Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just as for the Funeral of Michael Brown, President Obama to Send Aide(s) to Freddie Gray Funeral in Baltimore

One of the underrated movies in the history of cinema is Mr. Destiny. Telling the story of a married 35-year-old male - Larry Burrows (played by James Belushi) - who just lost his job, the primary character in the movie stops at a bar for a drink while he waits for a truck to tow his car. 

He reminiscences about striking out in the championship baseball game back in high school and how his entire life would have been different if he'd "just hit the goddamn baseball."
No Mr. Matthew Drudge, Baltimore spiraled long ago into just another Africa in America city...

The bartender, played with haunting brilliance by Michael Caine, turns out to possess otherworldly powers and changes the past, allowing Belushi's to see what his life would have been like if he had hit the baseball. 

Sure, it may sound as if Mr. Destiny is a rip-off of A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life, but it's a story whose fundamental philosophical question plagues all men: what if? 

What if? 

Two words seemingly uttered whenever the present offers a set of circumstances for a future you never intended; what if only a different decision had been made that day back in college or what if I had taken a right instead of a left? 

What if? 

Worrying about the past will not change the present or impact your future either negatively or positively. Instead, you'll forever be reminded about a decision you made which you can't change; it's already been made. 

Which brings us to today, only 24 hours removed from the black insurrection in 65 percent black Baltimore

Nothing we can do today can change the fact the United States of America has irrevocably changed to the point the President of the United States is once again (as he did in the case of Michael Brown, when three members of his administration went to the "Gentle Giant's" funeral) dispatching a member of his administration to the funeral of a black male who failed to follow the orders of police officers and ended up dead. [Obama to send aide to funeral of arrested Baltimore man, Baltimore Sun, April 26, 2015]:

The White House says the head of President Barack Obama's initiative for minority males will attend the funeral of a Baltimore man who died after sustaining serious injuries while in police custody. Broderick Johnson, the chairman of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force, will represent the administration at Monday's funeral for Freddie Gray. Johnson is also the Cabinet secretary. Gray is the 25-year-old black man who died a week after an encounter with Baltimore police left him with grave spinal injuries. He is being buried Monday in Baltimore. 
The White House said Sunday night that Johnson, a Baltimore native, will be accompanied by two other officials. Mourners paid their respects before Gray's coffin on Sunday, after a night of violent protests led to nearly three dozen arrests.
Seems like Broderick Johnson should just be relegated to attending every funeral of a black person killed by either a white Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) or a white person. [President Obama sending three White House officials to Michael Brown’s funeral: Leading the group for Monday's service will be the chairman of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force, Broderick Johnson., New York Daily News, 8-24-14] 
The most incredible image captured in the United States of America since July 20, 1969, when a white man first stepped foot on the moon... (from April 25, 2015, when black people rioted/looted/pillaged in Baltimore forcing primarily white fans to stay inside Camden Yards)

This is the world we live in 2015. Hoping, wishing, or dreaming something had happened differently in past will not alter the present course of events we must live through and endure. [For Orioles fans, it was a strange night all around, Baltimore Sun, 4-26-15]:

The Orioles closed the gates at Oriole Park late Saturday night and forced fans to remain inside for their own safety as violent protesters continued to menace the area around the ballpark, causing both consternation and understanding in the stadium concourses. 
"Very strange,'' said Steve Cockey of Canton, "from being whisked in here. They were just ripping tickets, just getting people in as quickly as possible, which I've never seen. They did not do the metal detectors. Very, very strange. I've never been trapped in the ballpark before. 
"And then, obviously, the game on the field was a very strange ninth inning. Very bizarre."  
Matt Winter of Bethesda waited by the D Gate, which eventually was opened at about 10 p.m., and tried to make sense of everything that had gone on Saturday in Baltimore. 
"It's strange to be locked in," Winter said. "I think it's just an abundance of caution by the police, because there are people out there doing stuff. They're trying to be careful. It's very frustrating. It's a very bad situation all around and people are trying to deal with the best way they can." 
Fans were advised after the game to take special care to move through areas of downtown that have a visible police presence.
What Matt Winter doesn't understand is that those white baseball fans locked in beautiful Camden Yards in Baltimore, because of rioting and marauding black people outside the stadium, is representative of every white person in America. 

Black-Run America (BRA). 

We are held hostage by black people and their dysfunction, with any moment (case in point Officer Darren Wilson defending his life from an attacking Brown and the media immediately highlighting the lie of "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" and the subsequent enraging of blacks everywhere) only tightening the shackles on our future, enabling an entire nation where the quality of life found in currently 65 percent black Baltimore is the norm. 

There's no time for what ifs?

Nothing can change the past, and presently the future for all of the United States of America looks like nothing more than the decaying memory of what whites built long ago in Baltimore.

May the day come when we stop asking what if? and instead state no more!

We can't change the past; but only we can begin to change our present to ensure we have a future.


Truth Corps said...

"What if" real men had opened fire on the rioters instead of taking their pics with cell phones?

This is a situation in which men who desire power- can LEAD others... and one (or more) will emerge.

2015-2016 will be our awakening.


We need three or four of these Cat 3 Chimpouts this summer to turn up the heat. As much as I almost hate to say it, with a few white fatalities as well, DWLs of course.

Worse is better. Race realism grows by leaps & bounds when the chimps riot. And it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
Prepare now, while time is on our side.

Ricky In Cali said...

Just this morning there was an article on Yahoo with the headline reading:

“Baltimore protests turn violent after death of suspect”
(Google it if you like)

The leading photo on Yahoo (and when you click the article the same headline photo) shows a screaming Negress who looks literally like she crawled out of a dumpster is standing next to another woman screaming equally as loud. Guess who is standing next to the Negress screaming her lungs out though? If you guessed “A Delusional Liberal White Woman” you are today’s winner! Blow horn and everything, she’s standing next to the Savage acting as if her mother was kicked in the face and then her dog was shot afterward.

This same article mentioned everyone staying inside the ball park for their “safety” but of course they didn’t want to mention the White people and any race other than Black that was being attacked in the city. They claimed that “splinter cells” broke off and vandalized some areas. “Splinter cells” they called them now. Regardless of the horseshit happening and the reason why it happened, I scrolled to the bottom and I was already too late. 1,200 comments in 3 hours!!!

I swear to you guys, over 1,000 of those comments were Race Realists tearing a new asshole to every Black person, every Liberal idiot, every news outlet, I was SHOCKED that this article hasn’t been taken down to fit the PC narrative. A majority of them said what we’ve all been thinking and that was “this is too organized to be a protest”, or “this whole thing has to be orchestrated from someone”. And when you look closely at the neat signs the rioters are holding, the yellow tape, the bull horns, the T-shirts, the blah blah blah, you can clearly see that there is no possible way on earth that the lowest forms of life could have mustered something like this together. The Blacks job once they arrive is to “destroy”, but someone else is organizing this madness. Eventually we are going to grow VERY tired of this but this is not by accident and people are awakening to this….

Medic Bear said...

The sad truth is that until enough people say "No more !" and demand change, nothing will change. And the odds of that happening during this administration is zero, especially with the MSM, academia and many large corporations supporting the anti-White, multicultural diversity insanity. I fear the anti-White genocide will advance before it's hopefully stopped.

Anonymous said...

O/T: Spent the weekend in wonderful (ha) Buffalo, NY. Watched the local TV news and discovered the crime there is mostly dark:

A young man (one station's crawl identified him as a "20-year old child" which is probably closer to the truth) was shot in the street in a residential neighborhood. No ID released, but the video of the scene showed a flat brimmed black baseball cap laying on the ground. Math's not hard there.

A man was arrested in a raid with a large amount of cocaine and an illegal gun. We got ID on this one. Three guesses and the first two dindu nuffin.

No ID for the next story, but again the math seems simple. Firefighters arrive at a housefire apparently started outside as two lawnmowers were engulfed. A woman inside the home was combative, waving a knife, and breaking windows, so they had to back off. Later they did rescue her, my guess after she passed out.

It turns out this woman didn't live there; she was out on bail from stabbing the man who does live there, aaand for the bonus prize, she'd been in jail in the 1990s for killing a man with a hammer. Why was she out of jail? Back to that math.

And finally, the one that if I'd been in a chair instead of the bed I'd have fallen out of it laughing at -

A black man was arrested on charges wanted in Virginia on the murders of three sows and a niglet. He'd come to Buffalo and gotten help from a church of some sort where a black pastor gave him shelter and helped him find some work doing odd jobs as part of some program to help those in need... he of course is clueless and shocked that this guy was a murderer.

But it gets better. It seems one of the TV stations did a piece on this jobs program or whatever it was back in March... and they interviewed this fugitive... and part of the interview was shown in the newscast at the time. And they re-aired the clip as part of this story.

What was that about no future-time orientation again?

So there's Buffalo in a nutshell. The only other remotely crime related stories were a couple of car accidents.

Anonymous said...

In the previous comment section, Ms. Sippy wrote “I'll bet Freddie Gray's autopsy will show he had cervical spinal stenosis, with spondylosis(spurs). Many people have this dangerous condition and never know it until an accident or symptoms appear, like arm and hand weakness, loss of bladder function etc. People with this can become paralyzed from whiplash, a fight, heading their head etc.” She wrote this based on her 40 years as an RN.

Between what Ms. Sippy shared and the video, the police seem to have not been at fault. The treatment of him prior to being taken into the car did not look so bad. And, upon being escorted to the van, his spine seems to have already have been severed. If so, rather than a beatdown, the they were only negligent by not getting Gray medical attention or fastening his seat belt. This is bad, but not malicious.

Please know, I don't care what the blacks think; that is a foregone conclusion. But, I think the DWL's opinion is very important. That is why establishing these facts is important.

The anarchy and violence in Baltimore raise emotions. Evidence about Gray's injuries may determine if the DWL masses suppress their emotions or attribute them to distaste at the rioting blacks. Race relations, elections, the rate at which this blog’s opinions go mainstream all hang in the balance.

Because the opinion of the silent DWL majority hangs in the balance, I think we need to continue to pay attention to the details of this case (and others) and publicize them.

Go team!


make it rain TRUTH said...

It's like Bizarro world. The Central Government backs the criminals over law enforcement officers.

Here's hoping at least those YTs that were victims of the racist attackers in the riot will become realists. Sometimes it takes a bottle upside the head to wake up a liberal.

Anonymous said...

Negroes do not belong in advanced cultures. They cannot flourish in those cultures and they cannot function in those societies. Negroes destroy. They must be removed, forcibly. It would be ideal if they could be moved back to their African homelands. But ideal isn't going to happen. They must be removed.

Anonymous said...

After watching that video, it makes me wonder what it will take in the gun community to finally recognize the need to shut up when they see others open carry rifles and plate carriers. I bet those patrons of the restaurant in the video at the end of the article wish they had some FALs and ESAPI plates.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has fish knows that when in close proximity, some fish just don't mix.

And disasterously so.

Not trying to be offensive, but diversity for it's own right is just plain stupid. Nature is not some kind of canvas to paint your ideal populations of each color, shape and size.

People have often remarked that black people have black skin as a warning sign from nature, as if to say "Stay back, I strike!". Some would even say their smell is a warning sign. Others would say the garbled language they utter, the same basic tortured lazy twist on the English language in every part of the country (I was/We was became I be/We be, for one skin-crawling example of how the language morphs over time).

Either way, just as that young woman who gave the negro a ride a while back who became paralyzed (she even joked for him to "please don't hurt me" before it actually happened), they are not to be trusted. In a way the liberals are right; it really IS NOT the negro's fault. A nig is gonna nig. It is your fault for living in proximity to them or for being a bystander. You are no longer innocent when you walk into their territory or engage them. For altruistic white kids you gotta give them a heads up before it's too late. We all learn in school and in public what a nuisance they are, but the heavy helpings of PC propaganda with endless funding and public backing keep reality firmly in check. Fortunately for us this all ends once you leave school- 18 if you're not a dropout and 22+ if you choose to go to college (and more than likely get ripped off to pay for black scholarships and the like).

You will always be a piggy-bank for the state, but you don't have to associate with negroes- just as the onus is on you to move out of a neighborhood once it starts to fall to the undertow, the responsibility is 100% on you to keep aware and vigilant of your surroundings so that negative encounters can be kept to an absolute minimum. It's like trying to play slot machine with your life and hoping that a certain game combination doesn't result in some sort of robo-punch, shock, or the robbery/destruction of your personal items. Why take the chance? Just don't play.

What are you missing out on by staying away from them? Exactly.

Anonymous said...

I began to notice that article after article, Reuters didn't allow for comments and conversation about said articles.

Then I read the opening lines of a Loretta Lynch advertisement, er I mean article-

"(Reuters) - A string of deadly confrontations between mostly white police and black men will be among challenges immediately facing Loretta Lynch when she is sworn in on Monday as U.S. attorney general.

Lynch, 55, takes over as the country's top law enforcement official after a weekend that saw thousands of people in Baltimore, Maryland, take to the streets in mostly peaceful protests over the latest such case. A 25-year-old black man died a week after being injured while in police custody."

Then it goes on to another subject entirely. Mostly white and mostly peaceful. Gwoobus, this one is rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

So what would segregation look like in practice?

Do you throw all the middle- and upper-class blacks out of integrated neighborhoods and give them a one-way ticket back to the ghetto? Do you throw them out of professional jobs and universities and make them pick cotton while singing Negro spirituals?

Do you bring back silliness like separate water fountains?

Do you have a visible police force in white areas to check the papers of blacks caught in the "wrong" area?

Do you have it like Native Americans or South African townships where they have their own "homelands," rules, and justice systems?

Do you strip blacks of their American citizenship so they can't vote, hold elected office, be protected under the constitution, or get passports?

How much black blood can a person have before he's allowed to be in a "white" area? 1/2? 1/4? 1/8? 1/16?

One of the things I hate about DWLs is that they act like people in the past didn't know what they were doing and didn't think things through. For example, the entire saga of the white southerner for them is a story of people acting like crazy, sadistic jerks for no reason.

In the other direction, IMHO, black people had to be freed, given basic voting rights and legal protection, and given the ability to sink or swim on their own merits as equal members of society. There are real reasons why things shook out the way they did. Rolling any of that back is dangerous.

Is it more dangerous than letting things go the way they have been? Maybe.

I'm sure some people here would love to see a hot ECAR RAW between the racists and the thugs, but that might not go the way y'all want it to. A lot of professional blacks would love to see the stuffing knocked out of the thugs, and a lot of white people in this country would take up arms against any group of whites perceived as having a genocidal agenda.

The only way anything is going to work is if you get the majority people on board, and that means incremental change on a generational timeline.

Anonymous said...

From Proud to be Confederate:

It appears the police are afraid to arrest anyone. Because of the racists Obama and Holder.

The leader of the Baltimore riots were lead by Malik Shabazz, whom the media fails to identify. Shabazz is the leader of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) a racist group that wants death to all Whites. In 2008, NBPP members went to polling stations and intimidated and threatened Whites.
The media only says Shabazz is a member of a Black lawyer BS. The media lies again and again ad nauseam.

I recently read some Black blogs and what I read is disturbing, and irrational. If people think SBPDL is racist, they ain't seen nothin yet........the Black blogs are the most racist things I have ever read.

SBPDL is a race realist blog......Black blogs are truly racist.

PB said...

A football match becomes a virtual prison? Seems a metaphor for everything White America is losing and has lost, or given up.

MMP said...


The slow degradation of the police by the media & the Feds. No tear gas, no riot guns, no vehicles other than cop cars I saw in Baltimore. At least they didn't provoke anyone like they did in fergustan. Nope, throwing a flaming trash can at cops is neither assault on an officer & arson.

And with each act, the groids get bolder, the Cops weaker. The Feds don't have the cops back.

This is all due to the community organizer & chief, "If I had a son", the Beer Garden (oops), browns funeral, this funeral, "If you like your doctor", Bergdahl, etc?

I believe there are many out there, not even counting the DWL's, that don't even see this as reality. To them it's nothing more than a reality show of some sort, and not real life.

Many times 1984 is mentioned, Animal Farm should be also, as we are living in both. Televisor / Televiewer? You're looking at it, and everything I've written ANYWHERE, and any sites I've visited can be pulled up.

Don't tell me to adjust my tinfoil hat, as this IS what IS. How quick do we find a nogs social media history? Criminal history? And the same isn't being readied for us?

How many believe that another checkmark has been added to their name for visiting & commenting on this site?

Paranoid? I don't think so, any more than I'm paranoid of the groid.

What is? Is what each individual can do to prepare themselves for what's to come. We may not know the whys & wherefores, we do know the direction it will come from. With each passing incident the groids are emboldened, the Police weakened (with the feds help).

I believe the tipping point will come this summer.

What is the Boy Scout motto?


Anonymous said...

Damn, I didn't even realize these riots were going on. I just lumped this dead thug-beast in with all the other dead thug-beasts.

Rioting for "Justice" is just another fad in the black community, like Air Jordans and the Fire Challenge. It'll burn itself out soon enough. People are already jaded with it.

Anonymous said...

This is the spawn of numerous generations of welfare breeders. Mothers stoned on crack, booze and weed. The only reason these children were born was so the mothers could get a free handout from the government. Why work at a job when you can get money for popping out babies.

These jungle princesses will fuck anything that walks for a six pack of booze or some rocks to fill their crack pipes. All they want is a free lunch and somebody to pay their bills. Generations of parasites sucking off the middle class who work for a living.

Thousands and thousands of useless unloved children turned loose on the streets so they can maim and kill each other. Hospital emergency rooms drenched in blood because of the ungodly mayhem taking place on the streets of America. Nonstop orgy of blood and death caused by soulless savages stalking the streets in an endless turf war. If not for EBT cards they would be eating each other. Killing becomes a thrill. It's the only game in town.

The rules on the street say you are not a man until you "take a life and make a life". The living dead breeding more dead souls. A horde of hopeless animals who's only dream is to get what ever that can any way they can. Mugging, robbing stealing and looting is all they know. Their only enjoyment is butchering each other. A complete waste that has become a scourge on the American landscape. All of this is being paid for with your dime.

Lime Lite said...

If you look at what South Africa looks like today, then know America's future. Unfortunately, American Whites chose not to side with the Whites in South Africa when we were fighting the traitors who eventually sold us out to the Marxist communist terrorists called the ANC, led by the murdering terrorist Mandela. Instead the USA lectured us on what we needed to do to have sanctions lifted and how to act "democratically". Well, you can only have "democracy" when you have an educated, well informed electorate. Both of which South Africa lacks - hence why the ANC have been voted in repeatedly by these dumb-ass people since 1994. All the ANC has to say is "Apartheid" and the dumb-asses vote for them again and again.

And so South Africa is no more. It is now a cesspit of corrupt, criminal African Black gangsters, being run into the ground as every other Black-run country has been run. Their best buddies are the White liberal self-haters, who would sell out their own Mother's to feel warm and fuzzy inside. They are our true enemies - not the low-IQ'd Blacks.

But, when will the White race learn? That is the question.

South Africa is gone and the USA will follow soon. So will the UK - all the countries which sold out the Whites of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points, PK! This country can’t keep on the same track without destroying our civilization, and we need to get over the “what ifs.” As you write these articles, I notice that the papers you quote still refuse to acknowledge that blacks are the ones who are destructive.

One reader was concerned that Gray may have been treated too roughly by the police. It would seem that he was not treated any differently than any other thug. He ran and paid the price! Obama sending his goons to attend the funerals of these thugs only encourages more crime on the part thugs; indeed emboldens them. That would seem to be the case because the Attorneys General, both past and present, don’t seem interested in white people.

One of the quoted statements claimed that in the concourses were both “consternation and understanding.” Oh really, I can give consternation and understanding too: Blacks are destroying our cities and they do it for fun! The RT reporter who was robbed during the mayhem is a prime example of black children having fun. The boys were flipping off the reporter and terrorizing her with complete impunity and LAUGHING about it. What is the mayor, a black, going to do about this? If she does nothing, then the boys will end up dead in the streets because they WILL die, and Obama’s henchmen will be attending LOTS of funerals.

I would like to see honesty return to the press. I would like to see them name who the rioters were. We all have eyes to see! I wonder if the family that was terrorized in their car felt “consternation” or “understanding?”

Anonymous said...

You are a "hardcore" dwl. You live in a pretty little gated community in the outskirts of Baltimore. Your little "enclosure" is 85% white 10% asian 5% negro. Your 8 year daughter has epilepsy. It's under control with medication. It's a beautiful Friday afternoon..and you and your best bud have scored free tickets to the Orioles game. He is also a "hardcore" dwl. Lets take my car he says..pointing to his brand new 745i BMW. Its the 7th inning....and things are eerily quiet in the stadium. An announcement shows up on the big screen..."your safety is our concern" please remain seated. Your cell phone rings..its your dwl wife...your daughter has just had a major epileptic seizure..she's on the way to the hospital. You and your bud rush to the gates only to find the gates locked. There is "unrest" out there the guard says. After explaining your dilemma you get to the parking lot and see 200 orcs smashing windows jumping up and down on roofs and hoods...stealing everything in sight. You hear them ooking and eeking "no justice no peace" and "this is for Freddie Gray". Your bud's BMW looks like it just came from the salvage yard. You dial for a taxi and a turban head answers "it will be an hour before we can come" in his thick pakistani accent. The last thing you remember was seeing your bud being pummeled by 10 orcs as they make off with his cell phone. You wake up 2 hours later in the emergency room as the doctor tries to explain that your wife was dragged out of her car raped beaten and stabbed to death at a stoplight 3 blocks from the hospital. As you raise your brain swollen bandaged head he also mentions that your daughter is in a coma from not receiving medical attention in time. As you stumble out to the see your best bud's wife screaming hysterically at the nurses station. Monday morning. As you look out the office window you see Freddie Gray's funeral procession coming down the street. Signs saying "black lives matter" are everywhere. The main stream media decides it is not in their best interest to cover your wife and your best friends funeral the next day. Freddie Gray's legacy adorns the headlines all week long. You are a "hardcore" dwl. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

Paul, you made a major omission when talking about Sheila Ann Dixon. I headed over to Vdare after finishing your comment section (great as always) and found this gem:

Dixon would champion a more limited model of “community policing” and would eventually resign after she was convicted of embezzling funds that were supposed to help needy families [Dixon Announces Resignation As Mayor of Baltimore, WBAL, January 7, 2010].

A real champion of black people indeed.

Anonymous said...

Instead of telling the Oriels fans to stay in the stadium, they should have given each of them a bat and told them to go restore order!!

That would have been awesome!


rex freeway said...

Im sure the government reads all the comments posted here. So NSA or DHS, hear me good. I never voted for Obama. I never disliked or hated this country to the point of voting for that piece of shit. If Eric "obamas wang" Holder, or the new "Holder in a skirt", feels the need to investigate me or anyone I associate with, then bring it on. I've been waiting my whole life for you. Liberals and any Blacks are the only true racist. And Obama is the worst president to ever hold the office. I have a dream also. And that is for Obama to join the K&L club.

Anonymous said...

Well PK, perhaps we should send a petition to the White House asking the president to stop fanning the racial flames in the country. I think this is an excellent post but I wonder how many people in the country would sign a petition like that? Would they be singled out by the though police? I think once a document gets a certain number of signatures it has to be dealt with, I don't know the process but maybe it's worth looking into. Perhaps there's a 100k brave enough to stand up to big brother and sign, I would. Naturally the MSM would go into spasms and cover it ceaselessly which might even help get more signatures. It would certainly be a barometer of things out there.

This is just a thought but I wonder what others at SBPDL think about this PK included of course.

SC Native

Earl Turner said...

They're not burning down their own neighborhoods any more. They're finally taking Africa to where the white people are.

It's going to be a long hot summer indeed.

Anonymous said...

There has been a low-key Black-on-White civil war going on in the US since the 1960 & the passing of the Civil Rights Act. But Blacks have become much more emboldened since Obama & his do-as-you-please Black Power cronies have gained power. Voting this White-hating Black Power clique into office is now being recognized as the height of insanity that it most certainly is.

Those feral Blacks thugs in the video smashing the windows of the bar with the Whites trapped inside are as thick as s--t but these same Blacks are now well aware that they have been given carte blanche from the very top to do as they please so long as it is under the fake umbrella of 'civil rights'. Yes, these anti-White feral Blacks throughout the US are completely untouchable - & don't they know it.

Now the feral negress Black Mayor of Baltimore has admitted telling the Baltimore police to hold back & allow these feral Blacks to exercise their 'civil rights'. Obviously under Cultural Marxism there are no Civil Rights for Whites in the US who have to cower in terror as the police stand idly by. Our Black-run rulers & their enablers are guilty of treason & Whites need to be demonstrating in public for their civil rights - right now.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in the Deep South over thirty years back my father warned there would be a race war. In essence, the second civil war. I never doubted him but when I espoused this to others over the years they managed to just shrug it off as we all were too evolved or somehow too advanced to degrade to this. Well I will tell you we aren't! It's about here. So be prepared. Choose your side wisely. Those silly ass white dumb fucks can serve as our fodder when it starts to unravel because I do believe the tides are turning and many whites are near the breaking point. Gentleman, start your engines it won't be long now!

senatortombstone said...

There used to be a Marvel comic title called "What if?," which depicted key moments in the Marvel canon going differently and the ramifications resulting from the change. There was also a parody title along similar lines titled "What the!" The America of today is more like the latter.

But I am sick of conplaining and reading about bad news. What I want to know is how we change our country back into what it once was. How do we reignite a sense of purpose in whites? How do we instill a sense of unity in whites? Only with a sense of purpose and unity can we succeed.

Anonymous said...

OT, but a interesting story of a woman running into a Starbucks for safety after being stabbed near SLU!!

Anonymous said...

The comments on the Baltimore CBS station (before they were taken down) would have been moderated out of Stormfront or Niggermania. Negro fatigue just went up a couple more clicks.

Anonymous said...

Until he gets in touch with his inner Jane Goodall, YT will never understand Dindu Americanus.

(End sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Arm yourselves asap, and pay special attention to your local elections. The federal elections are a farce, and essentially a propped-up sitcom. It's the local elections, like your sheriff for example, that matter most.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami here,

Just when I start to think that SBPDL is getting monotonous PK serves up a gem of crystallized truth.

We are held hostage by black people and their dysfunction, with any moment (sic) only tightening the shackles on our future . . .

With the constant media poisoning White people are unconscious to this obvious, obvious truth.

Anonymous said...

It will not justify his death to DWLs, unless we get forensics evidence. But, they might roll their eyes when they hear the following:

"Freddie Carlos Gray, was the son of an illiterate drug addict. He had been repeatedly busted for drug possession with intent to distribute. This year alone he was charged with second-degree assault, fourth-degree burglary and malicious destruction of property."


Anonymous said...

PK , Yesterday I put The city that bleed's on a web site that is called next-door fells prospect. They don't know the history of Baltimore. I lived it.
A whole bunch of DWL's. I hope you get a lot of orders for it. Told them if they want the truth read the city that bleeds

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Herr Schultz of Starbucks fame bring his conversation about race to Baltimore now. He could stride right in front of the nogs handing out cups of coffee with racially harmonious sayings on them like "Whaz up nigga!" or "burn this bitch down". Maury Povich could poll the crowd on live TV asking the silverbacks :"Do you know who your daddy is ?". I think both things would be appropriate at the funeral today after the Rev. Oprah and the Rev. BHO give their eulogies about didn't du nuffin, future brain surgeon, scientist, engineer, inventor, muh dick etc.

Anonymous said...

Maryland is a pro-black, anti-gun state and any White person that hangs around downtown Baltimore is most likely a DWL.

Anonymous said...

I used to live and work in Detroit, that should say it all. Remember, blacks are only 12% of population of U.S., and what is the race of most murders in U.S.?

Anonymous said...

I have to give kudos to some really well written pieces although I agreed with everyone.

NC Realist…that was just a taste of the racial reality we find ourselves in today. Excellent job! All the ooking and eeking blacks terrorized a white family yesterday who dared to drive through the genteel part of Baltimore. I guess they found out for themselves that nowhere was safe.

Lime Light…thanks for your words. I agree 100% with what you said: America did side with the blacks against South African Apartheid; so did the Europeans. We have an internecine relationship with ourselves (whites) in America, and also in Europe. We seem to be hell-bent on our own destruction. For the record, I have always been an Apartheid supporter. I pray that more and more whites will shed their guilt and accept the reality that we must support or own kind or die. The first thing to do is accept the reality of black racism, and then segregate ourselves from these people. I would welcome all white South Africans into our country. I would pay the ANC to take our blacks into their country in your place. When I say segregation, I mean 100 percent segregation. To rid ourselves of older blacks, I would even pay tax dollars to support their social security to get rid of the whole lot of them. The expense would pay for itself considering how much an undertow the black race is to America. Yes…we can pay them to move!

Everyone else did an excellent job! For example, I did not understand that the mayor told the police to hold back, but after viewing the videos, I saw the police holding back while people and businesses were being assaulted by young blacks. This was blatantly racist and our president is sending a representative to the funeral of a thug! Excuse me: he is not our president; he is the president of the coons. I believe that more whites will embrace racial realism this summer. We are not stupid like blacks. CBS posters were unanimous in their condemnation of blacks until their voice was taken away. The media clamors for freedom of speech; yet does not give their readers the same privilege. The liberal media cannot hold back a tsunami of black hate that is building each and every day. They can protect their pets for only so long before the dam breaks!

Ex-Copper said...

The press already posted information that out of state protestors were being bussed in for the weekend. Splinter cells? Rogue individuals? It was a preplanned coordinated operation by Americas version of the VC, jihadists, or any other subversive group.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all that's needed is honesty in the media. Truth is a stranger to the American media. Reports and newscasters should not be trying to form your opinion. Report the riot, film at six. We will form our own opinions.
During the Ferguson fracas, I just kept waiting to see lines of pickups, filled with armed white men, headed into Ferguson.
Now "what if" that would of happened? Guess we won't know until it happens. Best not wait too awfully long.


Ex-Copper said...

Nothing smarter than someone with a gun climbing into an area 2 1/2 ft wide trying to buckle a resistor into a metal bench. What could possibly go wrong there?

If we had to use our wagon, it meant you were too much of a risk or there were too many of you to go to county lockup. The phrase was, "Grab onto the seatbelt strap or your neighbor cause we're not getting in there."

Sometimes a stray animal would run out infront of the wagon enroute to the jail or a car would almost sideswipe the wagon. Gotta be alert out there.

Anonymous said...

Don't let your last "what if" be what if I had one more 30 round mag.


Mutant Swarm said...

@ NC Realist - You didn't write the script to the movie, Law Abiding Citizen, did you?

Does anyone know how these rioters' command and control elements work, to get so many troops on scene so quickly? Group messages? Conference calls on cell phones? How are they doing it?

Fatigued and ashamed in Minneapolis said...

I voted for Obama twice. I was a fool. Worst domestic-affairs president EVER! This is stunningly outrageous. I voted for Obama twice. God forgive me; for I knew not.. .. .. etc.. Time to put down the cellphones cafe patrons.. and pick up a gun.. We better toughen up, and we better toughen up quick. We have MRI imaging now. Their brains are smaller. Low IQ, low impulse control, poor future time orientation. No matter the amount of never-ending middle-class taxation to *level the playing field*.. the results will never.. NEVER! be equal. It's impossible. You will never get an equal outcome between races. Never. Stick a fork in it. This ain't goin anyway folks. Summer looms..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Ex-Copper said...
The press already posted information that out of state protestors were being bussed in for the weekend. Splinter cells? Rogue individuals? It was a preplanned coordinated operation by Americas version of the VC, jihadists, or any other subversive group. @ NC Realist - You didn't write the script to the movie, Law Abiding Citizen, did you?

Does anyone know how these rioters' command and control elements work, to get so many troops on scene so quickly? Group messages? Conference calls on cell phones? How are they doing it?

April 27, 2015 at 7:44 AM

George Soros, his minions and his millions at work. DWLs, young dumb asses and old hippies as cannon fodder. They and the nogs have nothing better to do and getting paid a few dollars for hell raising is exciting for them until the nogs turn on them, then it's time to run towards the cops they were just calling pigs. The stupid college students also get college credit from their communist professors for participating in the riots.

In the Army Airborne in the 1970s we were trained in riot duty that if the civilian police failed and we had to be called in it was time for live ammo, no bullshitting around. I doubt that's the way the Army trains now though.

non-DWL from NE.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . The only way anything is going to work is if you get the majority people on board, and that means incremental change on a generational timeline.”

True, it took generations to get into this mess so it makes sense that it could take generations to get out. Unfortunately, getting a useful majority will only work while whites are a majority. I'm not sure how many generations we have remaining to acquire a majority. The proportion of blacks in the population has not changed much from the beginning of the Civil War; however, I have read that the number of white births is now a minority. The somewhat remote threat of a Malthusian catastrophe now seems less worrisome than the impending threat of white genocide. White men and women need to get with the program and make more white babies raised in healthy family environments.

Ex-Copper said...

I remember being told in a western civ course that most countries only survive around 400 yrs before a major shake up. It could be civil war, a coup, take over by another country, etc. If you look to the history of Europe, this theory holds true. Yes some countries still have their original names, some have changed names after being forced into a new country consisting of several countries only to break apart and go with a new or old name.

The luck of having two big oceans between us and them has been a buffer from invasion, but if you look at periods of our history, we have already had massive shifts of control by social classes, civil war, gov't suppressed by the rulers and suppression of the people by the rulers, manifest destiny and rugged individualism to nanny state, the female moral compass to the neighborhood pump, etc. Change happens and not always for the best.

One thing I am certain of however is the level of fatigue across the spectrum of the country by different groups. All are polarized by position and moral choice. How these groups eventually clique up with each other will decide how the fate of the country goes.

Personally, I would opt for the limited federal gov't of the old days, where powers not explicitly expressed by the constitution are secured freedoms by states, territories and the people. Rugged individualism mixed with like minded people's. It doesn't mean the country or countries or territories would need to revert to a second or third world status. Just that freedom and free will be returned where it belonged to begin with, the individual.

There would inevitably still be classes or social hierarchy. Man is inherently racist or prejudiced with a need to feel superior to others who are different. Those who deny that are kidding themselves.

Each generation has vast improvements in technology and innovation, but not all of these measures result in the betterment of society. We're inherently flawed because of our ability to reason or think above basic survival needs. It has lead to selfishness, the rise of the "me" and "I" level of thinking, the creation of protected classes at the detriment of those not protected and on and on.

It's time to clique up people. If you can understand that we will always be divisive to an extent, but can deal with that towards the collective mission we can thrive. My experience in the military and law enforcement taught me how to think for myself, have personal convictions, and the ability to still work with other like minded people towards a common goal even if I detested the person as an indiv. It took not giving in to infighting, pettiness, and holding grudges.

That is what we need for survival. Nothing radical, nothing treasonous, although it would be viewed as such by some. To return the rule of law and original intent has been a successful strategy by businesses, I ask why not our country?

Anonymous said...

White rebellion.
Black rebellion.

White rebellions are generally high minded and intellectual.
Many of them ultimately fail because of unforeseen flaws, but they always have an articulated philosophical basis and a noble morality at the beginning.
Nazism was very successful early on, but was doomed and degenerated due to Hitler's severe underestimation of his fellow Whites in Russia and his negro like inferiority complex regarding Jews.
Bolshevism was very intellectual and high minded at the start, but was doomed due to the unforeseen and powerfully disincentivizing effects of a government monopoly economy and the authoritarian oppressiveness needed to sustain it.

Black rebellions are lowlife, sadistic, bloodthirsty, with almost no intellectualism or realistic foresight.
There's nothing remotely the quality of the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, the Protestant Reformation, etc. and the violence tends to be sadistic, short sighted, and cowardly.

An early example is the Nat Turner chimpout in Southhampton county Virginia.
A sub-Saharan African who was treated kindly and taught to read by his owners showed his gratitude, black intellectualism, and nobility by leading a series of home invasions in which negro males displayed typical sub-Saharan African heroism and courage by murdering dozens of harmless and defenceless women, children, and elderly Whites before their bloodthirsty and completely stupid race riot was crushed.

White rebellions are the Darwinian product of dark cold winter survival transforming primitive sub-Saharan African social aggression into survival aggression which manifests itself in larger and better developed brains with much superior mental strength.
Black rebellions are the product of the retarded evolutionary development of sub-Saharan Africans with the resulting retention of primitive social aggression combined with a weak intellect.

By the way, I recently took a virtual tour of my old home town of Newport News Virginia and discovered an example of extraordinarily stupid and sick Racial Socialist Aggression.
The beautiful city where I grew up and proudly builds America's nuclear powered aircraft carriers has capitulated to blacks by naming a boulevard after the mentally ill bloodthirsty POS Nat Turner.

A city's physical capital degrades much slower than its social capital, so looks can be very misleading. My old hometown still has many beautiful neighborhoods, but it's absolutely doomed.

Ex-Copper said...

MS, I don't use fakebook, TWITter, snapchat, whatapp, or other such social media apps or programs. I guess it's because I'm a dinosaur or just don't like the idea of putting my life and thoughts on display for anyone to see. (But I post here?)

I do understand how these forums work though and used them for Intel and counter-surveillance as a police officer and soldier. With the ever shrinking world and almighty dollar, any and every cause can rapidly mobilize and converge on a given location.

It has been mentioned that those of us who feel burdened by jobs and responsibility, are the root of failure of our beliefs. We don't mobilize much beyond water coolers and social commentary and go into action.

It's easy to say that none of these individuals on the nightly news don't hold jobs. My belief is that the large groups that show up use force in numbers to guarantee job security to say lets go protest to their advantage.

The first to make a splash on the news control the news and the narrative. Back pedaling while bowing down to these fucks only gives them perceived credibility and power while stripping our own.

Unknown said...

To mutant storm... Social media.
When I was young the fire extinguisher was in a box on the wall wit a sign break glass in case of fire. Now its companion in the box is an AR15 and the sign reads break glass in case of chimpout.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said: I wonder how many people in the country would sign a petition like that? Would they be singled out by the though police? I think once a document gets a certain number of signatures it has to be dealt with, I don't know the process but maybe it's worth looking into. Perhaps there's a 100k brave enough to stand up to big brother and sign, I would..."

SC Native

April 27, 2015 at 4:59

Sharing ideas on the Internet helps a lot but it's well past time that White patriots raised the tempo a bit & became more public & visible with our views on the treason being committed against White Americans by the Cultural Marxist political Elite. Petitions & mass public protests are two of the best ways of giving the US public the shake-up that they badly need.


Anonymous said...

Euro American said...

"Why must whites fight against ourselves?" I have seen this asked a couple times at sbpdl.
As Oscar Wilde said "with every success of my friends I die a little" April 27, 2015 at 5:34 AM

Wasn't Wilde a nihilisic, homosexual writer? To hell with him.

With every success of my family members, my friends, and my extended family (my race), I live a little more.

-Beyond Hatred

chattanooga gal said...

"given the ability to sink or swim on their own merits as equal members of society"
the problem is that this is exactly what they do NOT want. they want " special" rules, laws etc to accommodate them

Ex-Copper said...

The much reported on mass of comments on news articles and quiet conversations amongst friends, associates, and strangers doesn't amount to much. People are too afraid of being labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or any other term for not being afraid to go counter to the approved narrative.

Social justice internet warriors and "like" button pushers only matter if they profess their beliefs in the public realm in person. That is why police chiefs and sheriff's get so much credit when they go on the news and defend their officers when the msm and agitators cry foul. We all know it's bullshit by these people, but don't have the stones these defenders of their people do.

If people could keep their wits about them and can calmly and credibly counter the bullshit narrative in public, it deflates the farce we call news. The black city manager at the ferguson protests calmly told media outlets that police intentionally had someone shoot those officers corralling protestors to allow police to start killing blacks. WTF? People believe him though. The white power groups that scream nonsense at rallies do not help the cause of white's calling bullshit on the forced narrative. We all get lumped in as ignorant hillbilly racists and summarily dismissed. As I've said repeatedly, know your facts that the masses can relate to, express your beliefs in a clear rational manner and be ready to defend them and refute the bullshit. You can throw racist back on the person calling you racist if their narrative is bullshit. When a weak defense is given or a lack thereof, it is incumbent on you to pounce on it and rationally expose it as bullshit. Draw them into the trap of looking batshit crazy.

Anonymous said...

PK, your next post on this Cat-4 absolutely has ta beez about the black mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, admitting that she gave the "protestors" "space" (two very Orwellian terms getting increasing use these days) to chimp out. In order works, take a Cat-4 on the chin to avert a possible Cat-5 later on.

Az Visigoth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This right here^^^^^^^^^ basically lays it out succinctly! Exactly like it can happen. As others point out, this summer will be the tipping point! Let the riots continue in black areas. Let them continue destroying their own cities. But once this shit is tried in whit areas, I think, is when you will see action from whites. It is one thing to watch orcs destroy their shit infested towns, but let them try it with all the 2nd amendment supporters in nicer areas. Will be a freaking mess. Hell, may never happen in nice areas, but if it does... That is when you will see war!!

Dan said...

They didn't even throw stuff back at the gorillas.

MMP said...

I just realized who the "Whole generation of white folks need to die" are. Anyone who is a realist & not a DWL.

@ Rex Freeway. I know for a fact they listen, and try to intimidate, just as the IRS did with the Tea Party.

4 years ago, 9:00AM...a knock on the door, I open it to find 2 DHS thugs (Hispanic surnames) full body armor, backed by by local (white) cops.

They had come to ARREST MY MATE & I for violation of a restraining order!!!!!! A 70 mile drive in 2 Escalades from Denver. My mate had already left that morning. I'm cuffed & put in the back of a locals cruiser (the reason DHS brought the locals, is that they didn't know what jail to take me to !!!!!).

Had my mate been home? She would have been in cuffs also, as DHS had a picture of the 2 of us together. WTF?

The facts are my mate and I have never even had a domestic disturbance between us, not to mention any kind of restraining order.
So there I am cuffed in the back of the cruiser, the locals are listening to me, and my claim this is all BS. After a half hour the locals had checked it out, and told DHS they were wrong, there was / is no restraining order.

A DHS thug opens the door, asks me to step out and face the vehicle, he uncuffs me and tells me I'm free to go. No reason given, apology or anything, just turns his back & walks away.

I talked to lawyers, and was told there wasn't anything I could really do, as the cost to sue them would negate any award I could receive for false arrest.

In my mind?....Nothing more than the Brownshirts letting me know "Vee know vare you live"...Nothing more than to try and intimidate me. I mean WTF is DHS even doing being involved with restraining orders (even non existent ones)?

Yes I'm probably on quite a few lists. And with a high yellow in charge of the DHS, it only stands to reason that I should be silenced, by intimidation, or whatever means necessary.

What is? I am too old for this shit, I am secure on a piece of property 50 miles from the nearest metropolitan area, 5 miles from a paved highway, surrounded by national forest, and prepared to stay a while.

When the SHTF, it won't be the local PDs taking care of business, (they're being sold out by the feds) or the NG, it will be BRA's DHS. No one has yet to explain why the DHS bought up all the 9MM & .40 cal. HP's they could get (a half billion rounds?)

Marshal law will come at the hands of the DHS.

Just look at the situation I went thru, most people (including myself) would think this charge is BS, and it will be straightened out before I go to court, in the meantime I'd still be in jail. Knowing your local PD is a good thing :)

I have to wonder how much interest DHS takes in all these groids making threats against the cops? If they can drive around the country arresting people on charges that don't even exist, why can't they arrest a lot of these groids for terrorist threats against both the cops & the white race in general?

Yes we're being monitored. And I believe many whites live in fear of speaking out due to the PC / Thought police.

I'll die on my feet, before I'll live on my knees.



Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed!!!!!! Hope you like what you voted for!!!!!! Sorry to say, I have no idea HOW you can redeem yourself. But I give you thumbs up for having the courage to admit you were a fucking idiot. Now that your head is pulled out from your ass do you part to never do something so shameful and stupid again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think we need a Martyr's Wall at the National Mall in Washington DC for all the Dindu's that have been killed by the police.
However, below each life size statue of each angelic black sweetheart that has been killed there would be a video monitor that tells the truth of what a piece of crap the Dindu was. Fambly history included (of course) detailing several bastard half siblings, a drugged out ghetto ho momma on relief, missing and non involved baby daddies with their own criminal histories etc.
Next to that screen would be another screen showing clips of da fambly and da community claiming how he wuz a good boy, turnin' his life around, an aspirin' rapper brain surgeon astronaut and so forth. Also included would be video clips of MSM dwl libtards moaning the same kind of drivel.
Wait.....No, it wouldn't work. It would be too expensive to have to post guards 24 hours a day all year long to stop the outraged negroes from smashing the monitors showing the "racist" truth.
"Why dese white motherfuckers gots to make us look bad?! I ain't taking dis shit no mo'!"
Anyhoo, I always find it amazing how negroes can't stand the truth about themselves and their "angels" and have to invent a fairytale narrative portraying themselves as victims and then pitching a fit when the truth is revealed.
Oh well. Bullshit artists always react negatively when exposed.

Anonymous said...

So far these "protests" have been targeted to soft white areas where there's no chance of pushback and where all the videos will show whites as powerless. There haven't been any marches in front of a biker bar, breaking windows and tearing up Harley-Davidsons - I know several places like that in my city and they've been untouched by racial strife. I'd say all the incidents are being chosen by the Executive branch and then assigned to the Malik Shabazz New Black Panther Party to do their thing. A few locals probably tag along to fill out the ranks of the regulars. It's as scripted as any old sitcom, right down to the camera angles and similarly worded reports across all media. I hope a few DWLs woke up in Baltimore when those windows broke but I don't hold out much hope. They are DWLs because they prefer their comfortable lies to reality and it's easier to tell themselves another lie about blacks than admit their world view was wrong.

chattanooga gal said...

off topic, but i wrote my own version of To Kill a Mockingbird and wanted to share. I have changed names to protect myself from copyright infringement. I call it:
To Kill a Buzzard
I remember when my town, Malcome, changed. It was right after To'mhippopathius Robinson was charged with raping and beating May Ewing in a home invasion. Although all the evidence confirmed May's story, and the crime was committed in full view of her younger siblings, the blacks cried foul. May's father, tim, a decorated and disabled veteran who was raising the children alone after his wife died a few years back from a completely treatable cancer which he could not pay for on his meager handyman wages, nor get any assistance for, being the wrong color, saw Robinson running from the scene, and called the sheriff immediately.
But, although To'hippopathius had no fewer than 17 juvinile arrest for similar offenses, and had spent time in prison for rape, blacks took to the streets, rioting, looting, burning, and attacking random white people to protest his arrest. After all , when his mama could be found, she said he " was a good boy, turning his life around" And, besides, that white girl used to be looking at him funny when he sauntered past her house with half his ass hanging out right in front of her little sisters, and that " be racist".Soon crowds from all over arrived to join in the " peaceful protest" agged on by politicians who urged them to keep up the good work from their gated communities miles away.They managed to rig an all black jury who declared To'hippopathius not guilty, irregardless of the evidence. The Ewing family was run out of town on a rail- the father lost his small disability pension, May's college scholarship was rescinded, even the 3 year old was lambasted as a racist for being fearful of black men after what she had witnessed.
A couple of years later, after successfully changing the laws to allow convicted felons to vote and run for office, and setting up voter registration drives in all the prisons,mobs , once again, descended on Malcome to insure that To'hippopathius was elected mayor. He proudly signed all the official documents with a big x.After that, all the businesses closed, one by one, and white people, sighing and accepting the fact that they now had to sell their stately homes for less than the price of a 4 year old Hyundai accent, took the loss and fled in droves. The 6 percent of whites left are now mainly like old Mrs, Dubois who spends all of her time locked up in her house with her doberman nursing the latest wounds received from a "knock out game" from the last time she was foolish enough to run down to the corner store for a $25 gallon of milk.
They have a big parade once a year in Malcme. Whites from nearby towns come a few months in advance to clean up the mounds of trash, whitewash over any graffiti that can not be passed off as " native art" and plant silk flowers in front of the demolished buildings ( they gave up on real ones, as the residents kept pissing on them and killing them)Tourist march to the remaining wall of the Ewing's old home, the site of Robinson's great victory, to marvel at the writing " snitchis get snithis", still preserved after all this time, even if it is misspelled. Surprisingly, few pictures are preserved from these pilgramages, as the natives descend upon the tourists, stealing their phones, camaras, wallets and purses. As they watch their belongings scurry over the hills they prepare to cancel their credit cards and get new phones for the 6th or 7th times, telling themselves " it's just an anomaly, surely in white towns they rob all the tourists too. "

bernicegreenbaum said...

I can't help but consider that the whole Freddy, St. Michael, St. Trayvon charades are an attempt to bring about a cultural divide where citizens, white and black, turn increasingly violent toward each other. The negro, of course, needs little in the way of persuasion toward violence. Whites, on the other hand, are of a more highly evolved species, one that does not readily lend itself to resolving matters with violence - until constantly provoked, that is. Continuing, I see the usual suspects, TWMNBN, as being behind much of the torment we are seeing today. When and if YT ever gets wind of this, and he will, eventually, we are going to see something in the order of Germany in the Thirties on our shores.

Most of us don't want this and didn't ask for it, however it will come. If you've ever seen the cartoon of a dog being relentlessly aggravated to the point of exhaustion, and then rabidly turning on its tormentors, you'll have a vision of what a truly pissed off YT is capable of. Taint gonna be purdee.

Pat Boyle said...

As historical riots go this one had a very low body count. I think we're in danger of over reacting to the large number of people on the street and the dramatic videos.

On the other hand the government reaction to the riots almost guarantees that there will be another riot shortly and that it will be larger yet and more violent.

What is the government reaction? Approval. Barrack Obama was a Community Organizer. That is a person who organizes riots and demonstrations. For his entire administration we have had many, many riots. First we had all those 'Occupy' riots and lately we have had these manufactured race riots.

As I have written before, there is an excellent chance that Michael Brown was schizophrenic. Blacks have SZ at about three times the rate of whites. Males typically have their first psychotic break in their late teens. And Brown's actions were not rational.

Almost everyday in America somewhere the cops are trying to disarm a schizophrenic man and defuse a situation. Very often these incidents end up with the SZ man being shot. You can't reason with a psychotic. When they hold a weapon and get too close, the cops drop him.

But the federal government never pursued this line. Rather they promoted the idea that the cops were shooting black kids for fun or 'racism'. Yesterday's Baltimore riot was just the latest in these federally approved riots. Fortunately the body count was low. Most of the damage was to automobiles and local restaurants.

There will be another riot as the weather gets warmer and the blacks realize that there have been no consequences to them for running amok. Another riot is also inevitable because blacks commit so many crimes and have so many psychotic incidents. They interact with the cops routinely. A certain percentage of those confrontations, will end badly even if the cops never made a mistake and handled everything appropriately.

Thus far the cops have behaved well in most encounters. But that can't continue for long. If we have a few more incidents where the disaffected blacks target and ambush them. At some point cops will start to shoot on sight and the blacks will believe that they were right all along. At that point the riots will become deadly. If the cops hadn't been so circumspect yesterday there might have been a hundred casualties.

The Baltimore riot wasn't bad but the next one may be very bad.

This whole series of events looks like it is being orchestrated. The purpose of 'Community Organizing' is political change through public riots. What is the goal of this series of riots?

Martial law? The suspension of normal jurisprudence? If those were to be invoked than Barrack Obama - the Commander in Chief - would gain extraordinary powers.

Are these riots all a part of a plan? As they say, the question isn't if you are paranoid but if you're paranoid enough.


Anonymous said...


Re a couple above posts, you should know that both Twitter and Facebook are government honeypots. They were actually designed for precisely this sole purpose, and anyone with very conservative political and social views posting to these NSA and other government agency listening posts has got to be out of his/her mind.

Google and Microsoft have been in bed with this Nazi government since their inception, otherwise they would have been shot right out of the water a long time ago. For all we know, computers are now manufactured to fingerprint every single buyer directly to that machine with hidden coding that makes it impossible to even stay invisible to your ISP. Even TOR has many exit nodes likely controlled and used by our now Nazi government.

It's no accident that you can no longer even get an email account without giving them your cell phone number which effectively stops almost all anonymous posting. Once they got your IP, they have a key to your front door with one call to your ISP. Never forget this boys and girls. ISPs now spill the beans on VPN users without even a court order, much less an ordinary user with his REAL IP ass hanging out there.

Learn to post to this site using TOR, and aabsolutely stay away from any political forum where you cannot post totally anonymously. The day may soon come when you regret it - and big time.

Just a word to the wise.

Thank God we at least Hve this site and PK who has a set of nuts on him like no one I have ever seen on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Release Slager!

Steve Smith said...

Sad to say, but this scenario will be coming to a city near you much, much sooner than you think. Time to wake up from our slumber!

Anonymous said...

For all the admitters of voting in BRA, what in the hell were you knuckleheads thinking????????? My God!!! You guys are part of the problem that is now in OUR laps!!!!! Did you magically think Obama was going to a great job? Knowing he had zero experience in politics other than orhanizing communities. Just what in the hell possessed you to vote for such a miserable empty suit????? O has done a great job of making our country worse! Let another liberal be POTUS and who knows....... Maybe we can become 4th class citizens.

Sheila said...

Those who voted for Obama -

No, I cannot forgive you, sorry. Not because of Obama - he's merely the symptom. What I cannot forgive is the utter credulity with which you accepted the perversion of reality your eyes saw but your brain denied. All the evidence, all the studies, all the experiences of racial differences - nullified in your mind. All the public appearances, all the pubic utterances, the incredible preponderance of evidence of what Obama and his cohort believed in and intended to do again denied, because of your refusal to accept reality. That is what I cannot and will not accept. Your apology is, no doubt, sincere . . . for now. Would I then trust you to have my back, when confronted by those exceptions so beloved of IKAGOs? No, I don't believe I would.

Anonymous said...

Now, now. No need to harangue one other over politics. Unless you really believe "W" and Cheney were great benefactors to the white middle class and McCain/Palin were primed to continue the building of our nation, in which case you could be ascribed as also being one with head in rear. Obama the moderate mulatto did seem possibly tolerable back then but as we have seen a lot can go wrong in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I got to thinking after someone mentioned Nat Turner and his rebellion. History is written by those with an agenda. Even Josephus tended to show the Jewish people in a good light. Rarely do you see historians damn their own kind…except with white people. I don’t follow Negro historians, but I would bet they tend to show Negroes as the downtrodden exploited people. Nat Turner’s group committed atrocities against white men, women, and children, yet he is lauded as a hero in the African community in America. Even streets are named after him probably paid for with white tax dollars! Historians, who are white liberals, or jingoistic blacks, show the rebellion as a result of the injustices done to Nat Turner and his companions. They ignore the atrocities done to the women and children. It doesn’t fit the way they want to view things.

How will historians view the riot in Baltimore concerning Freddie Gray? It depends on who the historian are! Most historians are liberal and will focus on the way Gray died and the perceived idea that police are biased against blacks because of their race. They will not focus on the Negro attacks on innocent white people and those who were seriously injured or terrorized, but they will focus on the idea that the riot was justified because of the injustices done to the Negro.

Remember the line some people used in the corridors of the stadium, the news reported some viewed the riot with consternation and others with understanding. One thing the liberal news left out was the proportion of people who viewed the event with consternation versus understanding. I posit that most thinking white people would view the event with consternation (also the majority of people.) However by omitting the breakdown, the paper gave equality to each view with no one side predominating over the other. Future “liberal or Negro” historians will say that most people were supporting of the riot based on what the news gave us. Because the numbers were not given, historians can tweak the event to fit the model THEY want to show.

The reason that Nat Turner is now lauded as a hero, and that many of the inventions made by whites are attributed to Negro input is because Negro and white liberal historians have decided that is the way it happened, and by GOD it will stay that way if they have anything to do with it. If all historians are liberals, they will tweak the truth to say blacks invented the light bulb, Calculus, and modern physics. Logic says otherwise when you see a race of people who belong in banana trees, but Negro and liberal historians don’t give a shit about facts. Only their facts matter!

Ricky in Cali said...

Pat your writing is wonderful I always read your posts! True, I believe it's either to impose martial law because we're fighting each other or to impose it because the public is fighting the police. Two paths that lead to the same destination. All I can think of because I can't come up with any other reason why this would be pushed down our throats as often as it is?

Anonymous said...

Sitting on the boat right beside you Sheila. Wouldn't even begin to know what the O supporters could do to make their transgressions right.

Anonymous said...

Want to find out what many white people think of negroes.


Yes YTs true feeling can be found there.


Anonymous said...

It's been pointed out that one of black people's seemingly endless number of mental weaknesses is a much greater tendency to become schizophrenic.
If schizophrenia is defined as being split from reality with the resulting delusional mental state, then how mentally healthy is America?

To me, black America looks aggressively schizophrenic.
White America seems passively schizophrenic.

Schizophrenics find reality extremely painful and America is going to need a mega-dose of pain if we're going to stabilize and improve our racial situation and survive in a better land than BRA.

Anonymous said...

Listen up folks, this is from the great Ozzia Saffa, a voice of experience in South Africa:

Lime Lite said...
If you look at what South Africa looks like today, then know America's future. Unfortunately, American Whites chose not to side with the Whites in South Africa when we were fighting the traitors who eventually sold us out to the Marxist communist terrorists called the ANC, led by the murdering terrorist Mandela. Instead the USA lectured us on what we needed to do to have sanctions lifted and how to act "democratically". Well, you can only have "democracy" when you have an educated, well informed electorate. Both of which South Africa lacks - hence why the ANC have been voted in repeatedly by these dumb-ass people since 1994. All the ANC has to say is "Apartheid" and the dumb-asses vote for them again and again.

And so South Africa is no more. It is now a cesspit of corrupt, criminal African Black gangsters, being run into the ground as every other Black-run country has been run. Their best buddies are the White liberal self-haters, who would sell out their own Mother's to feel warm and fuzzy inside. They are our true enemies - not the low-IQ'd Blacks.

But, when will the White race learn? That is the question.

South Africa is gone and the USA will follow soon. So will the UK - all the countries which sold out the Whites of South Africa.

April 27, 2015 at 1:37 AM

Anonymous said...


An above poster said, "Want to find out what many white people think of negroes."

Sir, If most of us actually SAID what we would like to see done about the nigrah problem in this country, the Secret Service would round us all up like lambs to the slaughter.

Goodbye Holder, welcome Loretta Lynch - reflect on that last name a bit. If these people could do what they WANT to do right now, I would be heading to some remote forest in Alaska.

It's nopw Jim Crow America, except it's Anglos who are now no longer welcome.

10mm AUTO said...

We are in serious trouble if the Police have decided that the only option is "to observe and stand down". However, these are the orders they were given.

Please carry a high capacity pistol. Have a rifle or heavy shotgun at home Locked up but at the ready. For those who can afford it, a nice vacation home might be a good idea.

Of course the best idea is for those with the will and the means to "Take the Gap" and head for the Northwest Republic, get a job up here and not have to deal with the Orcs till we have the strength to do so.

I can only imagine what those White men were thinking in the restaurant, but those with balls seemed to be grabbing chairs and preparing to defend themselves. The DWL's were screaming to each other and fingering their crystals and preparing to sacrifice themselves to the Orcs.

As one observer has noted, this is not 1992; they are burning and trashing OUTSIDE of da 'Hood now, in White areas.

Sorry, but I am going to resist, all the way to the Pot.

Anonymous said...

I am in complete shock at the events in Baltimore, and Ferguson was nearly as shocking.

Big mobs assemble for the distinct goals of destroying property, and looting, and assaulting whites and what is the response?

The President publicly sides with the mob. The Attorney General gives the military ordere to ALLOW the rioting. The Governor gives the order to ALLOW the riots. White cops just stand and watch rioting negroes rampage. White citizens just stand by and watch fellow whites get assaulted. The media either refuses to report on any of it or paints the vicious destructive mob as heroes.

This is like living in The Twilight Zone. As soon as a mob starts FORMING the police should start surrounding them and warning of arrests. Actual violence should be the green light for the authorities to start firing tear gas, unleashing dogs, and using firehoses, and of course as many arrests as possible. Then when the lawsuits start coming in, they should be immediately dismissed.

This is what would have happened in any city not long ago.

To watch a Mayor calmly explain that the riots were given permission to destroy is outrageous. The INS companies should all sue the Mayor to recover their damages. The Mayor should be arrested and removed from Office TODAY.

Imagine what these blacks are going to do when the Trial ends and the Jury has learnd that Walter Scott was lawfully shot because he used the cop's taser on him.

The Federal and State gov's along with the media, are teaching blacks that they have nothing to fear when they decide to start riots and loot entire cities. And they are being taught to fight the cops, run from the cops, and turn every black criminal into a martyr.

Isn't it illegal to incentivize violence?

I THOUGHT mob action, rioting and looting were illegal too, but evidently they're fine as long as black people are angry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Want to find out what many white people think of negroes.


Yes YTs true feeling can be found there.


April 27, 2015 at 10:38 AM

I just did check out the Rants and Raves section of Baltimore Craigslist. There were quite a few good posts there by realists. I liked this one the most:

ATTENTION ALL YARD APES ! (baltimore city)

Anonymous said...

Here two other great posts from the Baltimore Craigslist Rants and Raves section:

Ohhh.............. (Baltimore Tourism)

re;Apr 27 We planned on visiting Baltimore. - (Dallas) [x]

Awakened White said...

MMP, gosh, didn't know that story, your right though it will be the department of human sacrifice that will be during the SHTF. Don't go quietly in the night.

Anonymous said...

And that pos mayor and her merry band of primates ordered the cops to stand down in order to give these thugs their 'space'. The cops sat there and watched a white family get their car doors ripped off while the kids in the back were crying their heads off. The same with those white patrons enjoying the ball game at a pub when the rioters descended upon them, hurling bottles and rocks at them, including a helpless woman in a wheel chair! This mayor needs to be jailed or sued for this gross negligence. These people are nothing but animals, the whole lot of them!

Brooklyn born said...

Watching the live feed from Baltimore. High schools let out and the Dindus are rioting attacking cops. destroying parked cars, and looting. Cops are retreating, being told to stand down by the Nigger Hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

This is just the opening salvo. What these incidents serve as (Ferguson, Baltimore, etc...) is to set a precedent in every city with a sizable black population. Most of these cities are just waiting for a fuse to blow. Every time one of these things happen, it encourages it, especially when it is not instantly and aggressively put down.

There are over 300 million Americans, 40 million who are black. Police daily arrest and interact with these populations, and occasional isolated casualties happen given those kinds of numbers. Every city must be on high alert when a black is inevitably killed, because that city's population will erupt.

We aren't even into summer yet.

Ricky Tucker said...

Every payday I get 2 Pmags or 3 boxes of ammo. They may get me but it won't be because I ran out of ammo.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that these animals carry on through life with various mental and physical deformities due to inbreeding. These sows are having 4-5 keeds with the same amount of fathers, it's only a matter of time before they start messing with their chromosomes. It's time to sterilize these freaks before it literally becomes the zombie apocalypse!

Anonymous said...

If this continues on through the spring and summer, they will most certainly will, with or without the police. This animalistic behaviour is to heinous for the msm to conceal and it's about to reach the tipping point for YT tolerance!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those were the last words uttered by that Mississippi teen who was burned alive? Oh that's right, she named the perpetrator and yet there still hasn't been an arrest! The Feds know exactly who did it and are doing their best to conceal it. I can only wonder why?

Other Realist in MA said...

Great to be back in the US again. Came home to find a family of 4 from Gardner, MA had all become race realists. They were in a restaurant outside of Camden Yards when everything went to hell. Dad still looked freaked out by the whole thing. Keep it up BRA, keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not to mention how retarded these little bastards turn out due to generation after generation of inbreeding. These sows are humping their own family, but are too stupid to even understand the concept of broken down genes. Sterilize the whole lot of them, if we're to have any chance as a human race!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Damn, I didn't even realize these riots were going on. I just lumped this dead thug-beast in with all the other dead thug-beasts.

Rioting for "Justice" is just another fad in the black community, like Air Jordans and the Fire Challenge. It'll burn itself out soon enough. People are already jaded with it".

April 26, 2015 at 11:26 PM

You've been sleeping for far too long & you're wrong. This time it is different. This time the Black-run govt is on their side & these feral Black fools really believe that they can take over the US & no-one is gonna tell them otherwise. Blacks will only be forced to stop when White Americans really start to realize that they are at risk of losing their country and up the ante by taking to the streets in a strong & determined manner. The time for public protest by White Americans has most definitely arrived & if they don't take united public action NOW to protest against BRA's abuse of their civil rights then they never will.

Whites will then see if BRA is as tolerant of White aspirations as they are of the feral Blacks thugs who BRA has allowed to take over the streets of the USA. This should in itself herald a major awakening of White consciousness.


Gwoobus Harmon said...

Hey wait a second, the blacks on my TV screen are acting nothing like the scripted ones from commercials, movies, and TV shows!!

Lots of "unarmed teens" too, you know the kind you are supposed to have knee jerk sympathy for.

So much "opportunity youth" on display!

Anonymous said...

The black destruction of many of our cities (including Newburgh, NY which is where my family is from) slowly crept up on white people until is was too late. This is what is going to happen to our race. I am 53, so hopefully I won't live to see this happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but if you honestly believe the msm will ever uncover the atrocities commited by the 14 percentile, I have a bridge to sell you.

MMP said...

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST it again in Baltimore...Throwing rocks at cop cars (with cops in them) and the cops do nothing !!!!!!!!!

The cops have good intel that some gangs have plans to kill cops....Yet they can't do anything to prevent it, as that would be profiling.

This is EXACTLY the emasculation of the police I was speaking of.....And only emboldens the groids more.

Gonna be a BAD week....sharptongue will be there this week to lead a 2 day march to DC (where the fuck are they going to stay at night?). Are the nogs gonna call in sick? Take vacation time? Naw...already on the dole.

A 50 mile march by groids !!!!!! This I have to see....I hope it's televised live :)

Could this be the black version of Shermans march thru the South? Burn, loot & pillage?

At this point I'll lay 2 to 1 odds there'll be marshal law in Baltimore by the end of the week....With goods odds on another nog or 2 killed by cops.

This is gonna get REAL interesting.

Anonymous said...

P.keep.what I saw made me sick inside all these young strong white men cowering in fear only a couple fought back,no one tried to help the poor woman in the wheelchair,I'm no hero but I would've stomped a mud hole in somebody's black ass,before I went down,every white male that stood by and did nothing,you are a disgrace to your race and gender... Royal oak dude..

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Maybe all that's needed is honesty in the media.

You *are* aware of just who's running the whole mass media mind-control machine,aren't ya?

Brooklyn born said...

Sheboon Mayor of Baltimore Verbatim :! "Give them Space to destroy"

Watching them calmly loot a CVS while the cops STAND 100 FEET AWAY, doing nothing!

Anonymous said...

You have a bolshevik government and just as the bolsheviks planned to wipe out the hated European race in Europe the are planning and implementing you're genocide in the states. It's important we tell the truth. NAZI's would hardly try to.destroy the European race would they? But Bolsheviks have already murdered over a hundred million of us. Rob

MMP said...

Live stream from Baltimore

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post!

Awakened White said...

breaking now, live feed Cat 5 in Baltinomore.

rent slave said...

45 years ago next Monday,Ohio Gov.Jim Rhodes had the solution.

PB said...

Standing against the Orcs is one thing, but dealing with the traitors within your midst is quite another. Disunity is death, and there are plenty of traitors out there (media, Police higher-ups, politicians of all kinds and species, but mostly media).

Anonymous said...

Dear people who voted for 0bola:

If you are sincerely sorry, please post sticky-notes with this blog's website printed on it all over your local grocery stores/gas-stations/malls/etc.

Nut up, or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Police under attack in Baltimore; sounds as if they have no permission to credibly defend themselves against rioters....

Anonymous said...

Saw a picture yesterday of several young White people in Baltimore "protesting" (peacefully, of course) in sympathy with he Angry Groids. They appeared to be weaklings and wishful-thinkers, make that magical-thinkers. It would a pretty damn iconic picture of White Surrender in BRA if you care to look it up. Might be worthy of a separate article just in itself...

rent slave said...

Orioles game postponed.

Anonymous said...

I believe that in a way these riots are good. It may be the catalyst to awaken a sleeping giant.

It may finally stir the emotions of white people to the injustices done to their own kind. Blacks are nothing more than barbaric animals.

I do wish there were something more we could do for our white brothers and sisters from South Africa. Their situation must be dire as South Africa’s population is overwhelmingly Negro, and we as a nation forced their people into the ANC’s hands.

Some have spoke about the men in the diner in Baltimore. The reason they did not help is because we have made even standing up to Negroes for an injustice classified racist. They are always right; we are always wrong. No matter what happens, white people are at fault. We all know this is complete bullshit, but our white brothers still sitting on the fence need to wake up. I’m sure the men in the diner have a new found respect for black realism. Here is what they need to understand: we either stand up to the black thugs like men, or we will die.

I hope the women at RT TV is now aware what the blacks are like inside: pure unadulterated evil who hate her with a passion because she is white. I hope RT TV will do a documentary on the evil nature of black America and why whites must separate themselves from these barbaric cretins.

What we need is a charismatic leader to offer us the solution! I hope he comes soon! The first thing would be to take away their right to vote. They don’t deserve it because they have been nothing but a burden to this nation. I would give them no rights at all. I would not allow young blacks in shopping malls, or to gather in large groups. I would make sure not a one could breed. This would be a good start to a solution.

Anonymous said...

"What if"...What if our country was only made up on American native indians and those who immigrated legally? What if we were only made up of people who were descendants of those who love the land, or loved the idea of coming here so much they did whatever they could to come here and work and make a life for themselves? Or what if we stopped paying people who don't produce anything but more mouths to feed (and grief and crime) to stop producing those curses onus? What if?

Anonymous said...

Chattanooga gal, omg can't stop laughing! Priceless...and to think at age 11 to kill a mockingbird was my favorite book. Yours is much better!

Anonymous said...

There is a massive military drill spanning 7 states this spring and summer. All the shills are out in force attacking anyone who points out this exercise, comparing it to Robin Sage, etc. Check it out. Now, add this to all the craziness since Fergadishu,now baltimore, and solving the equation is easier. Weaponized negroes+ massive violence,looting and "civil un-rest" on citywide scales= martial law.
There are also many other links available to investigate. Search Jade Helm 15. Thnk about it. Prepare my friends, prepare.

Mr. Turner

Unknown said...

MMP said...

At this point I'll lay 2 to 1 odds there'll be marshal law in Baltimore by the end of the week...


Breaking news:

Obama just pledged help from the Federal Government for the riots.

Watch live feed here:


Live briefing from their mayor at 7:30pm EST.

National Guard units spotted on 695 eastbound.

I'm going to the store for some snacks.

Anonymous said...

Anon April 26, 2015 at 10:26 PM:-

"What are you missing out on by staying away from them? Exactly."

Wow, I literally JUST had this conversation with my father. He thinks I "hate" blacks because I refuse to be anywhere near them. He just can't understand it, and really seems to subscribe to the paint job theory, despite living in one of the blackest and most dangerous Southern cities. But he's a big Fox News watcher and subscribes to all of the mainstream media: "conservative" edition propaganda.

I don't think I've ever been so furious, because he told me that I "have" to allow my precious children to get used to them and be around them. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. He didn't go to school with any blacks, so he has no idea. He also said that in 50 years we'll all be mixed and apparently that's fine and dandy with him! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, seeing as he did date one once, but that was his stupid choice and I'd disown my children if they ever did that. All this, while the news shows them rioting and looting in Baltimurder.

Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind. How can people be so blind? None of the facts I've brought up make a difference, he really thinks I "have to change". Nope, not gonna happen.

-Gray Ghost

MMP said...

Revised odds

Gov. has declared a State of Emergency, and the NG is being sent in

10:1 martial law by morning.

They can't burn everything, gotta save some for sharptongue.

Anonymous said...

Good piece of writing, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is a massive military drill spanning 7 states this spring and summer. All the shills are out in force attacking anyone who points out this exercise, comparing it to Robin Sage, etc. Check it out. Now, add this to all the craziness since Fergadishu,now baltimore, and solving the equation is easier. Weaponized negroes+ massive violence,looting and "civil un-rest" on citywide scales= martial law.
There are also many other links available to investigate. Search Jade Helm 15. Thnk about it. Prepare my friends,

Bogubobsky warned us about this. He said the Republicons would team up with the squids and directed by the TWNMNBM would declare marshall law. Everything has the fingerprints of the Kentucky undertaker and the Pink Palmetto Pony all over it. Also the Coke brothers.

Denise said...

The Negress "Mayor" was just on air, saying her earlier remarks were "mis-reported".

Sure they were!

Anonymous said...

This has probably already been said, but when the inevitable bullets start flying in the direction of the police, one or two police officers may die. That seems to be the pattern that is developing. Also, the ludicrous actions of Democratic Party operatives are on cue. What is new in this case is the guard being deployed so early. Obama may try to federalize the troops to prevent them from deploying, or ordering them to remain unarmed. Whatever the higher-ups decide, the murder of a cop- if it happens- will result in some pretty fierce retaliation. I presume Baltimore's remaining economy is going to fall off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

I am frightened. It's horrible.

Anonymous said...


yahoo news

Obama criticizes black deaths by police, rioters and society

WASHINGTON (AP) — Urging Americans to "do some soul-searching," President Barack Obama expressed deep frustration Tuesday over recurring black deaths at the hands of police, rioters responding with senseless violence and a society that will only "feign concern" without addressing the root causes.
Associated Press44 mins ago

Anonymous said...

Huzzah. One thing that kilt ol Dixie was the 'one drop' rule. Too many 'whites' were being born into bondage. It had to go.

Anonymous said...

To Proud to be Confederate--
Would you mind naming a few of those black blogs that you speak of? I have gone to a few, but would love to have specific ones to read.
L in Atl-hell

juvenal said...

Of one extremely smart,and ruthless individual would be to successfully rally a large number of people to his side, he could very possibly become the undisputed leader of this country. And it wouldn't matter what the level of education or lack of connections that he might possess.

juvenal said...

There's plenty of evidence to suggest a connection between the same agitators in Ferguson that are now in Baltimore. Coincidence indeed. Recall the speech made by Chairman O during his first candidacy about the need for a" civilian defense corp" and also homeland securities purchasing of more than two billion rounds of hollow point ammo and armored Apcs. Time to connect the dots.

juvenal said...

Exactly right. "What goes around comes around."

juvenal said...

" Race together" indeed.

Mr. Rational said...

So what would segregation look like in practice?

Whatever's needed to protect civilization from the Black Menace™.

Do you strip blacks of their American citizenship so they can't vote, hold elected office, be protected under the constitution, or get passports?

Or something like that.  When Blacks attain political power, that predicts the collapse of civilization in that area (Detroit, Baltimore, wherever).  The conclusion is that Blacks must be forbidden political power, including the vote; there must be nothing to be gained by pandering to their demands.  The authors of Jim Crow were right.  Next question?

How much black blood can a person have before he's allowed to be in a "white" area?

Maybe we can characterize "ni**erwhining" well enough to decide, besides obvious disqualifiers like violence-prone MAOA genes.

IMHO, black people had to be freed, given basic voting rights and legal protection, and given the ability to sink or swim on their own merits as equal members of society.

Nope.  Things Whites consider fundamental, like voting rights and legal protection, are alien to the African.  "Big man rule" is the default among Africans, and there are no rights or protections under autocrats.  This is why they are not equal in fact and should never have been so in law.  They cannot uphold their duties as citizens.

This whole series of events looks like it is being orchestrated. The purpose of 'Community Organizing' is political change through public riots.

The use of violence for political ends is terrorism.  Soros, Holder and Obama are terrorists.

Anonymous said...

For those who comment. It's martial law, not marshall law. Martial law is rule by military force, Marshall law is Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty shooting up the main street of Dodge City with shotguns.