called DWL's. (That's 2011 speak for N***er Lover's)
A lot of posters on here condemn blacks for faulting whites for all their problems. How very ironic that this site is dedicated to passing the buck on to other races for the failings of those who "built this country", and allowed it to become what it is today.
Paul, when are you going to change the name to "SWPDL"?

RegulusSeradly said...

"In one statement by Ken Salazar, talking about the need to create more National Historic Sites for La-teen-Os and other non-whites, was the entire concept of this being a nation built by immigrants utterly decimated."

RegulusSeradly said...

"In one statement by Ken Salazar, talking about the need to create more National Historic Sites for La-teen-Os and other non-whites, was the entire concept of this being a nation built by immigrants utterly decimated."

Kudos, Mr. Kersey, for that statement. It is perhaps the most insightful and brilliant counter-swipes against the "nation of immigrants" delusion I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

Yall idiots have no clues about NWO agenda. They, the shadow goverment are preparing to enslave all of ya too. There is going to be a racial war pitting whites and coloreds to bring NWO. Remember George Washington was 33rd degree freemason. He worshipped Lucifer. Kept on with ya lust of ego, the white race supremacy nonsense. The enemy is not blacks or whites but the prince of the air and his demonic hosts.