Thursday, November 3, 2016

With Trump Surging, Journalists Livid the FBI is Still "Basically a Collection of Middle-Aged White Men"

“Citizenship is an attitude, a state of mind, an emotional conviction that the whole is greater than the part...and that the part should be humbly proud to sacrifice itself that the whole may live.”  -- Starship Troopers

Back in July, you may have read the post Fight the Future: FBI Deemed "Too White."

When you think about all the changes in the United States of America (a nation I deemed irredeemable long before Hillary Clinton dared call the very people maintaining some semblance of the Old Republic 'deplorable' and 'irredeemable') that have taken place in your lifetime, you have to smile - even if it's just a little - when you consider the "overwhelmingly white and male" FBI is the primary organization keeping the rising tide of color in America and its ally, the federal government, from steamrolling over white people
A Twitter post from a Washington Post reporter, lamenting that white people haven't been purged in sufficient numbers at the FBI to make their contribution (and integrity) obsolete by diversification  

This election is truly about the rule of law versus the rule of diversity (white people must never be allowed to protest their dispossession because it's good them!). 

Some writer for the Washington Post, Binyamin Appelbaum, dared criticize the FBI in a Tweet, where he snickered: 
It is relevant to current events to note that the FBI is basically a collection of middle-aged white men. 
It is relevant, in both historical and current events Mr. Appelbaum, to note a collection of middle-aged white men is basically responsible for every advancement of technology and increase in standard of living you enjoy (with the charity/altruism of white people sharing this knowledge with the non-white world). 

It is relevant, in both historical and current events Mr. Appelbaum, to note a collection of middle-aged white men can simply stop believing in the system the FBI seeks to uphold, and then the legitimacy crisis is upon us. 

You see, white people across the United States want to believe in America, a nation their ancestors struggled to build, maintain, and protect (many with their lives) so that they would hand it off to their posterity to protect, nurture and enjoy the fruits of what is now demonized as 'white privilege'. 

The rule of law or the rule of diversity, with any white person who dares criticize the latter immediately stripped of their citizenship and ability to participate in public or private life. 

Donald Trump was never going to be the man to usher in the next era of western civilization, but he is the man holding the key to unlock the door to this era: we are the ones who must push those willing to step forward and embrace what's upon us. 

The mother of all ironies is that the FBI, holding true to high standards of morality, intelligence, strength of character, and loyalty/devotion/duty to country (which has kept it overwhelmingly white when every other federal agency has been burdened with otherwise unemployable - and resentful of whites - black/non-white employees) might have just ensured Mr. Trump wins on November 8. 

And a Trump victory sets in motion events ensuring the next era of western civilization begins. 


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, the people complaining about the FBI being a collection of middle-aged white men want a bitter old white woman to be president?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said... comment, except those who are familiar with my life know that Greenbaum is a tongue-in-cheek nomenclature. The liberal attack on white men continues, unabated.

I like white guys, a lot. I married two of them. My current one is a sensible guy who believes in hard work and honesty. I keep him in check when he goes astray. He will also rein me in when I go too far off a deep end. That's what I like about white relationships. We have a common sense of general decency.

White men have saved my a** on more than a few occasions. I have marveled at their skill in fixing anything from a stopped up waste water pipe on my ancient condo or a leaking head gasket on my now long since retired 1966 Plymouth. Their minds and their skills are awesome to observe.

Contrast that to the heady negro, who considers a childish rhyme joined to a jungle beat to be a sign of high intelligence and skill. Indeed, ask any negro man the theory that makes electricity flow through his walls and into a light socket and you are virtually guaranteed to come up with a blank stare. We are truly doomed if whites are ever the minority in this country. Watch Europe. They are actively destroying white society. That is America's blueprint if Mrs. Clinton is selected (sic). Africans = Africa....always.

Now would be a good time to pray, if you are of a religious bent.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Appelbaum ??? For F&CK Sakes!!! And YKW wonders why so many nations and peoples of the world eventually hunt YKW down, throw them out of their country or worse. But that is another story for another time....

The FBI has been and is going to be played by Ozero and Hitlery like a .50 cent crack whore gettin' bitch slapped by her pimp on Tuesday night cause the take is short .49 cents.

There is no way in hell that Ozero, Hitlery, Hummmmas or Slick Willy will ever be the subject of a grand jury investigation and never will pay any price for any of this corruption.

Corruption is the GOAL of politicians and YKW---yea kinda the same thing isn't it.

Even if TRUMP gets in...he is only one man...and the Alt-Right, Conservatives, etc will eat pizza on election night and fall into a deep 4 year sleep while the DemonCrats, Cuckservatives and Media screw Trump over like the aforementioned FBI .50 cent crack whore.

Did I mention that there are going to be some GREAT Thanksgiving food presales in the next two weeks where you can store up on canned goods, baking goods and meats of every kind at sales of 75% and more off the normal prices.....GET OUT There and buy products for your family's health and survival.

Anonymous said...

"The State's criminality is nothing new and nothing to be wondered at. It began when the first predatory group of men clustered together and formed the State, and it will continue as long as the State exists in the world, because the State is fundamentally an anti-social institution, fundamentally criminal. The idea that the State originated to serve any kind of social purpose is completely unhistorical. It originated in conquest and confiscation—that is to say, in crime. It originated for the purpose of maintaining the division of society into an owning-and-exploiting class and a propertyless dependent class — that is, for a criminal purpose.

No State known to history originated in any other manner, or for any other purpose. Like all predatory or parasitic institutions, its first instinct is that of self-preservation. All its enterprises are directed first towards preserving its own life, and, second, towards increasing its own power and enlarging the scope of its own activity. For the sake of this it will, and regularly does, commit any crime which circumstances make expedient."

"The Criminality of the State" in American Mercury (March 1939)
Albert J. Nock

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have seen those Kool-Aid trunk true believer editorials that say Comey works for the KGB (defunct since 1991) and that those *evul* scary insane Russian hackers are leaking all of these emails.
Julian Assange says it is not Russia and www buzz is that it is insiders in the FBI and CIA who are passing on the information.
If Putin really is our "enemy" wouldn't he want Hillary to win so she could further weaken the military and take us down the road that Europe is on of total ethnic displacement and replacement?

SteelPalm said...

Speaking as a Russian Jew myself, it's a shame so many american jews, like Mr. Applebaum, are treasonous to America and Jews alike. What do they think they will gain from sucking up to the Dindu Savages and leftist elite that would love nothing better than to destroy Jews as surely as they wish to destroy white America?

They think Crooked "I call Jews 'kike bastards'!" Hillary will have an iota of mercy for them? Suicidal fools.

Oh well, for every Applebaum for WaPo there is also a Breitbart.

One hopes that Trump wins, as the election of Crooked Hillary will mean massive bloodshed that will affect every group/tribe in the US. We might take satisfaction in dindu savages getting the absolute worst of it, but it won't be fun when civilized, innocent humans get hurt, too.

Bird of Paradise said...

We all know by now that the liberal leftists news media are pretty much demacratic voters and supporters the liberal birdcage liners the talking heads TIME,PEOPLE'USA TODAY and the defunked NEWSWEEK are all time propegandists for the demacrat party the demacrats loyal lap-dogs

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't buy the narrative that white people are being kept down by anyone other than themselves. It's less about censorship than self-censorship; less about being dispossessed than giving things away. Granted, it's crazy, so why do they do it? Because they think it's virtuous. The origin of this insanity is traceable to religion and "family of man" Christian BS, which was a powerful influence at the very founding of the country, and has erupted in a particularly bloody way every so often since then (the Civil War, WWII, etc.) This majority strain of Christianity seems to love nothing better than ripping the guts out of any white people who don't share its insanity.

As for the FBI holding the line on this for the white race, don't make me laugh. Did they hold the line for Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, who got shot in the face while holding her baby by non-white FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi? And what happened to sneaky Jap Horiuchi after this outrage? Was he disciplined or kicked out of the FBI? No, he was promoted! So let's not imagine the FBI is pro-white. The truth is, the FBI isn't any less anti-white than any other branch of the government. They are all anti-racist and very proud of it. And to be anti-racist is to be anti-white! That's what a meritocratic and color-blind system is all about.

Anonymous said...

Binyamin Applebaum.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Thank God for this website.

Anonymous said...

Wanna get white-hot blazing furious? Search the words "Patrick Gorman New York."

Hillary was right, I'm sorry to say. They are superpredators, and they must be brought to heel.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. (((Binyamin APPLEBAUM))). I'm guessing he is not Irish Catholic.

You know, I really, really hate to stereotype ALL of them as leftists or communists, but...

Anonymous said...

In other news, a fine, upstanding black man STOMPED his white wife to death in front of her kids.

Hear about this one from the national media, Whitey? Didn't think so.

You know, I wonder: Do our ((globalist))) masters think this situation will continue indefinitely? Who fights their wars? Who patrols the streets and neighborhoods? Who pays the taxes for the "gibs me dats"? Could it be: WHITE PEOPLE?!


Anonymous said...

(((Binyamin Applebaum))) Social Engineer.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet this member of the Tribe has no problems at all with Hollywood being a collection of middle-aged Tribe members.

Anonymous said...

That’s right, get rid of the old white grey face for the best interest of the new U.S.!

It’s in our best interests to ration healthcare. In order to cover a little more than 10% of the population that is uninsured (many by choice) $500 Billion has been taken from Medicare and the government now tells doctors what treatments patients can have.

It’s in our best interests to keep our borders open. Those who live along the border have their property and homes invaded, their lives in jeopardy from illegal aliens. Sections of our country are so dangerous from Mexican Cartels signs are posted warning us not to enter those areas.

It’s in our best interest to have illegal aliens exempt from laws we are held to.
It’s in our best interest for our children to be forced out of public schools (that USED to be the best in the world) that we pay for, due to non-English speaking children. The Dream Act gives college grants to illegal aliens that will be denied American students.

It’s in our best interest to have to pay for the education, health, housing and welfare of people not here legally.

It’s in our best interests to have our energy rationed when we have abundant resources. Our roads are in terrible disrepair while funds to resurface and repair them are being diverted to bike paths and trains no one is asking for. They are installing Smart Meters (the greatest invasion of privacy ever conceived) on our homes that will allow our appliances to be turned off as they see fit.

It’s in our best interest that across the country “regional” government groups are planning our futures without our knowledge or consent.

It’s in our best interest that regional planners (not elected) are planning for us all to live in commercial/residential human habitats along transportation corridors. They are planning to force us out or our cars by making them too expensive to own and drive.

I literally listened to a young white woman with 3 black children at the polls explain that it was in their best interest to have a black daddy because of the color of the future, and that way, they would not grow up to be racist.

I apologize for the rant. It’s just that that poll line made me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Africans = Africa...and nobody on YT captures it better (or with more hilarious video titles) than

De'Marquise Elkins

I urge everyone to go there and click click click.

Anonymous said...

What is “fair”? What is fair for you may not be fair for me. I believed citizens should have to justify their existence. They should have to explain how they contribute to society and if they can’t they don’t deserve any benefits from it.

I’m no hero to the progressives, I’m not pushing for “social justice” and their version of “fairness”. My beliefs don’t fit into today’s progressive plan because the unproductive are dependent on government social services and therefore vote for them.

Hillrat, the negro, and women are pushing to punish all white citizens for being here, for working hard, and drive out the businesses that haven’t already left. It’s going to be the final nail in America’s coffin if the Hillrat wins.

Her supporters, who will follow her right over the cliff, see people who produce and contribute to society as the problem because they aren’t dependent on them. The only way to control the producers is to take away their ability to produce. And that’s what all this “fairness” is about. Social justice is about bringing the producers down to the level of the non-producers so they have the same standard of living.

A big boat load of negro fatigue is waiting, apparently to them, we owe black people everything.

Brian in Ohio said...

Yup, those damned white men again. Those scoundrels!

Please, thrill us all with the many great contributions to science, medicine, technology, engineering, mathematics, the arts, to come out of the African mind Mr. (((Appelbaum)))...

Oh... in 500,000 years, they managed to sharpen the end of a stick... Well, no shit.

Guess that's why Africa has been the "Shining light on the hill" To the world since...never.

Good luck with that.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

O/T: Rumors circulating the next big drop on Hillary exposes her involvement in child trafficking, connections to pedophile rings, with connections into all levels of government. Some claiming the entire womens and childrens services portion of the Clinton Foundation involved in those activities.

Certainly wouldn't surprise me. If you consider all the left's attacks on Trump as projection of their activities, which liberals pretty much do all the time, then the pieces are already there.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Eddie in St. Louis said...

It's because we straight White Males are the largest group of Non Felons in this country. I'd like to know the REAL % of Black Felons in the U.S. I'd bet we would be taken aghast!

Miss Greenbaum is spot on. It's the Noses who wish our demise and when we wake up and banish them or make their media irrelevant, then we can achieve.

I'm a believer in quotas. There shouldn't be more than 2% of the Noses in any organization, especially the Supreme Court, Banking and Media. Or more than 13% Black in any Government Office either. Nomesayin?

November 4, 2016 at 3:48 AM

Malcolm Xcrement said...

Why are all Aspirins white? Because they work. Nuff said....

Proudyt said...

If blacks are roughly 15% of the population than why do they think they should exceed that number in any aspect of our daily lives ?

Malcolm Xcrement said...

To BRA and all it's delusional supporters... Trying to say less or no whites is best is like putting icing on a turd and calling it a cupcake. Ain't never gonna fly. FBI...Forbid Black Involvement

Fatigued (formerly) in Minneapolis said...

White people who hate white people; a bizarre psychosis which I do NOT share, in any way, shape or form; "people of color"TM, desire white people to go away, leaving behind and continuing to maintain for them, the first-world western civilization they enjoy, which whitey created.. Twilight Zone stuff friends..

Unknown said...

Yes because it's historically about time we have a Vaginaterian president.
I just made that up just for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Applebaum, tweet this next : "the USPS is basically a bunch of negroes"

Don't worry about hashtagging your employer, I assure you it WILL be brought to their attention.


Paintjob Theory said...

I wonder what (((Binyamin Appelbaum))) would have for a comment on Israel having an ethno-state/theocracy and a giant wall protecting its borders? Would he lament their lack of diversity or their unwelcoming attitude to the "huddled masses" that his tribe tells us are so great?

I wonder if (((Applebaum))) lives around black Africans? When he chose a school for his children did he use high "diversity" as a qualification in his decision? How about when he picks a doctor, lawyer, or butcher? Did he teach his children that blacks (or gentiles) are their equals?

We have 6 million (TM) more just like him and they hate us and the civilizations we have built. They would see the pure white man extinct and replaced with dullard mullato mongrels over which to rule.

The usual anti-white "good for thee but not for me" bullshit from the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

"Binyamin Appelbaum" never fails !

Michael Dean Miller said...


It is relevant to current events to note that jews are complaining about white men.


Anonymous said...

God I hope so. Go Trump 2016

AnalogMan said...

Remember, remember the fifth of November
With gunpowder, treason and plot.

Depending on where you live, today or tomorrow is Guy Fawkes' Day. This would be a good day for Anonymous to shake things up for the election.

Vox Day links to, and comments on their latest statement. Mind-blowing stuff. If it's real, it might just save western civilization. If it's a leg-pull, it's the best show I've seen. Go and have a look, see what you think.

Anonymous said...

When I see the journalists, it's mostly white males. I guess "diversity" is just good for others.

Anonymous said...

That bitter old white women is a strong supporter of white genocide so she's okay in (((their))) book.

Anonymous said...

I have said all along, Obama might be leaving office, but the people who voted for him are still here. I agree with formerly miss Greenbaum, if you believe in anything beyond what is right in front of your face, start asking, begging, or praying for intervention. The one country in this world that was unique and irreplaceable is becoming mundane and replaced. Sick and selfish bastards running the show, and running it right into hell.

cecilhenry said...

It is relevant to note that the US, and other Western countries are ALL the creation and continuation of 'White men'.

All of it. And it 'basically' only continues where Whites are in charge of their lives, their cities, their nations.

To deny that is to 'basically' hate White people.

It is relevant to note that many suspect that Washington Post DOES hate White people.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Appelbaum thinks the FBI is not diverse enough; I think the Washington Post is not diverse enough. I'm sure the Washington Post could hire a fleet of Negros to take his place at what he is paid. Somehow his name sounds Jewish! I may be wrong.

Does Mr. Appelbaum think the NBA is diverse enough, or is one in twenty players being white too many? If the pinhead wants diversity he can move to Africa! If he really cares for Negroes, he can empty his bank account and give the money to Shitavious on the street corner. Dumbass liberal shit!

Anonymous said...


I e-mailed you in regards to your Podcast technology not sure if you got it or in SPAM folder but please e-mail me back if you'd like some help.


Anonymous said...

Trump has said he will make NASAs priority space exploration and not mudslime outreach.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean fifth column rat statist shill government lapdog maggot P.O.S.?

Anonymous said...

Frepe the Pog
Grepe the Fog
Pepe the Frog
Prepe the Gog
Fefe the Prog

Anonymous said...

It's White people like this Appelbaum guy that's going to be the doom of all Western societies, and they're well on their way of doing so. They lay awake at night worrying about the well being of non Whites that hate them and would kill them in a heartbeat! Just like the Jews and gays that vote for Obama and Clinton who are bringing thousands of Jew hating/gay hating muslims into this country - I will go to my grave never understanding how these people think! What do you wanna bet that this Appelbaum joker lives in a nice, safe White neighborhood. I always dreamed of having the power to make people like him move to an inner city to experience what an "Appelbaum world" would be like. I would make them stay there for one year because I know that with-in that time their "pets' would finish them off - like putting a fawn in a lions den and saying "bye now Bambi, I'll see you in a year"- lol !

Bird of Paradise said...

Obama is lying as usial about trump not surprised at all these demacrats will say anything do anything to stay in control and stay in power and further push for amnesty as part of the New World Order under the Useless Nations

Anonymous said...

I have serious negro crime fatigue. I'm not sure how many more of these atrocity stories I can take. As it is, I have to employ doublethink and plaster the smile on my face when I encounter them in any public area or common space, like the gym.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Sorry, but I don't buy the narrative that white people are being kept down by anyone....The origin of this insanity is traceable to religion and "family of man" Christian...

So there's no conspiracy against White Europeans and western civilization... except there is and it's perpetrated by Christianity. Gotcha. Seriously, why not pick a name if you're going to come here 4-5 times a week shitposting this rubbish, we get enough Christian bashing from the (((Applebaums))) of the world. Perhaps you should step back and thank your lucky stars for the accomplishments of white Christians who made western civilization possible in the first place. I'm not sure what alternative moral philosophy you suggest, but I defy you to show me the historical achievements of a people who follow your proposed alternative... if you even do propose an alternative and aren't just here to cause division and distraction.

"It's White people like this Appelbaum guy"

Yeah, so (((white))) he wins the gold star. I can assure you this traitor does not self identify or lump himself into any comments he makes about whites.

Anonymous said...

I read a lot on various sites about how the FBI and NYPD have the goods on Hillary and others in her circle. Even stories about the FBI gathering and getting ready to conduct raids and arrests. So far, it's all talk and no action. Essentially, it's as if the house is on fire and the fire department is standing around talking about it but doing nothing. When and if I see the FBI or the NYPD actually do something then I'll believe it. Until then, it's just chatter and perhaps clickbait. Bread and circuses. Hope I'm proven wrong but time will tell.

In the meantime, I think I'll go over to websites that are Afro, Asian, and Hispanic centric and tell them their countries need to be more diverse with a massive influx of other races. Ditto for Israel. I'm sure I'll be told to drop dead and to F off whereas, at the same time, they'll be accusing America of being racist for not doing exactly that even more than America is already doing now. Ah, the stench of hypocrisy! It actually reminds me of a hustler who once wanted to have a "contest" with me (a foot race)- if I lost, he got my Brand new Bronco and if he lost, it would be, "Oh well" and nothing lost by him. I told him he was an idiot/crazy/out of his mind. He said, "you can't blame me for trying." That the same kind of hustle all these "diversity" advocates are playing and- yes- I can blame them for trying. They're all a**holes. It's just pathetic that so many Americans jump right on board with their game and say, "Sure! Let's play!"

Appelbaum is just another a**hole.

Anonymous said...

While I am not surprised by the stomping story, I am disappointed to hear about it in a paper from England, and they actually have a picture of the perpetrator.

anignominous said...

"....the Alt-Right, Conservatives, etc will eat pizza on election night and fall into a deep 4 year sleep..."

Alt-Right...NO! The Alt-Right is a big tent catch all term and at its core is White Nationalism. WN is an idea, ideal, philosophy that once digested cannot be tossed aside in favor of trivial pursuits. Trump is using us and we are using him. We, WNists, will be here looooong after Trump. He is the great destroyer we've been waiting for. He marks the beginning of their end and the beginning of our beginning. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I just received a ROBO call with Abortion in the caller id. I quickly picked up then hung up because I really didn't want to hear it.

Then it dawned on me. There are two issues, one where "conservatives" attempt to force their way and another where "liberals" try to do the same.

The first is abortion.

The second is gun "control"

Both are becoming non-issues.

Why? Two words: black people. When we are all forced to live in close proximity to black people we cannot avoid their behavior and the destruction that they bring. What always angered and horrified me was blatant theft, taking things that they don't even need or have a use for. It's one of their characteristics that keep me coming back here day after day. Stealing and littering and being as loud and profane as they feel like seems to come with the territory and is always covered for with the cheap words of their brethren.

Conservatives now all the sudden don't feel so bad about abortion if it means seeing less of these "teens" threatening their daughters, local businesses and kids just trying to get to school.

Liberals now don't feel so bad about gun ownership after they see what the encroaching diversity has done to their friends and relatives. Everyone has a story, and it is negative. Blacks collectively destroy neighborhoods, commerce, and civilization itself by we aren't allowed to talk about it.

These two issues will not be solved because even if you passed laws people would still engage in both.

Realism is what is important, because even though some things can't be salvaged, almost everything can be rebuilt, and built better than before. Just keep the negro out.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what (((Binyamin Appelbaum))) would have for a comment on Israel having an ethno-state/theocracy and a giant wall protecting its borders? Would he lament their lack of diversity or their unwelcoming attitude to the "huddled masses" that his tribe tells us are so great? "

The charge of excessive tribalism (i.e., racism) has been flung at the Jews by Christians since the early days of Christianity. The early Christians didn't like the Jews because they weren't good race mixers like the Christians thought they should be. Of course, nothing has changed. The amazing thing is that still, after 2000 years, and even after Darwin, their own genius who gave them the perfect excuse, whites still haven't learned to embrace racism for themselves. They are still smoking that good Christian opium, condemning racism wherever they find it.

"We have 6 million (TM) more just like him and they hate us and the civilizations we have built. They would see the pure white man extinct and replaced with dullard mullato mongrels over which to rule. "

Rather than jumping headlong into the black hole of conspiracy theory, the question that begs for an answer is why white people cooperate in their own extinction. Why were whites working diligently on their own obliteration as a race long before (((Binyamin Appelbaum))) and his co-religionists arrived on these shores? Did they grant the negro citizenship and the vote because they thought the citizenry of America was too white, just as today, the FBI is deplored as too white? Apparently so, and they did it without any help from (((Binyamin Appelbaum))).

Anonymous said...

Black church burned in Mississippi, "vote Trump" painted on the building.
100% that some niggers did it, how do whites respond? By raising over $200,000 for the church so far.

This church probably preached against whites time after time since 1964 and yet here we are. We have a lot of white guilt to rid ourselves of before things remotely begin to get better.

Anonymous said...


Just voted.

Feels good, man.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

obviously, one of the social fascists 1st moves in the new Killary Regime is to purge the FBI (& the whole government "employee" apparatus) of evil WHITEY's.

We will never know true Social Justice while any YT is a federal employee !!!

YTz are politically "unreliable" & oft

/H hypie out H\

Tarczan said...

So there are a few patriotic FBI agents left that haven't been purged. Wait until Hillary gets in, there will be bloodbath. I can't understand why Huma hasn't had an Arkancide yet, she is probably too visible.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love all these double standards.

You could never post something like:
It is important to note that the most famous race deniers (Gould, Diamond, Boas) are basically Jewish men (An indisputable fact that I encourage any liberal voyeur to verify on their own).

It is important to note that "gun crime" is basically Black crime as most the perpetrators are Black.

Now a reminder to liberals and fuzzy headed conservatives that still do not want to face reality:
Reality is not egalitarian nor does nature care about making sure everything is equal. What we think of as egalitarian is really just an anti-White alliance.

I might be more annoyed if this anti-White alliance wasn't so squarely against reality and dependent upon information control.

They were doomed the day the internet was created. The question is how much of the country will be destroyed before most Whites wake up to reality.

Even if Whites are a minority by that point they are still going to be a major problem for that alliance. Whites don't need to be a majority. They just need to work together. Their combined abilities can overcome any alliance of non-White ethnic groups, especially if the latter has no common religion or ideology.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Appelbaum thinks the FBI is not diverse enough; I think the Washington Post is not diverse enough. I'm sure the Washington Post could hire a fleet of Negros to take his place at what he is paid. Somehow his name sounds Jewish! I may be wrong.

Agreed. I would also guess that their mulatto population is too high relative to the Black population. These newspapers depend heavily on mulattoes to write the Black opinion.

They need to hire more pure blooded Africans.

Let's see the 23&me DNA breakdown of all the writers.

Show us your love of diversity. Stop being racist against pure blooded Africans in favor of mulattoes.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Anonymous said...

It's White people like this Appelbaum guy that's going to be the doom of all Western societies, and they're well on their way of doing so.

You are correct. You just don't know how and why you are correct.

...Go follow this Binyamin Applebaum around on a Saturday and see if you notice anything that he (as a "fellow white person") and his family do that may be different than yourself and other whites that you know.

Hmm, a (((white guy))) being the doom of Western societies indeed.

Anonymous said...

Possibly this has been said, but if Hillary wins she must then govern, and as a relic from our Revolutionary past, she must also perform as Commander in Chief. I have to ask how she can be entrusted to lead the armed forces and the auxiliary Intel agencies if her security clearance itself is questionable? Would there not be serious resistance from the military?
Any thoughts on the possibility of a long drawn out passive-aggressive military non-cooperation pact?

Anonymous said...

Just look on TV. Every afreakan on it is some kind of wonderful being all white people should worship. (Puke!)
I watch less and less TV all the time. Too many spooks on there. And those ugly ass black girls trying to look sexy by trying to be as white girl like as possible, are a joke.
That's hanging a silk purse on a sow!


Blue Eyes Matter said...

Look no further than South Africa to see what happens when positions requiring skill and intelligence are turned over to the black man.

The coveted farms have not proved to become a black garden of Eden under black stewardship. What once was a food exporting country under the white man has become a complete and utter failure under the black mans control. In typical negro fashion, like the rest of africa, they are not even able to grow enough to feed themselves. Agriculture, mans single simplest innovation, is beyond their limited ability. Think about that for a moment. These descendants of kings and queens , who could fly, and build pyramids, can't make the step up from hunter gatherer, to farmer.

The electric grid? Bwa ha ha. It's been in a death spiral since the end of apartheid. Incompetence, corruption, and lack of a work ethic pretty much guarantee no local talent will be able to keep the lights on uninterrupted this winter.

Raw sewage flows in the streets, and into the water. Clean water has become harder to obtain reliably. In short, it has reverted back to the African mean, like the rest of that God forsaken continent.

Without outside ( white, or Asian) help, it will continue to slide back into the stone age culture it was before. And it should, let it remain as a testament to the black races greatest achievement.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

He can't complain about middle aged Black Men, why? Cause if they live that long, and that's a big if. The bulk of them are on Iron Vacation. AKA Dindu Nuffin University.

Anonymous said...

Blue Eyes Matter said...
Look no further than South Africa

Exhibit A of the black man in his natural state.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Black church burned in Mississippi, "vote Trump" painted on the building.
100% that some niggers did it,

Guaran fucking teed.

Not a doubt in my mind that the "church" was in the red, the funds having been looted by the "revrun", with two mortgages on the building and pending utility shut offs.

Just another scam.

Stay alert, stay alive.

AnalogMan said...

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Look no further than South Africa ... These descendants of kings and queens , who could fly, and build pyramids, can't make the step up from hunter gatherer, to farmer.

Actually, South Africa is not yet Zimbabwe, though it's well on the way. Most of the farms are still in White hands, and function with black labour. Obviously, it gets harder every year, with government interference and terrorist murders.

A long time ago, someone told me a parable of how he came to understand the African mind. (Not sure now, might have been Cape Coloureds, the mixed-race group in the Western Cape province, but the story is illustrative).

He had to leave his farm for a few days in the hands of the staff. Knowing that they would be drunk within hours of his departure, he gave them a pep talk, promising mayhem if their duties were neglected in his absence.

On his return, he made a tour of inspection, and was mightily relieved to find that, drunk or sober, all the necessary tasks had been done. Stock were fed and watered, crops watered and so on.

But the labourers' own chickens were just a scattering of dusty, feathered corpses. Without the threat of punishment, there was no reason to feed them.

Anonymous said...

how many reporters at the Washington Post are (((reporters)))?

seems like we get anti-white hate from the same old groups all the time

anon 111 said...

Anonymous said...
When I see the journalists, it's mostly white males. I guess "diversity" is just good for others.
November 4, 2016 at 7:05 AM

no its not mostly white males. look closer and you will find that about half of the "whites" are (((whites)))