Sunday, November 27, 2016

"This is not a Third World country. We're not in Iraq." Blacks Engage in Mass Shooting on Bourbon Street in French Quarter of New Orleans

Shelvin Grey is one of two men arrested for illegally carrying a gun on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. His arrest came after nine people were wounded and one killed in one of those mass shootings that will inevitably be dropped from the national discourse because the shooter will turn out to be a black thug. 

We can't go confirming prejudicial thoughts of white racists, now can we?

A 2014 breakdown of nonfatal shooting victims in New Orleans established 95 percent were black males, meaning close to 99 percent of nonfatal shooting suspects are black (with a margin of error at 1 percent). A 2015 breakdown of homicide victims shows that the black population is almost exclusively responsible for the violence found in the city. 

So what to do about this violence, to keep tourist money flooding the city in riches the citizens and business owners hope never, ever recedes? [After Bourbon Street mass shooting, Sidney Torres urges security checkpoints around French QuarterThe Advocate, 11-27-16]
The return of fatal gunfire to Bourbon Street early Sunday morning prompted a call for drastic action from Sidney Torres, the former French Quarter trash magnate who last year launched a private off-duty police security force in the city's most historic neighborhood. 
Torres, a vocal critic of Mayor Mitch Landrieu's approach to public safety in the city's prime tourism district, said he has sketched out a plan to set up nearly two dozen security checkpoints on streets leading into the Quarter for special events. 
There, he said, private security would wave metal-detecting wands across incoming revelers, checking for guns and running the information on those who carry them through a database of licensed guns and permitted gun owners. 
"This is an idea that I came up with within an hour," Torres said. "When you have national news out there that's showing one dead, somebody blazing guns in the middle of a crowded promenade, I think it's important for someone to call for action." 
The early-morning melee marked the second shooting incident in less than three years to end in death and double-digit victims on the city's raucous haven for drunken revelry. 
A fatal gun assault several blocks down Bourbon Street in June 2014 -- also claiming 10 shooting victims, one fatal -- prompted an outcry for more police presence and a call from Landrieu for help from the State Police. 
It also spurred Torres to launch his off-duty detail, the French Quarter Task Force, in March of last year. 
Torres created the teams of detail officers who now ride around on carts, as well as a mobile app for reporting incidents directly to the off-duty cops. 
Unlike in that incident, police presence was thick when gunfire erupted Sunday morning in the wake of the Bayou Classic football game in the Superdome, NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said.
Torres said Sunday that he recognized "manpower is not the issue in this situation," focusing instead on the prevalence of illegal guns in similar violence sprees -- though little was known Sunday about the source of the gunfire. 
"It's a very simple problem to fix, just like they have in the Superdome. Just like they do on Beale Street" in Memphis," he said. 
Memphis officials began a program in June requiring visitors to pay admission to the Beale Street entertainment district after 10 p.m. on Saturday nights, with beefed-up security and ID checks. That plan has met with resistance among local business owners. 
In the wake of Sunday morning's gun assault, Torres urged a similar approach to protect New Orleans' worldwide tourism draw. 
"I'm not saying this is permanent, but that effective immediately we will have barricades for special events, checking people for licensed firearms, and we will be very detailed with how we check people," Torres said. 
"This is not a Third World country. We're not in Iraq. This is Bourbon Street, the No. 1 generator for the city of New Orleans. We cannot let that go to the tank."
Actually, most of New Orleans is a third world country, because it's populated by third world people; the presence of black people in western civilization does not by osmosis make them western people, but reduces western civilization to a level of civilization black people can create/sustain. 

Unless one wishes to watch the French Quarter erode further into just another Port-au-Prince, mandating I.D. checks, paid admission, and beefed-up security will amount to creating a "green zone" in U.S. occupied Baghdad. 

Outside of complete repatriation/separation, state-enforced segregation is the only answer (and the latter is not tenable long-term). 


Mance Rayder said...

Until YT knocks it off with feeling guilty, things will only get worse. Those sixties "ideas" were ALL failures. Just because the other camp can not get its shit together is not my problem. Our people have tried just about everything help them and its never worked. And it never will. The old ways were in place for a reason..They worked thats why!! It's time to clean some house.

Paintjob Theory said...

"This is an idea that I came up with within an hour," Torres said.

Here's an idea that our ancestors came up with over 130 years ago... Jim Crow laws. As PK says, this is only a stopgap short term solution until we can be rid of them on this continent altogether. We simply cannot have peaceful first world civilization and include violent primitive mud-hutters in our midst.

Another 100 years of programs, setasides, special treatment, make-work do-nothing black middle class jobs, midnight basketball, police cars with 30 inch wheels, no snitching billboards, or anything will catch blacks up to the last 250,000 years of evolution they've sat out.

Their inability to perform to even the minimum standards of the modern world is an expression of hard genetic traits. You cannot domesticate a zebra.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I have visited New Orleans during the past thirty years both on business as well as pleasure, and the city is not without its charms. The carefree, alcohol driven debauchery is something that most, but certainly not all whites, can enjoy. In my ten times or so having been there, it always seemed to be about 2% of whites (mostly young) who could not handle it and were sometimes seen kneeling at a lamppost, heaving the contents of their stomachs out by 1 am. There were also the vagrant (white) females, who would invariably walk into said lampposts, step into the vomit, walk away, wondering how their high heels got so filthy with human sick. That said, the vast majority of whites, say 90%, were sober enough to walk straight, if glassy-eyed, to their next destination. The men, drunk or sober, were very attentive, wanting sexual interaction with wanton abandon. I found it rather amusing. Most of them, even had I taken them up on their advances, probably would not have been able to deliver anything sexual had I acquiesced.

The negro in New Orleans found its niche in playing jazz, which is heard on just about every street corner in the Quarter. The white people in the Quarter, that is, the people who employ the negroes, work overtime to ensure law and order take place. That is beginning to slip. Negroes are confined well outside of the quarter when it comes to where they live. Segregation, despite what you might have heard, is still pretty much in existence there. It is why, during Katrina, the 9th Ward was so severely impacted and filled with negro victims. Whites in the Quarter know exactly how deleterious negroes can be to business and over all peaceful existence. I sense this latest act of negro aggression will be somewhat a call to arms for them.

The negro appears to be completely off its leash this last year or two. Call it the end of the Obama regime. They somehow sense, dull-witted as they are, that their reign of terror is now coming to an end. They know a President Trump will not abide anymore blatant shooting of police officers or the torching of our down towns. In other words, Marilyn Mosbey and her negro ilk just got handed her walking papers. For that matter, I think the old bastard Jesse Jackson has just enjoyed his last negro sunset.

There is no way the business owners, and I know a few, will let the negroes continue to destroy New Orleans or any other city, under a Trump administration. Trump billed himself as a law and order president. He will be politically massacred if he does not deliver on that promise. There is just too much money to be lost if Trump doesn't stand by this promise.

My own little town, Greensboro, is a true case in point. The sh*t almost hit the fan this summer with a BLM protest and one or two negro shootings at a downtown nightclub. I could almost smell the stench of the deposits our city leaders left in their trousers when the first of the negro uprisings occurred this past summer. It was like they time traveled back to Woolworths during the 1960 negro and (((friends))) uprising. Many in this town remember that era too well.

The liberal college town atmosphere in which I live means I am constantly at odds with my neighbors and even close friends. I no longer even argue with them about it. I calmly state my support of Trump (without being rayciss) and let them mouth their platitudes.

I am not here to change the world. I can chose not to accept the multicultural/negro as salvation world that is being shoved down my throat. Perhaps we are entering a new phase in our world. One can only hope.

Unknown said...

I was hoping that the election would spur a bunch of the rich ones to start Liberia 2.0 and begin the mass exodus.

Bird of Paradise said...

The results of socialism,diversity and multi culterarism and unregulated imagration and politicians creating the NEW WORLD ORDER and a ONE WORLD GOVERMENT all under the Useless Nations and with satan's working with the CFR and other sinister groups

Warrior said...

The boogs call Chimpcongo, "Chiraq" even Spike Lee made a movie which I think has the same name. I was watching TruTv Tonight, it's a real crime channel and they had an episode about how the FBI took down a bunch [at least 9] New Orleans cops [all black I might add} who were providing security for cocaine traffickers in the "big easy".They busted their asses and dismantled the network. As late as 1992, New Orleans Cops were making a salary of $15,000 a year, that's it! So they relied on "tips". Just like a waitress! Well it's a majority black city, a "chocolate city" as Incarcerated, felon ex-mayor ray nagen would say and when you have massive amount of blacks, well, you have massive amounts of crime. It's a fact of life that the brain damaged liberals can't wish away! It's a third world city, let the Syrians, and the Muslims moved to New Orleans en masse and teach the savages how to behave. All of America's efforts have been fruitless. The only thing they understand is the lash, and the whip and prison.

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: but reduces western civilization to a level of civilization black people can create/sustain.

Anything negros can create/sustain by themselves (i.e., without outside support) would not be what most people consider "civilization".

PK said: Unless one wishes to watch the French Quarter erode further into just another Port-au-Prince, mandating I.D. checks, paid admission, and beefed-up security will amount to creating a "green zone" in U.S. occupied Baghdad.

And no self-respecting white should even consider subjecting themselves to this and spending their leisure time/energy/money in a place where such steps are needed. There have to be countless other places one can just as easily travel to that would offer a similar, but much better and safer experience.

One can imagine if the French Quarter had "whites only" nights or weekends.

Anonymous said...

Shelvin? doesn't he belong attached to the wall in a storage room?

Anonymous said...

The orcs are coming.....

What will you do when it's your turn to face one at your door...?

Anonymous said...

The security checkpoints would be rayciss. As the Democratic Party and the MSM has taught us the evil DMV's are discriminating against minorities by refusing to issue them driver's licenses and ID cards. These poor souls have no access to identification and lack the basic human right to prove their identity. They will never be able to get into the New Orleans Green Zone.

The proper solution of course is to ban guns! I'm sure the guns used in this brutal attack were purchased through the gun show loophole, probably at an ad hoc gun show in the parking lot outside a Trump rally.

Bill in St Louis said...

So.... in order to go spend my hard earned money in NOLA, I should have to go through a TSA type screening, have my ID checked in a "Registered Gun Owner Database", (so more people will know where I live and what guns I have), plus then everyone in line with me will know I am carrying, making me a target of harassment by LEOs and liberals. Also, this increases my chances of getting shot by shitavious right off the bat, probably from behind because he knows I will resist "the diversity" of wealth redistribution and DNA exchange. All to watch drunks stagger around, hear blaring hip hop in clubs, and eat shitty african cooking?
I`ll pass. I'm white. I can go to the library, listen to my own collection of music, sip scotch in my backyard, and not see nog one.

Anonymous said...

Negroids cannot have guns.


I suggest the NRA do a campaign using the "No 2nd If 3rd" catchphrase.

Meaning, you can't have a 2nd Amendment with a 3rd world population.

Their lowered impulse control, lower IQs, poor future time orientation, tribal instincts, lower threshold for violence etc (all at genetic level), make them utterly unfit to possess modern firearms.

NRA, Trump.... over to you...

rexfreeway said...

Three words that would cut violent crime by 3/4, almost over night. 'Stop', 'Frisk', 'Search'. This is incredibly effective. But since it ensnares so many Blacks due to their inability to adapt to Western civilization, Their Liberal handlers fight it tooth and nail.

roll tide said...

Nola is so sad. It could be one of the nicest cities in America. It isn't safe at night overall even with street sense for the first time in my life and its been rough for a while but over the last fifteen years has reached a tipping point. Metairie and Chalmette burbs are nearly done leaving rich uptown and all ghetto.

ejit said...

Aren't the police in NOLA black (I would say black, incompetent, and corrupt but that would be repetitious)? That was them we saw looting stores in Katrina, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

A little off topic...
Those pesky dark clothing.

Meanwhile, a mudshark alert.

Pat Boyle said...

If I were an investor and developer like our new President I would build a new Basin Street in Las Vegas. Soon white people will become reluctant to visit the real Basin Street. But if they want some Dixieland Jazz and some Creole cooking it could be available in a much safer setting like the Las Vegas Strip or Disneyland.



Uh,this IS a turd world country.

These negroes sure as hell can't shoot very well. That is going to hurt them, badly, if they get the Race war they want so bad.

Bring it on, Sambo, and that nasty looking foot-ball player who wants to suck up to the dead body of CASTRO.


I don't know if I missed it or it was to REAL, but one of my latest "jokes" didn't seem to pass the filter test.I'll try it again:

In the Broadway Play, HAMILTON, you have an example of Negroes trying to "ACT WHITE".


Somali Refuse, I mean Refugee, stabs 9 at Ohio University.

Seems he must have been a Michigan fan and was upset about that last referee call. It surely can not be anything except American Football, being racists according to Caspernigger, that FORCED the poor Somali Refuse to go beserk and rightfully attack the White Racist Students who enslaved his peoples 150+ years ago.................

Anonymous said...

Shooter at OSU was somalian. Aint diversity grand?
Mr Turner

SKIP said...

Iraq and Afghanistan were/are safer than any of our negro infested cities.

Carnac123 said...

I know for a fact the white community is loaded down with guns and ammo. I am white and I and my friends and neighbors could outfit a small army. With all of those guns present there is NEVER a shooting in may neighborhood nor do I know any friends that have been shot or in jail for shooting someone. This is the usual story among all whites. The problem in the US is not guns; it is blacks. I am not about to give up MY gun rights because "Jamal" and his black buddies across town are to uncivilized to keep from shooting each other.

Proudyt said...

The former Mayor Nagin has gotten his wish , New Orleans is turning into the chocolate city he dreamt of.

Mr. Rational said...

Continued TNB keeps moving the Overton window to the right, making separation more and more acceptable and thus inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

"Actually, most of New Orleans is a third world country, because it's populated by third world people; the presence of black people in western civilization does not by osmosis make them western people, but reduces western civilization to a level of civilization black people can create/sustain. "

This is the key idea. Ink thrown in a pool doesn't turn clear and clean; the water gets polluted. It means the lowest common denominator.

"83 percent" graduate from high school in the U.S. right now. Achieved by lowering the bar.

Unknown said...

Unbelievable that White Folk continue to "live" in such close proximity to blacks. I have often written here about my small rural community. THANKSGIVING night at Walmart, doors open at 6 pm. Husband and I arrive at 8 pm hoping to score cheap DVD's. Plenty of associates to direct customers to wanted goods. The DVD section was busy, most people unloading one shelf at a time to go through the titles. Someone asks if a particular title was seen. Soon everyone is helping each other. NO pushing, NO shouting, NO fights, NO blacks or browns. This is the way life is MEANT to be.

Anonymous said...

". . .a plan to set up nearly two dozen security checkpoints on streets leading into the Quarter for special events. "

Everybody knows the courts will strike down that horribly rayciss law.

Anonymous said...

If diversity is our strength, N.O., Bham, Mamphis, Atlanta ,etc, should be near maximum strength.

Anonymous said...


To corret Mister Turners errors,

The 18 year old was NOT a shooter.
And he is a [proud?] Somali-American [dont ya hate the hyphenated merican?]

Race said...

...we, you mean ban blacks from owning or possessing guns?

Pat Boyle said...


If you want to learn a bit more about Castro in a pleasant fashion. Try "Havana Bay" by Martin Cruz Smith. This is a thriller/mystery staring the Russian cop Arkady Renko who you may remember from "Gorky Park".


Anonymous said...

You touch upon an interesting point P.K., which is that blacks cannot and will not be held accountable by liberal whites no matter what.

Liberals have sought to bond with minorities, particularly blacks, by being overly friendly and supportive of them while not holding them responsible for ANY of the violence and degeneracy that they cause.

While this is bad enough, it is compounded by the fact that blacks, when compared to whites (or any other race, for that matter), lack empathy for others and long term thinking.

Since black want "change" and they want it NOW they go around bullying, harassing, and accusing whites in order to get what they want and to get their message across. This might be viable as a short term strategy but in the long term you just end up shooting yourself in the foot by turning people against you who at one point may have been sympathetic to your "cause".

What you end up with is blacks menacing and disturbing everyone while white liberals are powerless to condemn any black actions whatsoever. Black people are white liberals' blind spot- their Achilles heel if you will. Since blacks cannot rely on themselves or whites for constructive criticism they continue right on shooting themselves (and everyone they are "allied" with) in the collective foot.

I am amazed that conservatives haven't fully capitalized on this fact, but in a way they must have as we now have Trump as president elect and it is due in no small part to the disgusting and moronic tactics of Black Li(v)es Matter.

I am not one to stop my enemy from making a mistake, although giving him the opportunity to make more and more mistakes is always a viable option. Blacks have ALWAYS been a liability wherever they go, and liberal circles are no exception.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says.....

Um, yeah Beale Street, not the greatest example, just another shooting there this week.

Brian in Ohio said...

Is this sort of thing not to be expected in a place known as "Chocolate City"?

No sympathy here. Just blacks doing what they do, and proximity = danger.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says...

Sorry meant to post the link for the latest shooting on Beale Street..

Long Island Guido said...

Boy..the groids really are digging themselves a metaphorical grave arent they?

Even normies who would never dare criticize TNB are now going full on race realist.

SKIP said...

" There have to be countless other places one can just as easily travel to that would offer a similar, but much better and safer experience."

YUP! Baghdad, Raqqa, Bagram, Kandahar and Mogadishu come to mind!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but at many Colleges students are asking Assata Shakur to be pardoned, she is accused of killing a cop in 1973 does anyone here have an opinion on this?.

Bud said...

I have been to DC a few times over the past few years. Everywhere you go your car or person is searched by blacks.

At the barbecue festival I saw golf carts driving up and down the lanes with security stamped on the side. Mostly they are just chatting with other employees of the opposite sex.

It struck me that security is an excuse for new black job programs.

I suspect that most of these wounding or killings serve the same purpose, to create a reason to hire more black security "specialists". After all, what value is a white life or peace of mind when you can create many years of government funded jobs for blacks?

A white person must have thought of this. Quite brilliant really.

Detroit Refugee said...

Anon said;
Negroids cannot have guns.

This is true. Very true.
Ive said it here once before, it's worth repeating. 2 things one cannot give monkeys? Guns & car keys.

The nightly news in the Big D almost religiously features either a hit n run or "shots rang out". Some days both.

Anonymous said...

OT--I am not sure, but I think i saw an article that Pres. Trump stated he would add more relations to Cuba IF they handed over criminals on the run from US justice. As assata is a criminal on the run, she would have to be handed over.

Anonymous said...

An opinion on killing a cop in 1973? My opinion is that the killer should have been executed by 1974. This should be one of the first executive orders Trump signs.

Anonymous said...

I lived in NOLA about 18 years ago. I was really pretty dumb, Afro-wise. After looking everywhere for a supermarket (we lived in the Garden District) finally found one (liquor stores are everywhere, markets not so much) and was shopping in the produce dept. and one older black lady was horrified that I had turned my back on my purse in the cart. She quickly told me to put my bag on my shoulder and keep my eyes open. I found a market closer to home, but it had those little pillars around the front of the entrance, so that you could not take your buggy to your car. Can you guess why?

We lived in an old, redone turn of the century house that had no garage, so we had to park on the street. Our car windows were smashed twice. We were advised not to even leave a Mickey D's bag on the seat, to avert theft. Around 2 a.m. the streetcar would belch out a horde of noisy drunks making their way home, walking where the streetcar didn't go.

During Jazz Fest one year, I was ordering a coke from a vendor and placed my purchases on the counter in front of me. As I bent down to get cash from my purse, the white vendor stole my purchases I had made that day. I was, as I said, pretty unworldly, and didn't even realize it till a minute later. The guy totally denied it. I actually cried (ok, I was young). The black guy that had sold me some of his artwork saw me and my friend and GAVE me a duplicate of my purchase.

If there were events that especially appealed to blacks, we quickly learned to stay out of the French Quarter. Whites would stream out and warn us not to enter.

I grew up in a small town and our school was integrated with the French blacks. We had no trouble at all. I think southern small town people learn how to get along with each other, but I see no happy ending to the identity politics and whitey hating that is being stoked now. Maybe separation is the only way. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Assata Shakur, her real name is Joanne Deborah Chesimard and she has the distinction of being the first woman to appear on the FBI's most wanted list (YES WE CAN!).

From what I can tell, most of the black dykes who "started" BLM parrot her stances and viewpoints almost word for word. Example:

“I have advocated and I still advocate revolutionary changes in the structure and in the principles that govern the United States,” Shakur wrote. “I advocate self-determination for my people and for all oppressed inside the United States. I advocate an end to capitalist exploitation, the abolition of racist policies, the eradication of sexism, and the elimination of political repression. If that is a crime, then I am totally guilty.”

Yes, BLM is that uncreative. They are still worshiping those who fight the law because they don't have the ability or inclination to follow it. If you look at any BLM propaganda they are basically things that they found out about the Black Panthers online and then just copied and pasted it.

Anonymous said...

Being something of connoisseur of both high physical anthropology and low American culture, I decided to take a tour of New Orleans, that ancient city on the Mississippi Delta described in the Negronomicon, the forbidden volume by the Mad Minnesotan DeWhyt Lybrul. Loading up my venerable Model T, I had a rather uneventful drive from Arkham to Louisiana, mainly sticking to back roads and avoiding cities such as Atlanta and Birmingham which, I am given to understand, have degenerated under the governance of the practitioners of the Sivvil Rites.

Parking just off of the French Quarter my eyes were assaulted by a vision right out of some chthonian morphine nightmare. It was as if the once gem of the South had been rebuilt by an alien architect: streets going wrong and in the air reverberations of gunshots ringing out. The pavements were overrun with shambling horrors and there were humorless men waving "wands" in some strange ritual to which all were submitting. Clearly some odd doings were in the works. But what was the intent?

Abruptly, I was accosted by a shambling, spifflicated figure who appeared to want to do me harm. I responded by drawing my trusty Colt Automatic Pistol which had seen good service in the Great War and later the Caribbean. The figure took the opportunity to disappear but that was only the start of my troubles. At this point the wand-men started chasing me, and I decided that discretion was the better part of value. Quickly debouching into my Model T, I drove outside the city and on to safety.

I plan to stop in the first civilized town and relax with a tall Southern Comfort. Ah, yes, there is my next destination, Selma.

R. "Ace" Rielst
Miskatonic University

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”The orcs are coming.....

What will you do when it's your turn to face one at your door...?”

Everything that I can do to make it a very bad and final experience for the orc. When the cops arrive to take notes my hope is that I'll find myself telling them how devastated I am for being forced to kill the orc in self defense.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Bayou Classic, where the Talented Tenth show off to each other, enjoy the High Yella life, condescend to dark skinned ghetto folks, and then start shooting... Howard Homecoming, NC A&T events...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to touch on this topic for a moment as I've recently had my own little epihpany of sorts about this satanism these people supposedly take part in.

What popped into my mind was that maybe these rubes just think that their own actions and victories are because they successfully performed some dumb ritual. Like, I can sit here all day and perform rituals or pray my ass of but until I get up and act nothing will happen.

These people have been in power for centuries it would seem, and people, on average, are dumb as shit and easy to control. That being said youd have to be an absolute idiot to lose your position of total power over economies after it reaches the perpetual state that its been in.

So why not let the minions who do your bidding run around having rituals and all kinds of nonsense?

You follow me? I listen to a lot of kinds of music, right now I'm listening to some new to me Onkyo speakers I picked up at the goodwill. Playing some early Stones.

When I feel like thrashing on these fuckers with some blast beats and hexi kicks I'm going to play some death metal.

Ive been listening to satanic shit like that for a long time and I've never been possessed physically or spiritually.

I have more faith in the possibility of telekinesis and shit like that than I do the idea that the powers that be got where they are because of satanic nonsense. Economic power isnt hard to grasp, really man. The top of the top muckety mucks dont have any silly notions that anything other than their cold calculated planning and economic strategy got them where they are.


Doctor please more of these, outside the door she took four more

Anonymous said...

R. "Ace" Rielst said ”Being something of connoisseur of both high physical anthropology and low American culture, I decided to take a tour of New Orleans, that ancient city on the Mississippi Delta described in the Negronomicon, the forbidden volume by the Mad Minnesotan DeWhyt Lybrul. Loading up my venerable Model T, . . . “

I really enjoyed this comment and look forward to others like it. There are some very creative and skilled writers on this blog.

Sick n' Tired said...

Read the comments on any mainstream media article (on sites that still allow comments) about some type of black dysfunction crime. For every one comment about how they are disadvantaged, or "white people commit crimes too", there are 5-10 comments calling out black dysfunction, crime stats, and how blacks ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

The Negro is either at your feet or at your throat. As true in West Africa as in Algiers, Louisiana. When real violence is visited upon them, and by real I mean police or some quasi-legitimate authority starts dragging people from bed and repainting the walls with them a la death squads, the "community" will come running in abject fear for police to restore order. The reason they are not doing that now is because they have yet to pay a high enough price. Blacks everywhere, and I've been from Nigeria to Senegal to Haiti to N'awlins so I speak first hand, are deeply superstitious and fearful of supernatural forces they cannot explain. Likewise they must have a strong hand over them to enforce the law. In Nigeria old men would reminisce about the good old days when the British didn't hesitate to line groups against the wall and shoot them to maintain law and order. That is what you is going to take here for the black menace to end.

Anonymous said...

Where do you think the Black Panthers originally got their ideas from?

The nose knows.

Room temperature IQs make for the perfect potzi/rube/"revolutionary". Its truly laughable, the whole situation is. These people think their smart and original lol.

Autonomous slaves


Anonymous said...

"This should be one of the first executive orders Trump signs."

That would exceed his powers as President. Murder penalties and appeals procedures are set by the states, not the federal government.

Savior or swine, the Trump phenomenon is like looking at a cloud. People imagine he is whatever they want him to be. Whichever he turns out to be, it seems certain that the reality of what Trump actually does will be a great disappointment to at least half the people.

Anonymous said...

He recently became an American citizen. On paper he is but in heart he's a muzzy who also lived in Iraq. He was a student at Ohio State University. Anybody have any idea how much money it takes to go to O.S.U. So much that none of my white true American Ohio friends could not afford the thought.

Paintjob Theory said...

Very well played R. "Ace".

"When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
Yet were they too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger."

---H. P. Lovecraft

Anonymous said...

"If you look at any BLM propaganda they are basically things that they found out about the Black Panthers online and then just copied and pasted it."

Copy and paste. Better known as the writing method used to create PC and AA Master's and Doctoral theses at any University. If it's good enough for Saint Martin's doctoral dissertation, it's good enough for the new gender studies, Marxist critical theory excuse as to why NAPAs must not be held to Western standards of civil or public life.

Anonymous said...

"For every one comment about how they are disadvantaged, or "white people commit crimes too", there are 5-10 comments"

Blacks are disadvantaged by nature, NOT by society. Sure White people commit crimes too, including violent crimes. Every race has its' criminals. However, Blacks commit crime at far higher rates on average than Whites or any other non-Black race. Also, when Whites commit crimes, the White community doesn't excuse or cover for a White thug like Blacks do.

Anonymous said...

Well that's good news Sick n' Tired. I'm looking forward to the day the bleeding heart liberal news "reporters" "report" black home invaders shot dead after breaking in to a Trump supporters home.
They'll try to make it all Trumps fault while the rest of the country stocks up in arms and ammo.


Anonymous said...

A dysfunctional race that hates themselves. No matter how bad a day I had at work,I know where I came from and who my ancestors were. If blacks could they would destroy every statute , plaque, books, that has a white male involved.

Being Stupid said...

If you wave a metal detecting wand at folks on a public street, expect to get a foot up your ass.