Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Detroit -- Too Black to Fail

Latest VDare.com column by Paul Kersey is a look at Detroit, a city that is Too Black to Fail. [If Obama Had A City, It Would Look Like Detroit—But Without An Art Museum, Which Will Have Been Looted By The Rich, 9-30-13]:
If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit. Actually, it already is his—the President has just officially adopted it. 

Of Detroit's over 700,000 people, eighty-two percent are black.  Obama won the city’s voters by a margin not seen since the fall of Saddam Hussein, taking 98 percent of the votes cast in the 2012 election.
Not coincidentally, the city is also $18.5 billion in long-term debt,forcing the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.
However, in the post-American age, slavish political support for the powers that be has its benefits. The Obama Administration has just delivered the “bacon” City Council member JoAnn Watson notoriously demanded after the election. [Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out, MyFoxDetroit, December 5, 2012]
America’s failed city is getting $300 million in “freed-up” grants from the government and private foundations. The Obama Administration has also appointed a “point person” who will be “on the ground” during this “recovery” process. It has “vowed to bring ‘a lot of passion’ to an aggressive effort to help Detroit recover from its economic crisis”...
What Detroit needs to “come back” from is the reality of Black Power and the costs of racial socialism. From the Detroit symphony orchestra, to the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum, to the largely white tax base, black rule has systematically destroyed the institutions and constituencies that allow a modern city to function.
What’s more, the startling spike in popularity of works mentioned even briefly by the likes of Rush Limbaugh shows that the historic American nation is ready to hear some truthful answers about what has happened to its once-great cities.
Instead of relying on empty grandstanding over Obamacare or plaintive wails about tax cuts, a single Republican Senator could create a national sensation by standing up against the President’s attempt to put an entire city on welfare.
Notice anything?
More importantly, the Beltway Right could change the political momentum overnight by simply allowing truthful discussion about what destroyed the Arsenal of Democracy.
That could create the kind of patriotic political and cultural movement that would allow Detroit to be a real comeback city.
It might even allow America to be a comeback country. 
Read the rest at VDare.com and be sure to share it far and wide.

But the meme coming out of Washington D.C. is simple: Detroit is simply Too Black to Fail


Expiring Rapper said...

Too Black to fail equates to too Black to succeed.

A great exercise in presenting the truth about BRA and cities such as Detroit,Baltimore and Chicago would be to have a series
of videos(H/T Pat/Albertosaurus)featuring White people reminiscing about day to day life in areas now uninhabitable because of negoid invasion. One could juxtapose pictures of what said area was like when White people lived there and contrast it to today's negro reality.

It could be called "Where White People Used to Roam Free"...

Anonymous said...

Detroit, Haiti, and most of Sub-Saharan Africa are high decibel illustrations showcasing the height of black potentiality and capability.

One need look no further than those places to see where we are headed, but liberals and race apologists are firmly committed to burying their heads in the sands of denial and calling no fact their friend.



NGR's suck and so does Detroit!We need know more reasons period!


Anonymous said...

The graphic embedded in Paul's article is interesting. Is there a link to the original article? I'm interested to read why Detroit's debt is not Coleman Young's fault. The graph would seem to suggest that debt was brought under control by Young. If anything, it was probably brought under control by previous administrations, but I would assume the wheels began coming off the cart over the course of the 20 years that Young was in power. I lived in Michigan for the first 30 years of my life. Dennis Archer was still in office when I moved, and I always considered him to be a decent mayor. I don't think he was corrupt like Coleman Young. Kwame was a different monster all together. Kwame was your typical tin-pot African dictator. Did anybody read that Freep article? What was the general theme?

Anonymous said...

Its ironic - you can actually be a left-winger and a racial realist. You can't have a functioning socialism if you have socially dysfunctional humans. That is why Southern Democrats were so supportive of segregation.

That is why Golden Dawn (until its recent persecution) started movements to only provide welfare to native Greeks. Turns out that in Greece, the food and health care help was all going to Turkish and African migrants, who crowd out Greeks who actually need help and a start up.

The idea of helping poor people just enough for them to get back on their feet can actually work with White people.

No Conservative Inc., Detroit does not prove "liberalism" is to blame. Portland and San Francisco prove that "liberalism" can work.

Negroes and Spics are the greatest enemy that left-wingers ever have had, and they are completely unaware. Sad.

Lorraine said...

Right on. And you cannot have Civil Rights without civility.

Anonymous said...

So check this out. The supposed "road rage" incident in New York involving bikers and a man with his family in the mini-van is none other than the usual suspects. In the video it appears the bikers were harassing the driver and one biker slowed down enough for the mini-van to bump which caused a Cat 5 Chimp out.


Anonymous said...

Here is the youtube video of the NYC biker attack that shows the POV of the bikers. I think they were definitely in the wrong and they captured their own guilt on camera.


whisker child said...

to Expiring Rapper, at 1:42 PM:

You know, I read with sadness the various people on here, reminiscing about all these cities before blacks took them over and ruined them.

I live in Kalifornia, and now it's too late to see the historic town of Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit.

I'm a Westerner, and it would've been nice to see these places before they were taken down.

Anonymous said...

They don't have the mental capacity to self govern and only understand self destruction

Anonymous said...

What's not to understand? Detroit, and ANY political entity will start unraveling when its population reaches >25% black. Anything higher than that, whites will inevitably relocate, leaving blacks in control. This story is being played out in all municipal areas of the country. Large numbers of blacks, without Caucasian structure and order, can only ever result in utter failure and financial catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes... the eternal Negro...


Anonymous said...

@ whisker child: Yep, it's too bad you never got to see Baltimore. It used to be a really pleasant place... its downtown had kind of a European feel to it. Of course I'm going way back...
What a shame that American cities will forever onward be sprawling, soul-less stretches of interstates, thanks to people's innate need to distance themselves from America's black Third World culture.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey, what was that thing you were going to do in Detroilet?
Was it successful? I did not hear anything
Thanks. Art in Illinois

10mm AUTO said...

TWMNBN have finally gone too far.

You see, they regard the USA as a Colony, a servant of Israel. Imagine if I were the American Gov and were asked by Russia or Iran to spy on Americans and then send the Data to their inbox. Not just census data, but EVERYTHING including phone taps and biometric data.

Can't happen? Why that would be TREASON!

For those who think I am just making this up: http://topconservativenews.com/2013/09/leaked-document-says-nsa-spies-on-american-citizens-for-a-foreign-country/

Just that funny little Country in the middle East who is America's "Ally" and Partner and who seems to own a lot of media and radio stations and Hollywood.

Got to run, the telescreen is telling me that I have to do my evening exercises because I need to be up early tomorrow.

I love Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the biker video. Django needs to be chained back up!

AvoryGirl said...

To whisker child at 5:53 pm

Whisk, there are still some fairly decent parts of Chicago remaining. Not sure how long that will last.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop your whining. I for one welcome my new black overlords. It's a bad situation, but our football is freaking awesome. The NBA is fantastic! You people are such a negative bunch.

Anonymous said...


8MM just passing along info

Mr. Rational said...

The SUV driver in the biker video had a weapon and failed to use it.  Just swinging back and forth across the lanes would have messed up the pursuit, or running a few bikers into the crash barriers would have spilled them (or forced them to brake and be hit from behind by their comrades with the same result).  The ensuing cascade of crashed bikes would have gotten rid of most of the pursuing gang, if not eliminated it.

Anonymous said...


Science Rocks!

Bogolyubski said...

The Beltway "right" is no such thing. It's actually a unit of the enemy - who can't wait to give Mr. Y.T. Rayciss Taxpayer the enema of a lifetime courtesy of the massive looting racket known here as BRA.

Anonymous said...

That is a million dollar phrase. "Racial Socialism" says it all. It's a perfect meme.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know how the ad or whatever you did with the pledge drive went in Detoilet. Really would boost moral to see some things in action. Thanks again for all your hard work!!

NC Guy

AnalogMan said...

That biker video is now gone. Who knew that Youtube had a policy against "spam, scams and commercially deceptive content".

I can't think of anything more repulsive than a black biker gang. Here in South Africa, we have blacks, and we have bikers, but I've never seen a black biker. I've seen plenty of blacks riding delivery bikes, but that's not a biker. Used to ride a bike myself for many years, but I was never a biker. I sold it for a song lest somebody mistake me for a biker. This, after an incident that convinced me that bikers are dumber than poultry. Black bikers? The mind boggles.

Poupon Marks said...

We call it Detoilet around here.

10mm AUTO said...

"However, in the post-American age, slavish political support for the powers that be has its benefits."

How did I miss this gem?

Anonymous said...

You can bet that the bailout money will go to the mayor and all his nigger cronies. they will sell off the art collectio and pocket the profit. any demolition or construction contracts will go to favored nigger contractors. no white people or companies will see a nickel of it. waste fraud corruption and incompetent inefficiency. soon the money will have gone down the nigger rathole. and den dey be axin fo MO. and they will get it. the others nigger ruined cities will demand bailout money ...and get it. nothing for whites. and no accountability.

Anonymous said...

@whisker child. The same could be said for Brooklyn ny. The neighborhood of my youth, (East Flatbush) is long gone. Rows of once neatly kept Brownstones, now have barred windows,and barbed wired fences like little prisons. Barking Pit bulls, crackhouses, and filth are the new landscape.... so sad.

Anonymous said...

Django doesn't need to be chained back up now. He's paralyzed and will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
OF course, his "wife" is nigging out and claiming he's all innocent and sheeit as well as~ you guessed it!~ an aspiring rapper!!
I can't wait until his rap sheet comes out so we can hear how he wuz turnin' his life around.

Anonymous said...

How come I never get black motorcycle gangbangers to chase me in my Silverado? I think it would be very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

OT:White people have lost their freaking minds.


Since pandering to blacks and Hispanics did not work, maybe this will result in Tea Party Patriotard "outreach" and pandering to Muslims, expanding the donor/volunteer base and finally finding redemption by proving that they are not just "racist" white people.

"There is room in the Tea Party for ALL liberty lovers! We love Sharia!!"

Anonymous said...

"For the burned cities and villages; for the deaths of our children and our mothers; for the torture and humiliation of our people; I swear Revenge upon the enemy... I swear that I would rather die with the enemy than surrender myself, my people, my Country to the Fascist invaders.
Blood for Blood! Death for Death!" - Russian War Oath

I never thought I'd be using a Russian quote - but change a few words and it would be appropriate for what happened to this white couple and countless other white people/cities at the hands of the enemy.

"Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war"

Anonymous said...

OT: Hey Paul.

Blacks are whining about FEDGOV shutdown because they are OVERREPRESENTED. Fake black middle class is being crunched.

Please address this again.


Anonymous said...

Negro park workers erecting fencing to prevent World War II vets from visiting memorial. Negro park police poised to use fire hoses on vets. Negro President declares vets must be dispersed.

Johnny See said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh stop your whining. I for one welcome my new black overlords. It's a bad situation, but our football is freaking awesome. The NBA is fantastic! You people are such a negative bunch.

Da fuck you mean, "You people"!?!

I hope you are just playing sarcastic troll, but if not I will quote Cee Lo Green, who I'm sure is one of your favorite 'pet' singers... "Forget You!"


Anonymous said...

A great exercise in presenting the truth about BRA and cities such as Detroit,Baltimore and Chicago would be to have a series
of videos(H/T Pat/Albertosaurus)featuring White people reminiscing about day to day life in areas now uninhabitable because of negoid invasion.

Better, show old films of Detroit and then juxtapose them with video of today's deadzones...

Californian said...

The SUV driver in the biker video had a weapon and failed to use it. Just swinging back and forth across the lanes would have messed up the pursuit, or running a few bikers into the crash barriers would have spilled them (or forced them to brake and be hit from behind by their comrades with the same result). The ensuing cascade of crashed bikes would have gotten rid of most of the pursuing gang, if not eliminated it.

In sane times this would make sense. But remember, we are living in the era of L'Affaire Trayvon. The driver, had he tried this, could have been charged with vehicular manslaughter and a hatecrime chaser. The media would pillory that driver while showing pictures of the deceased bikers as 12 year olds riding tricycles. Meanwhile, the same politicos who took photo ops wearing hoodies would show up at press conferences wearing biker helmets and leather. And on top of it all, the DoJ would set up a special task force to protect poor widdle bikers from (ooooh!) racist vans.

Anonymous said...

Johnny See:

Look up the word "sarcasm" in the dictionary. That was the most obvious example of it I've seen in a year. Geez....

Anonymous said...

Yup already demands are being made to arrest SUV driver since one of the bikers had his spine crushed.

Good thing he was driving a SUV not a Prius.

Anonymous said...

Smug, White-Hating Comumbia Professor Beaten by Black Pets in Harlem.

Hahahaha. Maybe they will beat him awake.


Pat Boyle said...

I wonder about all this.

I was going to do a video on Detroit for my new series of 'Disturbing Ideas'. I made up twelve scripts on various topics. I have already published four of them on controversial topics like homosexuality (why we are getting rid of homosexuals) and climate (why we are getting rid of blacks) and others in that vein.

But now I wonder if Detroit is even controversial anymore? When Paul started this blog he had viewpoint not widely seen elsewhere. But now?

I'm too isolated from mainstream America probably. Is the collapse of Detroit as caused my the black takeover still news?


I can't get to it for at least a month so I have time to ponder and research.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hello, Why Paul doesnt speak about the election in Austria that has seen Far right leaders take 32% of the votes? Under 30 years old have vited in majority for theses members! It's incredible! And in France Marine LEpen is the most famous for the youngers too! You see what happens in Europe, we have representants and young people (Im' only 32) like me prefer far right leader!

Why? Because right and left are the same things, they give money and right to immigrants only, they dont do anything for middle class whhites. WE ARE FED UP.

And Austria, it's a surprise because I prefere 1000 times Austria level of life than France, they surely dont have Afriacns or Arabds there..when i look at their soccer team, only blond hairs players, in france only two whites! It means a lot.
So Austria, France next year, Holland, Hungary, Greece (Aube Dorée)... The wind is truning so fast..why dont you talk about this? It could give ideas to your young generation, YES WHITE CAN!

Anonymous said...

pat [Albertosaurus],

Are you kidding me? The media is just now starting to reveal the hot mess that is Detroit and what PK has documented herein.

Jesus, man. Don't give up on your project now while it's actually, FINALLY being discussed AT ALL! Every collective effort to showcase this crap needs airtime.

Don't give up on your efforts.

Anonymous said...


As I write I am watching Manchester City V Bayern Munich.

Munich have a player named Alaba who also plays for the Austrian national side.black as the ace of spades.
Only one other black on the Munich team however and he is Brazilian.All the rest are white and they are European champions.

City have several blacks.

Californian said...

But now I wonder if Detroit is even controversial anymore?


The Detroit story needs to be hammered home. Today. Tomorrow. Every day! Hammered home in the same way that the MSM hammered home L'affaire Trayvon. The destruction of a once great American city by BRA is the story of the decade, of the half century since blacks took control of it, and another half century into a future where more cities just may be destroyed by BRA.

Detroit is too big to be missed by your average person, no matter how besotted he or she might be by the telescreen. Detroit needs to become a rallying cry. Look at it as the "Remember the Maine" of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...


Couldn't take a joke lol

Anonymous said...

OK, I am the person who posted the youtube video showing the biker gang harassing the family in the SUV. As I was posting it I was wondering how one could rip the video from youtube in case it got pulled by the uploader or youtube.

Does anyone have any ideas how to copy/save videos from youtube?

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

The free Real Player software can accomplish that. It has a feature that will pop up in your browser and allow you to download a video.


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!

AnalogMan said...


Does anyone have any ideas how to copy/save videos from youtube?

Firefox has a free add-on "Downloadhelper". Click on Tools/Add-ons/Get Add-ons.

If you prefer a free-standing solution, try Freemake Video Converter. Also good for downloading music videos to MP3 or converting between video or audio formats. Free (of course) from freemake dot com.

Anonymous said...

From De'Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones
Here is an article from Wash Post on investigation into a black run charter school. It is Detroit in a nutshell.

10mm AUTO said...


Yea man, Preach it Brother!

You are exactly right. Detroit is the culmination of socialism and negros or at least negro which socialism could not stop.

This is critically important. DWL tend to look at each problem separately, as isolated incidences( "ie. if we just fix this one problem, everything will be better")

It needs to be hammered home every day. The Implementation of BRA is Detroit. If you hate your children, then you are on the right course; if you want life and happiness for your kids, assert racial interests.

Sadly, it will still make no difference. The plumes and pyres of Detroit will only ease the passage of negros to other lands, there to carry out further evil.

Anonymous said...

PK do u ever read leftwing blogs like the nation or counterpunch?

i would like to see if u can address leftwing counter arguments that detroit and other black pathologies can be attributed to the war on unions, racism etc.

a sociology professor Killing Detroit | Pueblo Lands
Jul 29, 2013 - The Collapse of Michigan's Largest City Parallels a Long Campaign to Undermine Labor Radicalism and Racial Integration Underneath all the ...

Pat Boyle said...

The way I take YouTube videos is with the Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture. It's free.

It is however relatively sophisticated. You just bring up the YouTube video on the computer screen. You then open the screen capture utility and adjust the outline to the shape of the YouTube video. Start the capture utility and when it counts down to one, start the YouTube video.

I still use an old version that is restricted to ten minutes but I think there's a newer free version with higher limits.

Then you send it to the encoder with one click and the encoder produces a WMV file. I use AVI files until the final product, so I have an additional conversion from WMV to AVI but you probably won't need that step.

I seem to get the same resolution as that of the original YouTube clip - but I can't say for certain. I'll need to do some tests. Until recently all YouTube videos were small, short and low resolution. No more.

Gotta go. Time to shoot "Black Violence - Episode 1".


Mr. Rational said...

Pat, are you shooting your videos in a small, acoustically-live zone in front of a green screen?  With a not-very-directional mic some distance away from you (out of frame)?

I have an idea you might want to try.  Read your script in front of a good noise-cancelling microphone, and record.  Play that audio into the video recorder and an earphone when you shoot, and just lip-sync yourself.  Voila, top-quality audio.

Pat Boyle said...

Mr. Rational had some good ideas for which I thank him. But his solution is beyond my technical reach at the moment. Maybe next year.

One of the great mistakes that many YouTube filmmakers make is to show how they make their movies rather than actually making a movie. I have resisted showing how I do it. I'm under terrible time pressure just to get a new video posted every week.

Mr. Rational understands how I do it and has good suggestions. But my biggest problem is content. I need to read a book on black schizophrenia that I got in the mail from Amazon the day before yesterday. I shoot my video on black mental illness next Wednesday. I won't have much time for technical improvements this week, not if I want to make sense in what I say and not be embarrassing.

I'm doing a bunch of videos on economics and education soon - topics that I know a bit better than genetics and brain physiology. I should have more time then. I have a good quality cardioid condenser mic that I haven't even used yet. I'll try that before I try lip syncing.

I also need to work out the Bluetooth remote control on the teleprompter. And I want to draw a better looking 'corner bug' too.

Paul Kersey I'm sure understands the pressure of preparing new material every week.