Thursday, October 3, 2013

Maybe It Was Memphis: 64 percent Black Memphis and those "Danger: Enter At Your Own Risk" Billboards...

Occasionally, you miss a story.
It slips passed your radar.
But once you discover it, putting it on everyone’s radar is mandatory.
Why would the city be dangerous? Didn't Marc Cohn sing a song about walking in the city, seeing the ghost of Elvis or something?

The Memphis Police Association put up billboards that simply read, "DANGER: Enter at your own risk; This city does not support public safety."[Billboard scaring pants off Memphis visitors,, 5-4-13]:
Billboards installed by the Memphis Police Association in the past week are starting a debate over public safety and could be hurting the city's image. 
Mike Williams, President of the MPA, says the billboards are targeting city leaders but Mayor A C Wharton says the billboards - which say "DANGER: Enter at your own risk; This city does not support public safety" - are driving tourists away. 
During a news conference Friday Mayor Wharton didn't hold back. He says these signs around town could cost some people their jobs and he says they're out of line. Williams says they're protecting the union's jobs and benefits. 
"I think it's self-centered, I think it's selfish," Mr. Wharton said. "I think it has no place in our city."

Is it selfish? Is it self-centered? Or is it an accurate description of the quality of life found in majority black Memphis? It should be noted Gary, Indiana saw similar billboards go up in the 1990s(warning outsiders to “Proceed with Extreme Caution” when entering the city); strange, the only correlation between the two cities is both are majority black.
What do you notice? Memphis went from 62 percent white in 1970 to 64 percent black today. As Michael Lewis noted in The Blind Side, blacks inherited the city and... well, it's one of America's most dangerous now

Remember, Memphis is a city where the city council voted in 2008 to sever all ties to the popular program The First 48, because, in the words of one black councilmember’s, it “exposed the world to the worst aspects of our city.”[Memphis police cut ties with TV's 'First 48': Show sensationalizes city violence, council says, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 6-12-2008]:
Elected officials aren't generally known for their camera-shyness. Yet some Memphis City Council members weren't comfortable with local police appearing on a documentary series called "The First 48." 
The series, which airs on the A&E cable channel, follows detectives as they try to solve murders within the first two days after the crimes have been committed. 
Council member Wanda Halbert said the show was giving viewers elsewhere around the country a bad impression of Memphis. 
"I heard out-of-town people say Memphis was out of control," Halbert said. "We were exposing the world to the worst aspects of our city."

Those “worst aspects of your city” make up 64 percent of the population, accounting for almost all of the homicide suspects year in and year out.

 Children in the future will study The Blind Side, by Michael Lewis, to understand why the nation that was once known as the United States of America collapsed. Lewis supplies the best breakdown of the concept – championed here – known as the ‘black undertow’, when he writes about two black inner-city youth from Memphis being transported to a Whitopia just outside the city limits so they can play high school football:
When Big Tony put the two boys in his car on the west side of Memphis and drove them out, he was taking the longest journey he could imagine, and yet he only had to travel about fifteen miles. Driving east, he left the third poorest zip code in the United States and headed toward some of the richest people on earth. He left a neighborhood in which he could drive all day without laying eyes on a white person for one where a black person was a bit of curiosity. Memphis could make you wonder why anyone bothered to create laws segregating the races. More than a million people making many millions of individual choices generated an outcome not so different from a law forbidding black people and white people from mingling. 

As Big Tony puttered along in his ancient Ford Taurus, he passed what was left of Hurt Village, a barracks-style housing project built for white working-class families in the mid-1950s, reoccupied by blacks, and, in the end, controlled by gangs: Hurt Village was where Big Tony had grown up. He passed schools that had once been all white and were now all black. He passed people, like himself, in old clothes driving old cars. He passed Second Presbyterian Church, from which Martin Luther King, Jr. staged his last march before he was shot and killed – now abandoned and boarded shut. Further east, he passed the relatively prosperous black church, Mississippi Boulevard, housed in building abandoned by the white Baptists when they fled further east to a new church so huge and sprawling that it had been dubbed Six Flags Over Jesus. As Big Tony drove east he left what was, in effect, a secondhand city occupied by black people and entered the place for which it had been exchanged: a brand-new city, created by Born Again white people. And now here came Big Tony, chugging along in his beat-to-hell Taurus, chasing after them. (p. 45-46)

A secondhand city, handed down to black people when their numbers supplanted whites as the majority population of Memphis.

Whites left, creating thriving cities in the process; blacks inherited the city, leveling a once-thriving city in the process.

What type of world did white people leave behind?

 A $2 million federal grant was awarded to the city to found a network of agencies that will help black children cope with the violence they are exposed to, employing an army of “family service providers” in the process [Crime-fighting program to start with children in Memphis, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 10-12-2012].

The Memphis Gun Down initiative was launched in February by Mayor A C Wharton Jr., which specifically “targets young African-American men who obtain weapons illegally and use them while committing crimes.” [Memphis initiative targets gun violence prevention, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 1-25-13]
An initiative by the elected black officials in Memphis to stop black gun violence

Why might this need to happen? [Memphis mayor brings youth together to curb gun violence,, 6-12-13]:
In 2010, there were more than 50,000 crime-related incidents, with 10,384 being of a violent nature. Studies found that the violent crime rate in Memphis was 151.34 percent higher than that of the entire state of Tennessee.
Would you believe Memphis has a homicide rate more than four times that of New York City? [Memphis police study homicide rate,, 8-7-2012]:
But surprisingly... Memphis' Homicide Rate is more than four times what New York City's was last year. 
Last year in New York... One in every 15,079 people were murdered. 
In Memphis this year... Its one in every 3,734. 
So what are people in Memphis killing each other over? 
Scott continues, "This year there just seems to be a lot of neighborhood arguing."
    Argument is the number 1 motive this year...  A third of homicides, 30... Started with an argument... One over five dollars... Another between two brothers arguing who was the better parent. 
"And just people that for whatever reason cannot resolve conflicts in a civil manner."

Poor impulse control.

Lack of future-time orientation.

Unlike Michael Oher, no prospects for being a big-time Southeastern Conference (SEC) athlete, meaning no white suburban family will adopt you.

Low IQ.

Take your pick.

But they explain why 64 percent black Memphis in 2013 is a place you enter at your own risk.

Memo to Marc Cohn: Walking in Memphis (especially if you are white) is a bad idea. 


Wednesday said...

Africans are incapable of civilization and should be removed from the North American Continent by any means necessary.

Thursday said...

Anonymous 5:57 from yesterday deserved reposting:

"Relatively benign socialism metastisizing into the cancer of Racial Socialism.

This is the inevitable anti-White malignancy that occurs in multiracial democracies with a large black and/or brown population.

I'm working over 50 hours and driving over 230 miles a week to honestly earn my living and I'm being financially bled to support a sub-Saharan african sluts and punks culture and illegal mestizos.
As a bonus, I'm eligible to be racially discriminated against for jobs, promotions, college admission etc. because I'm of the racial group that built the greatest nation in history.

I don't have a problem with my tax money helping create a springy and prickly safety net that protects people from terrible economic luck and helps them get back on track and I like helping to finance the education of future engineers, auto mechanics, electricians etc.
What's not acceptable is financially bleeding me to support Fri'chickenisha Sanders excreting more future TV addicted sluts and more pea brained punks.

Whites in rest of the country had better learn what Whites in the Deep South understand.
When you support more socialism you're not going to get Norway. You're going to get Birmingham, Jackson, and Detroit. You're getting the Black Death.

We need to get on message and start pounding away with the unassailable truth. We are living under Black National Socialism.

Anonymous said...

It has been said, ad nauseam, that all one needs to do to destroy a white city is add blacks.

If one is a skeptic, one only needs to look up the ten most dangerous cities in our country, or any European country. A reasonable person will not be able to avoid the common denominator in those blighted cities, unless he/she is a gold star DWL.

Anonymous said...

exactly! if the gov't cared about our safety there would be signs saying: warning - negroes are dangerous.

allow businesses to have a sign with a red circle & a slash over a 'gro's 'fro. no blacks allowed. bring back negro control laws.

Anonymous said...

On obongocare-- isn't it amazing that 29% of whites APPROVE of this pos?

almost a third... if there was any justice, we could segregate this garbage off with to live with the groids. obongocare is the ideological Checkpoint Charlie that separates US from THEM. let's build a wall and shut them up together-- talk about a bongofest!

Anonymous said...

The suspect in today's capitol incident is a black woman. Perhaps she was worried about losing her EBT and/or Section 8 benefits due to the government shutdown and decided to drive her new Lexus through the White House gate. Terrible waste of a luxury car.

David said...

"A secondhand city, handed down to black people when their numbers supplanted whites as the majority population of Memphis."

That's the problem--the poor Negro has to live in whites' castoff hand-me-downs, like having to wear old used clothing, no wonder they're so angry. We should build them some nice, new, shiny cities in their aboriginal homeland, Africa. It's the Right Thing To Do for them.

countenance said...

Studies found that the violent crime rate in Memphis was 151.34 percent higher than that of the entire state of Tennessee.

Don't forget, "the entire state of Tennessee" includes all of Memphis's blacks itself and all of Nashville's blacks, Knoxville's blacks and Chattanooga's blacks, and the blacks on the Tennessee side of Fort Campbell, and now also suburban Nashville's Somalian Muslims. Compare Memphis blacks to Tennessee whites, and the disparity is MUCH higher.

The suspect in today's capitol incident is a black woman. Perhaps she was worried about losing her EBT and/or Section 8 benefits due to the government shutdown and decided to drive her new Lexus through the White House gate. Terrible waste of a luxury car.

Except the "shutdown" isn't affecting any of that. My guess is that she was probably "dissed" at some point today in some official capacity, and chimped out.

Anonymous said...

"This country does not support Public Safety"

Priceless billboard in Memphis PK.

Marc B said...

I've seen those signs around town and wondered if the locals actually realized what they meant. People here have become so numb to the violence and degradation that is the norm here, that even a sign like that doesn't phase most who see it.

Still, it's nice to get some race realism coming from a mainstream source, even if it has to come from police unions (blacks now make up close to half of the MPD). I don't begrudge them more pay, more manpower and better equipment considering the hellhole of a city they're expected to work in.

Anonymous said...

The eternal cry of the useless negro: "Image be Everthang, Substance ain't nothin'!"
Don't you dare reveal the truth about us and make us look bad! Ripping off our false face/image and showin' us up like dat fo' what we really are and what we is really like is racist! You supposed to pretend that everythang is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!
If you don't, we is gonna have an attitude!

Anonymous said...

Florida guy.

"I heard out-of-town people say Memphis was out of control," Halbert said. "We were exposing the world to the worst aspects of our city."

City officials should be proficient in English. I doubt the worst aspects of Memphis are even interested in the rest of the world.

Anyway, I think she meant, "We were exposing the worst aspects of our city to the world."

"The First 48” is hardly sensationalist. It's straightforward documentary in which the chips fall where they may. So it is that the killers almost always turn out to be black.

So CAL Snowman said...

It's pretty obvious at this point that the United States of America is the greatest enemy the White race has ever known. We all talk about the "destruction" or "collapse" of America, but that presupposes that America was at one time great and exalted. America WAS NEVER GREAT. Since 1861 or possibly 1776 America has been in the business of destroying the White race and Western Civilization. The Civil War, Reconstruction, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. have all revolved around the death and destruction of virile White males. The United States is the world's preeminent White Genocide factory and we are the pigs to be slaughtered. We ALL need to disentangle ourselves from the mythology of the United States and let any notions of America's "golden days" slip from our minds. The peace and prosperity of the 1950s was only possible because of the blood sacrifice of tens of millions of White people across the globe.

I do not look lovingly or nostalgically on America's past as some of you do, because I understand the satanic evil that is the United States. A lot of the older readers wax poetically about days gone by when Whites and blacks were segregated and Jim Crow ruled the land and Whites ruled the big cities. They think that somehow this fleeting period of time somehow justifies their anguish at what the United States has become. "Oh we had them negroes right where we wanted them, we knew better" they say. To this I reply, they had YOU right where THEY wanted you. They played on your natural, inherent racism. They played on your patriotic zealotry. The played on your amusing notion of American Nationalism. My point is that post World War 2 Jim Crow America is just as disgusting and sickening (to me) as 2013 Black Run America. Please do not feel sad or angry about the destruction and collapse of America; Columbia was never your mother she was the Whore of Babylon.

So CAL Snowman said...

To clarify when I said "They had YOU right where THEY wanted you" - I was referring of course to the Globalists NOT the blacks.

Interesting factoid about Marc Cohn. He was shot in the head in Denver in 2005 after a concert (he survived).

"Walking In Memphis" Singer Shot In the Head"

Anonymous said...

Florida guy.

July 2013 news story:

"Memphis won’t be the next Detroit, mayor says"

Says people are leaving the city:

"People are voting with their tail lights."

BTW, I'm reading that over the past few years five city council members have been indicted for malfeasance such as not reporting campaign contributions following FBI investigations.

The aforementioned Ms Halbert, who's run for mayor, has been investigated for pocketing cash and called before a grand jury. Dunno the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Florida guy.

Can't help it, Snowman. I'll always feel sad and sometimes angry about the destruction and collapse of our once great country.

Anonymous said...

This from Politico: By 2020, demographers say Hispanics will be about 41 percent of California's population, with whites less than 37 percent."
In only a few years, our largest state will be a majority Hispanic state. Perhaps we can entreat the new majority to stop the madness of the dwindling liberal guilt cabal. I imagine it will be akin to my time in the Navy overseas as signs and billboards switch to Spanish for the new majority! Hopefully they will help the whites against the Negro when the final race war erupts when the gravy train ends.

10mm AUTO said...

Wow. It is ok to have billboards that say, "Enter at you own Risk." but it would be racist and unbelievable to say WHY there is risk.

How About: "Enter at your own Risk. There be negros Here!"


"Warning! Orcs at Play!"


"Caution, personal firearms REQUIRED beyond this point. Feral negros loose.


"Do Not Feed the negros! They are dangerous and WILL bite!

So CAL Snowman said...

Florida guy said :

"Can't help it, Snowman. I'll always feel sad and sometimes angry about the destruction and collapse of our once great country."

It's not OUR country and it NEVER was. It was ALWAYS a vessel for the Elites to carve up the world and everything in it. The only thing "great" about it is its ability to inflict unimaginable damage on a global scale.

Let me ask you a question Florida guy. Why do you think America was once great? What made it so great?

Anonymous said...

Haha...I'll never forget, about 15 years ago, my company got an RFP from the City of Memphis, for the kind of law enforcement software we do, and the president said we wouldn't response because there was "too much crime there."

Good move IMO but he soon got fired by the CEO for not being aggressive enough.

Anonymous said...

Florida guy.

Correction to my 3:37 above.

"...Council members have been indicted for malfeasance such as not reporting campaign contributions following FBI investigations."

Should be:

"...Coucil members have been indicted, following FBI investigations, for malfeasance such as not reporting campaign contributions."

(Heh -- English proficiency indeed.)

Anonymous said...

Florida guy.

What made this country great, Snowman?

One's freedom to explore our magnificent cities without having to worry much about attack.

And the thousands of other inherent or available pleasures large and small that had not yet been eliminated or compromised as a natural function of civilization in decline, whatever the reasons for the decline.

Anonymous said...

Methinks So Cal Snowman is in the wrong forum. This is supposed to discuss black dysfunction and the black race hustle. I suggest he move from Cali to Damascus for a lesson in relativity (perhaps he'll take a boat load of feral black thugs with him).

Anonymous said...

At some point, some group with enough money and time on their hands needs to challenge any and all laws that prevent restrictive covenants. The first amendment spells out the right of freedom of association, which must include exclusion within a group for it be be effective, and the statistics of crime in Detroit, Memphis and other ruined cities is enough to make that right appear as necessary now as it was in 1800.

Adrian said...

Incoming news


Moondoggie said...

A few years ago our company hired a new President from up North. A True eastern Yankee boy. Yes he was very enlightened and was shocked that some of us called niggers a nigger. Well he took his family to Memphis for a visit to check out possible areas to buy a house. On Friday night he took them to the movies in a mixed race suburb. They were the only whites and when they walked into watch the movie and I quote... as retold to me " daddy why are all the black people looking at us and yelling at us" , " can we leave now Please", I am afraid".

They never moved to Memphis to say the least. They got their education quickly. We fired that idiot about year ago.

As one who lived in Memphis for several years, yes Memphis itself is a hellish hole for whites. If you have to move down there live in Desoto County, MS. 10 years ago it was 90% white. Probably less now but anything is better than Shelby County/ Memphis.

I predict that at some point Memphis will be the highest percentage Black Metro area in the country. Memphis is poor. Memphis will be the New Atlanta as the Black Mecca.

Anonymous said...

OT...on Long Island, NY a black male school bus aide assaulted a five year old boy who is developmentally disabled. He broke the child's arm and also bruised his chest and face. In court aide's family says he din't do nuffins. So what else is new.

Anonymous said...

De'Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones
I did not know she was black until I just read your post!. I read the Daily Mail version a few hours ago where they had a good picture of the car. When I saw it was a nice new shiny Lexus, my mind went toward black. But then when I read she was unarmed and had a child in car, I thought white because I thought that MSM would be pouncing on opportunity for a poor black victim of police brutality gunned down with her baby. Then I read CT news, Hartford Courant, which had details of the condo complex where she lived, her job , that she started a dental hygenist placement business, and no mention of a father to the child so I started to think black again. Will be interesting to see rest of story develop.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not harping on Detroit or Baltimore. It's best to do a round table to show those on the fence that its not an anomaly... its darn near every major city in America that has/is experiencing the undertow.

Profile more heartland cities and out west to really make the point. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Song if brother!

Anonymous said...

Indian said....

The time is close, the debt ceiling in the US will not be raised, the US will have to default. It's Everyman for himself.

In this nightmare scenario who do you think can/will survive? Only those who are prepared will survive. Whites have proved they can, native Americans also can, Asians, no problem, Latinos, not sure, I say not sure because I've had very limited experience with them.

The danger in this scenario will probably be people who are used to handouts. Once the handouts stop, they will become more violent than ever to survive.

Get ready people, these are going to be very rough times ahead, look after yourselves and, more importantly, your families.

Of course, this scenario will only happen if the debt ceiling isn't raised, it probably will though, if it doesn't, the poo will definitely hit the fan, on slow speed.

Anonymous said...


thanks Paul and all commenter s.

And was the latest 'DC dust up' a somali or homegrown?

Discard said...

SoCal Snowman says that America was never great.
SoCal Snowman needs to recalibrate his judgement.
America was once the best place in the World.

Anonymous said...

If the police are telling you it is unsafe,are you allowed to carry a gun? I lived in Memphis for about a year and a half.For one year of that time I was 'urban camping'.Dangerous? Yes.
Memphis is a very poor place.It is filthy.The police are worse than the criminals there.Really.The difference between Memphis and even a poor northern city is striking.Memphis spends no money on the city,period.It is a dump.The politicians,police,and who knows who else must somehow pocket almost all the money that comes in, because it surely is not spent on the city.Block after block of empty houses and buildings.Weed-choked empty lots.Garbage everywhere.No recycling,at least when I was there.Dope houses that have been dope houses for generations.The police arrest almost everyone they come in contact with,and crowd the jails with petty criminals and drunks.I am thankful I made it out alive..Trust me-do not go there.Richard Cranium

Ray Scissom said...

Hey Paul! Can you do anything to remove black people from these figures to see what the stats look like for white folks under 30. Just curious:

whisker child said...

To Anonymous at 10:40:

To your question on the Latinos: I live in Southern Kalifornia.

They are the lowest of the low.

They will be our ruination.

Anonymous said...

Paul you haven't written about Africa in awhile. This might be up your alley:

Bogolyubski said...

CA Snowman's post raises an interesting question. At what point did the whites who broke away from King George lose their country? Different bloggers, historians who can see and other commenters give different dates: many cite 1865 as the date, some site 1913, others go back to the ratification of the constitution. I think it helps to view it as a gradual process that started on day one of the country's founding.

Auster, though quite ignorant (or deliberately deceptive) about the nature of fictional-reserve central banking, was nevertheless quite good in pointing out the failure of the founders to define the population of the nation they were founding. Jefferson's extraordinary warning about central banking (a greater threat to national sovereignty than an invading army) was repeatedly ignored by the New England mercantilists, though banksterism was resisted by at least a segment of the South and West. The civil war weakened the resistance to the squids' ultimate goal (which happens also be one of the ten pillars of communism) so by 1913 the USA became the Banksta Banana Republick. My own view is that this has really been their country since at least that date (with a final complete takeover of the military by 1963) although it was mostly theirs a half century before.

Those who fail to understand the subversive nature of squid-run fictional-reserve central banking are doomed to fail in any attempt to break free of their slavery. The promises of endless growth and equality are the greatest shit-sandwiches ever sold.

whisker child said...

to Anonymous at 1:22:

"....the ideological Checkpoint Charlie.....

Love it- you are of a certain age to know that, as am I.

Anonymous said...

While spiderman and batman free the big cities of all white muggers and thieves 48 hours shows the real face if crime in America. If A&E were to appease the negro populace by showing only white criminals it would take ten yesrs to film one season.

Mich Mike

10mm AUTO said...

Bogolyubski and all the rest.

Here is an excellent article that sums up the current state of Squid run Media.

Though it criticizes the internet, I don't think it gives it enough credit for bringing together like minded people in a forum where they can refine and build their arguments or to sites like Paul Kersey's where in a laboratory setting entire social patterns (Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Clayton County, GA, etc) can be analyzed under a microscope and discussed. Forty years ago, people could be persuaded that a "few bad actors" were the cause of these collapses. With the internet, video and pictures, it is impossible to use those lies, reducing our opponents to screaming "Racist!" at every turn.

Read it, it think a lot of lightbulbs will come on. Let me give just a taste:

"The sheer obsession with Racism by media in formerly White countries is an indicator of the degree to which global elites consider White Consciousness the ultimate threat to globalisation; a fear so deep, they dare not even mention it by name in private. They prefer to speak of “right wingers” or “nativists” or “reactionaries” than of anything where the word “White” might figure. This goes for both their public analysis of Globalisation’s “friction,” and for intimate discussions with their lovely spouses.

This relationship between these elites, their globalist agenda, and the media conglomerates at their disposal, has spawned curious policies across the entire White world. Known as the “Swedish Rules,” these are informal agreements between a nation’s leading media conglomerates to avoid or phase out the mention of Non Whites in relation to violent crime such as assaults, battery, and rape. These rules apply to countries where racisms is a legally protected belief (America, Russia), as well as those where it has been criminalised (European Continent, Commonwealth)."...


Anonymous said...

"They prefer to speak of “right wingers” or “nativists” or “reactionaries” than of anything where the word “White” might figure. "

Powerful piece.

And I notice that Conservative whites use terms like "Obama supporters", "low-information voters", "leftists", and "liberals" to describe blacks.

Bogolyubski said...

Excellent post, 10 MM. The article is dead-on. And it is also why we must think beyond our own race (even as we do everything we can possibly do to preserve it), which is clearly being targeted for extermination by the genocidal oligarchs - whose ambitions easily exceed those of the wildest imaginary Nazi. The knowledge we impart also serves to warn folks like the sympathetic Indians and Asians who show up here from time to time. The squids are truly the enemy of all individual cultures and races. Their sheer wickedness has no bottom limit.

All those non-whites who lurk here - even if you're presently enjoying unprecedented prosperity (thanks to squid favoritism) at the present time - be warned that you can be tossed beneath the bus by them just as quickly and easily as we have been - perhaps even more so. Do you somehow think that there are not those in your own ranks who wouldn't hesitate to sell you out for the promise of joining an permanent planetary ruling class? There are already signs of the poison's spread in Korea, Japan and China - even India. Thanks to the activities of squids like Melina Gates, Africa is now a vast rookery for breeding legions upon legions of orcs - who will be imported into every nation in which even a chance of resistance to the squid world empire could arise in order to destroy and pull up by the roots anything not under the squids' control.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 10mm. Found a new site.

From Imperialism of Self-Love to Empire of Self-Hatred

Anonymous said...

A gun podcaster I listen to said he grew up in Memphis back in the 1950s, and his household had a loaded shotgun at all times by the front door. "That's just the way it was; Memphis is a dangerous town." Are we all going to have to do that soon?

Californian said...

CA Snowman's post raises an interesting question. At what point did the whites who broke away from King George lose their country?

James Burnham, in his book "The Managerial Revolution" (1941), places the date some time during the 1930s. The New Deal was one symptom (but not a cause) of the decisive change in power: a new class of technocratic "managers" had risen who controlled both industry and the government apparatus.

The managerial revolution was the result of the complexities of the modern industrial system. A country which wanted to have an advanced economy needed an elite to run it (though Burnham himself claims to not advocate such a thing personally). You end up with the new class of scientific managers, professional bureaucrats, social engineers, academics, PR specialists to do the agitprop, etc. They work together to maximize their own power.

Conservative critics in the 1930s-40s realized the change in America, even though often imperfectly. Their criticism of FDR for "fascism" seems odd on the surface, but the New Deal was a turn towards the government-industry alliance which effectively destroyed the old Republic. Bear in mind this represented a process, extending from the establishment of a Federal Reserve (an initial step in scientific management of the economy) to the federal support for the civil rights revolution of the 1950s-60s.

A major change was in the attitude towards race. Up until the 1940s, American elites were largely racially conscious. Even a progressive like Woodrow Wilson pushed for segregation. But to the managerial elite all people were essentially atoms, to be used interchangeably. Besides, a racially conscious white middle class was a challenge to elite control.

We have seen the massive social engineering programs designed to destroy the middle class, whether outsourcing of industries or moving Somalis into the suburbs. And we can add NGOs to the list of managerial controllers on a global scale. Essentially, the system is so far above the heads of citizens of any country that it becomes difficult to grasp, much less control. Of course, with most people locked to the telescreen during most of their waking hours, it doesn't seem to matter much.

George Orwell satirizes this in his "Nineteen Eighty-Four," with the world being run by an Inner Party elite working through an Outer Party of technocrats and secret police. There's a permanent state of war, mass media indoctrinating the proles, universal surveillance, government run hate-fests against dissenters (think PC), and a system which does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin or sex.

Sounds familiar.

It's worth reading both "The Managerial Revolution" and "Nineteen Eighty-Four" to see where we are today.

So CAL Snowman said...

I think some of you are misunderstanding my point. How does one define greatness?

Discard said :
"SoCal Snowman says that America was never great.
SoCal Snowman needs to recalibrate his judgement.
America was once the best place in the World."

What does that mean, "the best place in the world?" That's a subjective argument. I don't think America was great, I think WHITE PEOPLE WERE GREAT and we still are. America wasn't great because it was America, it was great because it was 90+% White. America used to be a great place to live because it was largely free of Mexicans and other assorted Central Americans. I don't need to go to Damascus to understand that White people build better civilizations than non Whites, come on guy. The civilization we Whites built in North America was for the sole benefit of the elites. They used our immense productivity to acquire vast sums of wealth that they use to control the globe. We were allowed a CERTAIN AMOUNT of "freedom" relative to the rest of the world, so that we would continue to produce massive wealth for our globalist masters. But make no mistake, we have always been enslaved to them, it's just more of a mental slavery than physical slavery. We believe in paying tithes to the almighty State, and they own the almighty State and it's cash machine - The Federal Reserve. Only Whites could produce this amount of wealth for the elite, which is why they focused on us as the producers instead of the non Whites. As soon as they were able to upgrade the infrastructure and technology in the non- White countries, they began to focus on exploiting and pimping those people. This had the wonderful effect of gutting the industrial backbone of the United States, thus removing one of our greatest competitive advantages, our industrial might. If you think for one second you have ever breathed the air of "freedom" in America you are sadly mistaken. Only a mental slave could believe he was free in the supposed greatest country in the world. The propaganda is strong, very strong. If America was so great how was she reduced to our current state?

America was "great" because of a lack of racial diversity and the presence of 160 million Whites. It would never last because like I said above, the Elites moved on to greener pastures (Globalization)after picking our bones clean for decades. Once they had no more use for us as producers they opened the third world floodgates AND simultaneously unleashed the blacks. If you believe that America was once great, then you are still part of the problem. Our past as a "great" country had led directly to our present abomination.

Californian said...

I don't think America was great, I think WHITE PEOPLE WERE GREAT and we still are.

Good point.

Anonymous said...

@Mich Mike: "While spiderman and batman free the big cities of all white muggers and thieves 48 hours shows the real face if crime in America. If A&E were to appease the negro populace by showing only white criminals it would take ten years to film one season."
That's the same reason Spiderman and Batman only target white muggers. If they went after all the black thugs, they'd never have any time left to battle the Joker or Octosquid or whomever.

Discard said...

SoCal Snowman: How do you figure that White people were great, but America was not? America was and is its people. Once, we were all White. Blacks were not really citizens for the most part, thanks to Jim Crow and his cousins Sundown Town and Restrictive Covenant. Yes, I know that there have always been predatory bloodsuckers out to exploit us. Such people exist in every society, in large numbers. But, at one time, we had them beat. Is it not the goal of every one of us to beat them again? Were we not warned by the Founders that keeping our liberty would be an unending task, to be taken up anew by every generation?

Anonymous said...

His momma said he wasn't treated well, needed help, but no one helped him. Had to kill that girl. Whitey made him do it.

Christian Identity Forum said...

How strange that what blacks do in reality is far, far removed from what they do on TV, i.e. solve crimes, save countless lives, make important scientific discoveries, and preside over pretty much every courtroom in the land.

Anonymous said...

I was driving through Memphis on Sep 7th at around 9pm & witnessed an accident 200 yards in front of me on 240 East. It turns out the driver that caused the accident was drinking & speeding & had tried to pass a semi truck by driving on the shoulder. He hit a car that was parked on the shoulder & there was someone standing next to it. Amazingly, the guy standing by his car was still standing when I walked up to them. They were both black & the perp had an open 16oz Bud can in the cup holder. The only people that stopped to help were me, a local white couple on a date, & the rig operator (the cars impacted his truck). I was on hold with Memphis 911 for over 4 minutes before I got an operator. Both cars were real nice, too.

Anonymous said...

Black gun store