Monday, August 19, 2013

#YourLifeDoesntMatter: Black Chicago Under the Gun.. by Blacks

"But if they only had a father in the house, the black community wouldn't be in such disarray."

"Fatherless children."

"A culture of dependency."
Judging by the high rates of black-on-black crime in cities across America (especially Chicagoland), #YourLifeDoesntMatter is the more appropriate Twitter hashtag

All attempts by people to absolve black people of pathologies found in the black community, by shifting blame from individual blacks to some pie-in-the-sky view of morality that black individuals have shunned.

It takes two to tango -- black women (or women who bed black men and bear their more-times-than-not bastard offspring) are just as much, if not more so, to blame for the dysfunction rabid in black communities throughout America.

Just look at the mess in Chicago, where gun-crime is almost exclusively the avocation of blacks.

 CHICAGO UNDER THE GUN is a new feature at the Chicago Tribune, complete with videos and pictures of black individuals sobbing and crying over the blood their fellow black citizens have spilt in communities of their creation. 

No tears should be shed for individuals who have had sexual relations that have spawned generation after generation of criminals who threaten the safety and functionality of an city. The Tribune makes clear the gun-violence in Chicagoland (though failing to note it's almost entirely a byproduct of non-whites) threatens the future of the city:
Tribune photographers chronicle violent crime in this ongoing special visual report Violence plagues many Chicago neighborhoods. The staccato sound of gunfire echoes on streets and alleys. Blue lights illuminate darkened scenes. Tribune photographers are documenting how gun violence shocks and destabilizes neighborhoods — and how families cope with the constant pain of loss. This ongoing special report contains photo galleries, videos, links to Tribune crime apps and overnight accounts of crimes. Because of the nature of violence, you will encounter graphic images and explicit language. But please watch. Our city’s future is at risk.
Tax-payers in the city of Chicago have had to shell out record amounts of overtime to police officers (far more than was budgeted for the entire fiscal year), just to maintain some semblance of peace from black criminality.  

So many black people are pulling the triggers of guns in Chicago (there are no dangerous weapons; only dangerous men), that hospitals are running low on blood for emergency transfusions and trauma situations

Children write sob stories in their classroom, stating they only desire to live and survive the hail of gunfire discharged without remorse from black individuals only a few years older than them. 

At a Congressional Black Caucus event on Urban Gun Crime held in Chicago, an anti-violence initiative was launched that blamed everything and anything for the gun violence in Chicago except the black individuals (who were reared in the black community) for the negro intifada:
"It's no one thing," said U.S. Rep. Danny Davis of Chicago, who organized the event along with fellow Democratic Reps. Bobby Rush and Robin Kelly. "It's poverty, school closings, lack of good educational opportunities, lack of jobs, parenting and a need to rebuild infrastructure."
No, Mr. Rush, it is one thing: it's black people. 

  • Black people create poverty.
  • Black people create the moral conditions in a community which drive away outside capital investment or discourage businesses from opening stores there. 
  • Black people are horrible at parenting.
  • Black people are horrible at maintaining infrastructure (almost always the leftover remnants of white civilization that was abandoned when the community became too black for civilization to flourish). 
  • Black people are incapable of creating educational opportunities that are anywhere near what their racial peers can create (or are capable of reaching standards set by their racial peers)

Here's the type of community blacks create [Boy, 7, shot putting away bike: 'Kids can't be kids', Chicago Tribune, 8-19-13]:
A 7-year-old boy was home this morning after he was hit by a stray bullet while carrying his bicycle up the back stairs of his house in the West Garfield Park neighborhood, officials said. 
"He said he's ready to go home," a cousin, Shean Sutton, 33, said outside Mount Sinai Hospital overnight. "I'm relieved that he's alive. But he's still a baby." 
Tyvion Jackson had been putting his bike away in the 4200 block of West 5th Avenue around 9 p.m. when he was shot in the left side, according to relatives. 
A group of people on a corner down the block had been arguing with someone in a car and one of them pulled a gun and fired, police said. One of the bullets struck Tyvion as he was walking up the back stairs with his bike, relatives said. The gunman was seen running north on Kildare Avenue, Gaines said. 
Tyvion was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious-to-critical condition, officials said, but his condition was soon upgraded to good. As doctors tended to the boy, more than two dozen family members gathered on sidewalks outside the emergency room. 
Relatives said Tyvion loves to ride his bicycle. "Kids can't be kids no more," said Angel Little, a 33-year-old family friend. "It's just a cold world out here."
The world can be cold. It can be cruel. 

But the world Tyvion lives in is nothing more than a reflection of the type of community individual black people contribute to create. It's a cold, cruel, black world. 

Just read about six-year-old Quianna Tompkins, daughter of Juannakee Kennedy, and her tale of woe in one of those cold, cruel, black communities in Chicagoland [6-year-old still in critical as 2 questioned in shooting are released, Chicago Tribune, July 21, 2013]:
Little Quianna Tompkins is clinging to life after a bullet that was not intended for her struck the 6-year-old in the chest while she was riding a scooter Friday in the Fernwood neighborhood. 
Quianna remains in critical condition at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, a hospital spokesman said this afternoon. Meanwhile, two teens who were questioned in connection with the shooting of Quianna and a 52-year-old woman were released Sunday without any charges, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada.  
The shooting started about 8 p.m. Friday during a barbecue in the 300 block of West 105th Street in an area neighbors have nicknamed the area “Trouble City,”  when one young man spotted two others and started shooting. The two returned fire. 
Witnesses said a man walked across the street and opened fire on the group of about 40 people when Quianna was hit by a bullet. 
Chicago Police said the barbecue was part of an annual memorial for Brandon Snype, a man who was shot to death on the same street five years ago. 
The girl and the woman, innocent bystanders, were the only victims. The girl, who had been riding her scooter, was hit in the chest, and the woman--the sister-in-law of Snype's mother--was shot in the thigh. The woman was treated and released from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, said hospital spokesman Mike Maggio. 
“I know you didn’t mean to do it on purpose, but please don’t go through life with this guilt on your heart,” Juannakee Kennedy, Quianna’s mother, said in an emotional plea to the shooter on Saturday. “We forgive you, we just want some justice for our baby.” 
In news conference outside the hospital where Quianna is being treated, Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, her parents, accompanied by South Side pastor the Rev. Corey Brooks, begged those who have guns to think of the consequences before opening fire. 
“Something has to be done about it before someone else’s child gets shot for no reason,” Quianna’s father, Kenneth Tompkins said. 
Quianna turned 6 just two weeks ago. She is preparing to start the first grade.“She was just outside playing with her friends, the kids can’t go play outside,” Juannakee said.
The "kids can't go play outside"in that cold, cruel, black world in Chicago.

Chicago is under the gun.

But so is Oakland.

So is Baltimore.

So is Milwaukee and St. Louis.

So is New Orleans.

So is Memphis.

In each city, one simple truth reverberates throughout the housing projects, blighted neighborhoods, and  abandoned streets where gun shots echo into the darkness of night: it's a cold, cruel, black world, where black individuals have collectively created communities where young Quiannas and Tyvions are shot without remorse and without pity.

Shot, by their fellow black citizens, spraying bullets wildly into a community of their creation.


Anonymous said...

They are addicted to criminality.Anything less is being white.IOW, they hates whites more than they love their own children.

Californian said...

Here's a thought re the term "gun violence"...this reduces everything down to one factor, guns. But what about other forms of violence? Is knife violence OK? Or the much more pervasive patterns of physical intimidation and assault. Look at the numerous cases we have seen of flash mobs assaulting people. Or the kid who got beaten on the bus by "youths." Or the torching of cars and neighborhoods in various cities of Europa.

This is all inflicted by means other than guns. One of the advantages of guns is that they are the equalizer. The little guy/gal can stand up to the big ones. Zimmerman is one example. And this may be one reason there is the drumbeat over "gun violence." It's about disarming the proverbial law-abiding citizen. And then they will be prey for the flash mobs and the car burners.

Just a random shot from the Homeland...

Anonymous said...

Relatives said Tyvion loves to ride his bicycle. "Kids can't be kids no more," said Angel Little, a 33-year-old family friend. "It's just a cold world out here."

So kids can't be kids these days. And what was different about the good old days when kids could be kids? What did you have back in the good ol' days that America does not have today? Surely it could not be (drum roll) segregation?!?!?!

Don't these people appreciate the irony that after decades of civil rights and war on poverty and affirmative action and social promotion and the rise of the cult of MLK and most excellent role models on the tube that the 'hood has become a burnt out war zone? You can look at these killings as similar to those involving child soldiers back in Africa. Kids can not be kids under these circumstances.

Another thing here: the idea of being a teenager, as a sort of a transition period between childhood and adulthood, is a relatively recent concept, not really taking hold until the mid-20th century. But that was based on a uniquely Western (mainly white American) worldview and set of conditions. It's tied up with a well paid working-middle class, with a common stake in society, with a bright outlook for the future. These things seem to be absent in the 'hood.

Of course, when the traditional American Dream is attacked for being "racist," and when the most dysfunctional demographic is promoted by essentially dysgenic policies, what else can we expect but an end to childhood and a premature launch into a Hobbesian world?

Anonymous said...

Impossible. Chicago has laws against owning a handgun.

OT, time is short folks. When the collapse happens it will take most by surprise and most won't be prepared.

Get ready now. Our children need us to be ready, strong and to overcome. We will rebuild a better Nation.

josh said...

The mother said she forgives the shooter of her little girl,but just wants him to turn himself in.For justice sake. You think young Tarquan is gonna buy that? "Sheet,bitch fo-gabe me? We shtraight! Why go ta mu-fu jail fo da shit??" As a former Chicagoan I just cant get over Bobby Rush--the guy who crushed Obama when he ran for Congress,almost destroying the marriage of Barry & Michelle--appearing on the House floor in a Trayvon hoodie. What a fatheaded moron. They glorify their "young warriors". The truth is that black male violence has its origins in the meeting of sperm and egg.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced blacks like the chaos. They laugh and smile and seem alive when they're rioting or have a flash mob - they just want to whine when the violence hits one of them.

I think there should be minimal policing of black ghetto areas and then only by black police. I would save all the white police for white areas and let them teach the blacks why it isn't a good idea to act ghetto outside the ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Their names get more stupid by the day..

Earl Turner said...

You may choose any two:

a. freedom
b. civilization
c. black people

Anonymous said...

Blacks are more prone to violence, genetically. They have specific codons in DNA that increase synthesis and release of stress hormones, greater feedback loops thru midbrain/emotional nuclei, AND less inhibitory centers in a relatively less active and smaller frontal cortex and prefrontal nuclei

Anon 11:08 you are precisely correct.

They are what they are. Denial of this is the current White Mans' Burden. And by "white man" I meant the New Eloi, who continually answer the bells

Anonymous said...

"The truth is that black male violence has its origins in the meeting of sperm and egg.

With names like Quianna, Tyvian and Juannakee surely there must be a black boy baby named Omelet and girl named OverEasy.


Didn't the Chinese invent gun powder?

Anonymous said...

Replying to Anonymous who posted at 11:08, you have have enunciated an important idea: that Africans actually prefer chaos and create it as their social habitat. That would fit with Philippe Rushton's hypothesis that Africans are r-selected relative to Caucasians and Northeast Asians. A chaotic social environment is exactly where an r-selected male can have the greatest reproductive success; likewise for r-selected females who can better judge the "alpha-ness" of their potential impregnators in a chaotic environment.

In the same fashion that Finns or Koreans will not tolerate social chaos because it would be detrimental to them given their K-selected characteristics, Africans create chaos in part to have an environment in which their r-selectedness can be successful.

Put another way, an African preference for chaos would be a logical expectation from Rushton's important research findings on African r-selectedness.

The idea that African's have a higher tolerance for, and probably a preference for, social chaos would have been the next logical hypothesis for Rushton to have tested had he not passed away (R.I.P.).

Anonymous said...

It is just in their nature to be this way.

Criminal fathers are more promiscuous and are succeeding in passing on their criminal genes. It's simple evolution.

We whites are the ones making it happen by subsidizing offspring that would otherwise NOT survive

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's been to Africa can see why that is. A lot of dangerous shit there and being highly aggressive keeps people away from you, leading to higher survival rates than peaceful ppl who bunch up and get wiped out by malaria or other plagues

Anonymous said...

Black girls are easy. If you're white pretty much a hey shawty and a couple drinks and they're yours. They have comparatively very high sex drive. Biology eliminated all that didn't, because of natural selection. They literally outbreed all the diseases and parasites. Mammals do this.

And when subject to a calamity, ALL mammals increase rates. Higher sex rates, shorter maturations. Humans and rats alike...big bulge after 911, take a chick to do something scary or dangerous and u arouses them as part of this adaptation coded deep in our genetic lineage

Anonymous said...

Blacks in Chicago have poor impulse control and no respect for boundaries. When given a gun, they shoot random victims and create chaos. When given an education, faux credibility and backing, they run for president and create chaos.

Anonymous said...

Even the senseless murder of their own black children won't cause the black community to join together and demand that the violence stop. oh a few decent negroes will speak out but they are outnumbered by the apologists who blame white people and evil racism and poverty for it. and the killing of a white baby in his stroller brings very little notice in the media beyond the brief mention in the news . or the torture and murder of whites in general. or the white boy beaten on the bus by three bigger black thugs . it's black violence that gets swep under the rug constantly ...we are really screwed.

Bogolyubski said...

They arise stealthily from the vast necropoles of mouldering Chicago voters every night to restlessly roam about the hood, mercilessly mowing down the holy Sons of Obama in the flower of dey yoot. Shotguns, AK's, "assault rifles", Glocks, pistols, revolvers, blunderbusses and musketoons alike - even Al Capone's tommy-gun. GUNZ GONE WILD! - AARRRRGH!

Another turrible, turrible legacy ob de slabery, brought to you by Mr. Y.T. Rayciss.

10mm AUTO said...

A negro perceives that they have a short, violent, poverty filled life span, far shorter than the White. A negro male has decided that they only want to live to 30 and ignore their sprogs and have decided that money is best obtained at the point of the gun rather than investing or education. The most violent (as others here have pointed out) get a higher social status and willing negro females.

A White makes plans for 100 years and tries to instill his values and wisdom in his sons for the next hundred. Whites do not assault random negros because they have a long life span, professional accreditation and education to protect on which they have spent a considerable amount of time and money, far more than they could obtain by street robbery. Prison and the resulting social stigma robs Whites of social and professional Status.

So when the two races meet on the street, the negro has to decide if the short stay in prison (which is to him not that onerous and confers status) is worth taking down YT for a few dollars, and the White is highly motivated to prevent damage to his eyes or brain or status, thus he readily gives up his wallet or his Honor to preserve 50 to 70 years more life.

This leaves aside the unfathomable hate a negro has for the successful White.

Since the negro will not change either in the long run or the short run, it is the White who must change. As Gentlemen of old, a White man MUST be skilled and carry personal weapons sufficient to be able to protect his life and the life of other innocents, his honor and his person.

In short, when they attack, shoot them. Hard.

Silent Running said...

One of the advantages of guns is that they are the equalizer. The little guy/gal can stand up to the big ones. Zimmerman is one example. And this may be one reason there is the drumbeat over "gun violence." It's about disarming the proverbial law-abiding citizen. And then they will be prey for the flash mobs and the car burners.

We already have an excellent example of an environment where there are no guns but lots of blacks: prison. It goes without saying that a world without guns is not a world without violence. It's simply a return to the rule of whomever can pack the most meat onto his skeleton.

A favorite talking point among the hoplophobes is that a gun's only purpose is to kill, but the unspoken implication is that all killing, including that in self-defense, is immoral. When you bring up the fact that a petite woman could destroy her would-be rapist with a firearm, they clumsily dodge by making the rapist a jujitsu expert who can instantly close with and disarm anyone. When you see the shuck and the jive, you know you're on the right track.

Adults understand that killing is often necessary. Given the right circumstances, it can even be righteous.

The equalization aspect cannot be overstated. The firearm is mankind's finest invention. In the right hands, liberty flows from the barrel.

Time is indeed short. We are all mafiosi now, and that should be your mindset. Embrace the coming chaos.

Anonymous said...

Very few blacks will denounce they killing of innocent blacks children. and if the child is white none will. nigger shot a white back in his stroller and won't get serious jail time once he is sentenced. they might say life but i lay odds they will release him in a years or two. a white man doing it would be just as wrong but he would be big news for months. the nigger leaders won't speak up nor will the media.

William Mayes said...

I believe that it was the Egyptians that really invented gunpowder. They used it to blast the rocks off that were used to build the pyramids. But they kept it secret. The Chinese who were trading with Egypt got ahold of the formula and took it to China. Moses knew the formula and used it to knock down the walls of Jericho. When Aaron was crossing the river with the Ark of the Covenent and the men almost dropped it in the river he really got mad. The reason he got so mad was that it contained gunpowder which he was going to use on Jericho. The Chinese idea of research is to read ancient texts.One day a researcher discovered the formula for gunpowder in some ancient scroll and got the credit for discovering gunpowder.

Bogolyubski said...

Silent Running:
A favorite talking point among the hoplophobes is that a gun's only purpose is to kill, but the unspoken implication is that all killing, including that in self-defense, is immoral.

This is yet another example of how lie. One never sees these hoplophobes wringing their tear-washed hands over the many hundreds of innocent civilians killed by drones under the direction of their messiah - recipient of the Nobel Peace Price for prezidin' while black. In fact, one of them advocated a drone strike on Julian Assange just the other day. It really boils down to the same essence we've noted previously in these threads: YT's obligation is simple: he is to hand over his money, his women, his children, assume the position and die. That's their actual position in a nutshell - genocide. All the rest of what they say they believe in is really a massive mountain of spin. Now and again, the mask slips off like it did with Eric Dyson recently. Conservatards either fail to understand it out of gaslighting, stupidity and blindness (normalcy bias) or they're actually on board with the program.

Anonymous said...

Le’Genius dun tried to kilt Dinarick!

Anonymous said...

Black people are horrible at parenting.

That's because they're still trying to get impulse control figured out.....

TAMPA, Fla. —Opening statements are set to be delivered in the murder trial of a Tampa man accused of throwing his ex-girlfriend's 3-month-old son out of a moving car.

Florida mug shots: Aug. 16

Prosecutors are expected to tell jurors Monday that 25-year-old Richard McTear murdered Emmanuel Murray three years ago when he threw the boy onto Interstate 275.

Investigators said McTear forced his way into Jasmine Bedwell's apartment on May 5, 2009, and beat her. He threw a baby carrier against a wall with the child in it, causing him to fall to a concrete floor.

Detectives say McTear then drove off with the baby, got on the interstate and threw the infant out.

McTear could get the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

via Ozzie saffa? and Angry white dude:
The Extermination of Whites in Europe: “We Are the Last 3 German Children in Our School.”
There is an oft repeated lie by Liberals in our Western societies which is that immigration is needed to keep the pension system and economy going.

Well, let's have a look at a city in Germany called Kreuzberg, which is now the largest Turkish city outside of Turkey and is known as “Kleine Istanbul” (Little Istanbul).

In this wonderful nirvana, 90% of the inhabitants of certain areas of Kreuzberg live below the poverty level and subsist on taxpayer handouts.

At the Jens-Nydahl-Grundschule (school) in this nirvana, 99% of the 313 pupils have a Muslim background; and of those 313 pupils, 285 children's parents receive financial support from the state!

So, Liberals - about that lie...........

Oh, and let's mention the most important thing about this school. There are only 3 German kids left. The poor kids can't understand what the other kids are saying as they speak either Turkish or Arabic and pork is no longer served at the school.

Ah, how's that ethnic cleansing going Germany?

But, do the German people really care? This has been the trend for decades now and they haven't done anything to stop it. In fact, they've encouraged it. Germans are very selfish people. I know as I have German family and have once upon a time lived for a few months in the country. They are more worried about being politically correct than to do wha

Californian said...

Silent Running said... We already have an excellent example of an environment where there are no guns but lots of blacks: prison. It goes without saying that a world without guns is not a world without violence.


I believe that South Africa has in recent years put in strict controls on guns. And yet they have a very high violent crime rate.

A favorite talking point among the hoplophobes...

"hoplophobes" -- great term!

The equalization aspect cannot be overstated. The firearm is mankind's finest invention. In the right hands, liberty flows from the barrel.

Sam Colt would agree!

Anonymous said...

Another reason why black people make neighborhoods dangerous: they can't shoot straight!

Anonymous said...

Just today in a small Oklahoma town, three Trayvons gunned down a handsome 22-year old Australian because they were bored. A local news station interviewed two of the thugs family members and the news lady commented that her heart was breaking for all involved.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the gun controllers get real quiet when you tell them that it's primarily black people who use guns to do crimes. Since that goes against the liberal ethos (and almost all gun controllers are libs) where no criticism of the Magic Negros is allowed, they sit back and pray for another white kid to shoot up a school so they have something to sqawk about.

Remember, these are the very same people who voted for a president who loves to kill people with drones. One Eloi wrote an article in which he fantasized about using our military might to kill people who used their guns in an uprising against our government. His attitude was basically "well, if these gun nuts ever did anything, I'm not worried, we've got tanks and planes" was grade school shit.
So, most liberals in truth have no problem with guns, as long as they are in the "right" hands. Since most white gun owners tend to be of conservative bent, they don't like them owning guns (note, this does not apply to celebrity bodyguards and private security for the DWL's gated neighborhoods).
They really don't care about black people owning guns, because they tend to kill each other. Sure, that means one less democratic vote, but because they fuck and breed like rabbits, for every one buck that gets gunned down, there are four more growing into their bodies as we speak.
THe DWL is fine with the military having the guns because as long as DWL types control the government, they control the military. These people are statists at heart - to them, guns should only be in the hands of people who are there to enforce laws or impose themselves on you. And niggers, of course.

Mr. Rational said...

Funny how the gun controllers get real quiet when you tell them that it's primarily black people who use guns to do crimes.

If it is not safe to allow Black people to own guns, perhaps we should not allow Black people to own guns.

Along this line of thinking, since allowing Black people to vote and hold office leads to (very) bad government, perhaps we should not allow Black people to vote or hold office.  After all, the purpose of the Constitution is not "one man, one vote".  It is "to secure the blessings of liberty to us and our posterity"; if enfranchising Black people is destructive to that (e.g. giving us crime in the streets and corruption from the halls of Congress on down), we should dis-enfranchise them.

Anonymous said...

All the violence, dysgenic behaviors, and unchecked deviance are activities protected under the mantel of CULTURE... whites couldn't understand - and they are forbidden from commenting. Policies and race laws that protect people from learning about the real behaviors of blacks and the costs - fiscal, lives, and life style are purposeful - blacks and muslims form the new terror wing of the Democrat Party. They replaced the KKK. Perhaps if lawyers ever learn to prosecute cases where whites are injured or murdered in black communities, they will get legislators to mandate new laws WARNING travelers: Black Community Ahead. Everything else must have a warning level for casual risks. Why not this?