Monday, February 1, 2016

Black Woman Attacks Multiple Elderly White Woman, Gets 20-Years in Jail; After Six Months, Black Judge Grants Shock Probation

"Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi."   
-- The mantra of those who believe there's still something left in trying to persevere in the United States of America

The United States of America is irredeemable. 

No matter what political force arises, no matter who may stand up and breath life into the Historic American Nation, what once was can never be again. 
All she did was attack four or five elderly white women... why make her stay in jail more than six months?

There's no need to cry for yesterday, because no matter the lamentations for what you once knew to be, the only certainty is tomorrow will come regardless of your supplications. 

This has always been the one reality of the world no wishful thinking or divine interference can ever change. 

Which brings us to this shining example of Black-Run America (BRA) on February 1, 2016: Demesha Hicks of Louisville. She, as a black female, attacked multiple elderly white women in 2013 after scouting them out at a local grocery store (shades of the original Death Wish). Here's one of the initial stories. [Police: woman beat and robbed elderly victims,, 11-15-13]:

Police say a Louisville woman beat up elderly women and then robbed them.  
The suspect is 27-year-old Demesha Hicks.  She is locked up at Metro Corrections.
Police say she followed the victims home from grocery stores.  But while they may have been elderly, they refused to go down without a fight. 
"I called her a dirty bit**, and then I turned around and said, oh, you wouldn't even make a dirty bit**," says Donna Woods, who is a beating and robbery victim. 
Those are pretty strong words coming from an 82-year-old.  Woods says they were directed at the person who injured her arm.  "She fractured it when she threw me from the steps to the basket out in the yard," explains Woods. 
It happened on Monday.  Police say Hicks attacked Woods and at least three other elderly women. 
"I noticed her when she got a hold of me.  She was right on me before I could do any...but I couldn't do anything 'cause I don't walk too steady," says Woods. 
Metro Police say Hicks found her victims at local grocery stores.  "She would drive around the parking lot, looking for a victim that fit was she was looking for, which would be an elderly female, easy target purse," says Det. Aaron Tinelli. 
Police say once Hicks identified her victims, she followed them home from the store and then attacked. 
Tinelli explains, "Once they got to their home and they exited their vehicle, she was rushing up to them, knocking them down, beating them and then taking their purse." 
Detective Tinelli arrested Hicks on Tuesday and says images from surveillance videos at some of the stores helped them identify her, and she eventually confessed to the crimes.  He says, "We asked her why she did it and she told us it was just the hardest year of her life and she had a very difficult time." 
"I was happy, I was very happy," says Woods, who is relieved that Hicks is off the streets.  "Oh yeah, I hope they put her under the jail."
Unfortunately, there would be no jail for Demesha Hicks to be "put under." A black judge in Louisville would work to get her out of jail after serving only six months on a 20-year-sentence. [Shock probation granted for woman who assaulted elderly victims,, 1-28-16]:

A second chance for the Louisville woman who attacked and robbed the elderly.  
Demesha Hicks is getting out of prison, six months into a 20-year sentence.  
Hicks looked for senior citizens at grocery stores, followed them home, and robbed them, sometimes violently. This morning Judge Brian Edwards granted Hicks' request for shock probation after a hearing earlier in the week. 
Attorneys say Hicks was a single mother, homeless and desperate when she committed the crimes, and this was her first arrest..  
The Mirror of Erised: The past isn't coming back, folks. No matter how badly we may want the greatness of America to return, it's behind us. 
Family members of the victims voiced their opposition to shock probation during a hearing on Tuesday.  
"You do the crime, you do the time," said Brian Tomes, a relative of one of the victims Hicks attacked. "What message are we sending to people just because it's your first offense...that if you say you're sorry, it's OK." 
While shock probation was granted for Hicks, she must still serve home incarceration for a period of time and report to seven counties daily to transition back into the community.
This is America in 2016. A black woman attacking multiple (elderly) white women, gets her 20-year sentence commuted after a mere six months.

By a black judge.

There is no reformation coming, people.

When you understand this, you'll be able to calmly accept that America is irredeemable and embrace the future.

However uncertain it may be, there is one absolute certainty: the past greatness of the nation is never returning. You can spend your whole life staring into the Mirror of Erised and waste it away, but it won't bring back the past.


Julie said...

"Hicks was a single mother, homeless and desperate when she committed the crimes, and this was her first arrest"

And isn't that a fact. People, she was a single mom. A single African-american mom. Most of you have no idea of the stress and strain of single motherhood. Ms. Hicks did her best for her kids. She loved them and provided for them with every ounce of energy she could muster. At some point she snapped. She saw these wealthy white women with their lobster and steak groceries and she just wanted a loaf of bread for her starving African-american children.

Can we not look into our own souls and begin to understand the torment that befell Ms. Hicks? Would you deny her poor African-american children a few pieces of bread? Of course you wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Ok,so let some family member of the victims step up and do the right thing.If that foul beast had injured my mother or elderly aunt she would wind up in an ER with multiple broken bones pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

can the judge be removed?

--Oh, yes Julie. those poor keedz.

Anonymous said...

LMAO Julie... your sarcasm is priceless... it still deserves a puke and barf.

Anonymous said...

Surely you are being sarcastic?? No way her kids were going hungry, what with food stamps and free breakfast and lunch at schools.

Anonymous said...

Lobster and steaks groceries?? Are you kidding me? Are black people delusional about white people? Single black mothers have increased from 25% to 75% since mlk was shot. That's because of the last 6-10 generations of blacks living off uncle Sam's plantation. More kids, more welfare, no worker in the family, more welfare. Sad

Anonymous said...

What would posess a woman-ANY woman-to beat up an elderly person? What sort of moral disregard, or degeneracy, would justify preying upon the elderly? A coward who preys upon the weak-that is what Dementia Hicks is. No more, no less. Single black moms have kids for only one reason. Not because they want to bring a child into this world and nurture it, but because they get paid by the State in the form of welfare benefits. This whore had a whole galaxy of birth control methods to take advantage of, but all she really wanted was a little army of welfare brats. The black family unit is dead-that's the message taken from this cowardly mugger. If I had seen this happen to my grandmother, I wouldn't be responsible for the pain I'd bring on this coward's head. Filthy animal. And the Judge....I hope to God that the next old woman that meets Dementia Hicks is his own mom.

Unknown said...

Why is that our problem? She is young,able to work for a living! There aren't any black children that go hungry in this country, they all get food stamps! There are some sorry people that don't take care of their own, expect everything be given to them. What isn't given, they attempt to steal! That is exactly what this animal did!!

Anonymous said...

The scary part is ...., she was probably given custody of the children again.

Kyle said...

That best be sarcasm, mah niggah Julie.

"Those are pretty strong words, coming from an 82-year-old."

And those are pretty pathetic words coming from someone describing a crime committed by a cowardly nog who targeted said 82-year-old woman, followed her home so she was alone, and broke her arm. Assuming you're a male (you sound like one), then you're a faggot in the 4chan sense, no offense to non-blights-upon-the-face-of-earth homos.

This "single mother" physically disgusts me. She could at least have the decency to attack someone who has the POSSIBILITY of defending themselves, but she chose the weakest most defenseless people possible. The article even points this out! She didn't just randomly break into a house, but singled out specific defenseless victims. That's the thing that pisses me off so much, that she's a /pathetic coward/ in addition to everything else. Maybe having a psychopathic personality, or just a Cluster-B personality in general, is a problem for the women in addition to males?

Oh I'm aware that all of these subhumans are disgusting cowards because they shoot unarmed people, but she's one of the few I've seen who wouldn't even have the power to RUN AWAY, maybe even SEE OR HEAR PROPERLY. That's a whole other level of cowardice. I'm also genuinely surprised that that she wasn't a youf, I mean teenager. She didn't disappoint with her name though.

I love that elderly woman. She should receive some kind white nationalist reward. She's one of only two white people I've ever seen in these stories who have big enough balls/tough enough vaginas to not grovel for rabid niggers' forgiveness for being attacked, and she's freaking 82.

If old America isn't coming back, then when create a new one, then maybe we finally can ship 'em back to Africa like Jefferson wanted.

Anonymous said...

The suspect is 27-year-old Demesha Hicks...

Demesha? Demesha? The name alone is worth six months in the slammer.

Anyway, I shall ask the inevitable question: were these sorts of attacks commonplace when segregation was in force?


Well, then consider this another way the Civil Rights Revolution has "enriched" the USA.

White-Skinned Goodness said...

Jesus Christ, Julie. Give it a rest already. Your rote bullshit is tiresome. On topic, orc judge sides with the tribe...nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

This was NOT her first offense. For starters it was multiple offenses in a planned series of attacks.

And you can bet she did it before, or other things, and was never caught. Or was caught but let go.

Anonymous said...

This is disgustingly typical of a black beast preying on vulnerable elderly White women who can't defend themselves. This bitch belongs under the jail! They're all the same in every city, small town, everywhere. These people are going to get worse, if that's possible. We whites have been their victims far too long. Imagine going out simply for a few groceries, and some predator like this follows you home to rob and kill you? Imagine your mother, grandmother, YOU, being stalked by this creature! Way too disturbing to continue typing!

Anonymous said...

But Paaaaaauuuuulllll, we need to start EMBRACING African-Americans. When they make a teeny little mistake like this, we can't just throw them away like garbage. It's not like she KILLED anyone, God. She's a human being, for god's sake! They're HUMAN BEINGS, JUST LIKE US. They deserve a second chance. Or a third, if necessary. Or HOWEVER many it takes. Remember, they had to suffer under 400 YEARS of systemic oppression from the white man. They deserve a little slack.

Golly gee.

nokangaroos said...

That YOU, Julie? The "As you probably know I am a woman and a mother" one?

-As for the question, I would deny them a few pieces of lobster, yes:)

That said, I find 20 years for strong-arm robbery and aggravated assault a wee bit crass; maybe it was intentional - to make it easier to suspend.
However, six months is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Only a black person or a DWL could feel sorry for someone who systematically victimized the most vulnerable. What kind of purpose could anyone like that serve for civilized society? But yet again, all the excuses are trotted out which are really just a list of horrible decisions on the part of this poor poor oppressed woman who would be a Harvard scholar if just given the opportunity.

Once again we are asked to disregard any of the black individual's horrible actions and decisions as if they are totally irrelevant to the situation. BRA might think that they can keep this charade going, but comment sections everywhere tell me otherwise. People are starting to realize that there is not a SINGLE example of a majority black run country or city ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD that isn't a hellhole.

What if blacks complained, and nobody listened? We are fast reaching that point.

Anonymous said...

A lesser-evolved hominid sub-species reverts to hunter-gatherer mode acting on pure instinct. One has to wonder who the first guy was who stood up and said "Hey, let's go quarry huge stones, haul them over impossible terrain and distances, stack 'em into precise geometric shapes, carve on 'em for years, etc." Various TV shows focus on these amazing accomplishments but never compare them to the people who weren't doing these things; i.e., Aussie Abo's, South Pacific islanders, Amazonian peoples, Sub-Saharan Africans, etc. Interesting the Meso-Americans and northern South Americans (Inca) got on board with stone building but were living shoulder-to-shoulder with primitive savages. What caused such an intellectual and motivational disparity among peoples so closely related?

Perhaps Pat or someone else here with a bigger brain than mine can noodle this out.

rex freeway said...

Take diseased brain Liberals. Stir in the Negro race and you have a force more destructive than a Nuclear weapon. Complete removal of both from any office of power is the only way to change the course we are headed. And that i'm afraid is not going to happen. Conceal carry and practice often. And when you have to exterminate one of these oxygen thieves, demand a light sentence.

Anonymous said...

Well you guys better watch this as well.Obama lets out thug momma drug dealer so she can watch her son play in the superbowl. The so called joke of a president lets out a thug criminal drug dealer and gives her tickets to the Superbowl to watch her thug play football.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Off Topic, but are the folks from Iowa retarded? Cruz and his globalist ilk and banker connections are the problem. Is a little bit of phony shilling for Jeebus all it takes for a caucus win?

Anonymous said...

By the way ,JULIE ,your the best,lmfao!

Gordo said...

Nasty nasty individual who carried out racially motivated hate attacks on defenceless elderly people.

Only one cure for her.

The state supports the actions of the criminal because the victims were White.

Where will we go for justice? must we make our own?

Anonymous said...

If someone cannot provide for their children through legal means and without state support, then they have no right to reproduce.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Einzatzgruppen did not work in Africa

Brian in Ohio said...

Julie said...
"Hicks was a single mother, homeless and desperate when she committed the crimes, and this was her first arrest"

You mean the first time she was caught.

Nobody`s "first offence" is a string of strong arm robberies. How many victims you think there really are? 10? 20? Attacks where the only description was "black teen".

I`ll bet she laughed her ass off at doing just 6mo of a 20 year sentence. This is why we need segregation. I don't give a shit if the black community wants people like this on their streets. But I damn sure don't want them on mine.

If isolated, the Africans in America would revert to cannibalism in about 5 years.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

We give these lowly creatures enough of our tax money, no need to steal/beat elderly people. It just shows how violent their souls are. I note she didn't go after any darkies. And at least the 82 year old victim called the "creature" exactly what she was - a bitch. I'm almost 70. Any nasty coonskin - male or female who comes after me will get a REAL sahprize.

Anonymous said...

We were able to convince our child to stop dating non-whites.
One small victory. And we will make good on every threat if child renegs.
Key: Write check for their tuition or car (or other help) monthly based on continued open lines of communication. Do not trust, but verify.

Start early discussing it with children.

Anonymous said...

Donna Woods could give lessons to the Lashes about how to respond to criminals - call them what they are and how they're buried under the jail. The justice system is against white people; we're being persecuted. If you're prosecuted for self defense and your attacker is unpunished like in all these stories, then you need to admit you're being hunted and act accordingly. The police are not your friends and the judges are your sworn enemy.

Anonymous said...

How does a supposedly "homeless woman" serve home incarceration?

L Robbins said...

I would deny them everything.

Anonymous said...

The only way for Whites to get justice in this country is to start carrying concealed handguns, with a permit if required, of course. When attacked by Blacks, or anyone else, use your handgun to defend yourself. This serves multiple purposes: Blacks will quickly learn that White people are dangerous prey who will defend themselves with deadly force against Black attackers. The prison/court system will not have the opportunity to turn them loose on society to recommit murders and attacks. Obama wants to take guns away from the citizens but gun crimes are mostly committed by Blacks. The Masters want Whites to be defenseless in the coming race wars instigated by the Masters to reduce both the population and White power. Can't have White people shooting Blacks going about their day to day self-employment of robbing, raping, murdering, and mayhem.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that if any of the victims were my mother, grandmother, sister, daughter,etc. I would be giving Ms. Hicks a visit....then we wouldn't have to deal with her again. Oh my, how far my country seems to have fallen.

Anonymous said...

"And isn't that a fact. People, she was a single mom. A single African-american mom. Most of you have no idea of the stress and strain of single motherhood. Ms. Hicks did her best for her kids. She loved them and provided for them with every ounce of energy she could muster. At some point she snapped. She saw these wealthy white women with their lobster and steak groceries and she just wanted a loaf of bread for her starving African-american children. "

You have to be fucking kidding me. There was no reason to beat and rob those poor women. She could have shoplifted bread or whatever. Shit, the gov rewards these people with ebt cards and free housing. Fuck her, her kid, and the "Judge" who let her go.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long before she might face the same fate as Anthony Stokes, the guy who had a heart transplant and died in a car chase last April? I have a strange feeling then she will not be that lucky next time.

Anonymous said...

Was she raped for those kids? If not, then she willingly engaged in child making. Let's allow others to pay for her choices, because "reasons."

PaintJob Theory said...

I know someone who did one of those alternative sentence deals and if it's any consolation both the program itself and the probation following is incredibly strict and pretty much any fuckup leaves you serving the absolute max of your sentence AND when you do, other inmates (your roommates for the next 20 years) will very much resent the fact that you blew the opportunity to get out of a 20 year sentence with only half a year of some alternative. It is improbable that this sow will do anything short of throwing this opportunity of a lifetime down the toilet and serving a couple decades in NU for repeated infractions against conditions of this program.

Which begs the question, at what point does the husband of one of these octogenarians take matters into his own hands if this spook winds up back on the streets? I mean if you're in your mid 80's and go full wild west vengeance you're really getting over on the system when you get a life sentence.

Lastly, if anybody has the resources to figure out what judge made this happen, I'd be curious to learn his or her surname.... just a hunch here.

chattanooga gal said...

if we excused every black woman of all crimes because they were a " single mom" then practically all black women could run amuck all the time, unconcerned about punishment. oh wait....

Anonymous said...

Let's see what happens if a white judge let Dylan Roof out after 12 months.

Mutant Swarm said...

1.25 months per White woman attacked.

Well, at least we know the value of a White life.

Mr. Rational said...

Semi-OT-semi-meta, from here:

"The greatest tragedy of mankind comes from the inability of people to have thoughtful disagreement to find out what's true."

This is why the race problem appears insoluble:  the left (which currently controls the West) has declared thoughtful disagreement and debate on the subject taboo.

NC Realist said...

Julie.....there's no such thing as african American. You're either african or American. She's obviously african. She has all the attributes of african. The looks..the demeanor and the morals. Would I deny her a loaf of bread....? Yes I would. After all look what a loaf of bread did to harpo winfrey.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine a White woman beats and robs 4 black elderly women and then a Whte judge comes along and reduces the sentence to a few months.

Anonymous said...

Shock Probation. Never heard of it before now. Probably invented by blacks just for blacks.
I hope one of those women have Swedish blood running in their veins.
One word; sabots.


Anonymous said...

I pray that all this black complaining, whining, and demanding will soon turn into the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I too believe that glorious day is fast approaching. When people have loved ones dying of terrible disease, mortgages underwater, jobs being laid off, kids in awful public schools, stock market falling, social security dried up, and other life's hardships that they get no "assistance" for, they could give a crap about the poor "plight" of the well fed and free housed negro.

Be safe, lock n load, and God Bless. Thank you for all you do PK!

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Once again, the message from the media, the politicians, the lawyers and judges to all of us is,"YT, you're on your own."

Starve the beast. The media depnds on ratings, in order to generate ad revenue. Vote with your dollars by killing your TV. Quit buying newspapers and magazines. It will take time, and not all of the media outlets will master the learning curve, but it could be done.

The politicians and judges on the other hand, are our employees. To quote Mr. Trump, "You're fired!" Petitions for recall elections to start removing these jokers from office. Judges are licensed attorneys, which makes them vulnerable to bar grievances, and some of the more outrageous examples could be open to charges of judicial misconduct. That kind of problem on their record makes it pretty tough to get re-elected or to keep an appointed position.

Those legal proceedings can take a while, though.
But property taxes are due soon, and income taxes are due not too far off. Why keep paying for services not rendered? We don't get paidf of we don't do our jobs, so why should these officials?
This is the right time for the taxpayers to put their foot down. This would hit these arrogant bastards where it hurts AND derail the gibsmedat gravy train.

Time to quit feeding the hand that bites us.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

riptapart said...

"What would posess a woman-ANY woman-to beat up an elderly person?"

African genetics

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Nowhere on earth is there a more beautiful creature than a white woman. They are universally recognized for their refinement, silky hair, tiny upturned noses, rosebud mouths, etc. Even white women who deviate from this anglo form of beauty are breathtaking - take Sophia Loren, Maria Cassals, and the like, who despite having atypical feminine facial features (large, irregular noses, wide set eyes, etc.) are absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.

Negro women absolutely hate them. I see it first hand each and every day. I work with two negresses who despise our clients. They hate them because they represent something that they will never be - prizes to be sought after, fought over, and ultimately won. Contrast that to the common, everyday negress, who like our heroine in this story is soul piercingly grotesque in her ugliness. It's no accident that there are very, very few negress ballerinas, as they are clumsy, awkward, and stupid. An obese, middle aged white guy in a tutu would be more sexually appealing.

At work, I've had these middle aged and older white women often condescend to me and they are frequently very demanding. I never confront them about their attitudes, even though I'm very well traveled, hold an advanced degree, and attended private and prep schools my entire life. My point is, the attitude of these women doesn't eat away at me like it seems to do my negress colleagues who literally seethe with a poker hot hatred for these women.

One of the many reasons I purchased a hand gun and have learned to shoot it is because of my observations of the behavior of the negresses. I only wish more women would over come their fear of handguns as I did, becausse make no mistake, these negresses want you dead. They hate you worse than they hate white men. You possess the beauty, style, grace, intelligence, and refinement they'll never possess. It begins in elementary school. As a former teacher, I've see the hatred first hand, up close, and personal. The poor little six or seven year old girls have no clue why Jameeesha sucker punched them over a double dutch jumprope contest. They don't have the mental tools to process the fact that Jameeesha's brillo pad hair, sh*t brown complexion and eyes, and already obese a** stands in sharp contrast to long ponytails, translucent white, porcelain skin, and twinking blue, brown, or even hazel eyes.

This story comes as no surprise at all to me, as I've seen this my whole long life. We won't even go into the low impulse control and stupidity of the negress. It's simply too far from the pale for most white girls to even understand.

What I really enjoyed, if that's the right word for it, was the white woman who said, "They should put her UNDER the jail!" Yeah, that's the kind of white spirit I admire, not the simpering white male whose wife was raped, bludgeoned and sacrifced on the altar of diversity. Kinda says something about our world when out it takes an old white woman to speak out and fight back with some balls while our "men" cower in fear and kneel, felating the ever-present negro phallus that forever swings in front of their faces. Rest in Peace, white men, while your elderly aunts, mothers, grandmothers, and sisters speak out and fight back while you yourselves have been castrated for fifty years.

My apologies to the male Race Realists here, for YOU are not the folks I'm referring to, obviously. Please, please, please white women, young and old reading this: Our younger, non-race realist men have been conditioned to accept this violence toward their women. They've been thouroughly pu**ified, walking, talking, and flirting metrosexuals who long for skinny jeans and makeup, like your kid sister watching you prepare for a date. You're on your own. Get yourself a gun and learn how to f*cking shoot it. Practice. You're life may someday depend upon it.

riptapart said...

I think you need new batteries for you sarcasm detector.

riptapart said...

You are not serious about 20 years being "crass" are you? 20 years plus probation for another 20 would be more appropriate. She has made it clear that she is capable of savagery. Odds are at least 90% she is going to assault and rob again.

John Thomas said...

'Demesha' - Dementia more like.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

This story hits me on so many different levels, I want to add something else about my own experience, not with the sainted negro, but with elderly white women.

When I was a very young teen, my dad and I were walking around our neighborhood. We saw an elderly white woman pulling a personal use grocery carts that people used to purchase to tote bags of groceries home (do they still have these?) Anyway, I was in the middle of a sentence in telling dad one of my very interesting stories and he interrupted me and said, pointing to the little old lady sturggling to get up her front steps to her porch with the cart, "Don't you think it'd be a nice gesture for you to help that lady out with her groceries?"

I came up with the usual teenage, selfish response as in, "Aw dad, she'll be alright.", only to look up at dad and realize he wasn't making a suggestion, but a demand. It didn't take me long to quit my hemming and hawing and march over to the old lady and say, "Pardon me, ma'am, could I offer you some assistance?"

She politely accepted and was very grateful. Dad taught me a few lessons that day, not the least of which was to think of others beside my selfish teenage concerns. Also, caring about the eldery and looking after their needs was a younger generation's job. Contrast that "white priviledge" with the negro ideal of "Grab her shit and beat the living daylight out of her if she resists. She looks like an easy mark!"

Africans in America, my friends. Weep for America, for what she once was is no more. Negroes have taken a pristine, elegant, compassionate country of energetic, caring people and turned it into a vast wasteland of filth, degeneracy, and violence. For the African, weakness in our elderly is something to be exploited, not shown kindness. This is what they teach their children.

Steve Smith said...

Looking at the smug, entitled look on this POS face reminds me of why I hate them with a cold, intense hatred.

She will do it again. Our only hope is that she picks the wrong one and is made good.

Anonymous said...

PK has mentioned many times that our first obligation is to survive. Let's get through the hurricane first, and THEN worry about pumping out the basement.

After? Term limits for every elected official. Officials that become lobbyists should be automatically ineligible for any other government position, elected or appointed.

Welfare severely trimmed back. Have maximum allowable period of enrollment due to unemployment. Extensions could be made in the event of traumatic physical injury requiring long-term rehabilitation or physical therapy, with adequate medical proof.

Habitual violent offenders? Life without parole . . . whatever happened to "3 Strikes and You're Out?"

Whatever happened to deaths arising from felony crimes being considered murder? If the felony was pre-meditated, and any death arising from a felony can be charged as murder, then doesn't such a death constitute pre-meditated, 1st degree murder? Sounds like a capital case to me.

We have thousands of laws on the books that are NOT being enforced. It is not a lack of legal framework that is tearing things down, but a failure of our so-called leadership, most of whom exempt themselves from the standards they impose on the rest of us.

"Lead me, follow me, or just stay the hell out of my way." - George S. Patton

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are sick of Julie's schtick, just keep in mind that liberal elites everywhere actually believe and say the things she writes sarcastically here. If you can't keep your wits about you on a message board, how are you going to deal with one of these people when you hear them droning on and on about this in person?

As a side note, "lobster groceries" are something black people, especially the type like Demesha here, have no interest in. There is WAY too much time and effort that goes into preparing one to eat (the same could probably be said for steaks, too). Boiling in a pot/baking in an oven, then removing the meat from the shell once it's done...Demesha and her kids would probably eat the lobster's shell and antennae before they figured out where the "red spider's meat" actually was.

Anonymous said...

Close call for Bastrop County Deputy, averted by white privelege . . . and a truly epic moustache!

Get your permits, kids. While you still can.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

For me, Julie's sarcasm works. The tongue in cheek tone highlights the stupidity of the perpetrator and the viciousness of the crime. The ni##er is a primitive beast. Its smaller brain renders it incapable of formulating a permanent code of conduct. It cannot establish a morality that lasts beyond the moment. It is these weaknesses that make it a dangerous animal. Because of these critical flaws it must be handled differently. Consequences for such behavior must be swift and severe. It must also be segregated from the society at large.


Anonymous said...

The elderly woman in the video reminded me of my grandmother, she said they should put her(Demesha Hicks) under the jail. My grandmother was strong like this lady. I bet if she was 15 years younger she would beat that woman's behind. I am getting sick of this S.ugar H.oney I.ce T.ea, the feral negroes predators getting away with their crimes.

Anonymous said...

White-Skinned Goodness said...
Jesus Christ, Julie. Give it a rest already. Your rote bullshit is tiresome. On topic, orc judge sides with the tribe...nothing to see here.

Well you know Julie is a much believed entertainer here at SBPDL. On the other hand, I don't ever remember seeing anything meaningful, funny, thought provoking, informative or even mildly coherent from you, my dear Goodness.

Anonymous said...

Avoid the groid. Don't live in places with groid judges. Don't live around groids. Don't shop around groids. If you go up to a business full of groids, turn around and walk away. Sure, you have a reasonable chance of making it back out unscathed, but is it worth if even if there is a mere 1% chance of getting mugged? There's a hell of a lot less chance your house will burn down, but you protect against that. Protect yourself from harm, avoid the groid.

Anonymous said...

What caused such an intellectual and motivational disparity among peoples so closely related?

About a century ago, there was a widespread theory that early white people migrated across the globe and began civilization in many places. See the Aztec legends about light skinned gods, for example. Or the Aryan civilization of early India.

This theory may sound fantastic, but consider how today white people have created globe-spanning technologies and mighty cities.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Cruz pulled in the "born again" religious nuts. They vote for whoever says "god" the most just like the blacks vote for the darkest skin, regardless of all other criteria.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 1:01 AM

It would be fascinating to see a show where, instead of focusing on the few (if any) examples of sub-Saharan ingenuity, they focused on the big picture, why these people really didn't progress at all to form a recognizable civilization.

No, we are made to revel in the "military genius" of Shaka Zulu in the early 1800's, who was able to lead men carrying spears and shields to defeat British and Dutch "armies". Of course, we aren't told that Shaka's "strategies" were actually remedial compared to those used by Ancient Greek armies 2500+ years before, his armies overwhelmed the whites simply because of sheer numbers (outnumbering them 1000 to 1, in some cases), and the white "armies" he defeated were very small bands of troops. Oh, and that the peak of his people's military sophistication, with the development of the atomic bomb a little more than a century away, was a spear and a wood shield.

I want someone to analyze why sub-Saharan Africans, who supposedly had been around longer than any humans on earth, didn't explore their world. Why didn't they build boats to explore the rivers of Africa, why didn't they explore past the few acres of land where they were born, much less ponder what lay beyond the coasts of Africa? Why their architecture never elevated past one-story hovels built of sticks, grass, animal hides, and/or mud? Why their art never evolved past crudely carved and painted pieces of wood? Why their "music" never evolved past rhythmically striking hands on gourds?

Why were sub-Saharans always the go-to people for every civilization that came along when slaves were needed? From the time of the ancient Egyptians, through the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Muslims, and up to the European powers, sub-Saharan Africans were always a ready pool of slave labor. Why did sub-Saharan Africans never form civilizations large and powerful enough to stop their people from being exploited as slaves by more powerful and advanced civilizations? Why was sub-Saharan Africa always the most primitive civilization in any encounter throughout human history even though it had been around the longest?

Even if they didn't realize the utility of all the natural resources in the land that they were sitting on, once they saw other civilizations taking these resources for themselves, why didn't they band together to form commercial enterprises to trade with these civilizations rather than be pushed aside and have their lands freely exploited? Why didn't they even have the curiosity to wonder what these strange civilizations wanted with their lands? Why did they seem to regard people from other civilizations that came upon them throughout human history in the same way that mountain gorillas regard anthropologists like Dian Fossey?

Anonymous said...

Elderly adults are defined as those age 60 and older. Many states have enhanced penalties for those who attack elderly people because the law views elderly adults as less able to protect themselves. Thus, an attack upon an elderly person results in harsher sentences. Additionally, many states require the victimizer to pay the victim's cost of treatment as well as restitution.

Saying "I be sorry for whut I did" and "I done be changed now" is not and should not be a "get out of jail free card." Nor does it make sense to combine several offenses that took place over a period of time into one offense. If DeShawn robs 6 banks over a period of 4 weeks, no one would say he committed one offense and only charge him with one count of bank robbery. Nor would they excuse the behavior by saying he was having a hard time financially or give him probation after serving only 6 months. Well.......maybe this negro judge would!

This is simply the case of a negro in a position of authority using that position to protect another negro from the rightful consequences of her actions. If the attacker had been white and all the victims were elderly black women, he'd be ranting about racism and saying the attacks were especially egregious because of the age and race of the victims. No doubt such a white victimizer would be sentenced to the harshest sentence possible.

This contemptible racist judge needs to be removed from the bench. He is unfit to be a judge.

Steve Smith said...

Yes. We must.

Anonymous said...

"How does a supposedly "homeless woman" serve home incarceration?"

Good point, and one not touched upon in the article, probably on purpose.

As part of the deal in letting her go 19.5 years early, she'd have to reasonably be PROVIDED with at least a house and a phone in order satisfy the terms of her probation, namely "home incarceration" and "daily reporting to seven counties".

SC Girl said...

I was just thinking last night that the reason why negroes will NEVER be able to live in white society is because even "the good ones" will always side with their own no matter what because they don't have the same concept of right and wrong that we do. This is why blacks can't create or maintain a civilized society. The idea of a fair trial is very much a white man concept. There are no rules, ethics, or morals in the jungle which blacks were plucked from not too long ago. Many of them will always resort back to tribal savage mentality. Perfect example: I read a story a few months ago about this successful black couple that lived in an affluent neighborhood. Both of their teenage sons chimped out and tried to kill them. So despite being born into a much nicer life than most negroes, they STILL resorted back to the jungle. If that's not proof to brain dead liberals that their negro pets can't be domesticated, I don't know what is.

On another note, can I ask that posters stop directing so much hate towards the first poster Julie. She is obviously being sarcastic! No need to attack her. Let's keep things civilized and not fight amongst ourselves. After all, we're not negroes. Let's try to respect each other. There may come a time when racially aware whites such as ourselves have to band together to stop the black plague. At this point, I am all for setting up a white homeland like Northwest Front. We've got to do something at some point because blacks are only going to keep chimping out and now that there are so many affirmative action blacks in positions of authority like this black judge moron, they are not going to enforce laws against their own for the reason I listed above. In the meantime, stay alert!

Anonymous said...

My S.O.P is to never take advice from a humorless ass that takes the lords name in vain. Julie, I laugh at everyone of your delightful posts.

Anonymous said...


To the racist posters here,

this young, single mother lived in one of the worst food deserts in her state.
It is her first arrest.
she is very remorseful.
and she has to serve time in a prison with White supremacists.

Anonymous said...

OT: Black NBA player, whose nickname is literally a racial slur, throws tantrum and forces his team to nix a t-shirt giveaway for Chinese New Year because there was a monkey on the t-shirt (it is the Year of the Monkey, after all). All because, as I'm sure everyone knows, it is now "Black History Month".

Black History Month. Neil Armstrong is deservedly celebrated as the first man to walk on the moon. Now imagine that humans weren't capable of the spaceflight and mathematics needed to get to the moon in 1969. Imagine if it was aliens who landed on Earth, invited Neil Armstrong into their ship, flew him to the moon, and beamed the broadcast of him walking on the moon back to Earth. Now imagine that in that reality, what Neil Armstrong did was celebrated as an even greater human accomplishment than what actually happened in our reality. That is Black History Month.

Anonymous said...

Imagine for a moment that it's the year 1940 and this rachet ass black woman had attacked several elderly white women in this fashion and had gotten lynched for her atrocious behavior. She would have instantly entered into the pantheon of sacred, innocent black victims of white racism and would be (today) getting held up as an example of how blacks "been done so wrong in de past." However, she is exactly the type who did get lynched by a mob of outraged and enraged citizens.
If (in 1940) she had been captured by the police and the Judge let her out after 6 months and put her on probation, that Judge would be tarred and feathered and run out of town and the foul negro subsequently lynched anyway if she didn't flee for her life to parts unknown. These types of consequences are what kept the primitive negro under control for the most part but today, they get coddled, sympathized with and "understood" and released back onto the street to commit more crimes. With black judges such as the one in this story, that can and will only become worse because his sympathies lie with the black criminal. After all, all she done did was attack them old honky bitchez whut deserved it anyway. They're part of the white institutional racism what kept this African princess down and caused her to be po' and desperate in de first place. Hmmph!

Anonymous said...

Excellent comments by Formerly Miss Greenbaum.

Nothing surprises me anymore, as far as the depravity of Negroes or the blindness of pathologically altruistic Whites.

I've gotten out of jury duty up until now because I had children still at home. Now that my younger son is 16, I no longer have that excuse. If/when I get a jury call, and in the unlikely event I am actually chosen, I've already vowed that I will vote to convict any non-White. For the White perp, I will consider circumstances (unprovoked murder of other White/home invasion/harming children). But in general, I'm going by race first.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I find most attractive about her- her nappy "fur" or the fact that her mouth sticks out almost further than her nose does. Or maybe it is knowing that she systematically preys on old white women and assaults them in front of their own homes. What a catch. Whisper/mumble sweet Ebonics into my ear, Nubian princess.

Anonymous said...

A brief addendum . . .

I looked up this story after glancing through it at a covenience store this morning. The story was front page of The Bastrop Advertiser, featuring a photo of the deputy and the CHL Marine who intervened . . . as well as the photo of the suspect. Over at the site for the Austin American-Statesman, no picture of the suspect. The comment section there is starting to trend realist. There might even be hope for some of these "blue since birth" liberals . . .


Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss G,

I am reminded of that same life lesson you referenced frequently on the subway where I live. Whenever I see a fragile old man or woman step onto a crowded train, unsteady on his or her feet, I always look to see who gets up to offer up their seat.

If there's a white person, young or old, in the vicinity, one (or more) will instantly jump up to offer their seat to the old timer. I've seen Asians offer up their seats, though slower and less frequently (though more quickly if the elderly person is also Asian). I've even seen a few Hispanics give up their seat if the old person was especially unstable.

However, I've never seen a black kid give up his or her seat for an elderly passenger, even if the elderly person standing is black as well. A few weeks ago, from across the subway car, I saw a little old white lady holding a cane and a bag of groceries with one hand, and clutching the subway bar for dear life with her other, to avoid tumbling to the ground. Meanwhile, sitting right behind this old lady was a dead-eyed obese 20-something year old black girl with her fat ass planted firmly in the center of a pair of seats, watching videos on World Star on her iPhone.

Anonymous said...

It may be a little overboard to judge someone by a single photo, but Demesha's mug is the sort of thing you'd have seen a century ago in a book on physical anthropology. The "obvious Negroid type" with a blank stare and protruding jaw, indicating low IQ, lack of impulse control (etc.). The sort trending towards criminality. The sort which had to be kept under control if you wanted to keep your civilization intact and not collapsing into Haiti. The sort which you couldn't let reproduce because then society would be overrun with another generation of criminals.

But of course, a century ago they were not very "enlightened." They did not realize how exploding numbers of Demesha's would bring so much "enrichment" to America. How our cities are better places because Demesha and her progeny are now the dominant demographic in Birmingham, Selma, Detroit...oh, wait a minute.

It is an indicator of how much America has regressed that we can not look at a photograph of Demesha and not understand the sources of urban disintegration.

Anonymous said...

From Malcolm X-Lax's link:

“Anytime somebody is in need of help you should assist them. It doesn’t matter whether your life is in danger or not, you should always assist anybody who is in need,” Perkins said.

This one sentence demonstrates why whites are both great and sometimes our greatest enemy. While you won't find this sense of duty to fellow human beings in the typical negro, it is the latter statement that gets whites into trouble. Blacks are ALWAYS in need of something, whether it be your money, time, support, or just your undivided attention. And the more you give, the more they need. One of the greatest things about whites (compassion) is used against them as a weapon.

The sentence makes complete sense if it were to include a footnote explaining that it applies to non-blacks only.

Want to know what happens when you take a bunch of individuals who lack compassion, empathy, or any form of obligation to those around them? Visit a black community. But don't get out of your car and don't go unarmed.

Michigan Jim said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum at 7:22 am said .,,,,
Thank you Miss Greenbaum. I read great posts here all the time, but this is one of the best I've seen in a long time

Anonymous said...

"To the racist posters here,

this young, single mother lived in one of the worst food deserts in her state.
It is her first arrest.
she is very remorseful.
and she has to serve time in a prison with White supremacists"

What, the first time she GOT CAUGHT? Her first offense wasn't stealing a candy bar or jay-walking. She would pick the weakest looking among us, follow them home and assault them in front of their own homes. While losing the money on your person along with your ID and photos that may or may not be able to be replaced is bad, feeling like a victim every time you come home and not being able to feel safe there is the real loss.

A part of these women's LIVES have been stolen from them, and they will never be the same again. They did nothing to bring this upon themselves, other than trust people not to follow them home and literally attack them.

And we are supposed to feel sorry for both parties? Why don't we talk about the stream of piss poor decisions that Lakisha Lakwanda La'Serious made up until that point. Oh, I forgot. Accountability for one's actions is a white person thing.

ejit said...

Cheer up!
She'll violate probation within hours, and be re-sentenced.

NC Realist said...

Like several others here...I'm coming to Julie's defense. Her witty sarcasm does alleviate some of the anger I feel when reading about the lowlife black stains. I've been coming here almost daily for three years but the first comment I saw from Julie surprised me. Then I saw more similar comments from her....and I realized the sarcasm. For those who only recently came to this site....try to understand this is humor and not fact. I look forward to seeing her comments...although I realize like another poster here said...that liberals actually really do think... what Julie makes fun of.....and its that liberal POS that you need to be angry with.

Julie said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My S.O.P is to never take advice from a humorless ass that takes the lords name in vain. Julie, I laugh at everyone of your delightful posts.

Thank you Anonymous. I appreciate your support and understanding. That person's comment was extremely hurtful. I guess that commenter is a pretty bad person, with a lot of hate in their heart. I'm pretty sure the person doesn't even care about the black community one bit and does absolutely nothing to help poor black folks. I can't understand why someone like that would even visit PK's site here.

Anonymous said...


This site will answer ALL of your questions. Some of it gets a bit technical in terms of genetics, but the author does a pretty fair job of putting it in layman's terms. You might even consider saving to you hard drive. There ARE print versions available, but Amazon and Barnes & Noble are charging over $200 for the book, and I suspect they will not re-stock once the on-hand copies are gone.

It's alot of info to take in, and there's a double metric shit-ton of linked footnotes for each of the 38 chapters, but judging feom your post, you already have a good intuition of the problem. It's not the legacy of slavery. It's not cultural. Nor is it educational, sociological or even all that environmental, except in terms of evolutionary development. Study well, grasshopper.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

10mm AUTO said...

People on this board were asking what would happen if you objected to a lenient sentence; if you told the negro you did NOT forgive them and wanted them to pay the full price for their predation.

Here is the answer. negros know that the state is strapped for cash because of them. They argue for a "plea deal" (confession) so the state can reduce costs and hurry the case load because of negros. The YKW prosecutors "work" to get her probation because they know that a likely hung jury through negro-nullification is coming and all that money would go down the drain and it ups their stature as "defenders of the downtrodden". White little old ladies are what Oprah has identified as the last of the ugly, racist Americans, irredeemable in the eyes of negros and better off dead.

A White man doing this would get 60 years, plus he would be held up to the community as the most evil of perps. This orc can break bones, beat and rob and stalk and the state is happy to get her off the books.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

NC Realist said...

"Anytime somebody is in need of help you should assist them. It doesn’t matter whether your life is in danger or not, you should always assist anybody who is in need" Keyword= somebody. How many times must it be said "they are not like us". The common lowlife negro is not human much less a somebody. There...clarified.

PB said...

Julie off on another fishing trip, and she reels 'em in again. Steak and lobsters. Priceless.

Probably not hard to do too with new posters appearing all the time with every new outrage.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I don't know who's the worse criminal here, this feral predatory beast, or the judge who released it. I think there's more here than is being told. Could it be that this waste of oxygen is related to the judge some way? There has to be some conflict of interest going on here. Maybe he's one of the baby daddies, or one of his relatives is, and doesn't want to take the feral bastards if she's in prison.

She planned this outrage, like a predator at a water hole waiting for a weak victimn. The fact that she preyed on humans shows she is subhuman. She should be sterilized to prevent reproduction of more genetically inferior stock, and locked up for life in a workhouse. She will strike again, if she hasn't already. Beasts like this feel no remorse, no regret, only anger at being caught.

How can this be a first offense?!! She carried out this psychopathic act many times! Should we release serial killers because the one murder they got caught committing was their first offense? How do we know some of her victimns didn't die with no witnesses, no way to connect the crime to her? Possibly ruled accidental death, or natural causes, such as heart attack, or stroke? If ever a case called for federal investigation, this is it. That can't happen with Obama, and Lynch at the controls. What a travesty of justice! These are indeed dark days for America.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be an interesting case, in that one of the victims admitted to calling the attacker the n-word in her 9-1-1 call.

This case could be subtitled: RACISM v. MURDER

The original story (written by a white)

Subsequent article (written by a Hispanic, changes in story to make the criminal look less bad)

Finally, we will see if it is true what I've suspected--is racism a worse crime now than murder?

Here's my summary from the sources provided. It's Florida at 1:30 in the morning. For some reason, 4 whites are out riding horses. They stop to give their horses a break near a river landing by the side of a road. All of a sudden, a speeding truck driven by a 22 year old black veers off the road, buzzes the group, and almost ends up in the river.

One of the white men in the group approaches the truck, and yells at the black to stop speeding. Of course, the black takes offense at this and starts swearing at the group. As the black eventually starts to drive off, and a girl in the group decides to call him the n-word. Bad move. The black pulls a u-turn and speeds directly back at the riders, running over one horse and rider, killing the horse, and breaking the rider's collarbone as she rolls over the hood of the truck. Another horse throws its rider in the resulting confusion, and the group runs for cover before the black drives off, eventually getting caught 30 miles away.

Here's where it gets tricky and why these articles keep referring to the black being charged with "animal cruelty" instead of what it really was, "attempted mass murder with a deadly weapon". The girl who made the 9-1-1 call after her friend and her horse got run over, admitted to calling the guy the n-word before he turned the truck around to attack the group. You can hear the actual 9-1-1 call here:

What's even more disturbing is that the caller even admits to 9-1-1 that the entire incident is all her fault for shouting the racial slur. Of course, in none of these articles, does anyone wonder why the black guy veered off the road, nearly hitting the group and driving into a river, in the first place. Was he drunk and/or high? Was he trying to scare them for fun? At any rate, what he was doing speeding off the road to start this whole encounter has apparently no bearing on the case.

So the sentencing will entirely come down to the judge's decision. The black is not charged with attempted murder (of course), but is charged with "battery with a motor vehicle", "killing a horse", and "leaving the site of an accident where an injury occurred". The maximum combined sentence he faces is 35 years.

So what happens now? You have one of the victims, on tape, admitting that she called him the n-word and that his actions were her fault. Based on this, will the judge deem the black's actions justified and let him off with time served?

Will the girl's crime of "racism" (for calling a guy who nearly killed her and her friends a bad word) trump his crime of murder of a horse/attempted murder of people (because someone called him a bad word)?

Hell, if he gets sentenced to any jail time and this case gets some play in the national media, will some enterprising lawyer come forward to counter-sue the girl who called him the n-word for a cash settlement (for the "pain and suffering" she incurred on him by causing him to get sent him to jail)?


I have finally come to my own conclusions about the problem in America. The machines are getting smarter and the people are getting dumber.

Pat Boyle said...

The Anonymous at 8:46 AM gets a few things wrong. Shaka Zulu was born not in the 19th century but in the 18th. He did revolutionize African warfare but he was killed by his brothers fifty years before the British loss at Isandalwana. As far as I know he never fought the British or any other white colonial force.

The famous loss at Isandlwana was caused by a simple military mistake by the British. They dispersed their troops which allowed the more numerous Zulus to get close and slaughter them hand to hand. At the battle of Roarke's Drift that took place the next day a tiny British contingent did not make that mistake. They concentrated their forces and defeated a huge horde of Zulus. This was the outcome that everyone expected.

This is the battle depicted in the movie "Zulu" - the movie that brought Michael Caine to public attention. It is a truly great movie.

This anonymous also wonders why the Africans never bothered to built a boat or migrate out of Africa. The answer is that they did. You as a Caucasian are the distant progeny of those Africans who did migrate. I have called this event on this blog "Og walks North".

Modern day Africans are those who stayed behind. I am about 2.7% Neanderthal. That's about average. The Chinese are about the same amount Denisovan. But Africans have no Neanderthal or Denisovan genes. They never traveled to the north and met those earlier people.

It was probably the environment not the genes of the Neanderthals that made your ancestors smarter. Northerly latitudes seems to have increased the IQ of those who lived there. But Africans - the stay at home people - never got the benefit of the IQ boost that walking north provided.


Scott said...

Stellar sarcasm Julie, I salute you!

Az Visigoth said...

To Formerly Miss Greenbaum and NC Girl: Your comments today strongly resonated with me, even more than usual. Bravo!!

To Julie: The first time I read one of your DWL spoofs I wondered if my older sister had somehow found her way here! Sounded just like her! I am always careful to not sip my beverage while reading your posts lest it end up sprayed all over the computer screen! I look forward to more!

Best comment section on the internet.
Bless you Mr. Kersey!

Anonymous said...

Oh Formerly Ms. Greenbaum Thank you. You say everything I've been thinking, and so much more eloquently than I ever could. I look so forward to reading these posts. To all of you, I'm so glad you're here. I thought I was alone for a long time. I knew all along that I wasn't crazy. I am naturally (rightfully) repulsed by blacks.


We need 3 books written (complied) to go along with PK's.

A collection of essays for each:

Formerly Mss Greenbaum

Ex-New Yorker

And the person who lived outside some county near Atlanta that I don't really remember.....Gwinette or something?

You 3 have awesome stories to tell and they would all sell.

Anonymous said...

Re Pat Boyle
I have been fascinated by Neanderthal heritage matters for a long time. Sometimes matters hitherto thought subtle and unreachable by observation aren't so. They are literally right in front of your face -in the mirror that is.
Looking at white people I see a certain what I would like to call "cragginess" ; a certain angularity that is just not in the black man's visage. There is something which says "survivor" in us; this is not said in the black man. Their smooth skin, lack of aging, what we would ascertain as "thought lines" around the eyes...not there in them.
Features which indicate an entertainer, happy dancer, etc. all say look at me, I'm here and aren't I great. Great for tall tales maybe but as for serious directions, no.
Just an impression.

Anonymous said...

Pat, Shaka Zulu was assassinated in 1828 at age 41. Given that most of his life's "accomplishments" came after he was 13 years old, it is accurate to describe his life as taking place in the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

They call it oppression. It was training to live in a civilized society.
You would think by now everyone would know it can't be done.


Anonymous said...

If you can't find it in your history, your ancestors, look at the Swedish example.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you WSG. Between the 'sarcasm' and 'satire'(dis, dat, wayciss) it begins to get as old as the sub-humans themselves.

I got your six on this one.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Unknown said...

Perhaps the judge knowing that while the beast was caged avenging folks could not reach the fiend. Not that the foul beast is loose it can be hunted down and rendered incapable of ever harming a defenseless victim again.

Just a guess on my part. Maybe the judge is demented and needs to be in a cage itself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . I want someone to analyze why sub-Saharan Africans, who supposedly had been around longer than any humans on earth, didn't explore their world. Why didn't they build boats to explore the rivers of Africa, why didn't they explore past the few acres of land where they were born, much less ponder what lay beyond the coasts of Africa? Why their architecture never elevated past one-story hovels built of sticks, grass, animal hides, and/or mud? . . .”

My theory is that blacks cannot accomplish the things you mention because they lack an extremely important quality in addition to possessing a low IQ. This quality is what ignites the power of intelligence and drives whites to do these things, often at a very high personal cost. This quality is what causes white people to push far beyond what is necessary to merely continue existing. This quality is a sense of curiosity. A white person has a burning desire to know where the river leads, what is beyond the horizon, and what is it like to be on the moon. This insatiable desire to understand everything is what motivates whites to apply their intelligence to seek answers which leads to discoveries as well as failures. Over the course of history the contribution of discoveries by white people has clearly exceeded the cost of failures.

Blacks don't have this desire. Because they have no interest in understanding anything beyond what is necessary to survive another day they start each day knowing no more than they knew the day before. Blacks have lived this way for 200,000 years and there is no reason to expect them to change. Blacks live in a perpetual state of equilibrium with no hope of improvement but with a pretty good track record for basic survival.

Whites and blacks operate on two completely different survival models. They are not like us.

Pat Boyle said...

The Anonymous at 1:01 wondered about stone constructions by various people. I'll make a few observations.

Stone workings roughly parallel racial accomplishments. Europe and East Asia are today the most advanced regions. If you look are their stone construction you find that for both it has been early and sophisticated. In Europe there was the Gothic Cathedral revolution in the eleventh century. The Chartres Cathedral or Notre Dame were extreme examples of sophisticated stone work. The Great Wall of China is an example of large scale stone work, Although much of the wall built by Chin Suandi was not stone. It only became fully stone in the Ming Dynasty.

In any case the number for stone buildings built by Caucasians and Asians is too many too count. The number built by Australian aborigines seems to be zero. While the number built by black Africans may also be zero.

Great Zimbabwe is very nearly the only stone structure of any size in Sub Saharan Africa. The natives in that area built no structure of stone until at least the seventh century. This much is sure. Shortly after that the Moslem expansion occurred. The city of Great Zimbabwe may have been built by the Arabs who traded with local Africans. This is strongly denied by Africanists.

In any case the stone work at Great Zimbabwe is very crude and primitive. The stones are not dressed or mortared. They are simply piled on top of one another keeping the shape with which they were found on the ground.

In South and Central America many of the stones in monuments and buildings are so closely fitted together that you cannot gat a knife blade between them. The stone work is so good that there arose the loony notion that it would have taken space men to build such structures. No one ever thought Great Zimbabwe was built by extra-terrestrials - its too crude.

There are great stone monuments in Africa - they're called the Pyramids. Built by Egyptians a Caucasian people. But in black Africa south of the Sahara there's not much.

The Roman Empire was built of stone of course. Everywhere in Rome you see the arch. But there are no arches in Chiczen Itza or on the Giza plateau much less Great Zimbabwe. The oldest stone building I've personally entered was New Grange in Ireland. It is probably older that the Great Pyramid and certainly much older than Stonehenge.

Most people don't think if Ireland for the really old stone artifacts but there are hundreds of them in tiny Ireland and maybe thousands of them throughout all of Europe. The ancient European history is ignored if not suppressed. There is nothing comparable to New Grange in Africa for another two or three thousand years.

In the last few years some ideas have changed about the famous stone heads on Easter Island. The famous geographer and would-be anthropologist Jared Diamond had an elaborate theory about the Islanders which involved a cautionary tale about ecology. But it has how been proven to be completely wrong. Another liberal with worries about the environment bites the dust! Hot damn. Read 'The Statues that Walked' to get the real poop. Easy reading and good science.

Just about everything that Diamond has said in his recent books is hogwash.

That seems to be true of most stone monuments. Before the Mayan written language was deciphered anthropologists promulgated the most absurd ideas based on the Central American remains. Stones themselves are silent. Which makes them subject to the projections of liberal anthropologists. Be careful what you accept as true. Archeologists and anthropologists have been known to twist the truth to fit their politics.


Anonymous said...

The poster Centurion is referring to is Gwinnett Gladiator, who is also one of my favorite posters as well. Hope you're doing good brother.

Miss Greenbaum, you absolutely knocked it out of the park today! Glad to know you are right down the road from me. Take and God Bless all y'all.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Three states, that's all I'm asking for. Three states where no blacks or newly arrived immigrants are allowed to live. What a treat that would be. Wonder what the crime rate would be? Wonder what the taxes would be? Wonder what the schools would be? Wonder what the emergency rooms would be? Homeless pets? Homeless people? Drive bys? Home invasions? Armed robberies? How large would the police departments be? Oh well, just a thought.

D-FENS said...

In Caddyshack, Bill Murray's character stated that, "in order to beat a gopher, you have to think like a gopher". Julie does this with libtards.

Au revior, gopher!

Anonymous said...

When I first read one of Julie's posts ages ago, I was shocked by what I read and didn't realize that it was sarcasm. Other more experienced posters were somewhat amused by my misunderstanding and calmly and gently explained the intent of Julie's posts. Since that time, I've greatly enjoyed Julie's posts and take them in the spirit in which they are written.
That being said, if at any time there are differences of opinion or different perspectives on any subject (even if those opinions or perspectives are considered faulty or wrong by some) there's no excuse for anyone to chimp out, act like an enraged negro and rant, rave, scream, foam at the mouth and curse others. The few times I've seen those kinds of extreme reactions, I've wondered if the person actually is a negro who feels disrespected by an opposing opinion and can't help but flip out.

Anonymous said...

The real criminal is the black judge.

Brian in Ohio said...

Julie writes it as satire, and hilariously so. But what scares the hell out of me is that her posts would get high praise on the Huffington Post.

Hell, Julies liberal alter ego could work as an editor at MSNBC. They`re that far gone.

Even if the sarcasm annoys you, look at it as intel. Like your reading Rachel Maddow`s email.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

D-FENS said...
In Caddyshack, Bill Murray's character stated that, "in order to beat a gopher, you have to think like a gopher". Julie does this with libtards.

Au revior, gopher!

February 2, 2016 at 4:37 PM

"They`ll never stop, they`re like the Viet Cong....They`re Vermin Cong." Carl Spackler, Groundskeeper.

LOL classic

Julie said...

I really want to thank all of those commenters who have expressed support for my opinions and my free speech rights. Of course I want to thank PK himself for allowing people to voice their thoughts along with his articles. I think everyone who visits PK's site has a keen interest in improving relations between the races. The articles here help many, many white people to better understand our African-american brothers and sisters. Much of what they do and why they do it seems shrouded in mystery. And that leads to misunderstandings.

My guiding principle is simple. African-americans are just like you and I. They may have dark skin, but the same blood flows through their veins and they have the same hopes and dreams as we do. Remember what is written in two Corinthians 3:17 "forgiveth your black brothers and give unto them aid and monthly assistance".

Anonymous said...

I live in the Daytona Beach area and have followed this story from the beginning. Surprised that Crump has not shown his face.
Hopefully, the coon gets the 35 years.

Anonymous said...

I don't assist those things, hell, I don't even hold the door for them.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, they will NEVER pick you on the jury. They pick the stupid white trash, blacks and Hispanics.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the look on Demesha's face many times. It says “I don't understand anything that you are saying, but I gotta look like I'm paying attention so I can leave.” We will be reading about her in the news again soon.

cdw said...

Can someone down there solve this problem for everyone else?

Anonymous said...

The negress was a predator, first identifying her prey, stalking it and attacking before taking what she wanted from them.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely at Dumesha's photo, her eyebrows are up so high it looks like even she's surprised she's getting out in 6 months.

Bill in St Louis said...

And therefore she should kill herself, to escape the injustice of this world.

Sick'nTired said...

I can see a similar verdict happening with the Lakeshia Holloway case in Las Vegas, they still haven't released what she told the cops after she was arrested, and the case seems to have been scrubbed from the media, what a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Eddie in St Louis: "Off Topic, but are the folks from Iowa retarded?"
Yes, but they've always been retarded. In 40 years, the only Iowa GOP caucus winner who eventually became president was Dubya Boosh in 2000.

World_War_Me said...

Unbelievable -- after all this time, some of you STILL cannot grasp the concept that Julie is our resident satirist and much-needed comic relief. Most of you Julie-detractors are not even newfags and ought to know better by now.

Julie, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”"How does a supposedly "homeless woman" serve home incarceration?"

Good point, and one not touched upon in the article, probably on purpose.

As part of the deal in letting her go 19.5 years early, she'd have to reasonably be PROVIDED with at least a house and a phone in order satisfy the terms of her probation, namely "home incarceration" and "daily reporting to seven counties".

Most likely some taxpayer funded social services program has provided her with a home. She probably already had an Obama phone provided at taxpayer expense. It is my understanding that Seven Counties is a taxpayer funded social services provider. She will probably be shuttled at taxpayer expense to and from Seven Counties where she will be gently exposed in a politically correct manner at taxpayer expense to the concept that there are more appropriate ways to make a living than robbing and beating elderly women. To keep her from feeling unfairly pressured to rob elderly people she will probably receive increased levels of welfare at taxpayer expense after a specialist paid by taxpayers has filled out the necessary applications for her because she is too stupid and lazy to do it herself.

It will all fail.

Anonymous said...

+1 more thumb up for Julie. Most of you don't know how good you have it, because you never suffered through the Oregonian's horrible posts.

Mr. Rational said...

People like him basically have a genetic disorder. They lack survival instincts and they are also unable to make rational decisions based on probability.

Or he has vigilance fatigue.  In those environments it's certainly exhausting to be on the lookout all the time, and convincing one's self that the danger doesn't exist is a relief... until it hits.

What White people really need is early-warning systems for Black attacks.  If there was some way to track Blacks and warn of their location and movements in real time, this sort of thing would be much easier to prevent.  Had this guy been behind a locked door when the pack got to him, the whole thing would probably have been prevented.  That's a difference of maybe two seconds.

Avoid the groid. Don't live in places with groid judges.

You don't always have a say about it.  E.g. if you get a groid federal judge you are stuck.  However, even federal judges are vulnerable to doxxing and other forms of civil responsibility enforcement.  If you do ANYTHING like this, make certain to cover your tracks extremely well.  As in, make sure you can deny you had anything to do with it and leave nothing to give any particular suspicion.

Maybe the judge is demented and needs to be in a cage itself.

Coffins are cheaper.  If judges understood this they might make better rulings.

But there are no arches in Chiczen Itza or on the Giza plateau

Nor in classical Greek architecture (the Parthenon is post-and-lintel) or its predecessors.  The Romans invented the arch.

I suggest that Julie hot-link her name to her SBPDL glossary entry.

Anonymous said...

White people are just collateral damage, Obongos fourth Reich are on the march

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
OT: Black NBA player, whose nickname is literally a racial slur, throws tantrum and forces his team to nix a t-shirt giveaway for Chinese New Year because there was a monkey on the t-shirt (it is the Year of the Monkey, after all). All because, as I'm sure everyone knows, it is now "Black History Month".

Yeah. I heard this too. Even the nigs know they look like monkeys.Can't win with them. Really. They really are the money-pit of America.


Anonymous said...

Three states JUST for immigrants and negroes. Much better

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
+1 more thumb up for Julie. Most of you don't know how good you have it, because you never suffered through the Oregonian's horrible posts.

Awesome point, they were the worst of the genre.

Anonymous said...

My post specifically said:

"Close call for Bastrop County Deputy, averted by white privelege . . . and a truly epic moustache!"

White privelege in this being two things:

1) Having that sense of community responsibility, and a desire to help when able to.

2) Having the clean background necessary to obtain a CHL permit in the first place.

As you pointed out, these are overwhelmingy abundant characteristics of YT, and even most other races, though most other races are more likely to help "one of their own."

Over the years, PK has linked to hundreds of news stories documenting black oppurtunism. A Detroit burglar who beat up Rosa Parks in her own home. St. Louis thugs stole a former Tuskegee Airman's car. The 93 year-old was then robbed by a couple of other dindus in the 'hood when he went looking for a phone to report his carjacking. The stories are a dime a dozen and accept Buy One, Get One coupons.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

Careful . . .

Legend has it that if you speak his name 3 times while looking in the mirror, he will appear.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add something no one has brought up yet.


The victims in these attacks, their ages aren't noted except the 82 year old, which makes her Korean War generation. Sounds like the attacked women were all living independently. Vulnerable...but with farther to fall.

So I keep hearing about all the new fabulous jobs in the Obamacare Health Care Industry that will be magicked into being by "the aging Baby Boomers."

Yes, all those unemployed blacks and Hispanics are going to take care of the old people's needs, lovingly wiping their butts and stuff—and earn good salaries in doing so! Things will be great! Destroy white families and intergenerational bonds, but don't worry--Magic Negro and Free Market to the rescue!

Now imagine this feral erectus sow Dementia the serial assaulter/robber being affirmative action'ed through high school and community college and being AA hired at your mother's or grandmother's or auntie' elder care facility. Po singa mutha, she gots no job, she gah feed she keeyids, she habbin a BAD TIME dis yeeah! Ayba poda hep!


Including their own. This sow surely targeted whites...but in her mind an elder is just a source of gratification of all sorts. Money? Food? Housing? Tee vee? Sail phome? GIBS ME DAT, I be a singa mutha!

I've commented here in the past about my experience in a big city (70% black) ER and trauma/burn units. I noted what blacks did to their children.

I didn't say what blacks did to their elders. I didn't say what my EMT friends had witnessed. Or what other ER friends did.

I wrote down some of the things I remember. They are horrible. More horrible than I want any of you to read. None of you reading this need to be convinced.

Look up a book called Understanding Elder Abuse in Minority Populations; it was published in the late 1990s in the city where I used to live and was written by an "expert" called Toshiro Tatara, a Japanese. It understates the full horror...and makes all sorts of excuses. Like how blacks abuse their elders--beating them, burning them, sexually assaulting them, neglecting them, stealing their money and food--

—because ob de terbbo legassy ob slabery, because Not Enough Social Workers Of Color, because Strong Black Fambly (TM) don' like no YTs lookin in on grandma, because Reasons Reasons Reasons.

So in this, Dementia was acting totally normal FOR BLACKS.

Dementia gots a baby, ol lady poda hep. Black family values, and since she knows no white man will kick her ass for doing beating up white women, and the black judge will let her off, it's party time.

(She might have gotten in trouble attacking elder black women whose groceries are already slated for stealing by Tamponia or GroidNayNay, whose muzzles will surely show fangs over having their domestic racket siphoned.)

Anonymous said...

Continued from my thoughts on how blacks treat elders:

This is one reason they remain feral bantu erectus groids. They have no value for elders. No sense of cultural transmission.

Today with YT’s help and money they get all their stories from the MSM’s ruling Eskimos, full of flash and bang and muh dikk. They have no patience for hearing about grandma/grandpa’s stories, are you kidding? Sheeit, dat beeitch gots sosha sekyoty chayik come in, go cash it fo huh. Ah havin hard yeeah! Ah be singa mutha!

It is a given in the geriatric social work community that “elder minority populations” operate very differently from whites regarding elder care. It is a given that in many (most?) cases, the “caregiver” for frail elders is some addict, drunk, degenerate kid or grandkid who cares for the elder only to get a house to live in, food and money to steal.

Everybody I know who’s rabidly anti-abortion Catholic/Christian back east screeches about Kermit Gosnell’s “house of horrors.” What they don’t understand is that the problem here isn’t abortion. It’s blacks. This is how they regard life. Don’t want a baby? Snip its neck with scissors. Don’t want an elder? Set him on fire with gasoline, then claim it was from “smoking in bed.” Muh dikk itching? Bedridden paralyzed grandma--or grandpa--gots holes. DEY OWES ME GIBS!

THIS IS HOW THEY ACT. Oprah thinks it's just grand if it's targeted at whites. Can't wait for the old white folks to die out. Help em along.

Thus I say to you:

They must be kept away from our beloved elders!!

Never ever EVER let one of your elders be tended by these erectus sows and bucks!!

Anonymous said...

JULIE...Corinthians 3:17 "forgiveth your black brothers and give unto them aid and monthly assistance".

February 2, 2016 at 5:55 PM


chattanooga gal said...

"I`ll bet she laughed her ass off at doing just 6mo of a 20 year sentence"
they all do. I have a friend who works in criminal justice, and he says the blacks come to court laughing and saying their charges will be dismissed. they are usually right.

Pat Boyle said...

"Nor in classical Greek architecture (the Parthenon is post-and-lintel) or its predecessors. The Romans invented the arch."

Not quite true. I always try to read the Wikipedia article before I publish any comment which states a matter of fact. It only takes a minute and it avoids a lot of embarrassment.

The true arch is an invention of Mediterraneans but probably from some other Caucasian people further east than Rome. The Greeks had the true arch when they built the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a classic example of a skiamorph. That is to say an esthetic choice to make a stone building look like an earlier wooden one. The Romans utilized the arch not because they liked what it looked like but because it worked. This was a crucial difference between Greek culture and Roman.

The Romans were the great engineers. The Greeks were better with ideas, art, and philosophy. Or as the saying goes - 'The Greeks had the brains. The Romans the drains'.

The large and impressive pyramids in Egypt and Mesoamerica never had the true arch. You can see this for yourself. Fly down to the Yucatan and visit the Mayan pyramids. Look up. The top of the internal chambers are all corbelled. There were no true arches in the Western Hemisphere before Columbus.

Yes, it was significant when Columbus came. Despite what the liberal revisionists would have you believe. The white man brought high culture to the Western Hemisphere.


Anonymous said...

Had the races been reversed, it would be national headline news for 6 months and the attacker would be in for life for her heinous hate crime.

Anonymous said...

So in this, Dementia was acting totally normal FOR BLACKS.

Indeed. Look at the expression on her face. She does not quite realize she has committed some terrible crimes here, does she? For her, these assaults were just another day in the 'hood.

Of course, there was a time where she would not have dared to even look at a white woman without fear of repercussions. See the old song, "Strange Fruit." But now we live in a new era of civil rights, where sundown towns and "back of the bus" are relegated to some supposed Dark Age.

How's that new era working out for you, YT?

Anonymous said...

Look up a book called Understanding Elder Abuse in Minority Populations...

LAPD has a pamphlet on "Elder Abuse." I wonder--how much of this abuse is committed by blacks? And how much of that is by blacks against white elders?

There's a crime of elder rape, and apparently 90+% of the perpetrators are black. It gets back to the fact that too many social pathologies are the result of a large black demographic. Were it not for that demographic, then these things would be manageable. For example, you would not have a criminal justice system so overloaded that plea bargaining becomes the norm instead of jury trials.

Under the prevailing system of Black Run America, the party line must be that it's all YT's fault. Even if whites are not committing the crimes, then somehow black criminality is the result of that terrible-legacy-of-slavery-segregation-micro-aggressions. Point is, as long as there is a large black demographic in a society, you will have dysfunction and self-deception. And the resulting decline of civil order.

Anonymous said...

The out of Africa theory is under full attack in academic circles due to new evidence. The premise seems to be moving in the direction on convenient myth for the masses.

Unknown said...

Sadism is a common trait among psychopaths. Blacks have a high degree of Psychopathy distributed among their numbers. It's also common among Narcissists.

Anonymous said...

America is not irredeemable. We could reverse this if Whites would grow a pair and stop allowing this.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Malcom Exlax;

Let's not forget his holiness hisself's The Right Reverend Martin Luther King's sister in-law, Naomi; who was punched in the face by a young black male last October. Seems this fine young negro wanted to steal her car outside of her retirement home in an exclusive gated community. Even she had more sense than to live in a black neighborhood. How'd that work out for her? Just like the whites, she found out you can run, but you can't hide. They'll seek you out. It doesn't say anywhere, but I wonder; was she driving an Escalade?

Anonymous said...

SC Girl, this comment of yours left me in tears I was laughing so hard: " that their negro pets can't be domesticated," Hilarious and so true. I worked with a woman who thought they were on the same human and social level as whites. The groid was indeed her "pet of the month"


Bird of Paradise said...

Hold the judge liable for any more cries this wild harpy commits throw the idiot judge in the same prison

Anonymous said...

Sure could.
In fact i would deny her solely for being black.
Let her kids die for all i care.
Cant feed them dont breed them.
Karma is coming for her and her's.
Am so sick of blacks getting away with crimes because they are black.
Whites dont get away with crimes because they are white.

Tyrone shoelaces said...

Granny forgot her dog.

Don't forget your dog

A dog is kryptonite to a nog.

Be safe

Race said...

One nation under God, indivisible (united.. I.e. homogenous).

It belongs to us, everyone else can go home now.