Monday, April 13, 2015

Black Judge Slams White Child's "Black Men" Fear: Black-Run America (BRA) Moves Irrevocably to a Judgement of its Own Making

"It is a matter of record of fact and facts have no moral judgment. They merely state what is. Not what we think of them, not what we feel. They just are... Only the facts matter." Netflix's Daredevil

Only the facts matter. 

Only the facts.

In our story, we must go back to March 21, 2013. 
The judge has spoken... release the black home invader and imprison the white child for racism!

A three-year-old white girl is watching SpongeBob on television, when two black men participate in a home invasion that thankfully didn't go wrong (though the 3-year-old's family was robbed at gunpoint by the aforementioned black males). 

Fast forward to only a few days ago. 

One of those black home invaders found an unlikely ally in the black judge who presided over the sentencing. 

All because the three-year-old white child's mother stated in an impact statement her daughter was still "in constant fear of black men." [Judge slams victims for tot's 'black men' fear, Louisville Courier-Journal, 4-10-15]:

Jordan and Tommy Gray's 3-year-old daughter was watching "SpongeBob" when two armed men broke into their home near Buechel on March 21, 2013, and robbed them at gunpoint.
Two years later, when one of the offenders was about to be sentenced, Jordan wrote in a victim impact statement that her daughter was still "in constant fear of black men." Both robbers were African-American.
"Whenever we are running errands, if we come across a black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave," the mother said. "It has affected her friendships at school and our relationships with African-American friends."
Tommy Gray also wrote that since the crime, his daughter had been terrified of black males and that probation was not sufficient punishment for Gregory Wallace, 27, who had pleaded guilty to robbery.
"If holding a little girl at gunpoint gets you probation, then our system is flawed," Gray said.
But when Wallace was brought up for sentencing Feb. 4 in Jefferson Circuit Court, it was the parents, not Wallace, who suffered Judge Olu Stevens' wrath.
"I am offended. … I am deeply offended that they would be victimized by an individual and express some kind of fear of all black men," he said.
"This little girl certainly has been victimized, and she can't help the way she feels," he said. "My exception is more with her parents and their accepting that kind of mentality and fostering those type of stereotypes."
The Grays were not in court as Stevens denounced their statements and granted probation to Wallace, whom he said deserved the opportunity to redeem himself.
But they did see when Stevens condemned their statements again, in a post on Facebook.
"Do three year olds form such generalized, stereotyped and racist opinions of others?" he wrote. "I think not. Perhaps the mother had attributed her own views to her child as a manner of sanitizing them."
Stevens, who was appointed to the bench in 2009 and re-elected last year without opposition, did not mention the Grays or Wallace by name on Facebook. He noted in court and in his post that "the statement played absolutely no role in the sentencing decision."
And in an interview, he said he did nothing improper in court or on social media. "I was cautioning the parents against allowing racial stereotypes to impact their behavior and that of their child," he said.
But leading experts on judicial ethics condemned his remarks, as did Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine and friends and family of the Grays, some of whom have started a Facebook page urging Stevens' removal from office.
"Judge Stevens blamed and shamed the victims," said the girl's paternal grandmother, Dawn Renee Bryant, who said her daughter-in-law cried when she read the judge's post. "It is very disturbing to be called something you are not."
Wine said his office would disavow any racist victim impact statement but the statements made by the victims in this case "were not intended to be and were not."
"The mother of a 3-year-old was describing how the home invaders, armed with guns, affected her family," Wine said. "She differentiated how the adults and the child were affected."
On one early spring 2013 morning, a three-year-old white child received an invaluable education that  years of careful inculcation via academia and fictional images of black people on television would have otherwise birthed an entirely different mindset. 

A white child, watching television in the peaceful, safe environment of her home, found out exactly what life in 21st Century America will be like as she grows older. Experience taught her a lesson which will guide her every decision moving forward. 

In a court of law, we all found out the horror of modernity and the true evil of Black-Run America (BRA). 

Our world is governed by an ideology bathed in emotion, where the facts have been scrubbed away as if they represent the vilest form of dirt imaginable. 

But they remain, those pesky facts. 

There will come a day when those who do evil to others are no longer treated as the innocent party, as  those affected by their criminality are condemned as the true aggressors in our time. 

For this age will face a judgement of its own making. 


Anonymous said...

Never EVER put a negro in charge of anything. EVER.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, this is right up my alley! The first time I ever saw a man 'whip it out' I was 7. He was a black man walking down the same street as me. When I was 10 a black man broke into our house at 3 in the morning. My dad was away on business. My mothers screams scared him away. In high school a black boy grabbed me by my arm and threw me down a flight of stairs. While traveling by greyhound back to college a black man spit tobacco all over my dress and legs. A couple of black male teens tried their damnedest to steal my corvette from my driveway one night. The list goes on....I, like the little 3 year old am scared shitless of black males. Sorry judge, some things just don't fade with time. Scary black men are some of those things!

Anonymous said...

What happened to

Truth Corps said...

It's going to get a lot, lot worse folks.

Blacks WILL openly kill white children in broad daylight on the street while videoing the entire thing in this decade, (if it hasn't happened already and is being suppressed)
Sadly, I don't think even that would wake whites from their stupor of mind altering substances, material greed and idol worship.

When we value our children as we should, and rediscover our racial identity, BRA will collapse immediately.
The parents in this case should immediately call a press conference & sue the judge at minimum. Had this happened to my family, think along the lines of "Law Abiding Citizen" movie.

No blacks- Know peace.
Know blacks- no peace.

Anonymous said...

I would like to share a book (if Mr. Kersey will allow) called "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America".

Unfortunately, this book gets lumped into "White Nationalist" literature. It is not, it is race realist literature. The author doesn't take sides, but clearly states the next Civil War will be a race war. It was written in 1997, a lot of what he said has come true in one form or another. At the end of the book, he has a checklist to measure our march towards Civil War II. For Example:

"Item 4: Watch for racially split juries. If jurors begin to refuse to convict their co-ethnics, then our progress towards basic social breakdown and Civil War II is accelerating. This will be one
of the most serious indicators that we're edging closer to a social earthquake and a breakup along tribal fault lines. Some prominent blacks have already encouraged black jurors to consider jury nullification."

NY Girl said...

Interesting timing on this. My husband and his best friend have known each other since grade school. How long ago was that? Well, this past weekend we babysat Best Friend's 2 1/2 year-old grandson. Although not yet toilet trained, he can wash and dry his hands afterward. So we left a little step stool in the bathroom for him to reach the sink. After I changed him, I was going to move the stool over to the sink, when to my complete surprise, he did it himself. And when he was finished, - without my asking, mind you! - he moved the stool back to its place.

Much like this little girl, my friend's grandson learns from even his short experience, and his parents are vigilant in making sure their son is raised properly.

I say all that to say two things:
1. Experience is the best teacher, and you learn (or don't) some of life's most important lessons when you are young, and
2. THIS is what separates US from THEM. The desire to spend time and make the effort to raise your offspring to be civilized human beings who can actually contribute something rather than take, take, take.

This judge and this thief think they've pulled a fast one, but Karma's a bitch. One day, Shitavious Whodafuck will break into the wrong house, and the only thing THAT family's three-year-old will remember is the loud BANG Daddy's gun made as he ventilated the perp.

Medic Bear said...

One can only hope that the judge, whether Black or White, is on the receiving end of fatal TNB.

Assholes like him shouldn't be allowed to have power over anyone.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Smart kid.

Philadelphia Mike

Baron Münchausen said...

Speaking of facts, I came across this tidbit today

Apparently, Katherine Johnson, the negro "scientist" at NASA was responsible for the White man going to the moon! Can you believe it? It was her "calculations" that predicted the rocket trajectory. And would you even believe that when NASA switched over to computers, those white men at NASA would regularly call her to check over the computer calculations!

Wow! How could you miss such a pivotal character in the White Man's mission to the moon PK?

That's the funny thing about facts, they are easily twisted in context, but I guess that's when they stop being facts, isn't it?

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe that 1+1 equals 2. Something about these "facts" just don't sit right. Or as my Grandpa used to say "that dog don't hunt ". Maybe because I see the world through Ontological Empiricism And at no time has this type of feat ever been reproduced by any other negro. Hmmm. I could be wrong, after all, I am blinded by my racist hatred. Like the APD was by shutting down ALL of the free way entrances to downtown Austin during Texas Relay Weekend, to keep all those NASA scientists was the endless looping through the city streets. They sure didn't do that during SXSW when 12-15x the amount of people come to town. What Racists they are!

Well, I guess it's like my grandpa always said to me:

"Son, You can wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one feels up quicker."

The Baron

Chuck Hammer said...

Probation for armed home invasion? What a travesty. Should have been 20 years hard time.

As to the so-called judge, Olu Stevens, God help us all when whites are purged from the justice system.

"My exception is more with her parents and their accepting that kind of mentality and fostering those type of stereotypes."

Except it's not a stereotype is it, "judge," it's something that ACTUALLY HAPPENED to a three year old girl.

Anonymous said...

You can't reason with baboons nor can you expect wise judgement from a baboon.

Unknown said...

"And a little child shall lead them"...
It is my sincere hope that her parents do not try to dissuade her of her feelings.

Anonymous said...


off topic

related to the shooting ????


Ricky In Cali said...

Oh this is WONDERFUL!!! I didn’t know that breaking and entering +armed robbery = Probation! If I was an attorney for the defense, I would take this case every time a White man broke into someone’s home and demand probation. I’m sure the Nog who just received probation gets to “turn his life around” like all the other Dindu’s. The sad part is that if the family shot the Black intruder, the Negro judge probably would have given the White family a harsh penalty. Sad world we live in when we can’t even protect ourselves but I’m sure this incident awoke a couple new members to the team.

Staying on the subject of young girls and lenient sentences though……

There was an article today on Yahoo about Kenya. In Nairobi there was a young Negress who was walking back from going to her grandfathers funeral. On her way home 6 NEGRO’S saw her walking and decided to rape this young woman. (If you would like to type this in your search engine you’ll find this story). The Negro’s were caught some short time later and were sentenced by the judge for raping this young woman. Can you guess the harsh penalty these 6 NEGRO’S got for RAPE? Take a wild guess???


Of course, the town went crazy and the judge came back and ruled that the Negro’s were to do 15 years for the crime but if there wasn’t a Chimpout nothing would have become of it. Another day in Negroville Kenya, and this is a blueprint for what happens when you let Negro's do as they please….

Anonymous said...

Some parents feel the best way to keep a kid away from the stove is to allow them to burn themselves on it. They won't need to learn that lesson again. This girl is justifiably terrified of black men, and after her parents note that fact in BRA legitimate soundbites they are still shamed. A kid scarred for life and getting to see her parents helpless to defend her and groveling at the feet of strangers as victims in their own house. They must just have been unlucky, wrong time and place and all.

Great way of highlighting how a statement that can be suspected of being racist is much more troublesome in BRA than something such as... holding a family at gunpoint in their own home! Good job PK, when the discrepancies in narrative and reality get too great something is bound to burst.

In a warped way you almost wish white children could have sense scared into them like this girl did. Her parents won't be pushing any wool-headed chilluns around in the future, barring rape, that is.

Anonymous said...

Judge's name is "Olu".

Did undergraduate at Morehouse in Atlanta.
Morehouse is a made up school fabricated so Negroes can get "degrees".

Hint: don't let a "doctor" from Morehouse "School" of "Medicine" work on you.
Affirmative action medicine isn't the same as real medicine.

Anyhow, Olu is another mediocre Negro propelled into his so called career by Affirmative Action, and of course he uses his pulpit to peddle the same old tired brand of perpetual black grievance.

The chance that this noisy monkey is going to be recalled from the bench is exactly zero.

Nothing to see here, folks.
Move along, now,

TMH said...

War is not always fought with cannons, bombs and small arms. We are most certainly at war with negroes. They are the proxy army for the progressive statists. Some of the black soldiers, like this judge, are bright enough to use language. Then there are the whites, supremely effective with language who cooperate in the assaults against us.

It's a weird struggle for the higher moral ground. The "victim" in our culture automatically gets control of the higher ground and fires back at those below. But it is all done with words and distorted narratives. It's all designed to control the emotions of the huge swath of society that never really thinks about anything, the low information types.

Whether it is words and narrative in this case or bullets in another, there are still winners and losers. We are losing, the media, the feds and academia are powerfully coordinated enemies.

Anonymous said...

This AA nog should be removed from office and disbarred for something like this.

On the other hand children are pretty good at judging someone's character, anybody that has them knows this. They can tell, and that's what the magic negro doesn't like.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post.

Ugh. As a parent, this post is particularly hard to read.

But. As a parent, I am particularly grateful to PK for doing the hard work of bringing this news to us.

Y'all have a good night.

Anonymous said...

good article. looking forward to the day we look back at this article because the armed robber got probation instead of a jail sentence. let's not forget the name gregory wallace. undoubtedly we will be hearing more from him.

Anonymous said...

There are two types of people on this planet...the blacks and then there is everyone else.

Anonymous said...

A very perceptive child. At the young age of 3 she understand cause and effect.

If her parents weren't race realists before, they are now. And they've even gotten a first hand taste of the legal injustices faced by Whites.

Well, at least this child learned early in life to avoid the negroes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this: HOLY SHIT! Had to say it.

Every day I am more and more incredulous at the mistreatment of Caucasians. I am speechless at what this racist orc judge did and said.

I am sorry but I can't think of anything meaningful to say right now to address this information. Wow.

AnalogMan said...

Now, you see? This is what I was talking about.

If the father had been armed and alert, those two Babuntus could have been neatly and legally executed without recourse to the "justice" system. If he had shot them both in the back, nobody would have said, "You can't shoot them in the back" or "Why didn't you aim for their legs?" or "That's cowardly".

Of course little girls will generalize a traumatic incident like that to the most obvious characteristic of the agents - their colour. This was the case when my daughter and her family were carjacked - their little girl was terrified of all negroes after that.

This family should thank God for a lesson well learned at low cost, and reinforce it at every opportunity so that it is not weakened by propaganda on TV or in school. That kind of education is priceless.

Hopefully they will learn the same lesson, reinforced by the judge's behaviour. Black robbers + black judge = censure of victims - justice. It should cause them to think.

More likely they will work to erase the stain of racism by paying a psychologist to convince the child that her fears are groundless, and even shameful, because we're all the same.

PB said...

Stupefying ignorance meets supreme arrogance in one individual who clearly holds more power than his limited intellect could ever handle. The nightmare combination. Reasoning is now out of the question for White America. The Occupation is in full swing now. They've got your Institutions (which they will wreck like everything else they touch). Those who elevated them against you could care less?....

AnalogMan said...

Off topic, but there's a point. I beg Paul's indulgence.

There has been some discussion lately of post-apocalyptic fiction. After the bomb. The omega Man, that kind of thing. I used to love reading science fiction. Of course, 90% of it was crap, which led SF author Theodore Sturgeon to formulate Sturgeon's Law: "90% of everything is crap". But it was worth ploughing through the 90% for the occasional gem.

I cut my teeth on Edgar Rice Burroughs and the classics, wasted a lot of my childhood on the Golden Age authors, but lost interest when SF became more about Fantasy. Dragons and stuff were not interesting.

During that whole time, SF writers were White men. There were a few women, but after reading a few of their books, I made it a rule to avoid them. I didn't like their style, and I didn't like their stories. Yes, I'm a racist and a sexist. Minorities and perverts were not a factor at all.

Over the years I've tried a few of the newer authors, but never found anything worth pursuing (except Terry Pratchett).

Now I see at Vox Day's blog that the field has been taken over by the Social Justice Warriors, who are basically ensuring that no SF gets published or recognized with awards unless it meets their standards regarding diversity (of authors and characters) and social responsibility. It's the same denial of platform tactic that all conservative ideas face these days. So, a group of authors are fighting back.

OK, there's a point to this, sorry it's so long-winded.

The whole degeneration of SF, into what amounts to chick porn in space, written by black lesbians, is part of the general attack on White men in particular, and White culture in general. But, they are getting resistance. First game developers, and now SF fans and authors, are fighting back and saying, "We like our games, and our fiction, without the moralizing lectures. We'll do it our way". And they're winning.

There are lessons for us there. Go to Vox Day's blog and see what they're doing. Of course, they all deny that they're racists, they're oblivious to the reality of the war on White men, but this is the way our enemies have won so far: by sniping at the fringes of our culture, gradually and relentlessly attacking one target at a time.

One of the commentators there linked to this story, which won the Hugo award for best SF short story last year. I was horrified, and you will be, too. This is war.

PS Sheila, still waiting for contact details. I've got a lot of good stuff for you.

Dan said...

The judge mut be removed from office. He's a goddamn terrorist.

Anonymous said...

I overall agree but read part of this a bit differently than Mr. Kersey.

A wedge has been placed between that little girl and her genuine experience, and her family and their genuine experience. Someone with way more power than they put that wedge there.

They endured and survived a horrible trauma in their own home, something no one should ever have to endure.

The law did not stand for the law abiding. It let the tyrants who oppressed them off light. And then the law (in the form of a Bantu judge who went to college at a segregated institution, Morehouse) told them that their experience is not an acceptable experience.

They must recast their experience in terms of HIS viewpoints and HIS (asserted, and probably mendaciously presented) experience, which is that of a white-hating race baiter.

This is a vicious attack of the state on a free man, a free woman, and their little child. It is a vicious attack on their personhood.


By the way, if you read the comments on the original story at the Louisville Courier, an anti-white racist white guy named Steve Magruder keeps commenting who gives his FB affiliation as UofL.

He appears to be a 1969 graduate of UofL, not otherwise affiliated with it, but using "social media" to inflate his voice.

In line with that magnification of nothing into the loudest voice in the room, here he is noted as "general manager and free lance programmer for WebCommons LLC."

What this basically says is "I know enough about internetworking to get attention for stupid ideas and shut others up and call them names."

It appears to be one of those firms that doesn't produce anything but a title for the principal. Its domain defaults to a site full of Russian characters.

Other than that he appears to be a typical slacker gay metrofoodie Obama true believer:

Whoever anti-white-racist commenter at that news story Steve Magruder of University of Louisville is just one more gay yuppie with a lot of time on his hands, a lot of hate in his heart, and a lot of violence against whites in his thrill centers.

THAT is who stands up for BRA. White guys like that. True believers in the "Sixties" kool-aid they swilled at Woodstock or Stonewall or whatever.

rex freeway said...

A Racist Bigot is a judge. Wow. This same reasoning is used by Black felons on a daily basis. Every time they run from the law and get caught, and fight back violently and end up beaten, tazed, pepper sprayed or shot. They ran because jail is about to be imminent. Freedom is about to be takin away.But they say they are afraid of White police who are all out to shoot Blacks. They cringe and shake at the thought of answering to a White man. The only thing the White Parents are guilty of is not having a firearm to defend their family with. Their daughter could then grow up knowing we are allowed to protect ourselves from the evils of society.

10mm AUTO said...

See, the next step is to make disparagement (race realism) of the negro a crime, with echos going back to the parents.

Notice the negro "Judge" wants to blame the parents for the action of the bucks. No crime by negros is allowed to induce a phobia, heavens no! We can't have White children being fearful of negros, so we punish and blame the parents for allowing the child to form her own opinions. That leads to CrimeThink.

If the child was bitten by a dog and she was fearful of dogs, the Court would have the biting dogs owner pay for Counseling. But the negro is never held responsible ...NEVER. To add insult to injury the Judge gives the Orcs "Probation" and then goes and disparages the parents on Facebook.

See how Tribal they are and how it gets worse by the day?

Imagine negroid police officers, negro prosecutors and negro judges; all overseeing a White Defendant. There is your "spark" of revolution Ladies and Gentlemen. Bob and Jane Do-good now a weeping father, she the moaning mother; taking to trial a DinDuNuffings Orc who raped/murdered/burned/ate a son or daughter in a Robbery/Pizza Delivery/Walking outside/etc. Gone Wrong and some Orc judge gives them probation.

YOU KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN because we are 9/10's of the way there already. The "Wilding Teens" got off under cover of night by hard working TWMNBN lawyers sucking at the public teat. Channon Christian's offenders creep ever closer to probation. The "teens" who burned Jessica Chambers to death have never been caught, even though they were yukking about it on Facebook. Now we have a negro judge who denys any connection with Orc invaders causing trauma to a child and blaming the parents. Very soon, negros who now get only 20 chances will simply never be called on their behavior.

You think White people objected to The Stamp Act or the Tea Tax!? This will make those issues look pale (heh) by comparison. Kind of a cross between the French Revolution and Krystal-natch.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!



Get ready for a lot more of this bullshit. Now even the judicial system is honoring these thugs. And what about that probation sentence? More total bullshit. Do you think that will make that nigg-nogg stop doing home invasions? Hell no it won't.

Also in the case of the 72 yr. old cop that accidentally shot the negro illegal gun dealer.
His family said many bad things about the old guy in question. But never said nothing about their brother's bad habits of gun dealing.
They said something like if that old man didn't buy his badge then their brother would be alive today. But never did they say if my brother didn't sell his gun illegally he would of never been shot at all.
As usual nigg-noggs blaming someone else for their violent behavior!

America is upside down right now!


Anonymous said...

The negro is different.

The negro has different dna.

The negro behaves differently.

The negro does not assimilate into first world civilizations.

The negro will destroy you and your family.

You are watching it happen...

Anonymous said...

Free Slager.

He is innocent. He thought Scott still had taser and was going to shock him again. Wires were in Slager's chest and led to Scott. Scott ran, but Slager thought he still was a threat.

This is known as a "good shoot".

Prepare for the court case and the cat 5 chimp out. It's coming. PK, get ready to analyze along the way.

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful post! The judge has a busy docket thanks to black males.

I wonder, oh I wonder what part of town that black judge lives in?

Anonymous said...

OT, but if I were a top criminal defense attorney I would JUMP at the chance to defend Slager. They've OVERCHARGED him! They will not get a straight murder conviction considering Scott attacked Slager and shot him with the taser. Very simple folks. They may get lesser charges, but NOT murder.

Whoever defends Slager is going to be rich and famous. I'd be running to him if I were an attorney. Also, a huge amount of money will be raised online for him (like the pizza folks in Indiana) and will be available to the defense.

Jump in now before the rest of the facts emerge and make it even more clear it's not murder.

Also, what can be done to assure they stick with the murder charge and disallow any lesser charge? That will guarantee his dismissal.

Anonymous said...

Attention Charleston humans: the negroes are about to swarm into your town like they did with Ferguson. Get ready; learn from their mistakes.

Do your best to show the agitators and 'community organizers' they're not welcome. They are coming to f%ck with you, Yankee style. They gonna protect their holy negroes. You gonna stand by and watch them pull that sh&t in your town?!

Get ready boys....

chattanooga gal said...

this story probably made me see red more than any other that I have read lately. so now we're "racist" if our children are frightened by being held at gunpoint by invading black thugs-outrageous!

Mutant Swarm said...

For starters, recall that son of a bitch judge. That will have to do until more appropriate measures can be taken.

(Although I understand that the demographics that allowed him to get re-elected unopposed will probably prevent that.)

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

The numbers tell a different story judge Rastus.

This child learned first hand that muds are dangerous. Most muds. And all muds hate 3 YR old YTs.

I be gibben you da probashun an shit cuz dat cracka bitch be fearin all ub us now eben tho nobodies got hut and yo dumbass got hemmed up by da po po. I should throw dis here YT book at yo dumbass tho, Now a brudda gonna haffa try realz hard to tap dat ass in a couple mo years when da ho's be ready fo da muh dick. It 7 years right? Nigga, get yo ass out my courthouse and lay low fo 18 munfs. I seez you befo dat we gonna hab beef. I'll give yo dumbass coonmunity service next time. 20 hours nigga, now git. Tell yo momma I said waz up

Anonymous said...

There will come a day when those that do evil................. I'm ready to see that day. The day when that little girl no longer has to fear any african that may be left in this country.
How about a little "Mississippi Burning" for a dumbassed judge?


Anonymous said...

It getting easy to believe a conspiracy long at work behind the scenes of our Nations leaders. This administration making its overt move to create "race riots" in major U.S. cities.

You should enjoy your rants & freedom to comment now. Soon, it will be illegal to even recognize black dysfunction. There's no better example than this over-the-top intrusions into our thought processes.

BRA blames and shames YT all while promoting the B.S. accent on rap music with lyrics designed to inflame and polarize its listeners. Rap songs containing such lines as "kill white policemen," "kill the pigs", "kill whitey", and "Why not kill whitey, if he can kill us?" etc.

[N.Ga] This article confirms my negro fatigue.

chattanooga gal said...

"One day, Shitavious Whodafuck will break into the wrong house, and the only thing THAT family's three-year-old will remember is the loud BANG Daddy's gun made as he ventilated the perp."
unfortunately, it is just as likely the 27 year old man who terrorized the 3 yr. old will go on to break into someone else's home and kill their child. when that happens, I hope that judge will be held accountable.

Southron said...

Wow! Probation for an armed home invasion, then a social justice lecture for the victims?

It sounds like the mother was trying to be a good multicultural warrior by pointing out that the crime instilled an unwanted fear of black men in her daughter, and it blew up in her face.

Unfortunately, you don't get much leeway in the judge you are assigned to your case. If you live in a large city, you're likely to end up stuck with a Olu Stevens clone.

Bit by bit, we're turning into South Africa. It won't be long until some black "youths" are put on probation for putting a tire filled with gasoline around a white person's neck and lighting it on fire. Meanwhile, a white person will be sentenced to 25 years for the "microaggression" of not giving enough credit to the contribution of blacks in science.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

He's "offended".. He's "deeply offended".. poor guy.. Ugh.

Disgusted Ex-Copper said...

J-Town Kentucky is a fucked up place. I lived there as a child and would stay at a relatives whenever I had to be in Southern Indiana. This is a place, where even in the 80's black administrators felt no problem and faced no backlash when they sided with blacks when they turned violent and we're always quick to blame the white victim.

If a rape victim can have a male banned from her college classrooms and the university can place its own protective order against him for merely slightly resembling the offender, then the 3 yr old, now 5, has every reason to have courts and the public support her on her rational fear. People, even blacks, have a fear of pitbulls because of the viciousness when they attack. Cities have ordinances against them. Again, it stands to reason this girl has every reason to fear blacks.

The family wasn't there for sentencing. It sounds to me like the judge has a pattern of this behavior and they were advised by the prosecutor and possibly the victims advocate to not attend sentencing.

When I was a copper, I got very close to the line between advocacy and contempt of court when it came to decisions like this one. I couldn't imagine my response if a judge did this to one of my female family members, let alone one of my little girls. I would definitely be sitting in a cell.

Most, if not all judges, run unopposed. Most are replaced when they decide not to run again or run afoul of the senior judges with extremely strong political ties. I saw one who didn't tolerate TNB or general white trash behavior get reassigned to shit court for sentencing deemed too punitive. One case where he allegedly abused his power was jailing a guy for "goosing" a female court staffer in court while he was on the bench. Last I checked that was a sex offense at the worse end and a felony battery on the light side.

Unfortunately, there is no recourse for the citizen when a judge does this. Judges typically enjoy immunity from law suits based on their conduct on the bench. If this elected prosecutor has any balls, he will file an appeal for sentence modification for the offender in state appeals court and file a formal complaint with both the Kentucky Supreme Court and the bar association for judicial misconduct with the request to have the judge stripped of his law license.

Anonymous said...

Southron pointed it out, and I'll mention it further...

The parents, in making their statement that the judge found so offensive, were actually throwing themselves upon the altar of BRA like good little DWLs.

The parents seemed less concerned about the mental health and symptoms of PTSD in their child than how their child's "irrational" fears affected them. Mom expressed the embarrassment her daughter made her feel when she clutched her around black people while shopping. The mom whined about how her relationship with all her black friends was jeopardized by their daughter's "prejudice". The mom laments that her daughter might grow up without (gasp) any black friends.

The judge just didn't get it--all his small mind could see was "racist daughter is product of evil racist white family" and came down hard on the victims. In reality, the mother was explaining how, in her DWL mind, the real crime committed here was how she was suddenly forced to raise and live with this demonic racist child as a result of this incident. This child would forever hang like an albatross around the necks of her and her husband, preventing them from ever gaining access to polite society and relegating them to the roles of pariahs.

Ironically, this frank admission by the mother blew up spectacularly in her face because she got a black judge who couldn't identify her plea for help for what it was. Now, instead of simply lamenting about having to raise a "possessed child", there is a black authority figure on record who has named her and her husband as vile bigots and enablers of said "possessed child". Her and her husband have been judged, in a court of law no less, to be the same racists they were horrified to see their daughter had been turned into.

Brooklyn born said...

It's funny how black "PTSD" is the new rationale for TNB, and subsequent probation judgments.

Yet when whites are fallen victim by the same TNB, PTSD is not even a consideration, it's a thought crime, somehow marginalized, and deemed racist to imply.

TNB........Always absolute...........Always predictable.......In any context I might add.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the parents submitted this "impact statement" into the record illustrates a profound ignorance of BRA and showcases the sense of unimpeachable moral superiority of the average DWL.

The parents are basically admitting that the main source of "pain and suffering" they've experienced as a result of this is that they are now forced to live with and be seen in public with an overt racist. Their statement is basically them saying, "Can you imagine the horror of constantly have your good name associated with a racist, and not just once a year like with that Republican uncle that shows up for Thanksgiving, but every day for the foreseeable future!"

David In TN said...

"Stereotype" is a Big Word that people like the Learned Judge have fastened onto. They don't grasp that any stereotype is based on reality.

The girl's parents were actually displaying their bona fides as good liberals. The irony-challenged Judge was too stupid to see he was confirming The Stereotype.

Anonymous said...


off topic

Anonymous said...


re,What happened to

What happened to 'Thug Report'?

as for an 'offended' judge, you be the judge.
terms like 'offended' and 'ray cist' are used to silence or attempt to silence us.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

There is a bizarre belief amongst DWL and blacks that "racism" comes from parents indoctrinating children with such views. Growing outwardly from this, generation after generation of whites treat blacks with suspicion and deny them opportunity, which then condemns blacks to a life on the margins of society. Accordingly, society clinging to this mythology is why blacks are arrested, suspended, incarcerated, etc... at such disproportionate rates. It all stems from this great misunderstanding you see. This is part of the thought process that goes into the ad agencies pitching the idea of diligent blacks in lab coats or fathering two parent families and raising well behaved children in mansions with manicured lawns. They feel they are helping to reverse the image of the black man as a dangerous and violent deviant. Incidentally, those who hold this ("a big misunderstanding") view are the least likely to interact with blacks in the real world, safely insulated from afar.

The only problem is this fantasy utopia world (once this "misconception" is slain) fails to meet a threshold when actual behavior is taken into account. No matter what attempts to shift the imagery are made, in real life blacks continue to do violent things of their own volition with or without positive images, like break into homes and point guns at white three year olds watching Spongebob.

When PK did his open thread about "what made you dislike blacks?" a couple of months ago, virtually all of the responses were tangible real world examples. Maybe 1 out 10 comments were "because my parents told me they were bad."

This black judge is totally full of sh*t too as a criminal court official, where presumably his day in and day out is dealing with sentencing a constant and endlessly replenishing supply of black male offenders like the mop buckets in Fantasia. Gee, how could anyone view a black man as potentially dangerous?

behind blue eyes said...

A home invasion court case that deals only with crys of, "rayciss."
That is so wrong and the little girl is correct. We all have the right to protect ourselves and the rayciss card is thrown on a tiny girl. Bullshit.
The dog bite comparison is excellent.
Nice job PK and fellow posters.

FlowerBell said...

Any parent who raised their children on the virtues of diversity should be taken to the corn field.

They are responsible for not only dumbing-down their own children but also fattening them up for their slaughter by savages.

The children of these pitiful parents should slap them hard in the face as a thank you for woefully ill-preparing them for the real world and the real-world struggles ahead.

Anonymous said...

The judge is an idiot and should be removed. This was a home invasion by negroes with weapons and these things almost always end with victims being killed, raped or tortured. This was not a case of some habitual shoplifter you may occasionally give probation to depending on the circumstances.
The female victim actually sounded more like some liberal to me who was upset because her 3 yo daughter was so disturbed that she now couldn't grow up and become pals with negroes.These 2 negro home invading thugs had now changed her impression of all negroes and should be punished for that.That was my impression but the judge got an entirely different meaning from the victim statement.
He's a dummy anyway and you don't go on Facebook of all things and discuss these cases, even not using names people will know who you are talking about and you could also endanger them if some crazy negro reads it.Even the thugs he put on probation may do something knowing she wanted them in jail.For the wrong reasons of course.

Anonymous said...

The black judge identifies with the black criminals. Natch.

Anonymous said...

If you're in a mixed or negro area and have an accident never stop.Keep going, call 911 and go to the first cop or police station.Just yesterday a negro driving a van hit a 2yo niglet and another negro shot him to death and then for some reason shot another 15yo on the street who didn't appear to have anything to do with it.It was probably his own fault he was not watching the kid.Why he shot the 15yo is a mystery and perhaps it may have been a babysitter or something and we'll learn the facts soon.But I've noticed that when these accidents happen they just sort of freak out and may shoot people unconnected with it in a sort of irrational savage rage.Even something just trying to help can get killed.
So don't end up like Reginald Denny, or worse,and never stop.He should have just leaned on the horn of that big rig he was driving and ploughed through them if they were dumb enough to get in the way.I guess he was just a nice guy and a bit naive about what was occurring.

Anonymous said...


I wish Paula Deen had the guts to say, "Black men killed my uncle. I've never felt comfortable around them. I don't discriminate in hiring, but I feel how I feel because of what a black man did to someone I love as a child. Had it been a pitbull, I'd be scared them of them too."

This reminds me of a story I read yesterday about the cheating scandal in ATL. I WISH I COULD MAKE THIS UP...

A high-yellow witness, Andrew Young, was brought in to testify on the character of the Principal (ringleader). This character witness held all sorts of accolades and Affirmative Action BS... He was an ambassador somewhere during Obama's first reign of terror.

Instead of testifying on her character, the CRAZY OLD NIGGER BABBLED ON NONSENSE.

Yesterday, it was tiptoed around about 3/4 of the way through every article, but I cannot find those today. Below is the best I got:

"Echoing that sentiment in the courtroom Monday was civil rights leader and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young, who testified as a character witness but used the opportunity to assail the state of public education."

Can we PLEASE be done with this?

Also, on a side note. I saw a PBS story on a baseball team in China made up of an ethnic minority and regular Chinese people. They are called Uyghur. They look more Chinese than Vietnamese or Japanese people.

They ARE STRICTLY SEGREGATED. While they inhabit the same couple huge cities:
- their clocks are set 2 hours apart
- they do not share restaurants, busses, interbreed, or work together

Both groups talk about each other freely as "we're different." The minority group baseball players admit they should mimic the Chinese work ethic. The Chinese aren't hostile, but they aren't coddling... There's a basic order.

THIS IS NORMAL. We're CHASTISED BY JUDGES for not letting nogs rape our daughters while they watch Spongebob?

We could learn a lot from these folks. OH, BTW, they live in TOTAL peace.

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

"Never EVER put a negro in charge of anything. EVER."

Wiser words were never spoken.

Anonymous said...

I reckon this girl won't be listening to rap music and dating negroes 14 years from now. I'll also wager she will join the ranks of American gun owners once she becomes an adult as well.

I'd say this girl learned a valuable life lesson, as did the family.

Anonymous said...

Southron and Anonymous have it right. The parents were trying to say it was awful their 3-year-old was scared of blacks. I'm glad the judge so spectacularly judged them guilty of racist parenting. Maybe it'll wake them up but I wouldn't bet on it. I just hope the little girl keeps her hard-earned fear and does better by her own children - like be well-armed and/or well away from blacks.

Anonymous said...

I get so tired of talking about negro dysfunction. 100,000 years ago modern humans came out of East Africa. They were the smart ones, possessing the genes to create civilization. The rest of Africa turned into the leftovers.

I was talking about race to a black engineer colleague the other day. He is an incredibly smart man, and once you get him away from his racial counterparts, you could not tell the difference between what he said with what would be said on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I wonder...your average American family parks itself in front of the living room telescreen and watches any number of hours of television programming per week. How will this little girl react to commercials and programs which show whites perpetrating all the home invasions? And blacks as noble, etc? Will there by a cognitive disconnect? Will she question the disinformation from the Ministry of Truth? How will she react to the black criminality and squalor she will see in her school, or if she wanders into a neighborhood gone wrong? And would she be open to a race realist message?

This is the sort of case which might be worth following over the years...

Anonymous said...

I really think this country is ready for a Realist party that could rival the big 2.

Any thoughts? Call a spade a spade and promote our greatness. We've been pushed aside and had to cower long enough. We all have an inner viking.

We're not equal--accept and fix. End welfare. Conquer space. Put America #1 by MILES.

Patriotism, history, heritage, futre.

Anonymous said...

There is a Facebook page calling for his removal... Awesome.

Whites are ready. Let's fight!

Anonymous said...

No, they don't live in peace. They regularly kill each other because the Uighur are Muslim, I believe, and religion of any kind is forbidden in communist countries. Some like North Korea create a state sponsored religion worshipping the Kim dynasty.

james wilson said...

Several years ago in Las Vegas and only a few streets from where I live. a ten year old girl walking with her mother down a major boulevard begged her mother to move away from two differently colored men walking toward them. Her mother gave her daughter the anti-profiling lesson and they continued on, to moms death by revolver. The only lesson this child had yet to learn was that her mother would risk her daughter's life in the cause of racial equality.

Anonymous said...

If that idiot judge is so concerned about fostering stereotypes, he should blame blacks for acting black.

Anonymous said...

The crime of noticing has been written about here many times.

The child noticed that the criminals were black, and now is wary of black people.

Noticing is racist.
Orwell nailed it with his concept of thoughtcrime.
When I read 1984 for the first time, the world Orwell created seemed utterly unthinkable.
Now we live in it.

I was in Oakland CA not too long ago, and the cab in which I was riding had signs advising patrons that there was camera surveillance in the vehicle.

The cabbie was Nepalese. He spoke heavily accented, cautious, but articulate English.

I asked why he needed surveillance in his cab.
He said, in his delicate accent, " The blacks, they like to.....rob."

He didn't said it with disdain, anger, enmity, or condescension. He merely stated a fact in order to explain something to an out-of-towner.
The sky is blue.
Giraffes have long necks.
Blacks like to rob.

He noticed.

Apparently malignant White racism has become so pervasive that it is even infecting Nepalese taxi drivers.

Anonymous said...

You can take em outta the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto outta them. I bet if you followed this judge to his parking spot, not only would he"pimp limp" to his car but it would be sittn on "22's" and of course backed in to the parking spot. This is a typical trait of the Negro, backing in their car. I guess it's for quick escape or more probable,hiding that "dirty" tag. The judge understands that he steals his money from the tax payers without any penalty, so why not give the same consideration to the common street thug.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Pat Boyle said...

Blacks apparently don't like being judged by white judges and juries anymore than they like being apprehended by white cops.

These functions are easy to separate and it's not too expensive. Today's incident would not have occurred if we simply had a rule that white defendants were only judged by white judges and the same for blacks.

Not only would this immediately kill all the racism charges but it would assure that the whites had the best justice system personnel possible.

Black judges are likely to be considerably less intelligent than white or East Asian judges. I assume that a smarter judge is a better judge.

Real effective segregation will be expensive. Segregation in the American South and under apartheid in South Africa were pinching pennies. Racial friction is lowered when the races are separate but it is pricy. For example consider public buildings for common public functions.

What should we do about the DMV? I would suggest that we have a entirely separate buildings not very near each other. Whites would go to white-only agency and be waited on by whites. The blacks would go to an equivalent DMV office for blacks.

This is obviously the most expensive way to do this but it yields the best results.

Toady's mixed race DMV is largely black run - at least it is here in Oakland. The blacks behind the counter are almost laughable in their bumbling and incompetence.

Civil servants don't have to be the 'Keystone Cops'. Civil service is now experiencing 'Gresham's Law'- the bad people are driving out the good. There are plenty of talented and idealistic young white people who would like to serve their community but they don't want to join up with the boobs that man government offices today.

I don't really know but someone can correct me if I'm wrong - I suspect that a Motor Vehicle office in Switzerland is better run than one on America. The difference is racial. There are other factors that are also important but race is important.

White people shouldn't have to endure black incompetence.


Anonymous said...

....3 year old white child received an invaluable education"....

Indeed she did PK.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! You're so right! The africans could never attain the upper levels of society without a number of DWL's pulling from above or pushing from below.
The same DWL's then try to convince everyone "They're just like us" but then the african makes some kind of a foolish spectacle of him/herself, their african thought process on display for all to see.
No other race on the planet inspires so many people to purchase firearms and hate, yes hate, Africa's breed of parasites.


Anonymous said...

Dogs and guns.

The home invasion is difficult to stop but having dogs and guns at least gives you a chance.

Dogs are first and foremost a good deterrent. Odds are they will just go to a different house if you have a dog. It doesn't have to be a rott or pit, any dog is good since they will alert you and the neighbors. A little lapdog in bed will not only hear threats but smell them too.

Anonymous said...

The Grays were not in court as Stevens denounced their statements and granted probation to Wallace, whom he said deserved the opportunity to redeem himself.

[Deserve - to be worthy, fit, or suitable for some reward or requital]

I didn't see anything in the article that indicated the basis for the Judge's finding that Wallace “deserved” the opportunity to redeem himself. Conducting a home invasion and terrorizing a family wouldn't ordinarily be considered an activity making anyone worthy, fit, or suitable for anything but prison. Perhaps I missed something in the orc's background. Did he save someone, work hard in school, volunteer for public service, or do something that benefited anyone other than himself? The only quality that I can see that the Judge relied on for finding the criminal to be deserving of an opportunity to redeem himself is that the orc is black.

[Bizarro – When a black criminal terrorizing a child three years of age “deserves” anything other than prison and the child victim and the child's family is lambasted by a Judge for fearing black men]

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't be so fast in condemning the parents, now. They may have a whole different point of view at this time.


Anonymous said...

Bit by bit, we're turning into South Africa. It won't be long until some black "youths" are put on probation for putting a tire filled with gasoline around a white person's neck and lighting it on fire

This is also why it is important for Whites to arm themselves. Too many of these judges have the pity sickness and slap blacks on the wrist for even violent crimes. Shooting back takes them off the streets and sends a message to their fellow youfs.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

There's an opinion piece in that bastion of race realism known as the NY Times about some communist who got shot in South Africa in 1993.

They closed the comments section because too many people were questioning the functionality of BRSA (Black-Run South Africa) and wondering why someone who wanted to kill YTs was being championed.

Once people see that the emperor's muh dik is swinging in the wind, it can't be unseen.

Anonymous said...

Echoing that sentiment in the courtroom Monday was civil rights leader and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young, who testified as a character witness but used the opportunity to assail the state of public education.

“I think these teachers got caught in a trap,” Young said. “We have messed up education so much. Tests and grades do not make you educated.”

NCLB has failed and now the blacks and libs want to go back to handing out high school diplomas. This also means that libs will continue to blame "the system" (White people) for disparities in college. The real explanation is staring them in the face and yet they keep spinning in circles. We need more wait we need less testing...they're falling behind...we need stricter standards...and wait

Libs have totally failed in their education theories and they know it. I was in a teacher's forum the other day and the libs were turning on each other out of frustration. Their ship of race denial is headed for an iceberg. The data continues to pile up and it isn't on the side of nurture.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

A little OT; but I've become fascinated by the art of MIMICRY; the art of the *mimic*, as it relates to the talented tenth. Here for example is a guy who's doing a perfectly adequate IMPRESSION of a first-world human, but suddenly when things take a bad turn, he immediately reverts to the true nature of the beast in the heart-beat blink of an eye.. etc..

Anonymous said...

Several years ago in Las Vegas and only a few streets from where I live. a ten year old girl walking with her mother down a major boulevard begged her mother to move away from two differently colored men walking toward them. Her mother gave her daughter the anti-profiling lesson and they continued on, to moms death by revolver. The only lesson this child had yet to learn was that her mother would risk her daughter's life in the cause of racial equality.

I've heard Vegas is being ruined by blacks that come over from California that want to act like gangstaz and go clubbin. Oh well at least Nevada has concealed carry and justice system that will actually lock them away.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like the family has learned anything from this experience. They're completely befuddled:

"It has affected her friendships at school and our relationships with African-American friends."

Pathetic how that's anywhere near the top thousand things on their mind at the moment.

Anonymous said...

It isn't "taught" or part of social learning theory as the Leftists suggest.

My child absolutely hated Black people from the start. I know other parents who saw the same reactions. It's normal to fear those who look different and have highly aggressive and dishonest traits.

OT - the vast majority of Black parents teach their kids that Whites hate them, are always scheming to hold Blacks back, and work against them at every turn. Blacks are raised to be at war with Whites either with violence or extreme passive-aggressive behavior.

These days, there are at least 4 generations of Blacks waging a low level civil war against all Whites - and all the Leftist Whites support that war 100%.

I live in a "sanctuary city". The Somalis, Syrians and Central Americans are pouring in. Crime is up, people are nervous and government employees are scrambling to cover up the carnage.

Whites may have to make an alliance with Hispanics and Asians to fight off the Blacks and Muslims who are at war with us.

Of course, the most evil, most misguided enemy is the Liberal activist importing all these jihadis and violent Nig-nogs.

Race said...

That's awesome!! If I were drinking something, it would've come out my nose!

Race said...

Probably lives in an upscale yt area with Mexican gardeners and he and his wife sit inside cursing their white neighbors from inside for every perceived and imaginary bit of waycism.

The Limey said...

Looks like the whites in South Africa are about to make a stand. When the blacks insisted on the removal of Cecil Rhodes statue in Cape Town, saying it symbolised white oppression, I wonder why they didn`t want all the other signs of white oppression removed. Like water, gas and electricity infrastructure. The railways and everything else, leaving only what the blacks have given to SA. That would leave exactly, sweet fuck all except mud huts and dead bodies.

Anonymous said...

And we don't trust devils! The chickens have finally came home to roost!!

Anonymous said...

And we don't put our in devils! However, the white chickens have finally came home to roost!!

Race said...

Great analysis

Anonymous said...

This was almost like reverse "1984"-style tattling to Big Brother. Instead of children reporting their parents' Thoughtcrimes to the authorities, in this case, the parents were reporting the Thoughtcrime of their three year old to the court.

Anonymous said...

“This little girl certainly has been victimized, and she can’t help the way she feels,” he said. “My exception is more with her parents and their accepting that kind of mentality and fostering those type of stereotypes.”

I wish that I had been there to hear this negroid "judge" whining like that. I would have stood right up and yelled out this at his shiny black head:

"You can shut the fuck up now, you pompous talking ape creature!! You have no business whatsoever holding any type of authority over anybody in this country, let alone us white people. You apparently don't seem to be all that troubled by the kind of mentality that is so prevalent among your fellow talking ape creatures - the mentality I am referring to here is the one that it is not a big deal to rob, rape, hurt, or murder us white people. So, save your lectures for your fellow talking ape creatures, Sambo! If you have such a problem with us white people, you can go live over in Africa then and be a judge over there. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out though...because we don't want your smelly ass prints on our door!"

David In TN said...

To James Wilson at 8:58,

Could you give the name of the person killed in the incident you refer to? And the year or the killers' names? Do you know how the case turned out?

Anonymous said...

I'll do my best to make sure that any home invader's adventure into my home is his last stop.

NY Girl said...

Was the daughter injured or killed?

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

Operant conditioning. Fear of a black planet, courtesy of our lived experiences with the collective content of black character.

Anonymous said...

His white wife, probably. That's one of the crucial indicators of black success, along the upper-tier AA government job and the nice home in a gated community safety distant from their beloved "brothers."

Anonymous said...

Correct version: "... and fostering those types of factual perceptions that must be censored to protect the myth of racial equality."

Anonymous said...

I read about five paragraphs of that story before I became too sickened to go on.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

That judge can go to hell.I've got good reason to fear groid males.They made my life a living hell from age 10 to age 30 and I forgot more about verbal,physical,and sexual harassment that many will ever know.It's only now that I'm past 40 that the younger ones back off some,but now it's the older ones expecting me to pay attention to them.I guess this shit only ends when I'm six feet under or can find a way out of this city and the former will probably happen first.

Anonymous said...

Gofundme and another donation site have already removed the pages that were set up for Officer Slager, citing conflicts with their User Terms and Conditions. IOW they were gotten to by SJWs.

The real enemy isn't blacks. They do what they do, and there's no changing that, no more than you can change a hyena or a baboon. It is the self-hating whites who take it upon themselves to enable them.

Anonymous said...

"About to"? It seems like half the black atrocities I read about come out of Charleston.

Anonymous said...

Offending a black is an infinitely worse crime than killing a white. It's much more acceptable to be a murderer than a racist nowadays.

Anonymous said...

The newest thing is to label a location, classroom, or public venue as a "Safe Space." This is a preemptive move to eliminate any possibility of offense created by differing opinions.

Anonymous said...

This Apefirmative Action "judge" is the dangerous "smart" orc.

This is a smart one. An IKAGO. This is about as good as the talented tenth can get. About on the mental level of the Teleprompter Reader In Chief.

This is as good as an Erectus can get.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”His white wife, probably. That's one of the crucial indicators of black success, along the upper-tier AA government job and the nice home in a gated community safety distant from their beloved "brothers."

It wouldn't surprise me if he is not married. He looks like a queer to me.

Anonymous said...

Chinese government policy is to remove Uighurs from their native areas and resettle them in distant areas where they are a tiny minority of the local population. Stalin used the same tactic to deal with troublesome ethnic groups.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the Soviet government allowed the Chechens to return to Chechnya after Stalin's death. And we know how that worked out.

Anonymous said...

Religion is not forbidden in China. It is generally tolerated as long as it is kept low key and doesn't threaten the Communist Party's monopoly on power. There are operating Buddhist temples all over China.

Anonymous said...

But doing anything other than silently enduring it is "racism."

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous @ 12:32

You "get it" my friend. The self-hating whites are the head that wags the tail of the beast.

Anonymous said...

If someone forces you to let a wolverine live in your home, and the wolverine predictably attacks a family member, who do you blame?

FlowerBell said...

OT slice-of-life---

One evening a few months ago while out to dinner with my husband and 84 year old Mother-in-law ( a lovely woman ) something happened between her and the black waiter. She looked odd for a moment and then after she swallowed her bite looked at us and said;

"Black is not beautiful."

We both broke into laughter at the unexpectedness of her comment then quickly piped down to finish our meal.

My husband told me later in the evening it was an aspect of his Mother he'd never seen before.

Plaga Negra said...

My first encoonter (sic) with the vibrants was when I was 7. I was assaulted in a shoe store. There are certain things you can't deprogram, no matter how forceful the propaganda is.

Anonymous said...

Poor liittle girl will carry the stigma of being a racist into adulthood. Depending on the amount of liberal indoctrination she receives in school I can see her getting a black boyfriend as a way to prove that she isn't racist. Eventually the boyfriend kills her in a fit of negro rage. When he goes to trial an all black jury acquits him, the reason being...wait for it... she was racist.

Anonymous said...

The Nepalese cabbie should talk to the Chinaman who delivers food from his restaurant. If Mr Nepal is calling them "Black my delivery guy will expand his vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

An HBCU graduate, huh? All that means is that he understands law on a seventh-grade level.

awakened white said...

I like so many other posters just couldn't believe this story, got red in the face, etc.

its like we live in the twilight zone or in the dark knight rises with no rule of law.

senatortombstone said...

Out of curiosity, I google searched her name, to see what she looks like. She is very light skinned and appears to be white with some negroid features, rather than black with caucasian features. It is amazing how many BHM heroes are really whites who happened to have black ancestry.

chattanooga gal said...

it's possible the mother made the type of impact statement she did BECAUSE it was a black judge, not realizing that he was too stupid to realize she was appeasing him.
strong chance we'll have 3 race realists from this incident now...

Anonymous said...


Lanta teachers get up to 7 years.
MLKs daughter there.

comments at yahoo

rs ago

"After being begged for leniency by civil rights leaders..."
The civil rights leaders should have been the FIRST ones lined up AGAINST these crooks. The very vulnerable people they are supposed to be advocating for are the ones most harmed by these crimes. Those of you in the civil rights movement, stand up please! Youth growing up in vulnerable situations desperately need good schools to give them a chance at being lifted out of poverty. More money is not the answer. Accountability is. Time to hold liberal board members and administrators accountable to the students they are supposed to be serving.
Collapse Replies (5) Reply

Alan 2 hours ago

Now WHY would "civil rights leaders" be begging for these folks I wonder? Hypocrites all.

chattanooga gal said...

have you ever noticed, when someone brings up black criminality, they immediately respond there are more white serial killers? first of all, this is wrong. I saw a website once, that listed black serial killers, and they were OVER represented for their population percentage. we just don't call them serial killers. take for instance, the guy who recently murdered that Virginia college student- he had killed before, and had several near misses. we would undoubtedly be calling him a serial killer if he was white.
furthermore, you have to consider predictive value. when you have an all white neighborhood, you would be wrong to presume a serial killer would undoubtedly be found there soon. whereas, if you have an all black neighborhood, it would be SHOCKING if it DID'T devolve to gangs and crimes

Anonymous said...

anyone have a link to Fb page to remove judge?

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to find out! It has been down for about a month:(

Anonymous said...

this negro should be thrown out. he is a disgrace and a racist bigot. Its not only white who are racists, there are plenty of blacks who are racist.

Shefali said...

Slamming a little child that has gone through something traumatic... how cowardly and mean. Poor little baby.

Black people are their own worst enemy. However, it's not just blacks, it's leftists in general. The law is supposed to be objective and rational.

If you are a judge, you are not supposed to care about race, you are supposed to care about justice. Your job is not to be a community organizer or activist, it's to carry out the law.

I have seen a lack of understanding of this logic though not just with blacks but also more broadly with leftists in general. I have gotten into arguments with white leftists who are so entranced with the politics of race/gender/sexual orientation, etc., that they lose sight of basic ideas such as individual liberty or equal protections.

It's really discouraging.

Plus you get idiocy like that recent thing where some actress complained that you can't buy much with $29 from SNAP for groceries.

But no one points out that this is FREE MONEY.

Leftists feed the culture of entitlement, and the group most entitled is blacks.

I remember when I was in graduate school, I had approximately $25 a week to spend on "groceries" which included everything, not just food but also shampoo, dishwashing detergent, toothpaste, etc. I was a broke grad student and I was on a budget so I ate a lot of rice and beans. It wasn't something to whine about, it was just reality.

My thought when I read about the leftist actress complaining about how the government needs to give more assistance - how come poor people are so fat?

When I was poor (as a grad student) I was skinny - I ate a lot of rice and beans, walked everywhere (because I couldn't afford a car) and I was in great shape. If you say you are poor but you are fat then you are not deprived.

Black people in this country used to be enslaved but now they keep the rest of us enslaved because we work to pay taxes that goes to pay for their food, rent, etc.

I'm a nice person and I like to help people, but I don't think black people want to be helped. My Mom and Dad came to the US from India (legally) and we love this country and we are very grateful for the opportunities we've had. I accept that I have a responsibility to this country but does that mean I have to keep subsidizing lazy people who refuse to work and complain that they aren't given enough and then complain when they rob people who have the temerity to point out that they rob people?

10mm AUTO said...

Want to know what the FUSA will look like under black rule?

Check this Out:

Quick Summary: Negro cops planted evidence on Whites to get them to roll over on drug charges to get money from families. Dealers and dopers only got their money taken, but the negro particularly targeted "White college types" for "Busting and Pleading" for "splashy headlines". Too F-ing bad their lives were ruined, but hey, screw them Whites.

This would not be happening if Whites had a Country of our Own.

Anonymous said...

If a dog attacks a child, it would be expected and justified for the child to fear dogs. It would also be expected and justified to put that fucking mut down thusly. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

What the citizens of that good town should do is put out a full page ad condemning the Judge’s words. It is the judge who is the racist!

I saw this a few days ago and am not surprised it is featured on PK’s blog. This is an outrage if ever there was one!

One poster gave what I considered an excellent analogy of being attacked by dogs to this home invasion: if a child is attacked by a dog, it is normal for the child to fear dogs. I doubt this fear will ever go away, and this fear may save her life one day. Negroes are like wild animals and should be treated just like wild animals. On the one hand I respect the damage they can do, but on the other hand they can be terminated.

PK…this story is getting very little attention! Do you know why? Because the people who were victimized were white people! We have become second class citizens in our own country. How long will DWLs continue this obscene black comedy? What will it take to finally break through years of indoctrination and their slavish devotion to Negroes? Every book, magazine, paper I pick up nowadays extols the virtues of these lower life forms.

I would say my dislike of these apes has gotten so bad that I can only classify it as hate now! I sincerely hate these apes and want NOTHING to do with them.

I hope they get their own judges, their own police, their own schools, and make their own jobs. We need complete separation! I will flip my own hamburger (and do a better job.) I will empty my own trash can.

In the nog’s school, they can teach that the first man on the moon was black, that blacks cured all diseases, and talk about all the altruistic works of blacks. They can speak all the Ebonics they want; they can rape, kill, and rob with impunity (among their own kind). I don’t care what they do in THEIR part of town. The only catch is they CANNOT come into our town. If they do, it might not be good for their health.

We have to be clear on that point. We look at them as the enemy! They need to stay away from us! Pat…I would not only make the DMV segregated, I would segregate entire towns. You say it can’t be done! I will make this final statement: if blacks continue the carnage, whites will finally revolt against them and they had damned better run! Race realists know the war in on now, but some whites STILL don’t get it!

Californian said...

Jeffrey Walker told jurors that the Philadelphia Police Department drug squad targeted white “college-boy … khaki-pants types” who were “easy to intimidate.”

I wonder how many of those "white college boys" were DWL who thought that black cops were like the police officers they see on their telescreen? And trusted them accordingly?

Perhaps now they have gotten a real education...

Anonymous said...

But if the judge is a dog......

Anonymous said...

OT, but a quick Slager update. Awhile back I proposed the possibility of the taser wire being stuck in Slager and leading to Scott as he ran. This could make Slager believe Scott still had the taser that he had just fired into the officer. Other commenters disrespectfully told me to" let it go", that it was ridiculous.

Well amigos, what difference a few days make. That seems to be EXACTLY what was going on in that case. The officer didn't know the cartridge had disengaged and was attached to Scott, so that when he ran he could easily have assumed Scott still had the taser, and therefore was a threat. Shooting is TOTALLY justified! This was not murder. He will walk.

The chimpout will be magnificent. Mark the date on your calendar when the verdict will be announced. There will be much chimping; plan accordingly. And could be mid-Summer! Nice and hot and jungly!

Anonymous said...

I think it is very interesting that the craven "Judge's" testicals have not dropped yet, he waited until the victims were absent before his profound utterances.

Anonymous said...

I think the real thing that pisses of BRA is that this little girl may carry on her fear of black males in to her late teens/early twenties, and not feel it is her white guilt duty to breed with bucks and create mulatto West Africans.

bernicegreenbaum said...

As much as an outrage as this verdict was, not to mention the judge's sanctimonious, stupid attacks on the white victims, I believe the tide is turning. Please allow me to explain.

In my area, there has been a string of negro murders, shootings, violent robberies, etc. in the past several months. Now, you have to understand the common denominator to all this. Almost all of the victims were black. Black men, black women, black children. So, who cares, you say? Think about it for a minute. Their targets are usually those most convenient to them - other blacks. There is a very strong "No Snitching" code in the black community. It doesn't take a genius to see that the blacks, at least in my area, are fully cognizant of the fact that:

1) No cops want to patrol their neighborhood (due to being Officer Wilsoned).

2) Snitching on a fellow brotha is close to the worst thing you can possibly do.

3) Negro judges like the one in this armed robbery case (and don't kid yourself, there are a LOT like him) will let these "yoof" off with a slap on the wrist. The negro thug fully "gets" that and understands there are NO consequences to his actions.

4) Fully emboldened, the "teens" will go on to commit greater and greater murderous atrocities.

The net result is that there will be many, many, many more negroes dying at their own hands, often quite violently. The non-criminal negroes in the hood will clamor for safety (where be duh law?), now that the criminals have been given carte blanche to run wild. They will promptly be...IGNORED by the police department.

For example, a horrific murder of a young negress and her baby niglet has gone unsolved since November here. They were both found dead in a ditch inside her car which was ignited with gasoline and set ablaze. No leads. None. And that's just one case, unspeakable as it may be, it's not the only gruesome negro murder. No one in the community is talking about the perp's identity. Detectives are requesting that someone who knows something about it to step forward. And it's been almost five months. How many cases get solved when they're this old and no one wants to cooperate?

I say, let this little comedy play itself out while you munch on some popcorn with one hand with your pistol in the other. Any white person that can't see this balderdash for what it truly is will probably be pushing up daisies, along with his beloved negro pets. That little girl who is now spooked by the spooks won't be one of them. I'd wager some money on that bet.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I post excerpts from time to time from my friend in South Africa. We were chatting about Black rule and the Chinese presence in South Africa and this is what he had to say.

"But, even worse, it has led to the wholesale slaughter of BLACK foreigners. I had to rescue two young Zimbabwean men from our xenophobic police about 8 months ago when I was at the hardware store, and have provided employment and shelter for them in our home. Fortunately, we have a small suite of furnished rooms with bathroom at the back of the house that we can let them use.

Every now and then they sneak off to visit family and friends in a huge refugeee/squatter camp about 15 km from us, and they come back with horrific tales of foreigners being waylaid and burned alive or hacked to death by our local black population. These young guys face starvation in their own country because of Mugabe, and they get attacked here where they have tried to take refuge. One of the youths sheltering with us stayed overnight with his cousin in a tin shack in the camp a few weekends ago, and awoke to find their Zimbabwean neighbour's 8-year son lying outside, barely alive, his skin brutally ripped to pieces, both eyes gouged out, his genitals hacked off. Needless to say, NONE of this dares get reported in the press because it is considered politically incorrect. The west has messed up in Africa, and has now deserted us. So, I pray that China will come and take over - and quickly."

For you American DWL's this is what you have to look forward to.

Eddie in St. Louis

bernicegreenbaum said...

Anonymous sez...
It getting easy to believe a conspiracy long at work behind the scenes of our Nations leaders.

I never found it hard to believe. It's completely undeniable to anyone who isn't zoned out on drugs or otherwise willingly brain dead.

Anonymous said...


One marginally sentient negro judge in a black robe is more dangerous to the culture than 500 of his brutha pavement apes rioting, pillaging, murdering whoever's in sight and otherwise having a grand ol' chimp party.

Anonymous said...

After a couple of shots of bourbon, I will try to knock out a few more lines of what I think of this situation, and then I will retire for the night.

I would first like to acknowledge all the people worldwide viewing this blog. What does that say to me personally? I’m not alone in my personal disgust of these black assed piles of shit.

I got into got into a big discussion at work with a DWL about how many classifications of man there are. I have always heard there are three: Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid. Now, you can be mixed, which nowadays seems to be the norm, but regardless there are only three basic varieties.

This is OT, but intelligence does matter! The DWL I know has a PhD in math, and is probably a genius, but he is as deluded as they come. We have lots of Asians too. I hear Jarad Taylor crowing about how high Asian IQs are, but I don’t see them as super intelligent. It is true they probably have more people in the 105 to 110 IQ zone, but that does not set them apart other than more are represented (percentage wise) as college graduates. Whites on the other hand (white males in particular have some of the most brilliant minds I have ever seen.) We had a reader from India comment on this blog about his position concerning nogs and he and I are in total agreement. I will tell the reader that other than white men, the only other genius I ever met was from India. We are talking about people with IQs in a league all their own! These are the inventors; not East Asians.

Folks…this boils down to the fact that Negroids are the dumbest people on the planet! Sometimes I wonder which has more intelligence, a nog or a cement block! That judge is what we have to look forward to concerning blacks. It isn’t going to get better.

The only thing we can do is carry a gun and protect ourselves when the need arises…and it WILL arise.


Anonymous said...

Separate DMV's wouldn't work. All that would result in is that 100 times the number of blacks would be driving without a license, registration and insurance.
Blacks would complain that it was unsafe, they didn't have any way to get to the DMV, that it was unsafe to go and so on. And they'd blame whites for all that and scream racism.
However, the video chimpouts of negroes at da black DMV would be hilarious as well as predictable. Sows fighting and weaves being ripped out, thugs shooting up the place because they done been disrespected by having to wait 8 hours in a backed up line.
Equally predictable is that the black apeployees would be giving out stickers for tags at half price and pocketing the money. When an audit took place and the perps were guessed it- racism!
It would operate about as well as a black run school district.

Anonymous said...

"While traveling by greyhound back to college a black man spit tobacco all over my dress and legs."
When I was about 6 years old (back in the early 60's) my family was on a crowded bus and we all had to sit in different areas. More people got on the bus and wound up standing in the aisle.
Standing next to my seat was a niglet about the age of 9. He kept surreptiously spitting on me and wouldn't stop despite my giving him dirty looks. He just had an arrogant look on his face.
Being about 6 years old, I took matters into my own hands. I grabbed his arm and sank my teeth into it like a great white shark biting a seal in two or like I was trying to crack walnuts with my bare teeth. I was going for the bone!
The niglet let out a 150 decible shriek which startled me and made me let go. The niglet was then jumping up and down, crying and screaming. His "daddy" demanded, "Why you bite him for!?" I told him I was being spit on and showed him the spit on my arm. Everyone on the bus was paying attention and the "daddy" looked around- I guess to judge what reactions were taking place. He then grabbed his niglet and beat hell out of him.
I imagine the niglet had the scars from the bite for life. A reminder not to F with whitey.
Imagine that scenario on a bus today. The orcs on the bus would probably kill me and my parents as well. At the very least, they'd scream racism and try to win the ghetto lottery.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Judge!

Guess what? YOU are one more reason why this female will never trust or feel safe around black people.

Thanks for the affirmation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ April 13, 2015 at 8:05 PM

Thanks for the link to Civil War II but this has been highlighted for almost a century - try this link:

The book is called "The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy" and the publication date is 1920, 95 years ago ....

How much more advanced warning do you need or want?

Anonymous said...


Plus you get idiocy like that recent thing where some actress complained that you can't buy much with $29 from SNAP for groceries.

Actually, a person with no income and let's say is living in some free housing and gets a little cash may qualify for Max. food stamp benefits and get about $200 for a single person put onto their SNAP card.
Years ago some college professor did a study and lived on what he would get on food stamps and he had food left over at the end of the month and ate well.
Of course, if you use your card in some illegal way and get 50 cents on the dollar and then spend that of beer and cigarettes you won't be feeding hangry kids.
Most of these black people don't even view that SNAP card to use for food but to get some more cash and then try to get some food from some food pantry or something to get food for the hangry kids.They must be getting it somewhere because they're all fat.
To the Indian: the US is the only country where the po' people are the fattest.The fact that you were a graduate student who had to get by with little money and weren't a crybaby about it also shows an entirely different mindset from the stupid gibs me dat US negro.There are 46m in food stamps and if 1/2 are black then over 1/2 of all negroes get some stamps and that's not counting WIC. Only 10% of whites (and that likely includes hispanics etc) get food stamps and most are old or disabled..

Anonymous said...

All the blacks teach their kids to fear and hate whitey, what's the diff?

Anonymous said...

Very good post

Anonymous said...

Damn, after reading that I thought I was back in the Lou.

Anonymous said...

A N***** is as a N***** does,
If there ever was a N***** was


Anonymous said...

Being Officer Wilsoned!!!

Race said...

Eddie, the only one with an insane sense of fairness and who will protect us is ourselves. There is no just but fix this. There is no place to retreat to and no one is coming to our aid. Think of the Ukrainian holodomor, think of the Armenian genocide but on a much more massive scale.

Race said...

The path to a North American South Africa

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer has said that political correctness is a war on noticing.

Anonymous said...

This kind of behavior by judges may be why the legislature in some states opted to create minimum sentencing guidelines for violent crimes and drug crimes. This takes away any possibility of a judge going too easy on some convicts. Actually were in response to complaints of minority polititions that rich white guys were getting lighter sentences than blacks. Funny how things turn out.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Just an attempt by teachers to get those hefty bonuses promised if they could bring the kids test scores above those of chimpanzees randomly pushing buttons. Does anyone really think the ghetto teachers give a shit if their students learn anything? So now the teachers degrade themselves more by suggesting that by offering bonuses was entrapment. I can see some truth in it, because everyone knows that blacks can't an easy scam like that.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

even with more than 90% yt blood a groid is still a groid. It will show sooner or later.

HH said...

In my experience, most Hispanics with predominately Indian blood in them are in fact worse than nogs because they tend to be typically a little bit more organized when planning their felonies. Sure, they hate blacks, but so does everyone else. You don't want mestizos on your short list of potential allies.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a town with one black guy. My first experience with blacks was in college. Our college was going bankrupt and the dining commons was short of food. We would stand in line for nearly an hour waiting for the doors to open. That's when I learned about black behavior. Blacks don't wait in line. The cut to the front and then run their mouths about how they were there first. The more you confront them the nastier they get. Today I don't bother with them....ever. I never do business with blacks. They can not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Well as a Latino man, I feel the same way as you except my fear is of White People. My evidence is called World History 101. No race has committed more genocides than the white race, sorry but I can't help my fear.

Anonymous said...

The poor child was suffering from post-judice, just like the rest of us. God bless her.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say:

I love you all. Even when I disagree with some of the things said, the ones that are kind of cheap and nasty...I am grateful to Mr. Kersey for risking his own life and freedom and god knows what else to make this space available for people to speak their minds about the cult of kumbaya. I'd rather hear the truth expressed in down and dirty but honest terms than all the lying I've lived through these past 60 years.

Anonymous said...

Yet the Buddhists keep setting themselves on fire because of governmental crackdowns on them and the refusal to let the Dalai Lama back into the country.

Ex-Copper said...

Blacks play the dope game a few ways. Hustlers selling so they can get high. Turf protectors who kill to protect their sales. Selling fake, stepped on or diluted product. Stick up men who rob other dealers for supply and money. The cop was the last type.

Most crooked cops steal from dopers. They always think the dopeman either doesn't know how much cash was seized or will be too scared to say some is missing. My experience was they always denied the drugs, but contested the cash if it all wasn't entered into evidence.

Anonymous said...

the US is the only country where the po' people are the fattest

New Zealand has some of the fattest poor people owing to the presence of the four food groups Mcdonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut.

I would also guess that Mexico is blessed with the larger poor due to cheap calories being the wrong sort.

Anonymous said...

This child's observations are natural. It's what helps us to survive until we can gather more data through
observation and experience. Now contrast this little girl's experience with studies that show black children associate white's with good and nurturing.

chattanooga gal said...

" Needless to say, NONE of this dares get reported in the press because it is considered politically incorrect. The west has messed up in Africa, and has now deserted us"
sounds like we're already half way there

MMP said...

I'm layin odds the groid will NEVER complete the probation.....Either in prison for another crime....or shot dead by another groid....IMHO

FlowerBell said...

Anonymous said...
Well as a Latino man, I feel the same way as you except my fear is of White People. My evidence is called World History 101. No race has committed more genocides than the white race, sorry but I can't help my fear.

April 14, 2015 at 11:23 PM

The entire continent of South and Central America is filled with Latinos. Then there are countries like Spain, full of happy prosperous Latinos.
You have your OWN countries to feel safe in.

It is not Caucasians flooding Mexico or South America looking for freebies and a better life... its Latinos coming here. The reason being Caucasians create the kind of civilization people actually desire.

Why can't Latino's create the same for themselves in their own countries rather than stealing what we've created and then complaining about our being here to remind them they had no hand in it?

You don't like us? fine.
NO ONE invited you here. LEAVE and take your nasty, ungrateful attitude with you.

Anonymous said...

To the SciFi guy. You'll notice that the whole industry isn't "just now" turning Marxist, but this has been going on for decades. Star Trek was total communist propaganda, and one example that sticks out in my mind is my favorite author John Brunner who produced a few real gems of the genre but won the Hugo award for Stand on Zanzibar which was supposedly given accolades for the writing style, but the punchline was the magic negro saves the world.... this was in the late 60's IIRC.

Just like the Nobel prize which hasn't been won by anybody who isn't a rabid Marxist outside of the hard sciences in my lifetime, just another way for communists to glad-hand each other.

Of course we simply look to see who owns and controls the publishing houses and other forms of media and marketing and the blanks get filled in. 9 times out of 10 the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-traditional western values propaganda is from the usual suspects.

10mm AUTO said...

" Anonymous said...

Well as a Latino man, I feel the same way as you except my fear is of White People. My evidence is called World History 101. No race has committed more genocides than the white race, sorry but I can't help my fear.

April 14, 2015 at 11:23 PM"

RRRight! So that is why Latinos jump the border and flood the Country, for fear of White genocide. Please list White Genocides...crickets.

Actually, No White Country has committed "Genocide". The Indians (Casino not Call Center) were rounded up for relocation to reservations when extermination was easy and possible and are supported on the public dime.

On the other hand, we know now that two times before (See: and the discovered Viking Ship found in the Mississippi river) the White race has been here on the North American Continent and been genocided out. The third time we came back with Steel and Gunpowder and lived. Rhodesia is a textbook case of Genocide, all that remains of that people is a dog called the "Rhodesian Ridgeback". Where is the people? Gone.

Even Germany spent years expelling Jews before the Second WW. The White leftists that have killed in millions (like Russia) killed their own for socialism but never intended to wipe themselves out, just kill off Capitalists/Counter Revolutionaries, etc.

As a "Latino", you should understand that the Aztecs were a good example of suicidal genocide. Why should we allow such a people into our Country under the cloak of "La Raza" and MeCHA?

MMP said...

Well as a Latino man, I feel the same way as you except my fear is of White People. My evidence is called World History 101. No race has committed more genocides than the white race, sorry but I can't help my fear."

So I take it you don't claim to be "Hispanic"?

Like those evil European Hispanics that overran & subjugated the native peoples of South & Central America?

You Sir are loco.

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a Latino.It's just a made up designation and 9 times out of 10 means an Indian/Caucasian mix who speaks a sort of Spanish or India/negro mix in the Caribbean or North S America with a bit of European thrown in.
People generally refer to themselves by their nationality, as in the US, and depending on the country there are various mixes. Cuba for example is 2/3 European, 10% Negro and 25% mixed.Argentina is almost all European. The people who use these 'hiapanic' or 'latino' terms are almost always a mixed race.The Latins who of course spoke Latin were Indo European Aryans who settled in Europe and also to the East and mixed with the original Caucasians.Some of their areas were much later invaded by arab muslims and in India with negroes from Africa but originally India was Caucasian.The true negro has nappy hair. As you can see, beginning from 10k years ago the negro had been moving west and north.

Anonymous said...

@April 15, 2015 at 1:57 AM

I'm not denying that stuffing yourself can make you fat but there's also a strong genetic component to fatness and many class issues such as IQ and fatness have become more pronounced in the last 50 years.The top most competent men would try to grab the best looking slim females. Eventually these top men and offspring would begin marrying within their own class and of course there's some overlap but it's been getting rarer and rarer.Looks and brains pretty much go together in general as a result.You don't see many men in the top category marrying plain uneducated girls today.Professionals marry other professionals to a much greater degree than in the past and society is being divided into distinct classes which always occurred but it's even more so today.I don't see any fatness where I am but in other places it's like an epidemic.It's becoming like brave New World where you knew a person's class just by looking at them only this happened naturally and not from a test tube.

Anonymous said...

Let me add to 1:14pm- The negro had been increasing at a great rate 2-3X (in the US)than the Whites in the 1800's even though the slave trade was abolished and some Europeans were coming to the US.
I don't think that Lincoln cared very much for negroes but he wanted to contain them and not have them spread into the newly created States.Even though the slave trade was abolished there was an interstate trade at that time. He wanted to eliminate the feudal plantation system as well where only the 1% had slaves and the best land by eliminating the slavery.I find it amazing that any southerner, and most were farmers at the time, would even fight in the war.The federal troops would have just liberated the slaves of the 1% and then gone home.If you needed workers you would just pay them which is even cheaper than slaves.Even during slavery they would advertise for negro boys to work (I guess they were freemen's offspring)This way the average non wealthy planter could employ hired help.Slavery was just a freak thing in the US and came about because the King was not permitting immigration and there weren't enough workers around.The West Indies were very different where large corps.set it up as a big business for big profits in a better climate for the crops they grew.The US was more like a village compared to a large city.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Well as a Latino man, I feel the same way as you except my fear is of White People. My evidence is called World History 101. No race has committed more genocides than the white race, sorry but I can't help my fear.

Bull hockey.I bet you're really a white liberal troll seeking to start trouble.And as someone stated above,"Latino" or "Hispanic" is not a race.

That said,I think it's downright ridiculous to fear WHite people because of THE PAST.We fear groids(Negroids,just in case you actually are "Latino" and not familiar with the term)for WHAT THEY ARE DOING NOW.NOW as in THE PRESENT.The only argument that non-Whites and libs EVER have is always something that happened hundreds of years ago.And quite frankly I am sicker than shit of hearing that argument.

GROIDS ARE KILLING WHITES HERE,NOW,IN THE PRESENT,AS WE SPEAK.That is why we are speaking out here,not because of anything that happened in the past.Whether you are a "Latino" or a pesky,smarmy little lib troll,if all you have is "History 101"/Tha Past,you have NO ARGUMENT.

Race said...

You are correct about most of what you wrote and I'm delighted someone to the time to correct this individual and enlighten others. However, you are wrong about Russia killing it's own. Please allow me to illuminate this a little. Here is a quote from someone who would know best. “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism

Anonymous said...

"NO ONE invited you here. LEAVE and take your nasty, ungrateful attitude with you."
Well said!

I'm afraid this brook no nonsense approach is neccessary when dealing with (s)low I.O. ingrates.
Robert Burns wrote...

The Twa Dogs, st. 6 (1786)

O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us,
An' foolish notion.
What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us
An' ev'n Devotion

Self reflection and the ability to take a hint,and modify ones behaviours, appear to be White qualities.

I'd argue that morality and ethics are too. Honour, trust loyalty,justice and so on. As individuals we may fall short, but we know innately where the bar is set, and endeavour to measure up.
Do what is right to do.

Unfortunately, the penchant of
seeing things from anothers point of view, has been a one way street when extended to other races of people.

They don't play that way.
The Japanese being the only exception i can think of.

Trouble is that's what we've been doing for the last 7 or 8 decades, at the cost of the interests of our own.

Oh, and i don't consider blacks as human let alone people.

The mentally sub-normal plebtard you slapped down, kicked off with the Genocidal Whites gambit.
It doesn't warrant a reply, to a tosser whose ancestors thought nothing of bowling 5000 decapitated heads down their pyramid steps as a start to the weekend.
Whose anscestors' 80,000 warrior army were given a slap by Cortez and only 200 gallant Conquistador's.

That's right Jorge. That's why you speak Spanish.

The trouble with most non Whites is that they can't come to terms with being shite at everything!

AaayyyyyCARAMBA cabron!!!!
Why yoo leev yor hom inna Meheeco to go to dee White monster campo ese??


Tommy Atkins

World_War_Me said...

Standing next to my seat was a niglet about the age of 9. He kept surreptitiously spitting on me and wouldn't stop despite my giving him dirty looks. He just had an arrogant look on his face.

I've noticed little black kids stare at me beyond the point of rudeness. All little kids and babies might stare, but White babies (for the most part) have a certain intelligence and curiosity in their eyes. I'll smile at them and wave and they will respond in some way, either smiling, laughing or waving back, unless they're just shy.

Similarly dogs and cats (and a lot of mammals) also have some sort of spark in their eyes; an interest and emotional investment in you and their environment.

Conversely, it seems to me that little black kids almost always have a dull look in their eyes. Their mouths are usually hanging wide open, their faces unanimated. They might have been running around, causing havoc, but if you catch their interest, they will stop suddendly and stand fixed. It's weird! Has anybody else noticed this, especially in store lines?

I do not interact with the mouth-breathing black babies (MBBB?). If the mother's back is turned, I stare back into the kid's eyes, uncaring and unsmiling. If the mother can see me, I just stand there with a thousand-yard stare into nothingness, bored. I don't give in to any "looks at and my chirruns!!!" attempts by the EBT Families.

See what you've driven me to, BRA: giving babies the cold shoulder. That's just terrible, but that's where BRA is taking this War.

The niglet let out a 150 decibel shriek which startled me and made me let go. The niglet was then jumping up and down, crying and screaming.

I laughed hard at this (not at your expense, but by the way you described this evil little spitter's reaction to your bite). Good for you.

Anonymous said...

"I do not interact with the mouth-breathing black babies"

i avoid looking at blacks the same way i avoid looking at dog feces and roadkill.

i am AWARE of them and do my best to keep them from getting within 30 ft of me but I do my best to stay away from them.

if I am in any kind of line and see blacks, i don't get in that line, and if a black gets in line behind me i get out that line before they get near me.

i will not get in a line that has a black cashier.

unless its a Gov facility like the DMV and i have no choice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PK for building a safe room for truth. The comments section is also wonderful.

Now that I can see, I've noticed a funny pattern with one of my cats. He greats anyone new that comes to our house,except black people. Then he runs away at full speed. This has happened for the last two Halloweens.

Side note, we installed bars over our windows one year ago because we were sick of replacing windows last year. Guess the description of the suspects. The cat is still scared.

Mr. Rational said...

For starters, recall that son of a bitch judge.

Not a recall, disbarment; Nifong the SOB.  His FB post is no doubt a massive violation of ethics, and if his law license is yanked he can't serve as a judge or even an attorney any more.

It would be fitting to make the racist bigot take a job suited to his moral and intellectual capabilities, like bagging groceries.  The ideal would be to send him to Liberia to give His People the benefit of his law, but that assumes they want it.

Anonymous said...

unless its a Gov facility like the DMV and i have no choice.

Can you go to the DMV in another smaller town that has first world staff?

tssorrells work said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, your Aztec ancestors slaughtering up to 20,000 thousand of their fellow Indians each day as human sacrifices to their war god were paragons of tolerance and multicultural outreach.

Anonymous said...

That's Tibet, not China. Chinese government is more watchful of Buddhism in Tibet because it is more likely to be a source of insurrection there.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that in any recent news story coming out of Mexico, the majority of people in any crowd scene are quite chubby.

Anonymous said...

9 times out of 10 the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-traditional western values propaganda is from the usual suspects.

I don't care about religion and many of these churches are promoting illegals. But anti-Christian really means anti-Caucasian because although the religion is found in many places it is very closely associated with Europe.Rome for Catholics,Archbishop of Canterbury in England and all of the sects were all established in Europe.The media and Hollywood know that the catholic church is the largest and best financed church so they always go after them. If you ever watch a film and there's a catholic priest in it you know something sinister is going to happen.The guy is never a Father Flanagan type.The reason they never go after muslims is because aside from the fact that they are mostly killing each other and are not monolithic like Catholics is because they're liable to get killed as a result if they attack them, something a catholic is not going to do.

Anonymous said...

@April 16, 2015 at 3:51 PM

The US may be the most overweight country but Mexico is 2nd and may even have surpassed the US today.Indians and part Indians are not like the Hollywood image of the muscular redman of the films.Besides, a lot of them were just white men made up to look like Indians lol

Anonymous said...

funny how I have yet to see this even mentioned once on cnn lol