Friday, April 24, 2015

For white people in 2015, the Selma of 1965 never ceased to exist...

In 2015, Selma is 80 percent black

This 80 percent black world doesn't exist to anyone, for the world of 1965 Selma never stopped existing. 

But 80 percent black Selma does exist

Oh, it exists. 
Every high school in America - private or public - will receive a free copy of Selma: will the first white kid to ask if this  "one dream can change the world" for the worst be immediately expelled? 

1965 was 50 years ago, and in half a century the now 80 percent black city of Selma has regressed to the black mean. 

And the state of 80 percent black Selma in 2015 proves correct every white southerner who dared question the march on Montgomery. 

But, for the time being, this truth doesn't matter. [Every US high school to receive free 'Selma' DVD,, 4-24-15]:
Every high school in the United States, public and private, will receive a free DVD of the film 'Selma,' Paramount Home Media Distribution announced today. 
'Selma' is available now on Digital HD and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD May 5. 
Teachers can also receive free companion study guides to help lead discussions on the events depicted in the film. 
"To think that this triumphant story of dignity and justice will be available to every high school in this country is a realization of many dreams and many hopes," director Ava DuVernay said in a press release.   
"We hope to reach all 18 million high school students with the film's powerful and inspiring story. With many of these students preparing to vote for the first time in next year's elections, it is especially fitting that they witness the bravery and fortitude of those who fought to establish the Voting Rights Act of 1965," said Megan Colligan, president, Worldwide Distribution and Marketing, Paramount Pictures.  
Teachers who would like to receive a copy of the "Selma" companion study guide can visit 
For more information visit:

But is the current state of 80 percent black Selma the "triumphant story of dignity and justice" so many claim it represents, or is the decaying, blighted, ruined state of Selma nothing more than the culmination of the warnings white people made decades ago about what would occur under black political rule?

What constitutes "bravery and fortitude" has always been speaking the truth, and the state of 80 percent black Selma in 2015 is nothing more than the reality of Africa in America.

For the "dreams and many hopes" of those pulling the levers of power in Black-Run America (BRA) is the replication of the same fate Selma enjoys in 2015 to be spread throughout America... but the truth of America's future simply resides on the other side of the Edmund Pettus Bridge almost everyone works hard to march away from.

1965 was 50 years ago... Selma in 2015 is now 80 percent black, representing the exact city those white southerners advocating for Jim Crow laws and segregation warned about coming to fruition.


MrGJG said...

So we can expect more innocent white kids to get pummeled by angry jigs after watching this abomination of a movie.

Pissed off in PA said...

If I was an educator the answer would be no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the kids will see it as a chance to get out of class time, and sleep through it. Bluffing through a test will be easy: they'll just put down the most liberal answers--every question is "D. Racism." Then hopefully, every school will plan a field trip to Selma. Please, dear teachers, bring a lot of money in your purses.

Anonymous said...

If the 20% would move away, they will have achieved segregation once again.

MMP said...

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise."

Adolph Hitler

Woodsy InNYC said...

I requested some copies of the Selma companion study guide for my "Roll Your Own Tampon" seminar in NYC and a box of Selma dvd's for my "Creative Art in Central Park" class...

...we will be using them to make wind chimes.

I hope they arrive quickly.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points contained in this post.

PK, as you did so ably last yr to remind readers that last yr marked the 45th anniversary of the 1969 Lunar Landing, so you should consider reminding readers that this yr marks the 50th anniversary of the infamous Moynihan Report entitled The Negro Family. This anniversary was in last March, and, accept for columnist George Will, went unremarked at large in the MSM. I'm thinking that about every month SBPDL could highlight relevant quotes from the report to show exactly what the findings revealed about blacks at the time (1965).

Thoughout 2015, If you were to occasionally highlight the key aspects from Moynihan's report and compare then with today, it would do a great service to show what was at stake then with what has occurred in BRA today.

For example, during the same month (March) that the Selma march occurred the report on the Negro Family highlighted the social problems that groids faced and were causing during that time. Example: in 1965 the out of wedlock rate was about 25%, whereas it is currently around 75%.

Quoting from Moynihan's report would help to highlight the Federal Government's findings at the time on BRA and how the report was received at the time it was made public.

The report, quite monumental at the time, should not so quickly be forgotten as so much of post 60s Affirmative Action and other such governmental policies are based off of the report's findings in one way or another. Because the findings were too difficult to deal with, the modern day monstrosity that is known as BRA was largely created.

Ricky In Cali said...

The indoctrination continues!

You can see the Black mans face on the cover of this movie with the idiots standing behind him and the words SELMA in big red letters. The next generation will be forced to view this garbage with high hopes that the Negro’s will be fueled by the fire of oppression, while at the same time the White kids will be guilt ridden. Two birds with one stone.

As the years pass and we move onto the next propaganda piece, the government will require that we will be offered the proud movie (future winner of many motion pictures) which will simply be titled “Michael”. It will show the face of St. Swisher on the cover and an angry police officer behind him.

When you flip the cover of MICHAEL the movie to read the backside, it will tell you the plot of the story:

“Follow with us during a violent time in America’s history when young, articulated and educated Black Americans are ruthlessly killed in the streets by the hundreds from Racist White police officers. This movie MICHAEL will provide you an inside glimpse into the life of an up-and-coming scholar who wanted nothing more in life than to change the world by opening up centers for the poor and diminished. MICHAEL, winner of 366 awards and worldwide recognition follows the real-life story of the Racist police officers who gunned him down in the streets, all while laughing at him and desecrating his name. MICHAEL will leave you breathless as it’s based on a true story and everything is factual.”

I honestly believe that the movie idiocracy is happening as we speak….

kulturkampf said...

Hollywood, the mass media and the federal government never stop with the bombardment of all of us, especially children, with diversity. You almost can't blame them: without the constant enforcement of the party line through relentless propagandizing this whole plastic facade of diversity will tear off and reveal the rubbish that is now at the foundation of our country.

But it won't last forever. The truth will eventually become obvious.

Anonymous said...

Well they can't sell them so now they're giving this trash to government and private indoctrination camps. The private ones should know better. Many private schools were created because of the story this film portrays very one sided. Perhaps a copy of Birth of a Nation should be sent as a companion for this filth.

Somebody commented about the people in the mountains on the last post. I've had many pleasant experiences with these people in my life. In many ways this is the last real YT culture in this country which is probably why those that control the narrative portray them as they do. These unsullied Scot Irish (for the most part) have never bought into the diversity narrative and I found out they readily accept one of their tribe after a trial period. Sure they'll tease you about being a flat lander but once you've shown you're a friend it's returned in many ways. I can just imagine a school way back in the hills of NC, TN, Va, West Va, or KY getting a copy of Selma. My guess is it'll be tossed in the trash.

Mountain folk could teach other YT some valuable lessons if they'd just listen. Perhaps they will someday. Besides I don't know anybody with Scot Irish blood that takes much crap off of anybody. All of my dads aunts are holy terrors when crossed, even the oldest at 97 years has it her way.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

Fatigued in NY here
Gone are truly the days when we used to watch 'The Who's Tommy' in class for a good laugh ( Oliver Reed was a pisser) and now there's the agenda machine in schools. Just explained to a kid with his father the other day that the 'Civil War' was NOT fought over ' Da Slabery' and you know what he said to me?
"What the hell are they teaching me in school?"

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......A New York story. One day in the 60's I came out the front door of my pad. As always I looked both ways up and down the street before walking out onto the sidewalk. I lived to regret the times I didn't.

So I noticed that about every other building had anywhere from 2 to 5 or 6 hippies hanging out on the front stoops. I had never seen these people before. I'd been living there for years and was wondering who are these fuckers. Then all of a sudden they starting getting active. Jumping up and down with excitement and pointing down the street.

So what do I see. On 2nd Avenue the mailman had just turned onto the street pushing his mail cart. It was the first of the month and these were the WELFARE HIPPIES waiting for their free checks. It kind of blew me away.

Don't get me wrong, I was no straight laced John Q. Citizen. I was a total fucking freak and a one hundred percent outlaw. I still am. The OUTLAW TRAIL is kind of hard to leave behind. The hippies were tame compared to where my head was at.

These were the ones who were REBELLING against the system while sucking off the system. So where are these dope head welfare hippies at today? THEY ARE RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT.

Their down on Wall Street snorting $50,000.00 a year of coke up their noses. College professors teaching your kids about the glories of Socialism. Social workers bringing in savages from Africa who learned how to field strip an AK-47 at the age of 10. Lawyers suing old ladies because they didn't want to bake wedding cakes for gay couples. They are now senior citizens who are flying to crime infested ghettos hoping to start race riots. Preaching tolerance for street criminals, crooks, pedophiles, perverts and other whack jobs. Being paid big money to lecture about white privilege. Media hacks and press whores drooling at the mouth as they search for the next "racist" or "sexist" who said the wrong thing. Writing speeches for the Communist who are running for office so they can help "save America". Working for NGO's that want to disarm citizens, take away state rights and pass "hate speech" laws.

These "peace and love" people are working to set up a control system that is taking away more and more of your freedoms so they can save you from the "bad guys". Safety first. Freedom last. Now don't get me wrong. Not all the hippies were like that, I did know some good ones.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like Hollywood/Government propaganda films to make the negroe ape appear noble and human. It seems that the powers that be insist that humans must love the negroe. Someone get me a barf bag please.

Anonymous said...

This pro MLK movie should do one thing for the kids, now they will know what went wrong in America back in the 1960’s. These kids will see just who is responsible for their parents being taxed to death in order to provide the lazy negroe with AFDC, WIC, TANF, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, Section 8 Housing, EBT, Head Start Programs, and Earned Income Credit. This film will show why American industrial production has declined over the last five decades, why American students are learning less, and why all investment in America’s future is doomed to failure. Most importantly it shows who is responsible, MKL was no hero, but a champion of communism.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Another New York story. This is in the late 70's when I had a loft on 22nd street near Broadway. It was late at night and I was headed home with my friend Annie.

There was a big office building on the corner that was being renovated and turned into condos. There was a dumpster in front that I would dig through at night. I would find furniture and other cool shit.

I gave Annie the keys to the pad and went across the street to dumpster dive. The back gate was open so I didn't have to climb in. I just opened it up and walked inside. As I did this I saw two "youthful teens" on the way to choir practice heading my way. They were a few hundred feet away and I knew it was now going to be HOWDY DOODY TIME. I was going to get hit. My only thought was "Oh shit, here it comes".

The dumpster was empty except for a big pile of sawdust about two feet high. On top of the sawdust was a claw hammer. It was one of those with a metal handle and the hammer head was bent back. It was no good for pounding in nails but was perfect for punching a hole into somebodies head. I grabbed the hammer in my right hand and grabbed a handful of sawdust with the other. My plan was sawdust in the eyes and hammer into the head. I was pumped and ready and just as I saw the shadow of the first youthful teen I heard foots steps running up behind me. I didn't see nothing. All I heard was FREEZE MOTHERFUCKER. DON'T MOVE. ON THE GROUND. It was the cops riding in on a white horse.

WATCH IT. THIS ONE HAS A GUN. I saw a snub nose pistol as it slid past me down the sidewalk. Remember, I was inside the dumpster and saw nothing except the gun shooting past me. Then I heard CLICK CLICK of the handcuffs and one of the cops said check the guy inside the dumpster. A cop sticks his head in and ask if I'm alright. I can't remember what I said but it was something like DUH. I stepped outside and both of the teenage honor students were spread out face down. A cop car pulled up to give the kids a ride to night school. Then a middle age Jewish guy with glasses walks up along with a uniform beat cop.

This is what the Jewish guy told me. They had robbed him a little earlier uptown on one of the avenues. Afterwards he followed them from a couple blocks away until he ran into the uniform cop. The cop calls in for backup and they both followed behind calling in the teens location. Just when they saw me cross the street for the dumpster is when the cop car came driving up. The arresting officers were one of the ANTI-CRIME SQUADS. These guys were legends. They were the best cops New York City ever had. All they did was drive around busting bad guys. Grunts in a cement jungle.

The Jewish guy really had balls. He wasn't like most of the dip shits in New York. He told me those little fuckers pissed him off and he wanted revenge. I wished more people were like that.

Even in my old age I still have some bad nights and it's hard to get to sleep. Shit from the past still haunts me. When I was in my 40's is when it was the worst. Posting on this sight is my therapy. Thank you Paul.

Anonymous said...

The brainwashing is all about gaining foot soldiers to complete the plans of the multicult. They need outraged useful idiots to march in lockstep with them~ The grass roots storm troopers to carry out their orders.
I know where it all leads. I lost friends and acquaintences in the October Revolution in 1973 in Thailand. I still remember the photo on the cover of either Newsweek or Time of one person I knew hanging by the neck outside the University of Bangkok as the "righteous flock" gathered to take turns beating his dead body. A couple of years later, Cambodian friends who'd gone back to Cambodia...well, unless you were born and raised all your life under a blanket, you can figure out what happened. I was asked to go on the flights to rescue people (Operation Over The Fence) but declined as I didn't see taking up space on a flight to serve any purpose. Someone would die for lack of the space I took up. One fellow I knew did go and he told of mobs of hysterical people running towards the planes and seeing a soldier stab and kill a pregnant woman with a bayonet as she was "in his way." The fellow I knew was so enraged by that, he shot the soldier dead on the spot.
In any case, the whole point of having "Selma" shown to every high school student in the nation plus having additional material available for "discussion" is not to educate but to indoctrinate and to identify the enemy.
You (as a race realist) are that enemy.
The fact that brainwashed/indoctrinated students will be "voting in a few years" is simply a gathering of forces against you with the end goal being marginilization, disenfranchisement and ultimate demonization of you as an "enemy of the people" that needs to be "dealt with." Political correctness and "sensitivity classes" are all part of the continuing program.
You can bet your bottom dollar that the reality of Selma 2015 will NOT be revealed or discussed in the classroom as that would be "counter-productive." Only the approved narrative will be allowed. Any student who brings it up will be instantly attacked as "racist." A euphemism for "counter revolutionary" if you'd prefer that term.
As is, the multicult knows that Americans are too well armed for a high grade war to work here so they go low grade...until the brainwashing/indoctination is so effective that they have the numbers on their side. Then they'll go high grade if they feel enough "progress" isn't being made through other means.
Currently, being a race realist only means you can lose your job and be demonized by the righteous flock if your heresy becomes known.
That will change.

Anonymous said...

"Hopes" ... "dreams" ... We're a nation of mushheads, pacified by empty slogans and meaningless catchphrases.

One day, though, reality is going to hit us upside the head like a 2x4.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I think in addition to the Selma DVD, schools should place all of PK’s books in the library along with such books as “White Girl Bleed a Lot”.

Let the children look and read all these things and make up their own minds!

Let them be the judges of Selma! Is Selma a success story? How about Detroit?

Let them ask why blacks are louder than everyone else; why their crime rates are so high; and why they are the only ones who seem to attack others on a daily basis.

Why are there so many blacks in prison? Could it be that they are there because they committed a crime? Should they feel bad because a black person commits a crime?

Just as a starting point to the discussion on race, show them blogs such as SBPDL and New Nation News. Challenge them to show you ANY place on Earth where whites are committing these outrageous crimes against blacks.

In their quest to find information, they will discover that no matter where the black race is, blight, crime and misery will abide with them.

The media would lead you to believe that blacks are very intelligent people. This is contrary to logic and common sense. If that were true, why is Africa the poorest continent on Earth? The People of the Congo are sitting on trillions of dollars worth of minerals; yet live in squalor. Even when Negroes are handed a first world country like South Africa, it rapidly devolves into a third world hellhole.

My guess is that NONE of PK’s books will be available to counter the message of Selma. The left dictates to us what our children should read and we dutifully go along. However, I wonder what white children would do if they learned it was the white race that brought man into the Twenty First Century. Blacks had nothing to do with it; most have trouble reading on a third grade level; are the schools saying these people are the inventors of the modern world? White children are not stupid!

Show them the truth and show them the injustices done to OUR people on a DAILY basis and they will learn why the south had Jim Crow laws; and why they had separate accommodations. They will learn why we must separate from them.

Sadly it is too late for Doug and Debbie London; the little white baby shot point blank in the face will never get a chance to do all the things this country offers because he was killed during a robbery; his mother did not have money to give to the African American youth. Hundreds and thousands die each year in senseless violence and yet we continue to allow the Negro to stay among us. Thirty five thousand white women are raped yearly by black men; yet one can count on one hand the number of black women raped by white men. Let the children look at the facts and decide; but let’s have an honest discussion.

Anonymous said...

All OT I Know- but I feel so nauseated by these things lately. I have never delivered pizza, but it has to be a really crappy job, but it is an honest job, and those 2 white delivery men killed recently were just trying to support their children and not be a burden on society. Imagine that. My heart really hurts for their families.
My home internet is not working right and every time i call the company i get put on endless hold and give up. I use the internet at the library but can't bring up this site because i am always surrounded by blacks and there is no privacy, and i don't want to be ambushed by "teens" on the way out. So i am at a neighbors house using their wifi like it is a covert operation or something.
Maybe OT but I always seem to comment near the end of the long (and enjoyable) list of comments and therefore my comments seem to be missed some of the time.
Over the last year, several commenters have encouraged us to give up tv. When my converter box blew at Thanksgiving, I didn't bother to replace it. Recently, a friend surprised me with a tv for my birthday, and family gave me a new converter box. So I am back on tv, but doing things differently this time. Now I mostly watch true crime shows and police procedurals (although I still don't have the stomach for Bait car- too many young white men on that show wearing their pants hanging down, caps sideways, etc. trying to "ack black" and steal cars). But the rest of the shows show clearly mostly black perpetrators. Last night, on Body of Evidence, one black man chopped another black mans neck open with a hatchet, because he told him to get lost and not come back because he was stealing from him. Grisly and true and real stuff. You can't watch shows like that and deny reality. I also mute any and all commercials. Sick of seeing white men portrayed as doofuses.
Also, I highly encourage you realists to watch a show called Blue Bloods, about a conservative family wherein all adult members is involved in law enforcement in one way or another. It may be the only scripted show on tv that boldly and unapoligetically shows the viewpoint of white conservatives. Last week was a rerun, where the police commissioner's son, a detective, is pursuing a black man after a petty crime. The black man is resisting arrest,(again, imagine that), and the thug gets cornered at the top of the 2 story building, where he decides to hurl himself out of the 2nd floor window and blame it on the pursuing innocent detective. A race hustler materializes and stirs up the black community to march and protest the police "brutality", , especially when there is a camera in view. The way the police commissioner, played by Tom Selleck, handles the race hustler is courageous and to be applauded. I won't give it away but charges were dropped. This weeks episode deals with gangs and the "snitches get stitches" policy. The show clearly shows the quandaries most LEO's have to wade through when solving a case. Please let's support this excellent show with great writing and acting that is not afraid to show reality. Thanks
L in Atl-hell

Anonymous said...

OT I know but good news from our friends at the ACLU. One of the most important parts of BRA, the ACLU is now attacking another part of BRA, Catholic Charities both of which have brought much grief to YT in recent years. Catholic Charities is a big government contractor for wogs illegally entering BRA. The Catholic Church is nominally opposed to many aspects of BRA such as gay "marriage", abortion, euthanasia etc. In practice the Church remains silent on these issues because they don't want to jeopardize the money from the U.S. government, about %85 of the income for Catholic Charities.

The ACLU is suing Catholic Charities because the health services provided to wogs doesn't include abortion and birth control, both prohibited by Catholic moral teaching. The ACLU lawsuit alleges that the lack of abortion and birth control violates the separation of church and state and is unconstitutional because the U.S. Government (i.e. YT taxpayers) is providing the budget to Catholic Charities. I have no idea if the lawsuit has any merit.

This lawsuit is important because it shows the contradictions in BRA. Like a snake eating its tail two factions of BRA are fighting each other over ultimately an irreconcilable difference. Will the Church render unto Caesar that which is God's or will it stand fast ? If the Church does the 'right thing' it will cripple Catholic Charities, a major conduit for the 3rd world invasion. If it gives in to Caesar there will be a huge backlash that will destroy Catholic Charities anyway. This is a gift from God I guess.

A similar thing happened with gay adoptions and surprisingly the Church did the right thing when pressured and wouldn't do gay adoptions in spite of the loss of money.

Lutheran Social Services may be next. The ACLU is foolishly attacking an ally by attacking Catholic Charities but they can't help themselves, YKW owns the ACLU and they hate the Catholic Church with a passion.

non-DWL from NE.
BHO says hello to Paul K.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, I think every High School in America should receive a DVD of "The Knoxville Horror".
Perhaps subtitled "Selma: The Sequel".

Anonymous said...

After reading this information about Selma, I wonder who will be paying for these “free” DVDs. Nothing is free, and everyone has an agenda. By this time, I am quite aware that the media only shows blacks as victims of white prejudice; they never show the violence perpetrated against white people because it doesn’t fit their model. The only thing that will end this evil incarnation is the truth.

We talk on this site about Negro intelligence. I might add to this a comparison of European bees to Africanized bees. I posit the European variety is more intelligent and useful. It is without question that the European variety is more docile while the African variety is more ferocious and violent. European bees like their human European counterparts lived in a climate where cooperation was useful. Blacks and anything associated with Africa, on the other hand, lived in a land were cooperation was not needed and was generally a bad idea.

Just as Africanized bees destroy a docile hive, black (sub) humans destroy any kind of civilization. Like their cousins the Africanized bees, Africanized subhumans display the same violent nature.

Now…what do we do to save our European bee hives, we have to destroy the Africanized bees at the roots. What do we do to save our European culture? Go back to the days of segregation! We still are a nation governed by laws and Negroes are considered human, so there is not much more we can do than separate ourselves from them.

Segregation is the peaceful way to resolve our conflicts. If the blood letting against whites continues; if crimes against whites continue unabated; the Negroes might truly find themselves at war with white people. History has shown what happens when injustice is filled to the rim. There will come a time when white people DEMAND justice. At that point, justice will be meted in the streets; not before a liberal black judge like the one who scolded a three year old and her parents for fearing Negro men breaking into their house. He said they were racist! What the judge is classifying as racism is nothing more that common sense.

Anonymous said...

I see on the 'Selma' DVD cover that the eyes of those noble Blacks are lifted heavenwards - and for once Whites aren't being asked to pay for their own brainwashing. One question I do have to ask is: will those who have no interest in watching this Hollywood brainwashing Black nonsense be punished for their refusal to watch this sanctified PC Cultural Marxist crap? Or will there once again be feral bands of roving Blacks disrupting the lunch of White diners & will Whites throughout the USA be subject to rioting & abuse by these nasty feral Black White-hating racists?

This forced 'Selma' nonsense in the schools will not make Black kids any smarter but merely create an even bigger gap between them & our hard-pressed White children. When you're being culturally oppressed like White children are in the US then home-schooling to defy the constant 24/7 brainwashing of the Cultural Marxist Elite is the only answer.


Eddie in St. Louis said...

Soweto West, enough said.

D-FENS said...

Continuing with the thoughts on the previous post regarding Christianity vs. paganism - any movement based on faith can be corrupted. THAT is the danger. That is why the "old" Church is the OLD church.

These belief systems initially comforted people by explaining the world before the scientific method. Very early on, the brighter ones realized that these systems were an effective way to control people. That's why there has always been a close relationship between religion and the state.

Of course in today's BRA and whatever the equivalent term applies to Europe, the religions are environmentalism, egalitarianism and multiculturalism.

I suppose that we are back to a pantheism.

Anonymous said...

I am a contrarian. I want the book and movie shoved down the throat of every teenager in America. Through Selma the long denied power of the long suffering victims was finally released. That was in 1965, 50 years ago. Then these teenagers will have to confront the reality of what this unleashed power ultimately produced today. We can see the present, and read about the past. So the Detroits and the criminality of America today is the result of Selma? Yes, children. And the Selma of 1965 is the precursor or today? Right again. We can all witness today. Selma will explain how today all got started. Thank you, producers! Greatly looking forward to the sequel: East St. Louis.

Euro American said...

I love the topic of movie brainwashing, great post PK!
OT: Over at the NYT's the comments section is finally open on one of their DWL articles about the Baltimore police being cruel to their pets.
Some great, thoughtful comments there about how lawless and dangerous Baltimore is.
Other hilariously untrue comments there like "Those who can make it out, leave the community: less of everything follows, excepting more policing."
No! Stay! Don't bring your disfunction to the suburbs!

Scott said...

Speaking of the Pettus Bridge, it is an impressive feat of construction. Wait until Alabama allows black engineers and construction workers to maintain it. Your future:

Gwoobus Harmon said...

When one reads 1984 and themes like "doublethink," "thoughtcrimes,"newspeak," and "memory hole" are explored, you realize how much of this country's racial dilemma falls into this territory with a completely mind controlled population parroting falsehoods.

People are literally espousing views with sincerity that they know to be completely false, because the untruth is the party line. When given the choice between that and reality, they choose the party line.

"Doublethink" - people will say that "diversity is a strength," but if they possess the means, they live as far away from it as possible.

"Thoughtcrimes" - a website like this certainly qualifies as a haven. When people find themselves making racial observations in harmony with reality, they self-censor and convince themselves that there is some other explanation so that they may carry the party line.

"Newspeak" - rather than clearly identify actions or link cause and effect with language, new euphemisms are created (opportunity youth, "shots rang out," team fighting in the Delmar Loop, etc...)

"Memory Hole" - not looking at current day Selma, post civil rights era, because to do so would vindicate the segregationists.

The parallels in 1984's motifs are unbelievable when seen in this light and the topic of race in this country. This website is one of the few places where an honest "conversation about race" can occur.

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering who paid for all this "free" stuff?

Re. the Moynihan report, I suspect it (along with all other observation) shows that blacks must be treated at a level somewhere between livestock and small children to maintain even a semblance of human behavioral standards and tolerable breeding patterns.

Anonymous said...

"I also mute any and all commercials. Sick of seeing white men portrayed as doofuses."

This may not work for all but it works for me.
When I watch TV and I watch only true crime stories and Movies, I cannot watch bait car because I cannot stand the stupidity of the car thieves on that show. Anyway when I watch TV I first tune to a movie channel or my weather scan channel, no commercials, I then tune to the crime show, when a commercial comes on, I hit the back button and that takes me back to the movie channel or weather scan channel. commercials are about four minutes for a one hour show and about two minutes for a 30 minute show, at that time I hit the back button on my remote and I am back to the show I am watching. It might sound complicated but after a time it becomes automatic and it's easier than listening to commercials that are filled with smiling, well dressed blacks, talking like White people giving me all that advice as to what I should buy. Try it you'll like it.

Anonymous said...


Just reporting the news.

Medic Bear said...

I, as others have posted, think this fleecing of the taxpayer (Whites) should be encouraged - as has been posted, SOMEONE is paying for these millions of DVD's, creation of the propaganda 'teaching guides,' printing, distribution, etc. - and it's the taxpayer.

I think for every DWL-in-the-making and every already thug-ized Black, there should be 3 or 4 awakened Whites (and non-Blacks) who see through the bullshit and ask themselves (if not others) "Wow, 50 years ago, the gibs me dat started and the Blacks became a protected species - why the hell are they such a mess today ?" and will become race realists. The more enlightened non-Blacks, the better.

Plus, maybe increased agitation among the dark, drooling, mindless hordes will hasten the open warfare we all know is likely coming. The sooner it starts, the sooner we can remove them all and start over. Segregation might be a start but total elimination is the only long-term solution.

Anonymous said...

In the early 70s, Patrick Moynihan was on MEET THE PRESS tv show. My father and I were both watching it on a Sunday just like it is now.

Moynihan must have taken a truth pill that day or something , cause this is what he said. He was asked what the new century would be like, a look into thr cristal ball.

1, 3rd world people will come to the U.S. seeking a better life. South America was having a population explosion , in the 70 and 80s.

2, He mentioned wevwould have a problem with terrorism.

3, Water and food will be a challenge.

4, And then he knocked me off the couch, when he said this. AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE, THERE WILL BE A PERCEIVED THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE. End quote. I looked at my dad and we both said ALIENS.LOL. Yes he really said all this, and the alien part was a quote. If true the powers had plans made over 40 years ago.


Anonymous said...

1965 is about the pivot point when the civil rights movement mutated into the progressive cancer of Racial Socialist Aggression.

Since then, it's been increasingly less about the futility of uplifting blacks and more about endlessly assaulting Whites in every way possible. With the disastrous demographic changes, it's only going to get worse unless a highly skilled and aggressive White presidential candidate succeeds in kindling awareness and solidarity among Whites.

I'm not willing to give up on the political process. Yes it's true that the Republicans have been milquetoast and acquiescent, but it only takes one powerful man or woman to change the momentum on any issue.
This is Las Vegas thinking, not Disneyland.
The house is stacked against you but you can win, but only if you play.

The blacks look so noble in that picture!
However, let me contrast Hollyweird racial fantasy with stinking reality.

Blacks are so noble that;

* They embrace and put on a pedestal POS punks from their communities.
* Their elders are unconsciously negligent in instilling sexually responsible behavior in their younger people.
* They rape, rob, and murder at sickeningly high rates.
* Their young males wear their pants as if they were advertising themselves as prison sluts.
* A huge percentage of their females are sluts.
* They move into fine White built houses and allow them to rapidly degrade.
* They allow trash to accumulate in their neighborhoods.
* They have massive hostility for the very people who are responsible for giving blacks a very wealthy first-world civilization in which to live.
* Their entire politics is about stealing wealth from innocent Whites.
* Etc, etc, etc.

Blacks are about as noble as Hollyweird icon Rock Hudson was heterosexual.

Anonymous said...

I just read all the comments. I appreciate the reader from NY including a personal experience. I would say he is lucky to be alive seeing he was almost in the line of fire between black thugs and the police. Things can truly turn ugly in a moments notice. Black culture reminds me of Chimpanzees (seriously). The chimps can be harmonious and frolicking in the sun, and at the drop of a hat be screeching, and ooking, and eeking all over the place. It can be over anything as small as one chimp looking another chimp in the eye.
Are American Africans any different than their cousins the Chimpanzee? Anyway, cool story NY!

I have a question, if schools encourage students to watch Selma (which is given from a certain point of view), would they allow PK’s books in their library for reading? I would buy the books and deliver them to the library for all children to read. I think they should know what happened to Detroit and why it went bankrupt. In “White Girl Bleed A lot”, children could see how years of integration have caused untold misery in the white community. They should examine the lives of those murdered in the Knoxville massacre, and compare it to those who callously took their lives.

All the books I mentioned above as recommended reading are not racist, but show the facts and let the readers be the judge. In the spirit of fairness, I think children should be able to examine what black America has done to this nation and shaped the way we now exist. Children should ask why black murder rates dwarf all other demographics. It is a fair question that all people including the teachers should consider. Why do blacks kill blacks? Why do blacks kill others? Why do they rape women, girls, and everything else including dogs?

Black Americans are degenerate vipers among the population. We are but victims to those vicious animals. The question to school children should be? Why should we continue to support black people when these are the fruits of our labors (blight, burned out buildings, and crime)? Should be not separate ourselves from them and let them exist on their own ability. Why should white people pay taxes to support a race that does not contribute to the betterment of our republic? These are the questions I have, and if these questions are not asked, doesn’t that mean our freedom of speech is taken away and we now live in a dictatorship where there is no freedom of speech?

We are protected by the Fourteenth Amendment which says we are equal under the law! Are we protected by this law, or has our government turned its back on white people? Revolutions were started because of injustices!!! If there is Affirmative Action and this practice is protected, then what does that say about equal protection under the law? The answer is that our government is lawless thugs taken over by leftists.

Anonymous said...

I think these "racism porn" movies have been coming out so frequently that america is getting very very fed up with them.

We have a (1/2) black president, blacks on the supreme court, blacks in congress, black governors, black mayors, black aldermen, black CEOs, black astronauts, black doctors, blacks ALL OVER tv, radio, movies.....

And the blacks have never been angrier. And I think white america might FINALLY be starting to realize that it will never be enough for them. No amount of white guilt will satisfy them. No amount of social programs, or representations in the media, or self-censoring will satisfy them.

Back the '60s blacks just wanted to NOT be called niggers. Then negro was offensive. Then afro-american. Then african-american. Now it's "person-of-color" because "black" is offensive.

I think given the crime stats, and the media worship, and HIGHLY publicized chimpouts every time a black criminal is stopped by a white cop, even many liberal whites are starting to say "damnm what the hell is wrong with blacks people?"

Movies like this have been losing money. Even "12 years a slave" wasnt really a blockbuster by any means, and it was given awards by liberals that admitted they didnt even watch it. How did Black Annie do? Remember, a movie has to earn DOUBLE it's cost before it starts to earn profits.

I am hoping I am right, 10 years ago whites were VERY careful about not worshiping blacks. Today I see and hear more and more whites expressing their fatigue and just getting very fed up with being blamed for black disfunction.

chattanooga gal said...

ricky in cali, you are right on the money. I was thinking just the other day, I wonder what the "official story" about saint swisher will be 10 years from now. it is because I know how that is going to play out that I now doubt all the " official stories" from the civil rights marches.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Gwoob , when you start drawing parallels that turn a fictional story into modern prophecy ... People tend to listen... And get creeped out by it. Then ... They slowly start to wake up and open their eyes to the Orwellian world they have been indoctrinated into.

I had all my kids read 1984 and had my youngest listen to

"If I were the Devil" by Paul Harvey.

He played it to one of his younger teachers who had never heard it before. She literally teared up while listening to it. Told my son a week later it creeped her out so much she started praying again.

Parallels to "prophecy" are one of the best ways to defend your position as a realist , and you have a knack for it. Thanks for your posts.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous MMP said...

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise."

Adolph Hitler

April 24, 2015 at 9:03 PM

This unsourced "quote" is all over the net, but it's only a fragment, and inverts the original meaning. The full quote is:

"The fact that by clever and persevering use of propaganda even heaven can be represented as hell to the people, and conversely the most wretched life as paradise, was known only to the Jew, who acted accordingly; the German, or rather his government, hadn't the faintest idea of this."
- Adolf Hitler, MK, Vol. 1, Chapter 10

Let's get it right, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind that blacks are being punished for their bad behavior. Although several hundred whites are killed each year by feral blacks, about what? 8,000 blacks are killed annually by their own. And closing in on 1.5 million locked up. And a lot of regular blacks are terrified that if they slip up at all, they will go down in flames.

So we know that the Communists and radical black racists want affirmative action for murder, rape and robbery but that is mostly not happening. They want it so when one kills another, the victim's mother comes out and says she just wants to know what happened, then the perp is locked up for a couple years. Then the preacher tells the mom that all should be forgiven, and then she forgives the perp and he gets out of jail in, oh, say three or four years.
But that's not happening and luckily our society is hypocritical enough to appear to kiss their ass while actually punishing the feral apes pretty good.

Even the Communist mayor of NYC finds his hands tied in regard to this.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to see a great man brought down. Governor Wallace was a great man who did what he could to save the white race, but we see his efforts went in vain. He stood up to forced integration of schools. He understood that blacks were degenerate subhumans and would destroy white America, but he lost. The reason he lost is because we lost the debate. We did not have the learned scholars we have today to show that there are physiological differences in races. The DWLs of that day would say that blacks were like whites except for the color of their skin. We know that is complete bullshit in our day. We have years of research and statistics on our side now, but then the common mantra was that blacks were downtrodden by years of slavery.

Even the slowest white person can surely see that blacks do not deserve the high pedestal on which they are placed! Most blacks will never amount to more than someone to pick up your garbage, or flip your burger. I would frankly prefer a machine to flip my burger; it is much more hygienic and less apt to fuck the order up! With that said, what is the price of our caring for the Negro all these years? PK shows us cities such as Detroit, St. Louis, and Selma. Cities bereft of hope because their citizens are hopeless! A city that is 80 to 90 percent blacks cannot be supported by a minority of whites (people who work). It will collapse on its on weight and become a metaphorical black hole!

We need other great leaders such as Governor Wallace who stood up to BRA. However, this time we will win because we are RIGHT! We have facts on our side now. The emperor is naked for all to view; BRA is a complete and utter failure. The collapse is imminent. Our nation cannot support blacks anymore. We must cut the chain that holds us together. They are free; and we will be free. Free at last, Free at last, thank god we will be free at last (of BRA).

Anonymous said...

"After reading this information about Selma, I wonder who will be paying for these “free” DVDs. Nothing is free, and everyone has an agenda."

These were purchased by the Gov to make the film's numbers look less miserable. Some snotty-nosed intern came up with this idea to get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are making a bigger deal about this movie than it deserves.

I saw it and it just wasn't a very good movie. It wasn't even good propaganda.

It's hard to watch the movie and not be on the side of the civil rights marchers, but there's a flatness to the film that I couldn't get past.

This reviewer does a good job of breaking it down:

Scenes that should be warm and tender aren't, scenes that should be taut and suspenseful aren't, and scenes that should be big and inspiring aren't.

There was a lot of context missing. It did a poor job of explaining who was who. When two members of King's group got in an argument, I didn't know who they were or what positions they were advocating. Malcolm X showed up for about three minutes, had a boring talk with Coretta, and left.

You watch any clip with the real Malcolm X and he has this energy pouring off of him. You can see why his supporters loved him and his critics hated him. But here, he's boring.

The only part of the movie that had any life to it was the last 5 minutes where they showed actual footage from the marches.

Kids are going to see it, be bored, and forget all about it a week later.

Anonymous said...

A pictorial segment of Selma today would be a cold shower of truth. A sobering slideshow of slovenly selma would certainly be swell. All colored conquests of our country's deprived minority should be highlighted in a collage of collateral damage caused by "diversity".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is the sad state of America for white Americans:

A 69 year old white man punched in the face for no apparent reason other than a young black buck wanted to strike out at a white man.

In the days of the old south, such a buck would have been taken care of. I would suggest a good flogging is in order. Even if they should catch this monkey, what are they going to do to him? Give him cookies and a glass of milk? Perhaps Obama can say: if I were young, it could have been me striking that old YT in the face.

It’s funny to look at the concern of blacks! They don’t care! This would have never happened in a segregated society. My question to any nog lovers out there, when in the hell has this happened to a nog? Show me assholes when a white sucker punched a black. I will answer my own question: I can count them with ONE finger!

Hey…how about this video is shown along with Selma? Oh…I forgot…we can’t show coons as in their native habitat. We want to continue the delusion that they are peaceful high achievers.

Ricky In Cali said...

On a more serious note, I’ll touch up on this indoctrination garbage plus throw in some real life scenarios about this:

You see, I’ve said in earlier posts that I am a Middle East Christian man living in America whose family moved here in the 60’s. Legally. I can remember standing and stating the pledge of allegiance in school, was taught to honor your country, had respect for our military and our elders, owned multiple businesses and tried to live our piece of the American dream. I’ll give you a perspective that not many people here can realize……

When I was in school I was living in all white community. We did have lots of other races (I live in California) that also attended the same schools and the same garbage was introduced to us but with different names. We would watch “Roots”. We would hear about slavery in our History books. And do you want to know something? I was so interested in chasing Tanya after class that I didn’t give two shits how the Negro felt. I wanted to hook up with Brittany so bad I was writing her notes hoping the teacher wasn’t looking or she woulda read it out loud and embarrassed the hell out of me. I went to College afterwards and majored in International Import/Export but NEVER ONCE – NEVER EVER ONCE EVER – in all of my school years – did we “reflect” on the plight of the Negro.

Never once did we talk amongst ourselves about the “struggle” the Negro faces. Never once did I see this “White guilt” in our classrooms, or have “open dialogue” about race and oppression. Here I was, A MINORITY, so the struggle of the Black man could kiss my ass, twice on Sundays, and this was my experience.

Even today, a Middle Eastern man would run over a Negro in a heartbeat if he had to get to work. A Mexican will walk past a hungry Negro bum everyday on the street and let the guy starve before he gave him a nickel. No Asians are out there weeping over Saint Swisher, Indians who own Liquor stores or Gas Stations wish they could shoot Black people on the spot, trust me, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. So when the movie Selma comes out, just like it’s grandfather ‘Roots’ came out, I wonder sometimes if the brainwashing really works? And who exactly it’s working on because even though I see DWL, the numbers have to be seriously low. This nation is becoming a nation of different races and cultures but trust me, if the shit hit the proverbial fan, we would all quickly side with the Whites and bury the Negro in a second. No questions asked!!!

Anonymous said...

The reality of their unproductive culture on making the USA better is bad enough. But the cost of constantly "cleaning up" their aftermath is NOT SUSTAINABLE!

When a disease like diabetes causes foot ulcers that will eventually kill the person, we amputate the foot...

OT - Is anyone paying attention to how similar the uncivilized behavior that is taking place in South Africa and the USA right now?

Anonymous said...

In the previous post Anon stated, his black female boss did not talk to him, and he wondered why.

Heres the reason, she hated you , they are only nice when you are there boss. From birth on negroes are taught to hate all YTs, its us that are taught to love the negroe.

Protect yourself, never let your guard down around negroes.


Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

If we can only just force-feed enough fables and tales of we glorious magical negroes upon impressionable young privildged white minds and disadvantaged people of color.. the whole world will then fully see, finally realize and fully appreciate.. how wise and noble, kind and generous, strong and loving, peaceful and civilized.. we all are.. Amen. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading the Moynihan report:

The TL;DR is that Negroes are their own worst enemy.

But of course pointing this out in 2015 gets you branded with the scarlet R.

Because everyone knows that institutional racism and microaggressions from YT are the only things keeping Negroes illiterate and violent.

David In TN said...

An old expression for a movie that didn't do much at the box office was "straight to video."

"Selma" gives new meaning to the phrase.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

This probably has been posted sometime in the past, but for any new readers it's a timeless gem.

The YT Survival Guide.

Anonymous said...

Ricky In Cali.

That is the greatest piece I have ever read.


Pat Boyle said...

I wrote here a couple weeks ago that blacks had higher rates of schizophrenia than whites. I said twice as great. That was wrong. The best estimate is more like three times as great.

The importance of this finding is that while not all schizophrenics (SZs) are violent they are approximately four times as violent as non-SZs. I can't find any carefully gathered stats about police interactions with SZs but there are press statements that police routinely shoot SZs everyday. We read accounts in the news frequently that the cops are called out to deal with a man who is screaming incoherently and who is waving a knife or gun around. These tend to end the same way. The cops try to reason with the crazy man and may shoot him with a rubber bullet or a Taser. Then the crazy man gets too close (within 25 feet I think is the rule) and they shoot him dead. This is a routine news story.

This sounds suspiciously like the Michael Brown shooting. Brown wasn't acting rationally certainly. He had just robbed a store but maybe that wasn't the only thing going on.

Schizophrenia expresses itself in males at just about Michael Brown's age. Boys in their late teens usually have their first psychotic incident. Girls somewhat later. So if Brown was SZ it was not unusual for it to have manifested at his age.

Schizophrenia is known to be at least partly genetic. The principal gene identified is neuregulin 1. This phenomenon is not seen in Caucasians but polymorphisms of NGR1 are seen in African American. (

It's high time that we did a DNA cheek swab on all criminals at the time of arrest. We need to know the MAOA repeats and the NGR1 introns. Some police-black shootings probably have a genetic explanation.


PB said...

"Hopes" ... "dreams" ... We're a nation of mushheads, pacified by empty slogans and meaningless catchphrases."

I remember watching the clips of the Obama election campaign. It was all about empty slogans, glorious, god-like images and the careful selection of intentionally unappealing opponents on the Repub side. The whole thing was pure showbiz, and clearly rigged to direct the vote in a manner that went way beyond standard campaigning. That's when I finally realized America had a phony democracy and it was all really about "managed" choice. Electing a of colour is now old news so you'll probably get a woman this time around (guess who) and after that? Who knows? They'll get elected but you won't find anyone in your circles of friends and colleagues who voted for them. Happens here too these days.

Anonymous said...

Recently spoke to a guy who spent time in Africa as a trainer to their police/military
Trust me No Black African can field strip an AK
Not at 10 years old
Experienced "soldiers" dont know how to load pistol mags
They just drop a handful of rounds on the lip of the mag. Guy said he'd never seen anything like it

Anonymous said...

You're exactly right. When your kids asks the wrong question or points out some failure of the african race, that's not going to be the end of it. You'll get a visit from some government agency and they'll be asking you what are you telling your kids, how are you raising your kids, questions about you being fit to be a parent.
They won't come right out and say it but it will be implied you toe the line or kiss your kids goodbye. Is that what it's going to take?
If it's not stopped soon, it will happen.


Anonymous said...

Being a retired LEO I don't hardly ever watch cop shows because of the crap that can only happen on a cop show.
Now that being said, I'll give Bluebloods a shot.

Anonymous said...

Lets start something. If they can send Selma to every school a rebuttal movie should also be sent. Something like American Sniper, then debate the difference between a white American fighting for what he believes in and an african whining about his "cibil rats."


Anonymous said...

"Social workers bringing in savages from Africa who learned how to field strip an AK-47 at the age of 10."

Something white kids should know, the way things are headed. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst...

Anonymous said...

So the gene NGR1 makes black people crazy? Or at least crazier than whites?

Science, ladies and gentlemen!

Detroit Refugee said...

My brother, his wife and young daughters all arming up & attending firearms classes. My sisters and kids as well. All Obama supporters in 2008. As for my father & I, well we have 20+ yrs on them.
The writings on the wall. Even liberals are waking up now! We're the good guys and survival is the goal.

Anonymous said...

Many white people in the south tried to tell the rest of the country what we all know about negroes back then. It wasn't a secret and it was based on generations of observations. The problem was, I think Bernice pointed it out, that most of the country had little to no personal experience with nogs. Yes maybe this time it'll be different but it'll be a lot more difficult.

Negroes are very emotional by nature and it doesn't take much for the natives to get restless. Look at how they've been agitated over nothing but thugs getting ventilated by LE. Clearly to a sane person LE is in the right almost always when all of the evidence is out. However evidence does no good when Rastus is upset over dis sheet. I see some talking about going back to Africa when I look around online and follow links. This, if it ever takes hold, should be encouraged and possibly government funded. If they want to leave a one way ticket will be a great deal cheaper in the long run along with striping of citizenship. You can't come back. If some black "leader" were to promote this everyone should get behind it.

By the way, remember George Wallace did an about face later in life.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

Ricky you make some great points here. As an old stock YT I've never givin a crap about the negroes plight either because I was taught at home it was their own fault and nobody else.

I also think you're right about the DWL crowd, they're a loud vocal minority. I don't really know any real DWL's, I do know some bleeding hearts but they seem to be just uninformed and I think they're in the majority. A quick bearing by a silverback seems to fix the problem.

One of the things that angers southern whites is that we or our forebears warned of this but nobody wanted to listen. If I'm in a room of southern YT that has some that are old enough to have been adults 50 years ago they all seem frustrated at what this country has become when the warnings were so clear.

SC Native

AnalogMan said...

"Social workers bringing in savages from Africa who learned how to field strip an AK-47 at the age of 10."

Never happened. Why would they do that? For maintenance? You mean, like, clean it? Never happened.

In the bush war in Rhodesia, the AK-47 had a reputation as the only kaffir-proof rifle. This reputation did not survive the reality. I'm told some captured weapons were displayed on TV and simply defied understanding. The kaffir destroys everything it touches.

Anonymous said...

"4, And then he knocked me off the couch, when he said this. AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE, THERE WILL BE A PERCEIVED THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE. End quote. I looked at my dad and we both said ALIENS.LOL. Yes he really said all this, and the alien part was a quote. If true the powers had plans made over 40 years ago."

John Dewey said over 100 years ago something to the extent of how readily people would give up their sovereignty to world government if monsters from outer space threatened Earth. Ronald Reagan said the same on more than one occasion, and Gorbachev said likewise. I'm quite sure other prominent folks have said the same.

The point being I'm quite confident that the option is on the table to stage some sort of alien invasion in an attempt for some major power grab. At this point the media is completely controlled, the technology to stage something really impressive exists (or one could simply blow up a few buildings then doctor up some TV footage of a big alien space ship shooting a beam at them to release to the masses. It would be laughably simple to convince the masses.

This would also completely undermine the "old" religions which would be a two for one deal for those looking to establish world socialism/communism.

Consider how long so much stuff has been "leaking" about UFOs and similar yet there's no actual evidence. Nothing is kept secret long in a basket with so many holes in it, and NOTHING that's top secret is "leaked" on accident. You can bet 99.9% of "leaks" are intentional counter intelligence or propaganda operations. Furthermore, how many people report seeing saucers or UFO evidence in the military who really believe they have seen these things? Certainly many people who simply would not get a "hey come check out this saucer". It seems that "leaks" are encouraged to get people to believe some alien threat exists.

Long story short, though this seems off-topic, if you ever turn on the TV and see a UFO blowing up the Capitol think hoax first and foremost then watch for calls for world government or other draconian or extreme knee-jerk reactions.

More on-topic, use google street view to take a virtual tour of Selma. Pretty much what you'd expect, trash everywhere, yards unkempt, dilapidated buildings and homes, shiftless negroes ambling around in the middle of the streets and the normal "lock your doors, roll up your windows, lock and load, and don't stop at red lights" sort of scenery.

Crime rates per capita 4-5X or more than national average, blight, squalor, poverty, and general third world conditions.

I forsee a PK ---Selma-- book in the making... it'll write itself

Ray Sizzum said...

Thanks for the YT survival guide Eddie in Stl. That was a great read.

I'll look into the Moynihan Report.

Another homerun PK.

Anonymous said...

For the honest, helpful, and common sense southerners here who are always willing to share their experiences with BRA, I am thankful for. It should always be remembered: The South had the most direct personal experience with the groids before the rest of America, at least on a massive day to day experience. Look at traditional white cities such as Seattle, SF and Portland, all on the west coast which has never had very high levels of blacks, and still don't to this day….and THEY dont want anything to do with the few that they do have in their midst!

In some ways, DWLs, or a DLiberal by another kind of name, is not so unwilling to privately become more of a race realist except they'd be hard pressed out of putrid pride to admit to their behavior in public. After all, the "wrong" kind of whites might start putting two and two together right quick. Well, that ship has sailed a lonnnng time ago. In this day and age people are quite well aware of BRA and the destructive damage it continues to cause.

For this and other reasons, I do seriously suggest that SBPDL would consider this year to use quotes, portions of the Moynihan report, it came right before such a thing as BRA officially existed.

It should always be remembered: The Report was not put out by the KKK, nor by some loony whacko fringe dwellers. It was issued by the US Government. Moynihan at the time was not some under clerk of unknown whoever. He was the Assistant Secretary of Labor in the Johnson Administration. He was under direct orders to produce this report.

While he was name called at the time, his initial findings never were argued much less refuted.

This is the fifty yr anniversary of the Report. It should be remembered and quoted vs Selma, and all other BRA propaganda that continues to be issued.

Sad to say that Conservative Inc. has so far declined to promote it. We should use it in the verbal debate of ideas vs that which is known as BRA, which had its beginnings around the time the Report was first issued back in 1965.

Thank you. And thanks for those who continue to post valuable information that wouldn't have been possible to easily find about fifteen yrs ago vs the lies and distortions that is BRA.

Anonymous said...

wallace had been shot by someone before he made the abiut face.

cut that guy some slack.

Anonymous said...

Another title for this film could be......"Why we don't have permanent Moon and Mars bases."

D-FENS said...


I think this was also suggested in "Report From Iron Mountain". This was a satire(?) of Think Tanks and the MIC written in 1967. It is purportedly the report of a government commission that investigated the consequences of a general disarmament and what could replace warfare as a unifying force.

I think there are copies online. It is a pretty short read.

FranSusan said...

I feel certain that we taxpayers will have to pay for the distribution of this propaganda movie. It was a total failure at the box office and the investors lost millions. I'd bet they sold it to the US government to give to schools. And of course we taxpayers are paying for it. GD nigra schit. There's no getting away from it.

SKIP said...

I mentioned some time back that I spent 11 years in the muslim wars and have shopped in Kabul, Kandahar,Bagram, Baghdad, Ramadi and Samara without my weapons nor my armor but I would never do that in any big city in Amefrikastan!

World_War_Me said...

After the Sail-muh movie is over, the enraged "teens" will eject the disc and use it to cut the throat of the closest YT kid in the class.

I even have a passive news headline for the "incident"

"Selma DVD Cuts Throat of Student after Brawl Erupts"

World_War_Me said...

Great comment on the story regarding the imagine of the Edmund Pettis Bridge march:

"There is something about that picture that reminds me of the zombies on Walking dead."

World_War_Me said...

RE: fake alien invasion:

Some writers have theorized this is the intended goal of the Blue Beam Project. The project's goal is to create technonolgy for projecting world-wide holograms to trick the masses into seeing some major event that's not real. Computers will coordinate the satellites and software will run the projection. Conspiracy theorists say this technology could be used either to create an alien invasion OR even a Rapture.

Here's a link on it if anyone's interested:

Alpha Skua said...

I'm just happy their damn movie SELMA bombed