Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Represents "Africa in America": Which is Why Mayor Rawlings-Blake Begged CVS to Build Store that Blacks Eventually Burned Down...

PK NOTE: Paul Kersey talks Baltimore with Jared TaylorPick up a copy of The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore to understand how the civilization whites created in Baltimore has been driven out by the rising black population.

A black mayor. 

A black police commissioner, in charge of a police department on the verge of being majority black (and dedicated not to serving and protecting the community, but tackling racism to build trust with the 65 percent black city). 

A majority black city council, with a black city council president who found it in his heart to apologize to the black terrorists who burned/rioted/and looted the city (while flanked by black gang members). 
One of the most shocking headlines you'll ever read: the merger of the black-run state of Baltimore with black agents of anarchy: is this an example of the private army/police force President Obama spoke of? 

But it doesn't matter

White people abandoned a city their ancestors built because of intolerable rates of black crime and dysfunction, and with the subsequent black takeover of the city any and all vestiges of social capital left as well. Save on April 27, when rival black gangs - Crips, Bloods and Black Guerrilla Family street gangs - united to protect black owned businesses after meeting with a black elected official and members of the black clergy. [Rival Gang Members Unite, New York Times, 4-27-2015]:

At the end of a march led by Representative Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland, local religious leaders met at New Shiloh Baptist Church on North Monroe Street with some of the young rioters. 
Most of the protesters had already left the church, but with about 50 people still in the pews, six or seven young men went to the front of the church, where they set out their frustrations and spoke about what they had done to shape the events of the night. 
Some of the young men wore bandanas to hide their identities. Several young men identified themselves as members of the Crips, Bloods and Black Guerrilla Family street gangs. One Crips member, who called himself Charles, said the gang members had taken to the streets because “there is only so far that you can push people into a corner. We’re frustrated and that’s why we’re out there in the streets.” 
He described how he and some Bloods members stood in front of stores that they knew were black-owned business, to protect them from looting and vandalism. He said they made sure no black youths, or reporters, were injured by rioters. 
Instead, he said, they pointed the rioters toward Chinese- and Arab-owned stores. 
Freddie Gray’s death, he said, had brought Baltimore’s violent gangs together. 
“I rolled over here on a truck and I was the only Crip, and everybody else was Bloods, and they didn’t do anything to me,” he said. “We’re together in this.”
An admission by a black Crip member that rival black gangs are united in the racial cleansing of Baltimore of any non-black person: this profound statement should be juxtaposed with the Baltimore City Council President being flanked by two black gang members as he apologized for calling them "thugs."

All that remained was the infrastructure white people built long ago, for a future far different than the one on April 29, 2015, when the black city leaders could not guarantee the safety of white Baltimore Orioles fans and the team played a game before an empty stadium. 

With the invention of the mechanical cotton picker in the early 1900s, black labor became obsolete on farms in the south. So, blacks moved north seeking work. They flooded into Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore. 

In 2015, the descendants of these black migrants labor is just as worthless as the value of the labor those black migrants had when they left the south almost a century ago.. [Baltimore Protesters Defy Curfew With Thousands Of Police, Troops Deployed, Huffington Post, April 28, 2015]:

The violence set off soul-searching among community leaders and others, with some suggesting the uprising was about more than race or the police department — it was about high unemployment, high crime, poor housing, broken-down schools and lack of opportunity in Baltimore's inner-city neighborhoods. 
The city of 622,000 is 63 percent black. The mayor, state's attorney, police chief and City Council president are black, as is 48 percent of the police force. 
"You look around and see unemployment. Filling out job applications and being turned down because of where you live and your demographic. It's so much bigger than the police department," said Robert Stokes, 36, holding a broom and a dustpan on a corner where some of the looting and vandalism took place. 
He added: "This place is a powder keg waiting to explode."
You read on sites like National Review or Breitbart that 65 percent black Baltimore represents a "failure of liberal policies": yet liberal cities with small black populations, such as San Francisco, Portland, Austin, and Seattle are thriving. 

But a once proud city - the birthplace of the United States National Anthem - is now a black dystopia, with a burned-out CVS a representation of the Visible Black Hand of Economics, considering it took extraordinary measures by the black government of Baltimore to convince CVS to invest in West Baltimore. [Baltimore mayor defends riot response, The Hill, April 28, 2015]:
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Monday night activated the National Guard in Baltimore andsuggested Rawlings-Blake had held up the process. 
"When the mayor called me, which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, instantly we signed the executive order," Hogan said. 
Rawlings-Blake defended her handling of the crisis, and lamented the toll that the unrest had taken on her city. She noted that one of the fires gutted a West Baltimore CVS that had been seen as a crucial addition to the community. 
“I spoke to someone here who knows how hard we fought to get a CVS to invest into this neighborhood,” she said, noting that the drug stores is the only place some people can pick up prescriptions nearby. 
“Everybody know we have a city with great needs, and there are many that are struggling. What happened last night made sure that more people are struggling.” 
The mayor said over the weekend that the city has been trying to walk the line of keeping the peace and allowing people to protest. She added that in the balancing act, she wanted to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”
But blacks didn't need any "space" to destroy what was left of the civilization whites long ago built (and abandoned because of the intolerable rates of crime by blacks and the incivility high numbers of black neighbors brought to the community), as they've been doing it since the black riots of 1968.[Crowds Scatter as Baltimore Curfew Takes Hold, New York Times, 4-29-15]:
Near the burned-out CVS, Robert Wilson, a college student who went to high school in Baltimore, said: “With the riots, we’re not trying to act like animals or thugs. 
We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us, and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers, and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.”Mr. Wilson said he had seen someone on television say, “This doesn’t feel like America." 
“And I’m like, ‘This is America!’ ” he said. “ ‘They just don’t want you to know!’ ”
Mr. Wilson, 65 percent black Baltimore is no longer America: it's Africa in America, where the skyscrapers long ago erected by white men believing in a brighter future now stand to mock the deteriorating conditions of a city completely controlled by blacks. 

You wake up to broken-down buildings because blacks fail to maintain the buildings/homes whites abandoned because of black crime; community centers go away because the 65 percent black city lacks the tax base to sustain them; no one takes away any fathers, with black males possessing free will to either leave a pregnant woman or commit a crime that puts them in jail; traffic lights don't work because no funds our available for the Department of Transportation because of the 65 percent black city lacks the tax base to fund it; and the houses are crumbling and falling down because they were built to shelter white people, not the descendants of obsolete farm equipment from the south whose criminality and inability to assimilate to western civilization drove whites to rebuild the city in the suburbs. 

With white people abandoning the city their ancestors built, and building new, thriving communities in Baltimore County, why couldn't individual black people collectively create a community where CVS would be begging to invest in, instead of the black leadership of the city begging CVS to "pretty please" open up a store...?"

No, white flight didn't decimate Baltimore businesses: the white abandonment of Baltimore and subsequent black demographic majority in the city created an uncomfortable environment for commerce that only plexiglas can alleviate

Businesses continue to open up in heavily Democrat Portland, Seattle, Denver, Austin, & San Fransisco, but these cities do not have the liability of a large black population as Baltimore does: nor is there a real fear a black riot will cause the Mariners, Rockies, or Giants baseball games to be played before an empty stadium...


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Anonymous said...

Robert Wilson says his nog brothers burned down their neighborhood because they didn’t like blight, or looking at burned out buildings, or having no jobs! What does he want me to do: cry? His kind has had 50 years to get their shit together and they are still in the same boat (actually worse) than in LBJ’s years. As far as jobs go, why doesn’t he ask Odumbshit to explain why we need more illegal aliens to take those jobs?

I don’t care about black education, or whether they have jobs, or anything else about their kind. The entire race is nothing but stupid leeches that suck the blood out of working people. I would pay them money to do one thing: move back to AFRICA!

The police chief said they were not thugs, but misguided children. Would it be possible to guide them to the nearest boat for Africa? I will pay for their passage!

These thugs nearly killed some DWL photojournalists who now are hopefully racial realists.

I hope this police chief suffers at the hands of these thugs like many of the people of Baltimore already have.

If they are big enough to commit big crimes, then they are big enough to pay the punishment. Fuck the black bastards!

I dedicated this song to Freddie on the other editorial piece, but we have moved on. I personally dedicate this song to all those who loved Freddie and would like to reminisce about his life and what he stood for. Curtis Mayfield Ladies and Gentlemen…Freddie’s Dead!

bernicegreenbaum said...

Just had to say that Paul has an excellent podcast on Amren with Jared Taylor. Very astute, to-the-point, and well worth listening to. Thanks, Paul. I pray there is a reward for you, if not in this world, perhaps the next.

Ricky In Cali said...

There was a poster on another article here that typed something along the words of “If Blacks were equal then White flight wouldn’t be a problem. They would just assume the roles that Whites held and life would go on”. Of course we know this can never happen, but I swear to you (thank you by the way whomever you were who posted that) I’ve typed that same sentence 1,000 times in different articles in Yahoo and everyone loves it. I always get thumbs up. Except from the Negro’s that get offended by it.

Right now from the picture that P.K posted and from today’s articles, gang members (Crips and Bloods) have put aside their feuds to come together for a common cause to “stop the rioting” in the city. They said they don’t want the blame placed on the gangs of the city from all the ruckuss the rioters are doing. Hmmmmmm…… let me see if I get this straight………..

Black city

Has Gang members stop the rioting

But tells cops not to stop it????

Did I get that right?

You have Police in uniform that you tell to stand down and let the buildings burn and then gang members have to step in to curb the violence? Man do we have things ass-backwards here!!! I thought the gang members cause violence and the Cops are the ones called to stop it.

How long is it going to be before we actually devolve and have Mother Africa here on our shores? I can forsee in the short future a glimpse of deep Jungle Africa here in the United States. A combination of both Africa and America. What happens in Baltimore when a tribal warlord pulls up in his Chevy Silverado truck with three NIglet warriors in the bed, hops out, snatches your daughter and leaves with her as their latest rape victim? Or when they come dressed in Nike clothing to machete your hands off if you don’t join their gang and sell drugs under the sky scraper? I swear it doesn’t sound so far fetched, if they could build mud huts in the middle of the city they probably would.

Sometimes I don’t know whether the truth is funny or if I should be terrified…..

Anonymous said...

"This is all that is given to us."
Jesus Christ.

First if all its more than anyone else gets "gibbed" to them. Want to know how much free food, housing or college tuition I get? Zero. I still manage to pay for yours though..

Secondly, after the whites evacuated, your "people" inherited a fully intact, fully functional, first world western metropolis complete with all the modern accommodions. YOU destroyed it. What do you want, another one? Do you think cities grow on trees and you just get a fresh one every time you animals burn one down? Unbelievable.

And third, look at the blame game this guy plays. "They" took away community centers. "They" took away fathers. They they they... Even alluding to the suggestion that the "black community" is responsible for its own dysfunction is simply inconceivable to these animals.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes…this is really going to make the businesses like CVS want to move back! Maybe CVS will build a bigger one right beside it; however, the place where this CVS building was burned down should be rebuilt as a community center to train young blacks how to get a job, and how to perform well in a job interviews. I bet within 30 days many yoots will land a job that pays six figures minimum. Those white people hit in the head with rocks and bottles can volunteer their time to help pick up the debris. Because they are white, they caused the black youth to do this! They did not understand their anger, so now they repay the black community by doing some community service projects.

Personally I predict lots of upscale businesses will locate in this area BECAUSE of this riot. It only makes sense, right?

Anonymous said...

"...being turned down because of where you live and your demographic."

Maybe it's your criminal record, tats, or that giant, ignorant chip on your shoulder.

Plaga Negra said...

You can have a functioning liberal city, or you can have blacks.

Anonymous said...

"...We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us..."

Note the gibsmedat mentality. Never mind earning or building a damn thing yourselves. Where is all the rich black money? Oprah, Chris Rock, Samuel L.? Why aren't they investing in the black "community"? Nope, it's gots to be whitey's money.

I hope the team builds a new stadium and fucks the city in the deserved.

ATL Born said...

Let it burn let it burn!!

A nig just doesn't realize its plain old Afrikan behavior. What can you expect from spear chuckers anyways? Hell these sub primal animals even wearing clothes is shocking.

I agree with many folks here, the more these jigs raise hell and kill, burn and rape the more the light is on these as liberal pets.

Anonymous said...

"We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us, and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings."

You get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

I admit I was a bit baffled (didn't grow up around nogs) when the black community doubled down on St. Swisher the Sweet after his strong-arm robbery footage came to light. So I guess when Salon (and other) writers pen articles promoting violent protest I'm not really that surprised anymore. The bottom definition is a quote from one of my favorite posters there.


the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Anonymous said...

Is there a shortage of toilet paper in the hood? Nearly every "protester" I've seen carrying stolen goods is always carrying a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Are these products really that expensive? Gonna take 5 dumps a day in celebration? Did mammy ask D'Andre that when he goes out to riot, can he please bring back some TP?

I've been told that the violence, looting, and arson are understandable reactions to oppression- if this is all the result of justifiable "black rage", why is everyone all smiles and laughs as they cart away stolen merchandise or throw objects through restaurant windows?

I guess the plan is to see what antisocial actions blacks partake in, and then find a way to excuse it as normal, healthy, and acceptable behavior.

Anonymous said...

That's classic where the black says, "this is all that is given to us". Imagine Dickens writing in a cold room, by candle light, the great works, with no phone, electricity, gas, television, internet, washing machine, etc...

These disgustiing, spoiled, child-like, animal-like blacks never consider that LIGHT (light bulbs), electricity, gas, television, cellphones, modern housing, automobiles, buses, etc have all been GIVEN to them by the WHITE MAN.

And how bout when this disgusting "teen" says, "they take our fathers away"? ..., hmmm, that can only be a reference to their fathers being incarcerated for burglary, robbery, assault, fail to pay child support, and of course - drug dealing..

Nobody took your delinquent, dead beat dad away, you lazy, unappreciative, NAPA. Your disgusting sperm donor took himself away, and should have done what Whites, Asians, and Indians do in America: WAIT until you have a solid career before you start a family.

But who cares, because your "father" would have been a deadbeat dad, had babies by multiple "baby mamas", and would not have given a rats ass about you.

I am so sick of this. The bottom line is a new state, like Israel and Palestine. SEPARATION.

Anonymous said...

Bravo PK. A fitting epitaph for Bodymore, Murderland.

Folks, fire up Charlton Heston's 'The Omega Man' tonight to see where this is all going.

Anonymous said...

"With the riots, we're not trying to act like animals or thugs."
There is no try, only do. And you do it so well.

Anonymous said...

I listened to PK’s podcast with Jared Taylor. He sounds like a young man with incredible depth of understand concerning race relations in our country. I think Mr. Taylor was bemused with some of the statements of the college student who was angry about looking the urban blight that his people created. Should we (as white people) go in and repair the city they destroyed? Of course not! Anything the white race builds, the Negroes destroy.

It is also funny how the Baltimore City government bowed to the thugs by renaming them misguided youth.

Great interview with Jared Taylor; I’m glad we have people like you two on our side!

SKIP said...

"Businesses continue to open up in heavily Democrat Portland, Seattle, Denver, Austin, & San Fransisco, but these cities do not have the liability of a large black population"

WAIT! enrichment is coming as relentless as the tide.

Anonymous said...

Mother of Rioter:

I'm sure you are all aware of the viral sensation of the ghetto hoodrat hoochie mama beating her chitlin and being treated like Mother of the Year by the media.

This is a propaganda tactic the media employs that is similar to the one where they interview a black on the street to ask them what they think of looting or the knockout game, and the black condemns them, giving the impression that black people in general don't share the mentality of those that commit the atrocious behavior.

And here is some FACTS about the MOTHER OF THE YEAR:

She has SIX offspring (yes, SIX), by SIX different sperm donors (yes, SIX), and not ONE, I repeat, NOT ONE of the donors stays there with the fambly. The MOTHER OF THE YEAR was never married to any of the donors.

The mother is on welfare (Big surprise, right?)

That's who the media is parading as an example of good parenting and civility, even though they are an uncivilized, undisciplined, permiscuous, lazy, violent animal that is living off of the White Man's dime, and being paid by White taxpayers to breed many more future felons.

Brooklyn born said...

What you have here is the new Tammany Hall. How much in kickbacks to the gangs will it cost White Baltimore for keepin' the peace?

The crips and bloods are protecting Dindu stores, and directing the looters to White, asian and indian (dot, not feather) owned ones.

Anonymous said...

I believe Baltimore Orioles fans should be able to take their weapons to the game and be given permission to shoot their way out afterwards.

It would be a bold statement that even the 80 IQ Africans that are left can take a lesson from.

Anonymous said...

Robert E. Lee cautioned that where Negroes were present, things tended toward decay.

Anonymous said...

Another idea: Cancel all EBT cards for Africans living in Baltimore city limits until the BS stops. A consequence, the "good" Africans would be forced to get off their asses and discipline the rioting gibsmedats.

Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

The Empty Stadium resembles the Flavian Amptheatre in Rome.

Did Roman cities fill up with blacks or were they sacked by Germanics as we have been told...

Virginian said...

Thanks for another great article P.K., I'm sure I speak for everyone here that I look forward to each visit as it seems to be one of the last bastions of sanity in a world gone absolutely batsh!t crazy. I must say that I've always been a realist, having been raised in the rural South, but I have learned a great deal about DWL's and BRA since I found SBPDL. Thank you for mentioning the liberal cities that aren't third world hell holes, maybe that will open eyes of the neocon types and maybe even some DWL's. I consider myself a paleo conservative, however it is amazing to me that European people can have many different types of government from democracies to constitutional republics, monarchies to socialism and they all produce a higher standard of living than anything found in sub Sahara Africa today.
If a modern day african were able to go back in time and see ancient Rome and Greece I do believe they would think they had traveled to the future. I have spoken with some paint job types recently and mentioned that if we were all the same then why do negroes continue to replicate Africa regardless of where they go, and please name for me one majority black community that they would like to move to. Blank stares. Sorry if this is a disjointed, rambling screed.. fours hours sleep in two days. Work is the white man's privilege. Anyway thanks again Paul.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to start connecting the dots in this picture. A PK, a Breitbart, SOMEONE with investigative journalism in their veins.

In Ferguson, although everybody knew what was going to happen if no "true bill" was presented, they announced the decision at dusk! My wife said "no way are they going to come out with this just as it gets dark in Ferguson"...but they did! And there were orders for LE to stand down...

Fast forward to Freddie's funeral...everyone knew it was gonna go off....the police knew social messaging was inciting riot and looting....and they were told to stand down and give space for destruction.

Now, you can see these things coming a mile away. Instead of preparedness, there is (feigned?) surprise, and the *next day* we get the Guard, curfews, etc.

Someone last thread mentioned riot-control (non-fatal!) but it's never used against these black marauders. What if you owned a business in the declared "destroy zone"? Wouldn't you want to sue the Mayor for negligence to maintain order, at a minimum?

If it's a GOV conspiracy-what is the next play? Are they trying to provoke a White backlash?

This "we weren't prepared" shit has gotten scarcely credible. How many more stand-down orders? Hell, in Baltimore SCHOOL KIDS were mobilized into an African style army, which overwhelmed the PD! The PD was taking on injuries! I read somewhere 144 cars were torched! And you could see this "unrest" being planned and talked about ahead of time.

Forget actionable intelligence out of Damascus or Fallujah, we need actionable intelligence in Charm City!

There is a big story here, folks. The USGOV and home grown terror squads aka "protesters" working towards something-what is it?

I don't mean the "death of YT"-I mean tactical, traceable collusion and specific short and mid-term goals before the end goal-if it is YT's demise-can unfold.

I hope someone with balls and brains who wants to make a name for himself gets on this. Just watch your back and keep someone else informed in case you have one of those accidents like the guy who hit a tree in his Porsche and the engine was found a block or two away from the crash site...

Anonymous said...

baltimore represents bogs in America.

Nuff said.

Send them back to Africa.

Hiding in DC said...

Baltimorons. An ironic and perfect name that sums up all of Baltimore....

They're starting protests in DC tonight...

chattanooga gal said...

the paragraph that begins with " you wake up to broken down buildings.." says it all. if they can't figure out what the terms budget and maintenance mean, no amount of money we throw at them is ever going to help. they are probably the only race of people in the world who remain in perpetual poverty no matter what anyone does for them.

Earl Turner said...

This is the hardest hitting, most direct post yet, Paul. It should be required reading for the DWL's and brain dead SJW's (Social Justice Warriors) who continue to defend Africa in America and the destruction that Africans In America continue to cause.

With our national debt at an astronomical $18 TRILLION dollars, look at Baltimore and Ferguson and imagine how many millions, if not billions, of dollars blacks are costing this country in just one year.

The property destruction, the police and National Guard, the fire departments and medics, the unemployment that will be paid to everyone put out of work because of the destroyed businesses, the cost of cleaning up the destroyed areas, the cost of incarcerating the few who were actually arrested and the costs of moving them through the court system, the medical bills for both the innocent and the rioters, how many millions of dollars is that?

And that is just the beginning. That idiot negro mayor signed the death warrant for Baltimore with just six simple words: "let them loot, it's only property." How many productive white employees and business owners are right now making plans to evacuate? What is the cost to Baltimore? Loss of tax revenue, property values will continue to drop meaning less property tax revenue, loss of productivity as good employees flee, loss of sales tax revenue as less workers are there spending their money, and ultimately the loss of future investment in Baltimore as prospective employers look elsewhere.

Paul, you nailed it. It is not the failure of leftist government in Baltimore, it is the destruction caused by a majority black population. And it is happening in cities across the country.

Anonymous said...

Loved the interview!

So, blacks will behave just like Asians if we only invest more money? This what Obama wants us to believe? Its the money that is stopping this transformation?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Liberal cities can thrive for a long as there is a majority of productive people. Austin is such a city but the quirky, 24 hour safe city is dead. We now have big city crime issues and major city festivals are now dangerous.

The Black undertow has come in force. Many suburbs have flipped Black and the exurbs (far beyond the suburbs) are growing like weeds. People will drive 30+ minutes to escape the city crime and crowds.

The sad part is that even this crowded city would be fun and retain its unique culture and feel without the Blacks roaming the streets, doing flash-mob shoplifting in the main tourist areas, and pumping up the crime rates.

Now we're just another big Texas city with the same old Nig-Nog problems.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show you how low the bar is set for blacks. This woman is the best they can show. Shame such a historic city goes to hell thanks to the Dindu population.

Unknown said...

Priceless article, PK.

(standing ovation)

Blacks are like cavities.

They rot, decay and destroy the beautiful white teeth of civilization.

Anonymous said...

Living in Detroit for 45 years i personally sold four beautiful homes that I had inhabited. I sold all four homes to blacks. Every single one of those houses is either completely gone or in such disrepair that it probably should be condemned. If they are waking up in the morning thinking "gee... I live in such a shithole" how the fuck is that my fault???? That's not what I left you with. Get off your asses and clean up your neighborhood, fix your property and stop blaming white people. Seriously, stop it. If you look at blight and litter all day chances are its your blight and your litter. I didn't do it and I'm tired of cleaning up after others.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous! Maybe I haven't lived here long enough, but coming from another southern city that "used to be white", I find austin a welcome change. I love it here. I can go days without even seeing a small frontal lobe and I love it. That being said, I think I know the areas you are referring to, and you are correct. I felt like I was in another city all of a sudden and it was disheartening.
I really hope austin stays the way it is, as blacks will always have their hands out and will never respect property or anything for that matter because they didn't have to work for it. Everything they touch turns to shit.

Unknown said...

15 minutes until curfew...mayhem in the streets!

Live feed:

Anonymous said...

#1 Pickup Line in Baltimore - "Stay cool B!tch, I got a knife."

Anonymous said...

On topic:

Off topic:

Twin Falls, Idaho...get ready for the Syrians!

White Homeland! Uh...northwest front?

--NB with IPMS

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

re: "We’re just angry at the surroundings, like this is all that is given to us, and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers, and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.” -- Someone on SBPDL brilliantly commented a week or so ago that, "They'll sit in their own shit and wonder *loudly* what the smell is." ..obvious case in point.. etc.. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you expect from a group of people with a median IQ of 85? This means that the average black is mentally retarded, with their mental age only developing at 85% of their chronological age. This fact clears up many of the misunderstandings about the black community, and goes a long way in explaining their behavior.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but noteworthy: When I mentioned to my leftwing brother how Howard Schultz's plans to open a Starbucks in Ferguson was proof of his sincere wish to uplift blacks, he laughed and called it a naked publicity stunt.

People are coming around.

Anonymous said...

"…like this is all that is given to us[?]"


We black! We it! Ya'll gotta bow down and kiss our feet cause we all dat and den some!

Come on! Were are stuff at? Were are stuff!?

If ya'll don't give us our stuff, we'll just have ta TAKE it!

Pissed off in PA said...

Well it looks like, again, Obama ran his mouth before all the facts are out.

The Washington Post is reporting that there was another prisoner in the van with Gray and he has told investigators that Gray was throwing himself around the back of the van trying to injure himself.

As was the false claims in the Brown case the truth doesnt fit what the groids want to hear.

Scott said...

Excellent podcast with Paul. I especially like his reminder of the lie circulating in the black communities -- the "we built this" lie. I live near Harlem (a Dutch name) and blacks insist that they built it. The roads, the sewers, Morningside Park, the lovely Beaux Arts brownstones and apartment buildings. They built it all! According to them. Honest people need to correct this lie immediately. Blacks didn't build anything. In Harlem, Baltimore, Detroit or anywhere. Blacks were not construction workers and skilled tradesmen in the first part of the 20th Century. They were shoeshine engineers, kitchen cooks, hotel porters and jazz musicians. I'm not trying to be mean, just stating facts.

They didn't even take over Harlem until around 1915 and by then all of the infrastructure you see today had already been built. And even with Harlem's recovery (i.e., white/Asian urban pioneers moving in) you still have buildings utterly abandoned and left to seed. Okay I admit it, they did "build" that!

Anonymous said...

Finally, the term "obsolete farm equipment" comes off the comments page and into an article. You even mention the development of mechanized farm equipment as the catalyst that caused the black migration.

Well done Paul!

Pat Boyle said...

Civilization comes to us in spurts. Right now we are in the middle of a cycle called the Holocene interglacial. It began about 10,000 years ago. It is likely to end soon - after which the ice returns. The ice stays for about 100,000 years at a time. Before when the ice covered most of the northern hemisphere we had the Emian interglacial.

It was warmer during the Emian than today and there were several different kinds of almost-people like the Neanderthals and there were the black people in Africa who evolved into us.

The advance people we have today - the whites and East Asians - only came into being about 37,000 years ago. That's before the ice had receded.

So what lies ahead?

Assuming that people continue to exist the seven billion population of today will have to fall precipitously. Only a little more than 10,000 years ago there were two miles of ice where Chicago is today.

So when there are no people in Chicago again and damn few people anywhere what kind of people will they be?

I doubt is any Australian Aborigines will exist except perhaps in a zoo. Nor Papuans or Andamans or several other tropical primitives.

Unless I miss my guess there will be no Africans or African-Americans either. We have better people now than when the ice was here before.

So when I write, as I often do, that blacks are doomed that's what I mean - at the very least. If conditions get harsher - and they will - we won't be able to afford a race with so few positive attributes. We are unlikely to be able to afford so many people on Food Stamps.

The return of the ice may have already begun - but probably not. Milankovich cycles seem to be inevitable.

The wisest thing for blacks to do would be to keep a low profile. Stunts like this weekend's riots in Baltimore are just likely to hasten the end game.


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:32- "And here is some FACTS about the MOTHER OF THE YEAR: She has SIX offspring (yes, SIX), by SIX different sperm donors (yes, SIX), and not ONE, I repeat, NOT ONE of the donors stays there with the fambly. The MOTHER OF THE YEAR was never married to any of the donors."
Well, can you blame them? She was probably a loud, profane, violent b*tch to each one of those sperm donors. Excluding Sean Hannity or Rush or Levin or any other conservative who's currently worshipping this goddess, what man would stick around to live with that?
And those morons are calling her MOTY? Her kid was caught rioting -- FAIL. Other kids stayed home. Give their moms some credit, before that one.

Anonymous said...

It stems from the Nation of Islam - we built the holy land and egypt and were the first people. Same crap in Chicago - oir free labor built this country.
Just shows you what they teach inpinlic school amd how gulible they are. Most blacks didn't even move north till the late 20's. They built nothing. But must believe they built this country brcause thry can't admit they are the demise of it.
The Chinese, the Irish, the Jews, the Germans. They built this country and the railroads and roads

Anonymous said...

@Rick in Cali.

I have been posting the same: If blacks really were the equal of Caucasians, then they'd be able to pickup and continue just fine when YT leaves town. Their complaints about white flight is their implicit admission of their intellectual,cultural and social inferiority.

ooga booga said...

"It was warmer during the Emian than today and there were several different kinds of almost-people like the Neanderthals and there were the black people in Africa who evolved into us."

So if that is true, and I think Pat usually speaks for many here, then they DID build everything and DID discover everything, because they are US. Except with a paint job! Wait........where have I heard that before?

Blacks are the advanced beings, because blacks produced whites. An inferior cannot produced a superior, right?

Anonymous said...

"and there were the black people in Africa who evolved into us."
Pat, try to be less insulting, and just say we evolved from monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I get that the Mayor wanted to create a "designated destroy zone". Let's at least give her credit for understanding her city and its people.

But, speaking for the poor Asian and Middle-Eastern merchants-people I usually don't give a rat's ass about, btw- can we get a map of the destruction zone next time? Maybe put up signs "Destruction Ahead", like the good old construction signs we're used to.

Sidewalk markers, like those on Historic Walks, showing the path of the preferred destruction, with points of special interest, like "Liquor Store" with a bottle icon would also be helpful. "High Value Target" could be a dollar sign superimposed over a target of concentric circles.

Of course, if your business is in a designated destruction zone, your insurance costs are gonna be a bitch.

I hope if other cities adopt this plan, there will be tax incentives for operating inside The Zone.

P.S. Hey CVS, is it too early to start asking y'all to build us a new store up in here?

Anonymous said...

Read a mainstream article earlier saying it was quieter in Baltimore today.

Well, sure it was. Remember all those bottles of booze and pills that were stolen in "understandable anger" the other night? Someone's got some "sleeping off" to do!

Anonymous said...

911 calls describe terror caused by mob rampage in Charleston

As many as 60 teens were roaming Charleston streets attacking pedestrians and drivers early Sunday, witnesses told police dispatchers in 911 calls released Tuesday.

All the teens were black, according to witnesses, and all but one of the people attacked were white. Still, it’s unclear if the attacks were racially motivated or sparked by the unrest in Baltimore, which followed the recent shooting death of Walter Scott, a black man, by a white North Charleston police officer.

Anonymous said...

Saw Bret Baier on Fox acting like he didn't know why there were gaps in the audio when the MOTY mom was handling her chile. I'd already seen the footage on the internet and knew they were editing out her cursing which left very little audio and nothing intelligible. Can't have a MOTY mom's every other word start with an f now can we?

I hope we get a different story arc with the next riot because this show is getting boring.

Anonymous said...

"The Chinese, the Irish, the Jews, the Germans. They built this country and the railroads and roads."

No, they did the labor. They were easily interchangeable labor.

Anonymous said...

I'm frightened. Very.

s said...

"A consequence, the "good" Africans would be forced to get off their asses and discipline the rioting gibsmedats."

And they will be joined by the "moderate" muslims reigning in their radicalized fellow muslims. I have the "final solution" to the "negro and muslim question" but even PK, for obvious reasons, will not post it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know that aside from their store being torched, how much shoplifting went on at that CVS store? I'll bet that at best, they were barely breaking even due to all the theft and this latest act of urban terrorism is just the catalyst they needed to bail out of keeping a store there. CVS gave in to the Mayor's plea for Aybah Poda Hep and the blacks fucked it up.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing much to add other than repeat what I said a week ago.

How can you not hate your country when this is the condition it is in?

Those people should have been crushed in the first minute of that riot. They didn't even wait for a f***ing investigation to finish. Straight to the destruction.

The worst thing is that this is, as many of us anticipate,the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

Washington post. Grey was throwing himself around the compartment he was locked up in. He is also rumored to have had surgery on his back three weeks before he died. The cops stopped him for having a considerable amount of coca in on him with intent to sell. He has a well known rap sheet. He did this to him self.

Detroit Refugee said...

We handed over an entire city. A turn-key city btw. Look what they can accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle,

I want to thank you for breaking your new year's resolution and continuing to comment.

You've always been my favorite commenter.

Take Care,


PB said...

And this, in a nutshell, is how rule-of-Law dies.

Anonymous said...

Exactly!!! ^^^^This^^^^ it is a damn Shame that is one of the very few, if the only bright spot found during all this nonsense! How the fuck is the leech off the system mother of the year??? Tel me!!! All she saw was one of her benefits getting killed or going to jail. Lessening her gibs. Mother of the year my ass! The above poster spelled it succinctly. 6 kids by 6 baby daddy and not a one married her ass. Our society is becoming a laughable joke!! Mexico is starting to appear my focused on values and societal norms than our country.

Anonymous said...



Dear white Facebook friends: I need you to respect what Black America is feeling right now
To those rushing to judgment about what's happening in Baltimore: Please stop and listen before you say any more
Julia Blount

Anonymous said...

Black IQ scores are misleading.
The very poor score of 85 significantly overstates black's relative mental strength. There are many other closely correlated mental attributes that are critically important.

Here's my estimates, based on observation, of the relative strength of some of black's other mental attributes.

Temperament Quotient(T.Q.) 75
I believe this an even bigger mental handicap for blacks than their poor intelligence.

Industriousness Quotient(IND.Q.) 85
Younger blacks have short spurts of energy for sports, fighting, and partying.
Older blacks seem terribly lethargic.

Impulse Control Quotient(I.C.Q.) 80
From sex to fighting, blacks seem to have little ability to govern themselves.

Mental Health Quotient(M.H.Q.) 85
Blacks have a much higher rate of mental illness and seem to be, generally, delusional.

Future Time Orientation Quotient(F.T.O.Q.) 75
Their mind boggling lack of foresight in reproduction is crippling.

It's easy to understand why the Left goes to such extremes to create unrealistically positive images of blacks.
The better that Whites, and other lighter skinned people, understand how truly mentally weak are blacks, the more they'll support political measures for greater separation.

Anonymous said...


Send them back to Africa.

They never were there and maybe couldnt identify it on a map.

they carry African DNA. Thats the problem.

Anonymous said...


The wisest thing for blacks to do would be to keep a low profile.

if ya doubt me check how long it took the population of nigeria or ethiopia to triple...and thats w dumping millions of people on white lands.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy continues. At the city recreation facility where I live, I use the treadmill, etc. because the price is right. Last year, I got tired of hearing the loud black gospel music that was played on the speakers in the gym room every morning, by the majority black staff. Not that I have anything against gospel music, but there is a time and a place for it. And the kind that was played was screaming and loud, wailing, and over the top, and you shouldnt have to listen to it in a government public place. I started to just unplug the speakers every morning, but just about every time, an angry black woman would come in, march over to the speakers, and plug it back in. So I found a time where I caught the (white) rec facility director alone, described the problem, and never had to hear that music again. Had to do it on the sly, sadly, or the blacks running the gym would have invented a reason to bar me had they seen me talking to the director. As it was, I am sure they suspected me but could not prove it.
But now, they have installed a flat screen tv in the room, which is always on CNN. This past Friday, it was all about racist cops, and how whites profit off of marijuana sales, while blacks are sent to jail, then about how Native Americans walked off of a movie set because of whites, everything on there was about the evil whites and how evil they are. So I bring my earphones, mp3 player, and industrial noise blocking headphones with me that block out all sound. I might glance at CNN if I am alone in the room, but I refuse to even look if there are blacks in the room- I refuse to give them the satisfaction, and if there are more then 1 in the room, they start discussing evil YT as if I were not in the room. So I read my book, turn up the music, and tune that crap out as if it does not matter. Today, I notice a black man talking to a white woman, so I stealthily turn my music off and listened. Of course, the Baltimore crap was all over CNN. Black man said, we have come a long way, but still got a ways to go. White woman said- I remember 50 years ago there were 3 bathrooms, for men, women, and black so yes we have a ways to go. At first glance, I thought that she was a man, but no, she was female, and she looked like a leftover 65 year old hippie liberal. Race traitor. I tried to give her a dirty look, but she refused to look at me. Yes, black people, there IS still a ways to go- by YOU. You have some catching up to do as far as civilized behavior, and I am not holding my breath while I wait. L in Atl-hell

Anonymous said...

Watching CNN just for a moment. they interview a "protestor" (rioter) who took time out from looting and throwing rocks to say"we don't want a war, we just want our "rights". What kind of rights were they referring to? Rights to break the law and run from police, and not be held accountable?? The black police commissioner said, "we have to change the "culture" within the police department". You mean from upholding the law into extra rights for blacks to break the law and not be responsible for their actions? I am tired of this double speak .

Also MS. Mayor said that you can't separate the problem of unemployment out of these riots and looting. I wonder how many of the "protesters" have a felony (or 3) on their record and are therefore mostly unemployable, or do employers now have to show how diverse and PC they are by hiring people that are statistically likely to steal from them? And how many "protesters" would actually take a job, even if it was delivered to them in a silver basket?
Also, our local Atlanta news station reports arrest of local black woman posting of Facebook that all blacks should find a white cop and kill him. She stated that she wanted to kill at least 15 herself. Her teen daughter said that she was just using her right to "free speech". Also, a reporter dug and found out there has been quite a few lawsuits filed in Baltimore going back a few years, from black people claiming they were roughed up by the cops there. Some resulted in multi million dollar settlements. Ghetto lottery indeed.
Local news just reported that with last nights curfew in Baltimore, there were "only" 35 arrests. WTH.
L still in Atl-hell

Anonymous said...


re, population.

Blacks are fed, clothed, housed and all their needs are met. They aren't smart enough to compete for jobs, so they steal and fill up government jobs. They have lots of children and those children have lots of children.

What does happen when there are too few paying for all the gibs and government do-nothing jobs?

What is wrong with America if we are paying to support and breed the worst elements of society?

Whatever happened to "more children for the fit; less for the unfit" ??

I have one child. Most of my coworkers have none and we're all over 35. Most Blacks have 3+ kids by my age.

Thats why the SJW are dumping the 'turd world' on White nations.

Those of us who were in USA before 1970 - blacks = about 12? million.
now 44? million.

and obama has 'diversity visas' to bring in more blacks and mussies.

Africa has a BILLION mostly wild [not feral] low IQ blacks.

USA has ferals. know what the term means.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why they get tattoos since you can't see them.

Anonymous said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like wrote:
>>"Businesses continue to open up in heavily Democrat Portland, Seattle, Denver, Austin, & San Fransisco, but these cities do not have the liability of a large black population."

News stories indicate that the "Knockout Game" (i.e. racist attacks by blacks on non-blacks) has happened frequently in Portland, Seattle, Denver and Austin (don't know about San Fran). Denver has a significant black gang problem with regular shootings of both blacks and whites. Of course, these news stories do not make the national liberal news - only on the several websites that now document these attacks.

So people get the false impression that these cities are safe from black criminal gangs (BCG). Yes, the problem is at a lower level in these cities, but a non-black on a bus in the wrong area is likely to be attacked. No one should move from Chicago, Memphis, Baltimore, etc. and come to Austin or Denver or Colorado Springs thinking they are going to completely escape BCG. And the problem is just going to get worse in these majority-white cities as more black criminals migrate around the country - due to federal public housing relocation programs, welfare payments (that allow enough wealth accumulation to move) and Section 8 housing programs. The BCG actually see these liberal towns as "easy pickins" since black and white liberal politicians will not enforce the law vigorously against them (for different reasons).

This has also happened in several once-nice university towns around the country, where black criminals have been relocated out of inner city public housing complexes. The liberals there have been happy to take them "to celebrate diversity," only to find them wrecking their towns through crime. The disturbed liberal mind can't distinguish between a black banker and a black gang member - they are both oppressed in their view, and so deserve racial preferences, no matter how they behave in society. Just like the Baltimore rioters.

So realistically, if someone wants to avoid BCG, you can't just choose a large liberal city. They are there too, just in smaller numbers - and will be growing. Such cities are ATTRACTIVE to BCG since they are "victim rich environents" with very stupid politicians and "tolerant" liberal police chiefs. And in these cities, you also have to put up with a huge amount of liberal nonsense - very high taxes (Austin being awful), excessive regulation, leftist dope-heads, etc. Why would you want to do that?

If you want to avoid the black criminal gangs (BCG) and the leftist nuts you have to move to a smaller town surrounded by a conservative county, in a conservative ("red") state. Look at Wikipedi for the demographics information. Greater than say about 7% black in a town (even if low crime and law-abiding now) is going to eventually invite black criminal gangs - since they migrate to join relatives. It's easy enough to find a good place looking at the last city and county presidential election results (available widely on-line), and looking at the state and federal politicians who hold office in those states. Majority Democrat at the local and state level = black criminal gangs coming to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Maryland is mostly gun free right? Not sure. Baseball season has just started. A lot of revenue lost could lead to no team could lead to more white flight. Baltmoristan.

Anonymous said...

Syrians. Pakistanis, Idaho arm your selves with jesus,guns and bacon. And when it comes time to vote make sure these refugees can't.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone needed to "take away our (their) fathers." They were already long gone jr.

Plus I wasn't "given" anything. I worked for it. I didn't expect a free ride. I didn't burn down my neighborhood every other week and then complain about having a shit zone to live in.

These people are just inherently stupid. Enabled by their liberal handlers to fully express their culture or lack thereof to it's fullest spectacle.

Black and Euro cultures will never co-exist as they are just too fundamentally different.

You just can't cram everyone onto the same step on Maslow's hierarchy stairwell. Not valid or cricket.

bubo said...

Blacks are easily manipulated and can go from docile to a murderous rage in seconds flat, more so when they are in a group.

They are just like the mobs of illiterate muslims who stone and burn their neighbor for disparaging Muhammad. And just like blacks they don't care what the truth is.

Both groups are completely incompatible with civilized society.

Truth Corps said...

Can't wait to listen to the interview PK.

May 2015 be the year of peak negro fatigue? I've posted often that I've been prepping for quite some time. My family is fully onboard and we have a network of family,friends and neighbors that share our core beliefs. Every single one has been vetted by me personally over the years.

Ann Barhardt, on her blog has posted that one of her great fears is that someone that pulls the puppet strings of Barry the sodomite in the Oval Office may have him taken out. It's not a far fetched idea. Imagine the Cat 10 chimpout that would ensue.

Prepare now friends. Time is very, very short. Turn off that goddamned TV and get your shit together. We "realists" are the true minority. We're going to need every single white person we can muster on our team to see this through.

Anonymous said...

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but where do you think the next major chimpout is going to be? I bet Chicago, mid-summer.

I'm pretty disgusted by how far some of these liberal writers will bend over backwards in support of the "unrest" in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.

When you abandon peaceful methods/organizing you forfeit the high-ground, FYI.

You can't change black behavior, so let's just lower societal standards across the board. Plan on learning Chinese in the future?

Anonymous said...

Be patient my friends. While it would probably suffice to just lay low and let them self-implode, we need to strike while the iron is hot before they continue with their twisted narrative of oppression.

I have noticed that when discussing black oppression (and complete and utter failure) it is common place to now compare every white reality/standard with every black reality/standard- there is inequality, so there MUST BE RACISM!

The post a white back on Yellow Privilege was excellent, because it showed just how ridiculous these claims of black oppression are.

There are poor non-black minorities growing up in single-parent households, yet they don't seem to get themselves killed by police or loot/burn down their surrounding communities on a regular basis.

The narrative needs to shift from black vs. white to where we are headed anyway- black vs. non-black.

We need personal stories shared (just as many of you have done here) on a MASSIVE scale. Everyone has plenty of negative nog-experiences, regardless of age/race/gender. These need to be shared and shared again to demonstrate that these are not isolated incidents. These incidents are the new norm.

For all of you non-black minorities that have been victimized by blacks in school and in your daily lives, this is your chance to strike back at them and to have your voice heard. You have been asked to be patient and look the other way long enough- you need to be heard so we can finally put some sort of end to this madness.

Counterexamples to every part of the "black oppression/white supremacy" narrative need to be offered on every corner of the internet to not only let them know that we as a group aren't only not buying it anymore, but that we have recognized the problem.

1) Blacks are fighting oppression- nope, the entire power structure of Baltimore is solidly black with a mostly black police force, so nice try there.

2) Blacks need jobs- so you burn down local businesses and scare away business investment. Not to mention adding a few more felonies to your resume in the process.

3) You just need to listen to black people right now- when is it anyone else's turn to vent, whore for media attention and coverage, or have their grievances heard? Oh I forgot, it's a thankless one-way street for poor ol' oppressed blackie.

Poverty- ever heard of free and mandated schooling for every child in America? Ever heard of 2 parent households (or households where the 'father' actually contributes)? What advantages do you think having multiple incomes and sharing expenses with a spouse grants you? Wanna think about that for a minute? It's not like it's some big secret. And more likely than not you have heard about the Indian (dot) that got into a bunch of Ivy-league schools with a 3.1 GPA by stating that he was black? It's not like they haven't lowered the standards repeatedly for you guys in another failed effort to lift you up as equals.

Even before all this shit hit the fan (and was allowed to happen by Obama and Holder) I got the general feeling that whiners and complainers were not received well in our society- if you were caught complaining about your lot in life people would direct you to look in the mirror and would ridicule you for even having the time to feel sorry for yourself.

Why aren't blacks held to the same standard? Is it too draining to engage them (and understand their mutilated English) and it is realized that they don't have the care to improve themselves anyway?

I want to be part of an effort that takes the negro by his collar and shoves his face directly into his feces to show him that yes, it does indeed stink to high hell. They have always gotten away with too much, but I really feel that they have been taking things too far and need to be finally put in their place, even if just for the rest of society's sake.

Anonymous said...

"Baltimore State Attorney In Charge Of Prosecuting Looters Is Married To The Councilman Who Facilitated The Looting…"

"Now, you might also remember when the riots and looting broke out on Monday there was a City Councilman who told the police to move back from their positions. When the police did what the Councilman requested, the stores in the immediate area were looted."

"Yes, the State Attorney in charge of prosecuting the looters, Marilyn Mosby, is married to the Councilman, Nick Mosby, who facilitated the looting…."


Brandon said...

"They take away our fathers,"

On this point young Mr. Wilson is absolutely correct. He can thank Lyndon Johnson for that.

Anonymous said...

It has become self defense from black violence, expect no help from political criminals, especially black ones in charge of cops.

"Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis was in Baltimore when the riots got violent on Monday, and he says he personally heard Baltimore officers being “told to retreat” over police radio."

"WBOC 16 reported Lewis’s exact words:

We heard this from not dozens, but hundreds of police officers that I personally talked to in the last two days while we were up there. We all heard it, from their mouths first hand, how upset they were that they were told not to arrest, that they were told to let them loot, that they were told to allow them to destroy property, that they were told to retreat."
by AWR HAWKINS29 Apr 2015

Anonymous said...

Was looking through Yahoo! news articles and someone posted a "Canadian top 10 list", similar to the style that David Letterman used.

My favorite, assuming the stats are basically correct:

"Only in America... could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black, 40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans - 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics!"

Harry Savannah said...


The Limey said...

An interesting take on "black lives matter". I imagine that if this truck driver was white, there would be another American city going up in smoke. But, hey, this driver was black, so that`s alright, have a cuddle and carry on, as there is no story for the race baiters to inflame the TNB into yet another riot.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. The orcs have destroyed Baltimore because the cops didn't put a seatbelt on Brokeback Mountain (gorilla) Freddy?!

How often did that thug wear his belt when he was out racking up his 18 arrests? How many when he was dealing drugs and gang banging?! Fuck!

These groids are out of their tiny minds.

Segregation now, or it's adios America.

Anonymous said...

In Apefreaka the negroes wear almost nothing. Loincloths and penis sheaths; stuff like that. Western clothes make them feel uncomfortable; something in their genetic code says it's not right. So that's why they wear loose clothes and have their pants half off; closer to being in their natural state.

Anonymous said...

The blacks are just running the clock out on us. We're angry, but they're still getting their monthly checks, robbing/raping, and breeding. We can struggle, but as long as they are amongst us they've won. That's all they need to do. Stay with us and they have hit a home run.

Something BIG needs to be done NOW, or you've just got to live with them. You've lost.

chattanooga gal said...

"Is there a shortage of toilet paper in the hood"
I laughed till I cried reading this post. thank you.

The King of All Crackers said...

This community needs the tap of federal money and state tax money to be pulled out as this is what is feeding this dysfunctional community. My Irish relatives came over during the feminine to dig the canals in Chicago and many died from typhoid and other diseases. We did not look at the government or the rest of society as the reason as for our poverty. We built our own schools and universities along with churches and hospitals. The first hospital in the City of Chicago is Mercy Hospital a Catholic hospital. I'm tired of the excuses my relatives were persecuted and discriminated in America and we did not cry we persevere and grow. In Chicago a fact that blacks were paid more in Chicago than Irish until about 1900. The race hustlers have ruined this community and the dependence on the federal and state government has made this community real slaves to a shell game where one day the largesse might end at a stroke of a pen. Jesse Jackson and his ilk have hurt more the black community than all the racists making them dependents instead of independents. As far as investment CVS and the rest will think twice about putting stores in high crime areas where they might take a total loss or have the liability or high insurance costs. Ferguson and now Baltimore has told the rest of America the truth about the hate that is in this community that is stopping progress.

Anonymous said...

A few random thoughts:

* Groids sure hate authority--until THEY are the authority.

* The "movva of da year" smacking her ghetto rat son-is that true ? 6 kids by 6 different dads? I believe it.
Some squishy conservatives spread the lie that groids were oh so prim and proper before the Great Society somehow forced them into immorality-Bullshit. Fatso Oprah was born in 1954-her muvah had 3 other groidlets-all 4 were by different fathers-last one was born in I think 1962 way before Great Society.

THat's why in the Temptations song Papa was a Rolling Stone from the late 60s/early 70s-there's a line about Papa having "three outside children"-outside children being southern groid slang for kids born to a man outside of his marriage.

The point being it was so common there was a widely used term for it-and the groids listening all knew it.

Groids up north-in 1900 Negros were 1% of the population-and were overrepresented as criminals even then. Cleveland by 1920 was an industrial and cultural powerhouse-groids were 3-4%. Even New Orleans was 75-80% white around 1910-Hell it was more than 50% white still in 1970.

They were messed up. They are messed up. They will be messed up.

William Teach said...

"You read on sites like National Review or Breitbart that 65 percent black Baltimore represents a "failure of liberal policies": yet liberal cities with small black populations, such as San Francisco, Portland, Austin, and Seattle are thriving."

It's fear of writing the reality that keeps them from exposing the truth. Fear of being called racist, and then not being able to have the actual conversation needed. I can say I'm much better, since I dink and dunk around the edges on my blog.

What they should be talking about, since they aren't as brave to tell the truth as SPBDL, is that Liberalism is bad for Black. Liberal cities mentioned do OK, yet black Liberal cities are complete messes. This would at least get them closer to the truth, and allow them to shift the debate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many of you have rode in a police van with blacks, not many would be my guess. I have , many times. Having served time in Detroit's Wayne county jails and Macomb county, working as a trustee at the jail downtown and being transferred back and forth to Macomb county. I can tell you this, the story about the paint eating moron injuring himself in the van is 100% believable. As a matter of fact that was my first thought when I heard the story and saw the video. When being taken into custody they are combative with police most of the time. When your hands are cuffed behind your back you can either bang on the wall with your head or kick . If your feet are shackled that leaves just your head, and I've seen plenty of people use their head to get the deputies attention just to ask for a cigarette or ask if we were gonna get food. About half the time they'll fake some kind of medical issue or injury.
I have no sympathy for them. None.
Every one these incidents has been with a criminal. I have been off drugs and out of the hood for almost 20 years and have virtually zero contact with police. When I was doing that shit it was a daily thing avoiding the police.
My feelings about blacks are based on first hand experience and I can't stand them. Most people in the suburbs it seems base their feelings on the Cosby show or Oprah. People need to wake up, they HATE you. They want everything you have but they want it given to them and maintained with your money.


Anonymous said...

A former Army commander of mine is now the mayor of a city very near Jafrica Ms. This man has his crap together however is is a lost cause and its being played out on the news. Crime is through the roof there. The small white town 15 years ago is almost black from Black Flight out of Jackson. Whats sad is that most all blacks will tell you that they desperately want to escape crime the only problem is crime follows them wherever they show up. This white mayor had no problem welcoming the blacks excaping Jackson Mississippi crime what he didn't expect was the blacks that were coming we're bringing the crime with them. My wife started to get her doctorate at the previously all-white Mississippi College. she went one semester then transferred to Liberty University after going through a Nelson Mandela appreciation lesson mandated by her black liberation professor

Mutant Swarm said...

Ricki in Cali said...

Right now from the picture that P.K posted and from today’s articles, gang members (Crips and Bloods) have put aside their feuds to come together for a common cause to “stop the rioting” in the city. They said they don’t want the blame placed on the gangs of the city from all the ruckuss the rioters are doing. (Emphasis added.) Hmmmmmm…… let me see if I get this straight………"

I bet the phone call from Tyrese to Dontrell went something like this:

"Yo, Blood...

"Don't call me 'blood,' nigga!"

"Yeah, well, whatevah, nigga. We BOTH gots a problem. With all this mess in the streets, how we gonna move our dope? I gots a pound and a half of def stupid shit sittin in a safe house, that aint bringin' in no bank, knomsayin?"

"You right, cuz: ain't makin' no bank neither." We gots to DO somethin.'"

"Let's trot out that 'peace' bullshit agin. We make the po-po look stupid, we make ourselves look good, get mo' rep and all."

"Aight! and at the same time, we show them foolz who REALLY runs it!"

"Let's set it up, then..."

And that guy apologizing for calling the thugs, thugs? He was trying to keep from getting a beatdown or a "9 in the dome," period.

Unknown said...

I live in West Pennsylvania in the Pittsburgh area; every single small town or city these chimps move in to becomes a dangerous cesspool in a matter of years; across the river from me there is a small town called Aliquippa; these chimps are so lazy and iliterate they remaned the city "quippa" utter disrespect for the native american history in the name, said city is a really small town of no more than 65,000 and dangerous to walk at night, east of Pittsburgh there's a city called Penn Hills; it is the latest victim of Orc invaders; everytime you go dwtwn there's a chimp either begging for change or a "square" as DWP as Portland, OR is; me and my roommate have considered moving; 25 year old race realist here.

Anonymous said...

What America needs to understand is these black preachers and churches are not bringing calm. When city leaders and government officials go to these preachers and label them as so called community leaders, most of America do not understand that they are the ones that are causing most of the racial problems that we have. Most of white America goes to Sunday school for an hour then a sermon for another hour. Blacks go to church on Sunday all day long. Yes, they do Sunday school then they have a sermon just like white people. They go home and have lunch then come back. What most black churches here in Mississippi have when they come back on Sunday afternoon is called Black Liberation Theology. Black officials from the IRS will come in and teach them how to fill out their tax forms. Black officials from the Veterans Administration will come in and teach them on how to fill out veterans forms. Black officials from the county will come in and help them fill out forms for EBT cards and welfare benefits. Black officials from the Justice Department will come in and teach them how to spot racism not only from white people but from other blacks. Black officials from the NAACP and the ACLU will give speeches on progress in the black community. Black officials from colleges and universities will come in to show them how to fill out forms to get special minority grants and student loans. Most importantly black officials from the Social Security Administration will come in and show them how to fill out forms to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked about the ethnic make-up of the person responsible for that young simian's death? A six pack of malt liquor says it was a person of color. If it had been a white guy involved, his picture would have been plastered all over TV, the internet and newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Really good article. Watching FOX last night, I got to the point of being pissed off. The negroe interviewed in the street said. I WANT WHITE PEOPLE TO START CARING ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE. Lets see, cradle to grave, we surpport this piece of shit and his kind . Stupid ass has zero idea where all the help is coming from.

If it wasnt for the white man 90% of these nogs would be dead, or better yet never been born. He of course wants more help. To do what, he does nothing, no work, no education, no drive to succeed. Sits on his ass selling drugs, and he wants the white man to care more.



Anonymous said...

Im sure many white realist were made in the last few days. Great work negroes, you have done more in the last few years to start to change white peoples mind.

Keep it up, its starting to be very obvious what the negroe is really like.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I understand, they want a change of scenery. I hear Africa is nice this time of year!


Anonymous said...

They would have to leave an armed guard to watch their vehicle. Cost to see a Baltimore game is too high now.


Anonymous said...

Just heard Freddy (Gray is the new Black) Gray referred to as a "kid" on good old Fox News.

He was 25 years old. Has the age of majority been changed for blacks? At what point does a black man stop being a "child", "kid" or "youth"?

Anonymous said...

It is probably time to consider giving a state(s) to blacks so they govern themselves . I just don't see how black and white America can coexist. The distrust and hate out there has been sown now for so many years that separation can only be the solution.

Anonymous said...

I was in the military in the late 60s, during Viet Nam. I had several very good friends that were black. No talk ever of we want more, my friends just wanted a chance at a job. I would hear, the negroe (yes they called themselves negroes) just wants a chance to make a good living for there families.

50 years later, the whole damn race is one big mess.


Anonymous said...

I remember a couple of years ago the Orioles had a DH named Luke Scott that admitted that he had a CCW license and takes his firearm with him into the clubhouse. Once that came out MLB created a rule banning guns from clubhouses.
Luke Scott wasn't so great at hitting curveballs, but he sure as heck knew enough to protect himself at all times while in Charm City.

Anonymous said...

I've mentioned before how (back in the 60's) there was a black area not too far from where I lived that was nothing but ramshackle buildings on the order of tin sheds and tar paper clapboard shacks.
That's what blacks are capable of when left to their own devices and not supported with gibsmedat.
Every time I hear blacks spewing their "we built dis! We built dat!" rubbish, that's what I think of.
And if it weren't for all the gibsmedat that exists today, that's exactly how they'd be living now instead of infesting modern buildings in modern cities (and ruining them) or infesting section 8 apartments.
Imagine for a moment that you came from a race that has no historical record of any accomplishments whatsoever. What would your reaction be when taken from your primitive surroundings and exposed to far more advanced and capable cultures and peoples?
For the low IQ negro, there is but one choice- create a false narrative of having created everything they see and claim it was stolen from them and teach those myths to their "chilluns." The alternative is facing the terrible reality of their own racial disabilities.
I've even seen videos of negroes from Africa who've infested Sweden protesting and demanding more gibsmedat while screeching that they "build dis country, built dis cultcha!" Thus they're owed their gibsmedat from the people who "stole it all from them!" Nevermind that Sweden never had any negroes until the most recent modern times. That's irrelevant to the low IQ negro.
I've even heard negroes claiming they were the original Japanese Samurai in Japan of all places!
If not for the violent dysfunctional and destructive nature of the negro, they'd simply be nature's rediculous clowns that everyone laughed at.
Robert Wilson is cut from that same cloth and so screeches about how his black area is a shithole but has to deny his people are responsible. Instead, it's everyone else's fault for taking everything away from them.
He's just another pitiful and rediculous negro clown with the intelligence of a barnyard chicken.

Anonymous said...

PK this is another great post of the city that chimps. You know it's always the same thing about bad surroundings and everything mainstream just wants to skip over the real reason. Of course we all know what that is, those skreets and buildings were just fine when YT and pals lived there. It's the negro that's the problem. Run down buildings, my family has maintained the property I live on for over 250 years. The house grounds and 23 outbuildings are all kept in nice condition through maintaince not some magic YT spell. And as somebody commented earlier about the "we built this" lie that PK countered in a podcast you didn't build any of this either. Craftsmen did, you just supplied the brut labor to get materials on site. That right folks, the one place they might could say we built this was actually done by white craftsmen. If you built it why the hell can't you maintain it?

By the way, my place improved from black flight and it's maintained just as well as when they were housed here. With YT nothing changes.

I like how the gangs are trying to play LE, this is the classic I b do a gud ting. They'll try to do something by mimicking YT and fail once again. Word is they're using the chimpout to sell drugs and already fighting over turf, very African.

Now that the freddie gray house of cards is falling apart like every other dindu episode let's see how the keep it going. Spreading this vomit to other city's is so stupid. I hope LE is not hampered by a mentally retarded mayor like Baltimore.

SC Native

Ex-Copper said...

The last time I visited the Mesopotamian Valley, I observed the color of the people to be a medium to light tan. Most people seem to forget that, as far as scientists can tell, man somehow sprouted up there a time after Africa, but seemingly independent of migration or known causation.

People also forget or do not realize the valley is between the same latitudinal lines on the earth as Indianapolis to the north and northern Florida to the south.

The Mesopotamian Valley is in southwest Asia. Do not forget that Central Asia, China also had digs showing early civilization as did Northern Europe, which also share their own latitudinal lines.

As most finds of ancient civilizations are based upon the size of that civilization, and the evidence of them in Africa, southwest and Central Asia and Northern Europe at differing, but semi-sequential timelines, I'm not sure they migrated from Africa to the north.

Pangea appears to be credible, prehistoric animals similar to one another and genetically same continue to be found on the continents as they are now.

The point of my ramble is that I believe man was spread across the earth in pockets. The warm latitudes would suggest tribes could travel easier and create larger pockets at earlier times than those in northern and equatorial zones.

If my grasp of history is correct, man's large pockets of history have been discovered in lines consistent with the ice from the ice ages.

The cold northern civs are believed to have crossed to the east from Asia to western North America and the finds of Viking and Nordic artifacts predating Columbus in eastern and northern North America suggest that pockets of man in these colder regions, being restricted by climate existed in the same times as those in Africa, but the tribes took longer to find one another.

I guess that by using DNA the genetic markers in humanity show interbreeding, but would it not make sense that the hardiest of the genetics crossed at different times and that as dominant genes they took time to reach a measureable amount in the extreme edges of civilization at different times?

I do not dispute the interspecies genetics were spread across the earth, but that early mans genetics did not necessarily create a more dominate species. I believe the genetics of those in harsher climates were stronger than those in climates where population explosions were easily obtained for several reasons.

smaller pockets of man slowly came together as they were fewer and spread further apart allowing for the death of the weaker genes to die out and not be furthered. Only the strongest genetic traits survived.

If man came from scientific creation, meaning evolution and intentional design (God), or evolution only, we all know single celled organisms rapidly multiply in warm humid environments. Rapid growth and combination prevents the killing off of weaker genetics.

With Northern Africa and Southern Europe being darker tan and light tan, it suggests a climate that was good for cellular growth, but at a less rapid rate.

The least mutated genetic markers are those of blacks, African and aboriginals. Despite their initial population explosions, they failed to go beyond simple evolutionary traits.

They may have grown to large groups first, but failed to have more diverse genetics allowing for stronger gene pools and advancement of civilization.

An analogy would be viral proteins. Viruses that flare up in warm climates (aids excluded) seem to be quickly slowed by antibiotics and vaccines. Those in harsher climates are hardier as they must constantly mutate into stronger viruses to live and spread. Also, rampant antibiotic use has caused stronger diseases that are becoming antibiotic resistant and even immune.

The easier life can replicate, the less dominate the genetics become. There is less competition to replicate.

Anonymous said...

If the latest push to empty prisons and not hold blacks accountable for criminal behavior is successful it will probably backfire. History has shown that when people lose confidence in the criminal justice system they tend to take matters into their own hands. Once it begins it is difficult to control; however, it appears to be quite effective. When the “Servants of the People” a/k/a Davo Death Squad began to do its work the crime rate in Davo City fell from triple digits per 1000 people to only .8 per 1000 people from 1999 to 2005.

Anonymous said...

Now that the nogs have burned down their CVS, we'll hear about the horrible prescription desert in the big cities caused by the rayciss YTs.

Ex-Copper said...

Only in the Zulu nation can warlords be respected. As it is in Africa, so it is in the ghetto.

European descendants, Americans, bred Africans like cattle. The cost-benefit analysis showed that working slaves to death cost more than cotton, rice and indigo brought in. Thus better breeding practices were more profitable.

Conversely, in the spice islands and South America, specifically Brazil for the continent, sugar and rum were so profitable the cost-benefit analysis showed working slaves to death and buying new ones was the best practice.

We had less blacks than the sugar plantations. Ours were bred for strength and survivability and given dominate white intelligence genetic markers through horny masters and overseers.

Because ours have the ability to reason like teenagers, they want shiny objects and form clubs that are violent, but also like junior high school student government. They want free and cool shit like vending machines, bottled water and sodas at lunch etc.

The smartest ghetto dwellers are actually quite crafty. Their ingenuity to build intrinsic devices to further criminal enterprise is amazing. They just can't focus that streak into useful innovation that would enrich them as their hosts (us) are able to do.

Anonymous said...

Jassi said ”Pat Boyle,

I want to thank you for breaking your new year's resolution and continuing to comment.

You've always been my favorite commenter.

Take Care,”

I'm also glad that PB continues to submit comments. They are almost always interesting and informative.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Pat Boyle sez: The wisest thing for blacks to do would be to keep a low profile. Stunts like this weekend's riots in Baltimore are just likely to hasten the end game.
Ah, Pat, that there's the rub. They cannot keep a low profile. The Saturday People (tm) gave them a megaphone sometime after 1945 and encouraged them to bitch, moan, and scream "RAYCISS!" after each imagined slight or delayed "gibsmedat". Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being around them (that would be most of us, I'm guessing) knows there is no such thing as a quiet, demure, non-threatening African. Is there really an equivalent of a Leslie Howard or Audrey Hepburn in the black community? You know, somewhat shy, reticent, contemplative, erudite? They all scream loudly and with wanton abandon anytime feeding time is delayed a few minutes. And just for the record, I happen to believe in your stated theory about evolution and the ensuing Ice Age. I just don't happen to have another ten thousand years to see this deplorable species self-exterminate. More's the pity.

Anony sez: ...And those morons are calling her MOTY? Her kid was caught rioting -- FAIL. Other kids stayed home. Give their moms some credit, before that one.

Nah, they always hone in on the loud, obnoxious, in-yo-fay-mo-fo negress and give her the prize for Mother of the Year. Donna Reed she ain't. It is beyond my somewhat limited scope of imagination to even fathom why any primate male, negro or otherwise, would want to copulate with such an aberration of human DNA. I honestly consider farm animals to be more attractive, socially adept, and docile.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the ghetto mom is being hailed as a hero for knocking her son in the head and dragging him home. She kinda is if you take into account the lack of discipline the avg negro yuff receives.

Now, lets discuss what would be the narrative if a YT parent was videoed beating up their child in public. It would definitely go viral, I also expect the parent would be demonized. "That's not the way to get a child's attention", "that's abuse", "where are the charges", etc.

Guys, I know I'm harping on fatigue, but it's all over the media right now. One doesn't even have to be enlightend to the pick up on the changing narrative of "Where is the black responsibility for all their actions and violence". O'reily was hammering Alveeda King about the ghetto mom and her six cheeren by six bucks. I have never heard these direct questions about black dysfunction on the news or other media in my life.

Here in ATL the negro educators found guilty and sentenced to 7 yrs federal time, will be getting re-sentenced today. The judge has decided to lessen the harsh sentences. Negros always get special treatment, fucking savages! BRA must have photos of him with a live boy or a dead girl!

Others here have warned us, It's coming. This summer should be very interesting. The negro poker hand is no longer a Royal Flush and is moving to a "two pair" hand.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Fatigued in utter disbelief Minneapolis said...

re: Gang members stand with City Council photo - Talk about regression to the black mean..

Race said...

I listened to a MSM news outlet playing an interview with her. Her reason for smacking the boy and being mad was NOT ABOUT HIM DON'T WRONG, it was for putting himself in an unsafe situation with regard to the police. Her words.

Race said...

What we have here, is... Failure to communicate.

Truth Corps said...

I've often touted social media as a tool for race realists.

Here is a perfect example: Black woman stomps on American flag in Atlanta while her friend films it then she uploads it to her Facebook

Now any realist in that particular area knows four things based on information provided in full by a sub-70 IQ sherilla without doing any work or exposing yourself as a realist.
1. Who she is.
2. Where she is.
3. What she looks like.
4. Who supports her...(proceed to step 2)

Useful information to be filed away for a "rainy day"? You decide. But you better believe their enablers have files on you & I.
Part of being prepared is knowing WHO wants you dead.

Pat Boyle said...

I want to thank those who made such nice remarks about my comments. I have good deal going here.

Paul does all the work and I reap the benefits. If you like what I write, do me a favor - send Paul some money.


bernicegreenbaum said...

Anonymous sez...
Just heard Freddy (Gray is the new Black) Gray referred to as a "kid" on good old Fox News.

He was 25 years old. Has the age of majority been changed for blacks? At what point does a black man stop being a "child", "kid" or "youth"?

The MSM has tried this with white chilluns, too. Notice how when Obamacare came down, suddenly everyone under 26 was a chile, eligible to be on mom & dad's plan? I don't know about this modern generation, but when I turned 18 during the Dark Ages, I got the "Here's your hat, what's your hurry, don't let the door hit you on the way out!" routine from both my mom and my dad. It appears now that the PTB in their infinite wisdom have made it virtually impossible for young adults to make a living, we've skewed what the definition of "adult" is by leaps and bounds. Perhaps it will be something like this:

Birth to age 10 - infancy, diaper wearing, State-monitored nannies and or governesses.

Age 10-20 - Potty training begins.

Age 20-30 - Learning the alphabet, numbers 1-10.

Age 30-40 - Formal education, to elementary grade 6.

Age 40-50 - Formal education, elementary grade 6 - 12.

Age 50-60 - Cawlidge, with a guaranteed diploma in Cultural Diversity.

Age 60-70 - Food stamp application, Section 8 rental permit issued, Obamacare given (cuz mom & dad are probably dead by now).

So according to MSM, 70 is the new 30.

Each new day brings yet another abomination and an incredible episode of overwhelming disbelief for me. If something works well, has always worked well, and looks like it will continue to work well, throw it the f*ck out!

Unknown said...

Burn, loot,shoplift the grocery store you get food desert, burn local business you get employment desert, burn CVS a medication desert, riot you get a baseball desert, run out whites you get a taxbase desert. It is too costly to poor money and time into self destructive areas.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Copper said ” The last time I visited the Mesopotamian Valley, I observed the color of the people to be a medium to light tan. Most people seem to forget that, as far as scientists can tell, man somehow sprouted up there a time after Africa, but seemingly independent of migration or known causation. . . “

It is an interesting topic. I'm not an expert, but it is something that I think about. It seems odd that humans apparently sprouted up in different areas rather suddenly seemingly independent of migration or known causation. It seems that modern European whites sprouted up perhaps 40,000 years ago, yet it appears that blacks have been wallowing around in Africa for 200,000 years. It might be possible that an explanation for the lack of link between the different branches of humans could be explained by a precipitous decline in human population during certain periods of time where migration would have involved such small numbers of humans that they wouldn't have left a discoverable trail. Such a population bottleneck wouldn't have erased the 200,000 year history of blacks prior to a bottleneck, but it could explain the lack of discoverable evidence of migration.

The following link discusses the possibility of an astounding population bottleneck approximately 70,000 years ago. It is believed by some that the human population could have been reduced to as few as 40 fertile couples during this period of time. If this small of a population split to the four corners of the earth in an effort to survive, it seems reasonable that there would be little in the geological record to link them.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how politics really doesn't matter most of the time. Peoples individual morals and actions are more important. When thug nigs are burning down the city and attempting to racially cleans the area of all non-blacks, then the "narrative" that is given to us by the media becomes meaningless.

Anonymous said...

After that CVS store in Baltimore was looted and burned last Monday night, all of the toilet paper and Pringles cans were missing, but two types of store merchandise items were left behind completely:

1. suntan lotion

2. Father's Day greeting cards

Anonymous said...

Here is my idea for a good slogan going forward for all of these various dead-negro/police-encounter narratives:


SKIP said...

"50 years later, the whole damn race is one big mess."

Don't fool yourself, blacks were pretty much fuckin worthless in Vietnam too except as slaves to unload choppers,ships and trucks, the stole and black marketed 20% of everything they touched. Saw a bunch of em involved in what should have been called a mutiny at what had been an old French base with wooden 2 story buildings. Blacks had white troops held and threatening to kill them if they didn't get their demands met! Many of them had "Link" type afro cuts (the commander had already lost the upper hand there)and I suggested the Col set the fuckin building on fire and kill every one of em but was told that would be "politically incorrect" and the first time I ever heard that phrase! I don't know the outcome of that as we got our batteries and ammo and went back into the jungle....GOD I hated having to go to regular Army camps! fuckin seething cesspools of politics and blacks.

Anonymous said...

You read on sites like National Review or Breitbart that 65 percent black Baltimore represents a "failure of liberal policies": yet liberal cities with small black populations, such as San Francisco, Portland, Austin, and Seattle are thriving.

Still waiting for a conservative to explain this and a prime reason why I cannot stand conservative forums. Race denial is the norm for mainstream conservatives.

I've been to Austin and it was a great visit. Liberals everywhere and yet I didn't once worry about getting mugged. The streets were clean, the downtown was excellent and I was offered a job even though I was on vacation and not looking for one. Austin is a great place and entirely managed by Democrats (GASP).

The difference is RACE and both liberals and conservatives are in denial of this harsh reality. I'm sorry it is harsh but Africans were separated for at least 70k years which is plenty of time for behavioral differences to develop.

Anonymous said...

It's fear of writing the reality that keeps them from exposing the truth. Fear of being called racist, and then not being able to have the actual conversation needed. I can say I'm much better, since I dink and dunk around the edges on my blog.

Unfortunately the majority of conservatives believe in paint theory because their leaders tell them to. Maybe their leaders don't believe what they say but the typical dittohead really believes that we could turn every black home into leave it to beaver and that unions killed Detroit. Breitbart has some racial realists but the majority of conservative websites are dominated by paint theorists. Fox and the Wall St Journal are the worst purveyors since they glamorize the mulattoes/talented tenth just like CNN and MSNBC.

North Detroit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It's because they're all a bunch of fucking morons. At a previous job of mine we relied heavily on temp labor to do menial tasks such as packing and stacking boxes etc. And without fail every single nog had what looked like sharpie scribbled all over their arms and necks. Usually they'd have their own names tattooed on themselves. I always asked them why they saw it necessary to tattoo their own name on themselves and I would usually receive a confused response of: "cuz it be my name." One girl was only eighteen and had pictures of SpongeBob that looked like a seven year old drew them covering both arms. And then they wonder why nobody will hire them! Truly infant minded.

Anonymous said...

That was extremely funny 😁!

Anonymous said...

> I can forsee in the short future a glimpse of deep Jungle Africa here in the United States. A combination of both Africa and America. What happens in Baltimore when a tribal warlord pulls up in his Chevy Silverado truck with three NIglet warriors in the bed, hops out, snatches your daughter and leaves with her as their latest rape victim?

That's exactly right. And then the Christian right and GOP/conservative politicians refuse to allow her to abort the resulting mulatto on the grounds that she wasn't capable of knowing it was rape.

Chester A. Arthur said...

"The Chinese, the Irish, the Jews, the Germans. They built this country and the railroads and roads."

Please. The Jews are still only 2% of the US population, and your Chinese only contributed to the building of the Western half of the Transcontinental Railroad (aka "Central Pacific Railroad") and the levees in the Sacramento River Delta. THAT'S IT. Moreover, their LABORERS never amounted more than 100,000 at that time and were promptly stopped from invading California by THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT OF 1882 in case you forgot. If anybody "built" most of America, it is the Germans and the Irish who are the two largest ethnic groups in the US. That's a FACT.

This conservative hyperbole about the Chinese is getting just as old as all those liberal myths coming out every February...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . And those morons are calling her MOTY? Her kid was caught rioting -- FAIL. Other kids stayed home. Give their moms some credit, before that one.”

It is the method of shorthand that we use when discussing blacks. It is often used unconsciously. When we hear hear a white person use the words beautiful or intelligent in reference to a black person, it should be understood that it means beautiful or intelligent but it doesn't include the qualifying words for a black person for convenience and to avoid offending non-realists. The mother of the rioter is a good mother – for a black woman. Apparently she can recognize him and she didn't use him for ghetto lobster while he was young. Not bad for a black.

Anonymous said...

Enormous cities
Tiny cities
Liberal cities
Conservative cities
Northern cities
Southern cities
Western cities
Cities with 50 years of black leadership
Cities with 400 years of white leadership
Cities that are mostly black
Cities that are mostly white
Gentrifying cities
Decaying cities
Rich cities
Poor cities

What do they all have in common? Black people are not doing well.

As far as the "white people all inherited money while blacks started out with nothing" argument, most white people did not come to this country with buckets of cash. My ancestors were all practically indigent when they came here.

The first white settlers in any region of this country set out immediately clearing trees, planting fields, building houses, and raising livestock. The first white people to build Plymouth Colony didn't show up with a Mayflower moving truck, they cut down the trees and built things themselves.

White people can and did create money, cities, civilizations, from a plot of land and brute labor. Ditto for Asians, Latinos, Middle Easterners, and some Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. (I assume that the Native Americans and Pacific Islanders who didn't leave behind great cities either didn't see the need or their populations weren't dense enough, not that they were incapable.)

This is the most impressive structure built by sub-Saharan Africans:

Dry stone walls, built from about 1000 AD to about 1300 AD. (Interestingly enough, one of the groups who claims to have built that, the Lemba, are shown by DNA testing to have about 50% Middle Eastern DNA.)

By way of comparison, some of the structures that were made using the same technique by Europeans, Middle Easterners, Asians, Mesoamericans, and South Americans are really impressive, even today:

This is what the Japanese were building:

This is what my Swedish ancestors were building:,_%C3%96land#/media/File:Olandalbymedbridge.jpg

They built that from nothing but land and brute labor.

Anonymous said...

What ol' Robert Wilson, a college student can't figure out and college can't teach him is, "he's" got a big fat case of nerve racking negro fatigue!

[N.Ga] I owe black people nothing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. The biggest thing I miss with the Chimpout site being gone is the comedy relief.


Anonymous said...

Attn. Negroes who read SBPDL. Please pass this important information along to your homies who can't read:

I am White. I and all my White family and friends have been profiting from negro slavery in America ever since the colonial times. None of us work. We have tons of money in our White banks. We all live in country clubs and laugh about stupid negroes all day.

That is the truth and please don't forget it. All Whites live off of the sweat and blood and lives of blacks. We really owe you a lot of reparations. Don't even sleep or rest until you get what's yours. No Justice, No Peace. We have tons of money; we can share. Spread the word. I would myself, except my gin and tonic is sweating too much here at the croquet court and I need to drink it.

Ciao y'all! :)

bernicegreenbaum said...

What is quite clear is that the negro wants first world accommodations without having to pay for or maintain them. To the negro, the white man exists to wipe his behind and flush the full toilet after he's done using it. The negro's "logic" is that the white man stole him from his muddahland, enslaved him, and then discriminated against him afterward. Therefore, the white man must support the negro and his multiple descendants in what amounts to perpetuity.

For 50 plus years the negro has been rewarded for staying in he bayad till 2 in the afternoon, siring multiple chillens, getting free rent, free food, free education, and free healthcare. And each and every time he bitches and moans about how he is harassed for breaking duh law, he is rewarded again with a free pass from the state, local, and federal gubmint to loot, burn, and otherwise destroy YT's property. It is actually getting so completely out of hand that now, even though a college education is free for them, they want a pass when axed to complete the coursework. They'll show up for class if and when they damn well please. And lord help you if you ax them to complete an assignment, cuz dat be rayciss. Gnome sane? It truly boggles the mind - especially when YT agrees to give up a third or more of his paycheck to support this. So long as YT agrees to this arrangement, there is no need to alter the situation.

It's like a guy marrying a very pretty girl, who soon after the nuptials becomes a fat, drunk, whoring slob. The guy might file for divorce, but the judge awards alimony, essentially giving the beyatch 65% of the guys assets, including salary and retirement, forever. Nothing will change until the offended guy (YT) puts his foot down and screams, "ENOUGH!" At least in this situation, the guy got a chance to occasionally nail his former bride for a period of time.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that I have noticed about whites (and honorary whites) versus blacks is that whites want to be taken seriously as adults from a young age.

White kids are often looking for increased responsibility and increased sociopolitical power. Being able to sit at the holiday table with the aunts and uncles using adult manners and participating in the adult conversation happens when most white kids are what, 12? 13? And being promoted from the kiddie table is seen as a good thing.

My high school was full of kids who were working, volunteering, getting politically active, and so forth. I was far from the most motivated volunteer, but I picked up trash, did phone banking, went door to door soliciting donations and handing out flyers, worked on get-out-the-vote efforts, etc. I was in a culture that encouraged maturity and responsibility.

This isn't all whites, but I feel safe in saying that it's most of us.

Meanwhile, in Blackistan:

The number of times that *individual* claimed "I am a TEEEEEEENager..."

Girl, please. You're 19. You're physically an adult and you're legally an adult. In most cultures throughout most of history, you'd be a married woman in charge of your own household and several children by now. If you weren't obviously 4F, you could sign your life away to the US military. If you commit a crime, you're going to adult jail with the real adults. Now take some responsibility for your own actions.

50 years ago, calling a black man a "boy" was considered a grave insult, but now they're all chirren, yoofs, and "teens" until they're 30. At which point they become "grandpa" and "grandma."

Mr. Rational said...

re: Gang members stand with City Council photo - Talk about regression to the black mean..

Makes you wonder:  what's the difference anymore?

On a personal note, I love reading the comment traffic here but it is just becoming too much for me (and I can't even begin to understand how PK can moderate all this and still get writing done).  I may have to give up on this in order to have a life.

Race said...

They have dozens of our best cities and metropolises. Do they stop asking for more? Has Detroit said " No, thank you, we will solve our own financial problems? " Do you think they will not screech waycism if being forced in to one black zone rather than being allowed to further parasitize us? The only answer that is suitable in the long run is repatriation and perhaps population reduction via Norplant in the mean time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Brandon said...
"They take away our fathers,"

On this point young Mr. Wilson is absolutely correct. He can thank Lyndon Johnson for that.

April 30, 2015 at 2:02 AM

All due respect, Brandon, but that's wrong. I mean, did LBJ and the Feds start opening up the welfare spigot? Yes.

But so what? THe groids themselves are to blame-there were plenty of jobs in the 60s and bongos had jobs if they wanted them-there were plenty of lazy "get over" criminals and semi crinals then too. Dope pushers-unknown in the white community then.

If you, or LBJ, or JFK said to my dad " Here's welfare money, leave your family" my dad would have beaten the shit out of anyone offering that. Hell so would my mom-if it was $1 million they wouldn't have broken up their family for it.

So some imaginary super coon ward Cleaver type said Ima get some $ and deserted his wife and kids? Why didn't whites take that deal? If a groid had a job-keep working keep his family-there's no f'ing need for any welfare.

No, it's not LBJs fault. it's the blacks fault for doing it. All the 60s did was allow blacks to be who they are-on the one hand, they could do according to their nature-no forethought, don't give a shit about their family, lazy want to get high etc.
Before welfare they had no way of doing that-but it was still their choice to take it.

On the other hand, they are ignorant impulsive violent mindless-well thanks to segregation, most whites didn't need to see it or deal with it-and the justice system didn't play around-and if a groid did something to a white, either the system or the white public taught them a big lesson.

In the 60s that went away, allowing them to show who they were without penalty and integration forced whites to have to experience it, at the exact time they were disabled, both citizens and police from dealing with it, even to defend themselves-hell nowadays even to say something about it.

FlowerBell said...

Our world is fluid and flowing, every aspect of it in constant flux.
The obvious thing to do is make sure you're floating above the flux. Make sure you're not in the unfortunate position of fighting-off the flux surrounding you.

When everyone became "equal" Caucasian Americans willingly abdicated their exceptionalism, to horrible result.
America is an idea, a state of mind, a delicate construct and was never meant to be sacrificed to the ham-handed.
The inmates are running the asylum, its not just a funny old saying anymore.

The inmates clarion call?

"Diversity is our strength!"

Anonymous said...

It's sad that we have come to this, people talking about no jobs in Baltimore. The rioters burned a new nursing home and a CVS, which now those peoples are unemployed. It doesn't make any sense. Where are the race hustlers, who can call for black millionaires to invest in their own neighborhoods, instead of shaking down corporation for their own greed. A good example would be Lebron James, he could invest in manufacturing his own brand of shoes, since black kids like basketball shoes. There's no forward or critical thinking from these people

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I don't hear much on here about celebrating the china man. I mostly hear about how we had slaves way after negro slavery was outlawed, but only the negroes still remind us of it daily.

Perhaps we are all unaware of many things about the asians, due to the fact, that they're not in news daily bitching and moaning about their situation in life.

The only asians I've known were either healing me or helping me with my complex math homework. I don't recall them sticking out for anything other than being smart.

Maybe I'm ignorant to their destruction of my country, unlike the negro.

SKIP said...

"How long is it going to be before we actually devolve and have Mother Africa here on our shores?"

??????? you clearly have not been paying attention! No offense, buy we are already FAR beyond mother Africa.

Jeff the Chef said...

The funniest thing that stupid mayor of Baltimore said was, "We're still trying to figure out if the fire was related to the protest".

This is either the most obscene case of political double-speak, or proof that Negroes can't reason.

Anonymous said...

Some tremendous comments. This site is hard to read, it's so heady. It's awesome. It's like the New York Times, except it is telling you the truth. Relentlessly.

Good luck. Take care.

Anonymous said...


re,your Chinese only contributed to the building of the Western half of the Transcontinental Railroad.

If they were paid and treated fairly - why is it such a big deal in the 'Urban Legends' dept?

Anonymous said...

PK, you sir are a maverick. I just ran across an article about an email you sent some DWL who runs a site about Birmingham Al. this- e- mail- scared -the- hell- out- of- me

I love it, shove it in their face. You warned them about your B'ham book coming out and you could tell, they were shitting their pants.

Someone posted in the comments on that article, that you're handle(PK) was the name of Bronson's character in "vigilante" I guess that gives them solace. They think your writing fiction.

I don't know where you find the time to keep up informed, but thanks.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Anonymous said...

ot and on a happier note my daughter just bought a house in a town in michigan and i couldnt be happier when i pulled it up on wikipedia
The racial makeup of the village was 95.9% White, 0.6% African American, 0.3% Native American, 0.6% Asian, 0.6% from other races, and 2.1% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.2% of the population.

Anonymous said...

Actually she said something more annoying. "We are trying to protect them from the cars and other stuff". Protect them from cars ? Don't walk down the middle of the street. Ya get it dumass ? This in worse than silly or ludicrous. It's unbelievable

SKIP said...

"Personally I predict lots of upscale businesses will locate in this area BECAUSE of this riot. It only makes sense, right?"

I'm sure there will be a Starbucks in place of the CVS within a month, ya think?

Anonymous said...

OT but this gives me hope....

Anonymous said...

All over California you can see ditches that were dug with Chinese labor. They worked hard on some western railroads. Did they do all the work? No, but they certainly helped, and I don't think it diminishes any white accomplishments to say that they did their part.

The big difference is that I've never once heard a Chinese-American say "we built that" as a way of demanding a cookie. (Or hell, given that many Chinese ran laundries, "we washed that.") They're hard workers themselves, so the idea that their ancestors were hard workers isn't something they feel the need to point out.

There's nothing wrong with taking pride in the labor of your ancestors and countrymen. But when that's the only thing you have to feel proud about, that's pretty pathetic.


As an aside, I googled "slaves built America," and guess what popped up?

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a Bill O'Reilly fan; in fact Fox on the whole is only marginally more sane than CNN. But he (O'Reilly) has been calling out the blacks on their refusal to take to responsibility for their problems this week.

He had a black guest on, a "reverend" of some kind, IIRC, and O'Reilly mentioned Gray's rap sheet, and asked this guest if Gray was responsible for his own crimes. The guy could not say it! He mumbled and hedged, and finally, forced to pick one side of the fence, said "no", Gray's crimes were not Gray's fault.

Anyone can find this clip easily on Fox website.

And the guy, a black councilman I think, who actually called the rioters "thugs" the other day? He's recanted! He now says, surrounded by gang members, that they was chilluns needin' guidance, not thugs! Must have been shaking in his shoes the whole time!

Any reasonable White, even Liberals(!) should start to be seeing some light seeping into the old cranium by now.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said ”. . . I may have to give up on this in order to have a life.”

There is no need to do that. Just throttle it back to a comfortable level.

Anonymous said...

Here is an epitaph for the White Liberals who wanted to believe that blacks were "equal" so, so badly:

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

― Saul Bellow

bernicegreenbaum said...

Blogger Jeff the Chef sez...
The funniest thing that stupid mayor of Baltimore said was, "We're still trying to figure out if the fire was related to the protest".

This is either the most obscene case of political double-speak, or proof that Negroes can't reason.

Jeff, can I choose 'c' All of the above?

bernicegreenbaum said...

Can I just borrow a page out of Dear Leader's book, stating, "You din build dat!" and address it to negroes in connection to America? Worthless, dilapidated defunct, farm equipment.

Anonymous said...

> It would be a bold statement that even the 80 IQ Africans that are left can take a lesson from.

Correction. The MEAN IQ of blacks in Baltimore is around 76. That doesn't mean they all have an IQ of 76, which would be bad enough.

No, things are much worse than that.

Mean IQ is a way of understanding how the measured reasoning capacity of a population of humans is distributed across that population. The "bell curve" is a map of that.

Mean IQ doesn't describe individuals, just populations…but you can make decent guesses about where any individual you encounter will fall, based on their population.

A mean IQ of 76 for blacks in Baltimore means that of the entire population of blacks in Baltimore, any one you meet randomly on the street (or see on the news) has a 50% chance of having an IQ LOWER than 76 and a 50% chance of having an IQ higher.

Remember that prior to 1973, "retarded" was defined as an IQ of 85.

It was redefined downward to 70, because so many blacks (60% for the whole population, more than that in certain areas) fell below 85. "Civil rights" was a more noble term than "state care of retards."

If we look at the entire IQ distribution curve for blacks in Baltimore, 34.1% of the population will fall within the mean IQ of 76 and one standard deviation (15 points) above it.

Of any random black you meet in Baltimore, there is a 34.1% chance--over one in three--that their IQ is between 76 and 91.

Those are the brighter third. The fattest above-average chunk of blacks doesn't even come up to the mean for whites (100). (The fattest above-average chunk of whites is IQ 100-115.)

It's even worse than that:

There is a corresponding 34.1% chance--over one in three--that that random black Baltimorean will fall one SD ***LOWER*** than the mean. An IQ between 61 and 76.

Of any random black you meet in Baltimore, or see on the news, there is a 34% chance--more than one in three--they would have been defined, and incarcerated, as morons 60 years ago, for their own and everyone else's protection.

There is a 13.2 percent chance that individual will fall at minus two SD: an IQ between 46 and 61.

To put that in context, Koko the gorilla's IQ has tested out variously between 70 and 90. Koko would have a similar IQ to a plus-one-standard-deviation Baltimore black.

Except Koko lives in an expensive, highly structured situation where white people cater to her every need and mood, provide her with constant challenge and enrichment, etc. To the tune of millions of dollars in support per year between her foundation, her zoo, etc. She isn't allowed to run around San Francisco throwing things or playing the grievance card or knocking people out.

Combine low IQ with the genetics for violence, impulsivity, lack of self control, inability to think ahead, massive physical strength, and you literally have a race of orcs being paid to proliferate and destroy.

Why did we have a "drug war"? Because it was the most humane possible way to get young black males into cages, on lesser charges, before they did something terrible to themselves and each other. In those cages they get structured environments, health care, mental counseling, job counseling, training, etc.

Oh, but we have to decriminalize drugs…and wait till young black males murder, rape, burn and riot.

Yeah, great idea. And when they do? We ignore it. Carry on, here's your Space To Destroy.

Now ask yourself: in whose interest is all this? We know who pays for all this, who is expected to pay. Who profits? Whites are the majority in the US, carrying the major burden of paying for all of this (falied) social experimentation.

This IQ distribution issue is the single most important issue in understanding pretty much every thing that has happened in the US in the past 60 years.

NY Girl said...

I've been commuting to NYC from the 'burbs off and on for a quarter of a century, and I remember the absolute shithole around the 125th street station. Crumbling buildings, broken/missing windows, people walking everywhere yet going nowhere. The mayor hit on the bright idea of putting painted plywood in the windows, complete with painted curtains and even painted flowerpots, to "beautify" it. Some of the locals decided to paint over those with various anti-white screeds and put the plywood back in the window frame where it could be seen by the train riders. That's about as much "construction" as they ever did.

Anonymous said...

I suppose whites were supposed to feel pathos watching blacks burn the City of Baltimore due to Freddie Gray’s death, and because young black males were supposedly downtrodden by years of prejudice and racism. However pathos turned to bathos as we watched the medias divine species degenerate before our eyes. Grown men running down the street carrying armfuls of toilet paper grinning from ear to ear; whites being hit for no apparent reason other than they were white.

We have PK, but we need many more like him! I was very impressed with the interview between Mr. Taylor and PK. I wish the best for both men in their quest to bring truth to our out-of-control upside down world. Godspeed gentlemen; we need you and your kind more than ever.

Anonymous said...

> Folks, fire up Charlton Heston's 'The Omega Man' tonight to see where this is all going.

Um, a Democrat white man/civil rights supporter gettin' it on with a black chick in the doomscape?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So apparently the stupid negro thought that if he could bang himself up a little in the back of the paddy wagon he could blame it on the cops and win the ghetto lottery. Didn't work out so well for him, did it? I read another article that said he got so stupid from eating lead based paint chips as a child. Of course, that's YT's fault.

Anonymous said...

>Well, what do you expect from a group of people with a median IQ of 85? This means that the average black is mentally retarded, with their mental age only developing at 85% of their chronological age.

Absolutely wrong. They do not have "a median IQ of 85," and it doesn't mean "their mental age is developing at 85% of their chronological age."

Absolutely inaccurate. If you're a troll writing this to make racial realists sound stupid, and give DWLs something to argue against, go away.

If you don't understand how IQ distributions work, or what it implies, I hope Mr. Kersey will allow my somewhat lengthy comment on that. It is very very VERY important that racial realists educate ourselves on this. Because to be honest, a "median IQ of 85" would be about 100 times better than what blacks actually are working with as a population.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Actually she said something more annoying. "We are trying to protect them from the cars and other stuff". Protect them from cars ? Don't walk down the middle of the street. Ya get it dumass ? This in worse than silly or ludicrous. It's unbelievable “

You didn't even mention the ignorance she exudes by using the word “stuff” in her pubic statement. If she wasn't an AA mayor, she would probably have responsibilities comparable to a CEO running a fortune 500 company. What would investors think, if the CEO of IBM said in an address to the stockholders that the plans for the upcoming year are to “take care of business and stuff?” This woman is a moron.

Race said...

310 said
"I have one child. Most of my coworkers have none and we're all over 35. Most Blacks have 3+ kids by my age. "
Not to encourage you to be stupid about breeding but this is one big reason why our pupation is at about 7%-8%, when only 100 years ago we were 30% of the world population. We need to be producing more white babies.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! How ya doing!!??

Quick question:, SBPDL's foulmouthed little brother, is offline and has been for awhile.

Did they get shutdown??!! Anyone know? If so, that's terrifying, no? Total censorship due to speaking the truth (with a few expletives thrown in for spice)?

Should PK worry he may be on the list for termination?

Please discuss.

Anonymous said...

Somebody mentioned all of the toilet paper that was looted. There is a good reason for this, you can't buy that with EBT I don't think.

Perhaps that's why negroes are so pissed off all of the time. Could you imagine not being able to wipe your A@@ for years on end? Since bathing is not a priority in the coonmunity that explains some of the stench.

That might be the answer, supply some toilet paper so dey AZZ doan be itching n sheet.


SC Native

Anonymous said...

"I don't know how many of you have rode in a police van with blacks, not many would be my guess. "

This is so true.

One of the things we saw all the time at the ER of the hospital where I volunteered was blacks who were arrested and bashed their heads repeatedly into doors/walls/windows. Of the paddywagon, cop car, even the ER facility itself when brought there to be helped for gunshot wounds, knife wounds, etc.

They would cause themselves injury in their rampaging fury that their outlashing tantrums were overcome with greater force, They were used to having their explosions cause everyone to back down.

So when LE would restrain them, the "activists" would screech and get media coverage--how cruel! how cruel! Uh, how is it cruel to keep someone from bashing his own brains out, snapping his own bones, mashing his own facial features to a pulp?

These are not fully functioning humans as we think of that. They are something very different.

Of the few people I ever refused to treat (as a volunteer I could do that), one was a man who repeatedly bashed his head into the wall of his holding cell till several of his neck vertbrae broke and severed part of his spinal cord. He also punched the wall till bones in his hand shattered.

There was another feral black guy who smashed his head repeatedly into a window in the ER. It had metal mesh in it and was made of safety glass. He clawed at it and started eating the crumbled safety glass. My nice liberal friends said he was on PCP, but he wasn't. He was just a feral black guy who had something like 50 arrests for all sorts of crimes. He was simply a degenerate mutant and out of control. Also over six feet tall, about 250 pounds. He was used to getting his way with violence.

We have got to stop incentivizing/paying for females to grunt these creatures out.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @2:46pm. About the negroe and IQ of 85. Yes im interested in info, if PK will allow. Or perhaps a web page, you could direct me to. Thanks


Anonymous said...

I’m not the original person who brought up the black IQ of 85, but isn’t it just a measurement of black problem solving ability as compared to whites. White people function as a higher level than blacks, and I also believe we have more individuals who have IQs in the upper tail of the bell curve (genius level.)

When you say a black mean is 85, 68% of its population is distributed around that mean (both above and below that mean being equal). I think the standard deviation is about 15 points. Seeing a black with an IQ of 70 might not be too rare, but in the white community, it is probably fairly rare. Correct me if I am wrong, but at an IQ of 85 would not be common in the white community, although it occurs (one in five or one in six). By the time blacks are reaching their peak population on the bell curve, whites are starting to drop off very fast on the left hand side of the bell curve.

To say this in terms everyone can understand: blacks are dumber than whites (MUCH DUMBER.) I took statistics in college, but I did not major in the subject. Amren has good videos on this subject and are much more eloquent than me in telling what these things mean. I didn’t read anything amiss in what the one poster said about the black median being 85; sometimes the mean, median and mode can occur in the same area of the bell curve unless the curve is skewed to the right or left. He may have meant a mean of 85 instead of a median of 85, so FRICKIN what! Why don’t we take a hair and split a hundred times! BLACKS ARE DUMBASSES! IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

If blacks are bashing themselves in police vans, then maybe audio and video recorders are now in line. A video would have shown Gray bashing himself, and would have exonerated the police.

Anonymous said...

Negroes and Libs: I know you are essentially mentally retarded, but here's some info that's important to know. And this is true; look it up (that means a book or on the net).

Negroes enslaved each other in Africa long ago (and still today). Tribes would raid each other and take prisoners. They would march the now enslaved negroes to the slave ports on the coast. There, the slave traders (not White Americans) would PAY the negroes for their negro slaves and put them on the boats.

In the colonies and then America, the traders would sell the slaves to the plantation owners (a handful of men). This was a slave transfer, not enslavement itself. So, the negroes were actually enslaved by.... wait for it... NEGROES! And you apes today might very well be related to the tribes that enslaved negroes.

So shut. The fuck. UP!

Race said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Race said...

Note to readers finding this... Important history lessons from people who remember what it was like before the insanity, before the dramatic slide down in America.

Anonymous said...

OK…sorry if my numbers are wrong because I drinking some GOOD ole Kentucky Bourbon tonight!

To figure out a “Z” score you take the score and subtract the mean and divide by the standard deviation; using this number you can look the number up in a table and figure out the percentage or odds of a particular occurrence.

Now…what are the odds of a typical white person scoring as low as the AVERAGE black monkey?

Alrighty then…

85 – 100 / 15 = -1 (looking this up in a book the number would equate to about 0.1587 or about 15 to 16 percent as I said). Less than one in five whites are as dumb as the average coon.

Now…Stephen Hawking has a reported IQ of 160.

160 – 100 / 15 = 4

That means a Z score of 4. He is in a FRICKEN league all by himself. I won't even bother to find out what the odds are! I saw a site today that had the so-called smartest people and they were all white; not one brother among them.

Some little Finnish girl had an IQ off the charts, maybe 180, and was a chess king, but I would pay money to see her play against Bobby Fischer (if he were still alive.) That would be a clash of the TITANS!

Anonymous said...

Oppression, blah blah blah. There's people don't know what oppression is. Oppression is what caused the noble revolt in Hungary in 1956. Nobility of soul is required to feel oppression. These screwballs crying about a habitual criminal dying and then making it a cause to riot...well, it is idiocy and at is all it is. These poor fools will be angry basket cases all of their petty lives.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone bashing conservative Christians? It's obvious that African Americans will not be sent "back to Africa". So we might as well man up and work to make them contribute to America rather than tear it down.

That means using conservative, Christian principles. Vouchers to get their children out of those horrible public schools where the word of God is banished.

african Americans have a deep spiritual tradition. The liberals have destroyed this tradition and Black society has paid the price.

Another step we must take is to outlaw abortion. How can family values be preserved when innocent human lives are disposed of?

Finally, Gay maariage is destroying the nuclear family, which we can see has taken the greatest toll on African American households.

Only by restoring Judeo-Christian values can African Amicans fulfill God's promise to America.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the mysterious death of a worthless dindu in Baltimore is front page news everywhere. As Pat Buchanan said if Freddy Grey had been killed by another gang banger no one would care. Shows how distorted our news media is.

Race said...

FlowerBell said...
""When everyone became "equal" caucasion Americans willingly abdicated their exceptionalism, to a horrible result. ""


Race said...

At least let them know they're not welcome there. Somebody please stand up! I was planning on moving there!

Anonymous said...

People keep talking about the mom that slapped her son around for rioting and I find it very strange that people are calling her a "hero" and "mom of the year". After reading a couple articles about her

You'll see that she's a Single Unemployed Mother of 6 children. I only wish that the media would mention how many men had fathered those 6 children (she may have been widowed or divorced unexpectedly but I find this unlikely). So this little nappy headed shithead that was throwing bricks at police officers was almost guaranteed to have had his ski mask and hoodie purchased by welfare or other form of communist hand out.

Quick economic side note. A person is only considered unemployed if they are actively seeking employment. If they're no longer applying for work they fall off of that statistic. So a welfare queen like this is not unemployed. She's simply a leach on society.


Dan said...

Hahahahahaha! Tard.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The Anon of April 30, 2015 at 2:30 PM pretty much knocked it out of the park! And there was even an audience in the stands to enjoy it!

I thought I had sent some good stuff myself the last couple of days, but Anon of 043015@2:30pm my hat is off to you. Post of the Day, Week, and quite possibly the whole damn chaotic Month.

Dan said...

Blacks create a hideous pastiche of white civilization. It's amusing in music and dance only.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Businesses continue to open up in heavily Democrat Portland, Seattle, Denver, Austin, & San Fransisco, but these cities do not have the liability of a large black population as Baltimore does: nor is there a real fear a black riot will cause the Mariners, Rockies, or Giants baseball games to be played before an empty stadium...

Well played,goddamn liberal Demoshits,well played.In forcing the rest of us to accept the "diversity" you championed,you preserved the safe white communities for tofu-gobbling latte-slurping yourselves.

If any DWLs are reading assured that when your pet apes finally turn on you,I for one will never come to your rescue.You sold all of us down the river just to feel good about your libtard white guilt and when you are caught unarmed and cornered by your precious black pets,you will get just what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage called the blacks Sub Humans today. LOL

Anonymous said...

When I FIRST heard and saw the video of "Momma" beating down Rastus, I heard her say "I ain't losing no check ova' YOU!". Within the hour, the media outlets edited that thing, until she was June Cleaver.

I wish someone had the ORIGINAL video, with audio intact. Can't find it anywhere. The MSM caught on to YT holding her as a local hero, and then chopped and sliced that thing to pieces, to keep the narrative alive.

It's all based on lies. Every damn bit of it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage called the blacks Sub Humans today. LOL

April 30, 2015 at 6:14 PM

I'll second that.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:39PM said:
"I bet within 30 days many yoots will land a job that pays six figures minimum"

That "six figures" includes the numbers after the decimal point.

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