Monday, October 28, 2013

'Justice has a price. That price is freedom.'

Picking up a copy of The Best of Judge Dredd (Classic Strips From the Galaxy's Greatest Judge: I Am the Law), immediately this writer's eyes fell upon the story with the title 'America'.
'Limp-wrist' liberals, fearful of administering justice to those breeding disorder, have lorded over a system far more oppressive than James Crow could have ever hoped to be

Let's just allow a monologue by the eponymous character tell the story:
Where do I stand? 

I'll tell you where I stand 

I stand four-square for justice. I stand for discipline, good order and the rigid application of the law -- and Grud (PK Note: 'swear word' in the fictional future society Dredd lives in) help any limp-wrist liberals who say different. 

The people, they know where I stand. They need rules to live by -- I provide them. They break the rules, I break them. That's the way it works. 

The people like it that way. They need to know where they stand. 


Sure. I'm all for rights. But not at the expense of order. 

That's why I like to see that Statue of Judgement standing there. Towering over liberty (PK note: yes, in this future society, a statue of 'justice' is erected on Ellis Island, towering over the Statue of Liberty). 

Kind of a symbol. 

Justice has a price. 

The price is freedom. 
The above material, a monologue from The Best of Judge Dredd story 'America', is probably too much for your contemporary conservative or libertarian, who listens to Alex Jones and believes Ron and Rand Paul will save the day.

Justice. Discipline. Order.

Concepts anathema in what we've labeled Black-Run American (BRA), a ruling ideology that thrives on anarcho-tyranny, chaos, and destruction.

'Justice has a price. That price is freedom.' -- Judge Dredd

Freedom has a price; that price is the civilization white people birthed, cultivated, and ultimately surrendered when the fires were still burning in the black rebellion/riots/insurrection of the 1960s.

Think about it.

SBPDL stands for justice.

Freedom, you whine?

You must stand for 2013 Detroit...


Jonny Reb said...

There is a problem with this post. Without black people the police state you describe is unnecessary. Without blacks we could probably cut the police force by two-thirds. This would never happen of course our government likes the feeling they have power and control over us.

Anonymous said...

Some people can't handle living in a free society. The solution is not to reduce everyone's freedom but to exclude - by force - those that cannot. I do sympathize with your position Mr. Kersey but I believe Justice must come from the most basic, local level. The local jury, the local sheriff, the local posse, the local militia, and the most local of all, every individual Man and Woman.

Anonymous said...

Who is the biggest lost cause? Those who seek salvation from Ron Paul, or from a comic book hero?
We used to have both freedom and justice. If we weed out the savages and restore our homogenous society, we can have them again. We should always strive for that.

Robert B said...


I have to disagree with you on the idea that blacks understand the power of a voting block. Blacks in general are not smart enough to do elementary math, let alone crunch the numbers involved in voting. It was white men with a purpose who did that. Just as it was white men who started the NAACP and financed it.

Communists saw the American black as the ultimate prole--and far more useful than their European counterpart in Eastern Europe. Indeed, they could not get the white "proles" in America to do much of anything, but it was very easy to whip up the blacks and get them to riot. Think about it--all of you, how many times in your life have you heard politicians and white racists whip up the blacks. It's almost a weekly event now.

Ever wonder how these people financed their "movements"? Hmm? Did you know the original community organizers were all whites? They were and remain communists. They financed their agenda by starting business's which then used the tax system to promote their agenda. They are still doing it. All of the DWL crap is sold to them by people with an agenda. Just think how perfect that scam is--first getting people to buy products that finance your agenda, then using the profits to elect people who not only agree to tax the populace to finance your agenda via NGO's, but also to get the government to buy your products.

And, they even get to be rich as part of the deal--now that's "American Exceptionalism".

Of course, "we" could do it too. And if the business is successful, it can even do what they also did--hire those that were black listed elsewhere for their "activism".

Whiskey said...

The comic book, and PK is spot on here, was all about the urban decay in Britain in the kate 1970s and early 80s. You didn't think it was about America did you?

As the money runs out, Detroit pensioners get 16 cents on the dollar and 125 for ObamaCare hahahaha not their health care .... the result will resemble the Thirty Years War and people fearful of survival change beliefs radically and actions even more so.

Dredds police state is in some respects already here. We are not going to be able to deport Mexicans much less Blscks nor afford dint riot Welfare. Sorry crummy nook keyboard spelling. So who will keep order? A Dredd like hereditary police state.

Think Rome AD 290. Dredd.

Anonymous said...

We need Judge Dredd ... instead, we get Pigmeat Markham.

"Here come de judge!"

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to watch that show 'American Blackout' on NatGeo. Of course, it leaves out one HUGE element of the dangers of a black out (wink, wink) but it gives you a pretyy good idea of what will happen if the power goes out for awhile.

Pro tip: Watch out for eyes and teeth floating in the dark.

White Doe said...

So you guys (some of you, anyway) think if white conservatives start talking like some of you on here there's a chance of ppl taking black-on-white crime seriously?

There's not THAT many conservative whites (I'm a non-voting Independent about to go anarchist) compared to non-whites and liberal whites, so wouldn't it be a poor play if conservative whites started alienating those few who do support whites?

There's a lot of scared young whites who read this blog. If they think they don't need the help of outsiders then they're in deep trouble.

To open the world's eyes - and to hold accountable those responsible for demonizing whites and allowing racism to flourish against them unabated - is going to take the help of whites, non-whites (including Jews), artists, conservatives and liberals.

It works for everyone else, doesn't it?

Granted, it will be MUCH harder to humanize whites in the eyes of some, but it can be done; it's just going to take a lot of work. Most of the work that will need to be done by whites who come here will have to be done by young passionate whites, obviously.

Some of your readers have begun to contact me. That's a good sign, don't you think?

Nah, the hardest ppl to reach will be the liberals, not the conservatives. At least the conservatives are speaking out about somethin.

The liberals? They ain't doin nothin but playin "Hot Potato"

For young whites reading this:

I'm going to try and rally support from the art community and see if I can get ppl to join me in donating a percentage of our future earnings to WSA in need - especially orphans and those who wish to relocate.

I've donated to black African charities, but I've never done anything for white Africans, mainly because I didn't know what was happening in SA, and I had never even heard of the name "Rhodesia". I also didn't know about white farmers being attacked in Kenya.

I know some black poets who would be willing to help as well - and that's a GOOD thing. It really is.

About two years ago, a black female poet published a poem for Channon and Chris. Another black poet I told about it spun into a bad case of depression because he couldn't stop thinking about it, and I believe him, because that's happened to a lot of us who've come across that case.

There's some black nerds out there with heart, people.

It's true.

However,if you want to get this moving along quickly, then we need young white nationalists to come barreling through like a wrecking ball, which means they will have to do something (as a unit) that is completely out of character for them.

Gen X is aging out. Pretty soon we'll all have that same lazy, cynical, defeatist attitude that comes with age, so you better get while the gettin is good, Ten Percent.

Ivan .M said...

The House of Hanover would've been a better option than BRA.


Hey Greatwhites,

that is a scary thought! and I just wonder in the future if it will be a level playing field? or a playing field that is given instead of earned. like the kind of playing field that is going on in the BRA run America? and all of this wondering I'm doing right now will add up to a hill of beaners when the FAIR Immigration Reform heads our way. cause greatwhites if that happens and those motherfuckers sell out the white race in Washington d.c. all this wondering will go into a new desperate position. remember that female NGR bertha lewis said minority majority! oh lordy look how many good sons are on their way to a border near you! no wonder they are talking about this movie. I mean how else will they tame two races that have know one to pay for them. does anyone know about living in Iceland? if they take white immigrants from America that know how to read and write and pay their f-ing bills on-time? and most importantly DON"T HAVE A FUCKING POLICE RECORD! anyone????


Anonymous said...

I choose freedom, Paul are you choosing robocop who will execute you for some thoughtcrime like rayceesem?


Earl Turner said...

It's been said before and bears repeating. You may choose any two:

a. freedom
b. civilization
c. black people

Anonymous said...

I agree GC. It is like censorship. The liberals get conservatives to back censorship by promising to restrict pornography, but 'bam ', the minute they get their way they will use it it to shut down sites like this one and other 'hate' sites. In the same way, the left use law and order and 'public safety' issues to increase their control and next thing you know, the crims are still walking free while you are being thrown up agains the wall for buying headache tablets with a bit of codeine in them. No way - I am not falling for it again. We have give away 95% of our personal freedoms with nothing to show for it. They will have to rip the remaining 5 % from my cold dead hands

Anonymous said...

white doe - you have a few good ideas, but you write too many words. shorten it, please.

Anonymous said...

Have followed Judge Dredd exploits for many decades. The last Dredd movie was fantastic. The concept was the police of the future are empowered to dispense justice on the spot, which is why they are called judges. Good thing that is not happening today or we would see an ongoing scene where police simply kill those who offend or resist...wait, never mind.

Anonymous said...

I thought the idea WAS to make people stare...???

I’m Sorry For Staring At You, Interracial Couple

Bogolyubski said...

Ivan M:
The House of Hanover would've been a better option than BRA.

I doubt it. The House of Hanover (now the House of Windsor) has been fully supportive of BRA in Britain, in SA, in Canada, Australia, etc. What we need is a Vlad Tepes.

Bogolyubski said...

You've probably read it already, Robert B, but one of the finest and most informative articles ever written which mentions the white roots of BRA was Paul's superb article about the destruction of Rochester NY, posted almost a year ago here.

The groids of Rochester initially asked Saul Alinsky (yes, that Saul Alinsky, the unreconstructed Stalinist) to "community organize" but he declined (guess they couldn't pay his fee). Only when a committee of well-heeled white "Christian" leaders (Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Catholics) invited him did he come to work his black magic. Once set in motion, the classic pattern of destruction followed. Rochester is now just Detroilet writ smaller. This all went down in the mid-1960s, BTW.

10mm AUTO said...

Actually "White Doe" you are completely wrong in most aspects of what you are saying, further convincing me you are a Psy-op.

1. Generally conservatives outnumber Liberals by a large amount. Statistically those who identify as Liberal poll in at around 25% nationally. Coupled with negro "gibsmedat" and Jews and homos and mush headed youth (who are living at home in Obamas America) and frightened Whites who are living on benefits, you get the Mocha Messiah's razor thin majority.

"To open the world's eyes - and to hold accountable those responsible for demonizing whites and allowing racism to flourish against them unabated - is going to take the help of whites, non-whites (including Jews), artists, conservatives and liberals."

This is a classic PSY-OP sentence. Just to unwind this mushheaded gobbledygook would take an article in and of itself. Let me make 5 quick points:

1. What the hell makes you think we are trying to wake "the world" to the plight of the Whites? We are only trying to wake our own people. The rest of the world knows Whites are weakened. Do you think China is not aware that the West has lost its Manufacturing capability, its inventiveness, its striving for the New? They savor it.

2. There is no such thing as racism. Racism is a Marxist word with a wandering meaning used to shut White people up. Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is evil merely to object to dispossession, much less to work for their own interests. Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage, and giving away to others its place in history, only whites have been tricked into thinking that love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others. Notice that most people on this blog do not use the word "racism". It is our enemies who use this word to silence us.

3. Who is going to hold Whom accountable? Some "World Court"? What are they going to do, Fine the other races? Jail the other races? Wow! Give us a clue as to what the word "accountable" means. Reparations?

4. So we are going to have to crawl to the Jews and convince them that we are being oppressed?! (Help! Help! I'm being Oppressed!)
Perhaps have Speilberg will do a movie of the terble, terble legacy of da White oppression? Since TWMNBN are the ones pulling the strings in the media to silence black on White crime, I think convincing them to be held "accountable" is just a little unlikely.

5. Since elite non-Whites and liberals derive their political power from convincing the non-Whites that Whitey is the bad guy and needs to be genocided out (You want to be Free, you gonna have to kill some Crackers, You are going to have to kill some of their babies!") what makes you think that sitting around and singing Kumbyya ( ) will change anything? Further many Liberals sign on to the whole "too many people on the planet" thing, so if the White race gets genocided out, as far as they are concerned, that is a good start.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Mr. Kersey! I'm glad someone finally had the balls to call out the outdated concept of FREEDUMB. Sorry, folks - including all those wannabe libertarians out there (who are nothing more than conservatives who are just too embarrassed to call themselves republicans) - but freedumb is a bullshit idea (nothing more) created by those in power to dangle over the unfortunate masses like a carrot on the end of a stick. You want some freedumb? Here you go, and here you are, and there you go, and there you are, and, see, it's like a welfare check ("free" money).

Yeah, that's right: You. Do. Not. Have. Anything. Other. Than. What. The. Powers. That. Be. Allow. You. To. Have. (After all, there's a reason corporations - who run this country - love da blacks, and loves giving them their precious so-called freedumbs... it's called conspicuous consumption, and it's an extremely profitable social ill.)

You have no more freedumb than the people in the Middle East. You have no more freedumb than the people in China. All of those people have the freedumb to do everything that people in the United States have to do. Hard to believe, but some Chinese guy has freedumb of speech and religion and everything else just like you... now that being said, whether or not that same Chinese guy has the RIGHT to free speech and religion and everything else is an entirely different matter. While Mr. Chinaman is free to say "FUCK THIS COUNTRY," he might not have the right to say it, and will more than likely be punished for it, but the fact remains: he has the FREEDUMB to say whatever the hell he wants.

Until people get over the freedumb nonsense, and realize that society is not just a wide open space where everyone can do whatever they want whenever they want, then this country is going to continue on the lawless and crumbling path it's been on for some time now...

Anonymous said...

Robert B, those people were not whites who ran the NAACP, etc.TWWNBN.

Anonymous said...

Not to disagree with the message you're trying to get across but I do want to point out-or remind you?-that Judge Dredd is a SATIRE, a warning piece.

Anonymous said...

10-mm AUTO..I agree with your opinion of White Doe. You're a wonderful writer, I always enjoy your comments.

AnalogMan said...

For those who have recently expressed an interest in the situation in South Africa (for which I thank you), here is an article I found yesterday, linked at The Irish Savant:

South Africa sit. rep.

Anonymous said...

" AnalogMan said...

For those who have recently expressed an interest in the situation in South Africa (for which I thank you), here is an article I found yesterday, linked at The Irish Savant:

South Africa sit. rep."

The line from that story that stood out for me:

"Yet even South Africans don’t really understand what is happening to their country. They feel the temperature rising, but seem dulled to the danger."

Replace "South Africans" with "white Americans." Dulled.

-Neighborhood Bartender

SKIP said...

This reminds me of the original movies of the Planet of the Apes and their LAW GIVER.

Chris Mallory said...

I keep my guns loaded for the black hordes and the "Judge Dread" types.

America would have been better off without the blacks, but then we would have also been better off without the Germans, Irish, and Southern Europeans.

Anonymous said...

More props to 10 mm auto.