Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A MAGA Sun Rose This Morning

Trump has just been given the key to unlock the next era of western civilization
Now do you understand what is happening?

To paraphrase a great quote from Men in Black (which I Tweeted out May 3, 2016):
Sixteen months ago, everybody knew that Donald J. Trump had no chance to win the GOP Nomination. Six months ago, everybody knew that Donald J. Trump had no chance to beat Hillary Clinton. And just one day ago, you knew that you were alone in worrying what would become of a white minority in America. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Be sharp the next two months.
Cornered rats are dangerous.
The Free Shit Army of the cupcake/snowflake generation is in tantrum mode.
Anti-Trump protest in Seattle just had five people shot some with life threatening injuries.
If Hussein the Rat tries martial law then the second American revolution starts right there.

Anonymous said...

15 minutes after Trump finished his speech, Putin was on the air congratulating Trump at 11:36 am, Moscow Time

Vladimir Putin expresses hope for joint work to steer Russia-US relations out of crisis

MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a message of greeting to Donald Trump upon his victory in the US presidential election.

As the Kremlin’s press-service has said Putin expressed the hope “for joint work to steer Russian-US relations out of the critical condition and also to address crucial issues on the international agenda and identify effective responses to challenges to global security.”

Putin also expressed the certainty that “a constructive dialog between Moscow and Washington, based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and realistic attitude towards each other’s positions meets the interests of the people of our countries and the entire world community.”

Putin wished Trump success in his new capacity as the head of state that implied great responsibility.

Anonymous said...

“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” — Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike said...

Even Pennsylvania went Trump!!!!

Philadelphia Mike

Ex New Yorker said...

I made a trip today into the "big city" to replace my stash of kitty litter. One of the problems living in a small town is being able to secure a local supply of kitty litter. Talking to the people I know was beautiful. We were just kind of dumb founded. Trump had won. Everyone was in a kind of daze. It was over. The wicked witch was gone.

It was a nice warm day. Driving home the prairie shinned like gold as the sun went down. I had this nice mellow feeling. I haven't felt like this in a long time. Like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. It is finally over. No more of the Hillary zombie. That's how she looked to me. Like some damn zombie.

In town people wave when you see each other. Today everyone stuck their thumbs up and had a big smile. What a long weird trip it's been. I will sleep good tonight.

Anonymous said...

Someone said the liberals are already planning who they want to run in 4 years.

We need to keep them out of the White House for 8. We need time to dismantle cuckservatvism and reduce liberalism in Whites.

Cuckservatism can be destroyed within 4 years. We need to remove the authority of the establishment conservative press. As with liberals they cannot maintain their narrative in open debate.

Cuckservative target list:
New Republic
Erick Erickson (now pretending to like Trump)
Red State
Glenn Beck
Anything Bush

Paintjob Theory said...

Off topic, but possibly not, a few years back I was doing some west coast tourism and was visiting a friend in Simi Valley, California. While asking around what else there was to do in the area the gal at the hotel suggested the Ronald Reagan Library.

Let me tell you folks, Ronald Reagan is like cryptonite to negroes. He scares them more than ghosts, dogs, or paternity tests. There wasn't a black face within at least 10 miles of the place and it was really a beautiful museum with some great historical artifacts including Airforce One from the time period (which was surprisingly spartan, I suspect the current version looks like Soul Plane). Anyway, I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. Yeah, I know Reagan was a Marxist (they used to call him Red Ronnie), but dammit he was a real man's man and just an all around charismatic statesman. Someone you were proud of having represent your country on the world stage.

As far as my predictions for the next 4-8 years, I'd love for those of you celebrating our salvation to be able to tell me "I told you so" a couple years from now, but after a lifetime of being spoonfed bullshit, I'm not very easily convinced of anything these days.

In case my last comment on yesterday's story doesn't get published, I'll say it again, watching all the leftist thumb-suckers crying and having panic attacks was solid gold.

Bird of Paradise said...

I see where a bunch of the usial unisersity useful idiots took to the streets to riot vandalize and set fires and say Trump wasnt their president well then they can just pack up and leave america and never come back we certianly dont need these little bolsheveks let them go live in castros paradise CUBA

Elliot Foley said...

All day long I have been thinking of this quote from the movie "300".

"The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood
against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can

-King Leonidas

chattanooga gal said...

"I see where a bunch of the usial unisersity useful idiots took to the streets to riot vandalize and set fires "
you have to remember, they have to do it NOW, as, after January they won't be given " room to destroy" and might actually be arrested for looting and mugging and blocking traffic....

Anonymous said...

No black support
+ less female support
= Hillary loss.

Enjoy your "tolerance" and put another "Co-Exist" bumper sticker on your old Yugo.
Now back to your safe zone!

Anonymous said...

I was watching Chris Hayes on MSNBC last night, and they were saying it is okay for minority groups to vote their interest's, but when White people vote their interest's that is a problem.

So what they seemed to be saying is whites should vote against their interest's, unless I misunderstood what they said, but it sure sounded like it.

I think it would be stupid to vote against ones own interest.

Anonymous said...

President Trump. The negroes need you to save them. Immediate massive sweeps of ghettoes to get rid of illegal guns and drugs that plague their communities. House to house. Put Ted Nugent in charge.

Save the negroes!!

Anonymous said...

Just a side note in Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing's trial for shooting Samuel Dubose went to the jury yesterday and will continue today.

Bird of Paradise said...

The american voters have spoken and made their choice so these fat lazy collage snowflakes might as well get used to it



Tell me that the words "TRUMP-FORCE-ONE" doesn't sound great.

Little skinny used to be the HNIC obama is truly pissed off cause his finger puppet Hillary R. Clinton isn't going to be controlled in the White-House because the bitch lost. But in her loss our America WON BIG-TIME!

I hope DT gets one of those President Elect podiums like silly Barry Soetoro did when he won 8 years ago.
And watch if DT does use that title on that podium how The Marxist Media goes apeshit about DT not respecting the outgoing negro in chief. Even though barrack h. obama did the same thing to G.W. Bush (and I believe Obama was the first to do that in typical negro fashion I might add) Clinton spent about 1 billion dollars and had the MSM in her front pocket and still lost.

Now the MSM pundits are calling us White voters racist ( not like that hasn't been said many, many times before?) for not voting for the White woman instead of opting to vote for the White male. Can't win, but fuck em we did win and I'm not a racist. I'm just a race realist!

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Sick n' Tired said...

I find it funny that all these people outraged by Trump winning say they are moving to Canada, and never Mexico, Venezuela, or any African countries.

Anonymous said...

I love that all of the cities where the hillary supporters are protesting and stopping traffic and destroying shit are all in states that hillary won.

They're essentially punishing hillary voters because they are angry hillary lost.


Anonymous said...

The age of the rabid monkey is closing.


CHI GUY said...

There will be more of this to come my friends, be proud but stay safe....

Anonymous said...

Thank you America for electing Donald Trump to be your next president, it is a momentous event and one which gives heart to those of us in the Rest of the West; that we shall not pass quietly into the night under the weight of destructive, uncontrolled immigration by unassimilable foreigners into our countries.

That "Cometh the hour, cometh the man" will happen over here too, but remembering that it was the people of the U.S. who initiated the resistance.

Again, thank you.

oogabooga said...

"Yeah, I know Reagan was a Marxist (they used to call him Red Ronnie)"

Really, never heard that. Can Paintjob Theory offer some factual proof on this? Thanks cuppers.

Let's enjoy the Trump fantasy while it lasts. At least until 1/20/17 when he makes fools of all his supporters.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they try this shit with me or someone from my "posse" y'all?

Fu*king Animals!


Anonymous said...


Reagan was a sell out creep who did the first amnesty.
that amnesty [+ 1965 Im act] spelled the end of White America.

and some of the afro unrest we see is due to their displacement by yellows and browns.

Anonymous said...

Well, it’s official. It’s the first time in history a white billionaire will occupy public housing that was vacated by a black family!

Truth Corps said...

We've dodged a bullet by electing Trump. Use that time wisely. The left will likely attempt to make this a 4 year long protest. I still haven't forgotten how nasty they were to GW Bush for his entire Presidency, but they weren't violent. Things have changed. They are going to Chimpout when he nominates a White conservative to the SCOTUS.
I don't think Trump will be able to walk back 18 Trillion in debt-so the ultimate collapse is still coming, he will just buy us some time. Arm up White man. Taboos are going to be shattered this term and the left wants a Revolution. Be ready when it happens.

Buy firearms/ammo, food, water, medicines and first aid. Be self sufficient and move to a rural location. See you all on Lexington Green.

Semper Fi and Happy Birthday to my fellow US Marines here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Nobody else here has ever heard of Drudge Report.

Pat Boyle said...

I suppose that if I really thought I could predict the future I might be depressed today. I was pretty sure that Hillary would win. I'm so glad to have been wrong.

I watched the Fox News election coverage sitting in front of the TV without moving for many hours. It was like a the unfolding of a political miracle. I still think Mrs. Clinton is very sick. She may get indicted but she is unlikely to spend a day behind bars. Her Parkinson's will get her back in the headlines soon.

In retrospect it looks more and more as if Barrack Obama had had the destruction of American institutions as his top priority. He seems to have measured his political positions on a scale of how much they would damage traditional American values. I expect him (or his nasty wife) to reveal deep hatred of white people in some unguarded remark.

I presume that this is the end of all that goofy Global Warming nonsense. If he were wise Trump would simply abolish the EPA. He could give them a medal or a ribbon and a nice speech, but the EPA has gone too far astray. Get rid of it.

The question of blacks is not so simple. The main problem with blacks is that they are the least intelligent of the major races. Putting Trump in the White House won't fix that. Blacks have been slowly sinking as they fall further and further behind. Trump would like to slow that slide but there is little he can do. Blacks are doomed.

Both of the Clintons seem to be in bad health. Bill is likely to simply fall over dead but Hillary is likely to be a long term invalid kept out of the public eye - like Michael J. Fox.

It used to be that one wouldn't call a Presidential candidate an "American Firster" - all Presidential candidates were just assumed to put America first. But that hasn't been true with those smarty Democrats for some time. Hillary Clinton thinks it's sophisticated to put the interests of foreigners before the interests of Americans. That viewpoint was repudiated by America yesterday.

Hooray for our side.


Anonymous said...

I hate to come across as unsympathetic with little or no understanding, but,” better them than me!” I’m talking about the small minded little babies, protesting, showing their disappointment at getting their feelings hurt and not getting their way. I’m talking about “Blacks Leave Misery” still showing their true colors after a spanking with low character temper tantrums and hissy fits, usually associated with spoiled rotten little children.

I can point the middle finger too. I’m pointing it right at good ol’ George Soros, “Ha! Get some!” He probably won’t be able to get it up for a month no matter how much Viagra he eats. In your face punk.

This time his money is not going to shout us down. We spoke our mind and we were heard, now it’s up to the crybabies to get over it and join the crowd of winners.

We Americans are pulling out and we are pushing forward. Get your panties out of a wad, pull up your pants, cover your tattoo’s, take out your nose and eye brow rings and get your emotional breakdown in check, then “get up to speed with the winners!”

Hurry up and figure out what you want to be. American or all the other things that are not. Get with the program or get out of the way!

Hey! I’m not so negro fatigued today. What do ya know!

Anonymous said...

Did Hillary get Trampled? No!
Did Hillary get Crumpled? No!
Hillary go TRUMPLED!!!!!!!!!!

....P-Town Correspondent

Anonymous said...

No way 👲

Bud said...

If you want to know the quality of the man you elected read this and please watch the video.

I find it entertaining that NATO is sabre rattling against Russia since DJT has said we are being screwed by them. We need to work until 70 to pay the defense of people that retire at 50 with 6 weeks vacation each year.

I suspect that DJT wants to fix inner cities and give blacks the jobs to get rid of the blight. It will be interesting to see that whites are paying for blacks to destroy the cities that they have destroyed.

Be careful, they are really stirred up.

Anonymous said...

If you are without words when a black person talks about the election:

"Sorry, I don't think I can help you".

"HRC would have won if BHO didn't step in to help".

Anonymous said...

Actually sad that Trump won. He won't ship the groids back to Africa. And that's the only answer.

Hillary would have been so awful, that a few years with her at the helm there would have been a REAL revolution and the anger we all know is there would have come out in a burst of action and the orcs would be sent packing. Now will be a bit better, but the orcs will still be here, breeding, and you're paying for it via taxes.

Sometimes to solve a problem you need to make it bigger.

Anonymous said...

Watch this video...

Spread it....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know Reagan was a Marxist (they used to call him Red Ronnie)

I have actually never hear anyone call him a Marxist.

I have no problem with the guy. But I do have a problem with naive conservatives that still believe someone like Reagan can turn the US into a multi-racial version of leave it to beaver.

Low taxes and strong moral values will not turn Africans into Europeans. The sooner that conservatives accept this the sooner they can work towards real solutions.

Oh and I saw CNN talking about Alt-Right today. They said it was Alt-right that basically elected him. A bit of an exaggeration but it is true that only Alt-right has challenged the liberal media. Fox only half supported him after the nomination.

Speaking of Fox this is pretty funny:

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of work to be done, and I think Trump's 4 yrs won't be enough.

Solving a problem by making it too big does not work. There is a critical mass, and Hillary's rule would have made the problem exceed the critical mass to make a Haiti-like 'solution' inevitable.

Anonymous said...

"Reagan was a sell out creep who did the first amnesty.
that amnesty [+ 1965 Im act] spelled the end of White America."

We also remember him for signing MLK Day into law. In fairness though, it must be said that Congress passed the law with a bi-partisan, veto-proof majority (338 to 90 in the House of Representatives and 78 to 22 in the Senate). There has always been great popular support for white racial suicide in America.

Anonymous said...

Don't necessarily agree. Continued non human behavior from our diverse bipeds will cause our united, entirely Republican government to be re-elected for another four, and to cut off their funding, insuring that another generation of these orcs are simply not born. Not to mention to enabling us to fix the problem ourselves. This stuff is not rocket science. Anything anywhere is completely different under a conservative head versus a liberal one.

Anonymous said...

No, they'll continue to chimp out for another four years and get him and all the other republicans reelected. They will decimate the extortion we've been paying to these monsters, and an entire generation of them will not be born. It's about to get a LOT better. Turn out in four years and RE-ELECT them all.

And for God sakes, stop listening to their music or associating with them.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Can Paintjob Theory offer some factual proof on this? "

Try your favorite search engine. It's not a big secret and numerous sources claim that to have been his nickname when he was president of the Screen Actors Guild. I had heard that nickname back in the mid 90's so it's not like it's something new that just cropped up on the internet. Of course his "choice" of George the first as a running mate is quite telling as well.

Coincidentally he was a lifelong Democrat that somehow had a change of heart in his golden years.... sound familiar?

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Anonymous said...

The feeling I got watching Trump get declared the winner was amazing. For me, it meant I wasn't alone - that there are others like me.

Anonymous said...

The left isn't done , the media isn't done . They are ready for war. This is only the beginning . Think about what just happened ... their entire agenda has been repudiated . Let's all take a second to sip our drinks and enjoy this moment - for it won't be long and the wolves will be back at the front door . What we have proven is that the silent majority still has control of the country and we thwarted their final nail in our coffins . Now we are awake and the media suppression of reality will no longer have a stranglehold as the left and their outrage becomes more and more apparent. The sleeping giant has awoken .... soak it in and relish it like a fine wine - this is the moment we have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR .... FOR A LONG TIME!

Anonymous said...

No. The best thing the orcs could do for themselves for the next four years is act like human beings. But they're incapable of that. He can't send them 'back to Africa' But he can cut their funding and end them.

Good riddance cockroaches. Loooong overdue.

Awakened white said...

NY Trumper, worse than animals that's an insult to animals, I wish they came down my street, they won't make it home alive that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Well, it’s official. It’s the first time in history a white billionaire will occupy public housing that was vacated by a black family!

Yeah, as soon as Obama removes all of that JJ from Good Times period art adorning the walls!


Anonymous said...

Nugent and or Arpaio, who should head ICE

Ex New Yorker said...

As we all know Trump will now make slavery legal again. I have been talking with some of the local ranchers and cowboys about what kind of money it would take to buy a good slave. I was shocked at what I found out.

The slave market out here would not be so good. Ranchers will only buy a slave if it was able to RIDE A HORSE. The only slaves brought in from Chicago or Detroit that will sell are the ones that can "ride and rope". I know this sounds like racism. It is not. The ranchers would also not buy any white slaves brought in from Ireland unless they could ride a horse. There might be an exception for young Irish women but only if they were good looking.

Bill in St Louis said...

Isn't it nice for the (elect) POTUS to get respect from world leaders instead of being treated like a $2.00 whore in ripped fishnets?

Pat Boyle said...

It's Thursday and the leftists are rioting all over the place. They are not taking the Trump victory with much grace. One place where they report demonstrations is here in Oakland. Let me explain that for those who aren't so lucky as to live in Oakland.

I only know that there have been demonstrations in Oakland because I read it on the Internet. I wouldn't know it from personal experience because of the way modern cities are now constructed.

A few years ago I went to Ireland and England. We stayed in downtown London when we were in England. We went to Covent Garden to see Flying Dutchman (staring an American). It was a mild summer night and we ate dinner at a wonderful Indian restaurant and walked back to the hotel.

It was all I could do to keep from crying.

We have lost so much with the blacks taking over our central cities. They still have Western culture and civilization in London but there is no American city where side walk cafes and strolling entertainers still abound.

But the central cities are now sterile concrete empty spaces devoid of normal people. Downtown Oakland is like that. Businesses no longer have glass fronts - they all got smashed in earlier riots. Now downtown Oakland is secure. It is bomb proof and riot proof.

I first noticed this a few years ago when we had those bizarre 'Occupy' riots. They were shown prominently on TV but they did no damage to the structures and no real residents even noticed them. Real Oakland residents don't go to downtown Oakland after dark.

Blacks are becoming more and more prone to riot on the least pretext. But American cities have reacted to that and are making their city centers more and more 'riot proof'. That's why I don't care very much when I read about riots in Oakland - the city is ready for it.

In a closely related story I see that the students of Oakland Technical High School went out to protest the Trump election. You may remember Oakland Technical High School from a recent incident. A TV news crew set up on the lawn in front of the high school so as to video some commentary. But they forgot to question the wisdom of that location with the locals. I drive out of my way to avoid that school. Or I speed up to get away fast.

They TV crew did none of that, so when they set up in broad daylight on a busy public street they felt safe. They got their story but it was of them being mugged and robbed by the 'students'.

Pretty funny.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I suppose that the phrase “Die Whites Die” is too ambiguous for Obummer's DOJ to consider the possibility of ethnic intimidation.

Another phrase on the steps of the monuments has me puzzled. What do the orcs mean by “Dismantle White Supremacy?” It appears to be a cry to end the superiority of whites. This is crazy. The superiority of whites relative to blacks is intrinsic. It isn't something that can be dismantled. The most we can ever hope to accomplish is to make the superiority of whites less noticeable by separating the races with an ocean. I hope that the orcs decide to force the issue and demand that one of us has to go. Once they take the first serious step we can respond the way that whites tend to respond when made really angry.

Anonymous said...

Spread this video link EVERYWHERE you can!

And PK, I think this worthy of it's own analysis from you...

Brian in Ohio said...

Truth Corps said...

Semper Fi and Happy Birthday to my fellow US Marines here!
November 10, 2016 at 9:29 AM

With all the election excitement, I damn near forgot! Happy birthday fellow jarhead!

Stay alert, stay alive.

Paintjob Theory said...

Is anybody else as worried as I am about what we will do if they are serious about this? Our civilization would literally collapse if they just all up and left.


Please tell me that one of you guys started this meme as a troll. Even negroes can't be this stupid and narcissistic... .or can they?

Anonymous said...

Demographic decline.... keep an eye on it.

Anonymous said...

back to Africa - they were never there.
Even Africans dont want lazy, spoiled, welfare merikan blacks.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Just a side note in Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing's trial for shooting Samuel Dubose went to the jury yesterday and will continue today.
November 10, 2016 at 6:17 AM

Yeah, they`ve removed anything that could be used as a projectile (trash cans, etc.) from downtown in anticipation of a not guilty, which I think is a real possibility. The jury is six white men, four white women and two orc sow`s.

Hard to find brothas eligible for jury duty I guess. No problem finding them to be defendants tho.

Really thought they`d hold the trial off till colder weather, which tends to discourage most monkeyshines, but here we are. BLM has a rally set for 6pm. Guarantee its mostly white libtards that show up.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

OT – I conducted an interesting experiment. I first did an Internet search on the phrase “beaten for voting for Trump” then I searched for “beaten for voting for Clinton.” A lot of people have been beaten for voting for Trump, but I couldn't find anyone who was beaten for voting for Clinton. Anyone care to guess the color of the attackers?

Anonymous said...

Oh that guy I want to shoot, every time I hear him say, "What's in your wallet?" Said he'd go to South Africa.
I doubt it, but just in case, "Goodbye Asshole!"


Anonymous said...

Funniest thing I've seen today is some graffiti on a Lee monument: Black People Are Ungovernable" .... well, at least they finally admit it.

Breitbart had it in an article there.

Denise said...

Anon @ 10:46AM - you are 100% wrong. A Clinton win would have killed us off. Literally. The revolution occurred on Tuesday.

Denise said...

Trump is blathering about repairing the inner cities - but that will last at about 6 months, tops.

I know some-one that worked directly for him. Trump expects the highest standards of performance, from janitors to execs. He's NOT a racist - but you had damned well better be up to speed.

If the Negroes are Chimping Out now- wait til he give them a chance, and they behave like Negroes.

This is going to be a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

This video needs to go viral, NOW:

In Chicago, police are investigating the beating of a suspected Trump supporter who had stopped in an intersection.

In a video of the incident uploaded to YouTube, the victim, a 50-year-old white man, was pulled from his car by a group of black men, who proceeded to kick and punch him while yelling “you voted Trump” as he tried to get back in the vehicle. One of the assailants appeared to get in the car and drive away as the man held onto a driver’s-side window.

D-FENS said...

At the risk of being a Dougie Downer, we are all entitled to celebrate Trump's election but some caution is in order.

This morning on the way to work, I was listening to NPR's "Morning Sedition". They had an interview with ((((Mike Leavitt)))) * former governor of Utah who I recognized was an official in the Bush administration. Leavitt was providing guidance to the Trump transition team and was provided by an organization called "Partnership for Public Service" that I had never heard of. It was mentioned that this organization had provided assistance to both the Trump and Clinton teams since May. Leavitt also was active in the movement to deny Trump the nomination at the convention. It was also mentioned that Leavitt provided this same service to the Romney campaign in 2012 and that plan was the starting point for the Trump transition plan. Sounds like the fix is in. Expect Trump to "grow into the office", like Reagan. Hell, even Jesse Helps co-wrote an article for the CFRs journal "Foreign Affairs" at the end of his Senate career.

We will get some of what we want but these will be some bones tossed to us. Probably violent illegals will be rounded up. Any caught at the border will be returned. But those here that are clean and have kept a low profile are probably safe. There will be more "vetting" of refugees but the problem is really the kids that grow up here so this is ineffective. There will be some marginal tinkering with Existing trade deals and TPP is probably dead. These are all a vast improvement over Clinton. However, Trump won the battleground states by only a percent or two. Unless he is enormously popular and runs for re-election, this could have been the last time it was possible for a candidate using populist/nationalist appeals to win a national election. I don't see Pence as a torch bearer.

Maybe I'm too pessimistic but I think the Trump years will rhyme with the Reagan years. We will need to keep up the pressure. Maybe the CalExit movement will take off.

* (((()))) extra parenthesis indicates Mormon who are unusually worshipful of the tribe.

Anonymous said...

"He can't send them 'back to Africa' But he can cut their funding and end them. "

If it were that easy, it would have already been done. The problem is paint theory, which Trump subscribes to, along with almost all other white people. Following their Christian/liberal cultural heritage, they think this is the only moral point of view. But if you believe paint theory, that "we are all the same" and that race is unimportant, an illusory social construct, then you'll NEVER stop trying to integrate negroes in to white society. This is because if there's no biological difference, then it follows that all apparent differences are produced by the environment, and the environment can always be changed.

Believers in paint theory won't ever fix the negro problem as they operate from a mistaken premise. They will just waste time, tinkering around its edges until, in a few more generations, race mixing eliminates the white race.

Sick n' Tired said...

I found it interesting during election night when they were showing areas outside of cities and were saying how these counties used to consistently vote red, but were now voting blue the last few elections. All I could think was that the section 8 vouchers and public transit lines were working as planned.

Anonymous said...

To ex New Yorker, so eloquently put. Can vision everything about the day, and you're right, it was like a weight was removed. The day felt perfect.

Tarczan said...

I just watched Rachel madow interview fauxahontas. Those two women are practically insane. "We are going to fight hatred, we are going to fight!" Eliz Warren also said she had talked to Hillary after the election, "how is she?" Long pause, fighting back tears, "it's hard, she worked twenty five years for this" Somebody should post that video, it was wonderful.

Lulu said...

Love to watch the tears, sighs, protests, anger. Fuck you commies.

Anonymous said...

I have to commend you P.K., you are one of the sites on the internet with an active comment section. Maybe it is because you don't have PC to shackle you down, but your writing is pretty amazing at times. I've heard you on podcasts and you're even better. I do look back and realize you really used to put a shtload of time in here (long reads) and understand that you are doing what is necessary to keep us going and this site comes second after them because of that. Lead by example I say.

With Trump we got our wish and I wanted to personally thank you for it. For accepting a new realist even if I used to be part of the "coalition of the aggrieved" opposition. I read what you had to say and I in turn was able to have myself heard here where race talk by white people isn't censored (I have realized that it's not just whites who they throw the race thing on, they do this to Hispanics, women in particular).

Your partnership with "brother" Taylor has been as good as I dreamed it would be, always interesting. I can tell you guys have thought about things before you go into discussion and I appreciate that.

Anyway, congrats on your girl, congrats on the election, and congrats for creating a provocative site and forum that has been growing exponentially. It's been a rough ride by now I understand and have great empathy for anyone who has had to spend long periods of time in civilization with blacks. The black mean is very real, there is some sort of tipping point once their percentage of the population grows. Baltimore, St. Louis, and all the other places where fair citizens dare not to tread. An urban jungle in your own cities.

Keep writing Paul, keep writing everybody else, and not just here of course. I have the media on the chopping block before anything else atm, and I ask you and Paul to join me. Paul didn't have to lie to us the way social justice warriors had to and he kept a lot of us grounded. Thanks for keeping the focus, unlike black people we actually owe you a great deal.

cecilhenry said...

What we learned in 2016:

1. 'Racism' really means 'I hate White people'. 'Racism' just means you're anti-White. 2. Polls aren't done to assess public opinion, BUT to coerce and direct public opinion. 3. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about 'diversity'.
4. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.
5. The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of White people's money.

Unknown said...

This is NOT the time to let your guard down. The next year or so provides the time necessary to add to your "preps". Anyone who thinks the next 4 (or 8) years are going to be peaceful are deluding themselves. President-elect Trump will have to fight tooth and nail to accomplish ANY of his campaign promises, even with the House and Senate Republican majorities. The Reps and Senators are not interested in systemic change, they want the gravy train to operate as it always has.

The purpose of Democracy is to PREVENT change.

If you allow "the people" to believe they are "in charge" (through the election process) they are less likely to take up arms. The vast majority of people don't pay attention to what their elected officials actually DO once they're elected. It's not until a mosque is built, or there are suddenly 10,000 black Somali "refugees" brought into their community, or their children come home from school talking about "White privilege" that "the people" wake up to the fact that they're NOT be "represented".

Draining the swamp is necessary but, you must then kill all the poisonous snakes that live there...and those snakes will resist.

PB said...

Tarczan said...
......."how is she?" Long pause, fighting back tears, "it's hard, she worked twenty five years for this" Somebody should post that video, it was wonderful.

She thought she had everything wrapped, bundled and ready to deliver. Assuming the extent of the vote fraud by her people, the Trump victory looks even greater than the permitted numbers suggest. It was a landslide of truly historic proportions.

Anonymous said...

Troll. The American people have spoken. You now try to take away victory by rioting and starting a civil war. Dumb ass troll. May a brick hit you in the head and knock some sense into you. Dumb ass troll x2.

Anonymous said...

One thought about the fake polls the media put out to discourage potential Trump voters: Potential Clinton voters saw them too, and on election day, they didn't bother to go out and vote, thinking that she had a lock on the presidency. If all these little snowflakes and section 8 mammies HAD gotten off their asses and made it to the voting booth, WE would be the ones crying now. Don't get too comfortable,though: in 2020, they WILL be energized to get out.

Mr. Rational said...

Nugent and or Arpaio, who should head ICE

VDARE just announced that Kris Kobach has been tapped to help the incoming administration, so you can be sure that whoever they pick will be good.

if you believe paint theory, that "we are all the same" and that race is unimportant, an illusory social construct, then you'll NEVER stop trying to integrate negroes in to white society.

Only if you also apply the current leftard double standard, which absolves Blacks of responsibility to fix their own problems, and even outright bad behavior.  If they're truly equal they have NO excuses, and should be punished for it.

oogabooga said...

Hey Blowjob Theory, telling a person to google something is the height of laziness and stupidity. Please supply PROOF! You can't because you are a fake, phony, fraud!

Simpson-Mazzoli. 1986. Reagan did not do amnesty.

Hey internet tough guys, go out and confront a negro. Stop being cowards. Take an ass beating. Or maybe not. You would be surprised at their glass jaw. They like to attack in gangs. However one on one, they run. They all think they are Tyson. They are Tyson Chicken!

Matchbox 21 said...

PK. Congratulations on your new addition! I wanted to let you know about three books I ordered from you several months ago that never arrived. Perhaps my order was overlooked. Would you contact me when you're able so we can sort this out . Thank you for all your work. OT, I just watched an AmRen video. I've never seen Jarrad look sunnier or brighter. 🌞

Race said...

Hillary would have pushed is into way with Russia for sure.

Race said...

He also gave us "No fault divorce"....another mega disaster.

europeasant said...

It used to be when America was 90% white the Republican party represented the rich people like landowners, businessmen, bankers etc and the Democratic party represented the working class.
It has all changed now. With the White population dwindling soon to 50% or less the Republican party now represents mostly White people and the Democratic party now represents minorities and delusional white people.
I was at the Trump rally that was shut down by protesters in Chicago. I would estimate that 25% of the protesters were made up of white socialist hipsters, 25% were Mexicans, 25% were middle easterners and the last 25% were Africans. The Africans were the loudest. When they heard that Trump would not show up they started to hoop and holler "party. party, party". It was quite a show.
Some of the Africans ran up and down the isles glaring and staring at us White folks. It was quite a display.
Chicago has a lot of No-GO zones as I assume many cities do that have a large African population. Stay safe.

Sam said...

To D-FENS at 4:58 PM who said, "* (((()))) extra parenthesis indicates Mormon who are unusually worshipful of the tribe", rest assured there are some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who are NOT "unusually worshipful of the tribe". I include myself in this category, and I am of (((tribal))) lineage. We are definitely a minority, but we exist. One of "us" is in the process of writing a book on the subject of the (((tribe))), which I am anxiously awaiting the hard copy of the completed book. He has the completed portion of his book available on line, but out of respect and consideration for his privacy, and safety, I do not want to reveal his contact information without his permission.

You are correct in your assessment that many LDS members are "unusually worshipful of the tribe". I have encountered them myself. I also have family members and friends who are of this "worshipful" group. When I have tried to point things out to them on this subject they can really get their backs up, so I am much more selective regarding who I discuss things with. When Romney ran for president I spoke up in opposition to him, and I could tell it really jacked some jaws.

I bring this up with the intention of sharing information, and not as a condemnation of you. I think your comments on this site are very good and informative, and hope you continue to contribute to this effort.

Anonymous said...

You know, mentioning that black athletes will be boycotting White House invitations made me think back to all the black contestants on Celebrity Apprentice. These people (Arsenio Hall, Lil Jon, Dennis Rodman, John Legend, etc) had nothing but respect and praise for DT as his show raised millions for their charities. Where are their voices now, standing up to declare to the negro crowds that Trump is no racist?

Deafening silence from the cowardly negro "celebrities".

Race said...

Paint theory is NOT Christian theology. Stop beating that drum, it's tiring. It is Marxist philosophy that that had infected the church this past century, not biblical at all.

Anonymous said...

Got 556??

Anonymous said...

"Paint theory is NOT Christian theology. "

Of course it is. It's subscribed to today by all major branches of Christianity, and it's not a recent development. John Locke, the seventeenth century Christian theologian who is the father of liberalism, originated the idea that all men are born as "blank slates", created equal in natural rights. To prove his case, he relied extensively on the Bible. His thinking was enormously influential on the Founding Fathers, and later, the abolitionists. This is all undeniable by any educated person.

Anonymous said...

"if you believe paint theory, that "we are all the same" and that race is unimportant, an illusory social construct, then you'll NEVER stop trying to integrate negroes in to white society.

Only if you also apply the current leftard double standard, which absolves Blacks of responsibility to fix their own problems, and even outright bad behavior. If they're truly equal they have NO excuses, and should be punished for it."

That's where the "terrible legacy of slavery" comes in. You can't apply the same standard to someone genuinely deprived as you would to a normal person. For example, someone raised in a pitch black room couldn't be blamed for being blind, or at least having poor vision. Likewise, someone raised in an environment that deprived him of all social contact would have no social skills, and it would be unrealistic to expect him to develop them instantly. So there are good reasons for having double standards sometimes. The problem is the rejection of significant biological differences between races, and this is mandated by our Christian/liberal culture. To change this, it will literally take a cultural revolution.