Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome to the New South: Kim Kilgore, John "J.P." Shelley, and Jimmy Johnson all Murdered by 'Sons or Daughters of Obama'

 "We're being exterminated."
- President Thomas Whitmore, Independence Day

Jimmy Johnson.

Murdered in "New Afrika," or what was once known as Jackson, Mississippi.

A white man, murdered in the 'New South', one free of the restraints James Crow once put upon land.

Shaun Brown, a 17-year-old black male (he was even wearing a 'hoodie' when he committed the murder), has confessed to killing Johnson.
Kim Kilgore, murdered in Atlanta (by a black woman) on Oct. 11

In a city that just elected a black racial separatist as its mayor (Chowke Lumumba), are white people even welcome anymore in Jackson?

After all, Jackson is an 86 percent black city; were a black individual to be murdered in an 86 percent white city, you'd have to build a new hotel to accommodate all the media that would descend upon the town.

Outdoors Editor Brian Broom wonders what type of world exists in Jackson, where a 'senseless' murder could transpire [C-L Outdoors Editor Brian Broom: Johnson's murder a black eye for Jackson, Clarion-Ledger, 10-16-13]:
But there’s also embarrassment. It happened in Jackson.
In all fairness, the first concern among anglers I spoke with was with Johnson’s family. In case you haven’t heard, Johnson was a Bassmaster Open Series angler who was shot to death at the Motel 6 on Frontage Road off I-55 after someone was trying to burglarize his boat Sunday night.
After the theft was witnessed, an altercation ensued and Johnson was killed by a man who likely had no idea what he was trying to steal.

Completely senseless

Johnson was scheduled to compete in the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open tournament on the Ross Barnett Reservoir, which begins Thursday. Bassmaster anglers travel to all corners of the nation while competing and have done so for more than 35 years. According to officials at Bassmaster, there has never been an incident like this after all the miles and countless nights anglers have spent away from home in pursuit of their passion.
Now, a murder here has changed that.
The degree of safety or danger that Jackson’s residents and visitors experience is certainly debatable, but the message that an incident like this sends to outsiders isn’t. Public perception of Jackson is already troubling enough. This senseless act solidifies some people’s concerns about crossing into the city limits of Jackson.

Is there hope? 

Who knows? The situation here is better than it was several years ago. I can remember a time when Jackson’s homicide numbers were much worse. I recall a night when I was a photographer and a report came over the scanner of a shooting on Woodrow Wilson Drive.
Before I could get there, two more shootings were reported over the scanner.
Statistics from recent years suggest that the murder rate has improved from then. Still, about 50 homicides a year in a city the size of Jackson in addition to all the other violent crimes?
 No, there is no hope for Jackson, a city ravaged by black on black crime (which drives away businesses and a white middle-class).

But in the past two weeks, two other major southern cities have seen whites murdered by black people. Memphis (63 percent black), home to the 'heart-warming' story of Michael Oher, is perhaps one of the most violent cities on earth.

A white man, John (J.P.) Shelley, was doing contract work in an area of Memphis where 'blight' is more common than the sight of a white man. Well, three black 'youths' (Terrell Johnson, 17, Derek Cunningham, 15, and Corey Sandifer, 16) are now in jail for the murder of Shelley.

He was murdered in Memphis, by three blacks, on his sons seventh birthday... [Husband, father shot and killed during contracting work,, 10-6-13]:
Complete strangers are giving a Collierville wife their condolences after a tragic murder.
Beverly Shelley's husband John, also known as J.P., was supposed to pick up their kids Friday and celebrate their son's birthday. But now, she and her children are left mourning a loss after he was robbed, shot, and killed.
"He was such a wonderful man, he was the best father. He took my daughter to gymnastics and he took my children to karate three times a week," said Beverly.
Family and friends said John was a husband, father, and family man. He quit work a year ago to take care of his father and spend more time with his children.
Recently, he began working as a part-time contractor and started renovating homes. Shelley was working on an estimate at a vacant house when two men robbed and shot him Friday morning.
Beverly was at work when she got the call. She is finding it hard to understand how anyone could have killed John, who was 42. 

"You have killed the most wonderful man, and the best father and the best husband," she said. "I'm just praying that someone will come forward with information." 
Not to be outdone, but the City too Busy to Hate (Atlanta) was home to perhaps the most 'senseless' murder of them all; that of 21-year-old Kim Kilgore. A white woman, enrolled at Kennesaw State University, Kilgore's life was extinguished when she dared tell a black woman 'no' (in Atlanta, almost every apartment/condo complex is a gated community to keep out loitering black people; Kilgore refused to allow Sparkles Lashayla Lindsey to follow her car in without being buzzed in by someone who lives in the property) [Arrest made in shooting death of KSU student, Marietta Daily Journal,  10-12-13]:
Jimmy Johnson, murdered by a black teenager (same age as Trayvon Martin), in Jackson, Mississippi
A 22-year-old Austell woman was charged early Saturday morning in the shooting of a 21-year-old Kennesaw State University student, who friends said had no enemies and was beautiful inside and out.

A road rage incident that started at 2 a.m. Friday morning ended in the death of Kim Kilgore, outside a gated apartment complex in north Cobb, said Sgt. Dana Pierce with Cobb Police.

Pierce said two drivers had an altercation along Shiloh Road, which led to a physical confrontation outside of the vehicles in the parking lot in Shiloh Green Apartments, near building 100.

Sparkles Lashayla Lindsey pulled out a gun and shot Kilgore in the head, according to the arrest warrant. Kilgore was transported to a WellStar Kennestone Hospital, where she died Friday afternoon.

Lindsey was charged with aggravated assault and murder, according to arrest reports, and is being held without bond in the Cobb County jail.

Lindsey was previously arrested on June 4 and appeared in court in January and February for simple battery charges, according to Cobb County Superior Court records.

A co-worker, a young daughter, a best friend

The love for Kilgore stretched across the entire county and beyond as news spread about the shooting and her battle to live.

Kilgore was a Paulding County High School graduate and former member of the KSU sorority Gamma Phi Beta.

On Friday, students from the KSU campus started a Twitter discussion under #prayforkim, where friends responded to updates about Kilgore’s condition and sounded off about the violent crime.

Written on the windows of the old-fashioned Collett County Store in Powder Springs, where Kilgore had worked for nearly three years, were the words, “RIP. We love and miss you Kim.”

On a bench outside the front doors of Johnny’s BBQ restaurant, which houses the store at 4179 Marietta St., sat a sign with personal messages and flowers.

Inside the rustic building, at a long wood table, sat Kilgore’s coworkers, who are more like a close-knit family, sharing somber stories with a few smiles.

Owner Rick Collett, who bought the restaurant 10 years ago, said Kilgore was a dependable worker, who would come in early and stayed late.

“Sometimes you wouldn’t even have to ask her for help,” Collett said. “KK never quit.”

There's no need to quote Department of Justice crime statistics, which show 90 percent of interracial crime is black-on-white; no one cares, for only a racist would dare quote such damning statistics and not realize that centuries of white supremacy and slavery absolve blacks from their crimes.

Less than a fortnight apart, three white people (in three formerly beautiful, thriving cities) are gunned down by black people.

We keep hearing that George Zimmerman hunted down Trayvon Martin; as these three incidents show, it's 'Sons and Daughters of Obama' who are busy hunting down white people.

Worse, it's these same individuals who are collectively making Memphis, Jackson, and large-sections of Atlanta a whitey-free zone; in the process, these cities also economically die as well.

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee


rocky said...

Charlie Daniels sang "Be Proud You're A Rebel Cause The South Gonna Do It Again". There is no fight left in the Southern man The spirits of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are long gone in the white South. The descendants of the Confederacy are prey of the black plague and they do nothing but light candles. And watch SEC football. Roll Tide white men shout for their negro heroes as their sons and daughters are slaughtered by the black savages. Just keep watching your black heroes and raise your pompoms and keep pretending you're masculine Southern man

rex freeway said...

Useless bottom feeders. And the liberal white class has im powered this dead end race for reasons i cant quite understand. I can only tell the the Whites that i know to get a permit to carry. When it's you or them, make sure its you filling out the shooting report. And the lowly Negro in the morgue.

Jay in DC said...

PK... I'll never take away from what you do here as you are a LIGHTHOUSE in a vast and angry sea of darkness and hate.

But... I cannot enable anymore, any White that has not yet seen reality. This site use to be a place to experience "anomalies", or uncomfortable truths. But as the years have progressed this is simply a news site. Much in the way CNN would be if it wasn't a total shill for the Ministry of Truth.

Said another way "You can't make this shit up".

I really can't sympathize anymore with whites even ones like Jimmy Johnson who likely had a VERY realistic talk and upbringing vis-a-vis feral knuckle draggin' simians.

GOOGLE the fucking place you are staying. If the population is more than 25% negroid assume the following.

1) You can and will be murdered for being white.

2) Your property may be stolen, with prejudice, for same said reason.

3) In spite of ANY State laws you can and should be carrying a weapon with a hot mag. As the old saying goes "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6" I'm just not into this self enacted destruction anymore. My negro fatigue is only outstripped by my dumb ass white people fatigue...

Anonymous said...

I am a citizen of Memphis. A few years ago I was robbed at gunpoint by three nigger teens. I always thought I had bad luck for getting robbed at gunpoint. Until recently when I realized how lucky I really was. To come out of that situation alive is a miracle. I wonder when one of these stories is gonna set people off. Two white people in two months have been murdered in memphis. If the situation was reversed the niggers would have burned the city down already.

james wilson said...

If 90% of interracial crime is black on white, and yet there is only one black for each five whites, doesn't that mean that blacks are more likely to attack whites by a factor of 9 times 5 (45)?

Anonymous said...

You learned from your first experience and carry concealed now, I hope?

DavidPam35DP said...

To ALL Caucasians, Whenever you're vertical & even while horizontal, do 2 things : 1) STAY mentally Aware- called 'Situational Awareness' & ; 2) STAY Armed..!!!!

Melanie said...

Some of you people really pizz me off. First off-this exact same thing happens almost everyday in the north, the west, and the midwest. And the men there are just as rabid for their feetsball as anywhere. Cheeseheads? Raider Nation?

Second-apparently you miss the many, many instances of home and business owners in the south and elsewhere shooting the niggas till they're GOOD, when they break into a home or business. You can read at least one of those every day, too.

When I first began reading, then commenting, at this site, it was a huuuuge relief to find a place where the site owner put forth intelligent and relevant articles to enlighten whites and to draw us together as whites against the nigger threat. It was "Stuff Black People Don't Like", and whites could come here to commiserate, advise, share information, and just freakin be white people together.

The vibe has changed-left vs right vs libertarian vs someone's completely personal party of one, athiests/agnostics bashing Christians (and no, the Christians never bash the athiests/agnostics in return-we know you can' t force faith, we're not Muslims), intra-white class warfare, regional bashing, and on and on. Who needs niggers or "squids" to divide us, we do a bang-up job of that ourselves. I'd almost think someone or more than one were deliberately sowing division if I didn't know that we do this to ourselves all the time

Shouldn't all those other matters be secondary right now as opposed to the existential threat posed by niggers to whites?

Back to the first matter-for every story you find of a white person murdered by a savage, you can find one of one or more savages either chased off or actually shot and often made food by an armed citizen. And it even happens in the south! Imagine that!

Can we please get back to our regularly-scheduled matter at hand of trying to live a civilised life while keeping a weather eye out for the threat of feral niggers?

All this infighting is just giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and disgusting and frustrating those of us who are white, recognise the nigger threat, and are ready and willing to share info and bond with other whites in our whiteness-the thing above all we are missing in today's world!- if others would just stop it with using this format for their own personal hobby horses.

I can tell you this, you're going to get so refined in your selectivity-when the only criteria needs to be white and anti-nigger-that instead of the site growing, it's going to diminish.

Anonymous said...

Dear unfortunate inmate of Memphis@10/16@19:58;Yes,Memphis is a shithole.I know it very well.Sell or give away all your stuff.Head west and stop at the ocean.A whole new reality awaits you without the hopelessness of the 'new south'.At 201 Poplar all the nigs called it 'Makin Easy Money,Pimpin Hoes In Style'.If only...So glad I left,if you have ANY hopes and dreams left,you must leave too.I managed to make the best of a terrible situation in Memphis but now curse myself for not leaving much sooner.You are in an impossible situation there,just leave and shake the dust off and do not look back.You won't believe how much better it can be.Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later a tipping point - maybe even a breaking point - must be reached. At a certain point, so many white families will have lost loved ones to chimp violence that they're going to start forming support groups around it. Then maybe whites can begin speaking the truth openly.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

Black funeral.

Bobby said...

Jay in DC said...

"But as the years have progressed this is simply a news site."

Indeed. For at least 12 years Drudge was always what I checked first, like millions of others; starting about a year ago it became SBPDL. Then I check some of the blogroll, then VDARE and others.

This gives me some hope, because Drudge has obviously picked up on a pulse by doing two things routinely that would have never happened just a few years ago: 1.) Linking to story after story of black on white crime (and getting bashed for it by the leftists) and 2.) Linking to Infowars stories (and getting bashed for that to a lesser extent).

Say what you will about Alex Jones, but that is a positive thing. Jones doesn't get into race that I know of, but it's all connected; Drudge didn't start linking to those two things at basically the same time by coincidence. Whites I know that never talked about race are waking up - even friends who were big lefties when they were young and stupid. I think we may have more momentum among the younger crowd than some think.

chasmaniac said...

Rocky, you can kiss my white ass for your statement.

As a born and raised Southern man, I take offense that you would denigrate all of us so off handedly. Not going to ask you to take that back, just going to TELL you to STFU and think before you type next time.

Anonymous said...

Some suggestions for whites living in the ANC and ZANU-PF inspired regime called BRA:

1. No snitching! Just like the negroes, if you, one of your family, or friends commits any sort of crime, never bring it to the attention of the authorities. If the authorities ever question you about any white person you know, you say “I don’t know nuffins, dint see nuffins, dint do nuffins!” whether you did or not. Get a lawyer immediately.

2. Carry a weapon everywhere you go, legal or not. Defending yourself and your loved ones is too important to worry about compliance with BRA’s edicts. If you carry a firearm, consider a revolver. Semi-autos eject brass that can be recovered for forensic evidence. Even sneakier, some revolvers are made to chamber auto-pistol cartridges. Whatever you carry, always wear surgical gloves when handling ammunition.

3. Where a disguise, everywhere you go. This is actually easier than it sounds. All men should wear facial hair of some sort. It can be shaved off in seconds and drastically changes your looks. Combine your facial hair with a hat and glasses. Women can wear veils (why not pretend to be one of BRA’s precious, protected muslims) or at least hats and sunglasses. Keep in mind, when out in public you are almost certainly being filmed by some sort of camera at all times.

4. “Sail Fawns”. Don’t carry them unless you have to. If you do, pull the battery out of it. Nowadays they’re never really off. You don’t have to be Edward Snowden to know that your local Prostituter, err Prosecutor can subpoena your phone records from Verizon or ATT and determine your location at a specific time within 50 square feet. If you have an I-phone that has an unremoveable battery, get rid of it. Best of all, follow the above rules with a cheap convenience store phone you refill with airtime cards. Don’t be linked to the device if possible.

5. Carry cash. Black Run Law Enforcement Officers (BRLEOs) and the Prostituter can get access to your credit card and check card records. These establish your “Pattern of Life” and can incriminate you.

6. Drive a nondescript car. Bland colored sedans are almost indistinguishable by make these days. If you can get away with displaying only the rear license plate in your area, even better. Many bicycle carriers partially occlude the rear plate. Get one whether you ride a bike or not. For f**k’s sake do not plaster your vehicle with stickers of any kind! Take a hair dryer, warm the adhesive up that secures manufacturer, model, and dealership placards and remove them. Remember, you’re on candid camera.

7. Mind your own business. Avoid the Groid and infested areas. Do not end up the next Zimmerman as a result of confronting a negro. Follow the “Derbyshire Rules” when out in public. If you have to defend yourself, consider the “Three S’s” Shoot, Scoot, and Shutup. Following all of the above suggestions will help maximize your chances of success. If detained by BRLEOs after defending yourself, exercise your right not to speak to them. Get a lawyer immediately.

Anonymous said...

Read Thomas Chittum and decide where you want to be when it all kicks off.

Its difficult and traumatic to move home hundreds or thousands of miles but far less traumatic than getting stuck in the wrong place when the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is in the southern Usa ,north , east,or west this shit has been going on far too long. The white race worldwide is targeted for genocide. Europe, Australia,and Amerikka are the next dominoes to fall after the white South African extermination. The racially aware whites that read this site and other similar sites know this. The problem is racially aware whites are the tiny minority of our race. Just try to discuss black dysfunction with a fellow white.Most get angry or change the subject. Some defend the black race and tell me some good experiences they have had with kindly negroes. And so have I met decent blacks. But I also know they have ruined every big city and turned them into Mogadishu. I point this out and I get called a racist.The term racist was started so whites cannot discuss race honestly.If the truth is racist so be it. Once the kosher rulers of this country take our guns away the slaughter of whites will escalate dramatically. But hey killing white people whats not to like?

10mm AUTO said...

I am not sure, but I think this groid that killed the Bass Fisherman, Mr. Johnson, is the ugliest and stupidist groid I have ever seen. A given that I am a regular reader of SBPDL, that is saying something:

Melaine, don't be too discouraged. Some of the discouraging Unity amongst Whites are are "nudges" put out by groups affiliated with Cass Sunstein and his group to try and sow dissent and prevent White solidarity. It is best to ignore that and continue to travel the road best suited each person, individually. The pressure to act early or in an uncoordinated fashion or to discourage action at all is par for the course. Don't let it get you down or feel like changes are not happening, they are, just in ways that can't be discussed.

White Homeland!

rocky said...

Melanie you are absolutely right we need to stick together as white people.I only mentioned the South because that was the topic of the article. Certainly all of this country worships football not only whites in the South.But I look at everything in a racial perspective. I wonder if white fans in the stadium watching the Tennessee Vols know about Channon Newsom the white girl and her fiance murdered savagely in Knoxville by black scum. And if they do know do they care about it as much as the black Vols beating the black Georgia Bulldogs? And where are all these stories you read of white citizens and business owners killing black criminals? Seems to me there is a one sided race war going on and we are losing............Chasmaniac , did I strike a nerve? I actually admire Southern culture. But it's a culture that died with the black power movement commonly known as the civil rights movement. Your ancestors fought gallantly to preserve your culture and indeed the wrong side won the Civil War. The South fought integration more fiercely than the North save for South Boston. If enough negroes protest your rebel flag being displayed in municipal buildings it will be taken down. And let me warn you internet tough guy you better be careful if your flag is displayed on your vehicle anywhere in the South you might get killed. The tide has turned in the South now the whites are lynched by the blacks. I have visited the South and young whites there wear their pants down their asses and they speak like a nigger no more Southern twang. So kiss Southern culture goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I did a reality check and asked some friends I know, and who I know not to be DWL, if it seemed there has been an increase in b-on-w murders, or was it merely sensational news by a few organizations, such as this one.

The response is that there has been an uptick. The explanation is that since dear leader was reelected, a certain part of our population feels like they are free to do whatever they want, with no repercussions, and to express "outrage" when their behavior is criticized.

If I wanted to start a white supremacist movement, I would need the acquiescence of the vast majority of whites. Any political movement such as this really has a small fraction of the total population at its core, but requires the majority of the population to turn a blind eye. The uptick in b-on-w murders seems to be custom ordered to achieve just such a goal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Melanie; Right on ! Whites will never stop nig disfunction until they abandon silly cliques and needless exclusion of other White people.When I walk down the street and pass 20 White people,at least 12+ are oblivious to their surroundings,wearing headphones.I greet or acknowledge all of them,headphones or not.Of the 8 without headphones,5 of them will completely ignore my greeting,2 may give me an annoyed dirty look,and maybe 1 person will return a simple greeting.I should add I am a decent looking,decently dressed,naturally friendly person.I often help strangers with car trouble,etc. When finished,I refuse any money and tell them I helped because they are White,and we need to help each other.I get a few funny looks but many actually seem to get it.Thank You for a well-written,very true post. Richard Cranium

Vicio Malo said...

To the anon at 5:04 AM...all good advice...BUT... why do you people choose to be around negroes in the 1st place???...VM

Anonymous said...

Haha Vic, you don't have to live next door to blacks. You can't escape.

Obama and the FEDGOV will pick your pockets to make sure they get fed, housed, clothed, educated, employed, cured, and buried. And you don't even have to like it.

They will get every stinking dollar you have as long as you continue to work and produce like a good boy. And if you have two properties, that is more than your fair share since the black babies are starving.

If you don't share nicely, you racist, then they will put you in jail and loot the rest.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

I laugh at white separatists, who think they are above it all, who live in the lilly-white boonies and think they are not being picked clean by the blacks via FEDGOV redistribution scams.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Get real.

Bogolyubski said...

Melanie's criticism is a good one. It's a natural weakness of whites, who tend to be much more independent and individualistic in thought than other races - who are considerably more collectivist in nature. (if you want to experience some real Christian bashing, Melanie, go over to Alternate Right where there are not a few neo-pagans who blame the whole disaster on Christianity - there have been some fairly decent defenses by traditionalists also).

One rarely if ever encounters one of TWMNBN attacking others in the tribe with the type of vehemence one can see even here - despite the frequently offered shit-sandwich about there being three opinions whenever two TWMNBN are present. What they forgot to mention is that there is only one opinion when cattle, sheep and other less-than-humans are in earshot. Asians are likewise quite collectivist - more than 70% endorsed D'Won. They know who runs the show here and vote with the wining team. Groids' collectivist tribalist nature has already been covered in detail here so it hardly needs a mention.

I'm not sure what can be done to try and unify whites. The majority of the white population appears to be quite in favor of BRA and its entire genocidal agenda - while denying its genocidal nature - even in South Africa where more than 80,000 have been murdered since the ascension of St. Mandela's Rainbow. Tim Wise goes from college to college, invited to speak by mostly-white student associations for 5-figure speaking fees. Recently in Terre Haute, some folks showed up to protest one of his sermons demanding YT lay down and die. They were physically assaulted by other whites for protesting a speaker who advocates genocide - by some of those who are being genocided. Muslims have nothing on these folks. There's no "reaching across the aisle" to such as these.

Anonymous said...

There is an answer to all of this. A white homeland . All other conversation is just that talk. We are dealing with the symptoms not the real problem. The real problem should be a separation from all other races. This would be white people from around the world. It mostly is an idea at this time, but 20 to 30 years it will be a have to. Or the whte race will be in danger of extinction. Start thinking in this direction, its our only hope. God bless all.

Bogolyubski said...

Whether it is in the southern Usa, north, east, or west this shit has been going on far too long. The white race worldwide is targeted for genocide. Europe, Australia,and Amerikka are the next dominoes to fall after the white South African extermination. The racially aware whites that read this site and other similar sites know this.

I'm not sure all who post even here agree that whites are being targeted for genocide. An underlying reason for this is that if one accepts the premise, there has to be someone who is doing the targeting. As many of us have attempted to explain, blacks - while more than happy to carry out the dirty work of a genocidal war to exterminate whites - simply lack the organization, discipline and intelligence to pull of such a crime on a global scale. BRA, which is now instituted in every single white country at some level, was not invented, built or even maintained by those in whose name it is operated - blacks. Since it's obvious that blacks are merely the grunts in this endeavor, who are the generals and the officers? Even asking this question brings shouts of "conspiracy theory" - a long-standing Marxist tactic of shutting down debate and derailing discussion.

So, who accepts the basic premise you offer (whites are being targeted for extermination)? I think the evidence before us is nothing short of overwhelming that whites are in fact being targeted for extermination. The correct word for this is genocide. Anyone who wishes to present evidence to the contrary is welcome to do so.

Julie said...

Melanie @ October 16, 2013 at 10:36 PM

Thank you for summing that up as eloquently as you did. I've often sat back and just read here at SBPDL. And I have always gone away with: if we weren't fighting against the savage mentality, we would be lambasting and fighting each other. When blacks were just slaves, we were fighting about religion. Hell, it wasn't but a few moons ago, women like you and me weren't even allowed to vote! See--there goes another thing to fight about. Its human nature. We will never overcome human nature. But we do have to push our differences as far back in our psyche's as possible to to fight the feral subhuman nature that is slowly, systematically taking over our nation.

Bogolyubski said...

While I think a white homeland is admirable, what does it say when we have folks advocating that all whites on the planet move to one smallish nation? Is this a type of retreat (albeit a strategic one)? What happens to the traditional homelands of whites - such as the countries presently held in the EUSSR's prison of nations? Do we just abandon these to the oligarchs and their hordes of groids and Moose-limbs from all over the ummah?

How do we establish a white homeland when we have no freedom of association? Whites cannot even have their own religion. The pope just spent a day washing the feet of the invading Musloid negroes on Lampedusa island, and all but a very tiny fragment of protestants reject white identity altogether. Orthodoxy doesn't appear to be in very good shape in this respect either (though arguably less hostile to the notion of white survival). The universalist nature of Christianity has been there from the very beginning, and this is one of the strongest points made by the Euro neo-pagans over at Alt-Right in favor of tossing it aside.

Anonymous said...

"and no, the Christians never bash the athiests/agnostics in return-we know you can' t force faith, we're not Muslims"

Really? Do you not have a commandment of thou shall not bear false witness? I guess it is just my imagination that all these years of hearing garbage out of the mouths of people like Kirk Cameron, Pat Robinson, Ken Ham. Kent Hovind, Jack Van Impe and a list of assholes that wear their religion on their sleeve and feign persecution.

I also suppose the politicians who have bashed non Christians and still wrongfully profess that US is a Christian nation was something I didn't really hear or will you go the route of "no true Scottman"? Or the completely bogus claim that there is some war on Christianity and Christmas that the chuckle heads on Fox like to drag out every year - which they will start to bring up in a few weeks.

You might not go after atheists and agnostics but you are absolutely lying when you say that Christians do not.

And really, there is nothing White about Christianity. It is the religion of sand people. Talk of camels, pyramids, deserts and d'jinn. Yeah, sounds just like the fjords of Norway to me. Please tell me how a brown skinned Jew in a backwater Roman province is the lord and savior of the White race.

Californian said...

Here's what I would like to see on SBPDL: articles on White people fighting back.

Some examples:
* Acts of self-defense by Whites (like the "American Rifleman's" Armed Citizen column).
* Political protests by whites (like Hunter Wallace's recent marches in the South).
* Students organizing for White interests (like Matt Heimbach).
* Networking with pro-White groups globally (like Génération Identitaire).

SBPDL's black-on-white atrocity reporting is good stuff. It wakes people up. And gives us the intellectual ammo to challenge BRA. But this has to be translated into political action. Otherwise, people become demoralized by what appears to be a one-sided war.

There are plenty of movements and individuals fighting for White interests. And yes, they are across a wide spectrum, and some of them have political goals which diverge. But we have to remember that unity is strength.

Perhaps we could have a couple of articles a week covering the above?

Anyway, PK, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You have to understand blacks will NEVER correct there black problem. Its the old dont tell mentality. As long as blacks refuse to deal with there black killers, crimes like this will only continue. Hell who knows perhaps some enjoy the black on white murders. Yes it will be hard at first, and I do not have all the answers. 40 years ago I was a hippie liberal. But after working in Detroit I learned real fast what the groid was really like.

Do u have a better idea, if so lets hear it

Californian said...

Let's see what could be done...

The next time White activists organize a protest against BRA, then every race realist website needs to publicize it. Get people to join up and get into the streets. And bring in any and all of the following:
* Allied groups to provide a show of solidarity.
* Online media to cover the event.
* Legal folk to provide legal backup.
* And a fund raising button to contribute to the cause.

There also needs to be articles by the organizers explaining their objectives: what is the political objective, what they want people to do. And later on, post after action reports to analyze what went right or wrong--and what could be done better next time.

There are a lot of people sitting on the fence who would come on over to race realism if there were an intelligent attempt to mobilize them. And there is plenty for people to do, whether becoming a fulltime activist, or simply sending a $10 contribution.

Basic psychology: most people want to be on the winning side. This is why you have to show victorious actions by White people--whether it is a thousand race realists marching in the streets, or an armed citizen defending him/herself from a flashmob.

Vicio Malo said...

Californian...I was a graphic artist all my life...I cannot paint or draw. My sister is a libtard writer, she has been published since she was 14 years old. She currently writes for the newspaper in Louisville, KY. She could no more write articles like PK writes than take wings and fly. PK is a wordsmith, his art is the words he puts to paper and we absorb like a sponge. His art is what we all come here for. I don't imagine he has the time or inclination to expand into areas that are not his bread and butter. There are sites that cover other areas of interest, like amren and vdare and yahoo. LMAO ok yahoo is a joke...VM

R.E. Prindle said...

The Catholic Church has been in an interesting situation since the French Revolution. Catholicism has been under heavy attack causing them to often do ridiculous things. Nevertheless they were compelled to fight Communism out of self-defense hence the Catholic presence of McCarthyism.

Generally speaking the Church has no hope of reviving Euroamerican interests. We are scientific and science has completely undermined the religious consciousness.

On the other hand Catholicism claims to be a universal religion like Moslemism but unlike Judaism so they have to take an ecumenical religious position. Hence the Pope making a fool of himself for his African congregation. He must show solidarity with the children.

In doing so he of course further erodes his Euroamerican base thus becoming the Pope of the colored peoples.

Life is hard and the church has just been handed a bowl of pits. No cherries. Too bad though. I've got other things to think about.

Anonymous said...

Heck I hate reading articles like this one. Im the one advocating for a white only homeland.
26 years ago I saw that blacks were destroying the city of Detroit. It would only be a matter of time before thay would be moving to the near Detroit burbs.
yes, it happened and old friends have told me that several cities close to Detroit are now mostly black.
Of course the crime follows.
I did move many years ago, to northern mi. My business and family. Best move I ever made. But this is also not the answer. A white homeland is the one and only answer.
yes itvwill be hard, and no I do not have answers to the hard questions. But it is the only hope in the long run.

Julie said...

Anonymous @ Melanie:

There ARE far too many white people that hide behind Christianity. And they do, lie, cheat, steal, rape, commit adultery......and the list goes on. And OH MY GOD the hypocrisy--especially living and being from the South.

This isn't a religious war. So religion just needs to be kept out of it. What throws the wrench in this plan--is the fundamentalist Christians who can't think anything without consulting their religion first. They will get no where. Standing still as they are ran over by the herds of savages. They won't be there to get your back.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski said...

Even asking this question brings shouts of "conspiracy theory" - a long-standing Marxist tactic of shutting down debate and derailing discussion.

As your protagonists might say, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes the questions about "the theory" are just that, as in how do you get from point A (observations) to point Z (causation). Because a lot of letters are being skipped. That's not a tactic. Often they are merely questions on logic, realism and probability.

I say that because I've just never been satisfied with your unified theory describing how we got to the hell we are now in.

Vicio Malo said...

The Pope auctioned off his Harley Davidson and leathers today. In an effort to fund a soup kitchen. Catholicism is a community. We care not what the general opinion is. We do what we do in moderation and care not what nay sayers have to say. Follow whatever catches your fancy. Be safe, be faithful and carry a large caliber weapon...VM (do not become a statistic)

Anonymous said...

Thx PK, good summary.

Anonymous said...

OT: In Glenolden, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, a lone fifteen year old white girl was viciously attacked by a gang of nine teenage "boys" while she was trying to walk home from a Monday-night football game held at her local high school. The white girl was cursed at, spit on, repeatedly punched/kicked, and an attempt was made to throw her into the path of a passing car in the street. (The car's driver swerved just in time to avoid running over her.) This poor girl then had to limp about a mile back home before her dad was able to get her to the hospital. She had to be treated for a collapsed lung and other injuries.

No descriptions of the "boys" were given out by the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, or the girl's father on Facebook, but the father at least mentions that he thinks the "boys" come from the at least 2/3 black-populated Academy Park, which was the town of the opposing team at the football game that was played that same night.

EXCLUSIVE: 15-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Group of Teens In Delaware County

Facebook page of the white girl's white dad

Anonymous said...

150 years after 600,000 young white union soldiers died to free the slaves, within that same nation a "new afrika republic" is allowed to emerge? Youd rather jerk off to internet porn than have sex with your "liberated" wives? You tell your daughters to take the pill until "they are ready", usually around 35 by todays standards? Newsflash, black and hispanics are grandparents at that age, and hispanics are happier and have a stronger family unit than any other group.

chasmaniac said...

rocky, you didn't strike a nerve, you issued a challenge. Your stance that white southern culture died with the civil rights movement is nonsensical, and not in anyway supported by fact.

Why would you even think that the presence of one negates the existence of the other ? Because you "visited" here?? Wow, a "visit" allows you to make broad, and IMO, false, insulting statements.

As far as state flags go... Who gives a fuck what some spook protests. A glance at state flags would tell you that the vast majority of the souths flags still show their rightful colors.

As far as what I display, and where...WTF is someone who doesn't even LIVE here trying to tell me what and where its safe to 'display' it ? Maybe when you've been down here 40 years or so, I'd give a shit about your opinion on how to 'stay alive' in my neck of the woods, or for that matter what constitutes a living or dead southern culture, as it were.

Don't denigrate my culture, I won't piss in your ear.

Vicio Malo said...

Mr. may notice that there has never been a church member at you door from the Catholic Church. Why? Because we don't care to have you as a member. You have to jump through our hoops to become a member. You are just another MF and who cares, I'll gladly hold your hand in death and pray with you. You see Mr. Prindle life is cheap. Life is for the living. You don't want to acknowledge a higher power is OK with me...when WC Fields was on his death bed a friend came in and said "Bill, I've never known you to read the Bible"...he said "I'm just looking for loopholes"...great quote...VM

Marc B said...

I went to school with JP Shelley and I also purchase and renovate investment property in the Memphis area. We weren't friends, but I relate to this murder more than most because of our shared backgrounds.

The local media is not downplaying this murder, but they are avoiding the obvious racial overtones. I'd like to see these three kids fry, but it's highly unlikely with the lenient judges in Memphis. They have a job for life as long as they provide lesser charges to their constituents.

rocky said...

chas This is my last post on this matter. How the fuck do you think I am issuing a challenge to the southern white man? The challenge is being issued by the spooks that are running wild throughout Dixie just as they are everywhere. Face that challenge pal. The author was pointing out examples of whites in the South that were victims of black violence. That shit would not have happened 50 years ago. I have read many articles where blacks protested the rebel flag and it was removed. The Rebel flag is a WHITE symbol and it's a slap in the face to white southerners when they remove it just to please the negro.The South has drastically changed face up to it. The white man is the lynchee and the black man the lyncher. You live there so you know where the negro will bash your head in if you happen to display the stars n bars. I 'm sure you take the necessary precautions . Check out your Southern white youth emulating black speech and clothing and tell me your culture isn't dying. But hey I haven't lived there 40 years so who cares what I think. We will agree to disagree. But when statues of Lee and Stonewall get knocked down and replaced by MLK and Obama statues just remember you heard it here first.

Whiskey said...

Anon at 5:04 is absolutely right. Particularly revolvers which handle high pressure 357 ammo well. Cell phone advise is spot on. Wear sunglasses, baseball cap, hoodie.

As for White genocide, of course. Whites have Always hated each other, and slaughtered each other. About forty percent of German speakers were slaughtered in the Thirty years war. Mostly by other Germans. When Muslims invaded Europe, they were aided by other Whites. Example Venice building Ottoman cannons to knock down Constantinoples walls.

Jews who are whiter than White informed on each other see George Soros and went passively into gas chambers. Passivity is nothing new either. Nor is self hatred

No one cares about the White victims bc Whites don't and never really have liked themselves very much.

Unknown said...

In 479 B.C. a group of fractious,argumentative white people delivered the final blow to the worlds greatest empire (to date)
But a lot of bad things happened before that day.
Platea may (or not) come in our lifetimes.. until it does come , vent your frustrations sure, but then regain your will to fight.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who would like to see more stories about successes. This site is excellent and points out all the PROBLEMS. However, next steps are SOLUTIONS.

Anonymous said...

Just to let some of you know...I live in Skiatook, OK, which is about 30 miles from Tulsa. We have vitually no blacks here and therefore hardly any crime. You whites that are smart might consider moving here.

Anonymous said...

whites have absorbed the connection between obongo and black sense of self-entitlement-- whether they talk about it or not. they experienced the trauma of having lost control of their country and they are now reacting to it. quietly, even furtively, but they ARE responding to it in their own way. a million decisions are being made every day that are different from ones that were made just a couple years ago. decisions like where to buy a house, start a business, plan a vacation... the wisdom of the white crowd is being formed as much in response to the obongo phenom as the dusky crowd's reaction to it... Hegel's at work in the background. You may not be able to hear it, but it is there. The whisperings are gathering into conversations, then debates, then formations and one day, action. events are accelerating...

Anonymous said...

Blacks are at war against whites. Why in the EFF are we, the working class taxpayers, forced to sustain these violent animals to perpetuate their crimes and their sheet numbers?