Friday, November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests Nationwide Make Clear One Thing: There Can Be No Peace


Anonymous said...

Before we get to the chest thumping declarations of let em try it on me, a thought or two. This election merely bought breathing room. Individuals will be isolated. Picked off. Made examples of. Hunted. If we do not real soon start organizing a response. Then this is over. These leftists are implacable, grimly determined foes. They hold us in utter contempt. The orgy of revenge will be thorough. If anyone thinks we can get back to the game and chug beer your are wrong at your own peril. This is just warming up and is for keeps. If I am wrong please let me know why. Not denigrating any ones toughness. The fact I, believe is that we are screwed if we cannot stand shoulder to shoulder.

Proudyt said...

As a God fearing Christian I sometimes feel guilty for the way I have come to feel towards blacks. However,in the last 8 years I've become a realist if not a racist. They are too different from us. They want to shove their culture down our throats while trying to erase ours. The next couple months will be very violent, especially to us white people. Maybe the next Bernard Goetz is in the making ?

Unknown said...

No tribute, no peace. No money, no peace. No free lunches, no peace.

All they are saying is keep paying your enemies.

Anonymous said...

Further proof that there can be no peace:

Please take everything you find there and spread it far and wide however you can. No attribution asked. The average White American needs to think what nonwhites and the ((( media ))) think about the decisions that were made.

Bird of Paradise said...

Every darn one of those filthy brownshirts should just pack up and leave the country now and as for the miserble punks attacking the pregnant woman give them 60 years in prison no less their 60 years no plea bargins,no parole,no pardons and certianly no movie offers from Spike lee,Micheal Moore or any of the rest of the hollywood left

Anonymous said...

I'm 58 years old. I have watched Africans riot, loot,rape ,murder,drug,and lie for my entire life. The more you give them the worse they become. We cannot live with them, and can no longer afford to support them. They never have and CANNOT support themselves. Nor do they want to. The African is content to live in a cave or a mud hut and steal from others. It will never be part of our civilization, nor does it want too be part of it. Even raised by "white" parents with no contact with other Africans, African males and females will still act out the same violent amoral behaviors that they would if raised in the ghetto. The evil that is the African is GENETIC and cannot be changed, and IF we want our civilization back there is ONLY one road. Ethnic cleansing. Deport them back to Africa or Kill them all. Whatever it takes to make our children safe.......Then we can start on the communist's.

Anonymous said...

I still think states need to decide on welfare programs, not Feds. Those that want to pay to have the negroid breeding program in their area are welcome too; those that don't want to live in a dysgenic dystopia can decide that too. This way the orcs and muds and losers will slowly be herded into distinct geographic areas and will be MUCH easier to deal with. Right now the cancer is spread around us; centralize it.

How can Trump do this?

Anonymous said...

Trump, you said Law and Order....

Flood every single n*ggerhood in America with White state troopers and National Guard, stop and frisk, wipe out the gangs, send the cartels packing, enforce existing gun and drug laws.


Anonymous said...

I love the signs saying "end White supremacy". I've got news for them, it's not White supremacy because Whites look out for their interests and don't bow down to non-Whites. If they don't like the fact that Whites look out for their own race just like every other race looks out for its' own, then TOUGH!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Peace,do you actually think the big D is really going to do anything. I truly hope he starts to bring justice back to us. Don't forget he is a billionaire,he has interest in chaos,e.g. realestate. I'm sorry to be pessimistic but I grew up in the real world of a hard working white man. I've seen my jobs taken by AA.I'm

Anonymous said...

Hold steady YT. They're trying to bait you..

Brian in Ohio said...

Know blacks, no peace.

No blacks, know peace.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

You know what clears a crowd out of the way? A Glock. These people are animals and this behavior is insane. Load them all up and dump their asses in some country other than ours.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too sure I'm convinced that a dindu was the artist responsible, I mean they spelt "ungovernable" correctly AND knew what the anarchy logo was?

Not sure I'm buying it. However the effed up spacing for the word "people" and generally awful and childish writing style sort of confirms it lol


ejit said...

Trump voters are waiting, waiting for Trump to mention that Lynch's failure to recognize black-on-white violence as racist will end on January 20...

Or do you want us to think we were scammed again?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Karl Denninger has an excellent article today about the whining, crying, and rioting over the Trump win. At my liberal workplace, several "special snowflakes" are so butt-hurt, they didn't come into work Thursday or Friday. Count me among the many who are sick to death of these free loading, whining babies.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that sidn't think this was going to happen months ago is only fooling themselves. These nogs and "everyboday gets a trophy" generation are a perfect combination. One is realizing the EBT's are about to end / be severely trimmed the other has been raised to believe they win all the time. Delusionals ALL!

I predicted this violent outcome months ago on SBPDL and I think we ALL new it was coming. My question now is: Does Butterscotch Barry O let it get to the point of Fort Sumter? I mean we were all told he was going to be the president to heal this country right? Don't count him out yet! He still has a month or two! Maybe he's saving the best for last? Yeah rrrright!

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition......


Anonymous said...

To Proud YT:

You're not alone in your conflicted feelings. I cannot discuss my race realism in any meaningful way with my Christian brothers and sisters without inviting judgement. They simply do not get it. On the one hand, they can fully support a moratorium on importing Muslims because they're the Enemies of God, yet they still believe the so-called God-fearing blacks should get a pass. I even pointed to one violent black who was arrested after committing a robbery: the jackass had a Bible in the back pocket of his sagging pants.

"By their fruits you shall know them."

Anonymous said...

It can be done via the tenth amendment.
Mr Turner

Gwoobus Harmon said...

A lot of this stuff makes me think of this short little monologue that Christopher Walken gave in a film from the early 2000's.

The Lion Speech - Poolhall Junkies

Basically think of all the crap whites have sat back and silently taken over the years. The daily black crime and destruction of the cities. The overrunning of a totally lawless border that turns the USA into a third world narco state. All of the crap with Muslims and terrorism. All of the constantly provocative gay stuff pushed in the culture. All of the snark, smug, taunting bullsh*t from the SWPLs. All of the crap we put up with from (((our favorite people))) undermining our government, ways, and culture.

Yep, when the lion gets up from his little patch and starts wrecking every pesky little thing intruding upon and interrupting his rest over his dominion .... Watch how rapidly they scatter and lose their boldness. We approach that breaking point nearer, and nearer each day. They all need to be reminded who is king of the wild periodically.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell told these idiots that we wanted peace with them - I certainly don't! Their idea of 'peace' is for us to give them everything they want - at our expense! Also notice the crowds are largely White and Whites are holding the "end White supremacy" and "black lives matter" signs - how utterly stupid can you be? I wonder if blacks in africa riot in their villages for "White lives matter" and "end black supremacy"? It's comforting to me that their "african-American" friends will slaughter them first when the shit hits the fan - I just hope it's recorded so I can watch with glee as they're beaten to death with their "black lives matter" signs. My idea as to how to clear the streets - Apache helicopters and bulldozers, have the fire dept. come wash down the street then raise the shutters put your tulips out n open up for business!

Bird of Paradise said...

No reparations for slavery its all over and idiotic litigation just fattens the wallets of greedy trial lawyers Jessie Jackson and his RAINBOW/PUSH Calypso Louie and his Nation of Islam and the NBPP all need to be stopped and litigation reform is whats needed

Wayne and His Wife. said...

No there can be no peace. The groid and its supporters must be pushed aside and controlled with every legal tool available to President Trump. and that includes declaring Marshal Law in the groid ghettos. Now for something I must get off our chest. I have read a growing number of posts on various internet forums similar to this that have stated that the public can relax Trump is a reasonable man and has no intention of reinstituting slavery, closing mosgues, deporting muslims terminating gay rights, ripping apart Hispanic families etc. etc. My wife and I, dozens of our family and friends, and millions of Americans voted for him because this is exactly what he promised to do. I have to make this abundantly clear. The American people want the nigger under control. The American people want the end of gay rights. No more same sex marriages, no more transgender rights. You go to the bathroom by whats between your legs. No more welfare. None. Go out there and work, like my wife and I do. Every last one of those 13 million illegals rounded up and deported, starting on the first day. Obamacare COMPLETELY repealed. Every aspect of anything Obongo did, every executive order wiped out. We voted for Trump because he promised to make that muslim disappear from the history books. We want closed borders with only White Christian people able to come here. On this there can be no compromise, no we have to wait and see. The true feelings of the American people are finally clear. Whites first. This will be a White Christian Nation with White Christian values, laws, and traditions.

Sick n' Tired said...

Send in the Soylent Green trucks to pick them up.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm so happy these days. The liberals are crying and/or rioting. How could it possibly be better?

I see that the foreign press is also upset. Apparently Martine Le Pen the French right wing politician has been encouraged by Trump's triumph. Maybe Europe will once again be led by American examples.

Trump is in fact the 'Peace candidate'. By rejecting Clinton we have guaranteed a generation of peace at home and abroad. A rearmed America is less likely to be attacked. The way to deter violence is simple - strike back fast and hard. Then we should retire again behind our borders. We may deploy a holding force to maintain an American military presence but we should not become entangled in long term foreign disputes.

It is possible now to defend ourselves without employing human soldiers. This raises the prospect of having an American intervention with no American casualties. This is a true 'America First' strategy. Clinton and the Democrats are globalists. They think it's only fair that a proportionate number of American troops die and that we withdraw our forces before we win. The Democrat weltanschauung is an America that is always involved in some festering conflict but never knows true victory.


Anonymous said...

ejit said ”Trump voters are waiting, waiting for Trump to mention that Lynch's failure to recognize black-on-white violence as racist will end on January 20...”

It would be pointless and even counterproductive for Trump to make this announcement at this point in time. There is nothing to gain by telling blacks that they are a target. He has stated that he will be a law and order President, and any race realist already knows who commits most of the crime. What he needs to do the day he is sworn in is fire Lynch if she is too stupid to resign before then. Her successor should fire as many Obama/Clinton loyalists as legally possible and begin hiring individuals who are loyal to the Constitution and the rule of law. The Trump DOJ should be directed to prosecute criminals without regard to race, and the FBI should be required to publish crime statistics honestly showing the race and other significant characteristics of the perpetrators and victims of crime. Once the DOJ begins enforcing laws uniformly it is inevitable that a disproportionate number of blacks based on population will be prosecuted. At this point it will be appropriate to refer to the crime statistics and reassure the entire population that only people committing crimes have or will be prosecuted. Hopefully prosecution statistics will match crime statistics and there will be no apologies. The DOJ must set an example for all State and City law enforcement organizations to follow.

I'm a Trump supporter, and all I expect is for everyone to play by the same rules.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to wait for Trump to get in office but I want to see some quick action on the lawlessness that certain groups get away with while the cops ticket a white kid for a burned out taillight. But I really think a hard, non-racial smackdown of all the anarchy should be his first order of business. I see crowds with lots of whites and I'm fine with their heads being cracked with a billy club and hauled off for some jail time.

I'd also like his DOJ to investigate where this coordinated rioting is coming from and RICO them. There's been plenty of criminal activity in these "protests" to justify RICO. Then I'd RICO the Mexican and black drug gangs.

While that's working its way through the courts, there'll be plenty of jobs building new prisons, preferably in some rural areas that are agreeable and want the jobs.

With the cities calmed down and safe, commerce can begin again. Illegal means get out and citizen means act according to the law or suffer the consequences.

Race said...

I think you're spot on.

Anonymous said...

Given the Full Spectrum Dominance of the FedGov spy apparatus, it's evident, at least to me, that FedGov WANTS Mafia, nog drug gangs, and things of that kind to EXIST. Otherwise, the feds would have used the Patriot Acts and the NDAA to wipe them all out a decade ago at the very least. Just sayin'. . .

....P-town Correspondent
Portsmouth, VIRGINIA (by God!)

Anonymous said...

Trump has taken cues on how to govern from the single undisputed leader- Putin. I am quite certain Donald admires him as only two heavyweights can.
Just yesterday Trump left NYC for Florida on his jet. I saw the video of a procession of black SUV's approach the runway - a distance shot taken by an amateur, I think. The networks went nuts because they hadn't been notified. Some commentator blathers on about offensive this secrecy is. They are at the point that they think they are part of the government. Wrong.
Over time it will become clear that Trump thinks there is a very clear divide between his administration and the networks.

Race said...

The key 🔑 to this game is to get rid of the communist first. Then there will be no resistance our problems getting rid of the other invasive species.

norwood said...

We can no longer be magnanimous in victory as in other Presidential elections. The usual calls for "cooperation" and "unity" across party lines should be ignored, as they would ignore us if the hildabeast won.

These scumbags have spent the last 8 years openly telling us that we are soon to be extinct, and we should all be exterminated anyway because we are evil White racists. And all of that hatred said with a smug look on their face and their lips curled in a contemptuous smirk.

It's our time now. You scumbags sowed the seeds, now you reap the harvest.

We White people should immediately call for an end to BLM because it's a terrorist organization. We should put an US Attorney General in there that will prosecute these violent negroes for hate crimes as well as regular criminal indictments, when they attack White people. We didn't invent the law "Hate Crime", but we can sure use it against them.

I could go on, but you get the point.

Brian in Ohio said...

The trial of Police Officer Ray Tensing in Cincinnati has been declared a mistrial. Jury was deadlocked.

Jury was 6 white men, 6 white women and 2 black women. You know damn well those orc`s wouldn't budge no matter what the evidence. Not in YT`s court.

The orc he ventilated, after being drug by his car, had more than 90 arrests for possession and trafficking and had sired 12 children with 11 different women... A real asset to the community to be sure.

A chimpout may be brewing here in the Queen City....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Mr. Rational said...

Maybe the next Bernard Goetz is in the making ?

Had the White motorist beating in Chicago happened anywhere else, that could have been it.  Had Trayvon Martin done his deed and received his comeuppance on video, the second BLM rally would have been met by a wall of men with loaded shotguns and rifles slung for when their tube magazines were empty.  That would also have been the last BLM rally.

I don't travel with a rifle in the trunk of my car, but I'm ready to at a moment's notice.  Even without it, the first riot that doesn't allow me to just drive away from it is likely to be the last riot for at least a couple rioters.  They are without decency.  I am now without mercy.

@7:08, there are a number of murders which Trump's attorney general should immediately assign to the CIvil Rights Division for prosecution as Federal hate crimes, seeking the death penalty.  The murders of Brittney Watts and Channon Christian are just two of them.

Most of the CRD attorneys are Black.  Force them to perform or quit, and watch them quit.  Then replace them with conservative White men.

Anonymous said...

You are right.... the only problem is that action and action alone provides incentive to not behave badly "aka" punishment. You cannot discourage bad behavior without punishment. The left "punishes" conservatives by "outing" them as bigots , racists, haters , etc. on media and social media.

When normal people say enough and start giving these SJW types a public beatdown... a lot of this nonsense may start to abate.

Anonymous said...

I would love to paint on those signs

"End black infererioity first!"

Oh .... wait...... nevermind.

Anonymous said...

All of you illegal aliens reading this, self deport, don't make me come after you. Get out on your own.
All of you racist blacks and self hating whites obey the law. What you are doing now is an insurrection and we will put it down with extreme coercion and you'll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Obey the law or all of your freebies will be stripped away.

Anonymous said...

Listening on the scanner Wednesday night, four black males jumped and beat a white teenager, sending him to the hospital. As of today, no mention of the incident on any of the media. Complete blackout on paper, radio, television. End result: this never happened, nope, nothing to see here. Frequently you hear police on footchase after assailant, armed robber, burglar, attempted rapist, etc, and it's always the same; black male, 6' something, hoody. And always, NOT A PEEP ON THE MEDIA! Is it any damn wonder we have contempt for our elected officials, and media?

Make no mistake, this is a conscious, coordinated effort to keep the populace uninformed. The local paper has a police scanner manned 24/7,all they report on is traffic accidents, unless there's too many witness's to deny. The police chief, a vibrant AA, EOE appointee, always plays down the race, as does the butt puppet of a mayor.

These are our problems, not our oil investments in the middle East, we don't have any like the Clinton's, and Bush's. We don't stand to gain a damn thing from massive influx of immigrants, unlike the corporate fascists who stand to make millions with cheap labor, and reduced shipping costs from overseas manufacturing. We don't live in complete isolation from crime, like our neoaristocracy politicians. It's the negros, stupid!

D-FENS said...

"This election merely bought breathing room."

Very true. We have to make the best use of it. Trump won several key states by only a percent or two. The 3 main reasons I voted for him are 1) stop globalist wars 2) stop globalist trade deals and 3) stop illegal immigrants, refugees and limit legal immigration.

Some of these are starting to take care of themselves. TPP is dead. There are reports that some illegals are self-deporting. I'm a little concerned about the globalist wars though. Trump seems to be backpedalling on NATO and defending Japan and Korea. There are reports of neocons Stephen Hadley and John Bolton as possibilities for national security positions. On the positive side, he has reaffirmed about not aiding the Syrian "freedom fighters" in opposition to Linda Graham and John McInsane. This runs counter to Israeli security strategy of chaos in surrounding Islamic states even if it strengthens those hostile to the US.

I hope Trump ditches Republican orthodoxy and reaches out to Bernouts on 1 and 2. It's probably hopeless on 3 but there are several arguments that can be made that unrestricted immigration harms our poor as well as the countries they come from by taking off the pressure to change existing dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Trigglypuff snowflakes want a civil war?
I am so scared I'm shaking in my shoes. (not really)
Bring it is not chest thumping.
Record sales of guns and ammo is preparing for war.
Freedom is never free and the tree of liberty is parched.
If the republic is destroyed in the process then so be it.
It is worth it to rid the world of leftist rat pieces of shit forever!

Anonymous said...

Epson: "Not sure I'm buying it. However the effed up spacing for the word "people" and generally awful and childish writing style sort of confirms it lol"
It originally said "We are ungovernable", then someone put "Black people" over the "We". Who knows. Oh wait, here's someone who knows blacks are ungovernable:

Anonymous said...


Did you see the lovefest with sobama in the oval orifice and Trump saying he won't repeal castrocare?
Also Turkeyneck McConnel and sobama's beard Paulie "the Rat" Ryan will stand in Trump's way every chance they get.
We just got played.

Anonymous said...

These are (mostly) the same darn people who, 8 years ago, insisted that everyone accept Obama as President. The hypocrisy is never ending.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Today i went to a mall to bu a gift for my cousin's kid wearing my TRUMP 2016 t-shirt.

FYI- this was at Chicago Ridge Mall 95th st and I am 6'4 280 lb former pro wrestler (I'm usually the biggest scariest dude most places I go but i'm also in my 40's so take that into account).

EVERY White person I saw either gave me a thumbs--up, or smiled at me, or nodded, 1 old White lady said "I love your shirt aren't you afraid?"

I said "Number 1- I would be DELIGHTED if anyone attacked me over my t-shirt, number 2- WE DON'T HAVE TO BE AFRAID ANYMORE."

This seemed SHOCKING to these White people.

I also noticed that the mall i used to frequent 20 yrs ago is now about 20% White, so I will NOT be going back.

I had a really difficult time shopping because I won't approach a non-White cashier.

The White shoppers smiled at me, the black, muslim and mexi shoppers avoided eye contact with me.

I wish EVERY White American was 6'4. These cowards will only attack when they think we are weak. I felt like all of the White old people were seeing me as a champion for them. I can do what they are afraid to do.

The very sad part of this is that I realized that White people seeing me wearing a Trump 2016 shirt was an alarming event. They warned me to be careful.

That itself is alarming. It tells me that White people are afraid of angering non-Whites.

We have a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late but I just wanted to thank my veterans.

Anonymous said...

The answer is total and complete elimination of all commie Democrats. I had a personal goal of 200 before I go. It really is the only solution. These people are too far gone to come back to reality.

After the past 8 years of constant turmoil by Obama. I had hoped no matter who got elected we would have some period of relative calm across the nation. Wrong. I am upping my number to 400.

Anonymous said...

I just came back shopping from a large grocery store in central Texas. A couple of groids were sitting outside and i heard one say " That sure was a good looking mama , the other groiddal coming out of the store answered they are all over the store".As usual the first thing that comes to mind is why are they shopping in a predominantly white neighborhood? checking out potential robberies/purse snatches?Some years back a bunch of female groids went up to the city council wanting to know why there are not any "real" food stores in the East side ? No big food store is going to build in an area where the store is going to get shop lifted on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Well, they were right about one thing: Blacks ARE ungovernable. They prove that every day.

Anonymous said...

Make it a point to buy some ammo every pay period. Ammo has gone up in the past few weeks , why ? I have heard price of metals gone up to just blame on the election and manufactures or just gouging the public at a convenient time. There is a place in Ft. Worth,TX. called "CHEAPER THAN DIRT" not bad , there is another place called "SPORTSMAN'S GUIDE", a little more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Further proof that there can be no peace:”

Trump's victory appears to have thoroughly surprised the irrational leftist loons. They have become so accustomed to getting anything they want just by screeching racism or phobia that they have a meltdown when someone finally says no.

Trump hammered his way through the election despite unbelievable attacks from the media, BRA, and much of his own party. He did it because he knew it was the right thing to do. We owe it to Trump to support him beyond merely casting our votes. When the riots and rhetoric intensify we need to make it clear that we are fully prepared to deal with it. We do not want our weak leaders to cave in to the demands of the rioting crybabies. They need to understand that the voters who elected Trump will be far more difficult to deal with than the crybabies if they attempt to undo the election.

I don't know what they might attempt to do it at this point. Their best bet might be to attempt to sway the electoral votes, but this would have to be done in a way that would appear justified. Given the level of corruption throughout the present administration which controls the equally corrupt IRS as well as the equally corrupt DOJ which controls the FBI their best bet might be to accuse Trump of terrible crimes and quickly impanel a kangaroo grand jury that will indict Trump for something prior to the electoral vote. Perhaps Lynch could announce that they have multiple videos of Trump committing deviant crimes against children, animals, and nuns. The individuals casting the electoral votes could then say that they had no choice other than to vote for Clinton. Until Trump is actually sworn in we should be prepared for anything and not believe anything that we are told by the opposition.

AnalogMan said...

I went to a gun show in Virginia today. Never seen so many happy people in one place before. One exhibitor told me it's the best year of her life, and she wouldn't take ten million dollars to change the election result.

People have high expectations of Trump. If he lets them down, there will be hell to pay.

On the down side, I've never seen so many negroes at a gun show before, either. What's up with that?

Tom B. said...

Not sure if any of you have ever read Civil War 2 by Thomas Chittum, but the book is damn near prophetic. It is available at this link at Internet Archive.

Civil War 2 PDF link:

Multicultural rainbow utopias always end up crumbling into bloodbaths. Maybe that is what the (((powers that be))) wanted all along.

Anonymous said...

I predict that tomorrow, Sunday the kneeling NFL negros will take it to the next level.
God I hope so.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous sez:

The evil that is the African is GENETIC and cannot be changed, and IF we want our civilization back there is ONLY one road. Ethnic cleansing. Deport them back to Africa or Kill them all. Whatever it takes to make our children safe.......Then we can start on the communist's.


With all due respect, you have that exactly backwards...Protecting our children means taking back the public school indoctrination of the past sixty plus years. It needs to be under state control, as it was over one hundred years ago, when a high school diploma really meant something. It is no accident that boys have been encouraged to be homos for thirty years, thus destroying their ability to act as warriors in battle. Ruminate on that for a little while.

You have to remember, the negro acts without thinking. It is what he does. Take away the $$$, and you already have the negro babbling and on his knees. Deal with the manipulators first. We can start with Soros, if that makes you feel any better (it does for me). Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

DNC hiring buses for so called protesters:

Anonymous said...

The seeds of diversity have already been sown in west coast cities- this is what happens when you party with diversity. The majority if not all of the violence that you hear about from Portland involves black "teens".

What is both disturbing and amusing is these white liberals who really believe that these "brothers" of theirs wouldn't turn on them in a second if the situation got racial in any way. No matter what your actions have been in the past you earn no credit with these people; there is always the need for more and at someone else's expense. Opportunists who would rather steal than earn or create are like that unfortunately. Being a white liberal means being on non-stop ass-kissing duty when around minorities, particularly blacks. When in doubt apologize profusely and make sure that the focus is always on them. They like that.

Maybe they can slowly get more of a clue with each bike stolen or child harassed or bullied in the street. The trash on the ground, the complete lack of trust and places that are now no-go zones. Congratulations. Yes you can Portland.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the " celebrities " who bleat about leaving the U.S. all want to go to Canada, or Norway, or Iceland. None want to move to Mexico, or anywhere in Central America. Anywhere they can go to get away from brown people. But of course they are not racist. Oh no!
The racist people are the ones who object to undocumented people coming to their neighborhoods, uninvited. The non-racist people are those who go to other people's communities, uninvited.

Anonymous said...

Off topic...but pay close attention to television shows like Americas Got Talent. First off there's nothing "American" about it. Two desert tribe members, a mixed race sow and a German mudshark. The coded messages are impossible to miss.

Paintjob Theory said...

Haven't seen any of this nonsense up here in the free-zones. I'll be carrying my 6 shot revolver instead of my 5 shot just in case though.

I keep seeing how some of you "can't" leave the cities. This is patent bullshit. Run! Get out while you still can. Whatever hardships or sacrifices you'll have to make to jump ship will seem pleasant compared to what awaits those who stay.

Anonymous said...

Trump voters are waiting, waiting for Trump to mention that Lynch's failure to recognize black-on-white violence as racist will end on January 20

We don't need the Justice Department.

We need more Whites to conceal carry.

We need more Whites to drop their White guilt and fight back.

Threat of prison time isn't enough of a deterrent.

pabe518 said...

I am a first time contributor here. While my feelings may not be as extreme I wanted to relate this incident. Yesterday, while my wife and I were walking in NYC's Chinatown, a large pavement ape appeared out of nowhere, and started screaming at me, "You voted for Trump, n _ _ _ _r? F_ _ that!" The streets were mobbed but he singled me out as I was the first Caucasian he noticed. I said, " What are you talking about? I did not even vote at all." Then, he slowly walked away.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Before we get to the chest thumping declarations of let em try it on me, a thought or two. This election merely bought breathing room. Individuals will be isolated. Picked off. Made examples of. Hunted. If we do not real soon start organizing a response. Then this is over. These leftists are implacable, grimly determined foes. They hold us in utter contempt. The orgy of revenge will be thorough. If anyone thinks we can get back to the game and chug beer your are wrong at your own peril. This is just warming up and is for keeps. If I am wrong please let me know why. Not denigrating any ones toughness. The fact I, believe is that we are screwed if we cannot stand shoulder to shoulder.

November 11, 2016 at 9:17 PM


Now THERE'S an idea...TEAMWORK!

Perhaps a study of the Spanish Civil War, circa 1936 is in order. It's the only example that comes to mind of lefists getting their asses handed to them.

(Google has still not de-kludged my account. Or, I finally pissed them off and they cancelled it :-)

NY Girl said...

I think a nog did the top part and a pants-wetting SJW did the rest using the rest of the spray paint can the nog just left there, because cleaning up after yourself and disposing of a can that has your prints on it be a White Thang.

NY Girl said...

I don't thing any of us are laboring under the delusion that Trump can or will fix all of our problems in one term. He will have an uphill battle, fighting (D)s AND (R)s, but I have to tell you.....watching the hope drain from the faces of my liberal coworkers was freakin' PRICELESS!!!

The first thing I did was go over to Slate, and the lamentations of their women, dykes, and gay men made me happier than I've ever been in my life.

It was like having sex with Bradley Cooper, winning the lottery, and running over Chuck and Amy Schumer with my brand new Lanborghini, times 100 kind of good.

Anonymous said...

These riots have no merit, no true meaning or cause at all. Every single person out there proves one thing however, they’ve never lived a hard day in there pathetic small minded worlds. The negroes have been overindulged by the government all their lives and the whites are no more than ill-mannered annoying immature little children.

The whites in the streets have never worked hard for anything in their entire existence. Pampered by mommy & daddy to the point they have to lower their standard of feelings and emotions to the negroes level just to justify WTF they’re doing out there in the first place.

Mindless little pathetic spoiled brats! What’s Trump going to do to them? Regulate their Pokemon Go? Special tax or limit their X boxes. Take away their smart phones? Enter fear with their texting? I could go on and on however I know you have my meaning.

These children in the street come across as more pathetic and meaningless than anything else. It’s embarrassing to think YT’s out there at all. I’m ashamed of them. They do not speak for me!

Anonymous said...

Did any of the black exieters say they d move to Haiti, or Congo??? huh.

November 11, 2016 at 9:04 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice that all of the celebrities claim they want to flee to Canada, a White majority country run by Whites.

Yet these Hillary luvin supporting celebs are all for illegal immigration, mass legal immigration, open borders, all of which would eventually turn the US into a non-White country. So why don't they flee to a country where the majority are "people of color" and run by "people of color"? Why are they fleeing to YT Canada eh???? Kinda hypocritical don't you think.

Anonymous said...

The breaking point (and turning point as well) will be when Trump discovers the copper wiring has been ripped out of the White House walls. We should set up a "victim's clock" and begin the countdown to when police will finally be allowed to do their jobs again. It's funny how Obama has been scrambling to create a legacy last minute not realizing that he was supposed to have been doing that his entire presidency. Anyone who is a go-getter or visionary in anyway coming in on the heels of this guy has a real opportunity. Leading by consensus and leading a life and a country as if it's all just one big high school popularity contest. When not talking to the usual white liberals that he is used to people don't give him any breaks or treat him like royalty and I think that he never had a plan B to get past that.

It says a lot about Obama by what he is NOT DOING/SAYING at these moments. He changed the racial tide by allowing the worst of the worst to provoke and create realists. This reality remains no matter who gets elected at this point. Whites always have the option of moving because they don't need any of this diversity- diversity desires their wealth and the communities and infrastructure that whites create for themselves. The problem is that they always allow diversity to follow.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Trump and Putin work together to take out that rat piece of shit George Soros and his mongoloid spawn.
All the trouble in the world would immediately decrease by 75%.
Soros is the reason we have sobama, the migrant crisis caused by toppling Gaddafi and Libya, feminist scrunts with pseudo sexual penis envy, penis puffers waving their flag in your face and prattling on about rights, black lies matter and many more.

Anonymous said...

Liberal hypocrisy is unbelievable. When the Bundy brothers were acquitted recently for their "armed occupation", the media excoriated them...anarchists, lawless, old west, white privilege...the whole gamut. Yet I can't recall a single instance in 8 years of Obama BRA that white Americans came together and destroyed neighborhoods simply because he was elected.

The foundation of liberal philosophy can be summed up in one word - ME. They are walking hypocrisies. They preach brotherly love and peace and all the other liberal rhetoric, but they are the very first ones to resort to violence when they don't get their way, like overgrown, spoiled children. Don't like the outcome of an election? Get mad and throw a tantrum. After all, that's what democracy is all about, so make sure to get all your neighbors mad too.

Another glaring hypocrisy - every liberal I've tried to discuss Hillary's emails with invariably says they are forged. A political attack. Fake. Yet how many thousands of liberals are in the streets violently protesting a wall that hasn't been built and deportations that haven't happened?

Liberalism is just another word for relativism - everything revolves around ME. It's only relevant if it affects ME. If I do it, I'm "fighting for my God given rights" even though I detest all religion for daring to suggest humans have self-responsibility. If you do it, you're a "terrorist, anarchist, cowboy, redneck, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, misogynist" nauseum.

Rights without responsibility - the liberal paradise.

Anonymous said...

Hussein the mongrel rat and his puppetmaster Soros must think we are all as stupid as their libturd followers.
The push for martial law here is so obvious that even the dimmest of bulbs can see it.
If people don't stand up to this then we deserve the far left Gestapo state that will rise because of it.

Awakened white said...

Muh white supremacy is just Whites breathing oxygen. Leftist wimps. Deport em too.

Anonymous said...

Just a little family squabble. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

CAIR leader chants overthrow the U.S. government:

Malcolm Xcrement said...

Eagerly awaiting the promise of LAW and ORDER to come to fruition, without it all else in the Trump Administration To Do list will be sidetracked. Which we all know is the 4 year plan of the willfully ignorant and equally destructive forces on the left. Pulling the lever for Trump/Pence was the easy part. Staying actively engaged in this daily battle for a sensible, reality based America is the moral duty of all who pulled said lever. Be safe, be vigilant, be victorious in your charge. May God Bless All the Gatekeepers of American Liberty.

Petercat said...

No more Danegeld.
No more free welfare. Work requirements.
No reparations. Hire the freighters. Anyone who wants a free trip back to the lands of their ancestors, get on the boat. Hanjin has boats they aren't using. Use GoFundMe. You'll get the money for the freighters.
No one votes unless they pay more in taxes than they get in benefits.

Tarczan said...

I'm tired of people saying Trump won't do this or that. He will build the wall and get a handle on immigration and anything else is a plus.
The big thing though, is I won't have to listen to Hussein lecturing me about what it means to be an American. I actually am proud of the USA, Orr what it once was. Just having a patriotic president will be fantastic.

Kudos to the poster who said Obama would steal he copper pipes, he gave his mother in law $150 grand a year as a pension, so he doesn't need to rip the pipes out.

Ex New Yorker said...

I am still of the old school of thinking. I don't think you can repair over night a problem that took 50 long years to create. I see the main problem being that the FSA (free shit army) has been given a life long free ride on the great America gravy train. Generations of people who have never worked a day in their life and spend their time waiting for the next freebie. An invasion of immigrants coming for a welfare check.

Al Sharpton has just announced he is ready for the NEXT BIG BATTLE against Trump. The FSA is "joining together" for the long eternal struggle against the evil white racist who actually work for a living.

The leftist (aka...Democrats) are rioting because they are against "democracy" and the peoples right to a free election.

What no one wants to talk about is that ALL THE TROUBLE MAKERS live in large cities. Joe Blow who has the hardware store and Mr. and Mrs. Jones who own the local "mom and pop" cafe have not had their windows smashed in because they live in a small town where people still have respect for their neighbors. There are people in my town who voted for the "wicked one" but no one has set my car on fire or beat me up on the street. Hey....I don't even pack a gun when I go outside.

Knowing about the problems we have to deal with in this country I am not living with any kind of high expectations. I am very happy to know we just got a four year STAY OF EXECUTION.

Is it true that Hillary will be on the next season of "Dancing with the Stars".

Anonymous said...

A "random" mob attack worthy of SBPDL. They referred to the assailants as "teens" and was unprovoked so I'm just going to go with my gut on this one.

Anonymous said...

They don't tell the race of suspects because they say it will give the public the "wrong idea" that Blacks and Hispanics are committing most of the violent crime. I guess they will stop releasing the FBI stats for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

I am 60. I spent my first 30 years in a blackulated city Mr. Kersey has written about. Formerly a beautiful city, a productive one, an industrial powerhouse. Now the most violent city in its state. I am white, a woman, of founding stock (Swedish/Ulster Scots/German) descent.

I was a lovely, intelligent, loved, modest girl. My family was hard working in heavy industry. Men and women worked side by side in difficult, dangerous, productive jobs. I put myself through college working in those trades, then I went to white collar jobs. I don't need to tell you want it was like for a white girl living in that place. I got only one member of my family out. The rest died there.

We were sold out in the 1970s for (((global capital))) which had started trying to liquidate our republic as soon as it was formed in 1776 but made big inroads with the destruction of our sovereign currency under Woodrow Wilson and then mass immigration from lower IQ, low impulse control societies and people. Blacks were mass-imported to the north by industrialists who wanted to replace white workers with cheap labor, by southerners who wanted to shed the demographic problem that they had created.

The men who taught me this included my grandfather, who was born in the late 1800s.

A century after his birth whites elected a puppet mouthpiece of the globalist financiers, Ronald Reagan.

The current moment has been long in the making.

Our enemies have had a long time to prepare.

Many of us are just waking up. They didn't have men like my grandfather and father, and the working class men and women I worked with, to talk to, to learn from, to share with.

We have been living in an anti-white genocidal nightmare since the early 1960s when our enemies foisted pro-black, pro-immigrant, pro-minority federal policies on this nation as part and parcel of their financial and genetic plans.

So here is my advice--meaning what I've learned and hope is useful.

Keep your eyes open, your back and your loved ones' backs covered, and your mouth shut. All my life people have feared a civil war, a race war--but it has been underway MY ENTIRE LIFE. A cold war, or a low fever.

It is our enemies who want to heat things up, not us.

Be careful who you trust...but as you quietly move through life, observe. Take names, record incidents, and make events and people public in ways it is safe to do so. Connect violence or support for it to individuals, individuals to movements. Our people are not dying, we are being killed. And those doing it have names and addresses. I am not calling for violence. I am calling for the outing of genocidists. I am calling for a Domesday Book of our oppressors.

Fight back in the moment, but only when necessary. Over the long haul, observe, take notes, share what you learn, but safely.

We have a place to stand now, we are starting to build a boardwalk through a jungle swamp. But the work is just beginning and our enemies are going to be more blunt and honest for awhile. So this is a useful time.

Some will be save-able. Leave them redpill information anonymously. Help them awaken.

Some are lost. Don't even try. There are so many degenerates and unstable people now.

To hell with blacks. To hell with degenerates. To hell with their enablers. To hell with idiocracy-future. We didn't want war, but they are spoiling for it. They have poked the sleeping cave bear with sharp sticks.

Mrs. Beowulf

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Make it a point to buy some ammo every pay period. Ammo has gone up in the past few weeks , why ? I have heard price of metals gone up to just blame on the election and manufactures or just gouging the public at a convenient time. There is a place in Ft. Worth,TX. called "CHEAPER THAN DIRT" not bad , there is another place called "SPORTSMAN'S GUIDE", a little more expensive.
November 12, 2016 at 4:19 PM

Agree on the ammo purchase. There`s no such thing as too much.

Personally tho, I don't do business with Cheaper than Dirt. They are notorious price gougers and sellouts. Supporting the Second Amendment is just a marketing gimmick to them.

After Sandy Hook, they folded faster than Superman on laundry day when they were one of the first big retailers to stop selling firearms, only to start again when they saw which way the wind was blowing. And they are famous for their $100 PMags.

The hate on their Facebook at the time was epic and they had to start scrubbing comments. The only thing cheaper than dirt is their ethics, and people remember that shit.

You need ammo, AIM Surplus.

You need gun parts, Brownells, Apex or Numrich.

You need a firearm, Buds Gun Shop or Classic firearms.

You want a firearm review or need a disassembly video, check out Tim at the Military Arms Channel. Or if its a really old gun, Ian at Forgotten Weapons.

Just people and business` that I`ve found to be straight shooters.

Trumps stance on the 2A (so far) is awesome and this has definitely been a victory for the firearms community, but... Freedoms enemies never sleep, and setbacks don't make them quit.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

I`m sure most of you have seen it, but those who haven't need to check out the map of the election broken down by county. It could easily be labeled "Black Dysfunction Hot Zones".

Looking at it, its not hard to see that the entitlement army and their SJW handlers would do extremely poor were their monkeyshines to get out of hand. As it is, were getting into the colder months, so I suspect all but the hardiest of them will return to their dorms or section 8 squalor in a week or so.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Dump them in Mexico. God knows Mexico has been dumping up here long enough. Also Mexico can learn the meaning of "Paybacks a bitch!".


Anonymous said...

"They preach brotherly love and peace and all the other liberal rhetoric, but they are the very first ones to resort to violence when they don't get their way, like overgrown, spoiled children."

They do so for one reason and one reason only: because it works. Widespread civil disobedience works, the more violent the better. It destroyed segregation. It gave us Affirmative Action. It built a 30' tall statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington DC, twice as tall as the statue of Jefferson in the Jefferson Memorial. It prompted re-naming of schools and roads all over the land, all done in the pursuit of "racial justice"; i.e., appeasement of non-whites.

To stop the violence would be easy. Just stop appeasing them. But then again, that might be seen as racist, and we can't have that, can we? Not in America! Everybody, even Donald Trump, knows that that's not what America's all about. And therein lies the problem. America's deepest core value is anti-racism. Whites are beaten before they even begin; beaten not by what they don't know, but what they "know" that's wrong. The moral: Build a country on contempt for racism, and do not wonder when your race and your culture fall apart.

Anonymous said...

To those who think Trump will bring back Camelot complete with Merlin casting an eerie mist and the knights clanging their goblets together while swilling mead with buxom wenches on their laps...prepare to be let down.
Santa Claus won't be checking off your wish list one by one.
Rence Preibus is the chief of staff and the rest of the republican establishment worms will be along soon.
The commenter that said it will buy us some time and breathing room is right on.
Use the time wisely.

Unknown said...

To Wayne and his Wife -
Well written Brother! As President, Mr. Trump had better start implementing his promises on DAY ONE. We will be watching.

Anonymous said...

The majority if not all of the violence that you hear about from Portland involves black "teens".

It was a youff that shot a protester yesterday in Portland.

The MSM predictably didn't report the race of the suspect. They of course want everyone to assume it was a Trump supporter.

Bill in St Louis said...

Angering non-whites? No, (with the exception of the old and fragile, their preferred targets) but worried about some snowflake getting "offended", sneaking a cell phone shot and sending it to our bosses via social media, and risking a job ? That is a concern. One that soon will be ended. While not quite your size, as a 6ft, 250 lb Marine combat vet, the nogs in less than a (what is the term for a mob of nogs? A shit? I digress) mob holds no terror for me either.

Anonymous said...

There is only one solution (part 1)

As many as possible, Africans, must go back to Africa. The past 50 years (maybe even 100-200 years) has given proof that there is nothing that can be done to "equalize" conditions of life between the dominant (White, European-based) people and the largest of the subordinate (African) peoples of the USA.

All experimentation has ended, not only in total failure, but often, as is now on display, with conditions being even worse than before the attempt fix. This insanity has been repeated over and over and over - no matter what is tried, nothing works for the African - who are genetically incapable of being satisfied no matter what is handed to them.

Compared with White ethnic European races, the African race is genetically a totally different race, with limitations that do not effect other races (Whites, Asians, maybe others). Yes. This is scientific fact, no matter how much the brain-washed liberal Whites want to deny it, it's fact. Time to face reality. The Africans are genetically not capable of integration; this is not stated with malice, hatred, it just is cold, hard factual reality.

Some questions to help get one to the only peaceable, long term, humane solution:

Was slavery wrong?

Although only 2% of White European Americans were directly involved in the enslavement of Africans, it was still wrong. We must majority unite, now, in order to fix the problem created for us by a tiny minority (who cursed the following generations with the African problem) of the past times.

Even if some would like slavery to return, there is absolutely no need for it now because of technology. In other words, what the Africans were once good for, no longer applies. Horrible as it is to state this, they are at the least redundant source of labor, if not nearly useless now.

Was taking Africans from Africa for slavery wrong?

Should the wrongs be righted?

Should African be returned to Africa to right the wrong?

Anonymous said...

The only solution (part 2)

Africa is White-man free, in other words, no one to "hold down the African", the sky is the limit for Africans in Africa.

Africa has great potential, farming, industry, tourism, minerals mining, etc. and vast areas of land.

If Whites were take advantage of this situation, we would be called "exploiters, colonizers, racists", etc. for venturing into Africa.

Therefore, instead of Whites escaping from this intolerable situation, who are sick and tired of propping up the Africans in the USA, the Africans can go to, or more accurately, return to Africa.

Encourage Africans to return to Africa; give them funding for moving, living, educational costs in Africa for 10-20 years (by the end of that period, the majority will be gone from the USA). Everyone will be much better off, how can this be wrong?

There may be a small minority of Africans who could stay ... but if successful, a new population, in Africa, of Africans from the USA, may be attractive to all and entice any remaining, to repatriate to their original homelands.

Habitual and violent criminals would get a one-way ticket to Africa after they serve their time in prison. Or, even better, the US could fund African nations to build prisons there for criminal African in the USA to be shipped to.

Most, if not all, African nations do not want the useless (the majority) US Africans, so the USA may need to fund an entirely new small nation, for the current USA-based Africans to go to.

Is this going to cost a lot?

But it won't be any more than has already be spent on Africans in the USA, in attempts to "bring them up" to civilized, self-reliant, self-sustainability levels. Plus, it would take maybe 10-20 years, then, no more funding, other than the typical funding the US taxpayers are required to pay out to all other nations now.

Like it or not, this is reality, based, and backed by decades, even centuries of evidence, that Africans can not live among non-Africans, and in the case of the USA, they must be encouraged and assisted to return to their homelands - Africa.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in years I watched 60 Minutes just to see Donald Trump hand Leslie Stahl's skinny behind to her. He stayed calm and in charge, she spluttered and looked like an idiot. Even a Trump skeptic I watched with remarked that the media needed to be less partisan. Some people's eyes are really hard to pry open but the media is working at it full time. Hope Trump can restore law and order, then start cleaning, fixing and building.

Anonymous said...

I do want to see EBT mooching, Section 8 housing, WIC, AFDC, TANF......ended for once and all.Time for scum to learn what working for a living is all about!

Detroit Refugee said...


I feel for you. I really do.
Wednesday, however, I had a 22 yr old 6'7 & 280 lb male gorilla say to me, " u happy? U goin bill a wall now?". I said, "you are"!! He said zero next. I shit you not. Fact!!
He's just a big fat soft pussy, he knows it, I know it. Best of all he knows that I know. I'm twice his age, I'll sweep his feet, kick in the heart disease. Of course, w/ his crew I'd have to bite tongue. This occurred Mano e Mano. I fear no apes.

Detroit Refugee said...

Exactly how are we to know?
What happens on the grid, per Kneegrow Felon League is a complete mystery. You gonna share the results here??

Anonymous said...

I fully agree!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said ”I don't travel with a rifle in the trunk of my car, . . . “

I don't either. I keep mine in the back seat within reach, but for safety reasons it is only magazine loaded.

oogabooga said...

He's not building a wall, he's not repealing oboogiecare. Go on with your lives.

Anonymous said...

Bill in St. Louis said ”Angering non-whites? No, (with the exception of the old and fragile, their preferred targets) but worried about some snowflake getting "offended", sneaking a cell phone shot and sending it to our bosses via social media, and risking a job ? . . . “

Perhaps things are already improving. A short time ago noticing the similarity between the First orc and a classic ape would have resulted in instant employment termination and persecution by the DOJ. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

oogabooga said ”He's not building a wall, he's not repealing oboogiecare. Go on with your lives.”

Let see. They said that he wouldn't actually run for President, and he did. They said that he couldn't possibly be nominated, and he was. Then they said that he couldn't possibly win the election, and he is now our President-Elect. It reminds me of the movie Princess Bride where the idiot kept saying “inconceivable” every time reality didn't fit his personal view of the way things ought to be. Ooga can't see the pattern, but that isn't really much of a surprise. He isn't like the rest of us.

Mr. Rational said...

Don't worry, oogaboooga @ 7:31.  Remember, Trump has a ceiling of 25% in the primaries.  He's no threat to El Jeb.

Sick n' Tired said...

While blacks do commit a lot of crime in Portland, there is also a huge population of crust punks, street kids, dope fiends, hypocritical hippies, and anarchists. I grew up out there and there was a lot of eco-terrorism like burning SUVs, spiking trees (driving long nails into tree trunks so when a chainsaw hits it it will ruin the blade or kick back), burying barrels full of cement and chaining themselves to it, or putting sugar/salt/bolts/rocks into the gas tanks/oil reserves on bulldozers and cranes, and all kinds of other stupid shit.

Sick n' Tired said...

I know, think about how much farther George Clooney's money would go if he moved to Liberia, Gabon, or Sudan where $500 is considered a good yearly salary.

Anonymous said...

"A century after his birth whites elected a puppet mouthpiece of the globalist financiers, Ronald Reagan".

After this statement you lost all credibility and sympathy with me.

Anonymous said...

I would be ok with that whole stretch of anti trump rioters being carpet bombed. I hope soros is handed over to Putin. Save us mr president from this anarchy. I'd like to see more than 8 years of trump, if you gnome sayun

Bobby PGH said...

The average white american male has football games to watch and beer to drink. He does not care if his children are beaten and his wife is raped, just don't take away his precious football games.

Anonymous said...

"A century after his birth whites elected a puppet mouthpiece of the globalist financiers, Ronald Reagan".

After this statement you lost all credibility and sympathy with me.


Who cares?

The lord Beowulf said "the cucks you will have with you always."

Now go worship at your altar with the photo of Nancy Davis sitting on Mr. T's lap kissing him.

oogabooga said...

Winning an election is one thing. Building a wall and repealing legislation is another. Also, he did say they would knock on doors and throw illegals out? Hahahahaha! Right, that will never happen. The opposition will fight to the end. The civilized among us will not. You know that, right? BTW, I voted for Trump.

There is going to be some serious disappointment here with my favorite group of shut-ins.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

oogabooga ... isn't like the rest of us

Why I love this site.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Anon said...

"They need to understand that the voters who elected Trump will be far more difficult to deal with than the crybabies if they attempt to undo the election."

A totally undeniable truth if ever there was one...

NY Girl said...

"It was like having sex with Bradley Cooper, winning the lottery, and running over Chuck and Amy Schumer with my brand new Lanborghini, times 100 kind of good."

Dontcha just love this girl!

Anon said...
"penis puffers waving their flag in your face and prattling on about rights..."

Thanks I have to clean up my coffee covered desk and keyboard...

Anon said...

"Rights without responsibility - the liberal paradise."

As my ultra-liberal EX-wife loves to say..."outcomes dont matter, only intentions matter."

Sound familiar Formerly Ms. G?

Petercat said...

"No one votes unless they pay more in taxes than they get in benefits."

Why do we allow anyone receiving government benefits to vote? Clearly they would be conflicted at best.

I moved out of the US in 2013 after the US "renigged" in 2012. After all this time I can tell you that the grass isnt any greener down here in Kiwiland.

On Sunday Nov 4th I bought a ticket back to the US. I figured that Id either be going back to do my part to make America great again or buying a gun and joining in a full blown revolution. Either way I wasnt going to miss out.

I'll be back on US soil soon and really looking forward to working hard everyday to MAGA.

The top anon was right in saying that we need to work together like never before or all this will have been for nothing.

While I dont often agree with everything that said or done, I agree with enough to know that if we dont all jump in on this together right now and start working hard to fix it we wont ever get another chance like this again.

Lets do it right this time.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Cut the head off the snake.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

We know who is funding/formenting the unrest; Soros. There needs to be a price on his head.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Cincinatti sure has become a dump. I was there a few years ago, and visited the retored train station museum. ..... commemorating a time long past.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

It IS abosolutely what they want. There is even a specific number of mud-people they have in mind as a world population whom they can rule over; 500 million. All of this is being done by design, the crippling debt, the flood of third worlders, the lawlessness of the negro. Chittum is DEAD on.
Mr Turner