Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Leaked Email: Hillary Clinton Says 'White Males' Who Chant "USA, USA" At Trump Rallies Are "UN-American"

Regardless of what happens on November 8, 2016, the end of the American experiment is upon us. [Re: thought - optics tomorrow night, Wilikleaks.org]
They hate you. 

Re: thought - optics tomorrow night

You know what? I feel fine.


Sick n' Tired said...

This is what it's coming to.



Anonymous said...

There is something really weird about this woman. I've read about the "body double" theory, but it goes deeper than that. She makes her 15 minute speeches to small crowds. Empty rooms half full. High school kids were brought in school buses for her Temple university rally. The networks use tight close up shots so you can't see the room is nearly empty.

She disappears for long periods of time. Can't stand up for long. Needs help to walk and falls on her face in New York. She looks healthy one day and the next day looks like shit warmed over.

I think what her backers are doing is making it look like she is running a campaign. The whole system is rigged and when she "wins the election" the media can claim she was an actual candidate. The woman is more dead than alive.

It is obvious who the media is supporting. We all know the polls are bullshit. Trump has 20,000 people at his rallies and she can't even fill a union hall. Fucking weird. She makes a speech insulting Americans and calling us names and the next day she is leading in the polls. Something is wrong in this country when a career criminal is allowed to run for president. The whole system is corrupt and the mass media are the biggest liars of all. As George Carlin said...."it's a private club and you ain't in it."

Anonymous said...

Looks like Trump will lose. Too bad , but not all bad. I plan on voting for him but all Democratics down ballot. It is time to destroy the GOPe. It is useless for us now. They have shown themselves to be globalist and anti-White. They may as well be Democratics and I don't think they have any use for us anymore.

It is time to let things blow up.

First separation, and then repatriation.

Nero said...

Watch out for those angry white men!!! They may start shooting cops and start stabbing and blowing people up if they aren't Christian.

Anonymous said...

Another jogger was assaulted by a black man. She wasn't raped because he couldn't get it up, but that didn't keep him from circling back after robbing her and beating her up to kick her in the head a few more times.


Anonymous said...

N.Y. anti-violence advocate gunned down in Fla.


Lavon Walker, a father of two, was gunned down on a street corner near Miami’s popular Ocean Drive just before 7 a.m. Sunday, the station reports.

Walker was active in a Brooklyn advocacy group called Save Our Streets, which worked to curb gun violence. He was reportedly one of four volunteers who conducted outreach in areas where there had been clusters of shootings, a program partially funded by the U.S. Department of Justice.

He reportedly told a news program in 2011 he had a criminal past, but “my mindset was changed” and he said he wanted to show others how to avoid street violence. Friend Kenneth Edwards told CBS Miami that Walker was a youth minister at his church and advocated for community members to resolve their differences peacefully.

PB said...

The fact that so much effort is going into stopping Trump getting there is proof that he's the real thing and needs to get there. It's really flushed out America's finest and most telegenic turncoats and traitors.

Proudyt said...

Angry white guy chants ? We haven't even begun to get as angry as we need to be ! If this bitch gets in it will be the beginning of the end and then they'll see some angry white guy's.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to those who run the MSM, none of this will be heard or read by the voting public. They will remain low information voters.
I really wonder how many black on White attacks occurred after the feral people watched the nat turner movie," they" claim it was a flop.....I wonder what the real facts are.
I read in Breitbart that Charleston, WV will be getting a dose of diversity via an influx of syrians. Now that is a state capitol, why aren't their elected officials raising a stink about that?
Face it, in this election, in today's amurrica, you take your life in your hands going to a DJT rally or having a Trump bumper sticker. Hillary's brownshirts are violent.

Anonymous said...

Waving tiny flags and Chanting U-S-A during Clinton's speech ("togetherness") that's what America is all about.

Clinton thinks America is a Dr. Pepper Commercial. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Not only does America NOT know about the wall to wall crime being committed in this country, they don't know anything about how corrupt the Hillary campaign is. If it weren't so serious, it would be humorous, the way the media keeps things under wraps. I don't think that more than a quarter of this country knows what we know. Not about politics or crime. Sad days ahead. It will be very difficult to watch. Throwing out the tv and setting the radio dial to an oldies station seem to be the order of the day. Knowing you guys are out there gives me comfort.

Anonymous said...

I'm an angry White woman. Does Hillary hate me too? Can I still vote for Trump? (sarcasm on)

Mutant Swarm said...

Proudyt said...

Angry white guy chants ? We haven't even begun to get as angry as we need to be ! If this bitch gets in it will be the beginning of the end and then they'll see some angry white guy's.

October 12, 2016 at 5:35 AM

It's when the white guys STOP chanting that hell will break loose. The Saxon has definitely begun to hate.

Anonymous said...


Remember, Refugee Policy for USA is set by UN.

I am told Agenda 2030 policy and out traffic rules are set by UN.

Anonymous said...

It's fixed either way! If that POS Hillary gets in it was because of fraud and "the powers to be" want her there. If Trump gets in it will be said by the left the elections were hacked by the Russians. We are in a lose lose situation. I am not a huge Trumpy fan, but I like him better than any other shitty candidate the GOP has put out in many years.

Get ready for a huge damn mess people... it's coming.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are right. But I still cant bring myself to vote for a democrat, and I live in a hellhole run by democrats (Chicago). Im too young, I dont think I can withstand these idiots for the rest of my life. Democrats ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

I read that Traverse City, Michigan is in for a dose of refugees. That ought to go over well. Work really hard your whole life to have a bunch of people move in so that you can support them. When this administration let the Middle East fall into the hands of isis, they knew exactly what they were doing. How is this little fiasco keeping us out of other countries problems???? We have brought their problems right into our homes.

Anonymous said...

Just bought 1,000 rounds of 9mm to add to my collection.

Anonymous said...

speaking of that yt jogger, it's high time that we emulated the EU's soon to be enacted "White Pussy" laws

1) if you are a successful islamic invader of a now Conquered european country, you are fully entitled to act out your lust which has been fanned & inflamed by slutty white girls prancing around in hardly any clothes

2) if you are a native, white woman you best keep your inflammatory ass at home & not go out in public without a phalanx of male family members surrounding you

3) Beating. kicking, assaulting a yt woman is no more of a crime than raping her hot white ass which means it's no crime at all. Her existence is her CONSENT

4) No age limits apply to the enjoyment of White Pussy. Be they young, be they old, enjoy the infidel bitches as Allah fully intended Believers to enjoy them

with minor tailoring to substitute black or sub-saharan for "islamic" these laws would confirm & cement what is already sexual reality in north american social fascist state

We await the dissolution of the USA & it's replacement by the North American African Republic

White Pussy Laws will solve a Hole lot of problems in both Europe & North America

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Gee, if only we had a model to see what would happen if you bring hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslim refuges into an area.

Oh, wait - Europe! That worked out okay, right?

Father Thyme said...

I think once you quit hearing "USA,USA," the rest is soon to foller. --No Country for White Men.

nobody said...

Off topic. a nog in Tulsa, paid a nog from St. Louis to kill his nog girlfriend who was seven months pregnant. HILLARY, Obama, Al, Jesse Car 54 Where are you.

Anonymous said...

Attention people of the world: I am leaving my front door unlocked as well as the side garage door, the back door, and the door from the garage to the interior of my home. Please feel free to enter my home, and help yourselves to my food, clothing, and utilities. If you're tired, please feel free to sleep in my king sized bed with all down comforters and pillows. Need to go out for something? Help yourself to one of the three cars in the garage. My bank card will be on the kitchen counter. If you need to contact either myself or my husband please call our office. We will be working 16 hour days so that you can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Sick fucks!

Anonymous said...

Proudyt said...

Angry white guy chants ? We haven't even begun to get as angry as we need to be ! If this bitch gets in it will be the beginning of the end and then they'll see some angry white guy's.

I hope to GOD your right!!! How much more can we take? Everywhere you look we're under attack. The streets. TV & media. Sporting events. It's become blatantly obvious at this point. Exterminate Whitey!!! Keep the faith gang!


Anonymous said...

Partially funded by the Just Us Dept.
Can you imagine the waste the HNIC has blown through?
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Looks like Trump will lose. Too bad , but not all bad. I plan on voting for him but all Democratics down ballot. It is time to destroy the GOPe. It is useless for us now. They have shown themselves to be globalist and anti-White. They may as well be Democratics and I don't think they have any use for us anymore.

It is time to let things blow up. . . “

It doesn't look good based on traditional polls, but I have not given up on Trump. I'm certainly no election expert, but over the years it has been unusual for a candidate with as many enthusiastic supporters as Trump to lose. The corruption and dishonesty of the DNC, party elites, and media makes it impossible to accurately assess Trump's position in the election. The polls simply don't reflect what I'm seeing at televised rallies. Because Trump has been portrayed by the media and party elites of both parties as a wacky oddball I suspect that many people won't admit to a pollster that they support Trump. Now, if they dredge up a video of Trump calling Saint Shitavious a n-word we should probably start making serious plans for a short Clinton Presidency until her health completely fails to be followed by a Kaine Presidency. I believe that Kaine is who the left wants, but they need Clinton to get him into place without his having to win an election.

I would recommend casting your vote to replace establishment Republicans who have demonstrated that they are satisfied with the status quo with a different Republican as an alternative to voting straight Democrat. All Democrats are worse than most Republicans, and we don't need any more of them.

Anonymous said...

But I keep seeing these bumper stickers that say, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention".

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Wikileaks recently released one of Hillary's private talks with important people where she admitted that she is now out of touch with common Americans because of her new financial status as a rich person. For once she seems to be speaking the truth. I honestly believe that she has no idea what these “common” Americans will do then they become truly angry, nor does she realize how close they are to making that transformation.

Anonymous said...

O/T: Saint SUV's toxicology report's been leaked. High on PCP.

Saint SUV is Terrence Crutcher, the unarmed felon shot and killed by an Oklahoma City police woman. So many of these saints it's hard to keep track.


An autopsy report for Terence Crutcher released by the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office showed the 40-year-old man had ingested PCP and another hallucinogen called tenocyclidine, or TCP.

Anybody know if PCP use would have a negating effect on taser use?

Anonymous said...

These United States are our birthright. Our ancestors toiled and sacrificed and perished to bequeath us this land. I for one am not letting go of it without a fight. Bring it on.

Illisheet said...

Wyoming is the only state in the Union that does not accept refugees. I don't believe they ever have, either.

Never did I think that in my life, I'd want to move to such a place, but the idea keeps getting better by the day. I'm so sick of every brown and black human being on this planet. The badlands of Wyoming sound like paradise to me.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Anonymous @9:42 am.

PCP is a drug known for giving it's users seemingly superhuman strength. That, and a psychotic break so extreme it leads to horrific violence. Having worked on a drug crisis intervention team in the 60's, I can say "Angels Dust", as it was called then, was our worst nightmare. Seriously, you would not believe how powerfully users would fight being restrained. In my opinion, you could consider a user to be armed, that's how bad they were.

One thing more, most white kids did not like the PCP experience, they would try it once, and that was enough. Blacks, on the other hand, seemed to really enjoy it. I suspect a difference in brain chemistry, or function, is responsible.

Illisheet said...

My mother was an RN for 25 years, some of it spent at a major Chicago hospital. She told me simply that the only way to subdue someone on PCP is to kill them. Tranquilizers do not work. You will never get close enough to them to strap them down. They can destroy whole units of a hospital. I've personally witnessed that. Tasers can stop their hearts if they have a preexisting condition OR if used too many times, but otherwise you're fighting a losing battle.

She told me a story about a 14-year-white boy out when she was in Southern California in the late 70s, thin as a rail with no real muscle to speak of. Kid got a hold of PCP and was uncontrollable for several hours, sending 6 of her fellow RNs downstairs to the emergency room with shattered bones. He was flinging chairs around like they were dollhouse toys. It only ended when the drug wore off. Kid apparently didn't remember any of it.

PCP and its effects are perhaps the most dangerous thing that a human or humanoid can imbibe. You cannot defend against it. If such a reversal agent exists I would sure like to know about it.

chattanooga gal said...

" in for a dose of refugees."
I remember someone once saying " we have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here" I didn't realize that today's crop of politicians took that to mean we should bring them over here to fight.....

Baron Münchhausen said...

The feel good story for today:


“What I think is anyone who gives free food to people is doing them a favor,” Girodes told the I-Team. “Get a bunch of people who say it’s offensive and let me go into their neighborhood and give it out for free and see if they take it.”

The Baron

Proudyt said...

I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of large numbers of Americans. Even if your not white you have to be a moron not to see who and what she is. Four more years of Obama or worse seems to be our future. Hillary said white people need to wake up to what blacks go through ? I'm guessing a few years from now there will be a huge awakening.

Anonymous said...

What is up with that rat bastard Geraldo Rivera? He is alleging that he has uncovered tapes of his interviews with Trump where Trump made statements that, “in the context of the current climate,” would be embarrassing for Trump. His language is puzzling in that it seems to suggest that the statements only became bad “in the current climate” and were not bad before. If they were bad before, why did he wait until now to publicize them? He and his brother are going through these old tapes now to find the embarrassing ones. It almost seems as if the statements were okay with Rivera so long as he could keep interviewing Trump, but he now sees a profit opportunity in betraying the person who granted the interviews. I wonder how Rivera will be able to edit out his tacit approval of the comments if he doesn't interrupt Trump during the interview and suggest to avoid such language.

Now that the First Amendment is gone and PC operates retroactively for white men we must be very careful not to say anything that is bad or could become bad in some future climate. As John Anderson sings in Freedom Isn't Free - “You don't back a man up against the wall.” I'm beginning to feel crowded.

Race said...

I second that. I am not willing to cede one square foot of land. The only long term solution would be permanent separation....they have to go to their native habitat.

Race said...

PCP has a negating effect on everything except their own mind.

PB said...

I recall when PCP first started appearing and American Police were demanding the right to shoot to kill if they even suspected someone was on it.

Anonymous said...

The hardest part of any human effort, journey, endeavour, battle etc. is the first step forward. Most people are cowards. Afraid of failure, humiliation, defeat, social judgement etc. The thing to realise is that our enemies, with their wealth, power, influence, media control etc. are just as scared if not more so than us. We need to cast off the shackles of fear that have weighed us down for decades and realise our enemies are just vulnerable as us. They exert so much effort to control us because they're scared of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hillary, I already know what blacks go through. In my 60 years I've had them go through my basement window. I've had them go through my garage. I've had them go through my corvette stingray. I've had them go through my back door and into my kitchen. I've had them go through my purse and steal my wallet. I've had them go through the alley to chase me home from school. Fuck you Mrs. C. The list is longer than that. Now we've watched one go through the White House for eight years. The result of it...TRAGIC.

Anonymous said...

Hey SNL!

Do a Maury Povitch parody sketch with bill clinton and the black hooker getting dna results about the bastard son he denies having. and have TRUMP play the Maury character!! Hysterical!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . If Trump gets in it will be said by the left the elections were hacked by the Russians. . . “

If, for the sake of argument, we say that the Russians hacked the DNC server and other sources of Hillary's emails, why do people persist in thinking that it is because Putin is a Trump ally? If Russia is responsible for the hacking it is quite likely that they merely want to eff-up and discredit the entire American election process while making any American politician look like a fool on the world stage. Why would Putin dislike Hillary when she gave Russia control of 20% of America's Uranium production and let them do what they want in the Middle East and the Ukraine? Putin can get anything from Hillary that America has to offer simply by paying her for it. They most likely would have hacked Hillary's email because Hillary is the only one stupid and careless enough to be hacked. If Trump was as easily hackable, he would already have been hacked. In fact, there are probably more hackers probing Trump's computers than are probing Hillary's. Hillary is the low hanging fruit for a hacker.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the second commenter for bringing up what I have been thinking/feeling for weeks.

We are less than a month away from the election and Hillary has been averaging a campaign appearance of once a week. Has any other candidate in the history of the presidency taken so much private rest time between public appearances at this point in the campaign? If you check out her schedule she is having surrogates do all the work for her while she is MIA. We are told her coalition isn't excited and that she is losing support and then all of the sudden she is magically 10 points ahead the next day. The email leaks include damning evidence that the election was rigged against Bernie, that she is in the pocket of Wall Street, and that she has public and private two-faced positions.

They can't find anything on Trump except a tape of him talking crudely in private over ten years ago and then all of the sudden die hard members of the GOP are turning rank and getting behind Hillary. All of the news stories are about Trump and they are not "news" stories. One article was listed on the top of Yahoo's news feed as "need to know" and it talked about Trump's 80's playboy image. The other articles at Google and other news aggregators have "news" articles that bash Trump in the title or question his fitness of the presidency. It is so obvious that all of mainstream media is in bed with Clinton and they aren't even trying to appear even a little non-partisan. Even liberals are admitting this and noting how eerie it all is.

She stated very clearly that she is all for open borders and letting in hundreds of thousands of unvetted (mostly male and young) Syrian "refugees" and not deporting illegals in this country who have committed serious crimes. She has gotten behind BLM and kissed their @sses. She has talked very seriously about taking away citizen's only means to reasonably defend themselves against black thugs and rapists.

Stop believing the polls as they have become nothing more than psychological warfare with no rationale behind them. Keep up your comments, and keep informing people. If they are able to rig the election and install her she will make Obama look like an effective president by the time we are done with her.

Anonymous said...

@ illisheet

I moved to Wyoming July of last year.

From central Illinois. Everyone here knows why.

I've "Gone Galt."

I have been closely following the decline of Killinois since the turn of the century.

As I like to say, "Last one out of the state, turn off the light. If it hasn't been stolen."

BTW, the place I landed here?

Welcome to Whiteopia.

Mayberry, circa 1950.

With computers.

Everything east of the Mississippi is going to burn, I think.

Anonymous said...

It took me plus 6 other armed men to get a naked negro (6'3", 275lbs, 35yo, with prison muscle) controlled. Im a big guy too. The fight was on, I nearly shot him cuz he bit one the other guys. This was over 10 years ago... he still went to the hospital but it was different rules of engagement then. We were all winded, but he couldve kept on goin.

Anonymous said...

that discussion of Anderson Cooper,


Cooper was educated at the Dalton School, a private co-educational university preparatory day school in New York City. At age 17, after graduating from Dalton a semester early, Cooper traveled around Africa for several months on a "survival trip".

He contracted malaria on the trip and was hospitalized in Kenya.

Describing the experience, Cooper wrote "Africa was a place to forget and be forgotten in.'

Anonymous said...

"They hate you". Yes, they certainly do. When I vote for our glorious leader, Donald Trump, on election day, I will also have the satisfaction of giving the middle finger to American's vile media, academic, hollyweird and political elite. Whatever the outcome, we, as a unique and beleaguered people, have to continue protesting our demographic displacement with low-IQ foreigners and the heinous black criminal assault on us.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the comments section in this article , especially those who live in So. Ca.The changing demographics is already showing up. Not good news for the white population.

Anonymous said...

its possible the last kick to the head cured her of her liberalism. possible, not probable

Brian in Ohio said...

Mutant Swarm said...________________________________
It's when the white guys STOP chanting that hell will break loose. The Saxon has definitely begun to hate.
October 12, 2016 at 7:32 AM

Exactly. Or as they use to say in the Marines in regards to morale, "If the troops aren't bitching, then somethings wrong."

Silence can be deafening.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Sick n' Tired said...

He's right, that food would be gone in 15 mins, and then the fights/riots would break out from the ones who showed up late. Part of his problem as well is the fact that Harlem has been getting gentirified for the last 15 years. SJWs and hipsters started moving in because real estate was cheap. It pushed a lot of the section 8 nogs out, who took their vouchers and moved to upstate NY towns like Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, and Poughkeepsie. They were able to live like kings because they were still getting the same amount of free rent money (say $2K) adjusted for city prices, but could rent an entire house for $1000-$1500. Of course they brought all their drugs, crime, and dysfunction with them to the new towns, who began seeing an increase in crime.

Anonymous said...

We need a political ad that essentially says:


SKIP said...


There is no difference between republicans and democrats now,except the spelling. Consider, republicans have controlled congress AND senate now for some time and yet, the HNIC has trampled over them at every turn. The recent much publicized VETO of one of the HNIC EXECUTIVE ORDER is being reconsidered, Paul Ryan says the congress "may have acted to hastily" I heard the fuckin coward say it. Guarantee the veto will be rescinded behind closed doors.

Lulu said...

Anonymous 3:10 Amen brother, Amen!

Ex New Yorker said...

For ILLSHEET about Wyoming. The place is fantastic. Miles of open country with no traffic jams. Even the BIG CITIES in Wyoming are still small compared to the rest of America. I've seen so many beautiful little towns that haven't changed much since the 60's.

There are some places to avoid....

Any towns with meat packing operations.

Stay away from the coal towns. No clean water to drink.

The oil company towns in the North are bad news, especially where fracking is taking place. A lot of riff raff and Meth coming in from the oil fields in the Dakotas.

Towns like like Jackson Hole and other ski lodge towns are to high brow for my taste.

Don't move to close to any feed lots or pig farms.

A lot of Summer traffic in the North because of Mount Rushmore and Sturges.

During the cattle drives back in the 1880's no Mexicans were allowed into the high plains areas. The best thing is the population is white. Most are cowboys and I truly cannot find anything bad to say about cowboys. Cowboys are the last real Americans. None of them want to take a piss in women's bathrooms. They have been living on the land for generations and know how to survive. Surviving at this point in time is important.

No crime. After Katrina some jigs were moved into Cheyenne but most were in jail within a few weeks. A few Mexicans here and there but their homegrown and part of the landscape.

Anonymous said...

I don't think even most of the readers here realize just how many third-worlders are POURING into the US right now. My township here in metro Detroit was a nice, middle-class White suburb for most of the 40 years I've lived in it. Almost overnight, it has a huge muslim school, several very large Hindu temples (at least one funded with Medicare/Medicaid fraud), a Sikh temple, and who knows what else. Flocks of muslims in hijabs are seen everywhere. Seeing a woman in the full burka, with just an eyeslit is not uncommon. Add to this hordes of Section 8 negroes, who have taken over entire apartment complexes, and our once-nice hometown is ruined. The doors to America are wide open, and both the Dems and the rat-bastard Repubs are waving in all comers.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @6:51pm. Not sure what twp. you live in, but southeast Michigan is really screwed. It looks so bad here since Detroit was poured out into the suburbs. Everywhere you look there are blacks and Muslims. The Muslim women with just the eye slits are really hard to look at. I find their presence very disturbing and almost an "in your face" insult. I was in a restaurant recently when a group of men and women came in . The men were dressed in western attire, but the women were all in black with just the eye slits. When their food was served the women removed their face cover. YIKES! If these women were covered to keep men from lusting after them, forget about it. I wanted to throw them a bic razor on my way out of the restaurant. Every suburb of Detroit was nice. Until 2000 rolled around and Detroit started to spill out. Like cock roaches scurrying when the lights go on. Hey blacks and muzzies, clean up your areas. You folks are Pigs! Stop littering and get a lawn mower. (I don't mean a goat either)

Anonymous said...

It's when the white guys STOP chanting that hell will break loose. The Saxon has definitely begun to hate.


The Italian has never stopped hating what the negro...and the liberals...have done to this nation...to the world.

Philadelphia Mike

Mr. Rational said...

The Italian has never stopped hating what the negro...and the liberals...have done to this nation...to the world.

Some of us are still none too happy about what the Italians did to America, not that they'd understand.  But if we can expel the kebabs, beaners, moolies and (((the tribe))) the rest of us aren't likely to have trouble getting along.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Notice where they are choosing to settle these refugees, they aren't sending them to NYC, LA, or San Fran, but in red states like NC, and then cry about having to show a photo id to vote is unconstitutional and rayciss.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! You might be right. Those white guys may start shooting, but it won't be cops. It will be those damn criminals after the liberal democrats disarm the police.


AnalogMan said...

Illisheet said...

Wyoming is the only state in the Union that does not accept refugees. I don't believe they ever have, either.

Not for lack of trying.

Governor of Wyoming plans to flood state with high risk Conglese refugees at taxpayer expense

That was two years ago. I doubt he's given up, and I'm sure he's not alone. These progressives are like rust - they never sleep, never quit.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Anybody else here think Hillary couldn't find her ass with both hands, let alone know what it means to be an American? All the leaked info we were never meant to know show she is nothing but a two bit clerk for the global elite, who doesn't give a damn for America. Did you notice Bill, and her hell spawn Chelsea at the last debate? You could see the hatred, and anger at being forced to face his deeds in front of the whole world. Both their brains were squirming like a bag full of snakes as they sat there fronting composure. Sleazy Bill couldn't hide the insane anger, you know he was on the phone as soon as he was out of the public's eye demanding vengeance.

Of course all the shill media, and I'm ashamed to call them media, they're unabashed hit men for Hillary, her orc army awaiting orders from the depths of Mordor from her, hit the public consciousness with cock and bull stories about Trump abusing women. Not even very imaginative, but what can you expect from such narcissistic, shallow thinkers. Hillary should give up politics, and go back to doing what she does best, being a night terror hag in dreams. Moe Szyslak in the Simpsons once said " You know when your dog has a bad dream? That's who I pray to." Want that for the next president?