Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is the Black Population of Memphis Irredeemable? Yes.

Our job was never to change America or represent some form of salvation; it's far too late for this to happen. 

Far too late. 

Our job is to survive. 
The black population in 64 percent black Memphis is irredeemable...

There is no reform for America, nor hope. All that is left is a doubling-down on the same insanity driving the destruction of this nation, seemingly accelerating on a weekly basis. 

And our job is to survive. 

Whereas once our major cities saw network affiliates host phone banks to raise money for various causes or charities seeking to improve the community, now 64 percent black Memphis has broken new ground in defining indecency and destitution with a 'crime phone bank'... a clear sign of the utter degeneracy of the black community. [Fight back against crime phone bank today,, 4-15-15]:
People in Memphis are angry after a weekend of violence where innocent lives were taken. 
News Channel 3 is helping you fight back! 
A panel of community leaders and law enforcement will join WREG to hear what you have to say. 
If you have ideas on how to combat the violence or even have a real crime tip to pass along, we want to hear it. 
Join us on Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 
We will have a phone bank set up for you to call and will post the phone number here and on social media. 
We’re giving you a chance for your voice to be heard.
A phone bank against crime, in a city where the claim of "Black Lives Matter" (sic) truly falls on deaf ears... [Hard Truth: Black-on-black homicides are a big problem in Memphis., Memphis Flyer, 8-29-13] and [Black, White, and Dead: Most of the murders in Memphis are cases of "black-on-black" crime., Memphis Flyer, 7-20-2006]

Memphis is a city whose black population required the creation of the Memphis Gun Down program, a program dedicated to decreasing the violence committed by young black people; from this grew the Hospital Based Violence Intervention Program, all because black people in Memphis refuse to put the gun down. [Hospital Intervention Program designed to curb revenge violence,, 4-17-15]:
 Few said it out loud, but the talk on Durby Circle, where 7-year-old Kirsten Williams was shot down and killed, is that the gunfire may have been revenge. 
The night before, a 22-year-old man had been shot on the same street. 
“Yeah they getting revenge, but that is just because they can do it,” one citizen told us. 
Police knew it too. 
One shooting often leads to another. 
It`s why the City of Memphis created a Hospital Based Violence Intervention Program through Memphis Gun Down. 
When a gun shot victim ends up at places like Regional One Medical Center, an intervention team that knows the neighborhood and players are there to try to calm tensions and prevent revenge.
Low impulse + Poor Future Time-Orientation+ Low IQ (black political control)² = Memphis 2015... a city where the majority black Memphis City Council fought to keep the cameras of The First 48 from showcasing individual acts of blackness collectively painting the black population as completely incapable of maintaining the 1st World civilization white people left behind as they fled the rising levels of black depravity choking the life out of the city. 

And yet 'crime phone banks' and the Memphis Gun Down program (and its Frankenstein creation, the Hospital Based Violence Intervention Program) are hilarious reminders of why Memphis became a majority black city in the first place: with white people abandoning the city their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents built to instead live in the relative peace and tranquility of Germantown or other white suburbs. 

But 'Black Lives Matter' (sic), right? [Dozens rally for peace in light of children’s murders,, 4-18-15]:
Dozens in Memphis honored two children gunned down in their neighborhoods by rallying for peace. The event was organized by Memphis Mothers Against Violence.Some voices were strong; some voices small, but together people stood at Getwell and Rhodes shouting for peace. 
“Are you going to wait until police knock on your door and say you`re child has been murdered? Are you going to wait until gang bangers come for you for nothing at all? When do you say enough is enough?” asked Memphis Mothers Against Violence Founder, Bridget Bradley. 
This week Memphis is heartbroken over a rash of violence. All on the same day, 15-year-old Cateria Stokes was shot and killed while sleeping in her bed. 7-year-old Kirsten Williams was murdered by gang members’ guns while playing outside on her street. And dozens of teens attacked a Good Samaritan helping an older lady to her car at a gas station. 
“We have to take back our streets. These gangs shouldn’t be running our city. The community should run it,” said Bradley. 
Memphis Mothers against Violence originally planned this rally for later this month, but after all the brutality, they said it needed to happen now. 
“Put the guns down and fight like a man!’ shouted out Frank Gottie. “Not with a fist. I’m talking about with your mind. You got to fight obstacle,” said Gottie. 
“As a community, how do we fight with our minds?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston. 
“Stick together, respect one another,” replied Gottie. 
By sticking together, the group hopes both people and systems change in Memphis. 
“Get the judges to enforce these laws instead of cut the laws. Give the police their money back so we can get officers in the streets,” said Frances Rodgers.
"Memphis Mothers Against Violence?"

We've already learned the violence in Memphis is almost an exclusively black phenomenon, which seems to damage the credibility of the whole 'Black Lives Matter' (sic) campaign. 
A shirt pictured at a rally for peace in 64 percent black Memphis: its very existence serves as
refutation of the war cry  "Black Lives Matter" (sic)

But only a "couple of dozen" people showed up to march against violence in Memphis and rally for peace? 

What were other members of the black Memphis community doing? Making excuses for the army they've bred. [Guns And Drugs: Memphis Boy's Instagram Sparking Talk, My Fox Memphis, 4-16-15]:
Guns, weed, gang signs: It's the theme throughout a 13-year-old's 108 Instagram posts 
"This is nothing strange to me," said Stevie Moore with Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives, a group counseling troubled youth. 
Family members identify the Instagram account belonging to Jonathan; they would not tell FOX13 his last name but did say the teen has faced struggles that led him there like his brother being killed.  
"This child didn't learn this by himself. He had a role model," said Moore, "See, a role model is a role model whether it's good or bad." 
FOX13 dug through police records and discovered Jonathan has a sister with a record, Desunda Brown; he's posted about her. Brown's rap sheet includes Especially Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery and firearm charges among others. 
"They do not have a basic structure. They do not have a positive relationship," said Moore, "So we can point the fingers, all we're going to say is 'It starts at home, we got to get the parents.' The parents we're talking about getting don't care because if they did care than this wouldn't be happening." 
Jonathan began tweeting directly to FOX13's Sarah Bleau, starting with "DONT YOU GOT SOMETHING BETTER TO DO MAM." 
He did not want to call to talk on the phone but did tweet to Sarah that "people gonna hate" and the reason he posts the pictures is because "chief keef (a Chicago rapper) got famous from that right???" 
"Everybody's focused on that child," said Moore, "And the child has nothing to do with none of this. The child is not to blame and we're blaming the child."

There's nothing funny about what's happening to America, but the real joke is there's virtually nothing we can do to stop it.


But we can survive.

And this represents the ultimate act of rebellion, in an age when so much is truly irredeemable.

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13 WDAM-TV 7-News, Weather, Sports-Hattiesburg, MS


Anonymous said...

If negroes are going to fight with their minds the battles already lost.

Somebody pointed out how Tennessee was ranked high in gun violence in some national survey recently on another site. They were quickly informed that if you take Shelby county and it's largest city Memphis out of the equation then the state falls to close to the bottom of the list.

PK is right about this being hopeless but I say only for a while. Nothing like this lasts forever, my question is what will be left when BRA is finished?

All the while a massive statue of the great Nathan Bedford Forrest presides over all of the insanity as if to say we tried to tell you.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

Yup,it has nothing to do with rap and rappers music perpetuating the ignorant ghetto thug murderous lifestyle.I scream this all the time to idiot libs at my kids schools and to the cops around here that I have met because my kids want to emulate and hang around blacks that they allowed to live in this town.It only takes a few black families and all the white kids start hanging around the blacks so they can be cool and act like rapper thug losers.This is so cool OBAMA you are such a great role model and blacks are so cool,let's all turn our kids into black thug degenerate losers.Do you know how hard it is having kids today.I sometimes wish I never had kids but I love them and it is a fight every minute of every day to stop them from absorbing all this black dysfunction ,which is near impossible when you can't talk about it and act like it doesn't exist.Because then you are ostracized and labeled a racist and bigot.Unbelievable ,as long as this garbage and black dysfunction is heralded as enlightenment and moving forward,we will never get anywhere.White kids are absorbing this dysfunction and I see it at the schools and around my cities and towns with everyones white kids.Hell the adults as well.Especially these single white mothers who buy into this crap all day long.This is not going to stop.Blacks and their dysfunction is being taught and allowed like this is the way to live and act.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19: "PK is right about this being hopeless but I say only for a while. Nothing like this lasts forever, my question is what will be left when BRA is finished?"

What was left when the Nubians were finished running Egypt? Dust, sand and some ruined monuments of a once great civilization (which, yes, was also built by white people, re: King Tut's DNA).

Ex-Brooklynite said...

Off topic, but it's been annoying me.

DWL means Disingenuous White Liberal. These are the people who mouth all the platitudes about blacks, who get upset about "black lives matter," but consider integration to be "for thee, but surely not for me." Tim Wise is an example of the species: constantly berating whites for "racism," but living in a +95% white area. The DWL KNOWS the truth, but pretends otherwise in public for personal gain.

There are also SWLs, sincere white liberals. These people believe the propaganda they've ingested. They live integrated lives, not using blacks as a weapon against their enemies. They have the potential to "wake up" and see things realistically, without becoming a DWL.

The DWL will always be your enemy. The SWL Is always one incident away from becoming your ally. don't confuse the two.

Ex-Brooklynite said...


Why in God's name are your kids in a public school? You turn your precious children over to the state, you get what you deserve. Sell the car, disconnect cable, live on one salary, and either homeschool or find a Catholic or other religious school.

Divorce yourself from BRA. vote against school taxes. starve the beast. Save your innocent children. Stop wasting time here: go get a second job to buy their freedom from the public school system.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post!

Two quotes come to mind:

"Niggas always want credit for some shit they supposed to do. A nigga will brag about some shit a normal man just does. A nigga will say some shit like, "I take care of my kids." You're supposed to, you dumb motherfucker! What kind of ignorant shit is that? "I ain't never been to jail!" What do you want, a cookie?! You're not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-having motherfucker!
—Chris Rock

"What is the city but the people?"

Well a third quote, from my neighbor, a retired IBM manager (a little off topic, but I just heard it today):

"The ones we hired for diversity always wanted to be treated so special. Every damn one. For 30 years."

Y'all have a good week.

Whiskey said...

I'll note that California has the California Connections Academy, a free/online public school. There may be similar public schools, online or free, in your state. Probably worth doing for kids Junior High and older. Homeschooling plus online can probably give your kids an education far better than a typical public school and close to a good private school.

I agree. Survive.

Sam said...

Hey PK,
After reading your site for some time I see a suggestion is in order. All the articles you post supposedly quoting da black coonmunity are hard to accept. We know the street apes do not speak using correct English and sentence structure. Why, dat would be aktin' white. What would be helpful is a computer program that would convert English to ebonics. You could call it E2E (English to Ebonics), or something of that nature. Reading quotes by street apes in sophisticated English could be brought back to reality by converting the quotes to a more accurate representation of their actual language. And I am sure it would have many of us rolling on the floor laughing until our sides hurt.

This is not being critical of what you do. You are only posting the articles which claim these "people" are speaking in such high levels, and we know that is not true. Thank you for what you do here. I have learned much from reading your site. Keep up the good work!

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I honestly believe that a majority of the problem is the inability or lack of will to name it and assign it a black identity. We have covered "passive voice" in journalism to a dead end on this blog's comment section.

The biggest thing that each of us can do is to call it out when we see it and insist that media identify the problem. It is allowed to perpetuate and proliferate by falling into nebulous territory. Just consider these statements and phrases in the linked stories :

"a weekend of violence"

"innocent lives were taken"

"the gunfire may have been revenge."

"a gun shot victim ends up at places like Regional One Medical Center"

"Memphis is heartbroken over a rash of violence"

"dozens of teens attacked a Good Samaritan helping an older lady to her car"

"the teen has faced struggles"

All of this nonsense stops the second that society and media names it! In the meantime, these fake strategies to "combat" black in origin violence will all be fruitless. Look at the crap being proposed : hospital intervention programs, rallies, marches against violence, candlelight vigils, etc...

No, that is not how you stop this parade of nonsense. You identify it as black violence and crack down on it, aggressively jailing and prosecuting the offenders. If that yields "disproportionate" results, so what? Those committing the offenses are disproportionately black, sorry it doesn't follow your ideal ratios.

Blacks in spite of being around 12% of the population create around 50% of the violence seen nationally. More importantly though, half of them are female, and a number of them are young or elderly, meaning a narrow slice of the population, black males 14-35 generate an unbelievable amount of the violence. Realistically, under 5% of the population is responsible for most of the crime. Take off the gloves and deal with it the old fashioned way.

Additionally, stuff like this is pure b.s.

"News Channel 3 is helping you fight back! If you have ideas on how to combat the violence or even have a real crime tip to pass along, we want to hear it."

They want no such thing. Every commenter on this blog should bombard this media outlet with suggestions such as eliminating passive voice narratives and identifying the problem as young black males.

Anonymous said...

I am proud and relieved to report that after seeing 2 black families move into my neighborhood I called my agent, and starting tomorrow she will start showing my home so I can sell and move to a 97% white town.

SBPDL has been a major influence in this decision.

Thank you Mr Kersey, I feel like your blog has saved my family.

Anonymous said...

"As a coonmunity, how do we fight with our minds?"
I can't even guess how they would try to fight with their minds. Petrify their brains, attach them to chains and swing them like a mace? Light them on fire and launch them with a trebuchet? Serve them as raw bushmeat to their enemies, to give them Ebola?
Talk about bringing a pair of rounded scissors to a gunfight. Talk about fighting a battle of wits, with your whole brain tied behind your back.

Ricky In Cali said...

Whenever I come onto SBPDL to get my daily fix I always come up with something witty to chat about. Whether it’s an article I read on Yahoo concerning our Negro friends, a comment on someone’s post here (you people are wonderful), or to read quietly before I go to sleep but today when I logged on here and read this article I honestly couldn’t make it past the first picture at the top. I am literally posting only about the picture….

You’re telling me
There is a billboard

Wowwww……. Just wow…..

THS IS IN AMERICA!!! This is not a photoshopped sign on the internet. This is not Zimbabwe or Kenya or some back-ass third world country you will never go to in your lifetime and you knew was crime ridden. THIS IS IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t been this dumbfounded in awhile. What is it like when Police officers post this? As it says at the bottom Memphis police association. What does that make you feel like as a visitor if you’re stupid enough to go there? What does it make you feel like as a resident there when you complain about the police? Then turn around and complain when they don’t come? What kind of Country is this turning too when the writing is LITERALLY on the wall and we can’t get the message across.


Those words are on the billboard also. I usually read those words in a scenario where a fallen power line that is still electrocuting in the street and the clean up crew hasn’t gotten there. Or when the cage is broken on the Lion engagement at the zoo but the park is still open. Or when people want to take a beautiful picture on the rocks at the ocean but the cliff might collapse under you. You are being advised to use caution in Memphis to WALK. To EAT. To BREATHE. You have officially left the United States of America and entered another Country. If you are mugged, raped, beaten or killed WE TOLD YOU SO.

I can’t believe that sign is in America. I honestly am at a loss for words for the first time! We all know of rough neighborhoods where you should have no business in or you might get killed. NOW WE HAVE CITIES LIKE THAT!!! This is not a pretty time for our children to have to grow up in

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31 - "Yup,it has nothing to do with rap and rappers music perpetuating the ignorant ghetto thug murderous lifestyle.I scream this all the time to idiot libs at my kids schools and to the cops around here that I have met because my kids want to emulate and hang around blacks that they allowed to live in this town."
Actually, it has nothing to do with rap. Rap has only been around for 30 years. Rap wasn't here when they burned down the cities in the 1960s. Rap wasn't here for the TNB that caused Jim Crow and segregation. Black dysfunction has existed since before recorded history, and will continue to exist as long as they do.

Anonymous said...

Don't Look At Me!

I can't tell if this thing is male or female.

Ex-Copper said...

Guess the manufacturer of those snappy t-shirts speaks Ebonics. That or they tried to tell the ghetto trash ordering them the wording was wrong and ended up being berated for being too white.

Perhaps Delores can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the sentence should be "Put those, the, or your guns down" not "them guns" or maybe go one step further and print, "Hey negroes stop shooting at every one with those shitty jamco international firearms or stolen firearms".

Another thing, why's everyone using the 14 yo criminal mastermind as an example? It's because even a blind person can see that he's perpetuating the stereotype and making it into a fact at the same time. "How come when whitey look at me all he sees me is a hood nigga"? Because that's all you are dipshit.

To Ex-Brooklynite, I put both of my kids through private school starting at 3 and pulling them out for first grade. In my oldest's former school, she was in the minority as we made sure she did and understood her homework. She could read and spell like a champ too. In her current school, she's just like the other kids with responsible parents.

The little one is smart as well, but struggles with reading. The school has title I so we were told it's normal for her age. We got her a vision test and tested for dislexia. Sure as shit not only did she need glasses, but she has severely diminished sight in one eye and is dyslexic. Good parents look beyond what is called normal issue for kids her age.

They're in a great school system and aren't getting the bullshit indoc as I look at what they're learning and give them a non-slanted version of the truth. If the teachers give them shit about it, I educate them as well.

Ghetto schools are shit because the parents want everyone else to do their job. They keeds is spose ta lern aduh Skool and sheets. Nahts ad home. Dem teechurs is failing dem cause dey still is too stoopid to gets good grades on dem raciss tests.

Wtf, autocorrect makes Ebonics a proper noun with capitalization, but will not let me type it in gibberish phonics?

D-FENS said...

Where do negroes get the funding to start up these "anti-violence groups" when their poor chillren can't get no decent breakfast?

Almost certainly a scam like negro churches.

D-FENS said...

"The SWL Is always one incident away from becoming your ally."

Or a statistic.

Anonymous said...

As long as the orcs are offing each other this should be encouraged; keep them in their own coonmunities and instruct them on marksmanship and aiming at center body mass.

The key is to keep them from leaving their enclosures and mixing with the Human communities. Police, that's your job. Harass the sh&t out of any moolies who cross the MLK Jr. Blvd boundaries separating America and Africa.

Carry on.

Brooklyn born said...

"Gangs" is just another euphemism used to excuse typical individual negro behavior. No gang affiliation is required for Black mayhem.

Buzzwords like "teens" "youth" etc. are used to deflect, as if its something other than what it is.

I sure wish I was the 800 lb gorilla in the room, he seems to get away with everything!

Anonymous said...

Here it is: proof that white people are voting with their feet. Interesting article that misses the real reason by a country mile, i.e. people are moving way out from the cities to escape the crime. According to the PC author though, it is everything but the crime that is driving the migration.

Brooklyn born said...

The hell with billboards. Whats needed are televised PSAs like the ASPCA or Unicef puts out.

Show Black dysfunction day in day out. Dead kids, both black and white, flashmobs and riots. Crime scene photos of Flavor of the week gone bad. There's enough material for "The first 48" for 100 seasons of the show. Take some of that cutting room floor footage and beam into "Dancing with the stars". We as American need to be informed of this nationwide threat.

Unfiltered Raw; Without the generic Qualifiers like "Teens" or "Protesters, I fucking hate when they do that, while showing footage of nothing but Dindus, burning a town down.

Anonymous said...

Let 'em have at it. The more the merrier and all that, just keep it between tribes.

The first time I saw Black Hawk Down, I thought to myself "That used to be a thriving city, now it's a hollowed-out shell with nogs walking amongst the ruins." Then I saw "Life After People" on one of the histories or some such and the result was the same. Conclusion, "Life After White People" would have made a better show, just add nogs....but then there was always "Cops" or "First 48" to show us the way of the future.

Love the billboard, BTW.

Anonymous said...

The "anti-violence" T-shirt reads, "Put them guns down, fight like a man".

Grammar issues aside, there's still a lot wrong about that message. And let's not even go into the whole, "where are all the Democrats screaming 'sexism'?"

Even when they are speaking out against "violence", they bring up the INEVITABILITY of violence in the black community. Notice they didn't say "Stop Fighting Each Other", they said "Stop Fighting Each Other with Guns, so you just get hurt real bad, but not killed". The t-shirt speaks of tacit acceptance of violence.

Howard Roarrk said...

"Memphis is a city whose black population required the creation of the Memphis Gun Down program, a program dedicated to decreasing the violence committed by young black people; from this grew the Hospital Based Violence Intervention Program..."

"Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives"
"Peace in the Streets"
"Your Life Matters"
"Put Down The Gun"

All of these My Brothers Keeper programs are funded by white tax dollars via Marxist Communist organizations similar to the now defunct ACORN. They just rename it, same people.

This is money laundering through the black undertow, and massive redistribution of wealth. The money always ends up in the hands of TWMNBN.

Most blacks live on crime/drug money, foundation and GOV grants, cash assistance, and welfare.

This won't end until whitey stops paying his taxes. THEN we will have a real problem.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that nothing could be done about the Black inner city problem. Whites could end much of our problems with the Black inner city, they just don't have the guts to do what needs to be done lest they be called racist. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Anonymous said...


Look at the video for the white woman who is the mother of the black killer. I think she just wanted a little niglet to hold. She didn't want a huge ugly ape who would gun down a beautiful white man because she couldn't keep the ape feeling important enough.

I appreciate some of the comments at the People site.

Brooklyn born said...

I hate to link to this left wing rag but, I find it interesting, as this story is very telling when you read between the lines:

Mostly white town:

Apathetic Whites are as good as the Blacks at destroying civilization. Another AA hire in a powerful position.

behind blue eyes said...

I grew up in TN. I was on the extreme right of the state but I used to love Memphis. I saw the changes every other year or so I we went back. When the Plexiglas became the norm we said goodbye forever. Only love left for Memphis is in the song by Patty Lovelace.
I live in far west Texas going on 16years now. Guns, dogs, horses, and 4x4s are the norm. Its my home and crime is little if any. Stay safe and protect and train your kids.
Nice work PK, as always.

Gunny_Aresnal said...

Just more of the same from the Dindu's.
Typical 'TNB in TENNESSEE'.
Segregate, repatriate, the only way to save the United States.

Sadly the 6 pointers are using the negroes to distract us all from their criminal acts, subversion, and treason.

The sign says 'education is the key', but the Dindu's do not value education.
Dindu's do not value anything but bling, 'muh dick' and 'looks-a-me'.
The black lies continue.
And we all must suffer from more negro fatigue.

Ex-Copper said...

Bernice, I apologize for calling you Delores in my earlier post. I work nights, so when I get home my brain isn't always firing on all cylinders.

Mutant Swarm said...

She must be a real piece of work, even by BRA's standards:

Five of Six Cops Quit, Black Female Mayor Sworn In

Most of the police force and several officials resigned after the small town of Parma, Missouri elected its first African American woman as mayor, reported KFVS.

Tyrus Byrd, a former city clerk, was officially sworn in as mayor on Tuesday after beating incumbent Randall Ramsey. Ramsey had served as mayor of Parma for 37 years under two terms.

The outgoing mayor said five of the city's six police officers submitted their resignation, citing "safety concerns." Parma's city attorney, clerk and water treatment supervisor also quit.

"Business as usual. Newly elected mayor will wait to address the loss of police personnel in the city of Parma"

— Allison Twaits KFVS (@atwaitskfvs) April 14, 2015

Some Parma residents say they aren't worried about safety now that the police force has shrunk. "I think it's pretty dirty they all quit without giving her a chance," resident Martha Miller told KFVS. "But I don't think they hurt the town any by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people."

At her swearing in ceremony, Byrd said that she is looking to getting things in order for the city.


@ Whiskey -

I must be suffering from an especially acute case of negro fatigue this morning. I first read your post as the California CORRECTIONS Academy.

"Nurse, give this man 500mL more coffee, STAT!

Eddie in St. Louis said...

A few years back, The Elvis Presley Estate sold all their Memphis assets to another company including Graceland. I thought at the time, Why dump a cash cow? I guess the heirs were either smart and saw the handwriting on the wall or maybe the taxman called?

Elvis, if you're still alive. I could use a new Cadillac.

Eddie in St. Louis

stari_momak said...

"Armoni Sexton, 15, killed in Rosa Parks Boulevard shooting"

Of course.

The unfortunate master Sexton was a member of the 'Playaz' basketball club.

behind blue eyes said...

Lol. Pam Tillis song. My mistake.
OMG. I need coffee this morning too.
Oh well. Monday.

ATL Born said...

Surprised no one caught the obvious slight of hand from the article by these fooligans.

So they want more $$ to get more police?? WTF!! Why? So when one of the cops takes down one of the rabid Afrikans they can call the Rev or Jesse?? Screw that! Let them rot in the hell hole they have created. Just a bunch of dumb ass tribes folk doinz what they does!

ATL Born said...

Ok, so I was talking to some people from my church a while back. I couldn't resist but test the waters on their feelings for some of this crap we see & hear daily.

I mentioned the Ferguson crapfest or bring up that my oldest daughter knows the family attacked Mother's Day weekend in Savannah by the local thugs.

Their response was similar to my own thoughts. They also believe the lib's and the media are completely rotted out & need to go away or call these stains on civilization what they truely are, blicks acting badly! They even agreed with cutting them off all the freebies they have been given for far far too long!

Maybe there is hope for some areas. That billboard in Memphis says it all doesn't it folks?

Anonymous said...

"If you have ideas on how to combat the violence or even have a real crime tip to pass along, we want to hear it. "

Well I'd suggest that PK and most of the commenters here have both solutions to the age-old mystery of how to stop "the violence" and some insightful crime-fighting tips on who is responsible.

Oh, and they should just change the billboard to read "abandon all hope ye who enter here".

Anonymous said...


Say it long and loud, add some of YTs money, and things will change.

Note, its not work hard in school, be a good person, help others.

The negroe has it ass backwards.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Chuckles Said.

I can understand why those welfare mothers are upset. That dead 7 year old girl was good for another 10 years of welfare checks.

Pat Boyle said...

Paul seems to be getting depressed. In the early days he was mainly raising the alarm. He spent a lot of energy documenting the racial situation in modern America.

Let me try to cheer him up.

First of all everyone should realize that the situation may wind down to a very ugly point and you will not be able to do anything about it. But talented people can bounce back. Look at post war Germany or Japan. Korea was a very poor even primitive nation and then suddenly blossomed. All three of these examples have one thing in common - no minorities. Nuclear bombs are not as destructive as a bad population.

Black people may all be exterminated. That isn't a possibility now so no one currently alive needs to worry about it or feel guilty. But the British - a civilized people - exterminated all the Tasmanians. Most commenters doubt if the Andamans will survive till the end of the century. The same may happen to the Papuans. Primitive tropical people seem to be on the way out.

Some say the Chinese are slowly exterminating the Tibetans. It seems clear that the major races will expand and the minor races will fade.

Will Africans be a part of this thinning process? You knows? It won't take place - if it takes place at all - during my lifetime.

Five hundred years ago Zheng He went to Africa. Now the Chinese are back. If China were to colonize Africa would they want to maintain a large black native population?

Big changes are going to happen racially before the end of the century. Blacks in the Americas - the African Diaspora - may be seen as just a phase in humanities long history. We imported blacks and then tried to co-exist with them for a while.

Today Paul writes about Memphis and is pessimistic. But if all the blacks were gone from Memphis how long would it take for a recovery? Even a vigorous segregation program like my 'America Under Glass' proposal would soon revitalize the city and its environs.

Wall off the blacks and prosperity will re-emerge. Previous racial segregation measures in the American South or South Africa have always been attempted on the cheap. Real effective segregation would be very expensive but it should pay for itself.

Or maybe when people come to realized the necessity of walling off all Africans they will want to save money and simply eliminating them. But that's a decision for a future generation. No point in worrying about it now.


chattanooga gal said...

"Most blacks live on crime/drug money, foundation and GOV grants, cash assistance, and welfare."
and most black countries live on foreign aid.
by the way, why do these programs think the blacks would even comprehend their billboards? they would be better off putting up billboards that say " Free! we'll take your old guns and give you fried chicken"

Anonymous said...

Well it finally happened. My wife and I have finally had enough of watching more and more blacks move into our neighborhood, destroy our local parks, and make our streets uninhabitable by we who pay all the taxes.

I can't take my son to the parks anymore because they are full of blacks who throw garbage everywhere and LOUDLY cuss and say "nigger" every third word.

big groups of blacks walk down the middle of our streets, cussing, rapping, littering, and glaring at every car that drives past- as though the CARS are the ones that don't belong in the street.

lone black males are walking through our blocks almost daily, wearing hoodies and looking as suspicious as can be.

they torment our dogs, they scare our kids, they tromp all over our property leaving a trail of trash behind them .

20 years ago this was a nice white area. it has been growing blacker and worse by the day. it's so sad.

i am selling my nearly 3,000 sq foot home I paid $300,000 for 20 years ago and am PRAYING to get $200,000 for it now so we can move into a 1,500 sq foot home in a white neighborhood.

we feel like it's what we HAVE to do to keep our family safe.

we can't go ANYWHERE around here to do anything without being surrounded by blacks. shopping, bar, eating out, health club, library, parks, walk the dogs, ANYTHING we do these days means we have loud, rude, sloppy, vulgar, dangerous blacks all around us.

so yesterday we had the real estate agent come by so we can start the process of leaving.

you know what really makes me angry?

all of this- meeting with the agent, and preparing to move- has to be done like it's a secret plan we can't let the neighbors know about. it's like we should be ASHAMED of committing the Sin Of White Flight.

well FUCK THAT. I am NOT ashamed of white flight, I am PROUD to make this wide decision for my family. I'm sure the neighbors will be pissed when they find out we're leaving and while I hope a black family doesn't buy my house, the truth is I feel like it's inevitable at this point. whites are leaving, blacks are moving in, and all we can do is seek out the whitest area we can find while keeping us a drivable distance to our jobs.

I found a town that is 97% white, and between .7 and 1.7% black. I pray to God ot stays that way at least until my kids are grown and we can retire. Then we are moving to the middle of the whitest rural State we can find.

but tit all started yesterday with the real estage agent coming by to start the process.

OH I almost forgot. while the agent was here doing her job, she looked out of the window just in time to see an old rusty car driven by a young black male side-swipe her 2104 GM luxury car. and then speed away.

fortunately for her I have security cams set us all around my property and I was able to send the plate# and vid to the local cops for her.

chattanooga gal said...

"selling my nearly 3,000 sq foot home I paid $300,000 for 20 years ago and am PRAYING to get $200,000 for it now so we can move into a 1,500 sq foot home in a white neighborhood. "
this is one of the issues about blacks that just makes me see red. I am so sick of them being able to just move into my neighborhood and cause the value of my home to plummet. white people often have most of their assets in their homes, so blacks moving in is the equivalent of being robbed of all you have. it's almost pointless to buy a home these days, unless you can afford a mansion ( we can't) at best you might get 20 years out of it before they move nogs in, even if they have to import them from Somalia. and there is no chance whatsoever that you should ( gasp!) want to leave your home to your child... the neighborhood will be ruined long before that.
By the way, is anybody else besides me concerned about the sheer numbers of black muslims are being imported into this country, conveniently plopped into the whitest areas the dwls can find?

Awakened White said...

amen Ex-Brooklynite, same here, I know I couldn't do it either, to me its worse than prison. IMHO

Anonymous said...

Caucasions are not albino nigrahs said:

If whites were really smart, we would all simply just gradually disengage entirely from the simian cunture in our large cities and abandon the police forces, the firefighting forces, hospitals, all first responder forces, utilities and the whole ball of was.

IOW, just leave, no matter where to, and get the hell out while there is still time and totally abandon the entire infrastructure to these pavement apes and let them die off like parasites without a host to keep them alive.

Don't worry about HOW you're going to live, because if you stick around much longer it will soon be a moot issue - you'll be six feet in the ground or a pile of cinders - take your pick.

Far better to be poor and alive than dying the agonizing death of a thousand cuts.

MMP said...

U can't really make this shit up....

"Somali Minnesotans" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't call them African Americans....Dat wood be waycist

Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirt.

Ignore the intentionally atrocious grammar.

I love the fact that it is understood that there will be fighting, and that fighting in and of itself is not a problem.

The problem, stated on the shirt, is that "them guns" will be employed in the commission of the violence.

Only Negroes could view encouraging people to fight, but fight without guns, as a positive message.

I take the opposite view. As long as the fighting occurs between Negroes in Negro areas of Negro cities, I much prefer them to use guns to determine the winner.

A thought experiment: how much fighting and physical violence occurs in your day to day life? How many times a week do you have to whup somebody's ass, shoot/stab someone, or physical dominate someone?
If you're white, and not an MMA fighter or inner city cop, probably almost never.

But in the world of the Negro, physical violence is part and parcel of existence. They put that fact on t-shirts and wear them with pride.

Negroes aren't like us. Never will be. Peaceful, harmonious coexistence has never and will never happen.

Some sort of de facto segregation is the only way.

Howard Roarrk said...

" the way, why do these programs think the blacks would even comprehend their billboards?"

The signs are not for the blacks to read. They don't care if anyone sees them at all. It's part of the shakedown. Each new program is soon forgotten, but only after everyone involved has taken his cut of the My Brothers Keeper black male GOV protection money.

"Someone" gets paid very decently to write the grants, secure the funding, start the anti-violence campaigns, print the shirts, work with local media and PDs, hang the signs, design the logos, organize, etc..

And as a bonus, once a region is deemed as "blighted" the wrecking balls and steam rollers move in, level everything, and erect UN Agenda 21 TIF-funded sustainable LEED certified developments with cute 1 bedroom urban "flats" with no yard on the bus line. Those apartments are being built for us, by the way.

Here's one example:

and notice how they have the new homosexual mafia's "Indy Welcomes All" logo on their website, because someone's Marxist fag designer friend created it with a SJW artist's grant.

Then it's over and onto planning the next redistribution stunt. And normal whites must pay to relocate again when the blacks are pushed out of the area.

This is how TWMNBN and white progressives make their living right now. It can't go on forever.

Howard Roarrk said...

"so blacks moving in is the equivalent of being robbed of all you have."

Nonviolence. By any means necessary. I have a dream.

Private property is unsustainable. Single family dwellings with private yards are unsustainable. High density housing is the future.

The goal of UN Agenda 21 is the end to private property rights, all government-owned "housing' and everyone is a renter. Obamahousing.

Howard Roarrk said...

So white people, you're about to become a minority?

Huffington Post Black Voices says Hooray!
The anti-whites are openly celebrating your demise.

Howard Roarrk said...

From the negro-infested United Nations:

"Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market."

WTF is a "human settlement?"

Race said...

The six pointers crimes make all the Italian mafia movie crimes look like cold play on comparison

Race said...

Now send them to SBPDL

FlowerBell said...

There is a beautiful 55 acre property near where I live. It has springs, a small pond, a well, its surrounded by evergreen trees and has a lovely flat one acre plateau to build a home with a valley view over one half of the property. There is not another home or building within eyesight and the driveway is acres long so the noise from the main road ( very little anyway, small country road) does not exist
The plateau is located right in the middle of the property (whats the point of buying acreage if you're going to build on the property line?).
Its for sale for $165,000 and they are considering offers.
With an additional investment you could build a longhouse or small dwelling in the middle and have a little over 25 acres around you in every direction that's yours alone to wander.
The price has just been lowered because its been on the market for a few months, there are lots of good deals out here in the trees, or what I call "The civilized world".

I think a double planted perimiter of thorny holly, barberry and stinging nettles would keep undesirables from entering anywhere but up the driveway, one long enough to see them coming for quite a distance.
Holly grows like a weed here and if you bought just a few of them you could cut and root more from the original plants and could have your safety hedge within a few years at a colossal savings.

Race said...

I think that billboard is to warn Whitey

Anonymous said...

They're real man, I see them everytime I drive through Memfrica. Unfortunately for me I have to go there on business a few times a year.

SC Native

Race said...

The purpose is to atomize us so that there is no white unity.

MMP said...

"Indiana parents question blacks-only 3rd grade field trips"

To take these black 3rd graders to colleges so they can see positive black role models in colleges.

Well aren't they goddamn special....

This shit is getting unreal

Anonymous said...

Marcus Garvey said:

'I regard the Klan ... as better friends of the race than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together. I like honesty.'

FlowerBell said...

Race wrote- "The purpose is to atomize us so that there is no white unity."

Unfortunately for them it is galvanizing us instead.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Memphis police association would condone my having someone ride "shotgun" with an appropriate firearm, when I have to travel I-40 through Memphis?
(Note: It really doesn't matter if they approve or not, I will be armed anyhow.)


Truth Corps said...

St. Louis County police resigning at an alarming rate.

I wonder why?

Reverend Bacon said...

Paul, for the years I've been reading your column, I've been buoyed by your optimism, hoping that some day I'd come around to your way of thinking. You had hope for the USA.

Instead, you've come around to my way of thinking. Well, I guess that settles it. So what does "surviving" or "saving ourselves" look like? Is it just some pipe dream of a Whitopia? De facto or de jure? (I prefer the former, which probably makes me a hypocrite)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed today’s piece on Memphis! I drove though Memphis years ago and had the uneasy feeling I was putting my family at risk; now I know my uneasy feelings were justified. If the police put up a sign like this, you know the city is a basket case. I’ve driven though other so-called bad cities: East Baltimore, Cleveland, North St. Louis, Kansas City, North Tampa, West Dayton, and so on! They all share the same thing: lots of Negroes. There is not much that differentiates these cities from cities in the worst parts of Africa.

A poster mentioned that the one thing that many reports fail to mention is just WHO these teens are! Why don’t the reporters break that demographic down a bit and pinpoint it to black males between 15 and 25. They want a suggestion, well how about calling out the main malefactors DUMBASS!

OK…when I say NEGRO…you can bet your ass I am thinking the other word, but to be nice and polite, I will call them by the proper name.

These dumb buck NEGROES need to be taken OFF of the streets in no delicate way. They can’t have a gun; can’t congregate in groups; can’t be out after dark. YES…this is where MY rules would start! I would not let them socialize with white children, or go to our schools, or live in our communities; I would give these apes absolutely nothing. I would even take the hoodie away from them!

If a bro thinks he can walk in the middle of the street, let the police teach him otherwise. Oh yeah baby, I would turn my camera OFF, and turn my back, and say to the police…do what you have to do.

Any Walking Dead fans out there? In the season finale the leader of Alexandria’s husband got killed, she told Rick to “do it!” That is what we need to do to take back our streets!
We need to tell the police to “do it!”

I would like to thank the anonymous reader who spoke PLAINLY about his feelings of having to sell his house worth 300,000 dollars to save his family from the orcs. I find language spoken with rage rather refreshing!!!

AnalogMan said...

Sam said...

What would be helpful is a computer program that would convert English to ebonics.

It's been done. I remember about 1990, a programmer handed me some system documentation that had been translated to Ebonics.

I don't remember much of the details, and Ebonics is a living language so it might not mean anything today. I do remember the program replaced "up" with "down". What had been "down" became "wa-a-ay down". I must say, it didn't do anything for the documentation.

All in all, I can't support your suggestion. The last thing I want is realist portrayals of negroes. Scratch that, any portrayals of negroes, including those magical GNOMEs. Scroomall.

Anonymous said...

"Private property is unsustainable. Single family dwellings with private yards are unsustainable. High density housing is the future"

The "great work" is to abolish all nation states, abolish all religion, and shackle the mob in a "benevolent totalitarianism"... a one world socialist "utopia". This movement has worn many hats and used many names. Currently we see it most prevalent in "progressive", and "political correctness", or cultural Marxism. Socialism is the religion of victims, this is why it appeals so highly to negroes, sexual deviants, and other perpetual victim classes. It cannot survive amidst self sufficiency and personal responsibility but thrives in their absence.

I used to believe that the elite would eventually exterminate the "useless eaters" after they've achieved their utopia goal, but now I fear that they'll be kept around in order to provide an economic sink to absorb excess capital so as to keep the standard of living for the masses just a hair above minimum sustenance levels. This would keep the masses far easier to control than allowing the workers ample free time and potential upward mobility.

That all said, my guns and my land are mine so long as I'm breathing and can hold a rifle.

MEMprospector said...

Getwell and Rhodes - Not even two blocks from where I lived for almost 4 years and where I was *almost* mugged. Race realism became first and foremost after this experience - I had drank the Kool Aid for far too long until this happened.

We got a taste of things to come when, in 2011, severe T-storms came through the neighborhood and knocked out power for 4 days. The nogs without power were milling around the neighborhood, shuffling along until the lites magically came back on. Had we been w/o power for 2-3 weeks I'm sure things would have regressed further...all the signs said "GET OUT while you can!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”I wonder if the Memphis police association would condone my having someone ride "shotgun" with an appropriate firearm, when I have to travel I-40 through Memphis?
(Note: It really doesn't matter if they approve or not, I will be armed anyhow.) “

Just be sure to take the time to familiarize yourself with the law in that area so you can reach a good compromise between safety and legal risk. In some jurisdictions your “shotgun” rider could carry a magazine loaded AR-15 in plain view or possibly an unloaded AR-15 in one hand and a loaded magazine in the other hand and be completely legal. In other jurisdictions such as NY any pistol is considered a loaded weapon if a loaded magazine is within reach.

In most jurisdictions you should be able to find a useful and legal combination of weapons and ammo for travel, but in those areas where it is impossible to be safe and legally armed you should strive to commit misdemeanors rather than felonies.

Anonymous said...

I'm optimistic and here's why:

YT patience (and Asian patience, and Hispanic patience) with black dysfunction is rapidly running out.

It's been 150 years (over 6 generations!) since slavery, and 50 years (over 2 generations!) since the end of Jim Crow, but things show no sign of getting better for blacks.

Women, Chinese in California, Jews in Europe, some castes of Indians in India... all groups that were held down by institutional policy as bad as or worse than Jim Crow, but once the lid came off, they rapidly started to thrive.

The lid's off for the blacks, and some of them have taken advantage of their opportunities, but most haven't. Most are sitting there in their own shit loudly wondering what the smell is.

Every day PK documents here the endless excuses they concoct for their own failure to thrive. But it's not like PK is doing edgy, original research into the nature of the beast, he's collecting and interpreting mainstream news sources that are read by YTs who would never, ever consider themselves rayciss.

Especially in the last couple years, YTs are seeing through the MSM accounts of black violence.

Look at the early accounts of the Michael Brown story, where an innocent black teen--a gentle giant! an aspiring rapper!--who was about to start university was executed point blank in the middle of the street by a rayciss cop!

Then, bit by bit, that narrative fell apart. He wasn't innocent, he had just roughed up a storekeeper for blunt wrappers while blazed on weed. He wasn't gentle, he grabbed a man less than half his size by the throat and then proceeded to beat on a cop. He wasn't an aspiring rapper, he just documented his thoughts about guns, hoes, and weed for posterity. He wasn't about to start a real university, he was going to a trade school to do HVAC repair (which is a noble calling, but it's not a university education). He wasn't executed point blank, he was charging at the cop. Finally, the cop wasn't a rayciss, he was defending himself from a charging 6-foot-seven, 300-pound buck.

It didn't stop the chimpout or the national rending of garments over our turrible rayciss society.

It all culminated, of course, with Eric Holder (Eric Holder!) saying that there was zero evidence that it hadn't all gone down exactly the way the cop said it did.

Everything the MSM told us about the gentle giant was a lie.

And this unravelling of the official narrative didn't happen deep in the comments of Stormfront or Chimpout, it happened on the front pages of CNN, the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post...!

But there are still a lot of blacks and DWLs who cling desperately to the account of the innocent black teen who blah blah blah.

This is the only rayciss site I've ever read or commented on, and I only wound up here because I was trolling FR and someone had typed "SBPDL" as a comment.

But I had already reached a lot of the same conclusions that y'all have reached just by reading liberal newspapers and seeing the jarring dissonance between the PC narrative and my own lived experience. I wasn't indoctrinated into being a rayciss by reading rayciss propaganda, I was indoctrinated into being a rayciss by a combination of reading PC bullshit day after day after day and growing up around vibrant diversity.

The facts are rayciss.

Anyone who learns the facts will become a rayciss.

Give it time.

10mm AUTO said...

And yet 'crime phone banks' and the Memphis Gun Down program (and its Frankenstein creation, the Hospital Based Violence Intervention Program) are hilarious reminders of why Memphis became a majority black city in the first place:--Paul Kersey"

These are just Totems, more sacrifices to the Sky Gods, more Cargo Cult Madness.

This is also one of the major reasons we call them DWL. They know this stuff will not work. They know that they are merely oiling the Communist network, looking for leaders within the black church framework.

"Put them guns down" would be reviled as racist if spoken by a White.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

re: "Most are sitting there in their own shit loudly wondering what the smell is." -- Oh man, your whole post was terrif!.., but this made me spit up my beer!.. oh man..

Anonymous said...

An interesting point was made in the comments here about DWL's (Disingenuous White Liberals) vs. SWL's (Sincere White Liberals). That's worth remembering, and it's a thought I've had before. I can think of both that I've known.

I have a female DWL friend, as DWL as they come. She rails against bigotry, posts how "black lives matter," and all this bullshit. But she DAMN sure makes sure to stay away from black areas and places and events where blacks congregate. She has a few IKAGO type friends, but she'll be careful not to be around THEIR black friends.

I knew a SWL woman, my age. She was SINCERE. She believed religiously that blacks were just the same as we are and had no compunction about spending time in their world and even, of course, dating one. Her sincere liberalism and large, but misguided, intellect separated her from simple low mudsharks. Besides, she dated white men as well, and was careful to select 'professional' and 'dignified' black men. I'd ask her how that's working for her but I can't. About 15 years ago she was spending the night with her upstanding and professional black boyfriend. After he finished fucking her one night, he opened the bedroom door and whaddaya know, four of his pavement ape buddies were in the living room. They came in and with his encouragement had at her in every way, mouth, ass, and pussy. When they finally finished with her they let her get up and start to leave, until - in her emotional state - she said she was going to the cops. Those, I think, were her last words.

I honestly believe that negroes are devolving before our eyes. The mindless drumbeat of black crime and destructiveness is amping up before our very eyes.

AnalogMan said...

Ricky in Cali, don't get too excited about that billboard. That's just the police union pressuring the city for more money.

Anonymous said...

Stick together, respect one another,” replied Gottie.

Blacks are like parrots repeating certain catch phrases they've heard but have no understanding of. It's one of the reasons for weekly candle light vigils.

bernicegreenbaum said...

anony sez....
all of this- meeting with the agent, and preparing to move- has to be done like it's a secret plan we can't let the neighbors know about. it's like we should be ASHAMED of committing the Sin Of White Flight.

well FUCK THAT. I am NOT ashamed of white flight, I am PROUD to make this wide decision for my family.

I hate to say this, but I'd keep real quiet about the reason you're selling your house. Don't tell any of the neighbors or your friends. The worst thing for property values is to have negroes move into a neighborhood. Fukishima would be a more hospitable place to live.

I've had plenty of experience selling property. Unloading a house in a darkening neighborhood is like selling a lemon car. You clean it up, maybe even slap a coat or two of paint on it, and pray like hell.

Once everybody figures out the neighborhood is dark, panic sets in. It's like a rush to the door in a crowded movie theatre in a fire. It's cruel, but I'd dart for that exit door, trampling anybody foolish enough to get in my way. And I'd make damn sure my ass was out the door before I turned around and yelled, "Fire!".

Anonymous said...

Speaking of TNB, read the letter by Isiah Smith (an African in the Traverse City DWL Whitopia) in the latest issue of the Northern Express:

By his own account this clown's father killed a man in Philadelphia (woke up from a bender with the corpse and a knife), and his life was only saved when his grandfather sold everything to pay lawyers to spring him.  His father never was a father to him, nor was his mother... but he blames all his family misfortunes on Whitey and Whitey's legal system.

Even the IKAGOs are at least 90% irredeemable.  Even the IKAGOs who grew up under the civilizing forces of Jim Crow.

Here's what I tried to post at Northern Express, but don't have a login for:

"Contrary to the claims of Isiah Smith, Trayvon Martin had committed felonious assault and was attempting to commit murder when he was shot. Michael Brown had attempted to seize an officer's gun and was shot in self-defense. Walter Scott engaged in an extended fight with officer Slager while resisting arrest on warrants, and evidence suggests that Scott had shot Slager with his own Taser.

If Mr. Smith believes any of them were the least bit "innocent", he proves both that we cannot get along and why. If we cannot look at a set of facts and agree what they mean, we cannot live in the same society."

Mr. Rational said...

What would be helpful is a computer program that would convert English to ebonics.

Back in the stone age of computing, there was a converter (what is called a "filter" in Unix) called "jive"; you'd pipe text through it and get pseudo-ebonics out.  It had a bunch of somewhat silly rules, including every colon being converted to "dig dis:".  Yes, it was lame.  There was a "valspeak" filter which ran similarly.

Since almost nothing ever truly disappears on the Internet, I'm sure you could find this with a bit of digging and compile it under Linux.

Anonymous said...

Well…I guess we have some people who understand the science of real-estate values and what brings them down.

We saw what happened to the woman who waited too long to sell her house in Ferguson. She almost had to give it away!

I hope these DWLs wake up soon! By the way, D could also mean DUMB, but I know what PK calls them. They may well be disingenuous, but also as stupid as a cement block!

The trouble with coons is that most of them don’t have any skin in the game. They don’t care what happens to a town. They go from town to town like the black plague that hit Europe in the Middle Ages.

Let me say this: if DWLs starting thinking like the people on this blog, their damned f’ing bullshit would stop in a nanosecond! They could bet their black asses on that! Who would put up with their crap? Nightly news would show how many whites were attacked by n*ggers that day.

Documented Uncitizen said...

Anonymous said...

"I knew a SWL woman, my age. She was SINCERE." etc.

April 20, 2015 at 2:49 PM

Now, THAT was a funny story!

MMP said...

Me again....And O/T again

Seems they planted a saint swisher memorial tree...with a stone....In less than a day...stone stolen, tree chopped down.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I saw that. Thought it was funny as hell that the black lives matter set, that want more dead cops, now wants more policemenz to protect their black asses from each other! F*ck'em! Let them enjoy the utopia they've made for themselves. I hope yt doesn't come bail them out!


Anonymous said...

"Memphis Gun Down"
Happens every night.

Anonymous said...

The MSM hould go full-on passive and start blaming the cities.

"Two Dead in Memphis Gun Down".

Anonymous said...

"I must be suffering from an especially acute case of negro fatigue this morning. I first read your post as the California CORRECTIONS Academy"

Ha, I did the same thing.

Bill Prestage said...

There is a DWL here by the name of Donna Ladd. Editor of the Jackson Free Press. I responded to an article she wrote the other day. I told her that she bemoans the pitiful condition that blacks have at the hands of racist whites. I said that she probably lives in a neighborhood where her neighbors look like her. She answered back and said there was one black family in the neighborhood down the street but she would love to see the neighborhood become more diversified. One sick puppy

Ex-Copper said...

The Indy welcomes all slogan is in response to RFRA. The gays raised hell because they're not a protected class and wanted to make sure they can force the independant business owner to bake and decorate their cakes.

The blacks here haven't figured out that the addition of protected classes detracts from their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Wow the comments are great

Anonymous said...

One of the main problems I have always noticed about the negro is the lack of division inside of their own race.
As a YT kid I recognized early on that not all whites were alike and we didn't all like the same things or even each other.

I was an athletic type growing up and tended to hang out with the same. I was nice and cordial to all, but "my boys" were a handful of people like me. We liked working out, drinking beer, chasing girls you know the usual harmless YT teen shit.

When I walked into class or the lunch room, I didn't scan the area looking for my kind. If one of my friends did something wrong, they heard about it from the group. We would report really bad shit to the principles or coaches, not to cause harm to our friend, but to maintain the high moral standards we were all raised on.

I was YT middle class. I knew rich and I new poor kids. I knew smart kids and dumb ones. I could sense the dangerous ones and could feel the timidness of the weak ones. I only associated with like minded YTs.

Negros all belong to the same group. The sucessful(farce) ones makes excuses for the black trash. The leaders blame the YT man. They all eat the same foods, listen to the same music(R+b is the worst music ever), dress the same, desire the same cars ( high mileage, low cost wore out BMW,Mercedes,Jag,Range Rover etc.) They vote the same way, back their cars in spots. Lots of em have gov't jobs where they work for life and eventually turn that dept all black. Mostly they all protect one another. The "Nigga" is innocent I tell You!

Whites have their division and social order. As YT we recognize our position in life and make the most of it and work toward our futures. We recognize the guy that's a member at Agusta National, with a private jet at the airport, probably worked hard and smart in their life. I applaud success and always listen to successful peoples advice.

Steve Jobs, became rich after creating a product that we didn't even know we wanted and now some of us can't imagine living without it. 90% of apple devices were bought by taxpayers, who decided after they earned and paid taxes on their money to then spend it on apple products.

Dr Dre', became rich selling 'Beats" headphones to one of the big computer giants, I forget which one maybe microsoft. The difference is, the avg beats buyer is probably subsidized threw the nose. If we pay for all dey needs, than they can have their money to spend on what they wants! In the process making Dre a billionaire.

The YTs know that we are all different in many ways, even our own race. Negroes need to get the memo.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Polar Bear said...

"There comes a time when a house has been so damaged by termites that you must not only kill the termites, but demolish the house and build again!"

Bill Prestage said...

You are so right, do not confuse the two. We have a loud mouth DWL in Jackson Ms. Donna Ladd, editor of the Jackson Free Press