Tuesday, October 29, 2013

“The capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with": JP Morgan Chase, McDonald's, Walmart, and the EBT/SNAP/Food Stamp Marriage

We already know JP Morgan Chase administers the whole EBT/SNAP/Food Stamp scam, to the tune of between a 31 cents to $2.30 fee per recipient (per individual processing fee, which adds up quickly and can be a fine, profitable business for both executives hoping for higher quarterly profits and investors looking for greater profit margins).
Two of America's largest "private" employers actively promote EBT/SNAP/WIC/Welfare for their employees...

We already know two of the largest private employers in America, Walmart (Wal-Mart) and McDonald's actively promote welfare and EBT/SNAP/Food Stamps for their employees. It's even part of Walmart's growth strategy and inventory forecasts (revenue management) to factor in EBT/Welfare-dependent customers (it could be argued Walmart is indebted to a continued growth of those reliant on entitlement programs to expand):
Bill Simon, CEO of Wal-Mart’s U.S. business, at a Goldman Sachs conference last week, on behavior at a Walmart store around midnight at the end of a month:
“The paycheck cycle we’ve talked about before remains extreme. It is our responsibility to figure out how to sell in that environment, adjusting pack sizes, large pack at sizes the beginning of the month, small pack sizes at the end of the month. And to figure out how to deal with what is an ever-increasing amount of transactions being paid for with government assistance.
“And you need not go further than one of our stores on midnight at the end of the month. And it’s real interesting to watch, about 11 p.m., customers start to come in and shop, fill their grocery basket with basic items, baby formula, milk, bread, eggs,and continue to shop and mill about the store until midnight, when electronic — government electronic benefits cards get activated and then the checkout starts and occurs. And our sales for those first few hours on the first of the month are substantially and significantly higher.
“And if you really think about it, the only reason somebody gets out in the middle of the night and buys baby formula is that they need it, and they’ve been waiting for it. Otherwise, we are open 24 hours — come at 5 a.m., come at 7 a.m., come at 10 a.m. But if you are there at midnight, you are there for a reason.”
Welcome to the new norm.

As the population continues to become darker, we know that more and more unemployable individuals of the non-white hue will increasingly find private employment a pipe dream, thereby relying on a transfer of wealth from the productive (white) population to survive.
The new norm.

Do you understand why big business wants amnesty (more consumers dependent on EBT/SNAP/welfare)?

Do you understand why both the GOP and DNC are allied against the historic American majority population (because only whites have a vested interest in ending Black-Run America --BRA)?

Do you understand what the Day the EBT Card Runs Out truly means yet?

Racialism Socialism is upon us, with those vaunted corporations Conservatism Inc. loves to defend (Walmart and McDonald's are so entrepreneurial!!) part of an incestuous game of 'let's have whitey pay for a Newark World Order nationwide'!

Remember: both McDonald's and Walmart openly brag - in corporate messaging - about their non-white workforce; the former's employees can even call the 'McResource line' to learn how to take advantage of whitey's tax-dollars:

McDonald's workers should have no problem qualifying for government programs like food stamps and heating assistance.

The hamburger chain pretty much admits that in a call made by a worker to "McResource"-- a helpline set up for its workers.
The advocacy group Low Pay is not Ok recorded a phone call made to the helpline by one McDonald's worker Nancy Salgado. The group circulated an edited video of the recording. McDonald's said the video was "not an accurate portrayal of the resource line" because it was "very obviously" edited.
However, CNNMoney reviewed the full recording of the call.
Salgado, who has worked at a Chicago McDonald's for 10 years and makes $8.25 an hour, asked the McResource representative a number of questions related to getting assistance to pay for her heating bill, her groceries and her sister's medical expenses.
Salgado told the representative that she was recording the call for her sister.

The helpline operator never asked Salgado how much she made per hour, and how many hours per week she worked beyond the fact that she was a full-time employee. But she said that Salgado "definitely should be able to qualify for both food stamps and heating assistance."
The representative then pointed her toward a number of resources in Chicago, such as food pantries and a program that would help cover some of her heating bill. She said she would email her specific phone numbers and programs.
The operator also explained that the McResource line is available to help McDonald's workers who need help navigating the process of getting public assistance. The helpline's phone number is posted in fliers at many McDonald's locations.
McDonald's said in a statement that "the McResource Line is intended to be a free, confidential service to help employees and their families get answers to a variety of questions or provide resources on a variety of topics including housing, child care, transportation, grief, elder care, education and more."
In summary: two of America's top 10 private employers openly advocate for their employees to get on EBT/SNAP/Welfare, with one of those companies bragging in conference calls about the rate of commerce at the first of the month (because of entitlement abuse); another private company has the contract for EBT/SNAP, which awards them 31 cents to $2.30 each time they process an individual card... do you understand why no one truly opposes the growth inhttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-04/subsidy-addiction-jobs-vs-foodstamps Food Stamp usage?

Racial Socialism 101. You're paying for your own dispossession.

Food stamp fraud? Who cares? JP Morgan Chase still gets a processing fee in the end!





All one can think of is this exchange of dialogue from Dark Knight Rises, when the 'villain' takes over the Gotham City's Stock Exchange:
[Bane's men announce their entry into the stock exchange, as the food delivery man shoots down a trader, while the shoeshiner and janitor fire their guns into the trading screen. As the screens shut off, Bane comes in and walks over to one trader] 

Trader #1: This is a stock exchange! There's no money you can steal! 

Bane: Really? Then why are you people here?


Anonymous said...

Well, it's good to know SOMEONE is making a profit off the Black Plague ...

10mm AUTO said...

negros are a weaponized demographic used to prevent opposition to Obama. Anyone causing him grief or trying to impeach him or impeed his agenda and he releases his "army", his "Civilian Defense Force" that is more powerful and more well funded than the Marines. It is funded every month at midnight.

I laugh bitterly when I say this as now it is clear. The defense force does not have to be soldiers and bullets, but hungry, violent negros.

Like the Terror in France, he merely unleashes the hordes on command, the Command of ETB, literally at the SNAP of his fingers.

I was so blind. The Civilian Defense Force is not the militarized police, it is the negro itself, manipulated by an totally conscienceless creature. The military guys are there to suppress the White, to take down any White with charisma that might form a leadership cell. The professionals take down the "troublemakers" (Tea-party leaders, White Nationalists, etc.) Most of the charismatic guys are either in business or in the Military, which is why he has been purging the older leaders, (Admirals, Generals, Marine Col.) leaders that could be a threat to him. If they cause trouble they lose their pensions. The bankers are in his pocket, the Military is Purged, The employers are mostly under control, the Doctors are either out of Business or employed by O'care. The only thing left are a few "troublemakers" and "Counter-revolutionaries" that will need to be put to the sword or re-educated.

And the gun guys. They will be first to the wall as Terrorists.

stari_momak said...

One of your best posts.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but don't believe this BS that White people are not breeding. There was a hurricane last year so of course they're doing a 1 year anniversary thing etc.
Now, NYC is like 35% White (Manhattan about 50%) but I'm looking at this pic of women in the maternity ward that had to be evacuated at NYU and moved to a hospital uptown and I noticed that they seem to be mostly White and that their husbands are there with them.


Anonymous said...

EBT usage among employees at places like Walmart reminds me of the old whaling ships or company mining towns. Workers get a dismal wage they can't live on, most often purposefully kept at below full time hours, and then in turn spend said meager earnings right back in the store. The only difference is now regular tax payers get to bankroll the whole mess from top to bottom.

And it is not just blacks in this case. This is how working poor whites get thrown into the system. Greedy companies who refuse to pay a decent wage then pass the burden off on everyone else.

Don M said...

Racialism Socialism is upon us, with those vaunted corporations Conservatism Inc. loves to defend (Walmart and McDonald's are so entrepreneurial!!) part of an incestuous game of 'let's have whitey pay for a Newark World Order nationwide'!

Brilliant quote and fantastic article, Paul. I would just love to see Limbaugh and Hannity forced to address this issue on their controlled-opposition agitprop shows. It would never make it passed the call screeners though.

Isn't it terrifying to know that a private bank exercises command and control over a vast Zombie Army (sometimes referred to as the 'Free Shit Army' FSA) that can lay waste to any U.S. city as surely as any Chem/Bio Weapon?

I wonder what JP Morgan does with such power? It sure would be awful if there were ever any "accidental glitches" in the EBT card system?


Bwahahahaha! Happy Halloween everybody!

Anonymous said...

An excellent post that exposes their heart of darkness.


White Doe said...

Libs make fun of country whites for voting conservative (or for being switch-hitters) while receiving food stamps. However, we know that money is being squandered on a lot of these “programs” and that oftentimes it's liberal “feelings” that bind our hands, leaving us less self-sufficient.

The conservatives shipped a lot of jobs overseas that women were capable of doing, such as tech support. There are still some factories around, but a lot of women can't handle big machinery and they have trouble keeping pace with the men. And then there's the dirty secret conservatives try to keep out of the public eye, which is, a lot of jobs (that they supplied) have disappeared for Americans who were working off the books because illegal immigrants will work off the books, too, and they'll do it for less than American-born men.

(I'm not against Mexicans. I have Mexicans who've married into my family. They're wonderful ppl and their parents were legal, and, they're against illegal immigration)

So conservatives have contributed SOME to the problem. But how about liberals?

For starters, they demonize hunters, and hunters are famous for what? No, not mass killings. They're famous for distributing meat throughout the community. Not only that, but they donate thousands of pounds of meat every year to charity – after they pay to have it professionally butchered and wrapped. And of course you have the fisherman who distribute a lot of meat and then you have many families like mine who distribute nuts, vegetables and fruits from our gardens and trees.

Just take a minute to think about how unnatural some liberal beliefs are. You can't even hunt wild game WHEN your family needs it. We know businesses will come and go, so we can understand and forgive that. But not being able to hunt even if the government shuts down?

I caught a news segment a few year back about the Makah tribe hunting a whale, and of course the Lib-Nazis were out in full force; keep in mind, this whale would have fed the tribe for an entire year. So this one dumb white bitch is standin there holdin a sign that reads: Kill the Makah, Save the Whales!

Now you know if a white man had been in a fight-to-the-death with one of those people that same dumb-ass white woman would have been holdin up a sign that read: Kill the White Man, Save the Makah!

Look, I don't believe in just mowin down the wildlife, but never killin a whale for food? Not nebber ebber?

I love animals, too, but come on.

And why doesn't the Gov supply small cities and towns with funds to build community greenhouses so we can grow food in the winter? We already help feed other families and seniors in the spring, summer and fall out of our own gardens. Good wood and metal you can find all day, but intact panes of glass? Eh, not so much. And most of us have already tried (and tried) to use plastic but it always gets annihilated by the elements.

Lifting restrictions on hunters, INVESTING taxpayer money in large community greenhouses and jar recycling centers, getting rid of taxes on food, lowering the prices on hunting and fishing licenses in some rural areas that have been hit hardest by this last go-around with the economy, as well as FORCING out-of-control-breeders to take birth control, would get a lot of the country folk off the government dole.

Receiving assistance is a self-esteem robber and causes a lot of anxiety, especially if the government shuts down and hunting restrictions are still in place or if it's winter and there's nowhere to grow food. A lot of these families can't afford fines, especially since seniors like my mom just got hit with Obamacare (which she can't afford and she can't use).

As for getting rid of food stamps and free lunches in the cities, that's where the Boer, the Government, contracts, industrial greenhouses, robots, bee colonies, mass production, four price levels and discount cards come in, but more on that later.

Anonymous said...

I live in an 19 percent black county. The Walmart-McDonalds is 97 percent black. Race discrimination?

Anonymous said...

Another black riot in Austin TX with another example of Black Undertow to boot: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/10/rioting_black_youths_stun_austin_texas.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

Of course the police can't figure out why 200 blacks decided to riot.

Anonymous said...

superb post - what's wrong with the whites in charleston, SC? that's the only place where a higher proportion of whites than blacks receive EBT! maybe it's a typo - otherwise i wonder how that happened!

Anonymous said...

NYC and dc are counterexamples...whites have moved back IN to blacked out cities and are transforming them. And dc has fkin mulatto mayors...they're encouraging it.
Next time someone tells you about the ghetto that if you took the blacks out and put whites in that the outcome would be the same you tell them, no we have a word for that- gentrification

Pro-Civilization said...

It's cool Paul K.- you work so hard on this website, the facts and figures you bring to life deserve to be heard around America, when America is ready to hear it.

You are the only website I trust, because all other websites avoid the elephant in the room: the elite white sponsorship of ghetto Blacks as way of maintaining their corrupt elite status.

Jamie Dimon is truly the head squid, as are many other elite whites. Our true enemy is NOT blacks, but rather our supposed "racial brethren", Whites, who regularly betray us.
This is why Racial Socialism, in all forms, will never work: your own worst enemy is your own kind.

Your expose on the profit of JP Morgan Chase as the recipient of governmental welfare money is incredible. We are now in a corporatist, fascist/socialist state, which you call BRA for the sake of brevity. I posit, given the evidence you show, that we might as well call is SRA (Squid-Run America).

P.K. "We already know JP Morgan Chase administers the whole EBT/SNAP/Food Stamp scam, to the tune of between a 31 cents to $2.30 fee per recipient"

This simple fact can bust a hole into the false left-wing Black alliance.

Anonymous said...

I did not realize Sowell mentioned Paul in an article detailing the coming race war! It must be bad when he acknowledges the coming day of reckoning.


The comments below the article show the disparity that still exists.

Anonymous said...

Kleptocracy above. Lootarchy below.

Anonymous said...

@panjoomby...please read the chart again. The percentage of whites in Charleston SC is 3% whereas the percentage of blacks is 30%.

Earl Turner said...

Someone else mentioned the old "company store" and that is indeed our future. I fully expect with the next decade for a gargantuan corporation (most likely Wal Mart) to begin constructing cheap dormitory style housing at its supercenters in which it will "strongly encourage" all store employees (except store level management of course) to move into.

Mutant Swarm said...

Earl Turner said...

Someone else mentioned the old "company store" and that is indeed our future. I fully expect with the next decade for a gargantuan corporation (most likely Wal Mart) to begin constructing cheap dormitory style housing at its supercenters in which it will "strongly encourage" all store employees (except store level management of course) to move into.

October 30, 2013 at 9:28 AM

Good post. A lot of Wally Worlds have people who travel from store to store in motorhomes, and park in their parking lots overnight.

Anonymous said...

It's been mentioned often enough that once libtards destroy an area, they want to flee the consequences and move into new areas where they immediately begin advocating for the exact same destructive policies. In that regard, their behavior is as compulsive as a firebug who keeps burning down every apartment building they move into and then stands outside with a shocked look on their face as if the fires are incomprehensible and inexplicable.
Libtards are certifiably NUTS. They know they start the "fire" and know what the consequences will be but just can't stop themselves and, if confronted, simply deny, deny, deny and blame it on everything and everyone else but themselves and their own actions.
Worse yet, conservatards know this but just as with the EBT programs etc, they try to profit off of the destruction rather than preventing it and simply function as enablers for their own greedy purposes. It's no different than multicult libtards advocating for amnesty for illegal aliens and conservatards "fighting" it while simultaneously hiring the illegals at low wages to increase their profit margin.
The day the EBT cards run out, the libtards will try to go after the assets of the middle class while conservatards protest what's happening while profiting off the chaos. The middle class is aptly named as were simply caught in the middle of all this.
Both sides are simply serving up a bowl of bullshit sprinkled with sugar and trying to convince us it's ice cream.

Bogolyubski said...

Don M:
I wonder what JP Morgan does with such power? It sure would be awful if there were ever any "accidental glitches" in the EBT card system?

I have my doubts about the "accidental" nature of the EBT glitch the other week. It looks increasingly like Massah Diamond was tapping the lickspittle step-n-fetchit Repukes on their shoulders to inform them that it was time to assume their customary position on d'downlow, lest the Free Shit Army be unleashed in full.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notes:
Kleptocracy above. Lootarchy below.

It's a salient feature of anarcho-tyranny, referred to as "free-market, liberal democracy" by the Ministry of Truth.

10mm AUTO said...

Is their any way you could filter White Doe, whose "fruit salad" thought processes is both distracting and wearing?

Every sentence is absolute crap. It is like having warm goo poured over you just to read them.

Random example: "Libs make fun of country whites for voting conservative (or for being switch-hitters) while receiving food stamps."

Actually, "White Doe" liberals call "country" whites "redneck inbred losers" who are trying to bring down the Mocha Messiah. Also, Country White's beliefs in self reliance don't change just because Liberals have manufactured a economic crisis, they have to feed their children, so calling them "Switch Hitters" for accepting is a typical Marxist play of trying to, by proxy, to show them and their beliefs were "false" because the current situation forces them to accept help; a situation that would NOT exist if Liberals were not in charge. Further, "Country Whites" would accept help from private charities and from churches, but feel taking from taxes is wrong (which it is) unlike the negro which takes everything is an orgy of Gibsmedat". Lastly, the largest consumer of Food Stamps is not "Country Whites" who often GROW their own food or work on a farm, but city negros as Paul's posted charts explain. You can read, right?

Your entire post is a rambling "nudge". Please find another blog to pollute.

Jay in DC said...

This is one of your best pieces yet, I have to agree with the other commenters on this point.

Though it is cold comfort, I do find it refreshing to see in crystal clarity, who pulls the strings. And how the various gears, cogs, and parts effortlessly move and slide past one another with the same Endgame in mind which is eradication of the only people left who can offer even a meek resistance.

Anonymous said...

"Your entire post is a rambling "nudge". Please find another blog to pollute."

I told you she was a drama queen.

R.E. Prindle said...

Ta ta ta 10M. Don't be so sensitive. Let White Doe ramble if she wants. She gets a zinger in their once and awhile. There's worse around.

Anonymous said...

I notice a lot of comments about whites and blacks. Unfortunately, that is where the story leads you with it's graph.

However, with the exception of Missouri counties, you can add the white and black percentages together and still not get 50%.

So what are the other races that are milking the system?

Keep this in mind when talking about amnesty for illegals.

Anonymous said...

my bad - & my apologies to the good white people of charleston, SC!

Marc B said...

"The Civilian Defense Force is not the militarized police"

He was also talking about building up the TSA and Homeland Security apparatus into a private army for the centralized power structure, but the efforts to disarm Whites while empowering non-white populations is his agenda, and that of the globalists.

The angry hordes will act as their proxies. Anybody doubting this should study some history circa 2005. While the angry savages were bringing hell to New Orleans, the armed White citizens were having their guns confiscated in door-to-door raids. People own guns to protect themselves from the exact type of STHF scenarios for which they were being disarmed.

Anonymous said...

Saw signs posted today at WalMart, at each cash register, about how EBT/Food stamps are getting cut on November 1. VERY interesting how the company has taken it upon themselves to "warn" their best customers of this cut. I don't recall seeing signs for anything else in a Walmart, ever. wtf is going on?

Anonymous said...

10mm: "Is their any way you could filter White Doe, whose "fruit salad" thought processes is both distracting and wearing?"
Here's what I do: When I see the words "White Dope said...", I skip down to the date/timestamp, which indicates that we are ""this close to the subsequent (and probably coherent) post by someone else. It also seems to work on the phrase "Destructive Douchebag said..."

Anonymous said...

The day the EBT card runs out is a fantasy...The federal government will always find the money somewhere. It will confiscate white bank accounts, it will enact new taxes, and do whatever it takes to keep the dark hordes in the chips.

Who exactly will cut them off?

Don M said...

"Anonymous said...
The day the EBT card runs out is a fantasy...The federal government will always find the money somewhere. It will confiscate white bank accounts, it will enact new taxes, and do whatever it takes to keep the dark hordes in the chips.
Who exactly will cut them off?"

Short Answer: The Russo-Sino Alliance.

Longer Answer: Yes, the Goobermint knows where to get the money for gibsmedats. Its called the Federal Reserve. The central bank will create "money" and buy U.S. debt until the system implodes.

The system will implode once enough sovereign nations reject the dollar as the world reserve currency.

The fall of the dollar will probably happen as the Russo-Sino Alliance achieves dominance on the world-stage, both militarily and economically.

The Alliance will be able to offer resource-rich nations an attractive currency alternative to the dollar AND be able to militarily shield them from "liberation" by western nations.

By then most western countries will be so brown, gay, and stupid they won't be in a position to "liberate" anything anyway.

It ain't gonna happen tomorrow, or even a year from now, but BRA's days are numbered and the Alliance is counting them down.

Thats how I see it playing out anyhow...

Unknown said...

I'm with the others here opining this being one of your more devastating posts.
It shook even me a bit as I wasn't taking the EBT apocalypse seriously.
At the car service where I work we also noticed that the Book-Outs (Driver totals) are always lower in the last week of the month. And as soon as the "checks go out" meaning Mothers Day, SS/SSI and disability then business picks up.
The part where the Wal-Mart guys says that people mill around waiting for 12pm then head right to the registers really rang true.
When I have blacks in the car and the subject of free ANYTHING comes up they immediately pay attention and try to figure out how to get it. No matter what IT is. Often they will claim they are helping a family member/neighbor, but the lie is transparent. five minutes before the subject of "Free Shit" came up they were complaining about how unfair it all is and how the"people who really need" ain't getting...

The company I work for has a contract with a local Hospital for Non-emergency Transport so I'll have 3 in the car at once getting a Free taxi ride to Free health care
And scheming the whole way to get more.
There are times when I am alone in the car after one of these rides and I just scream like a nutcase because not only am I aware of all the B.S. But I have to render the actual service.

Robert B said...

Anon said- "Who exactly will cut them off?"

The international monetary system when it dumps the dollar as the world's reserve currency. It's coming. A major chink has opened--Saudi Arabia has joined the BRIC countries. That is HUGE. When the OPEC stops demanding the dollar for it's oil, it's over.

Jay in DC said...

"The day the EBT card runs out is a fantasy.."

Real fucking talk. EBT will "run out" when the JP Morgan bankstas feel pretty certain they can enact the end game without blowback that will lead to Fortress Manhattan or Fortress DC being overrun. Never before that time.

I feel like people still don't understand the utter puppetry taking place now. There IS no Republican conservatism. Hasn't that been made clear now? There is BigGov, BigMoney, WallStreet, CapitalCronyism, low IQ wage slaves, feral bioweapons, and after all this, a problem. One that hasn't gone away YET, but will, soon enough.

Middle Class Whites, largely European descended. They are useful for now since we haven't bled them 100% dry but we need to soon because I fear they are waking up to their own genocide. Many of them between the Liberal Fascist Coastal States are starting to get the memo. We cannot control the middle right now like we control the Coasts of the US.

Get it???

Moondoggie said...

For all who think once the money runs out then all hell will break loose. As long as the Federal Reserve prints money the EBT cards will never end. Hell we are out of money now. They just keep printing it. Only when the Dollar is not the worlds reserve currency will SHTF. Even then they will continue to print money, it just won't buy as much and we all go broke except the very rich.

If the Fed was abolished which will never happen, then and only then will the EBT cards end.

All of this is happening because the elites want totalitarian world government. The only thing holding them back is the white middle class. All western governments are destroying their countries on purpose. We are to be replaced with new people that will be easier to control and will have no economic power to appose them. That is one of the reasons they will not do anything about the nigger problem. It weakens our race. That is what they want. Remember the target is the white middle class, the elite don't care what your politics are.

Problem is too many whites don't understand this especially the ignorant white liberals. Those people aren't just useful idiots, they are your enemy until they can be turned.

They will reap what they sew and boy are they ever going to be sorry. Obamacare is giving them their first good taste. Maybe they will come to their senses. We will know in about a year. If not buy more guns and ammo to protect your family and have a plan to ride out the storm.

Just to make things clear, your establishment Republicans are in on this also.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 3:06 said

Here's what I do: When I see the words "White Dope said...", I skip down to the date/timestamp,

Actually, there's an easier way. Any time you see a comment that you don't want to read, just click on the page, immediately to the right of the poster's name. Poof! - it's gone. Click there again to restore, if you change your mind.

Dissident said...


DING..DING...DING.....Jay in DC is the thread winner with that line!

Jay, you calls em' as you sees em'.

Bogolyubski said...

The Marxist quote "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them" - attributed most often to Lenin - really does not apply to the likes of JP Morgan Chase, McDonald's and Walmart. The three entities mentioned, and those who control them, are actually part of the revolution. This is especially ironic since the actual James Pierpont Morgan was one of Lenin's funders (though he was mainly a front-man for the Warburgs and other squids).

The typical mal-edumacated Amurikan doesn't understand the actual nature of Marxism - which is all about the acquisition of permanent power. The elite "capitalists" (squids) are well aware of this and backed Marxism practically from the start. Note No.5 of the famous "10 Pillars of Communism" is related to the establishment of a central bank, while No.10 is a demand for free public schools. While the manifesto speaks of a state-owned central bank, it turned out to be more efficient to have the central bank in the private hands of folks like the Morgans, Warburgs, et al.

The rope-sellers of Lenin's quote are really the Chamber of Commerce types who make up part of the donor base of the Repuke Party. The owners of construction companies who socialize their labor costs by employing illegals as the privatize their profits, the Section 8 real-estate "entrepreneurs", etc.

World_War_Me said...

PK, I'm late to the game, but wanted to say this is your best post yet. Thank you.