Sunday, April 5, 2015

The "Duke Hate" May Cease Now...

"Duke Hate" is real. 

Oh-so-real. Largely, its origin is based in the ESPN-mandated belief in black athletic superiority. [Duke's Redick Is Fans' Object Of Disaffection, Washington Post, By Mark Schlabach,February 12, 2005]:
For some college basketball fans, players such as Redick represent what they
Wisconsin's white players, led by Frank "F$ck that Nigga" Kaminsky, beat the all-black (minus one white walk-on), previously unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats. They will face once hated - when they were a bunch of white guys - now-thankfully-black Duke for the NCAA National Title.
believe Duke embodies: a rich private school with a privileged student body. From Danny Ferry to Laettner to Bobby Hurley to Wojciechowski, Duke's white players have often received the brunt of fans' bile. Many of Duke's great black players, such as Battier, Johnny Dawkins, Jason Williams and Hill, seemed to be respected by fans of opponents more than they were hated.
The white Duke players "seem to be so every-guy-like," said Peter Roby, director of Northeastern University's Center for Study of Sport in Society. "Guys sitting in the stands might say, 'What gives you the right to play like that when you look so much like us?' " 
Today, we can retire "Duke Hate." There's a new majority white basketball team to hate. 

Cue the Paul Kersey at [Will “Duke Hate” Become “Wisconsin Hate” Now They’re The Whiter Team?,, 4-6-15]:
But Coach K’s 2014-2015 Duke team that will play for the NCAA Title Monday night is overwhelmingly black. 
So will this end the era of “Duke Hate”? 
And, while we’re on the subject, what of their opponents, the Wisconsin Badgers?Four of the five starters for the Badgers are white, including Frank Kaminsky, perhaps the best player in all of college basketball, who recently enjoyed the distinction being berated with the curious pejorative of “f**k that n***a” by a defeated member of the almost all-black Kentucky Wildcats. 
And just as in Wisconsin’s run to the Final Four last year, it’s been a team of white athletes reminiscent of Coach K’s hated 2003-2010 run at Duke that’s propelled the Badgers to the edge of a championship. 
While every other starter for this year’s Final Four were black, Wisconsin fields a squad of student-athletes almost as white as the 2009-2010 Duke National Champions that ushered in so much of “Duke Hate” talk...
Read the rest over at, but be sure to share it with all your friends talking about today's NCAA National Title game between Duke and the "New Duke Hate," Wisconsin.

But go ahead and comment on it here.


Whiskey said...

Are Black athletes superior? It depends. If you look at pure jumping ability, speed reflexes, sure. The metrics don't lie -- as Steve Sailer notes, in the men's FINALS of the 100 meter dash, since the 1980 Moscow Boycott Olympics ALL of the MENS FINALISTS were of West African descent. ALL.

Of course, pure athletic ability is not all of it. Skill can beat pure ability -- I've seen it time and again in boxing matches. Some guy with superior build and awesome strength just can't box against a smaller and weaker guy. [Its great that both NBC and CBS are now offering boxing on Saturdays at irregular intervals, a great sport and fun to watch.]

(I'd rather watch a boxing match than any other sporting event other than F1 or the 24 hours of Le Mans.)

But IMHO the early exit of talented athletes to the pros from College Basketball and Football have really hurt the games; made things coaching proof by simply recruiting the biggest, baddest, highest leaping thug you can. Instead of guys who can be coached to do things skillfully beating raw athletic talent.

The only reason to watch Pro Football is Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, and Aaron Rodgers. That's real skill. Basketball is basically some huge Black guy lumbering to the Basket and dunking the ball while hanging on the rim hollering like an ape. Traveling all the way.

Yes the NBA and most College Hoops are a giant minstrel show, something the Klan would have put on, I'm embarrassed for Black people just watching it. No dignity, no great skill, no discipline, just a minstrel show. And the ratings and revenue match it. The NFL has roughly 4 times the TV revenue that the NBA has.

Anonymous said...

"Guys sitting in the stands might say, 'What gives you the right to play like that when you look so much like us?' "

Uh, a white man invented the sport, for one thing.

Come to think of it, whites invented football, soccer, hockey, and baseball, as well as the leagues' structure, etc.

Always nice to see so many WASP white names as objects of hatred in the Post article. One would almost assume that white athletes weren't even allowed on the court, only granted by the grace of BRA's special dispensation.

"Oh, really, can we really gosh oh really play on the court tonight, Mr. BRA?"

"Nah-oh! Ya'll be too white, cracka!"

How DID the Badgers ever manage it?

David In TN said...

I've been thinking the same thing today. A good many of the Duke Haters will find themselves cheering for Duke Monday night.

Anonymous said...

For me it's not racial in the least. I love college basketball. I am a yearly season-ticket holder for a Big 10 school. I like and respect that great Wisconsin Badgers team.

But I hate Duke. Always have. And this year they knocked out two of my favorite teams-- Michigan State and Gonzaga. As I told my sister on Saturday night, "I'd root for the 'al-Qaeda basketball team' over Duke."

Ricky In Cali said...

Thank you for writing about College basketball P.K, let me give you all a real life scenario:

During this March Madness tournament in the last game before this Wisconsin game, I was watching the Elite 8 and the game was Louisville Vs. N.C State on March 26th. I actually took a picture of the score, it was 35-39, N.C State was winning at the time and there was 17:08 seconds left in the second half. Why did I take a picture you ask???


Now, if you go up to a delusional Liberal and you tell them “why are there so many players of color on the floor and not enough White players”? You know what these idiots will tell you? They will say “because those were the best players chosen to represent the team”. And you know what? THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! I would not disagree with them I want the best talent on the floor.

Yet when I open a small business, which then turns a profit, which then hires more and more employees, which then becomes a large corporation, you FORCE me to hire Blacks who are less qualified because of affirmative action? I am in the business to make money, to put the most skilled people at that position on my team, similar to “putting the best players on the floor”, yet it doesn’t work like that in the real world.

Am I missing something here???????

rent slave said...

Should Wisconsin win,Katzenberg,Ratzberg,and Matzenberg will not make a movie about this team.No Glory Road here.

Still,I like this Hayes kid,as he's one of the few blacks in the USA who can pronounce SHA SHEFF' SKI.



Wisconsin White B-Ball players and the Noose on the loose down in Duke. All the national drama is building up for a I HATE Whitey Party if I ever saw one.

With what that semi-retarded negro said on live T.V. from The Kentucky Wildcats I just wonder if and when he owns a Professional Basketball Team will the NBA take it from underneath him? Like they did with the EX-OWNER of the Los Angeles Clippers Donald "No-Spooks" Sterling!

Fellow family Realist's of mine we are owed this national championship for all the bullshit our White brothers and sisters have endured these last two years of Ferguson, Mo. Hell!


In the Fundamentally Transformed America White is bad and black is good! Not with me! And not with you fellow Realist's! Never Surrender what our people built up!


Anonymous said...

Recently after inadvertently watching some female "black" dominated b ball I had a hunch.

Now mind you, I am not a sports fan/follower/devotee, but I noticed something in the one game I was watching (and then recalled a few of both male and female matches from memory):

The female white players seem much more apt to pass the ball than anything else.

I hardly see them drive. One seemed like she was just some great white placeholder who was there to pass the ball to a more "important" (i.e. confident and less remorseful) teammate, who in most cases was black. And it didn't seem to matter if the black players made the play or not. They seamed to reap the rewards and not get much flack for missing well set up opportunities by trying to be the sporting equivalent of Rambo.

Is this a general phenomenon in the (U.S)b ball industry? I know brain use (academics) gives whites a bigger piece of the pie as it limits a good number of potential black players from the mix. But are white players generally less aggressive/willing to take risk than their darker counterparts? I'd like to say yes, but all of this is from casual observation.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that as the adolescent entitlement mentality of these black players gets worse, they'll get out worked by the often dismissed white player. A lot of naturally gifted players think they just have to show up, and then slack on the work. That only lasts so long.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't all the arrogant, somewhat obnoxious white players at top basketball schools over the past 3 decades not face the same hate as the white Duke players? For example, Gerry Macnamara of Syracuse in the 2000's was a successful, scrappy, loud college basketball player who had all the annoying histrionics of hated Duke players over the years. He was even more of an "everyman" player than most of the reviled white Duke players, which has been cited as a reason for scorn, yet he wasn't universally hated. Why?

I think much of the hate directed at white Duke players is because Duke is an elite academic institution. Hence, the thinking is that the average white at that type of school is of the country club/prep school elite, people richer than you who think they're smarter and better than you. The average person doesn't think that about white students attending the public University of Wisconsin, so in answer to the question, there will be no Wisconsin white hate. Other than Duke, the only universal "white hate" I remember in college basketball was when Stanford had a run of success in the early 2000's led by a couple white stars (Jacobsen, Madson).

In conclusion, you need arrogance/talent, the image of "elitism", and finally white skin (because white males are the easiest targets, and conversely it's not safe for a white person to openly "hate" a black) to arouse this white-on-white hate. Wisconsin's players don't satisfy the three criteria.

Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing clear. When anyone talks about "hate" for some basketball team or basketball players, they're talking about who WHITE fans hate. On paper, this is because as Perpetual Victims, blacks are incapable of hating anyone else. In reality, we know that blacks hate ANY and EVERY white basketball player out there whether they're tall or short, rich or poor, smart or dumb--these white guys are taking spots from black players and are thus deserving of scorn.

Back to the issue at hand... To understand Duke Hate, which arose during the run of final four teams of the late 1980's led by Danny Ferry and Christian Laettner, you have to consider what came before it: Hoya Paranoia.

Before Duke was the most reviled team in America, John Thompson's Georgetown Hoyas were. Thompson, for lack of a better term, was an outspoken, arrogant, race baiter who happened to coach one of the top basketball teams. White people were genuinely offended by his attitudes and took out their scorn on his players, notably Patrick Ewing.

But PC was swinging into full effect at this time, and the liberal media deluged the country with article after article about how racist white America was to hate on Georgetown. Eventually the brainwashing took hold, Georgetown receded as a national powerhouse, and suddenly these white players at an elite school that kept winning emerged as targets, soft easy WHITE targets.

Race said...

I think this is something that should be looked into much more closely.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on blacks being the superior sports players. It is whites defeatism and acting like wussies and not being INTIMIDATED! THAT IS THE PROBLEM,STOP WORSHIPPING BLACKS AND STOP BEING AFRAID OF THEM AND STOP THINKING THEY ARE SUPERIOR IN SPORTS. Show some balls ,there are and were plenty of white players that can beat most of these black clowns. Look at the movie about walk on Vincent Francis Papale ...are you kidding me HE KICKED ASS....AND at first they were not even going to take him ,you know why BECAUSE THEY TOLD HIM, YOUR WHITE you can't run that fast. THIS IS THE PROBLEM! He beat out blacks all day. And did anyone happen to notice that JERRY RICE cheated and was using stickum when he was catching all those passes. He was a cheater and the story came out then all of a sudden it disappeared. White guys can play and compete. Stop letting blacks intimidate you .Just like in a fight with these groids,I never back down and I get right in their face. Watch how fast they puss out. They need 20 of them around to act tough. Read the book OPIATE OF AMERICA that PAUL KERSEY wrote. There are plenty of white athletes and beat the pants off these black punks they just do not pick them .That's real racism. Because of the myth of black athletes being superior. It is all BS.Whites do not raise their kids to be tough anymore.

Anonymous said...

African Tree hockey is an abomination in its current state; it is almost nothing more than a negro worship cult. Same goes for feetsball.

On the few occasions I actually sit and watch a televised game, you would think the negro is some form of God to be exalted and worshipped. They run and leap around like photo-humans and then babble nonsense when a mike is stuck in their muzzle.

Don't watch this crap; don't let your human children become addicted.

Anonymous said...

Just another front in the War on White People. If someone were to judge this country based on watching our TV, they'd think the blacks were the brains behind everything and YT a weak, stupid, racist tool. I'm not sure if it will have any effect, but comment boards, where allowed, are overflowing with pushback, even the UK Daily Mail so it's no secret that YT is fed up.

Mr. Rational said...

Am I missing something here???????

Aybah poda hep!

Ex-Copper said...

I like basketball just slightly more than synchronized swimming, which is to say I really don't care for it much. I'll watch it if it's on somewhere when I go out or to a friends house or one of those funny/painful kids leagues when one of my kids plays.

I think one of the biggest problems with the game, and most college and pro-sports is the focus really isn't on fundamentals anymore. I think most white players are hated because they're not playing flashy dunk contests, but shooting silly white lay ups and threes that actually regularly go in the basket.

Another problem fans seem to have is the idea that schools from poor parts of town "deserve" their championships, as if they have to work harder to play sports and go to class. It's not harder, just less convenient due to forced bussing. School systems that import blacks from the hood, are forced to run second and third busses to accommodate their out of district athletes. The white, in district kids are still staying up late doing homework too. A lot of white kids in more affluent districts have some of the same lack of parental involvement. I knew a lot of kids going home to empty houses because their parents worked long hours or out of town a majority of the time. Most carpooled with the parents who were self employed or had flexible hours. What about these kids lack of support and structure? I don't see schools bending over backwards to ensure white suburbia players get bussed home after practice. No ride no sports, period. Most schools don't allow their students to ride a bike or walk to and from school if they have to cross a street outside of a neighborhood.

If you think about it, this reeks of reverse discrimination. Blacks claim discrimination if they're given different accommodations they demand. Black community leaders want black cops to patrol them, but complain that the policy limits advancement in the department for black officers. I surmise then that forced integration of suburban schools is discriminating against blacks, forcing them to get up earlier to ride the bus to school and staying later to get the late bus home.

Likewise white kids or suburbia kids are denied the opportunity to play sports if both parents work and they can't ride share with other athletes. Further, the suburban kids are forced to pay more in fees to play. Hell, cheerleaders in middle school are forcing parents to spend $300+ in fees and uniforms. Black schools generally get uniforms and shoes donated.

College and private schools tend to reserve scholarships for black players. High schools aren't supposed to recruit or offer incentives for players to transfer, yet church schools and exclusive schools get by because they're "offering the opportunity" for poor youth to attend a better school. It's reall just about cherry picking sought after athletes.

I saw a sports movie once when I was younger with the line, "You think you're special here, they're using you. You're just another gang banger with speed. Nothing more." I think that hits the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

It felt good. I seldom take pleasure in watching baqquetball much anymore, but seeing this mostly white, local team of extremely athletic, gifted players destroy the undefeated, vaunted Kentucky team, a team comprised of black five star recruits hand picked from all over the country and Obama's anointed bracket champions, felt really good. Kentucky was the pride of BRA, the NCAA, and the liberal sports media establishment. 38-1, and done. Suck it!

Anonymous said...

I really don't care if blacks dominate basketball. If anything it's amusing to see liberals squirm when you ask them to explain basketball if all unequal outcomes are due to racism.

What I would like are some basic academic standards that everyone has to pass to get a college degree.

But these basketball schools would flip out if you required even a 10th grade equivalency test. They make huge money from these games and their basketball fan donors.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful enigma: cheering for Duke is the lesser of two evils.

MMP said...

And here a white student is suspended for writing a "racial slur" on a white board.

I have no use for the white bakkaball player that was called a "fuckin nigga", because he was so quick to accept the apology from the nog.

Reverse the roles and how would it have played out?

ATL Born said...

So I watched my first college game of the season when Wisconsin played Nigtuckey. I was totally watching just for the reason mentioned, it in my mind was the Whites vs the Blacks. I was so happy to see the almost 100% White team when in black ballet.

I suppose I will watch the final so I can pull for the team in Red. Go Badgers!

Michigan Jim said...

OK full confession- I'm a lifelong sports fan. At least I was until a couple of years ago when I discovered this site, and realized that my sports obsession was for the most part just helping to make black savages wealthy. So I determined to end my addiction. Old habits die hard, and I was having only moderate success, but so far this year I have not watched one minute of college basketball, regular season or "March Madness". So now what do I do- watch the championship game and pull for the white guys, or better spend my time in the basement reloading some more 45's? Decisions, decisions,

ATL Born said...

Oh and just a couple of notes from the local ATL AM radio static.

Firstly, last week you guys were talking about how our cause is spreading, you may be right.

Example #1, back in Nig month, February, I heard on the S. Hannity show some black pastor, Jesse Lee Peterson getting into it with the typical white hating black pastor. Peterson I would probably classify as in the lucky top 2% of their horrible race. He was actually saying he was in favor of starting a White history month. The other thug pastor about lost his mind.

Second, this past weekend I had a long commute to N. Ga., was able to catch the tail end of the S. Hannity show, I about wrecked the car as I heard again some debate. It was about who the truely racist group of people on the planet is, let's all collectively say it, the Blicks!! I was shocked! Then of course you had some libitard DWL taking the stand of the poor loathing monkeys.

Well, maybe just maybe there is a sliver of awakening here!

Truth Corps said...

An easy, almost foolproof way to spot fellow realists is to ask someone what they're favorite college (or Pro) basketball team is. They will reply that they "hate basketball" or something to that effect. To ask "Why?" is to open the door for conversation & networking. Something we all should be doing.

Use every opportunity to start a conversation that leads to networking. This is how we begin to turn the tide and win.

A great recent example is the incident where the homosexuals attacked & successfully shut down a bakery for not making a gay wedding cake. To date, the gofundme page set up to support the bakery raised almost $850,000 in a month before it was shut down.

When we stand together we can accomplish anything. We can, and will overpower BRA. We must speak out, we must draw attention to the double standard on race. We must convince others to be unafraid. We are an elite minority, one I'm proud to be a member of. We are race realists. We can see.

Anonymous said...

I think it boils down to bakkaball being "their" sport in the eyes of the negro. That pretty dumb but these are negroes, a YT invented it and the Indians were playing something that resembled it and oddly enough football when YT arrived here.

The Indian ball games are fascinating since it seems to have been popular over a good bit of Central and North America. Now this one needs to be resurrected for our NAPA's since the loosing team was sometimes sacrificed to the gods. Oh and I don't want to forget the elements of soccer in this game too. It would be right up the aspiring (insert stupid activity here) boons alley since you could kill the opposition.

Let them hate YT basketball players and let's pull for the whitest team out there. I'm sure the MSM will blame racism for not letting the nogs win.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

"To date, the gofundme page set up to support the bakery raised almost $850,000 in a month before it was shut down."

Darren Wilson raised a tidy sum, as well. YT talks with his pocketbook without assistance from the man behind the curtain.

Money talks, know the rest.

FlowerBell said...

I don't buy tickets to or support any enterprise that makes millionaires out of savages.

By empowering them you diminish yourself.

Race said...

It was "Memories Pizza" in Indiana I believe. Is like to see more stand their ground. Use the money to open a second location and be vocal and unashamed when twmnbn are interviewing in order to pillorie them on the news. They will find more customers.

David In TN said...

I know a man who describes himself as a "paleoconservative." He can't (for obvious reasons) stand sports. Several years ago to his chagrin his eldest daughter had a boyfriend who was a big sports fan. Fortunately they broke up and she married a man he approved of.

Blacks Scare Me said...

The Atlanta Hawks I believe had a black guy who was about 5'7" and could actully dunk that ball with the best of them. It was tuly astonishing to watch that guy leap like he was a flying squirrel or something.

Anyway, his name was Spud Webb, I believe. Such a feat from an ostensibly human being (in theory, at least) adds an entirely new dimension to the word unfuckingreal!

This is why basketball should have two leagues - one for whites and the other for crotch grabbers, most of whom can jump over a bus or 12 foot block wall when the cops are chasing them.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched basketball since the mid 90's when a bunch of NBA players (can't remember which team,Detroit I think) went up into the stands and started beating up on some short, fat white slob fans.
I WILL be watching tonight!

Anonymous said...

Let's examine basketball. The criteria is stealing, running, and shooting.... no surprise that negroes gravitate to the game as they do.

That said, I cannot fathom why watching a bunch of apes playing a game with a ball is in any way a productive or even entertaining use of time.

In most professional sports the players are negroes, the team and league owners are disproportionately YKW, and the advertising is as anti-white, anti-male, anti-family, and anti-Christian as you can get. Supporting any of this jaboonery is financing our enemy. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

Medic Bear said...

An urban "yuff" was shot because he was razzing his "homie" about Kentucky's loss.

Shot. Losing a kidney and a chunk of his liver.

He's damn lucky to be alive thanks to 21st century trauma medicine. White medicine.

'Cause God knows there's nothing more important than being willing to murder over an imaginary affiliation (seeing as both didn't even finish high school) for a sport.

Anonymous said...

Whites do not raise their kids to be tough anymore.

This is indeed a factor. DWLs especially will raise their kids soft and without sports. When I lived in a liberal city I was shocked by how many boys could not throw a ball. They grow up thinking they aren't athletic when in fact their parents are just dopes. It's also a problem for households with no dad around.

There are also normal Whites that are just plain fat and lazy. Their lifestyle revolves around shopping and eating which the kids then follow. Portly parents create portly juniors and the whole family watches sports on tv. The kids grow up thinking they are naturally unathletic. I see this all the time. It's a damn shame.

Pat Boyle said...

Whiskey is, of course, right. But he doesn't mention that Basketball has changed over the years to become a sport that favors black people.

He's probably too young.

I grew up watching basketball on TV - there was no pro team in Washington DC in those days.

Most of the player were white. For example there was Dolph Schayes. He was tall but couldn't dunk, because he had no spring in his legs. He did two hand set shots flat footed from long distance.

If you are going to do a set shot you have to be clear of defenders and that took a set up play. Players would go this way and player would go that way and then somehow Schayes would be wide open. The ball would be passed to him and he would take the shot.

The Celtics had two black players - Russel and K.C. Jones. But they were integrated into a play making machine designed around Cousy and Sharman. Russle was a great rebounder but he couldn't shoot. Yet somehow he was always coming up alone under the opponents basket. He scored on unopposed lay ups.

But all that was swept away with the invasion of the black superstars. First there was Elgin Baylor then Doctor J and then a series of high jumping dunkers. The public was treated to black guys flying through the air but there were no plays anymore.

White guy basketball was a team sport. Black guy basketball is an individual effort. I was always insane for basketball. I was on my college team and I could dunk. But I miss the precision and complexity of white guy B-Ball.

I haven't attended or watched a game on TV in over ten years.


Anonymous said...

Further, the suburban kids are forced to pay more in fees to play. Hell, cheerleaders in middle school are forcing parents to spend $300+ in fees and uniforms. Black schools generally get uniforms and shoes donated.

Junior football leagues will have sponsored positions which means sponsored by White parents. Football is expensive not just because of the gear but also because the field needs to be safe and maintained.

Anonymous said...

Let them hate YT basketball players and let's pull for the whitest team out there.

I find all basketball boring regardless of who is playing.

I think it is only fun to watch kids where making a basket it actually a big deal.

Ricky In Cali said...

Well everyone, since were on the subject of bakkaball, I figured I might drop a Jewel of a news story reported this morning about our favorite group of people:

It seems that today Police reported that in Southwest Philadelphia the Coach of a recreational bakkaball league who’s name is Maurice Tavares (picture and all) was arrested because he FIRED A GUN AT THE OPPOSING COACH DURING THE BAKKABALL GAME!!! Maurice who is 26 was out teaching da youf ages 14-16 about how to become future mid-night bakkaball stars and he got into it with the opposing Coach when his team was losing second half. He pulled out a gun and shot at the other coach in a damn recreational basketball game.

Spectators who were interviewed said “by the Grace of God no was hit with a bullet”. God probably did save a few lives that day and it didn’t help that Negro’s are terrible shooters either. I’m sure the story will continue that he loves da youf he teaches, he was once an aspiring bakkaball star before the skreets took him, and he’s just turning his life around….

Blacks Are Scary said...

If that basket was raised about four feet, there would be very few blacks making 20 million a year for jumping like "human" trampolines. Then the game would revolve entirely around teamwork, disciplined shooting and consistent, expert strategy.

Who does that leaave out? Grabcrotch Willie or the white kid next door?

If white people can't jump, as the saying goes, how's about black people can't think?

Anonymous said...


As I read the comments I think of our Nation being destroyed.

My opinion - Bread and Circuses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 943am nailed it.

Watching NFL and NBA is nothing more than negro worship.

Half the NBA would be in the penitentiary if they couldn't dunk a damn basketball.

And the, pear-shaped white beta males being helped/counseled/advised by wise blacks, or pink, pear-shaped white beta males being shrieked at by their domineering, dismissive wives.

Go to the YMCA and play basketball with guys like yourself.
Organize Saturday afternoon backyard touch football games in your neighborhood.
Don't sit on a sofa eating Fritos, guzzling Pepsi, and worshipping arrogant, overpaid thugs.

Truth Corps said...

"DWLs especially will raise their kids soft and without sports". -Anonymous.

I'm the furthest thing from DWL but I too raise my children without sports. Then again, they all take martial arts and can defend themselves, have developed self-discipline and individual self esteem. They are hard. Hard as nails.

rex freeway said...

Playing 3&2 baseball as a kid, every team I played on was 98 to 100% white. There were teams of all black kids. All ran fast, most could hit the ball. But there fascination with being hotdogs and "look at me", doomed them. There was little discipline and you could anger them with chants or shooting them down at first. Our catcher knocked ones dick in the dirt on a play at home. They ended up forfeiting the game because the black coach couldnt or wouldnt keep the team in check. Physical ability can be overcome with practice and intelligence. Plus at the college level the "white man cant jump" myth is expelled.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

What was it about Kentucky that made them so good? They were all tall, good handling, and good shooting. Kentucky had a lot of hype, but when you look past the hype, Wisconsin actually matched up perfectly with them. Wisconsin has size, shooting, and handling, they were even bigger than Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

The fix is in: Duke over Wisconsin. Those Wisconsin honkies won't be allowed to make the Duke negroes look bad on national TV. Is you crazy, boy?

Another irritating negro news story. Coal-black Nigerian-American immigrant, Harold Ekeh, is accepted to all 8 Ivy league colleges. No mention of the superior white students who were denied admission due to racial quotas. hehe!

Anonymous said...

I've seen one photo and one claim of some rioting at Kentucky after the loss. Anyone have any details (link)?

Some nog was using the "white people do it too" defense (as usual) and posted the photo. Of course, one nog in the middle of a bunch of kids surrounding an upside down car that could have been from anything.

Gerry Mac is still popular enough, now that he's an assistant coach at SU, to still be occasionally seen in local advertising.

I occasionally enjoy watching college basketball, or a football game, but not usually enough to be too upset/thrilled over who loses or wins. In the end it's just a game.

Anonymous said...

Good topic, PK! While driving to work this morning, I heard the radio hosts talk about Wisconsin winning. I knew it was a mostly white team from reports I heard.

I think the loss of a black team to a white team was a thing of pride for the blacks. Although most of them are worthless, they do see these basketball players as their heroes. I asked a black co-worker who he was for and he said Kentucky. He probably supported Kentucky because the players looked a lot like him. I am not a basketball fan and did not even watch the game, but I rubbed it in a little bit anyway. I could care less which team won, and which team will win tonight (although I am for the whiter of the two.)

The statement you quoted in the article was probably anger due to the Kentucky player being defeated by white boys. Negroes are more racist than whites; the liberal media covers it up and claims it does not exist…but their racism is blatant.

Basketball is mostly a black sport now. I see very few whites in the game. I am frankly surprised that white people enjoy watching Negroes with tattoos up their ass play such a mind numbing game. When I was a boy, the slam dunk was uncommon, but with the 7 foot Negroes we see it so often the play is extremely boring. I like pizza, but if I ate it everyday I would get tired of it. That is how I feel about the dunk.

I used to watch the Celtics play when Kevin McHale, Larry Bird, and the Chief were the triumvirate to defeat. They were mostly white. I once saw a white man named Paul Westphall (sorry about the spelling) not only dunked the ball, but went high above the rim with both hands (and the ball) behind his back and do the most thunderous dunk I have ever seen a white man EVER do. Yes…some white men CAN jump!

Anyway, Kentucky losing to Wisconsin was like when Tiger Woods won the US Open PGA tournament. It is a kind of thing of pride; whites own golf…and basically blacks own basketball (which they DID NOT invent.) HA HA! They just got their feelings hurt and lashed out because only whites are raycis!

Anonymous said...

Blacks only have an advantage in short distance runs and resisting malaria without meds whitey brought to Africa. The reason these teams don't field blacks is because they are too stupid to understand plays. If you look at the Olympics where drug testing is better than other sports you will see no blacks in upper body strength, swimming or coordination events.

Truth Corps said...

Correction: my earlier post cited the homosexual attack on a bakery when in fact it was a pizza parlor. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

African Tree Hockey, that's priceless.

SC Native

bernicegreenbaum said...

What to do when you're a Duke fan but secretly want the white(r) team, Wisconsin, to win? (okay, try not to judge. I have to live in the "real" world, too.

Anonymous said...

African Tree hockey Yep. Afternoon coffee all over the keyboard.

I'll say this much. I was sitting in the stands next to the all black track team from Morgan college or university. Those kid were polite as hell, perfectly understandable, and I didn't hear so much as a cuss word out of any of them. Then again we are talking about track here and African Tree hockey.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the Olympics where drug testing is better than other sports you will see no blacks in swimming.

I dont see blacks swimming - do you?
bones too dense.

Anonymous said...

I found that commenting "oh, negroes playing ball" to my son when he turned on bball eventually got him to look for whiter sports to watch. Or i would sit and watch with him and point out "so, no white players, huh?

Ot: blacks hunting down our white elderly as usual.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom why watching a bunch of apes playing a game with a ball is in any way a productive or even entertaining use of time.

In most professional sports the players are negroes, the team and league owners are disproportionately YKW, and the advertising is as anti-white, anti-male, anti-family, and anti-Christian as you can get.

And yet, paradoxically, it's White men who pay for it and keep it alive.

I'm with Anon. I always say, chasing a ball is the kind of thing that amuses my dog; but even he is too smart to waste his time watching other dogs chase a ball.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not superior athletes. Whites dominate nearly all Olympic sports. They dominate nearly all amateur and professional sports. The NFL and NBA are the lone exceptions because anti-white racism keeps many young whites out of the high school - college - majors developmental pipeline. The only reason blacks dominate short distance straight line running is becuase of steriod use for which they are not tested. Kenyans naturally dominate long distance running because of their body structure. chronicals it all.

Anonymous said...

And Blacks say Whites are the racists.......

Last week one of the ESPN channels was on in my house. My husband was not really paying attention. It was about Larry Bird. The gist of the show was........racism against Blacks. Surprise!
Larry Bird was the best and most superior NBA player of his time. The Black players did not like all the attention the sports media gave to Bird. So of course, to the Blacks, everybody was racist to the Black players. The Black players did not get respect, did not get recognized, blah, blah, blah, boo hoo hoo. The Blacks would not even recognize how good Bird was.

I used to love watching all sports, especially football. No more. I am tired of the Blacks grandstanding and stupid dances with every touchdown, every dunk, every anything.

I always loved water and winter sports. I love to snow ski. And water ski. So now I only watch winter (curling is awesome) and water sports where everyone is White, and civilized.

Proud to Be Confederate

Brooklyn born said...

And the beat goes on........

Wilkes Barre succumbing, yet no one wants to say why.

Passive voices EVERYWHERE. Troubled Neighborhoods are acting up again.

Anonymous said...

About the swimming...
Parents teach kids to swim. Parents take kids to swim class, but spending a lot of time in the pool genly helping makes great swimmers.
The blacks i have seen at the lake like to torment their little non-swimmer. They also give terrible instructions.
Blacks just learn to flap around in the water, if they learn at all.

Anonymous said...

You know, now that Anon April 6. 3:23 mentions swimming and true. I have witnessed the same.
And I have never seen Blacks in martial arts. I am sure there are some, but not a lot. Probably because martial arts takes dedication, work, mental acuity, stuff blacks can't do.

Remember in a winter Olympic the Black female skater who represented France? She threw a temper tantrum because she, according to her, did not win because she was Black. She could jump, but had no artistry or technical skills. That is why she did not win. See.....,they bring up racism every damn time. They fail and it is racism. And this was not an American born Black.

Anonymous said...

During the summer Olympics, I generally stay away from black sports. I might enjoy basketball again if it was to become a white sport again, but the Negroes have taken it over like they did the City of Detroit.

I believe blacks want the coaches, owners and players to be all black, but they also like white money. If it were not for the whites who watch the game, they would not have the salaries they now command. Without whites, the sport would die for lack of funds. Yet…there are many black basketball players and very few white ones. One could argue that there is no white talent. I would say that is bullshit; there is plenty of white talent.

I simply can’t watch a bunch of jigaboos running up and down a basketball court stuffing a ball in the basket. If I were as tall as them, I could do that too. To me…the game is boring!
It has about as much excitement to me as sitting on the toilet and dropping a log down the middle (slam dunk). NOW…if they raised the rim another 10 feet they might have to develop some skills and the game would at least have some drama to it. Watching a seven foot coon hang from a rim like an ape is about as exciting and has about as much drama as taking a dump.

Think about it: a sports announcer says…he is going to the toilet; he has dropped his pants, both buttocks on above the rim of the toilet. Ladies and Gentlemen he is going for a grand slam. POW…RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE! WE have a slam dunk on the toilet. Ladies and Gentlemen I had tingles going up and down my spine with anticipation.

Jigaboo basketball has about as much drama as picking ones nose.

I agree with some of the posters who do not want to contribute to BRA in any way. I stopped watching black dominated sports LONG ago. People can use their time better!

Anonymous said...

African Tree Hockey? I thought it was called N*gg*r Golf.

Anonymous said...

The negro is a mimic and an entertainer. It is Nature's jester, or buffoon. It can flash it's pearly whites and make ya laff, but behind that yellow eye is a savage waiting to kill you.

Don't be fooled; they all hate YT. As they increase their political power the mask is slowly slipping. They will come after you; just a matter of time...

ricpic said...

In terms of Whiskey's calling the NBA (and most College Hoops) a giant minstrel show, I don't doubt him, but that begs the question of white attendance large enough to make the minstrel show profitable. Why? What is missing in significant numbers of whites that they are not utterly repelled by the giant minstrel show?

Anonymous said...

hadn't watched march madness in years since nobody looks like me. channel surfing Fri eve was shocked when Wis rolled out 4 yt starters...

So am for Wis tonight just as much as I'm for Russia, Estonia et al in Olympic bakkabal

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

I like the Winter Olympics and the first half of the Summer Olympics very much. But once gymnastics and others are over and the focus moves to the track my interest collapses. There is no comparison between the amazing gymnasts and running and jumping nogs.

I remember that young negress from Virginia who won the gymnastics gold in the overall and then promptly stunk up the place in all the individual apparatus events. Coddled, supported and trained at no charge, but came back talking incessantly about being a victim of racism. Almost ruined it for me. How I miss those great Russian gymnastic teams!

Oh, I posted above of my love of basketball. In the Olympics I tend to root hard for Spain, Lithuania, etc. NOT the USA (aka BRA).

Anonymous said...

I frequently read comments on here mocking white males sitting in a sports bar watching a game. They're clueless tools, DWL's, lovers of the "magic negro" etc etc. Get over it and your stereotypes. Believe me, to most it's a reason to get away from the wife/girlfriend, or to just relax with old friends. Sometimes it's hunting. Sometimes it's playing golf. Most know the score...they're the ones who work to pay for the layabouts.

Now they (and me) must not only hear about white privilege in the media, but be mocked here too. Get over sound like just another version of the whites at the #BlackLivesMatter rallies. Instead of being like them, save your contempt for them. For they are the enemies, not the shlubs sitting in a bar watching a game.

Anonymous said...

I'm a realist. I'm an athlete. Blacks are better athletes. No denying it.

I had my first opportunity to play racquetball against a nog who played 1/25th as much as me and my white partner.... You think nogs are curling or downhill skiing? No!

Whites try their whole lives for the Boston marathon, and a Kenyan nog wins without breaking a sweat.

We win at chess, agriculture, war, invention, and everything else.

Go Wisconsin.

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

Come on' you're smart. Blacks are full grown at 12... We're a different species.

Could they EVER organize a profitable sport? No. Why did the UFC succeed? Realism is growing.

If you reject these 2 PK, I'll loose some respect...

Realist in MA

Pat Boyle said...

The media censorship on all things racial is unwise. I posted here a couple days ago that because riots were not reported by race there were no good trend statistics. So we don't really know if black riots are increasing or not. It seems like they are becoming more frequent, but who knows?

Another unfortunate result is that the media hides just how dominant blacks are in some sports. Everyone here should read Jon Entine's book "Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It".

Blacks have several things going for them in the popular sports.

They have body proportions. Blacks have larger thighs and thinner calves. This makes for faster running. They have thinner waists and the men in their prime have less body fat. There are other minor differences in foot structure too.

Whites are thicker waisted. One result of this is that in "World Strongest Man" contests there are seldom any blacks. Almost all the best power lifters are white - often Slavics or Nordics.

Muscle types.
There are two types of muscle fibers in humans. In rats and some other small mammals there is a third type not found (yet) in humans.

Whites tend to have more slow twitch fibers and West African blacks have more fast twitch. This is the kind of muscle you want for sprints.

Spectator sports are events in which the customers sit and watch the athletes perform feats of speed and strength. But speed events (baseball, football and basketball) are more interesting than strength events (weight lifting).

So blacks are better suited for some sports and whites for others. It's just that the sports that favor blacks are more interesting on the boob tube.

If that fact bothers you, remember that all sports derive from combat and there's no question that whites (Europeans) are superior to blacks in combat. Always have been and are likely to remain so as long has there are people on the battlefield.

Of course there won't be people on the battlefield much longer - but that's another story.


Anonymous said...

Major league football and basketball suck.

I wouldn't waste one minute watching them.

Anonymous said...

Amricans are shutting off the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Boxing is down. UFC is up (It'll decline as it gets darker).

I love sports. I've gone towards racquet sports, golf, rowing, etc...

The white man developed the mind, boats, civilized combat, etc... The nog just needed to jump high to get an apple or smash their brother's head in for a meal.

Nogs grow and develop muscles much younger than whites too.. Their brains grow much smaller and slower...

For all the 'sports' whites dominate, it's purely cause nogs don't do it...

Plaga Negra said...

In unexpected positive news a State Farm ad showed a White couple having multiple children! Never thought I'd live to see the day.

FlowerBell said...

This is one of my regular prayers.

"Dear Lord if its your will please help influence and direct those who are capable of restoring a homeland for your Caucasian people. A home once again to live free of persecution. Amen.

Anonymous said...

"But I hate Duke. Always have. And this year they knocked out two of my favorite teams-- Michigan State and Gonzaga. As I told my sister on Saturday night, "I'd root for the 'al-Qaeda basketball team' over Duke."---

Very stupid.

gwoobus harmon said...

the easiest way to determine if there is a double standard is if one were to use a phrase like "right back at you"

I promise you if the Wisconsin player Kaminsky had been asked about the Kentucky guy and he said "f*** that n****" in a press conference ---------- no amount of apology would ever be enough. that clip would be shown over and over and over until the end of time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
"Amricans are shutting off the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Boxing is down. UFC is up (It'll decline as it gets darker)".

MLB TV national ratings are down, but attendance is not. But MLB is only 8% black, so it doesn't prove much. Anyway, MLB revenue is at an all-time high. NBA regular season ratings are down this year, but year over year have been constant. NFL TV ratings, however are at an all time high, though attendance not so much. Boxing has been in the tank for over 20 years.

The only thing I can agree with you on is the NBA's player demographics & image of thuggery isn't doing the league much good. Most of it's "superstars" are media created.

Anonymous said...

Duke won. Yay negroes....!!

Lionel Messi said...

"I'm a realist. I'm an athlete. Blacks are better athletes. No denying it." says Realist in MA.


Blacks cannot possibly be considered the best athletes when SOCCER which is the biggest sport in the world is completely dominated by Whites. The same goes when Whites also happen be the strongest men in the world and again dominate ALL weightlifting, World's strongest Man and Cross-Fit competitions with no blacks in sight.

Blacks have also lost their dominance in boxing to Eastern Europeans and Mestizos, and the MMA is as well overwhelmingly dominated by White fighters.

The same goes with many other non-commercialized sports that require tremendous upper body strength like pole vault, javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw, discus throw, rowing and wrestling AGAIN DOMINATED BY Whites.

Moreover blacks aren't the best at BASEBALL last time I checked(HELLO ?) and American sports are not the only sports nor the most competitive in the world,(e.g., rugby, tennis, hockey, volleyball, handball, swimming, gymnastics, cycling. and on and on)

Blacks may have faster legs, but they don't and never had the SUPERIOR upper body strength and intelligence that Whites have.

I mean, where are your "better athletes" in the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Green Berets and other special forces that require the greatest overall fitness and skills than any sport on Earth, hmm ?

It is absolutely demoralizing to see that even here people have been completely brainwashed by the "you know who"'s media...

Anonymous said...

Grayson Allen, race traitor.

Whites ended up like this because of race traitors like him who shooluld be treated as a full groid.

Ex-Copper said...

Pacers while playing in Detroit. The fallout dropped local fan attendance into the toilet, until they got rid of the thugs.

Anonymous said...

Not being a sports oriented person, I tend to think of games such as basketball etc as essentially unimportant in the overall scheme of things.
I once highly pissed off a negro who was carrying on about basketball by saying essentially the same thing- that it's unimportant and that no one 20 years from now will really give a damn if someone dunked a ball. Historically, it amounts to nothing of value. That doctors, scientists, researchers make valuable and lasting contributions such as finding cures for diseases or new treatments to alleviate the symptoms of those suffering from illnesses. Now compare that to someone jumping up and dunking a ball.
How could anyone see playing a game as being on the same level or importance as what doctors, scientists and researchers accomplish? Dunking a ball is trivial.
Oh well. There I go "thinking white" again.

Anonymous said...

"Jamaica's most senior drug tester says the country's recent rash of failed tests might be the "tip of an iceberg".

All banned, excepting bolt, the head monkey money maker.

Golly gee.
How could this be?

Tommy Atkins

Anonymous said...

Whites do not raise their kids to be tough anymore.

You should've watched the NCAA wrestling championship. 1 black made the finals.

It's nice when ESPN shows a real sport.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they give real college entrance exams to those would be black athletes that, of course they would find difficult to pass with their inferior intelligence. Just imagine if all colleges played by the book when Toby and Malik come a calling looking for a free ride. The NBA would be reduced to drafting straight out of the ghetto.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

They have(different) body proportions. Blacks have larger thighs and thinner calves. This makes for faster running. They have thinner waists and the men in their prime have less body fat. There are other minor differences in foot structure too.

Thinner waists and shorter torsos also make for being less able to swim.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a realist. I'm an athlete. Blacks are better athletes. No denying it."

I get your point, but out of hundreds of sports, blacks are superior at only a few.

Anonymous said...

The Duke Spooks won. Darn, was really looking forward to the Humans beating the orcs at their "own" game. That would have helped with the Cat 5 chimp out on its way when the weather heats up.

O/T: have you seen NYC Mayor DeBlasio's son? Thing looks like a full blood Bantu with the dumbest 70s fro I've ever seen. His dull face really shows the retarded level the genome works at with that tribe. Damn.

Ricky in Cali said...

I thought about your post the whole time I was watching the game!! The fix was in and you were right. They would never allow a White team to embarrass their pets

Anonymous said...

Thanks to race traitor and newly minted negro Grayson Allen and equally race treacherous officials.

Anonymous said...

Hilariously, the guy with the highest vertical leap on Duke is...wait for it...white! Allen's his name. And against Mich. State he took a 3-pointer and missed. Followed his own shot, knowing blacks don't box out (dat's dem cracka folk fundmentals). He got the ball and flew through the air and dunked! Then he talked smack to Mich. State! It was lovely.

HH said...

Hello. Your point about disproportional representation of blacks in combat arms and special operations units in the armed service is intriguing and I'd like to share my perspective on it.

As someone who spent the better part of his 20s serving in a combat MOS I can confirm that not only are blacks essentially absent from most Victor units, but SO units as well.

I've worked with a few SEAL teams in the past and they were majorly White, with some Asians and Latinos in the mix. When I was on a more specialized anti terrorism team we were 75% white, the other fourth being Latino with one black. When I got orders to a Victor grunt unit, it changed to 50/50 White and Latino.

Why are blacks absent from these units? For one, many of them can't work in a team. If you're operating in small units outside of an extended support network, you need all your guys to be solid or no one is going home.

Many SO units measure your aptitude for leadership and abstract problem solving ability. I feel this disqualifies many black potentials for whatever reason. They just don't measure up.

Swimming is another big one. I've never seen more frightened faces and fearful bellows than in swim week in boot camp. That's just in boot camp, not to mention the more rigorous swim standards units may set for their members.

Attitude. If you're going to a victor unit or SO unit chances are you want to go to combat. You're a warrior. Blacks dont have this attitude. For whatever reason they want to be back in the rear with the gear, chow hall, gym, and showers.

And for contrast, I did serve with a very solid black squad leader in my last unit. I also met a black SEAL once. But I guess this is an example of the exception proving the generalization.