Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Tyranny of "Black Lives Matter"

Time magazine has put "three of the most profound words to enter America's lexicon" - 'Black Lives Matter' - on its most recent cover (April 20, 2015).

If "Black Lives Matter" were true, St. Louis wouldn't need the "Put Down the Pistolcampaign to try and convince black people from shooting one another. 
No, they don't. If they did, an organization called Black on Black Crime Inc. wouldn't exist in Cleveland, Ohio

If "Black Lives Matter" had any veracity behind the so-called "three of the most profound words to enter America's lexicon," then the city of Cleveland, Ohio wouldn't need the anticrime group Black on Black Crime Inc

Every city in America with a sizable black population has a non-profit (often times more than one competing for local, state, and federal grants) dedicated to stopping the violence in the black community, but Time magazine doesn't include this in their cover story. Or this important quote from Black on Black Crime Inc. (sounds like an organization working to proliferate and profit of crime directed at blacks...) Director, Art McKoy
The most recent FBI crime statistics list Cleveland as the 5th most dangerous city in America. 
"This is a tale of two cities. One is downtown that we love. We love it, but the other tale of the city is, the community is going down, down, down and crime is going up, up, up. There is no way, Scott Taylor, our city should be ranked at number five in the country with crime. It's a shame," said community activist Art McKoy. 
McKoy, with the group Black on Black Crime, believes City Hall has forgotten about neighborhoods. He believes this summer could be a blood bath. 
Officials at City Hall believe new FBI numbers due out later this year should improve Cleveland's status. 
"We have taken it on the chin in a few areas and rightfully so. When we see there is a flaw and there is an issue at hand, we need to address it and I think we do a very good job of that," said Dan Williams, spokesman for Mayor Frank Jackson. 
The Cleveland Police Union has one possible answer to lower neighborhood crime: Get officers back working a beat. 
"We actually have introduced some ideas to get us back in schools and back in neighborhoods but you can't do that if you are doing run to run to run," said Union president Steve Loomis.
"... believes this summer could be a blood bath."

Not because of white cops shooting unarmed black people, but because of armed black people using guns as a means to kill and maim other black people; acts of violence working to make large parts of Cleveland uninhabitable. 

The same goes for St. Louis, where black pastors continue to tend to their violent flock by leading marches against violence
St. Louis has seen lots of crime in the past month. From fatal shootings involving adults to even young children, no one has been exempt from the violence. 
That's why pastors and community members in West St. Louis gathered Saturday morning for a march to end gun violence. About 50 people came out for the event.
Many called it a march for peace. 
"It's a wakeup call for us to understand that it's really real out here,” said Felicia Reece who added that her two sons were robbed last year at a gas station. 
It's a big reason why she supports the movement to end the violence. 
"If we learn to work with one another, to help one another in the community, I think it will be a better place,” she said. 
It all comes on the heels of a violent week, during "Holy Week," the days leading up to Easter. 
"There was a murder in St. Louis every night. From Monday to even Saturday morning,” said Rev. Spencer Booker of St. Paul Church. 
Rev. Booker along with other pastors from African Methodist Episcopal churches throughout the community all agreed that the prayer walk is their way of putting a stop to it all. 
"We're showing we care and these are our streets and this is our neighborhoods and we plan on taking it back,” said Rev. Clinton Stancil.
"... the days leading up to Easter... There was a murder in St. Louis every night. From Monday to even Saturday morning..."

Black Lives Matter? 


You want us to believe this? 

Because the following programs wouldn't exist if they did matter to other black people: 

Newark, Camden, Nashville, Charleston, Miami, Birmingham, Detroit, and Minneapolis all have similar programs to try and stop the bloodshed and mayhem black people are creating/maintaining across America... and we are told by Time magazine "Black Lives Matter."

George Orwell's three maxims of the party controlling Oceania in 1984 are: 
War is Peace. 
Freedom is Slavery. 
Ignorance is Strength.
But these three word slogans forming the political philosophy of Orwell's nightmarish vision for the future have nothing on the tyranny of our time: "Black Lives Matter."

For these three words reinforce the notion all of America is now a Room 101 for all of those who can see


Anonymous said...

Charlotte Realist here.

This could be a real turning point. If you review the web, comments, forums and boards, YT is waking up. Negro Fatigue grows. Heck, I would be regarded by DWL as far more racist than I was just 5 years ago. Many of my friends and all of my various family consider niggers to be scum and the point is obvious and understood by all. Admittedly, some probably harbored such viewpoints, but they were silent on them years ago. I kinda hate to use this analogy, but it's like the creationists. A few years ago, nobody would admit that they believed the Earth was 5k years old and the sky fairy made us out of dirt. Now they get together and demand the school teach Sky Fairyism as Science.

Maybe everybody is becoming that way, more willing to toss standards of speech and say what they mean.

Anyway, a lot of people are going to see this cover and say "Bull$hit!" I think Time has walked out on a limb much further than they realize. Because they too are trapped by this weird thing we have going on where we are more prone to speak our minds. If you are more likely to speak your mind and really do not have one, this becomes much more apparent to all. "Best to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

Pissed off in PA said...

Lets see how many groids by this issue of Time. Like all liberal media,Time will make sure it is never the fault of groids for their actions and resulting consequences. I for one try to boycott any publication, business or any form of commerce that champions the groid. I belong to private clubs that restrict membership to the type and color of people that I want to associate with. If all of that makes me a racist, I say good for me. I prefer to be known as a realist.

Anonymous said...

CR Part II:

Upon reflection, I wonder if this really is the proposed cover. Even for Time, this seems quit a big step. While they are huge libtards, they also get raises and bonuses based on circulation and ad revenue. If that all tanks because of an impressively stupid cover, they will not only not get raises or bonuses, they'll get sacked.

I doubt this is the actual cover. Strangely I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. However, I find it very easy to believe that there are many in Time who would love to run such a cover.

Anonymous said...

White Lives Don't Matter.

Whites need to band together and start an organization or the NAACP for the orcs.

Just watched a video, taken at a Louisiana Burger King. A White customer asked for a refund because a milkshake was disgusting. The Orc employee was rude, vulgar, and eventually assaulted the White customer.

We all know what the results would be if it had been a White employee doing that to an Orc customer.

I honestly think orcs will never understand what their real problems are. Look at before the time of slavery and during slavery. The orc tribes were always fighting other tribes, enslaving other tribes and eating other tribes. They are true savages, and orcs today seem to be digressing and reverting back to their ancestors cannibal behavior.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Here in Craplanta back in the early 90s they had the "STOP The Violence" media campaign(STOP was always in capitals).Local stations would air endless commercials with local groid "leaders",local tv personalities and anonymous groids right off the street holding up their palm to the camera and proclaiming "STOP the violence and put down yo' weapon!"(pronounced wea-in in groidspeak)and one of those commercials in particular I remember was some shegroid holding her toddler son and saying he was "on the endangered list"(the "black male may as well be on the endangered list" was everywhere then).

Of course,no mention was ever made that the violence they wanted to stop was black on black,and as usual nothing was said about black on white violence.

Btw I haven't owned a Tv since 2010 and have no plans to ever own another.

rent slave said...

The guy who used to live downstairs from me still has TIME delivered to where I live.I got this issue yesterday and blacked out the V.

Mr. Rational said...

Lets see how many groids by this issue of Time.

Buy a magazine?  How many of them can read?

Today's situation is hilarious.  In the antebellum South, it was often against the law to teach a slave to read.  Slaves studied surreptitiously.  In 1954 we got Brown vs. Board of Education to desegregate schools in the pursuit of equal education.

Today?  Today, learning anything is "acting White" and actively eschewed.

Whiskey said...

Nicholas Stix at VDARE views this as a way to purge White cops out of the police forces. I would add, and allow Black criminals (about what, 75% of the Black male population if you believe the line about that percentage being under "judicial supervision") to avoid any real consequence from the law from their actions. [Consequences from OTHER Black criminals is another thing.]

Look at this way. Obama and the Dems cannot deliver more money to Black voters. They can however purge Whites out the Police force allowing would-be Officer Rafael Perez types (the centerpiece of the 1990s LAPD Rampart Divsion Scandal -- diversity hire affirmative action cops with gang backgrounds unsurprisingly became cop-hitmen-for-hire and such, all Black or Hispanic or like Perez both).

For Dems, its a win-win. Probably just more in the roaring withdrawal of Whites from any and all public spaces. Steve Sailer has a piece up on how the NYT wants to get rid of those nice White lady teachers and replace them with say, Rachel Jenteal.

Ricky In Cali said...

As Charlotte Realist mentioned above, there are thousands of people that are waking up and you can see them in the forums online. Yahoo, Huffington Post, Vox, regardless of how hard the Liberals try to brow beat you with Saint Negro the masses are getting tired of it and you can see it on the comments online. Try reading the new Hilary Clinton articles, they are trying to prop her up to be the next Messiah and the general public is tearing her a new asshole. The moderators can not delete the comments fast enough to fit their Liberal agenda.

Anyhoo, we knew this South Carolina incident was a tough one and Time Magazine just opened up the shitter here as there is no way on Gods green earth this man will get a fair trial. With a headline like that we should just sentence him right now! There is another story floating around today about a 73-year old Oklahoma cop who shot another fleeing Dindoo Nuffin but the cop said “he thought he was reaching for his taser but accidentally reached for his gun”. He fired one shot at the Dindoo but now people are screaming bloody murder. Another case of aspiring rapper gone wrong I’m sure.

OT before I finish, there was an article a few days ago that really hit home for me. The headline was “White backlash as colonial statue comes down in South Africa”. (Google it if you like). Black students were celebrating the fall of a statue of Cecil Rhodes. It says “cheers went up as a crane removed the huge bronze statue who students perceived as a symbol of white oppression. Some students slapped the statue as it came down ululating the cries of 'amandla' (power) while others threw red paint on the statue”. When I saw this statue for some reason I got a quick glimpse of the United States year 2100 on the track that we’re on.

Anonymous said...

Time making a judgment call before all the facts are known, just like with Michael Brown. Witnesses and more released video are showing more of the reality about 50 yr old "teen" who actually physically resisted,fought with the cop, and did grab the cop's taser and probably shot it at the cop. At least one site is looking for and getting information that has been kept selectively hushed. Try the The media doesn't want any truth that shows the black male acting criminal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Mainstream Riot Inciters are at it again with their snap judgements and conclusion jumping. It is quite obvious that to the Mainstream Riot Inciters and their owners, who are they (?), White lives do not matter! While the mainstream riot inciters incite the next wave of riots, they just might be inciting a race war. Congratulations anti-white Mainstream Riot inciters and anti-white consolidated media cartel owners. The media cartel owners obviously intend to destroy whites. They are themselves a kind of nazi.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the ultimate black hypocrisy.

There is no problem with violence, cause, as we've all heard, every community has some bad apples.

But, the community needs money, and help to stop all the violence.

Maybe I just missed all the gun fights and anti-violence marches in my white neighborhood as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Realist here (yet again):

I moved from downtown (uptown in local nomenclature) North to the outskirts of Lake Norman about a year ago. The traffic up here has become insane over the past 12 months! I attribute a big chunk of it to folks fleeing Charlotte.

I do believe that Negro Fatigue is far more pronounced than many realize. If I am right, this could be interesting as Center City Charlotte is experiencing an apartment-building boom! If YT flees all those new apartments, the developer will have two choices - kick the nogs out of center city or rent to them. Don't forget, nogs are the political power in Charlotte now.

Should be an interesting summer. Oh, and they have this light rail thing. Starting in 2017, it will have three stops in the ghetto, bringing the trash from Hidden Valley to the heart of town. That should work well, lol.

Anonymous said...

Fan the flames MSM, all you're doing with your newspeak is making more race realists everyday. "Thoughtcrime" seems to be a failing policy and being the Marxists that you are you won't stop. Keep it up, continue to overplay your false hand. YT thanks you.

Great post PK, I really like the 1984 anologies.

I've said this before but this is just waiving the bloody shirt in another time and place. Waive it long enough and the Red Shirts or an organization similar to it may come into existence again. Waive the bloody shirt, continue to help YT and pals wake up to the nonsense that is BRA, you didn't learn from your mistakes last time and history does repeat itself.

SC Native

jetsgiants said...

Paul Kersey can u do stories
About the hypocrisy
Of dwl' s. Not living blacks and keeping them selves segregated from them like they do on the upper westside of Manhattan ?especially
riverside and west end ave and protected
By there doormen and concierge
Thanks JP

Anonymous said...

OT somewhat

I haven't really noticed a difference in the local Orcs here in SC since the shooting. Besides a few protestors in North Charleston nothing seems to be different. Could it be that the locals aren't really concerned or is it that the professional agitators haven't beat the war drums and issued a call to arms? Perhaps that'll wait until the trial/sham occurs.

I do wonder about this since SC didn't have really any violence when integration was forced on us years ago. The only thing that comes to mind is the Orangeburg "Massacre" and that was just a flash in the pan. All in all we haven't had any major organized violence along these lines since reconstruction. I don't know why but the negroes don't seem upset, yet.

I can imagine Holder or whoever that negress is next in line bitching about tanks to our state government. Except for Miss Lindsey the answer would probably be pretty funny. It's really ironic that Tim Scott is by far our best senator. It's a strange strange world.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

We woke up too late and missed the last train.

Now what?

Anonymous said...

time magazine is a f-cking joke.. They have no journalistic integrity.

Anonymous said...

The controlled media is full of shit. The real problem is the stupid public that can't see through all the bullshit. I enjoy hearing about the people that are starting to wake up, but there are a lot of people out there with the brain of a dog turd.

Why would anybody care about "teens" shooting and killing each other. Have you notice that these lily white libs don't live anywhere near black people. A lot live in nice yuppieville areas that now use private cops for security.

These "peace marches" seem to increase the violence the way the "war on drugs" increased the use of drugs. We know with the warmer weather we will see some nice body counts in the gang infested cities. These street slugs don't give a rats ass about black lives. They consider fellow blacks as targets. Let the killing begin.

Julie said...

Black lives do matter. Sadly, our police departments don't care about the lives of black people. If you read the news and watch the TV news, you know that out police are always killing young black males. It is an epidemic and it is happening every single day.

Why are the police harassing black people? It is against the rules to begin with. They always think black people are guilty and then they become violent.

All of us who understand the bigotry want just one thing, more African-american police. The right thing to do now is to remove white men from the police departments. They can be retrained for other work, maybe with the Army or with community centers. But if we had Afro-american police throughout the country things would be different.

African-americans have a very sensitive understanding of the community. They would not hurt people like these white policeman do. They understand the struggle that black people face and would not first shot them.

This is such a simple change we could make. Imagine if you were stopped by a policeman, but instead of a mean and hateful white person, it was an African-american who would try to help you. That's all we want.

Anonymous said...

Don't defend officer Slagle.

He stupidly murdered someone who was running away from him.

No matter what video shows the Negro doing preceding the shooting, once he started running away, the cop is not allowed to shoot him in the back.

This dumb cop is going to prison, and deservedly so. If he was so fed up dealing with ignorant, violent Negroes that all he could think to do was to shoot one in the back, he should have just quit the force instead.

Again, I don't give a wet fart about the dead Dindu. Good riddance.

I, however, care very deeply about how far race realism has been set back by this shooting.
The Skittles Martin and Gentle Giant shootings were widely accepted, even by most clueless white liberals, as justified.
However, this wholly unjustified shooting by Officer Slagle has given vast amounts of new energy to the racial grievance industry. You won't hear any more about Trayvon and Michael. They are yesterday's newspapers. But you'll hear about this latest shooting for a year or more.

Quite frankly, I was relishing the prospect of a long, hot summer, with rioting feral Negroes burning their own cities to the ground. I thought liberal hypocrisy and denial might be pierced by an entire summer of unrelenting Negro insanity.

No such luck. The cities will still burn, but Negroes and their white liberal slave masters will excuse every bit of it by blaming it on this murder.

Huge step backward. Huge.


Blacks are so much goddamned trouble.

Darayvus said...

"if i am not for myself, who will be for me?"

I keep coming back to that. We all know who first asked that. But (as with lots of such sayings) it applies to the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives only Matter when a white cop or citizen pulls the trigger.

Oh and hopefully the latest groid atrocity will be the end of spring break/freaknik/rape ape week, at Panama City.

I wonder if Rolling Stone will have a 9 page spread about it?

Anonymous said...

Naturally black lives matter:
#1. Da baby momma don want to lose her EBT benefits if her bastard ghetto chile is be shot by another
shuck young brotha.
#2. Again da baby momma don want to lose her Section 8 housing if her chile getses shot.
#3. Law Enforcement would lose their jobs if there were a negroe shortage in America.
#4. Think of all of the jobs lost in the social services sector if there were no negroes.
#5. Imagine how many CCTV and burglar alarm installers would be out of work if it were not for the negroe and its genetic disposition to commit crime.
#6. Da baby momma would lose her earned income credit on her taxes if her negroe monklets were no longer alive, thanks to dey brothas.
#7. What would debit collectors, parole and probation officers do for work should America have a negroe shortage?
#8. Could liquor stores, hair weave salons, fried chicken places and used Cadillac dealerships survive without the shucking and jiving negroe?
#9. Ammunition and cheap firearms makers might have a tough time without the negroe and its violent and criminal ghetto culture.
#10. Do you feel that burglar bar and security door installers could be profitable, without the negroe and its contributions to crime?
#11. Why without the negroe hospitals would all be in the black as opposed to being in the red as most of them are now, thanks again to the negroe.

dondiego said...

Scrapped your tv yet? If you subscribe(d) to this rag then cancel.

Everywhere is in double-down "blax are just like you but better" mode. I see stupid erroneous sh!t on my phoney facebook [facebukakke] and correct, then cop a short ban or growling etc.

As WorldWarMe said: use those things (social media) to post links for the fence-sitters. -I snapped at least one thankful now-a-realist out of it on "Justice for Quattro" Heh heh, use their weapons against them!

A.N.Z.U.S Ally Out~

Anonymous said...

God damn this stupid cop. He just knocked the legs out from under our whole cause. Every white who defends his life from rampaging groids will be compared to this fool now.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how many groids by this issue of Time. Like all liberal media,Time will make sure it is never the fault of groids for their actions and resulting consequences. I for one try to boycott any publication, business or any form of commerce that champions the groid

Time and similar liberal tabloid magazines are being flattened by the internet.

It's a ship of fools that views mainstream Whites as the enemy even if they are the ones buying the magazine. How many copies of Time magazine are sold in Detroit?



I hope all Hell breaks loose this summer.

It's a win, win for us taxpaying Whites. First off other Whites will get a true view of black violence and think of all the new black welfare babies that won't be brought into this world with so many black bucks deaths.

Keep shooting nigg-noggs us Realist's are counting on ya to thin your violent herd!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether Mr. Kersey is making a mistake here in pretending that Time magazine is anything other than a brand--publicly traded on the NYSE last summer.

I can tell you that those of us who follow media ownership as a vocation or avocation see this all very differently.

First of all, there is no such thing as "liberal" media. There are media outlets that are owned by corporate investors who spin content in order to collect eyeballs/subscribers/link clickers. Some of them do what they can to create their own readers, just as politicians and corporations are in cahoots to elect their own We The People.

They believe in nothing except the commercialization and financialization of media. That's the truly frightening thing. They literally DO NOT CARE about the issues that you and I do. They only care about pretending to care long enough to attract eyeballs, clicks, and dollars.

Time magazine is hemorrhaging readers and at the same time considered a cannonball around the ankles of Time Warner. Consider:


"And now Time Warner is spinning off Time Inc, the publishing business on which it was founded. Why? Legacy print media companies are facing structural challenges from declining circulation and low advertising rates. As with all spinoffs, the idea is that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Time Warner’s valuation should rise, as it no longer has a print asset weighing it down. In theory, Time Inc. should also rise, with a more focused management team dedicated solely to magazine publishing. As a business, it has some attractive qualities. According to regulatory filings, Time Inc. generated $3.3 billion in revenue last year, and it expects that to grow by about 2% this year. It has a diverse portfolio of advertisers, and makes about a third of its money from subscriptions."

I'm guessing that the vast majority of those subs are going to dentist's/doctor's waiting rooms, or being sold to kids in boot camp/the military, or public libraries.

"Evidently though, it’s a business that is not desired by the sprawling media conglomerate it once spawned. Time Warner is not the only media company retreating from print— Rupert Murdoch separated his film studios and television assets from his publishing empire this time last year. But while Murdoch allocated $2.6 billion in cash for News Corp to pursue acquisitions, Time Warner is saddling Time Inc with about $1.3 billion in debt, in part so it can it a reap a $600 million special dividend."

There you have it. Time magazine is a pawn in much bigger games, and they report on whatever it takes to reach some shrinking demographic of shrill and shallow readers. It poses as what it once was--a national news magazine of record--but hasn't been for decades.

"The biggest winners from this endless financial engineering? Probably not shareholders, or its employees—Time Inc’s many journalists are certainly facing an uncertain future. The real winners, as usual in M&A, are the bankers and lawyers. If the various offshoots of Time are finally finished with their dealmaking then it would truly represent the end of an era for Wall Street as well. They will have to find a new meal ticket."

Good luck with that, journos. Maybe you'll wake the hell up and realize that there is enormous untapped demand for racial realist content.

When that day comes, friends, be very very cautious. Because you--I--we will become the next demographic targeted for absorption into the Borg/Matrix.

AfricanInventionAwards2015 said...

Race hustling has become an industry. The more crime and mayhem the black community creates.... it self-generates more cash (tax payer funded of course). But the money doesn't go to genuine victims, it goes to front groups and charities (mainly left wing, Democrat loving modernists). The next time a young black guy robs a tax paying white person, he should force the victim to donate 10% of their salary to an "I dint du nuffin" charity..... after all, the black dude is just going about his daily work??

bubo said...

In Milwaukee, black 2 year old runs into the street and gets hit by car and killed. Black driver along with teen bystander killed by gunfire soon after.

Black lives matter.

Ex-Copper said...

First off, Time magazine has a readership of hardcore militant leftists and free subscription waiting room distribution. Way back in my younger years they were slightly left of center, but like I said way back. They believe the bullshit and those that still pay for print media buy into it as well. I refuse to pay for my news, you can get enough different slants on an issue to filter out the bullshit being fed to the masses.

In Indianapolis the fine coppers killed another one. Haven't read the story yet, aside from the where and when breaking news scroll. Given the neighborhood and that the officer was grazed I'm betting it was a black male who got his lead supplement via Glock and Gold Dot. Just guessing.

There were multiple black organizations here in the past aside from 10 points. There were the mom and dad patrols in the high schools and malls. Roving prayer services at the location of the latest black on black killing. The summer boot camp for "at risk teens" which also included going from murder scene to murder scene mumbling a few verses of scripture, some clapping and soulful hyms sung, and stop the killing bellowed out from a portable speaker. The 100 black men mentoring program.

I hated the 10 point coalition when it started out. It was a pure race baiting organization with the usual angry pastors. The majority of them were aligned with the Carsons, first Julia and now Andre (I'm an admitted Muslim, but won't have a name suggesting it) Carson. I'm not hating on the Muslims. Those that haven't perverted Islam for jihad are actually very warm and kind people, but that's a different story for a different time. Andre isn't openly aligned with the pea shake houses and black mafia like his auntie was.

Back to 10 points though, the Rev Harrison lead the group away from the usual white hating anti-police didn fo nuffin mentality and called the spades spades. There's a bitch fit every once in a while, but like I told one of the old black men at work, "At least the community now owns up to its bullshit".

I guess the main thing I'm trying to say is that the whole hands up bullshit across the country hasn't gained a lot of traction here. At least not in the news cycle, I'm an Ex-Copper so I'm removed from the usual bullshit in my all white suburb. IMPD has shot a decent number of them in the first quarter of the year and no riots. We even had the Ferguson youth come up here to peddle their hands up crap along with the how to on peaceful protesting. Held it at a public school no less, great use of tax $$.

I'd love to see 10 points started in other major cities, hell I might even give them money if it keeps all of the lies about lives only mattering when the racist pigs have to put the rabid negro down. At least here they say that all of the homicide "victims" have, for the most part, prior booking photos for the news to use to ID the dead and those responsible for their killing.

The old black guy was telling me the other night that he believes the country is heading back to the 60's. He believes that the tipping point is fast approaching and the riots and targeted killings by both sides is about to go down. The old man cracks me up saying when he came back from 'Nam he hated white's so much he refused to wear white underwear, but he has been right in quite a few of his predictions so far.

Do your weapons maintenance. Even if you haven't shot them in a while. Keep your head on a swivel and don't forget to do continual threat assessments when you're out and about.

Ex-Copper said...

Bernice, I didn't see this published yesterday, but the Glock is a solid combat pistol. If you want the heavier trigger pull consistent with a revolver consider a NY trigger in it. Simple conversion and increases the trigger weight to 12 lbs.

I didn't understand your friends statement to you about it only being a good close distance weapon however. When I was an instructor I routinely qualified out to 50 yds without using the provided props to steady myself. Shot great at distance and up close. They're damn near indestructible as well. It only needs 1 occasional drop of oil and will still function properly even with broken parts.

Just remember to focus on the basics, focus on the front sight post, even trigger press, release slowly to the reset (audible and felt click when the trigger goes forward) and repeat. With many rounds of training and a good holster to draw from you will soon notice the sights match up to the place your eyes are focusing on as soon as the weapon comes up to eye level allowing for quicker shot action and placement in combat shooting.

Oh, women always make for better shooting students than men. They're not afraid to listen and learn due to the fact women do not look at a gun as an extension of their penis.

Anonymous said...

From South Africa :

Ricky in Cali, you are so right. For every statue these illiterate bastards destroy, it can be likened to white civilisation being broken down.

There is a beautiful Horse Memorial statue in Port Elizabeth, a city in South Africa, which was vandalised and broken about a week ago. It is a memorial to all the millions of horses that died in the first world war. It has nothing whatsoever to do with anything political or "white". But, because these chimps are so stupid and ignorant, it had to be destroyed.

For them, there is absolutely no context to anything. Destruction is the only thing they are good at.

Anonymous said...

Gave the negress a stern look, got hit in head.

Anonymous said...

Responding to some comments from the other day... McDonalds tends to reflect the diversity of the area it's in.

Not hard to find all white or mostly white workers in the ones around here, but if I go down into the city they get increasingly black.

I go up north, or when I drove into the Adirondacks last fall to pick up some equipment, I saw none. Well, except for some inmates at the prison where I picked up the equipment. No rest areas up there so I stopped at a couple McDs just to use the john.

Had a guy tell me today a story about some what sounded like muds tried to rob him when he was in a toilet stall at a big shopping mall during the holiday season. Well, you don't go to the mall when the Dindus are up and out anyways, keep it to early in the day before they get out of bed.

Anonymous said...

@April 12, 2015 at 7:53 PM

Get the facts yourself and stop trying to defend this punk cop who shot the man in the back. Scott had the tazer in him and was not going to get tazered (a very dangerous weapon that has killed 500 people min.) Perhapsyou're going to justify the recent case where the 73yo geezer cop shot the suspect to death and claimed he thought it was his tazer. The guy was on the ground with 2 cops on him there was no reason to even use a tazer and the cops operated without them in the recent past.The problem with cops is if you give them a tazer they'll want to taze everyone and think it's a toy.
And no one is portraying Scott as a teen.All of his problems appear to stem from one child support case and although I've never been involvedin this stuff i can imagine how annoying it must be to be harassed every time you're late in paying and have to sit in jail on some civil contempt violation. Men end up losing the job they had and now it sort of snowballs between the time they spend in jail with the support adding up and the fact it may be hard to find a job.

Anonymous said...

April 12, 2015 at 7:51 PM

Yeah, that scene in SA with the statue reminds me of what the colonial rebels did in the colonies to the one of King George III

Anonymous said...

The battle lines are very distinct right now; it's all about Slager. Therefore, I would like to suggest that we go all out in raising money for his defense. Right now he is being railroaded by the negroes and DWLs. He cannot be left alone and sacrificed.

Look at the video on Vimeo. He has taser wires coming from his chest. There is a LOT more to this story than we know. He must have his side of the story and ALL the facts fully disclosed. The BGI is trying to hide all this and get him executed. Let's stop these punks NOW.

Remember the pizza store in Indiana? They raised over 800K$ for them due to the gay wedding catering question. Let's try and double that for Officer Slager. He is a stand in for all White people. We must speak loudly and firmly with our wallets.

Is there a legit funding site for him? Maybe PK can assist in this movement and publish a call to action with the necessary details. This is NOT an execution. Scott attacked the officer and likely shot him with a taser. Good chance the shoot was "good" given precedents involving shooting a "fleeing felon". Don't throw him under the bus yet, gang.

Let's take this as our rallying point. Let's show who's really in charge. Think how delicious a "not guilty" verdict will be in this case...

chattanooga gal said...

"Heck, I would be regarded by DWL as far more racist than I was just 5 years ago"
you would be surprised how many people I know who would have been described as downright liberal just a few years ago, but with all theses shenanigans with saint swisher and little baby trayvon and such, have become downright race realists. I, and many of these people I just mentioned, automatically disbelieve any instance of " police racism" that they throw up. even my former liberal friend said " let's wait until the rest of the story comes out" when told about the walter scott case.

chattanooga gal said...

love your comment, rent slave

Anonymous said...

Until Black Lives Matter to black people, they won't matter to me.

Anonymous said...

When I saw this story, my immediate thought was, "Well, I'll just throw this magazine away when I see it pop up in the waiting room where I work."

But now I think it would make a more powerful statement to black out the V in the headline, as one of the commenters suggested doing. It would signal to any race realists and would-be race realists that there are others like them out there.

Anonymous said...

This linked analysis shows that Scott had fought the officer earlier and possibly tasered the officer with darts. The analysis claims the taser hooks were still in the officer as Scott ran. This means the officer had to stop him or have them ripped out of his skin.

Combatting a violent felon justifies some level of force, if not several shots.

On the other hand, the officer doesn't seem to be limping when he runs back to the body. And, I didn't hear him mention it when the medics were called.

Either way, it doesn't change the fact that multiculturalists, like those at TIME, ignore the massive black-on-black shooting. Whites and police are the selective targets of rage for multicultural BRA.

Here's the link:


behind blue eyes said...

Great post, PK.
I saw this rag in the store and shook my head.
Really? The negro is so noble and magic that millons of wasted dollars are spent to perpetuate the BS. I hope this Gets blasted and time is in trouble to keep going. The fatigue is skyrocketing and everyone else knows it. This summer's coming bongo party will be epic. But it won't be widly reported on. Or maybe it will. If so, we may all be truly awakened. Finally.

Anonymous said...

More groids marching in the streets, more "programs" to stop da violence and killings- groids are stuck on an endless repeat mode.
They actually remind me of a retarded mental patient I worked with whom I was tasked with teaching (among other things) to cross a street safely.
After one year of trying to teach him to do so, the patient would still only look one way before brainlessly stepping out into the street if not prevented from doing so. No matter how many times it was explained that one had to look both ways, the patient simply couldn't process the information and respond accordingly. I'd ask him if it was safe to cross and he'd say, "Yeah!" and I'd have to grab him to stop him from stepping into the road and being flattened by an oncoming truck or other vehicle. He'd then get mad and blame me for his own actions as if I had magically made a vehicle appear to attack him. I caused it!
This is the same "thought process" used by groids to explain all the violence and dysfunction in their communities- it's never their own doing or their own fault. It's always because of something the evil white man did or did not do. Evil YT causes all their problems and makes the problems appear or manifest themselves thus all the violence, dysfunction and killing in da black community. YT caused it!
Like the aforementioned mental patient, you'll never get the groids to stop the violence and killing any more than the mental patient could stop himself from being flattened by a truck.
The only way groidal violence and killings could be stopped is with heavy handed tactics to stop them. Left to their own devices, they'll just keep it up and keep blaming it on YT, blaming it on da streets, or blaming it on da legacy of slabery etc.
You can't fix stupid but you can contain and control the stupid.
As per groids, that used to be called Segregation.

MMP said...

Mother drives kids to fight....1 gets shot.....U can't make this stuff up.

MMP said...

@ Anon @ 7:53 PM

U better get your facts straight....THERE WAS NO OUTSTANDING CHILD SUPPORT WARRANT issued for mr. scott.

Now crawl back under your rock.

Californian said...

War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.

Let us add:

Diversity is Enrichment

MMP said...

I WILL DEFEND Officer Slager, until evidence proves otherwise.

Just as with St Swisher, the MSM has fed the public bullshit "hands up don't shoot"...."he jus had a samich", and the rest.

If some (myself included) have seen what appear to be taser wires coming from Slagers chest & leg?....Then scott had assaulted an officer...A felony.

Anonymous said...

Btw I haven't owned a Tv since 2010 and have no plans to ever own another.


Anonymous said...

Exactly! This guy was just another good for nothing hood rat, dealing guns on the street which undoubtably would have been used on a YT. This cop deserves a medal for his heroic actions by saving countless lives. The fact that Time mag is setting up this thug as the next St Swisher, is utterly shameless! I hope it backfires immensely.

MMP said...


How else can I load and shoot my muzzle loaders? ;)

MMP said...

@ Julie @ 9:57PM

So you "we" want an all black police force?....Who is "we"?

No Hispanics?, no Asians?...Just blacks huh?

And whites are racist?...You must be kin to oprah.

Anonymous said...

Have to laugh at the way blacks toss around the word "Community".
They wouldn't know the meaning of it if it jumped up and bit them in the arse.

awalened white said...

wait, what? Time still exists? but I like what C.R. said, YT is waking up, heck even DWL's probably are.

Anonymous said...

The North Charleston 50 year old "teen" DID get control of the cop's Tazer in the scuffle ON THE GROUND and DID shoot the cop with the Tazer (2 counts of Resisting Arrest With Violence,1 count of AssaultUpon a Police Officer, 1 count of Fleeing And Eluding)
There are frame grabs from da sailfoam video that clearly show the business end of Tazer wires ON THE COP.
So, again, there's much more to be added to The Official Story.
btw, #blacklivesfecalmatter.
Time Gag Mag, and similar, makes good fish guts wrap and birdcage liner.

Californian said...

Yeah, that scene in SA with the statue reminds me of what the colonial rebels did in the colonies to the one of King George III

Except that without men like Rhodes, there would not be a single city, university, factory, mine, power plant, traffic light or paved street in South Africa. These were all the products of white civilization. And when white civilization is removed from Africa, things quickly revert to the "jungle."

Rhodes was labeled the "First Oppressor" by anti-white radicals back during the Rhodesian insurgency. But supposing there had been no white colonization of southern Africa? Supposing the indigenous peoples had been left to their own devices? They never would have developed any of the things taken for granted by their descendants today. Truth is, those descendants can not even maintain the infrastructure they took over from whites upon "liberation."

Let us also note that when blacks take over a country, they ramp up the oppression considerably: Big Man kleptocracies, one party states, clampdowns on the political opposition, massacres of opposing ethnicities, ethnic cleansing of white people. It's not about opposing "oppression."

The tearing down of the Rhodes statue is an attack on a symbol of civilization, something that blacks might contemplate as they celebrate among the ruins of once glittering cities.

Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid but you can contain and control the stupid.

Good points!

Anonymous said...

Are you a fucking idiot or just brain dead? Or course cops think you're guilty of something when they stop you. They're going to write out their ticket and if you don't like it, go to court, like most any white person would.
However, most white people know the cop is right. They take their ticket, mail in the fine, then go on with their lives.
Not the same with africans. They'll chimpout, want to fight, then run like hell. They want to be kings and queens, held to no authority but their own.
You want all cops to be black? You haven't thought about that at all, have you? You want to give them the authority to stop any car they want? How about them stopping your wife, or daughter, out on some lonely highway in the middle of the night? Your idea sucks, no thanks!


Anonymous said...

As for the cop in North Charleston, I suspect that he will plead guilty to a murder charge for 30 -50 years in the pen as opposed to a good shot at the electric chair. If the jury gives this man life, the prosecutor may have the ability to drop him the general population if he doesn't take the deal. Then he faces the Hobson's choice of joining a gang that despises police officers, or constantly having to worry about getting shanked on a daily basis.

I will agree with one of the earlier posters that if this man had hit his limit of negro fatigue, then he should have been looking for another line of work. Granted, I have never been a policeman and am not sure that I could do that job, but at some point, you have to cut your losses.

--AC Flora Grad--

Anonymous said...

Do black lives matter? Yes, with qualifications. There have been a lot of shady incidents involving people of all colors getting killed by cops. They should not be able to shoot people at will, and that's what we have a justice system for.

I also think blacks should be afforded the same opportunities as everyone else. Want to go to college, get a good job, buy a nice car, and live in a fancy house? If you can pull that off, godspeed.

My sticking point (and the thing that would see me tarred and feathered among my liberal friends) is the complete ignoring of the elephant in the room:

A huge percent of blacks choose to be violent, feral, crude, hateful, irresponsible, freeloading, vain, short-sighted, unstable, shiftless, illiterate savages who live for nothing more than getting crunk, muh dik, and attacking anyone who looks at them wrong. And then another huge percent of blacks are enabling, excuse-making, finger-pointing, blame-deflecting, racism-shouting dindoo nuffins. And many/most of the "good apples" are sucked down by their brethren and kept busy putting out fires set by other blacks.

And yet there's overwhelming pressure for whites to genuflect and confess all their racial sins and there's no sin worse than noticing that black people are, by and large, a complete mess.

On the contrary, whites are expected to feel terribly guilty at the fact that we're responsible (both collectively and as individuals) for creating a situation where black people are forced to run amok and attack people and abuse children and torture animals and drop out of school and go on welfare and whelp a dozen bastards and go to prison and something something legacy of slavery.

And the more blacks choose to be savages, the guiltier white people are supposed to feel.

If a white person is attacked by a pack of savages, it's the white person who is put on trial.

You as a white person should have known better than to be in that neighborhood, dress that way, have a few drinks, be out so late, flaunt your wealth, not lock your door, talk to a black that way, look at a black that way, or have the audacity to have white skin in the presence of a black person.

They can't help it. They're wild animals. They're a random natural force like gravity or the ocean that it was your responsibility to avoid. You, by virtue of being white, must have done something to put yourself in that situation, to provoke them.

Black misbehavior is a toxic combination of genes and culture, but it will never, ever, ever improve as long as we keep doing what we're doing now, which is blaming whitey and shoveling money into the black hole.

In the abstract, black lives matter. But if you're a violent, feral, crude, hateful, irresponsible, freeloading, vain, short-sighted, unstable, shiftless, illiterate savage who lives for nothing more than getting crunk, muh dik, and attacking anyone who looks at you wrong, you don't matter to me.

I owe you nothing.

Anonymous said...

It would be an interesting exercise to take a peak at Time Warner's executives. How many WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN do you see there? What group do we see that's disproportionately represented? Let's examine their company logo... the eye of Osiris.

Yep. More anti-white, anti-western civilization propaganda from the usual suspects.

Buckwheat said...

Buckwheat, aka de prebmint Barak O'Corpseman, said:

Dire warning to the white man while there is still time to save this nation by any means necessary:

"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

Winston Churchill 1948

Anonymous said...

I agree with others on here, There is more to the story about the Slager shooting. I just went to the Conservative Tree House and watched the enhanced video and audio timeline. Cop definitely had taser wires coming off his body. It was speculated on that site that the perp shot the cop with the cops taser and the cop may not have realized the perp dropped it. The Cop fired his weapon to stop the fleeing subject who just committed multiple felonies from using the taser again. I figured there was more to the story other than Cop Shoots "unemployed" oops I mean "unarmed" black man.

One of my guilty little pleasures these days is saying coonmunity in the prescence of blacks. They would never pick up on it with my delivery.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Anonymous said...


I sincerely apologize for using such language towards a lady. Its no excuse, but I did not realize your post was made by a woman.
However, I do stand by my point an all black police force is a bad idea.


Mr. Rational said...

This dumb cop is going to prison, and deservedly so.

I don't think so.  The Narrative™ is collapsing like a sand castle under the incoming tide.  The latest evidence to go public is that the perp hit the officer with his own Taser after an extended fight.  I'm waiting for an attorney to use that as prima facie evidence that the shooting of the Dindu was lawful and file a motion for dismissal of charges.  The prosecutor's office will not be able to argue against it.

The real test, though, is what happens to the prosecutor.  If there's another Nifonging in the works, that would knock out a critical bridge on the BRA railroad for police officers (and citizens).  Disbarment is a steep price to pay for giving in to BRA pressure, and would throw caltrops on the Alinskyan road to anarcho-tyranny.

Mr. Rational said...

I'd ask him if it was safe to cross and he'd say, "Yeah!" and I'd have to grab him to stop him from stepping into the road and being flattened by an oncoming truck or other vehicle. He'd then get mad and blame me for his own actions

This looks like a situation where only immediate physical punishment can achieve any change in behavior.  It would not be cruelty.  That... patient would be at risk of his life every time he went out alone if he could not learn that one simple lesson.  Shocking him, spanking him or slapping him on the face could make the difference between him staying alive or becoming street pizza.  Denial needs to have consequences to stop the mental pattern of denial.

So it appears to be with the lower-IQ NAPA.  Without consequences they can feel, they think anything is allowed.  We need strong consequences for the "dindu nuffins" parents who claim their sprogs are just fine even when their monkeyshines are on video.  They need to serve time for contributing to delinquency and lose their EBT eligibility, at the very least.

Anonymous said...

"Julie" is likely to be intended as irony, a parody of the BRA part line.

Anonymous said...

It's satire, Julie is a resident DWL like compassionate Oregonian and Educated Black Man.

Anonymous said...

That's perfect.

Anonymous said...


There's really only one permanent solution to the negroid problem. Half measures will never do. Total, permanently enforced isolation from civilized, genetically advanced Homo Sapiens is one of the answers, but not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Anon said "Don't defend officer Slagle.

He stupidly murdered someone who was running away from him.

No matter what video shows the Negro doing preceding the shooting, once he started running away, the cop is not allowed to shoot him in the back."

Now that it seems the cop actually had part of a tazer stuck to him, I have to disagree. It matters a lot what happened prior to the elimination of the G.

The nogsta only ran when he realized that he was failing at zapping the cop.

Stop defending violent negros is a better option than being mad at cops.

Anonymous said...

To those who think the North Charleston episode has set back our cause I would say just relax a bit and wait.

There's more information coming out that other posters have mentioned and it's just a speck of salt in a sea of pepper. The other dindu nuffins will alway far outnumber the questionable ones. Besides, once the facts are all in the open to see this might not be as bad as it's been made out to be lately. From what I'm hearing the NAPA story is cracking and soon this 50 year old "teen" will be shown in it's true colors which is a fecal brown.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

I agree that its wrong to shoot anybody in the back that was wrong, the 73 yr old guy was too old for the job, I do believe that he's telling the truth about being confused, he's 73 yrs old he should have been enjoying retirement! I'm sorry for both him and the victim and blame the person(s) that had a 73yr old man in such a position, very irresponsible imho.
Your right about child support trapping people in an impossible situation, the laws do need to change and be more realistic in reguards to putting people in jail and causing people to lose whatever employment they had, very counter productive and could negatively impact any future employment that pays halfway decent which dosent benefit the child(ren) either plus it deprives both the parent and childof time together while the parent is jailed. I think that most Americans would agree to have the laws changed.

FlowerBell said...

Blacks demand everything I have. The only thing I want from them is their absence.

That is the biggest difference that I can see between us. Even more significant than our difference in color.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:13 AM:

Did you say in the same post the media outlets are trying to generate clicks and eyeballs... then that Time Warner is dumping Time Magazine because no one is reading that crap?

Seems to me that if they were actually interested in generating revenue via clicks and so on, they'd copy Fox News and report things people would actually read.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate it when I have 4 or 5 kids by as many women and they expect me to help take care of all them little bastards. Damn bitches. (Sarcasm)


10mm AUTO said...

Well it is great to see (as Mr. Rational points out) that The Narrative around the shooting is being destroyed. It appears that the little SIMBA's background is a little more "colored" than we thought. First, the passenger in the car with him when pulled over: Pierre Deangelo Fulton:



sent to family court, records sealed



2364-Weapons / Sale or delivery of pistol to, and possession by, certain persons unlawful, stolen pistol, reduced to 2364-POSS PISTOL BY PERSON <21 YOA

0112-Drugs / Manufacture, distribution, etc., ice, crank, crack cocaine – 1st offense (no longer used, See 3014), reduced to 0100-POSS OF CRACK COCAINE

0108-PWID CTR SUB PROX SCH, dismissed

18 month prison sentence suspended in exchange for two year probation and drug counseling



2364-POSSESSION OF A STOLEN PISTOL, dismissed in exchange for guilty plea on other charge

2364-UNLAWFUL POSS OF PISTOL 21 YOA, dismissed in exchange for guilty plea on other charge

0157-PROBATION VIOLATION, transferred

174 days time served

Second, the negro Scott appears to have grappled with the Officer, torn his Tazer from his belt and shot him with it, along with having an extended fight with the Officer which was not filmed (though the dash cam shows some of it.). Further, this fight was an extended incident, moving from the Police car (located now a few blocks away from where the video starts) and involved several contacts/disengadgments. We also know now that Officer Slager was wounded and limping in the aftermath. He might have felt that he could not take another round of Scott charging him, feared that next time he would lose control of his gun and had to end the fight with bullets.

(Remember what I said about an Officer being able to shoot a fleeing Felon who is a known danger to the community? This Shoot is building to be one of those.)

The negro version of this story is as truthful as "Hands Up, Don't Shoot".

We saw only the last few seconds of a long drawn out fight involving multiple weapons and extending several blocks.

God Bless Officer Slager

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:33 AM -

Court records say yes there was a warrant for Scott, AP report says no there isn't.

Which one you want to believe?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Mr Rational, this is why the whip worked so well long ago.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

I believe the court records

Anonymous said...

YES! We need to help Officer Slager. Can this site help set up something?

Anonymous said...

TN v Garner certainly may come into play! When U first saw video I was like,"How stupid can a cop be!!? What was he thinking!!??" But now it appears he was stopping a violent fleeing felon as he and ALL law enforcement officers are trained to do! Did the officer make the best of choices? No! But he seems to do as his training taught him. Jesus... I hate liberals!!!

festus said...

"Boko Haram Violence Has Displaced an Estimated 800000 Children in Nigeria"

Translation : 800000 Nigerian "children" will be coming to the US.

Truth Corps said...

The Gordian Knot. Outstanding!
Reading Black Mecca Down now.

God bless you & keep you PK.

The Limey said...

Did I see someone use the words "educated black man". There`s a misnomer if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

P.k.after reading the comments on Yahoo about the shootings,the only conclusion anyone can come to is that blacks hate us and want a war,not only do they want it they think that we will just lay down and die they are insane.Royal oak dude..

Anonymous said...

The lying foreigner who took video of Slager shooting thug Scott now has an attorney. The attorney is asking for donations to help the liar get a car and other necessities because the foreigner is a "hero" for coming forward with the video. GAG!!

Blacks have learned real quick how to make money from being racist and playing victim. The Scott orcs and video orc will make hundreds of thousands of dollars, just for being black thugs. I honestly believe that when these orc thugs are stopped by police, they try to start something hoping that their families will profit from it because they know the White cops will be blamed because (insert sarcasm) every knows every black is innocent. The orcs are milking these justified shootings.

Proud to be Confederate

Anonymous said...

These same "realized" people will be the first ones to throw you under the bus when given the opportunity. Just because they have a glimmer of sanity does not mean they are sane. My advise, keep your guard up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This happens every time. People will not learn to wait for all the info, not just the select info given by the media. I have personally been down this road before and it sucks. Keep your head up Slagle

Anonymous said...

They have already done away with many Confederate generals by taking their names off of public schools and parks replacing them with the ever popular MLK.

Anonymous said...

If Time Magazine did an editorial on this incident, then why not about the white officer who was shot and critically wounded the other day while pursuing a black in Ann Arundal County?

Why not show the face of the white baby who was gunned down in his baby carriage by a black youth because his mother didn’t have any money? By the way, I think Eric Holder intervened to insure this hoodlum did not see the death penalty. How do any of these black lives matter more than the white slaughter we see on a daily basis? How many whites have been shot by these animals this year? I would venture that the number of nogs killed by white people could be counted on one hand. I just don’t read about things like that.

I have not lost one minute of sleep concerning that coon who was shot in the back. To be honest, I don’t think most of the other reader’s care about him either (except Julie!) Here is where it will hurt whites to a certain extent: it will be the liberal’s cause celebre to indict all white people.

Julie…I know you are a troll, but let me play devil’s advocate and suggest we give you everything you wanted. Do you honestly believe black people could do without white tax dollars? Do you really think Negroes would protect themselves and uphold the law? Your kind would make their city become another Detroit, Haiti…or you name ANY place with a majority black and it WILL be destroyed.

Did you know that about 94% of all black deaths are caused by other blacks? If you read PK’s blog, then you will also be aware that St. Louis would be virtually murder free without coons shooting the place up.

White people are tired of blacks! Blacks are stupid, loud, and annoying. I’m glad that stupid n*gger got shot in the back! If it were up to me, a coon would not be allowed within 100 feet of a white person.

The only solution to the black problem is separation of the races. We don’t owe them anything and we most certainly don’t have to like them.

Anonymous said...

If we're supposed to be as intelligent as we claim that we are, why can't many of us here recognize a satirical or sarcastic comment?

The person who posted about needing to replace White policeman with blacks was saying so in jest. What was so difficult in seeing that?

So, my suggestion is, analyze a comment carefully before attacking a commenter and making yourself look like a jackass. When you look like a jackass, then we all look like jackasses.

Anonymous said...

ulie said ”. . .This is such a simple change we could make. Imagine if you were stopped by a policeman, but instead of a mean and hateful white person, it was an African-american who would try to help you. That's all we want.”

As usual, Julie has a unique point of view. There are a number of potential problems with her suggestions, but the primary one might be the language barrier. Black people are semi bi-lingual in that they can understand much of the English language, and they can speak and understand Ebonics. Because of lack of diversity, most white people cannot understand or correctly speak Ebonics. How will white people be able to follow orc-structions from black officers that they cannot understand?

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the poster who just reported that Julie was a fake and trying to make us look like fools. I am shocked that such a thing would happen on this blog. I am SOOOO sorry that I responded to her post! I guess it’s time I pulled my head out of my ass and learn that everything I read on the internet isn’t on the up and up! I can’t believe I have been deluded this long! I would like to thank the poster who told me there are trolls about. By da wayz, howz do youz knowz she bees a troll?

Julie…PLEASE print more stuff…I never laughed so hard in my life!

Nothing like popping open a beer and reading her bullshit! Making the entire police force black…GOD that was funny!!!

Her comments were about as funny as Washington State admitting that Jena six coon into their law school; I would pay money to read his first homework paper!!!

Anonymous said...

Officer Slager is a hero. He should be treated as such.

You do realize we haven't heard his personal story yet, right? Look how it all changed when we heard what Office Wilson had to say about what happened with orc Brown.

Legally this was a 'good shoot'. He'll be excused by the court. Cat 5 Chimpout will commence.


Anonymous said...

Slager is innocent. Shooting ws legal per the law.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Don't defend officer Slagle.

He stupidly murdered someone who was running away from him.

I don't claim to be a lawyer, and I think that Slagle will probably go to prison for a crime, but it might not be murder. Murder generally requires an unlawful killing of another person with malice aforethought. In other words, Slagle must have formed the intent to kill Scott before he killed him, and I seriously doubt that when Slagle pulled Scott over for the taillight infraction that he thought to himself “I'm going to kill this nigger” and tell everyone it was self defense. However, he might have made a conscious decision to kill Scott only seconds before pulling the trigger. So it seems possible that a Jury might have to decide if Slagle killed Scott with malice aforethought or if Slagle just thought something along the lines of “I'm going to fill that bastard who tried to take my taser with lead” and Scott's death occurred as collateral damage. Murder vs Manslaughter.

It would be hilarious if a prosecutor lacking future time orientation insisted on a 1st murder charge where the evidence doesn't support a finding of the necessary intent beyond a reasonable doubt. If this occurs and the jury isn't given a lesser included offense instruction, they might have to find Slagle not guilty as charged. White people living in areas with high groid concentrations should probably prepare in advance of the jury verdict.

PB said...

"Court records say yes there was a warrant for Scott, AP report says no there isn't.

Which one you want to believe?"

Rule of thumb with just about all Black Swan events, particularly since 911: Look for the earliest reportage. Story "shaping" usually starts after the first eight hours. And try and look to reporting from non-American sources where feasible. Your media today makes Soviet era Pravda look credible and fearlessly objective.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Officer Slager is a hero. He should be treated as such.

You do realize we haven't heard his personal story yet, right? Look how it all changed when we heard what Office Wilson had to say about what happened with orc Brown.

Legally this was a 'good shoot'. He'll be excused by the court. Cat 5 Chimpout will commence.



If what you say really comes to pass, boy oh boy will all hell break loose.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this blog while conducting a search on a subject along these lines.

I must say, I have (for a while) noticed the trends that have been quantified through stats presented here. I've actually shared some of the concerns raised here with like-minded people. It is extremely mind-boggling the way the African-American community lives. The lack of ownership and responsibility for their actions, always choosing to turn the other side and put the blame on somebody else. It is ridiculous!!!!

As a black man (not American), I fully grasp the concerns raised here by members of the white community and I actually agree with a lot of them.

Some of us (black people) appreciate the value of not just education but a good education; ownership and responsibility for our actions; non-violent conflict resolution; setting career goals and working hard towards achieving them; raising our kids to be responsible citizens in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, the likes of me are now assumed to be part of the crowd that thinks it's ok to sit home all day living on govt. benefits.

It is so annoying. So very annoying. I am an educated man from an educated household that follows an educated ancestry. I am not an American yet I have built a professional career. Why can't the black-American community focus on the things that matter? I've read about complaints of unfair representation in top schools - if you want your kids to study in those schools, make sure they go to school, stay there and study hard. It is annoying as it is laughable.

These guys have been given every opportunity to live better and yet they still think they're owed so much for what happened 100s of years ago. Like many of the posters here, I believe the American black community has only itself to blame. The sad part is, children are being subjected to all this negativity by their parents and so the foolish mentality continues to exist from generation to generation.

I understand the frustration of the white community, and believe it or not I sincerely share in it. In fact, I dare to say, I relate better with members of the white community because I understand them and they understand me. It annoys me that on seeing me (a black man), most non-black individuals get a flow of negative views about me because of a trend that has been set by those who think the world owes them when it actually owes them nothing.

Black Immigrant

Pat Boyle said...

Yes 'Julie' is a troll or an artifice of satire but she isn't completely wrong in her call for an all black police force. Of course that all black force would need to be balanced against an all white police force.

People who react against the idea of an all black police force haven't thought through all the implications of segregation. The idea that we should have a single racially unified police force is an idea that will have to go.

With physical architectural segregation the white police force obviously has to all the regular and routine functions of any police force. There will still be robberies and murders among the whites - just far fewer than there are now. The biggest task for an all white police force will be maintaining the borders. That means keeping the blacks out.

So no white cop is likely to get into that situation that Officer Slager found himself. The blacks would be the responsibility of the black police force. It may very well be that the blacks would choose to ignore the kind of crimes that Scott committed. They might be to busy from attending to more serious crimes.

For the last seventy or eighty years or so America has followed the ideas of Franz Boas and/or the Frankfurt School that race wasn't real and that we should integrate blacks at all levels with whites. We must now reverse that. So we must remember to not employ inappropriate integrationist thinking.

We need to employ walls and barriers. This means that we will have to develop dual parallel agencies and institutions. We should welcome an all black police force if by that we mean a police force that has authority over blacks but not whites.

We get there by first establishing some white-only enclaves where black mobs can't go. The rich already have them. We need them for regular middle class whites as well.


Anonymous said...

I saw a young African American youth on Fox News who had a traffic encounter with a policeman. He said he obeyed orders and the ticket citation went without a hitch. He didn’t cuss at the officer, or grab his gun, or try to taze him. He simply followed instructions and was on his way in a few minutes. Anyway, this young black man’s video went viral.

I want to give this young nog boy a high five! He is a thousand times smarter than that dumbass in South Carolina who ran and did heavens knows what to the police officer. Nogs have to understand that actions matter! Had that stupid n*gger obeyed the cop, he would be alive today. When an officer yells halt: then the n*gger had better stop! Is that so hard to understand?

We don’t know the circumstances leading up to the shots being fired. I know one thing, that cop will be a scapegoat whether he likes it or not. He shot a protected species! He should have shot the n*gger in the ass. He will more than likely spend the rest of his life in prison for shooting an animal that has the same legal rights as him. The founding fathers did not want it this way! Welcome to hell ladies and gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

I'd love for black activists to be challenged by the media when they say that violence will increase due to the hot weather coming. A simple question they could ask: "What do you mean by that?" But no. The fawning media will sympathize as usual and simply accept the upcoming Negro violence as part of life.

Off topic, but does anyone remember when the DoJ/DEA was hiring ebonics translators? That gibberish is actually recognized as a language!

Anonymous said...

"I go up north, or when I drove into the Adirondacks last fall to pick up some equipment, I saw none. Well, except for some inmates at the prison where I picked up the equipment."

There is a push on to "diversify" the Adirondacks, which is one of the Whitest areas (6 million acres) east of the Mississippi. About once a month there is a blog entry pushing this idea on They used to have a feature to vote on comments made. When I introduced race realism (aka common sense), I received numerous up-votes, thanks to many readers here on SBPDL! That feature has since been disabled.

Anonymous said...

The policies and procedure cover the shoot that is glistening the sellout, fabrication of feces rag known as "time". The officer's first attorney admitted the shoot followed agency policy and procedure, then the attorney ran away.

Anonymous said...

OT but this relates to the post weeks/months back where we discussed our personal moment of awakening, and I just wanted to preface this next link.

I used to get most of my information from sites such alternet, but a steady flow of articles reprimanding, accusing, bashing, and down talking to those of my specific race (and gender) got to much to bear. I turned from defensive to outright hateful towards these types of people, getting me banned when I began to finally talk frankly about the subject of race and its effects of communities/countries. Let me outline this article quickly for you:

Blacks lecturing to whites about how obligations work

POC being "expected" to be polite and patient

Critical race theory (I bet most black "intellectuals" couldn't explain half of it if their lives depended on it)

Black people being expected to be charitable, unselfish

Privilege (surprise!)

Holding white people by the hand to educate them

The concept of "derailing"- if you don't do it for me, how am I expected to do it?

MAIN POINT: Black people are not obligated for anything.

Tone policing claims (check your privilege, anyone?)

If you want to be an ally (cough, cough, here is where you pay up, you are either with us or against us)

The whole piece (of sht) is so dripping with hypocrisy and someone actually got paid to write it.

If you want to do a case study on how race realism emerges, look no further than anti-white articles such as this one and study many of them, and their comments, in depth. All you need to know is right there.

One thing that I have observed, however, is that in all basic situations the negro is depicted as the dependent variable. His behavior/actions/penalties cannot be dealt with, as none of it is ever his fault. He is just a victim of something beyond his power. By changing the attributes of the independent variable (white people, their livelihoods, etc.) we can make life better for the negro with little adverse impact. Anyone else notice the negro as dependent variable in all these liberal equations/narratives/excuses?

Anonymous said...

Hey PK, your Pine Lawn piece was spot on because it could really bring things into context and perspective using a real and very nearby example. So apparently black folk also just tax their residents into submission to pay the machine that keeps the clocks running!

Do you think that you could keep some tabs/oversight on how city/municipal budgets are financed in majority black vs. majority non-black areas? Have any black thinkers come up with a way to keep the city coffers satisfied without inadvertently hurting the poorest among us? I would love to see anything that you might find Paul, it would provide even more concrete evidence linking black populations with social decay.

Anonymous said...

All will rest on racial makeup of Grand Jury.

Anonymous said...

"Your right about child support trapping people in an impossible situation,"

... Yes, that proverbial dilemma of whether to buy the Mercedes and the 24" shiny wheels or to provide for your illegitimate sprogs. Just another example of "the man" keepin' a brotha' down.

Bob said...

Orwell forgot "Experience is Prejudice".

Anonymous said...

I lived in Saratoga Springs NY about 4 years ago. It was indeed a nice white town where I never saw a colored. Amazingly clean and and you didn't get accosted everyone you went to the store.
Now I'm in an East Coast City where I can't go to the store without encountering a black begging for money in the parking lot. Plus having to deal with property crimes and general misery loving around them.

Anonymous said...

To Black Immigrant:

The American blacks need leadership from black people such as yourself. You, and like minded black people like yourself, need to confront and challenge the lazy American blacks for dragging the rest of you down.

I respect the dilemma you face. Make a difference. Be one of the few that start to the American blacks the righteous path. It will be difficult but think of all the good you will ultimately do.

Anonymous said...

As a black man (not American), I fully grasp the concerns raised here by members of the white community and I actually agree with a lot of them.


The black Americans need to be taken to task by people of their own race. Are you up to the challenge? Let your feeling be known among all blacks both immigrants and American born.

Anonymous said...

OT, Kenya no longer wants to accept refugees from Somalia. The Kenyan government claims that the Somali refugee camps are nothing more than terrorist recruitment camps.

Maybe we should take a lesson from the Kenyans and refuse to accept any more immigrants from Somalia.

Anonymous said...

"They used to have a feature to vote on comments made. When I introduced race realism (aka common sense), I received numerous up-votes, thanks to many readers here on SBPDL! That feature has since been disabled."

I have been on a streak of finding forums where the Walter Scott shooting is being discussed.

I simply state the Facts as I see them: 1. We will learn that Scott was a drug user 2. We will learn Scott fought the cop. 3. We will learn that Scott took the cop's weapon (taser) and all of this means the cop was justified in the shooting.

I then detail how this case mirrors the trayvon case, and the Brown case, and the people calling for the cop's head are willfully ignorant if they are pretending they don't remember that nearly ALL of the details of the Trayvon and Brown cases were WRONG as first Reported by the main stream media. Once we got actual FACTS we learned that both shootings were justified, as we will learn the Scott shooting was justified.

I have been BANNED by every forum. I dont insult anyone, or cuss, or use racial slurs, or commit any other infractions that usually get you BANNED. I just politely explain why the shooting was justified.

It's amazing how upset people get when you explain to them that the police are allowed to shoot suspects that attack them and try to take their weapons- EVEN IF the suspect is black.

Plaga Negra said...

Would you like him to date your sister/daughter too? You obviously don't have high expectations for them if you want to congratulate one for not chimping out during a routine traffic stop.

Brooklyn born said...

I just saw a police released video of the spring break gang rape in Panama city.

Dindus did the raping. The video tho' blurred out, looks to me like White Skin being taken by the beasts. Video below:

Fucking savages.

Anonymous said...

"As a black man (not American), I fully grasp the concerns raised here by members of the white community and I actually agree with a lot of them"

Don't you believe for one second that it's only whites that hate blacks. Mexicans, Arabs, Asians, Indians, and pretty much everyone else hates blacks too. The truth is whites like blacks a LOT more than any other race. How much money do you think they spend on Section 8, Welfare, EBT, Affirmative Action, or any of the rest of it in China, or Saudi Arabia, or Mexico, or India?

It's ONLY in the predominantly white countries that the people allow their government to confiscate over 1/2 our income to support blacks. Only in White countries do we whip ourselves with white guilt and apologize every day for slavery. Only in white countries do we allow blacks to victimize us, chastise use, and control our speech so WE don't offend THEM by pointing out their true nature.

If the Trayvon or Brown or Scott shootings happened in asia or tye middle east or even mexico nobody would give 2 shits and any rioters would be shot dead, and nobody would give a shit about that either.

Its ONLY in white countries that we allow violent criminals to live on our taxes and then chastise us for daring to enforce Laws on them when they steal, cheat, ignore the law, rape, rob, beat or murder.

Chuck Hammer said...

Ricky in Cali...
OT before I finish, there was an article a few days ago that really hit home for me. The headline was “White backlash as colonial statue comes down in South Africa”. (Google it if you like). Black students were celebrating the fall of a statue of Cecil Rhodes. It says “cheers went up as a crane removed the huge bronze statue who students perceived as a symbol of white oppression. Some students slapped the statue as it came down ululating the cries of 'amandla' (power) while others threw red paint on the statue”. When I saw this statue for some reason I got a quick glimpse of the United States year 2100 on the track that we’re on.

It's happening today. I bagged Thomas Jefferson.

Oh, the irony of the Dindus at Rhodes University celebrating the destruction of the culture that made absolutely everything they have possible. The buildings, the computers, the electrical power, the very body of knowledge they're, um, learning. All made possible by YT. And the Dindus celebrate while sawing off the branch of the tree they're sitting on.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn born said...
I just saw a police released video of the spring break gang rape in Panama city.

Dindus did the raping. The video tho' blurred out, looks to me like White Skin being taken by the beasts. Video below:

Fucking savages.

I hope PK finds time to look at this case. The thing is sick and pathetic, but if it was a white female raped by negroes in public in front of white men, then we are at a new place in society. Female was reportedly intoxicated or drugged.

A mere 50 years ago negroes who raped white women would have been hung in Florida. Now we have it happening in public and white men just shrug? What they have done to us has been unbelievably effective.

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter...hilarious that white 'leaders' are now required to chant this mantra in the aftermath of TNB. We are the time enough whites wake up, if ever, it will be far too late. Hell, it's already too late.

behind blue eyes said...

I concur.
I always thought it would be some dumb hot YT that thought blacks were cool. Complete bullshit. She got her lesson in diversity. And know one gave a Fuck. Sad times

Anonymous said...

black lives matter...LOL

Like hell they do.

Anonymous said...

Tennessee versus Garner be damned! Again, why anybody would be cursed or foolish enough to be a law enforcement officer is beyond me by today's standards! When the enforcement of law is consumed keeping those in line who care not about them and especially by people that look nothing like them. Officer friendly of yesteryear and "peace officer" are terms that will be forever forgotten! I hope you like Amerika because it's never going to be the same.

make it rain TRUTH said...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate it when I have 4 or 5 kids by as many women and they expect me to help take care of all them little bastards. Damn bitches. (Sarcasm)


I hate it when somebody ELSE has 4 or 5 kids by as many women and they expect ME to help take care of all them little bastards. Damn bitches. (truth)

I didn't even get to have any of the fun.

MMP said...

@ Anon @ 6:14

Don't feel lonesome....I've been banned for no more than you.......And for some reason Yahoo won't post any comment containing the word "negro" !!!!!!!!

I hadn't know that word had fallen out of PC favor, & was now considered racist?

PB said...

"As a black man (not American), I fully grasp the concerns raised here by members of the white community and I actually agree with a lot of them."

I fully believe you. There is a cultural sickness among American Blacks that seems to transcend simple issues of Race alone. This nihilistic culture is rampant among Blacks, but it is transferable to susceptible Whites, of who there are growing numbers. This site is about "race realism" but in being so also is a document of damaging cultural change that is crossing racial barriers.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

A mere 50 years ago negroes who raped white women would have been hung in Florida. Now we have it happening in public and white men just shrug? What they have done to us has been unbelievably effective.

As I've posted on another thread of what I had to suffer through in the nightmare of public high school in the ATL in the late 80s/early 90s,white males more or less "just shrugged" back then.Not one ever came to my defense and I had to fight on my own.And I was a straitlaced,normal teen girl going to school and minding my own business,not some college tramp partying and doping and being foolish.That was over 20 years ago.A lot of people didn't believe me.Some wouldn't(and still won't)even hear what I have to say.

Perhaps someone will believe me now,eh?

What they've done to us was done a long time ago,it just took this damn long to wake up!

Anonymous said...

TO the person who said would I have the nog date my daughter. Here is the short answer: NO! Is that clear. Here was a nog trying to do what was right by NOT attacking a police. Give the boy some respect dumbass! I hate nogs as much as anybody else. I want them ALL sent away, but when they do something positive, I will say good job. I ask you, what do YOU say when a nog does something good? Putz!

Anonymous said...

How many copies of Time magazine are sold in Detroit?

How many book stores and Starbucks are in Detroit? lol

I count 10 Nike (Foot Locker) stores in Detroit and I believe the city has less than 700k people.

Seems to be loaded with page after page of liquor stores in the yellow pages too and that's not counting the numerous bodegas selling 40 ouncers.

Seems to be loaded with (welfare) Check Cashing and payday loan places too.

Actually I did find some bookstores in Detroit but they look either like rare books leftover from when white people lived there and mostly those pseudo religious type book places you find in depressed areas or Islamic books.

Anonymous said...

A mere 50 years ago negroes who raped white women would have been hung in Florida

I can't find any lynchings in Florida in 1965.
Groveland in 1948 wasn't a lynching either and just the sheriff shooting 2 negroes, killing one and the other going to prison.

Anonymous said...

"As a black man (not American), I fully grasp the concerns raised here by members of the white community and I actually agree with a lot of them."

But unfortunately you represent less than 1% of your species AND in all probability you could be hard working, educated, and generally decent and marry another homo Africanus of the same disposition and the odds of the genetic craps game would provide you with children that are far closer to the mean than to you and your spouse.

The horrible dilemma facing the negro with even a few positive traits is that they believe in the paint job theory and they use themselves as proof.... the logic being "I'm black and I don't act like that so it must be a behavior over which those others have a choice.". Sadly this is untrue. The mythical IKAGO is a statistical fluke, and the average negro will never be able to mimic their behavior and abilities any more than the average white man could just sit down and teach himself to be a chess grandmaster or a composer to rival JS Bach. The combination of rare talent plus the desire to actually utilize it is simply too rare to really count on.

Consider that the combined effort of WHITE EUROPEANS went from half a minute of flight to putting a man on the moon in little more than 60 years. From theory to harnessing the power of the atom to generate electricity in only 6 years. Now that's only the effort of a select handful of whites.

Now consider the collective effort and resources of our entire western civilization in trying to tame/domesticate/train/make-equal the negro. We are no closer today than we were 50 years ago when we first began pretending that they were human and we could make them our equals.

This failure isn't the lack of trying, the lack of money, nor is it the lack of ability to achieve unimaginable accomplishments when whites collectively put their heads together to solve a problem. The failure is hard wired into the African. Short of a few centuries of iron fisted eugenics program I see no way to even make them docile enough to not be a danger to civilization much less make them intelligent and industrious enough to actually contribute.

Which moves us into this comment:
"when they do something positive, I will say good job"

Yes... pat them on the head and tell them what a clever monkey they are and give them a banana.... and if they're bad hit them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

It has taken millennia for our ancestors to selectively breed wolves into dog breeds we know today and you STILL have dogs that attack people and they're still essentially dumb animals. The task of doing the same for the negro is not one any of us can achieve in a lifetime nor is it one from which the reward will be worth the effort.

So. Yeah, I've met some black immigrants that are tolerable and have the work ethic of 4 Chinamen put together but they're a rare breed and 40 years from now their children/grandchildren will be the vanguard of a wave of crime and blight that my descendants will have to suffer.

Sorry, blackie. We don't want you and your own don't want you. Don't waste your time trying to civilize them... If the collective effort of America and Europe has failed to do it in a century you aren't going to do it; it can't be done. Find some DWLs that'll fawn over you as their pet IKAGO and just enjoy your life the best you can and consider yourself extremely lucky... you really hit the jackpot in the genetics lottery. Your progeny will not be so lucky according to statistics and probability.

Anonymous said...

To "Black Immigrant"

I sympathize with your plight of sharing a skin tone with a group so disliked by our society. As a resident of Atl, I can't help but run into lots of black "folk". I also am not scared to get into real discussions about racial topics with them. The highlights of the average conversation I have with someone like you is similar to your comments. I also hear from non-american blacks that they feel sorry for me because of the open season on white men in america. It may be open season on me, yea c'mon!.... I'm ready and prepped. I remind them that everything I have achieved is believed to be based on merit. I also point out that if your black and appear to be successful regardless of your education or achievements that your gains in life are believed to be based on Affirmitve Action and preferential considerations. THIS WOULD PISS ME THE F%$CK OFF IF I WERE YOU. All Americans would benefit from the non-American blacks putting their own race in check. God knows YT ain't gonna do it. Welcome on board.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Anonymous said...

Case law no longer matters today!!! I can see a huge attempt to reverse TN V Garner. Then if it happens most criminals will rely on the rabbit instinct to get away without fear of being shot for fleeing. This is not our grandfather's America any longer.

Plaga Negra said...

It's the soft bigotry of low expectations. Do you reward someone for NOT robbing a liquor store?

Anytime a negro plays up the pity party of "Oh we blacks is messed up" they are playing their scorpion to our frog. STOP FALLING FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

I'm an old man. I'm amused when people call me a racist. I've been watching this circus for over 50 years. I don't "hate" a black person anymore than I would hate a rabid dog. I'm wary of the negro for the potential threat it poses to those I love. That's all.
And like a rabid dog, I would put it down if it threatened those I love. Equal to me? You be the judge.....I'll be the "judge" of what's right and what's wrong.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

RE 'Non'American' blacks putting their race in check...I'm not sure they're the right ones for the job.The non-American blacks I see are so-called "refugees" who get the usual free shit from gubmint and the church groups are doing everything for them,and since many are Muslim I sure as hell am not going to trust them any more than I'd trust Shontavious or Tyrell or DeKeyShawn.

The churches who are always sponsoring and welcoming these non-American blacks are always trying to get white females to attend their church services...hmmm wonder why...

I don't think we need even MORE of them in this country.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the east suburbs of Cleveland, and after many years away, moved back to be closer to my family again. The change in the demographics in the area in 25 years in astounding. Neighborhoods that were 99% white for the last 100 years are getting blacker and blacker by the day. This part did not really bother me at first. Only when I started to be regularly verbally assaulted in public places by crazed racist negro woman, and start watching the crime statistics go from nothing to through the roof, did I realize why white flight happens. when my job got transferred from corporate office in the suburbs, to a facility downtown, bordering East Cleveland, is when the writing was really on the wall. I was suddenly the minority at work being white. I did not think that much of it, I just wanted to go do my job, be friendly and keep paying my bills. But in a department full of angry, hyper-aggressive, white hating negro women, there was no way they were going to let that happen. I was in for the shock of a lifetime as I was mercilessly assaulted from every angle possible, until I just could not take it anymore and had to walk out from a job I loved. I have never seen such aggressive, angry, RACIST, deplorable behavior in the workplace in my life. Hen pecking, back stabbing, verbal tirades, trying to sabotage anyone they thought had something they "deserved", openly professing hatred of white people right in front of me. Calling off work to go get their hair done, and threading management that it is "their right", it never ended. There were departments, that once one negro got into management, they would only hire more negroes. The entire department would be 99% black and they would then be screaming DISCRIMINATION! read correctly, they would racist job whore an entire department...but then start screaming that the employer was discriminatory because there were no blacks in C level management. I know a 1000 white guys that would KILL for those well paying environmental, food service and tech jobs that they could not get hired into, because the negro manager would not hire any WHITES. So they commit the same racism crime they are constantly screaming at others about, and then want to be handed management jobs, not because of their education or credentials, but because they simply "deserve it" because they are negroes.

And this my friends, is the "diversity" cesspool BRA and White Libtard America is creating and trying to shove down our throats at every turn in politics, advertising and media.

Anonymous said...

I never really thought much about these things until I have become so INCREDIBLY TIRED of watching my beloved neighborhoods turned into Saint Negro war zones, be treated like "white-scum" by my Saint Negro coworkers and fellow shoppers, have libtard advertising try to brainwash me into thinking St. Negro is the MAJORITY of the population (not the actual less than 20% it actually is), and our Saint Negro President shove socialized "healthcare"-which is nothing more welfare tax down my throat, along with giving more press time to the "injustice of the black man" of Trayvon Martin Case than he does to world terror threats.


No white guilt here. My parents were European immigrants that came through Ellis Island in the 1920's. We did not enslave or oppress anyone. And sadly many millions of "white-guilt carrying" Americans have the same innocent backgrounds!! No one in their heritage oppressed anyone, but BRA has shamed them into believing just because you are white, you are BAD!!! I have started to bark right back in Laquintisha's face when she tries to white guilt me into submission so she can continue to act like an animal. And boy you should see the look on her face when she realizes you better behave like a lady if you want to live in this whitey bitches neighborhood. Whitey bitch ain't drinking the Obamalibtard Koolaid, owes you nothing, and this neighborhood is for CIVILIZED PEOPLE ONLY.

Unknown said...

One of the benefits of getting older is that you notice things. I know a lot of you won't believe it but the Sybil Rights Movement seems to be coming to an end. You find it hard to believe because the media is hyping black victims and making them look like Saints. However, this astroturf funded by George Soros is extremely interesting. I notice that although the foot soldiers are all black, all the D-Party candidates aren't. Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley and Crazy Joe Biden might be riding shotgun. Of course if it gets bad they might draft that Blonde Haired Blur Eyed Cigar Store Indian Elizabeth Warren.
Hey Revrum Jackson where you gone to? Where is Corey Booker? Wasn't Booker the new Obama? Maybe he has some job in Chicago like Obama had to keep him out of the race, or maybe someone is having a going out of business sale for outdated farm equipment?