Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!"

The news of Hardee's considering moving its national headquarters out of 49 percent black St. Louis was thankfully offset with the absolutely positive, riveting, and glorious announcement Starbucks is going to open up a store in 70 percent black Ferguson!

Cue up the marching band and order up a few tons of confetti for the ticker-tape parade!
Starbucks is coming to 70 percent black Ferguson! "Community Outreach" is now a corporate strategy for goodwill in Black-Run America (BRA), with producing profits no longer a concern...

Losing the national headquarters of a Fortune 500 company means absolutely nothing when a small suburb of St. Louis is going to get a Starbucks!

Even though corporate Starbucks locations don't accept EBT/Food stamps, the store in Ferguson could represent a prototype in "community outreach" to a demographic completely alien from the traditional business model the coffee giant built its brand on. [Howard Schultz: Starbucks to open Ferguson store, Fortune, 4-22-15]:
Starbucks baristas may not be writing “Race Together” on customers’ coffee cups anymore, but CEO Howard Schultz certainly isn’t done talking about the nation’s touchiest topic. 
On Tuesday, Schultz talked about his company’s efforts to address racial tension and announced that his coffee shop chain will open a location in Ferguson, Mo. as a “way to create employment.” Protestors clashed with police officers in the St. Louis suburb this summer, after the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, by a white cop. 
Starbucks has locations in nearby Jennings and Florissant, Mo., and six stores in Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, but none in Ferguson. 

Schultz tucked the Ferguson store news into comments he made on stage at an event hosted by NationSwell, a digital media company focused on American innovation and renewal. Schultz’s appearance at the event focused on his company’s ongoing efforts to combat racism and inequality in the United States, its education benefits for workers, andits recent commitment to hire military veterans and so-called opportunity youths, generally described as unemployed 16 to 24-year olds who have not followed a traditional education path.
After his on-stage interview, Schultz told Fortune that there was no specific timeline for the opening of a Ferguson store, and he declined to provide more information about plans for the location there. A Starbucks spokesperson did not provide an opening date but said that the Ferguson store is “part of our plan to build more stores in urban neighborhoods.” 
Whenever Starbucks ultimately open its store in Ferguson, a city that’s 70% black, the location will counter the heavy concentration of Starbucks locations in predominantly white neighborhoods. By crunching Census figures and a dataset of 11,500 Starbucks locations in the United States as of August 2014,Quartz determined that the density of Starbucks stores increases along with the whiteness of census tracts. 
On Tuesday, Schultz emphasized his belief that race relations is not too sensitive an issue for his company to tackle. Schultz has never shied away from using his platform as CEO of a Fortune 500 company to speak out on controversial political and social subjects. In 2013, he led a petition-based push urging Washington politicians to end the federal government shutdown. That year, he also wrote an open letter asking gun owners to refrain from bringing their firearms into stores. 
Fortune reported in August that residents of St. Louis area, which includes Ferguson, have not felt the economic recovery equally. The unemployment rate for African Americans in the county of St. Louis City was 26% in 2012, according to the Census Department’s latest available stats. For white Americans, the unemployment rate was 6.2%.Employment figures from the fall of 2014 show that in Missouri, black unemployment was 15.7%; for whites it was 4.5%.
Losing Hardee's corporate headquarters was news thankfully softened by the outrageously positive announcement 70 percent black Ferguson is getting a Starbucks!

A Starbucks!

There's no doubt Starbucks is preparing to start a 501c3 as a way to offset the tremendous losses associated with opening franchises in heavily black areas, which has never been part of the corporations strategy or business model for growth.

But in Black-Run America (BRA), few actions such as opening a franchise in an increasingly non-white city will garner social justice points as Starbucks investing in 70 percent black Ferguson.

Trading Hardee's corporate headquarters in downtown St. Louis for a lone suburban Starbucks franchise in 70 percent black Ferguson is an absolute victory for metropolitan St. Louis!


festus said...

I wonder if this will boost local property values in the same way proximity to a Starbucks increases home values in a white neighborhood.

And let's not be cynical about this well-intentioned attempt to meet the needs of the Ferguson demographic. A few simple menu changes and drink additions such as Kool-Aid and "Purple Drank"and this franchise opportunity could go huge in the many fine but under-served black neighborhoods across America.

Anonymous said...

I am confident that this Afro-bucks location will be a hideous mess. A source of regular beatings, theft, rudeness, vulgarity, rape, food poisoning and probably murder within the first quarter. "The community" could eventually sue the company for contributing to its diabetes and blood pressure problems.

Schwartz will eventually learn that the negro as barista is not the docile, domesticated creature he is accustomed to employing. No negro will be uttering courtesies and inquiring whether you want skim milk with your drink. The obese negress with her weave on crooked will be telling the customer "you get out my face or I'ma beat yo ass".

The experiment will certainly give PK a few stories before it's burned to the ground or turned into a community center for opportunity youth. Opportunity youth, the left and their language are just so destructive. Truth is just a forbidden topic for them

Anonymous said...

A business selling overpriced goods and that doesn't accept EBT cards to buy said goods is going to open in a majority black area? Obviously, this is an exercise in moral preening for the Starbucks CEO. The story makes national headlines, the CEO gets patted on his back by his liberal elite white friends, and then after 6 months when the store does no business and gets robbed blind by both its "opportunity youth" employees and pseudo-customers, it quietly closes with the news reported in a buried blurb in a local newspaper. All the low information citizens out there will only remember the overhyped story of the store's opening, and they'll imagine the store is out there still, a thriving business hiring local aspiring astrophysicists and classical pianists.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! The baristas can write "Snitches git stitches" on the cups.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the blacks are letting YT do it to them again: first we introduced crack into the ghetto and got everyone hooked, now we gonna have bitches turning tricks for a venti frappuchino.

Anonymous said...

First YT gave them crack, now they gonna be hooked on lattes. Perhaps a small display of sandwiches, skittles, and swisher sweets would lock in business?

Indy is headed for the gutter said...

Agreed Festus. They can just skip the coffee altogether. That is more of a morning drink for those headed to work. What will the store's hours be, 12pm to 3am? Staffed by highly competent locals? Starbucks has officially lost it.

Ethan said...

I'd give the store 24 months before it closes.

Chuck Hammer said...

Good to see Starbucks eating their own cooking. We'll see how long they can keep it down.

Anonymous said...

Now thugs will steal your phone so they can drain your Starbucks app

Awakened White said...

@7:26 don't forgot to add Arizona sweet tea.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a Starbucks with the baristas behind bulletproof glass before, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but ...

Ben Affleck should be apologising to his fellow whites for having an ancestor who brought the source of all our current miseries to these shores.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks in a black area? LOL. Someone will be selling weed and other drugs from under the counter in no time or out the back door.
In my town, we've had a few businesses in black areas shut down as public nuisances for drug dealing and for all the violent criminal activity at their locations.
But all we'll see about the Ferguson Starbucks is video of all the precious black customers lined up outside and it will be crowed over as a rousing success.....until the truth comes out.
Yeah, locals will hear about it and be in the know but the closing won't be trumpeted all over the place in the news. Starbucks will just close up shop and quietly fade away.
We'll be reading the truth of what happened here on SBPDL though.
I look forward to reading that article and laughing.

Medic Bear said...

I can't wait for the first shooting, hold-up, rape, murder, etc.

I guess the only question will be who the criminal will be: a "customer" or an AA "employee."

What an absolute f'ing joke.

What Ferguson and far too many other cities & towns (Detroit, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, KC, Atlanta - you get the picture) need is to be neutron bombed.

Anonymous said...

How many hours will it be open before "violent crime strikes the Starbucks?"

Or "shots ring out at Starbucks"?

Anonymous said...

This is priceless, I wonder if this location will be a race realist learning center? Any DWL who happens to be stupid enough to work there will learn some valuable lessons. If the nogs don't kill them perhaps the truth will become known to them.

It looks like Baltimore is about to experience the joys of the negro. I still can't figure out how this gud boi who didn't du nuffins got a spinal cord injury like that. I bet he b habbin a big record keepin it real n sheet.

SC Native

rex freeway said...

Another lost tax base due to Negros. And how before the first armed robbery at starbucks?

Anonymous said...

The bullet proof carousel will be awesome. I want a pic of that. Nagger coffee of da mumph.

Anonymous said...

The coffee will be cold before Queen Shaniqua will be able to make your triple mocha la ti da venti frappuccino. And it'll be wrong and one of her inch long nails will be in the cup. I hope the most dewy eyed young DWL's get to train the coonmunity hires. What could go wrong?

Unknown said...

Ghetto marketing strategy:

1. Starbucks brand *Jenkem*.

(*An inhalant and hallucinogen created from fermented human waste. They put feces and urine in a jar and cover it with a balloon, let it ferment out in the sun and then inhale the fumes created. Google it.)

2. Crack pipes with the Starbucks logo.

3. Coffee flavored Starbucks brand blunt wraps.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Star-of-DavidBucks, open a store in Ferguson.

I DARE ya!

Anonymous said...

I guess old Shylock decided to put his money where his mouth is.... or rather the money of his shareholders where his mouth is.

Really it's a win for him. Figure it costs very little to open a store anywhere, much less in an area where property value is next to nothing. Hire a bunch of illiterate apes, who cares? What's the most they can steal in a day, a couple hundred bucks from the till? So for a total cost of maybe 100K into the store and another 200K a year in shrinkage and wages all the DWLs, SJWs, hipsters, and country club liberals will feel even better about buying 6$ lattes in their lily white neighborhoods. It's cheap advertising to his real customers. He couldn't have done a nationwide ad campaign for a few hundred large and he will be getting NATIONAL exposure for this move.

I really hope someone remembers in a year or two to do a followup on this and the yoga studio though.

Anonymous said...

"unemployed 16 to 24-year olds who have not followed a traditional education path"

In other words 60IQ illiterate sub-apes who are incapable of learning anything more advanced than picking cotton or tobacco. What could possibly go wrong?

SKIP said...

Starbucks will get points for announcing their "intention" to open said store but SKIP the psychic predicts: said store will never happen though the hype will continue to heap praise on Starbucks. The plan will quietly fade away without comment.

Anonymous said...

Schvartze...'scuse ME...Schwartz has created a win-win for his Libtard,sniveling,showboating self and his ridiculous but profitable,P.T Barnum inspired whatchamacallit.
How a win-win? you may ask,especially for the company, when operating losses and general dysfunction are the easily predictable results of this smelly, grandstanding PR play.
The Fergadishu store opens under its very own corporate identity, but as a wholly owned subsidiary to the parent corporation.
Then,after a while,it's intentionally flown into the ground at 400 mph when its very existence becomes untenable due to you-know-what...with ZERO media coverage,counting on "useful idiot" short memory spans.
Not to worry.
The spectacular losses run up by da noo sto, after The Bean Counters and Tax Wizards get through processing them, will roll to the parent company AND REDUCE ITS OVERALL TAX LIABILITY, very likely with multiple credits because of da jobz an da inVESSmint in da Opatoonatee,an awl.
Soetoro's puppet IRS will see to it and his circle jerk buddy Holder will ignore it and the servile co-conspirator media will praise the failed-but-noble-effort and NOT MENTION AT ALL that Working Whitey,due to Social Engineering Financial Rape, PICKS UP THE TAB, yet again.
Fergadishu will still remain a replicant Soweto and national embarrassment,as intended.
Mourn your lost Republic.
"If a man have a garment and no Sword,let him sell his garment so that he may buy a Sword."
Tick Tock
Tick Tock
Get ready.
It's coming.

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

Maybe the Brown family can be investors using the loot from their suit!

Anonymous said...

I really like that term "opportunity youth". And the military veterans.....i'm sure they're salavatating to get the chance to work with them. You're a real winner Shultz. I thought you learned by way of your failed attempt at race relations a few weeks ago. This charade only goes to prove that liberals are as stupid as the negroes. They get taught a lesson....but never learn. If there EVER was a time to boycott this overpriced muddy water shop...its now. I hope it fails miserably. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

" combat racism and inequality ".
This is a delusional DWL idea that has flunked the test of time.

There's clearly severe genetic inequality; therefore, the only way to reduce racial inequalities is to practice racial discrimination against groups doing better. In other words, society has to be immorally hostile against Whites to satisfy this outdated leftist ideal.

Probably, a very high percentage of Tarbucks White customers are lawyers, government employees, and companies that are gov't puppets, so it's not surprising that Schultz acts like such a DWL with regard to blacks who are the Left's lucrative political coca crop.

Pat Boyle said...

There is no salvation in Starbucks. Blacks may very well need a solution but it isn't in Starbucks.

Black have an employment problem. They are unemployed at about double the white rate - and it's getting worse.

As I remember, some of new automotive robots replaced 26 humans. A lot of those humans were blacks. Union members who had good wages and good medical plans. Gone.

Even if those blacks got hired as baristas it wouldn't be the same. How many people are working in a Starbucks? - three? And blacks are not particularly good at public contact jobs. When given the choice many people will avoid the black counter person and wait for white person.

I like Starbucks- maybe because I never go there. I have a large complicated espresso machine. It is in fact a Starbucks branded machine from an Italian manufacturer. I generally use Starbucks beans. There's nothing wrong with Starbucks in terms of coffee. But be realistic. Starbucks is a yippie fad. Rich white folks started lining up for a Starbucks cappuccino. It's just coffee. Starbucks is a fad. If they annoy their white white customers they will go elsewhere.

Down the hill there is a Starbucks but there are two other espresso shops directly across the street. If Starbucks hires surly black people I can go to Peets. A lot of people think their coffee is better anyway.


Gwoobus Harmon said...

As someone with relative clout in the hospitality business (not coffee) I have written about the business model of chain outlets, be they restaurants, hotels, or something mundane, prolific, and high margin like coffee shops. They operate much in the same manner, have the same controllable costs, and compete for purchasers of goods and services in much the same way.

Once a company surpasses 50 total retail outlets for their wares/widgets/products, regardless of distribution and production networks, they have graduated beyond sales and have at that point become primarily invested in real estate. This, the real estate holdings, is where their balance sheet tells the story of the company's long term performance prospects. Real Estate is both where their liabilities and assets are primarily tied up once they've reached a certain size (multiple millions) easily eclipsing operational costs.

Generally the difference between a successful restaurant/hotel/hospitality chain has little to do with their operational margins, it has to do everything with their skill in leveraging of assets vs. liabilities.

In short, the companies that are "best" don't necessarily deliver the best product or operate with better margins ---- they manage their real estate incredibly well. The companies that make errors in siting location end up overleveraged, and never make up enough revenue in sales to overcome the debt from expansions that do not ever live up to performing asset.

Starbucks has always been a company that "gets it right." You better believe that it has *everything to do with* racial demographics, education levels, traffic patterns, and income bracket thresholds within a given zip code. I promise you that is the criteria whether they vocalize it or not. Poor blacks receiving EBT and section 8 vouchers are not going to support in volume high priced coffees delivered in a pretentious atmosphere with wi-fi. Only high wage, college educated whites with laptops buy such things with regularity.

Maybe they see such a location as a worthy investment for political points, easily offset by their performing locations? Hopefully they make tons of such tactical errors, drink their own koolaid, and their egalitarianism gets the best of them when they file for chapter 11 a decade from now, paying out unemployment compensation to thousands of Shaniquas, holding many boarded up, graffitied, and worthless resale value outlets in East St. Louis, Detroit, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, Jackson, and Memphis with the YKW CEO in charge of tabulating and dispersing the shekels wondering what went wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cool, they can open shop next to the Yoga studio. I can see it now, sheboons in yoga pants lined up to get dey Malcolm Xpressos and Mulatte's.

Anonymous said...

Schwartz will eventually learn that the negro as barista is not the docile, domesticated creature he is accustomed to employing.

He already knows what happens to an sbux in a black area.

This will be a subsidized store or across from a police shop.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Working white families barely spring for Starbucks. Apes? Ha!!! Yuppie, single whites, childless gays, and trophy wives visit the Starbucks near's next to a fitness center where a family membership is about $500 per month.

I am sure you can rent a fuc@ing home in Ferguson for that price.

Realist in MA

Ricky In Cali said...

Since we’re on the topic of Ferguson, I was logged onto Yahoo yesterday and saw another liberal horsheshit propaganda article! I’ll ask you all a question:

If you had a choice to go anywhere for Spring Break (especially as a College student) where would you go to party?

Cancun? (I went there for mine in College), Florida, Miami Beach? Costa Rica? Cabo San Lucas? Any of these destinations you’re guaranteed to drink and party til break is over but guess where 200 moron College students decided to spend their spring break this year? If you guessed “FERGUSON” for $500, you are a winner!!

I watched the short clip of the student’s testimonies (the headline is ‘College students seek out alternative spring break in Ferguson, Missouri’) and trust me, you couldn’t find more brainwashed idiots then these poor kids. I got a chance to see the “shrine” in the middle of the street they had for St. Swisher. It was a bunch of flowers and scrap paper in the middle of the road, I swear to you it looked like litter. It would have been wonderful for a car to just run it all over and watch everything fly in the air .

These mindless idiots walked around and told us their sad stories about how the community and “St. Swisher could have been their brother” and it was an eye opener talking about the “struggle” that Ferguson has to go through. Total waste of money, total waste of time, they were lucky they weren’t violated by the local populace or they would have experienced some of the “rich diversity” first hand.

MMP said...

I'd love to hear the menu pronounced in ebonics :)

Seriously though, what is the poverty rate in fergustan now?

It really seems disingenuous of tarbucks to be offering 5 dollar coffees to those that can barely afford to feed themselves, whose housing is provided by section ape.

Will tarbucks accept EBT cards?

Do they really think they'll attract business from outside the area?

Then come the decisions
gold teefs or tarbucks?
crack or tarbucks?
22 inch rims or tarbucks?
weed or tarbucks?

I would really like this to be followed up, as I can't imagine the store turning a profit, not even considering the safety of it.

Is there any follow up on the yoga center that was opened there?

dondiego said...

I Pity the Fool that draws the short straw being the boss of this store.
My uncle's missus has a Subway franchise in N.Z. I used to buy subs every day off a bloke at another location (worked out cheaper than preparing dinner plus hired a young chickie). So of course we yarned often- he was ex-military and I was a right-wing outspoken dude.

The stories of staff ineptitude from white (public education Kiwi) girls. I shudder to think what will transpire with these "Rocket Surgeons"...


Ex-Copper said...

"Opportunity Youth" 16-24 yos who didn't follow a "traditional" education path?

New term for gangsters who quit or were expelled from school.

I predict the Starbucks franchise will never open, unless, as PK suggested, they get the ok for 501(c)3 and they can open the store with funds from the charity. If they can't, the promise will fade from the spotlight and no one will remember they were going to open one.

OT: as to the former Air Force Sgt, she wasn't a sergeant when she "resigned" from the military. It seems the Air Force frowns upon its version of drill sergeants doing photo shoots for playboy while touting their military occupation, wearing their dog tags, and other military like clothing items. They demoted her to E-4, whatever that is in the Air Force and she decided to get out. Then she draped herself, or partially clothed herself in the American flag in one of those nearly nude PETA adds. That flag touched the floor, but it's ok because they gave it to some Boy Scouts to dispose of it properly. Aside from the not allowing the flag to touch the ground, the code also prohibits it from being used as clothing or on clothing. I guess that didn't matter for her, because her desecration of the flag was for a more noble cause.

She is fairly attractive however with her plastic parts and skillful airbrushing of the photos by the editors.

Anonymous said...

There was a commenter on the the last post who stated that Latinos/Mexicans are just as bad as blacks. I used to feel the same way. It wasn't until I began working with "disadvantaged" children that I changed my tune.

I worked at a school that was primarily Hispanic with some blacks and whites thrown in for good measure. I worked in a kindergarten class, and my experiences were thus: Hispanic parents wanted to help their kids, they just often didn't know how. Things that seem obvious to white parents (reading to them, helping them with their homework) were not on their radar- but once shown what to do, they did care enough to put in the time to help their child succeed. Not so with blacks. They also didn't know how to help their kids, but the difference is that they didn't care to learn how. That was the school's job.

The worst case was a little boy who would often get into fights with other kids. He had a fked up arm (mom probably broke it when punishing him and never took him to the doctor to get it set back right) and couldn't color for sht with his other arm. 5 years old and can't even use a crayon correctly. Good job, mom. I even had to spend time doing remedial counting exercises with him and such while the other kids worked on much more advanced things. I never got to meet his mammy (of course there was no dad in the picture, no surprise there), although I got to experience her not showing up for her son's appointments/conferences over and over again. Not only did this show a complete lack of care for her keed, but it fcked with the teacher's schedule as she had to keep blocking out time for these meetings that the mom would never show up to.

The next 2 were not nearly as bad (halfricans, I believe) but were a brother and sister in the same class. Well, half-brother/sister. Had the same black dad but different mothers. He favored the son, because he was from the mother that he was currently "with". When he showed up to class on a parent participation day was not only unexpected, but incredibly ackward. I would get to hear the boy tell the girl all of the things that daddy had gotten his favored child, even though he didn't live with either mother. Can't cramp his style after all, he might want to knock up some other single woman.

From that one year I saw an incredible contrast between how much more involved the Hispanic parents were (Hispanic dads don't abandon their kids like blacks do, or at least not nearly as much). I saw these parents who were already struggling with English and a foreign culture (I live near a large farm community) who nonetheless made it a point to make extra sacrifices for their children and to make any changes to their parenting once they learned better. Blacks. Just. Don't. Care.

The local community college has a very high Hispanic population, and it is not uncommon to see many people of Hispanic decent working in the medical field around here, not to mention engineers and the like. In a generation these people are able to assimilate and turn things around. I am not posting this to spread the Hispanic love- I am just trying to illustrate to you how blacks are in a league of their own.

Hispanics are not so loud, obnoxious, rapey, violent crime prone as Basketball Americans. We don't need websites to vent about each aspect of their appalling behavior like we do to blacks. They are redeemable to an extent- blacks aren't, which is why pissing away so much money on them makes veins pop out of our necks.

All other races are sick of their shuck and jive, which is why I prefer to use the term non-black as opposed to white when speaking of the divisions. Hispanics, along with all other non-black races don't blame whitey for every problem under the sun and are content to work and improve themselves. As I said, blacks are in a league of their own.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how long Starbucks will enjoy the company of those Bantus they insist are all just like us. How many employees will get shot there during robberies gone wrong, before the corporation figures it out? The CEO of that company should be dropped off into Detroit at midnight and have to rub shoulders with those negroes he so dearly loves.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome!! now you can get a warm latte after yoga class:

or a tasty carmel machiato just before heading out to protest against the racist white cops.

new hashtag #blackcoffeematters

Anonymous said...

You know...this could actually go a long way towards bankrupting Starbucks. While the denizens of Ferguson aren't used to the idea of work,they can most certainly sense an opportunity.

At least a few of the more enterprising ones will be able to come up with a reason to sue that won't get completely laughed out of court. Slip/trip/fall??? Blisters when a coffee is spilled? The possibilities are there.

And with the right jury ( which ought not to be unachievable in STL ),the potential for payout is worth chasing.

And that's just the customers,mind you. The staff at the Ferguson location is going to be what could charitably be called a target rich environment for the local predators,and hospital bills and physical therapy/rehab bills can very easily run into the millions.

Anonymous said...

They can build it on the site of the burned down QuikTrip and dedicate it as The Mike Brown Memorial Starbucks n Sheeit!

Anonymous said...

Start countdown to the first robbery of that franchise...




Anonymous said...

What's the name and recipe for the Mike Brown memorial drink?

Anonymous said...

Starboons will shut in less than six months. Negroes will not overpay for burnt coffee when they can just suck back a 64 oz mountain dew they stole from a pakistani mini mart.

chattanooga gal said...

as a non-coffee drinker, I was they went out of their way to hire " opportunity" youth. i'll have to warn my sister to never, ever use her credit card at starbucks again!

NY Girl said...

"A Starbucks!"

Just watching these guys try to pronounce "latte" or "frappucino" correctly would be worth the price of admission. Be sure to ask the Boon-rista if the coffee is fair trade!

HH said...

I'm sure Starbucks is attempting to increase their 'political correctness' credibility by daring to open a store that sells overpriced coffee to affluent white liberals in a predominately black neighborhood.

Dreams of whites and blacks, sitting next to each other drinking coffee side by side while discussing and formulating plans for the revolution must have been drawn up in the minds of whoever made this decision.

In practice, all they're doing is putting a cheap price tag on the lives and well beings of whoever is desperate/stupid enough to work there.

GrimmTale said...

Well, I called it folks! After the initial Starbucks fiasco, (within SBPDL Article: Sunday, March 22, 2015 The Business Model of Starbucks Explained: The Reason 86% Black Jackson, MS Doesn't Have a Starbucks), I had posted the following commentary, which is coming to fruition. Honestly, it was very obvious of what was going to happen with the white guilt-ridden Starbucks owners...really.

"I think I have an idea of how this will play out, and make Starbucks look like a champion (to the uninformed) in the long run:
The brilliant team @Starbucks will place a couple of "token" stores in black communities to quell the naysayers, they'll make big news of it, mentioned at every speech and motivational speaking engagement. Of course these stores will close within the next 6yrs. In the meantime, the price of a cup-o-jo will rise for the loyal (but stupid) consumers who must have their latte (which btw is Italian for coffee w/milk...eeh gahds), and these stupid white customers will rid their guilt knowing these extra few cents were motivational in helping out the poor destitute blacks.
The folks @ Starbucks ain't stupid don't ya know....they know exactly how to pander and keep the $19billion industry floating."

And there you have it...White guilt-pandering to the BRA, gives such a warm-fuzzy feeling doesn't it? BTW...I'd sure like to have heard the conference room discussions leading up to this decision. You know it went something like this: "...Well we're going to have to take a loss on at least one store to get this off of our backs publically, and our tax accountant says we can write-off all of the loss. So, it's a win-win for us financially, and politically (high-five slaps all around)..."

Anonymous said...

Times up guys.

Every time I go to read the news at least 2 of the stories now are of black people protesting. Over the same old sht. All it takes is one black male, a crime committed, and a police officer who inadvertently kills said man while following police procedures.

We are done giving them the 1000th benefit of the doubt. You can see the look of disgust on peoples faces at this point. People are having offline conversations because hey, if 2/10 stories are going to be of black people standing around protesting and blocking intersections and people's lives and meals due to a white cop shoots unarmed black man (omit felony that was being committed that required a police response), then hey, fuck it. People of all races, not just blacks, hate being fed what to think. One can only take so much.

One looks at me, being naturally stupid, obnoxious, careless, and offensive all in one bounce, disobeying orders from an armed and announced officer of the law. Why in public can't I ever say "Hey Dipshit, you (fill in the felony here) and a cop caught you. Just shut the fuck up and HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT. Remember Nigga?

At this point they are going to start offing themselves just to help their parent pay the bills.

For those of you who have found my rant, please don't let me go it alone... I am so sick of this sht and it's time people starting taking the gloves off.

Non-black lives matter, that is all your honor.

GrimmTale said...

...LMFAO - Couldn't resist - Must comment on the comments I am reading here. You guys are a hooot! Just too G-D funny!! ...Thank you for the giggles 1st thing in the morning. I know I can always count on all of you for your wit and humor through all of this. Regards, GrimmTale

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Howard Schultz lives? I bet he doesn't have one black family close to his neighborhood, just a PR stunt that will backfire. I would actually bet the Starbucks won't even get built in Fergustan.

Earl Turner said...

A Starbucks staffed with a bunch of Shaniquas.

What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Spot on

Anonymous said...

I guess in all fairness...things are looking up for the negro in Ferguson. They have the new yoga studio that opened recently. Now they have a new starbucks in the making. Nothing like that fresh cup-o-muddy water after the early morning workout. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around they could have a few fattened cows running down Flourissant Ave ready to hack up with their machetes. Then they can have a kwanzaa zulu warrior week..complete with dwl santa clauses' because ole evil racist ToysRUs is gone. The future looks good for the negro there...and the property values rising...omg we wont even start on that!!!!! NC Realist

Anonymous said...

This is OT, but I would like to share with your readers, Paul. I watched an episode of NOVA last night that documented the challenges associated with the Hubble space telescope. All of those brilliant, white scientists and astronauts employing their collective and superior IQs in a quest to advance the sciences and man’s knowledge of the universe. There wasn’t a black face among them; I felt simultaneously proud and dismayed because those days are gone, for now. After the telescope had been repaired, there was a scene which showed footage of the NASA scientists waiting on edge to see the first, improved images from Hubble. When the pictures began to populate their computer screens applause and celebration erupted in the room as it became clear to them that all of their hard work had finally paid off. Negroes holler and dance around, cheering loudly when they slam dunk a basketball. The contrast between our two races is as profound as the before and after images from Hubble.

Plaga Negra said...

Hope the vibrants burn it down.

Michigan Jim said...

Like any good DWL, Starbucks figures they'll be exempt from the robbery, rape and mayhem because they have good intentions and love the blacks. We'll see how that works out.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone and Latronda gonna go down to da local Starbu's ta git dem dere tall,skinny,purple lattes now, sho' 'nuf!

I hope any lefties reading here isn't surprised when Starbucks has to jack up prices to keep the Ferguson store afloat.

Fatigued and shaking head in Minneapolis said...

Forefront conclusion: we're all the same; therefore there must be equal outcome, equal performance. There must be: it's imperative because of our conclusion upfront. So, end to slavery, end to Jim Crow, voting rights act, welfare, section 8, food stamps, affirmative action, Headstart, no child left behind, midnight basketball, oh.. and this is a big one, let's change the title every 20 years: African, ni&&er, colored, negro, black, AA (because maybe if we just stumble upon the right *name*.. we'll somehow miraculously get equal outcome, equal performance (based on the forefront conclusion: we're all the same), etc.).. So sure.. let's try Starbucks.. what the hell.. What'a we have to lose (besides more distance between ourselves.. and reality).. etc.. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

So what will the Ferguson store be rechristened? Starbudz? Starboons? Tarbucks?

Opening a store in Ferguson? Too funny.

BTW, how long before brothers Jesse and Al arrive to protest that $6 for a coffee "be rayciss?"

Anonymous said...

I thought the general public was a little less naive about these kinds of initiatives by now. The CEO of Starbucks couldn't care less about black people. He only knows how to sell the image of having values.

Were I building a marketing strategy, my outlook would extend far beyond the fading values of today. Tides are turning, but white Americans are still the greatest producers and the bulk of the buyers, especially of luxury coffee drinks. We'll continue to be the most important market for these kinds of goods for a long time. It's stupid to alienate your customer base.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks grew out of white Americans travelling to Europe and drinking latte and espressos there. Finding sitting and reading quietly in European coffee shops elegant.
Blacks don't sip and read. Lower class blacks have not been to Europe. A latte and a cookie cost an hour's minimum wage.
Is the Starbucks CEO trying to infuriate the already irascible people of Ferguson?

Kind of on topic: Look at the picture with the NPR story of a diverse school in New Orleans:

And one great comment: "I showed my young child the picture of the class. His immediate comment was "they are learning to sit up?"

Hipsters should read SBPDL!

Ex-Copper said...

The first wave of migrant farmers and those cleaning toilets to send money home are hard workers. These immigrants, legal or not, tend to resemble the Asians when it comes to their children's education as well.

You may not have noticed the second wave of Hispanics, the criminal group they operate like blacks, but have the added leverage of illegals don't call or trust the cops and know the cartel members will hack them up here as well as back down in Latin America.

Now that illegal immigrants are graduating to a "protected class" by law and executive order, they're drawing contempt. Now they're like the gibs we already have. Now claiming fake kids with fake tax ID numbers isn't the only free money they're going to get. They get state issued IDs, which thanks to motor voter laws the blacks don't understand, illegal immigrants now have the power to vote in those states issuing the IDs.

I admit that Obama and his crack heads are right, the DOJ is not going to try not be able to deport the 12 million or so illegals out of the country. What these amnesty bills do encourage though is a larger wave of illegal immigration in the hopes they will get amnesty as well. Once the Feds announced they would not deport unaccompanied minors anymore, 600 thousand unaccompanied minors crossed the border last year.

Anonymous said...

We, non-jewish whites, can do little other than vote with our pocketbooks. Which is why I have never bought anything Starbucks branded, and never will.

As for the Ferguson opening, if you noticed there was no specific timeline planned and so we don't know when, if ever, it will open. But I agree with those who pointed out that even if it gets opened, the cost is much less than what a typical nationwide advertising campaign would cost.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the workers comp claims. What percentage of employees will burn themselves purposefully? I'll take everyone but the shipped in manager for 1000 Alex.

I also hope, maybe will even pray, that this fucktard keeps this store open, as it continues to lose money.

Blacks aren't heavy coffee drinkers, much less overpriced coffee.

Anonymous said...

Too bad someone couldn't covertly set up a swisher sweet display in there. You could put a notice that says all proceeds go to the Mi Gael brown foundation.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

I hope Starbucks plans on using these stores as write offs. Thats what will happen, just like the Yoga classes.LOL. This is just to good to be true.

Point being many, many whites are still dumb ass fools. What they need is a good old fashion ass kicking. That is the only thing that will wake them up.


senatortombstone said...

"Starbucks to open in Ferguson?"

Honestly, Paul, you're the last person I could see being duped by the Onion.

Marie Antoinette said...

MMP said ”Seriously though, what is the poverty rate in fergustan now?

It really seems disingenuous of tarbucks to be offering 5 dollar coffees to those that can barely afford to feed themselves, whose housing is provided by section ape. . . “

Then let them drink Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

I hope they offer the first one hundred customers a free coffee. The riot to be the first in line will be pure adult entertainment.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Negroes drink coffee? I thought they just smoke a crack rock for their get up and go feeling. Live and learn.

Just realized, negroes are like that annoying little brother who wants to tag along and do everything you do and they just get in the way because they can't and they want you to pay for stuff. Go away negroes!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . As I said, blacks are in a league of their own.”

Yes. Comparing blacks to Hispanics or any other race is like comparing metastasized pancreatic cancer to the flu.

Anonymous said...

At least they won't have to open until noon. Also, do the africans drink coffee or lattes or whatever they serve in a Starbucks? Only been inside one once, I guess they don't sell a lot of regular coffee, too expensive anyway.

Hmmmmmm............Maybe this will work. Before the opening, they could broadcast Starbucks commercials showing the whole store filled with black businessmen, all wearing suits, reading the Wall Street Journal, drinking Starbucks stuff, discussing the stock market and leaving big tips! Welll, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

You're generous.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of the Africa-sourced coffee is actually picked by slave labor? That would be a delicious irony...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to that woman that was going to open a yoga studio, or whatever the hell it was?
She in business yet, or has she got an education yet?


Anonymous said...

Starbucks gone wrong. (?)


Anonymous said...

Maybe, he's just opening a store in Ferguson so Obama and Holder will have a place to work when their gub'mint job is over.


Anonymous said...

The new Ferguson Starbucks will have to be based on a new store model to succeed. There is no possible way that the area accessible by the public can have trinkets, cups, coffee machines, books or any other object that can be damaged or stolen by the feral blacks. A profitable Starbucks in Ferguson should probably be based on the Sonic business model. They will also need to do something about their prices. Perhaps they could come out with a cheap brew specifically targeting Ferguson called BLM and replace the siren logo on the cups with a “hands up” logo.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if blacks drink coffee-but they certainly throw it...Couple of Philly bruvahs keepin' it real:

Then again, you can always just rob the place and kill a cop:

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like they're buying into their own hype. Big PR bid of course, but are the liberal-lemmings really going to hitch their wagon to this falling star?This predictable test-case of the "We're all the same" idiocy?

Entertaining to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity!

Anonymous said...

I severely doubt it, especially if Starbucks rejects EBT cards. A few armed robberies at this location will be quietly swept under the rug, while the reason for the premature closure will be blamed on YT. What a farce!

Anonymous said...

If a barista gets a customers order wrong, and the customer points it out, is he disrespecting the barista?
Will barista and customer start trying to blast the hell out of each other? And most important, will there be video?


Anonymous said...

If its "Hands Up Don't Shoot", does that mean if they turn and run, they're fair game for target practice? It's fine with me if the cops play by their rules.


Anonymous said...

PR Stunt + Poor business decision = Pissed off shareholders.

Anonymous said...

One more reason not to see that abomination of a film he'll be starring in as the caped lard ass. They've already ruined Superman with the black washing of Perry White. I can't wait until the Fantastic Four fails miserably for recklessly changing the Human Torch to black, just to please the demographic that barely gives two $&@% about comic book movies, unless the producers add Medina or that unfunny midget Kevin Hart. Everyone should get over to the im_db website and let their feelings be heard about this blatant desecration of American pulp culture.

Anonymous said...

No sane person would franchise this. Apes buy liquor, fried food, Chinese food, hair/nails, guns, and car accessories.

Streets are lined with drug dealers. As someone said "quiet in 2 years" is dead on. As soon as this retard CEO is gone.

Big fuckin suprise: st fat-dumb-black monster's family is suing Ferguson. Eric Holder's report--that cost us at least 20 million in man hours-- will be enough to let them steal 5 million from us.
Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

I hope Starbucks plans on using these stores as write offs.

That's most likely what they will do.

Most Starbucks locations are corporate owned. They're not franchised like McDonald's or KFC.

If Ferguson Starbucks takes a loss then they can bury it in their financials.

Anonymous said...


re,o it's not surprising that Schultz acts like such a DWL with regard to blacks who are the Left's lucrative political coca crop.

Its his ethnicity. the 'being part of a tribe of outsiders'. In the footsteps of emma lazarus , emma goldman, and 100os of others.

Anonymous said...

Unless SB's are selling weaves, Air Jordan's or Purple Drank, there won't be any mass lineups. The only violent reactions I can see coming is when the barrister explains to these half wits that they have to manually pour their own cream and sugar into their coffee! I can see the stupid look on their faces now!

Anonymous said...

If they're too stupid to realize that it's unwise to flee or resist a cop, they deserve every ounce of harm coming their way. I doubt they have the mental fortitude to behave as such.

Anonymous said...

Will the Starbucks logo at this particular franchise feature a twerking sheboon instead of the white mermaid?

If one of the patrons has the audacity to order a white chocolate mocha, will that set off the hive mind working the store to provide a heavy dose of "cultural enrichment" instead?

Awesome comments, everyone!

You WILL submit! said...

Look everybody! It's the magic negro!

Anonymous said...

Yup, and it won't be long till SB start defending lawsuits over multiple customers having scolding coffee thrown into their faces cause some ratchet couldn't handle the stress of being a ghetto barrister.

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the subtle truth embedded in the article.

There is no specific plan to open a Starbucks in Ferguson.
There is no timeline.
No projected opening date, or plans to break ground.

Starbuck's CEO got his fanny paddled over his race conversation initiative, and this is his way of saving face.

He knows he has the media on his side.
They will loudly trumpet his intention to open up coffee shops in Negro areas, and will then quietly and compliantly let the matter drop.

There is, literally, no limit to liberal hypocrisy.

Pat Boyle said...

I was into serious coffee a long time ago. I lived near North Beach in San Francisco but I didn't drink espresso.

Then we went to Italy - specifically Tuscany. One morning in Sienna I had breakfast on the Piazza del Campo. I thought at the time that that was the most wonderful spot on earth. I still do.

I ordered a cappuccino and it changed my life. When I got back to San Francisco I tried to replicate that coffee in the Italian shops all around me.

I bought the first of many cappuccino machines. So I count myself as an expert or at least a pioneer. The Seattle coffee boom and with it Starbucks wasn't for many years later.

I'm here to explain what is important for great coffee. It isn't the brand of machine and it isn't even the quality of the beans. It's the cleanliness of the equipment.

The Starbucks in the best neighborhoods are spotless. No body is going to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee made on a machine that hasn't been made scrupulously clean.

If the Ferguson Starbucks is run by blacks. I wonder.


10mm AUTO said...

From a Real Estate point of view, this really blows.

The RE dept at Starbucks spends a lot of time telling those who want to expand why they can't based on their Black Box numbers. These are the set of numbers predicting success of a franchise at any given location. They are based on the number of cars in the traffic flow, cost of square footage, parking space numbers, income within bicycling distance, on and on. Starbucks franchise's are expensive and lots of money goes down to build one and the Company expects the owner to break his back making those franchise fees.

Get the right combo and bang, the model predicts success. Each iteration of that model that succeeds reinforces that model.

It is not a very creative way of establishing a business, but it works.

For example, MacDonald's model emphasizes building franchises along a large freeway exit ramps so that parents of hungry children clamoring for food (and who have been conditioned by TV to want MacDonald's food) are practically herded into the restaurant.

It works.

Having a CEO sacrifice a franchisee on the alter of Political Correctness is an unbelievably stupid thing to do.
It breaks Morale for every owner in the future, it opens the way for lawsuits of past owners who have failed for one reason or another But Now They Can Prove That The Company doesn't Always follow the model in every case! It also show that the CEO has zero integrity over his brand, that he views it a merely a "device" rather than a real advancement.

It means that any Starbucks in a darkening area had better sell out and try again rather than expect the company to "help" boost sales. If you get in financial trouble because of the negro area, too bad "cuz ebdy gosta hep".

10mm AUTO said...

"re,o it's not surprising that Schultz acts like such a DWL with regard to blacks who are the Left's lucrative political coca crop."

"Coca Crop"; now that is just funny right there.

Race said...

It's brilliant. It allowed Starbucks to appear to practice what it preaches, while at the same time provides a much needed write off that all companies can use. This simply allows them to offset other costs while like another commenter said... No media attention will be given to the inevitable closing and failure of this store.

Ricky in Cali said...

LOL!! 2 shots expresso, 1/4 cup soy milk, ice, half a cup of urine and cover it in whip cream. They'll love it

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....This is very good news, but I still don't know what "community outreach" is all about. My guess is that soon after the coffee shop opens they will then have a La Raza taco stand and a Wong Dong Hung sushi bar for neighbors. Once these businesses become a booming success a Victoria's Secret outlet and a Barnes and Noble book store will open across the street. Day all be comin' to git some of dat commoonity outreach an sheet.

Ricky in Cali said...

I also watched a documentary on the beginning of Hollywood. Somewhere around the 20's (this was in Black and White), everyone came to movie screenings well dressed, men and women, beautiful cars, smiley faces, it was such a different time to be alive without wondering if the Negro will shoot the place up. Lots of smiles in public was what caught my attention from clean people

Anonymous said...


One can only presume that Schultz and his pals, in the comfort and total safety of their very secure corporate offices, figure that opening a new Starbucks in a giant nigrah outhouse called Ferguson, is merely a a cost staying in business with the rest of the civilized world. IOW, sort of throwing bananas at the gorillas to keep tham at bay.

So what if they get robbed twice a week and lose a few employees here and there to gunshot wounds and 38 OZ Louisville Sluggers? So what if they run the dump at a loss? To you and me, that would be like losing one penny a year in our back yard.

After all, the price of race relations doesn't come cheap, and it would appear Starbucks is leading the way by taking a "huge" business hit here.

What have they got now? If my figures are correct, they have 0ver 22,000 coffee shops worldwide, not counting those located in stores and malls, and annual revenues of over 16 billion!

Yeppers, these Good Samaritans at Starbucks put their money where their mouth is! To put this unbelieveably hypocritical gesture in perspective, it would be as if you owning the New York Yankees and "helping" race relations in your city by holding a lottery for blacks only and giving out one free ticket a week to the winner. Of course, you also get to keep the money of the thousands of other losers!

Starbucks, we luv ya. Now show us what your corporate owners and staff are really made of and invite tens of thousands of these fine young black bucks to spend a few months in your mansions, on your 300 foot yahcts and squatting in your collective gazillion dollar vacations homes!

Just make sure you send your wives and daughters to Europe if you want them back later on.

Chuck Hammer said...

Anonymous said...
What's the name and recipe for the Mike Brown memorial drink?

I believe it's a Venti Latte, five extra shots.

Anonymous said...

"Opportunity Youths." What a doubleplusgood name for dropout thugs.

My official prediction...we won't be allowed to know when the Fergadishu Star-bizzle Coffee goes under.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks in a black area and Ferguson is laughable!!! What you see in those areas is this: "sail foam stoe", liquor and check cashing establishments, full service barber and booty salons, junk jewelry places which include custom grills. A Starbucks in the ghetto... Hahaha!! You cannot make this shit up!

Anonymous said...

This will definitely be a corporate owned store. I just looked into Starbucks franchise requirements and it seems pretty hard to get approved.

I've always heard they generally only partner up with franchisees when the real estate is not available to them(airports,colleges etc.

Doesn't matter, no person who is smart enough and talented enough to become a franchisee would invest there.

Not all people desire to own their own business or even be self-employed. I own and run a business and love it. Fat pay checks from others are nice, but have never been as fat for me as I've been able to write to myself. I take risks everyday, usually calculated, but sometimes on a whim.

No one of any business aptitude would risk investing here. Starbucks shouldn't, but probably will, due to the fact that they are left coast libs who feel good about hiring negroes anywhere except where they live.

All though negroes spend ALL their money(each pay or more likely benefit period), which our economy appreciates, it's never enough to create a business model from. The purchasing power of the negro is limited.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Mrs. Semelweis said...

If memory serves, there was a Starbucks on every corner in the movie Idiocracy. Or was it Starbuxxx? And maybe they didn't sell coffee...

Anonymous said...

You did means hours, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ex New Yorker -
In addition to the La Raza taco stand and a Wong Dong Hung sushi bar there'll be a Kosher-Japanese fusion restaurant: So Soo Mi.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

ANON : "Opportunity youth, the left and their language are just so destructive.

I had never heard this term until this story, so I googled it. I guess the concept is that there is all of this untapped potential resource of brilliance and diligent work ethic throughout the ghettos of America, just waiting to be realized. They just haven't been given the opportunity. Cue Starbucks...

I came across the Starbucks page devoted to their involvement in it and there is an embedded video that is so over the top it borders upon satire.

It just really shows the propaganda techniques used to con, manipulate, and sap well meaning white liberals of their resources, while making them feel good about themselves.

Sappy acoustic music in the background, that begins slow and sad until gradually becoming more uplifting? ✓

Stock footage of smiling blacks sitting at desks working hard in the classroom? ✓

Sad stories, footage of run down row houses? ✓

White volunteers giving testimonials about how enriching it is to participate? ✓

blacks in graduation robes, high fiving? ✓

...all of this to imply everyone who participates becomes a success story and they live happily ever after thanks to the opportunity youth program. Now don't you feel morally superior to your fellow whites, which is what the purpose really is?

Anonymous said...

OT but important to how we got here. I'm finishing Days of Rage which chronicles late 60's radicals the Weathermen mostly. This is the group that Billy Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn belonged to. They were real punks, truly privileged little pigs that planted a lot of bombs around the U.S in the late 60's and early 70's.

The group's motivations were not driven by Vietnam. They picked that up later to acquire the young people who didn't like the war. The real driving force for these demons was.... racism. They were attacking racism and particularly American "racism" against the cuddly negro. There were hundreds of hard-core Weathermen and they were all focused on destroying the U.S. to save the negro.

You might recall that the satanic Barack Obama announced his Illinois senate campaign from the luxurious living room townhouse of Billy Ayers and Dorhn.

It's all connected.

Anonymous said...

TARbucks....already LMFAO! guys are great

Anonymous said...

If the torch goes black invisible girl would also, as she is torches sister. Or their parent got caught up in that whole rich white celebrities adopting black children fad.
Mich. Mike

Ricky in Cali said...

It's already difficult enough for me to go into a Starbucks and say "let's do 1 iced grande Cinnamon Dolce latte with Soy milk and no whip cream"

An experienced barista will repeat "one iced soy cinnamon latte no whip" and life is good. Now if a Negress was working, what kind of stare is she going to give me? Did I just speak Mandarin Chinese to her'? Can I even use the word "whip" to make my order if I'm referring to cream? Without a Chimpout?

Unless you are ordering one regualr Black coffee expect lines for minimum 10 mins. Half of it is the morons ordering, the other half will be the dimwits trying to put it in the computer

Anonymous said...

If the Ferguson Tarbucks carries clothing and bright shiny trinkets, expect Shaquana to let her inner chimp out when they refuse to let her return the banged up commuter mug or the threadbare Tarbucks tee-shirt that she purchased two years prior.

And how do they expect black barristas who can't even pronounce "ask" correctly to say words like "machiato" or "frappucino?"

Anonymous said...

The last I heard, about a month ago, she was still at it, teaching to a nearly-empty room.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than the white CEO offering a scapegoat for him to save face. He rails on other companies not locating in black ghettos, yet where are his stores? This is nothing more than a feeble attempt to save face so that he can continue to extol diversity.

I can’t believe he actually expects this store to succeed in a black neighborhood. Like I said, this has to be a ruse.

If he truly believed in black people, he would locate his corporate headquarters in North St. Louis in the worst part of town. He would see to it that every black city was well served by a Starbucks.

He is a pathetic loser who will lose money for his company by buying into this diversity bullshit.

I don’t wish ill will on anyone, but people like him should be the next person in the knockout game.

Anonymous said...

People dressed up for things in general back then. In my earliest memories from the 60s, people dressed up — at least a sports jacket and slacks for men and a nice dress or skirt/blouse combo for the women — to go to the movies, to fly or take the train, to go to the museum, to meet the manager to rent an apartment, just about everything that wasn't a daily event. We school kids also always had "nice" school clothes and then somewhat scruffier play clothes that we had to change into immediately after we came home from school. At that time in the upper Midwest, late 60s to early 70s, it was unacceptable for little girls to wear pants to the local public schools, and the girls in my neighborhood also usually wore skirts and dresses to play in after school.

Now even businessmen no longer wear ties, and I see people wearing "gangsta" T-shirts in court...

Anonymous said...

OT... I live in CT and I am pretty sure you heard about the latest account of police brutality...since Ct wants to get in on the act now.And this time the PERP put the cop in a choke hold and the cop had to break free...And they are still trying to blame the cop for excessive force LMFAO! And of course every black they interviewed said the cop was wrong and the "teen" was the "victim" lmfao!Just a matter of time till an all out chimpout....Cops are all done in this country,there is no more law enforcement.Since they have to coddle every criminal they are going to get killed in droves.

Anonymous said...

Any time a group has to change its name every ten years because the old one invariably takes on negative associations, you know that group has serious, fundamental problems that aren't going to be solved by a name change.

Anonymous said...

World Star Bucks

Anonymous said...

The Tall the Venti and the Grande will be replaced by the Mugabe, the Malema and the Zuma.

Anonymous said...

I am going to open a cross-country skiing store, a swim racing store, and a dressage outfitter in Ferguson. How about an engineering supply store? A computer genius store? A store for aspiring Everest climbers. A supply store for atom-smashing physicists working at a collider. These would all earn great profits in Ferguson, right?

Anonymous said...

Well, the most profitable store would be an off the books mac 10 store.

Anonymous said...

"People dressed up for things in general back then."
Back then, people had a society worth dressing up for. What do you have today? Do you even have a country? When I look around, I don't see one. Congratulations, to the 3 posters on here who live in small towns at 13,000 elevation, where your neighbors are just like you; but for everyone else, it's gone.
Hell, even if someone looks like me, there's a 40% chance they voted for what we have today. There is no commonality.

Ricky Tucker said...

It looks like Sue may be adopted, dad is black in trailer, axing about his chirruns.

Anonymous said...

"60IQ illiterate sub-apes" Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Anonymous said...


How does someone get a big loan from BBB?
Gov loan?

maybe 'left bucks' will get gov money?
ya know, like sec 8 landlords.

re,mous said...

I hope Starbucks plans on using these stores as write offs.

That's most likely what they will do.

Anonymous said...

OK. That's it. Lynch is in as Attorney General.

Yep, another angry black has all our fates in her sweaty little hands.

Good work politicians. This country is finished...

Anonymous said...

Starbucks probably does figure they can open, run it for a year, and dump it and suck up the loss.

Locally they have one store in a strip plaza - a franchise perhaps? and tried to expand with two purpose built stores about 3 miles apart in a busy but weak retail area also loaded with Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, and Tim Hortons.

The two stores lasted about a year before they gave up; one became a bank, because Hortons had built a store nearby already; the other became... another Hortons. Which eventually caused the first Hortons to also close. There's a lot of long-vacant retail in this strip, too.

But the bottom line is they already know what it costs to run a failing store or two, albeit without the ineptitude that will come from hiring nogs to run the place.

I think the only time I purposely got a coffee from them was when I was at a toll highway rest stop and that was the only choice.

Anonymous said...

Gee, you mean there was absolutely no one equally or better qualified? Just round two of get YT starting?

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought you couldn’t be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!

If I am not wrong, wasn’t this from the movie Dumb and Dumber when the blond dude trades the wiener mobile for a moped? And it got EXCELLENT gas mileage! If I remember, Jim Carey’s character gets tired and let’s Jeff Daniels’ character take over the driving. The only problem was he was supposed to head westbound on the interstate, but instead went eastbound back across the entire state of Kansas.

I about laughed my ass off.

You guys might think this is a joke, but I’ve known white guys to do things like that! There is a turnoff from the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Pittsburgh that goes to Wheeling, West Virginia and on to Columbus on I-70. The turnoff is not really obvious; unless it has changed it is a kind of dinky sign. What they need is a BIG ass sign that nobody can miss that says “COLUMBUS, OHIO”. The sign had every little Podunk town mentioned except the ones that people know.

Anyway, on more that one occasion, they ended up in Cleveland. You have to laugh a little! They were actually trying to drive to Cincinnati and went via Cleveland.

Pat Boyle said...

George Lucas of 'Star Wars' fame and the Tuskegee Airman movie 'Red Tails' is married to a black woman Melody Hobson.

Mr.'s Lucas (Hobson) is a board member of Starbucks. One wonders if the original idea for this race awareness campaign at Starbucks originated in the Lucas household.

In any case I'm switching to Peet's beans.


Unknown said...

Here's the rest of the story. Dontre Hamilton was shot to death 6 months ago in Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee, Wi. by a Milwaukee police officer. The police were called by an employee of the StarBucks in that park because Dontre was homeless and sleeping on a park bench 15 feet away. The CEO is feeling guilty about what happened is my guess. III in Milwaukee.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I wonder who will take the daily deposit to the Bank? Certainly not DeShawn or Shaniqua. I'd lay odds the Brinks Truck picks it up everyday!

Eddie in St. Louis

Ex-Brooklynite said...

@Pat Boyle,
I generally use Starbucks beans. There's nothing wrong with Starbucks in terms of coffee. But be realistic. ...

Down the hill there is a Starbucks but there are two other espresso shops directly across the street. If Starbucks hires surly black people I can go to Peets. A lot of people think their coffee is better anyway.

A few years back, I made a trip to a coffee-growing region, where I toured a few coffee farms. At one farm, the manager told us that she sold "to all the major chains. Peets buys our highest grade of coffee; Starbucks buys our lowest grade of coffee."

The next place was an organic coffee farm where they explained the deal on grades of coffee. You can do a Vienna or City roast on high-grade beans as the volatile oils that give coffee its flavor boil out of the bean at low temperatures. Low-grade beans need an Italian or espresso roast to get the oils out, but this can cause the coffee to be bitter. Making the coffee with an espresso maker can avoid some of the bitterness.

This explains why Starbucks makes lousy coffee in a drip pot. It also explains their business model: buy cheap crap coffee and market the hell out of it, while insulting customers about race. You're MUCH better off at Peet's.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Brooklynite said ”. . . This explains why Starbucks makes lousy coffee in a drip pot. It also explains their business model: buy cheap crap coffee and market the hell out of it, while insulting customers about race. You're MUCH better off at Peet's.”

That was a great post. I wasn't familiar with Peet's, but after reading your post I looked up some locations and plan to try their coffee.

Anonymous said...

Scalding...not scolding, you cant scold the negro, that leads to a chimp out.

Anonymous said...

I foresee some real purty new ghetto baby names coming to to Fergustan. Queen Shaniqua will be so proud to be a Tarbucks barista that she names her next little chimp Frappaccino ShaNayNay Jackson. Who will be followed by Macciato DaVontay Brown. Just check the Fergustan police reports in about a dozen years and you'll see I'm right!

---White Camellia

Anonymous said...

This is only tokenism. Everyone knows it. The clearheaded are laughing their backsides off over Schultz's stupidity. The addle. brained are beside themselves with joy to see Starbucks commitment to diversity. But in a few days everyone will recognize it for the gesture of tokenism that it is, especially "Reverends" Jackson and Sharpton.

Right now both of these paragons of black leadership are probably lying in some skanks' beds, sucking on post-coital crack pipes, licking their fat negro lips and smiling, because, like hungry hyenas, they recognize Schultz is a wounded beast, just waiting to be devoured and now ripe for some pay-out money to their civil rights *gag* organizations.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for little Negro children named "Vente."

Anonymous said...

Anyway, on more that one occasion, they ended up in Cleveland. You have to laugh a little! They were actually trying to drive to Cincinnati and went via Cleveland.


What's the difference? Aren't they both formerly great cities that are overrun?

Ok, ok....Cleveland was probably never "great". But still....

Anonymous said...

Hot damn! Best comment I've seen anywhere on the Web today.

Anonymous said...

Will 'customers' be able to take what they want, shove the manager into a display, and leave without paying


will the store be racist?


Anonymous said...

I am %100 in favor Starbucks on this one, open more ghetto stores Howard, do it today ! Either Howard will never open the store, just talk, talk, talk about it or it will open with heavy security, imported IKAGO nogs and DWLs. Pictures will be taken, TV will be all over the opening, the NYT will have it on the front page and Starbucks will shut it down six months later. What a fucking joke.

The only thing Howard and his hypocrite YKW friends like more than lecturing YT about evil racism is money, money, money and more of it always, never enough. No way will that big hypocrite Howard Schultz eat losses for any length of time. Even if Starbucks takes EBT there is no way a store in Ferguson can break even never mind turn a profit.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Blisters, not on theyselves but on they keeds, ghetto lobster style!

Anonymous said...

But if you do scold them, you may need a barrister to defend you afterwards.

Anon at 8:47, it's also barista, not barrister.

Anonymous said...

This location will start a revolution in ebt flexibility and politically corruptness, "Gibs me a mocho bro-cho White gurrl lat-tayee thang, and hurry up honky".
Enjoy, or boycott the mope magnets.

IBWHITE said...

If you have any stock in Starbucks it's time to dump it.

Anonymous said...

Unless they except EBT I don't see it being there long.

Gunny_Aresnal said...

Why do the "Howard Schultz's" of the world always press race relations and diversity on the world yet in their sacred israel they do not want any of it?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Spot on.

Unknown said...

Oh well, the profitable locations will be subsidizing these loss leaders, i wonder how long that will be allowed to continue? Wonder if they'll start taking ebt so taxpayers can subsidize the customers as well?.

Anonymous said...

Good analogy, except this little brother will kill you and burn your city down.

SKIP said...

"Anon at 8:47, it's also barista, not barrister."

Maybe the poster used the correct word meaning the attorney type barrister. We Whites know that when a white says "NO" to a negro, said white is going to need an attorney.

SKIP said...

Anyone know how that Virginia race track that was letting blacks in for free fared after that?

cecilhenry said...

This kind of business 'stupidity' is not about the money.

Its about appearances and gaining social credit in the eyes of liberal idealistic customers elsewhere.

Those customers will imagine all kinds of pie in the sky idealism about themselves as customers, blacks and Starbucks that have no connection to reality but will encourage them to continue supporting Starbucks.

Today's propaganda has nothing to do with facts and everything to do with false perceptions.

Here we have an insane example.

FranSusan said...

Schultz is a silly, foolish little man living in his ivory tower, and doesn't have any idea what blacks are really like. Unless he's going to give away cups of his expensive coffee to the nigras, I guess we taxpayers will be subsidizing his nonsense. I'm sure he's gotten a government grant to do this.