Friday, October 11, 2013

Indianapolis: Death by 1,000 Cuts of Black-on-Black Crime/Murder

By sheer chance, I came across the black newspaper the Indianapolis Recorder. You'll soon learn why the city of Indianapolis is so important to the unraveling of what we've dubbed Black-Run America (BRA), but it was while researching the archives the Indianapolis Recorder that a most incredible find was made.

Allow us to present that find below (from the 1-9-2004 edition of the Indianapolis Recorder, in an article by Amos Brown III):

In 1990, blacks were only 22.5 percent of Indianapolis (yet almost 70 percent of homicides in the city)

You see, it wasn't a massive black riot (1967 Detroit or Newark) that drove whites to vacate Indianapolis; it was, reminiscent of Chinese Water Drip, the slow, methodical procession of black-on-black - and legitimate fear of being the victim of 'random' black violence' - that convinced whites to leave Indianapolis.

A form of torture on the well-being of property value, the quality of schools, and the overall health of commercial real-estate. 

The Brookings Institute produced a fantastic breakdown of race/demographics in Indianapolis,illustrating the massive white flight from the city in a span of but a decade [INDIANAPOLIS IN FOCUS:A Profile from Census 2000], which showed whites dropped from 75.2 percent of the population of Indy in 1990 to 67.5 percent of the population in 2000.

From 75 percent in 1990 to around 56 percent white today (67.5 percent white in 2000)

Look, it's a well-known fact black homicide victims almost always (it's axiomatic) have a black individual as their killer; but like Haley's Comet (only showing up once every 75 odd years), an occasional white-on-black killing emerges, which is cause for the entire world to stop and stare at for weeks and months on end.

But the slow drip of black-on-black crime/murder is responsible for the death of Indianapolis.


rjp said...

Somebody has to do the killing in Indy, and White people just aren't up to the task. How else is the entire city going to get turned into a ghetto.

Anonymous said...

an occasional white-on-black killing emerges, which is cause for the entire world to stop and stare at for weeks and months on end.

And of course, the more common black-on-white killing gets a brief glance by the media with nary a mention of race (it's always those darned youths), then on to the latest wardrobe malfunction.

In case anyone is listening, if you want to obviate this blog, a good place to start would be for the professional race hustlers (NAACP, SPLC, Jesse, Al et al) to launch into a tirade about the black-on-white crimes AND the horrendous black-on-black crime tidal wave. Then, we awful, racist, hateful white supremacists (not awful, and not really hateful, but really fatigued with the big lie) would have nothing to say.

But it's easier to blame the whites than to accept responsibility, and so we all march down the road we're on, you to oblivion, and we to security, which will come.

Anonymous said...

You say Indianapolis is important but I don't see why at this point. It's every city in the country by now and it's growing. We'll be hearing of racial mob attacks and elderly murders in Fargo and Billings at the rate this shit is growing, coupled with increased resistance to civilization, and a deeper layer of insulation over the ears of those with power.

Good article over at VDARE by the way. It's great to hear that the good news is spreading. Maybe increased exposure will force some serious political changes. Not betting on it, though. Catastrophe is far too often only avoided with blood sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis is a tricky city to use for a case study like this. In 1970, Indianapolis annexed all of suburban Marion County except four suburbs that were able to fight annexation. This map shows pre-1970 Indianapolis in white within the larger square of Marion County:

Data for Indianapolis that cross 1970 are probably comparing apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

While I certainly hope they march toward oblivion and we march toward security, the fact is, whites are not reproducing fast enough to replace themselves, and blacks start spitting out babies at 15 and don't stop until they're dead or in jail. I don't think "oblivion" is arriving any time soon.

Anonymous said...


BLIND White man BEATEN and robbed by feral NAPA while other blacks WATCH and do NOTHING in Philadelphia.

Whiskey said...

A great deal of the unwillingness to face reality is due to the Opiate of the Masses. Football. Much of the rest is Oprah.

Or put more succinctly, the vast majority of Whites worship Black people (instead of God) as either avatars of superior athleticism, or magical dispensers of wisdom (chiefly, "it is OK to be fat!")

This is enabled by TV. Go back in Time to 1948 and destroy TV networks, and you would have Segregation in some form today. TV is a relentless force, It cannot be avoided.

I spent most of this week in hospital rooms (family emergency, not me) and I can tell you, TV is inescapable, and the ugly reality of daytime TV from Soaps to Wendy Williams to Ellen is just a disaster for society, as much if not more than the NFL, College Football, and the NBA and College hoops combined.

For those interested in another view of professional sports, Direct TV has ITM Cup Rugby (New Zealand Rugby Union leagues) on Channel 490, with games early in the AM (like 12:30 AM), Wed and Thursday, and games at 6:30 or so on Fri/Sat. Fans, players, commentary, etc. It is what America would have been without TV networks and TV being small time not omnipresent, a way to sell-sell-sell Consumerism and Spontaneous Blackness at the same time.

AnalogMan said...

But the slow drip of black-on-black crime/murder is responsible for the death of Indianapolis.

Do you really think so? Does anybody really care if they kill one another? I would have thought that black-on-White crime would be more significant. Plus, maybe even more so, the steady background noise of black "kulcha": the noise, the dirt, the graffiti, the vandalism, rowdyism, and general degradation of quality of life. In other words, negro fatigue.

Anonymous said...

We can't give up on black people now - not after we've come this far. I don't care how many billions or trillions or quadrillions of dollars it takes, we simply must make them equal to us. The Government can print as much as it needs.

Why should we stop now?

Anonymous said...

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

If there were no niggers

Cops' badges would rust

Cassie said...

Why the West is Screwed: No. 2,180

On the BBC this morning, following another boat of 'refugees' sinking in the Mediterranean, the very nice man from the Italian Red Cross said they were "putting pressure" on governments to create a "safe corridor" to Europe, I.e. Typical liberal trick of using emotional blackmail to justify more immigration - if you are against it you obviously want them to die. What next? Send escorts to collect them?

It's ironic really that Africans were brought to the US in boats by whitey and now they (and the rest of the third world) are using boats to get to whitey's land.

Anonymous said...

I was in Dickenson, ND and saw a few groids walking down the sidewalk. The light was long, so had plenty of time to observe them. Guys had droopy drawers and women (at least I think they were women) dressed in clothing 3-4 sizes too small.

None of them looked like they had a job. Mind you this is in a place that had to pay $15.00 for fast food workers due to the oil fields grabbing up all available workers. Says something when even in the land of plenty groids refuse to work.

Anonymous said...

But comrade this is the glorious post racial yes we can utopia. Enjoy the collapse and stock up now while you still can.

Anonymous said...

@Anon at 6:26 no one is listening and don't get your hopes up about security. You aren't invited to their bunkers serf.

D said...

And yet the showboating never ceases. Black leaders still jabber on about racism like a yoof rapping aloud and roaming up and down the train car intimidating old people and bouncing an invisible "baww"

Anonymous said...

This weekend is the Circle City Classic which, like the Indy Black Expo, brings all kinds of crap when you amass groids in one place.

It would be great to have Circle Center Mall, area restaurant and hotel workers comment here about their experiences during these two events.

I went downtown during the Circle City Classic once and it was unbearable.

Californian said...

Whiskey said...I spent most of this week in hospital rooms (family emergency, not me) and I can tell you, TV is inescapable, and the ugly reality of daytime TV from Soaps to Wendy Williams to Ellen is just a disaster for society, as much if not more than the NFL, College Football, and the NBA and College hoops combined.



" all the more comfortable private apartments of the city were fixed Babble Machines that would speak directly a lever was pulled. The tenant of the apartment could connect this with the cables of any of the great News Syndicates that he preferred...Everywhere was violent advertisement, until his brain swam at the tumult of light and colour. And Babble Machines of a peculiarly rancid tone were abundant and filled the air with strenuous squealing and an idiotic slang. 'Skin your eyes and slide,' 'Gewhoop, Bonanza,' 'Gollipers come and hark!'" --from H.G. Wells When the Sleeper Awakes.

There is something totally inane/insane about the constant babble of television voices. It's not simply the liberal content of the programming, it's the tone of the thing, like a swarm of idiots demanding your attention.

To get on one of my usual hobby horses, race realism needs to include a cultural insurrection which will end television as we know it.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dearest Whiskey;
Please.You have wore the fuck out of that 'everybody but me worships black atheletes' schtick that you seem to find room for in each and every post.We get it.We heard you.Thanks for info regarding other sports,and I hope your family member in the hospital gets better asap. And yes,TV is not helping anyone.I ocassionally watch metv for great old shows,that is it.Thanks for posting,always.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Greetings fellow bigots/racists/peddlers of hate, ignorance and intolerance! OT – is everyone here aware of what’s going on in TN with Hunter Wallace’ protest with League of the South in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville this weekend? I see that a few SBPDL-ers post at OD, but I just stumbled across it yesterday, and didn’t know anything about it ahead of time. By all means, please check out Occidental Dissent, which also documents pre-emptive efforts by out-of-state “anti-racists” to counter-protest a la the Amren conference. Make sure to check out the local newspaper coverage, which provides some great (if not entirely predictable) insight into the hammer that comes down on any effort to promote white interests.

I can’t help but wonder if the “southern” angle of their effort (which I support in every way) isn’t problematic in that it makes the easiest possible target for the leftists to Alinsky-ize, but I wish them the best. I’m sure as hell not going to criticize anyone that’s putting boots on the ground in public! Also, the series of PBS propaganda videos Hunter has compiled in advance of their effort today to document foreign invasion of central TN is both stunning and nauseating.

In other news, while I am recovering from the plague, I’ve been watching Steven Ives’ “The West,” presented by Ken Burns. Obviously, it has a scalding, pro-everything but white bias, but I was still interested in the subject. Despite their intentions, in simply recounting the major historical events of the American west, two things stand out as crystal-clear for anyone who can see: (1) multi-culturalism doesn’t work; (2) the more advanced race is in charge ONLY when their numbers are superior.

The American Indian (feather) was soiled upon by whites to an extent that’s hardly possible to overstate. However, when they first encountered the Spanish, and later the white man, they just weren’t prepared to deal with civilization at that level of advancement. It was practically like the Mesopotamians encountering Silicon Valley (it reminds me of the episode of the Twilight Zone where the pioneer accidentally stumbles into the 1950s in their trek west). They didn’t have horses, they certainly didn’t have firearms, and they didn’t have a concept of sovereignty beyond tribal boundaries. These were all European concepts. However, neither did they like each other. Tribes were bitter enemies, battled fiercely when necessary, and looked out for the interest of their own. In that respect, each tribe was a “race.” Further, even in the vast open spaces of the west, they self-segregated. Therefore they were evil racists hundreds or thousands of years before the white man arrived. If only progressivism had existed in the 1500s to start teaching everyone the joys of diversity even earlier! Even the Indians knew that diversity = death.

This caused me to think of tribalism (effectively, multiculturalism) in Africa, where the same thing continues to this day. Hmmm. White control leaves, tribes clash, basket case of genocide/misery/dysfunction ensues.

Predictably, whites that were in any way involved in the effort to oppose Indians were vilified as bloodthirsty monsters. Yawn… However, in strict racial terms, the Indians were overwhelmed by sheer numbers. A million other factors worked against them to facilitate this, but percentage of population was the bottom line.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


This brings us to the (magical) American negro (aka Dishon or J’Marquez or De’Queenah) and their population explosion. Although dwarfed by the Aztlan invasion, where they congregate (inner cities that whites have abandoned due to crime and TNB, like Indianapolis, etc.), blacks conquer (destroy) in the same manner as other races. The difference is that, vs. other races, their average IQ of 85 renders them largely unable to achieve any outcome other than the degradation of the spoils of their conquering. Although we all understand this and are numb to it, we should probably be more shocked by it than we are. You give them a turnkey, modern civilization, and they destroy it in two generations or less.

To me, Indianapolis may just be more meaningful to me because I have ties to the area. The nigs there used to be contained, though, and didn’t affect anything but their self-made cesspools. With Section 8, their vibrant diversity is now imported directly to your street, to rob, rape and kill.

Finally, given the atrocities committed by da fedrah gubmint against Indians (and I’m not trying to come off as even one ounce pro-Indian), I agree with Glenn Beck’s assessment that there is profound precedent by the feds to target groups that have fallen out of favor in order to appease the majority demographic structure of a changing Amurkistan and to preserve their own power. Glenn’s mantra is nudge, shove, shoot. To that end, it’s noteworthy that the progressives try to force-meld blacks and browns, who have diametrically opposed interests in order to pile on against the only true enemy of the cultural-marxist vision in BRA – the white male. Legislation is the weapon that will be used to accomplish this, so to the extent that the financial system collapses first, that may well be our most realistic opportunity to right the ship. If we can’t, we’ll just be another chapter in the never-ending series of racial conquests that is civilization.
Gwinnett Gladiator

Jim said...

What does NAPA mean?

Anonymous said...

Hey, can one of you men answer a question for me? Hubby is watching the OK / Texas game at the Cotton Bowl. There is a giant cotton ball in the middle of the field. Isn't know.....RAY-CISSST? Or are the Groids just very selective in their outrage?

Bogolyubski said...

Someone was asking about Ann Barnhardt on the other thread. She has a vastly improved site now which allows linking to her blog posts.

Here's the latest.

Bogolyubski said...

There's nothing in Whiskey's post about the nature of TV which is untrue. Whites' willingness to watch the indoctrination box and buy the endless array of shit-sandwiches being hawked is one of the major pillars upon which the BRA looting racket we live under is supported. If significant numbers of YT gave their TVs away, it would introduce a level of instability to the present system such as that alluded to in Paul's excellent article at VDARE.

Odd as it may seem, Whiskey and others here (including me) agree that white folks really need to do away with the TV if thing are ever to change for the better. Get rid of it altogether - or at least censor what you watch with care.

Bogolyubski said...

Gwinnett Gladiator:
Therefore they were evil racists hundreds or thousands of years before the white man arrived. If only progressivism had existed in the 1500s to start teaching everyone the joys of diversity even earlier! Even the Indians knew that diversity = death.

Have you not seen the story of how whites took over America? It's the progressives who know how to get things done! Just ask the Ukranians.

Pro-Civilization said...

"Gangsta Rap" takes Blacks, who already tend to have trouble adjusting to civilization, and make them worse. This is why Indy and others cities will continue to get worse: the latest generation of Blacks is raised on rap "culture". See what the Dominican Republic, a perfectly Black-Run Island looks like here:

A$AP Rocky, an American rapper, brings gangsta rap cultcha to the Dominan Republic in this nauseating video. You will see destitute Dominican Africans, with trash heaps all over. Why are there trash heaps all over? Can the people clean up? However, America Negroes are truly making Blacks the world over even worse. He recruits these Dominican Blacks to his enterprise in this video.
Wild for the Night by A$AP Rocky

-material for future Russian/Chinese anthropologists

Unknown said...

Also illustrative for future anthropologists: Waka Flocka - Judge You (Official Video)
"They tell you to be yoself and when you do they judge you" - Waka Flocka

Blacks are told its good to "be yoself", which is primitive, and then they are punished.
If anything, Blacks need to sublimate their primitive natures to civilization to succeed. This video is a Black savage encountering the splendor of Venice, and desiring to be a part of civilization.

In this music video, Waka Flocka seems to be becoming aware of this, sublimating his urge for primitivism to the desire for Rome, for civilization. At this point in his like, Waka Flocka is now engaged, and likely is rethinking his videos like "Luv Dem Gun Sounds".

The chasm between savage and civilization illustrated by Waka Flockas posing underneath 12th century icons inside St. Mark's cathedral in Venice culminates in Mr. Flockas prostration before the staute saying "ROMA O MORTE".

For the American Negro the question is living out their all-too-human inclinations as a society and bringing down civilization, or to finally sublimate their primitivism and prostrate themselves before civilization.

The video closes with Mr. Flocka sipping fine Italian wine, only made possible by his true patron, civilization. "To "be myself" and destroy, or not to be myself and sublimate my primitive urges in the grace of civilization?":

The wail of the Ignoble Savage.

--material for future Saudia Arabian, Korean and Finnish anthropologists, after the Great War


Anonymous said...

@Bogolyubski: "There's nothing in Whiskey's post about the nature of TV which is untrue."
Agreed. But it's the next leap he takes, that "whites worship negroes as gods" that is so fcking ludicrous, that we are all sick of hearing.

Californian said...

OT – is everyone here aware of what’s going on in TN with Hunter Wallace’ protest with League of the South in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville this weekend?

Events such as Wallace's protest need to be publicized via every race realist website. There's a lot of networking to be done, and mobilization of alliances. Wallace is to be congratulated for getting out into the real world and putting his boots on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Just to throw in my two cents, there are few things on the Internet more annoying than people who make a cute, special habit of not using punctuation. Coming from someone who is unable to put spaces in his writing, your criticism of others falls flat.

AmericanGoy said...

Micheal Easter is hilarious.

You've got yourself a new fan, mister!

Anonymous said...

The black guy who lives in my town, Rafael, he LOVES A$AP Rocky! He is from the Dominican Republic, and that's his favorite musical artist; my sixteen year-old daughter is starting to get into that kind of music, too. I say good for her! She studied classical piano for the past eleven years, but hip-hop is the only music that seems to make her happy. And being around Rafael makes her happy, too.

Rafael says those tattoos on his neck aren't gang affiliations or anything; he says it's just part of the culture down there. Boy, he and my little girl are going to have a BLAST when they go out on their first date! I can't wait to see her go. I'm so excited! My little girl is growing up!

Happiness: The Most Important Thing In The World (Down with racism!)

-A Compassionate Oregonian

rjp said...

NAPA = North American Pavement Ape