Monday, November 14, 2016

What Does Donald Trump's Victory Mean? Taylor and Kersey Outline What the Win Means

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Donald Trump Wins!

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don't Like discuss the consequences of the momentous Trump upset victory (which Kersey stated was going to happen back in July of 2015). They note that this is only a first step--Donald Trump is an American nationalist, not a racial nationalist--but that he has opened the door to possibilities no one could have imagined without him.
A podcast with Paul Kersey and Jared Taylor on Trump's victory: what does it mean?


Baron Münchhausen said...

I went to see the movie "The Revenant" last year in theatres because I stupidly believed that, here, with the story focusing on a White man's story of sole survival after being left for dead after a bear attack.

Boy was I wrong

Somehow the story became about his half-breed Indian son (huge dramatic moment when DiCaprio has to calm his raging son by telling him that no matter what, the evil white men would never accept him) and how evil and racist the White men were in comparison to the noble and true Indians.

So I waited a year. "Dr. Strange" came along. I was familiar with the comics and again I believed with childlike naivety that maybe,just maybe, there would not be underlying theme of how bad White people were.

I was not disappointed.

Strange travels to Tibet or whatever and gets mugged by a trio of people; one yellow bone, one Tibetan, one white guy. Who has the only speaking part? The White Guy.

After that ALL the bad guys were white.
Of course, All The Good guys a multicultural team.

And it wouldn't be a Marvel movie without replacing at least one White comic character with a black actor. Morda is White, God damn it!!!!!

And I wonder how many people caught the visual propaganda when Strange had to travel around the globe to Tibet?, London, New York, and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was shown to be strictly Chinese. Completely homogenise. No vibrant diversity to be seen.

The other three? Hahahahhahhahahha

On the Trump victory,
I am still holding my breath as they try to push this Electoral College nonsense. Yes, yes, I know. They elect the President, not the people.

For the Express purpose of preventing someone who is UNFIT to be president.

Does it make sense why they have been pushing this meme that somehow Trump is UNFIT to be president for months now? How classless can a sitting president be to dismiss the President-Elect as unfit?

Where were they with that bullshit when a junior state senator who never voted once with sealed records who was raised by communists, muslims, marxists, and sat in a church for 20 years that preached White hatred? Sounds pretty unfit to me.

Be ready. The Storm is coming.

Beam me up

The Baron

Baron Münchhausen said...

Feel Good story of the Day:

Tom B. said...

Not sure where to post this PK, but I thought the link should be here. You can keep this comment back if it Is too off-topic.

South Africa Family Relief project is a charity for white settlers living in squatter camps in South Africa. Many children live in deplorable conditions in a country in which they have NO FUTURE, in a country where the president sings "Kill the Boer- Kill the Whites."

If you go to you tube, you can see videos of this, which are appalling and heartbreaking.

Here is their website. Please donate if you feel you can. You can do so by Paypal.


South Africa Family Relief Project website:

Anonymous said...

What is going with buyer's remorse before he even puts his hand on the bible from certain sectors of the right?
Is the leader of the executive branch of government Santa Claus? No.
Will Trump deliver on 100% of campaign statements? No.
A Trump presidency will buy us some time.
Time to get the bunker stocked and the mountain hideout habitable.
The Armageddon comes when the snowflake generation becomes the leaders of America.
Electing Trump is as easy as 1-2-3.

1st Amendment-still intact under Trump.
2nd Amendment-still intact under Trump.
WWIII-postponed for now.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hopefuly uphold our U.S. Constitution and what it realy means(not same sex marrage or illegal aliens squating on your private property)deport thousands of illegal aliens defund the Useless Nations rips up all those Unconstitutional UN treaties UN treaties defunds the whole UN cracks down on the Black Panthers,Nation of Islam dumps the paris global warming accord had Al Sharpton arrested for tax evasion repeals the ESA and abolishes the EPA,DHS,EEOC, and many other goverment buracricies and has Obama,Clinton and Gore indited and sends Bill Nye to the nut house

Anonymous said...

PK, both you and Taylor don't get it. You don't ride the nationalism train to arrive at white identity in America, a country in which whites are already headed to minority status. That train runs in the opposite direction. Trump, who describes himself as the "least racist person in the world" wasn't even the "white candidate". Almost all white Americans are ashamed of showing racism in themselves, and don't like to see it in others. If Trump had been so bold as to proclaim himself pro-white, he probably would have ended up like David Duke, who got only 3% of the vote in his Louisiana Senatorial race this year. As it was, he got even less of the popular vote than Mitt Romney.

The last politician of significance to be openly pro-white died in a bunker in Berlin in 1945. That should tell you something about how well a pro-white agenda succeeds with the America public at large. White Americans of that time were very proud of defeating him; and the white Americans of today are still proud of it, though their race has been in a downward spiral ever since. It's turned out that those American patriots, who thought they won such a great victory, were only useful idiots for the cause of anti-racism.

Anonymous said...

PK, both you and Taylor don't get it. You don't ride the nationalism train to arrive at white identity in America, a country in which whites are already headed to minority status. That train runs in the opposite direction. Trump, who describes himself as the "least racist person in the world" wasn't even the "white candidate". Almost all white Americans are ashamed of showing racism in themselves, and don't like to see it in others. If Trump had been so bold as to proclaim himself pro-white, he probably would have ended up like David Duke, who got only 3% of the vote in his Louisiana Senatorial race this year. As it was, despite all the impressive campaign rallies, he got even less of the popular vote than Mitt Romney.

The last politician of significance to be openly pro-white died in a bunker in Berlin in 1945. That should tell you something about how well a pro-white agenda succeeds with the American public at large. White Americans of that time were very proud of defeating him; and the white Americans of today are still proud of it, though their race has been in a downward spiral ever since. It's turned out that those American patriots, who thought they won such a great victory, were only useful idiots for the cause of anti-racism.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I don't think it has set in just yet what Donald Trump was able to accomplish in this campaign. Who knows what kind of president he will be, but for the time being it is worthy of marvel the wake of destruction that he left in the 18 months of election spotlight. There is literally nothing parallel or similar to it at all.

First, he single handedly changed the Republican platform by blindsiding it. He exposed that the key to GOP victory is not the public appeals to low taxes, small government, traditional values, muscular militarism, the Constitution, etc... The Republican leadership falsely assumed this is what their base was responding to and why the public supported the party and its candidates. This is why the GOP in spite of their best efforts were never going to woo hispanics or blacks with "the message." It was never about message, it was always about identity. Non-whites understood that and chose to embrace the party that permitted them to engage in explicit self-advocacy rather than vague universalist ideals. Now whites finally comprehend or are at least beginning to grasp that they too must be self-advocates if they are going to have any representation. This would have never happened with another Romney/McCain/Bush type candidate, who would have lost, and that would have been chalked up to not doing enough to bring in non-whites. Now that this reality is out of the bag, the GOP can never go back to that message, and we have Trump to thank for that.

The second thing he did (along with wikileaks and independent citizen media) was defeat the mass media in such a way so as to render them entirely void of credibility. No one can ever see the cable networks and the major newspapers as honest brokers again. They pushed all of their chips in on discrediting Trump and in turn only discredited themselves. They never made any attempt to even charade as neutral or objective. From every ginned up controversy, to every bullshit poll, to every declaration of Trump's final fatal error, to every attempt to prop up and cover for Clinton, to suffocating Bernie in the primaries, to putting wind in the sails of Trump's Republican opponents and critics, to the leaks showing coordination and collusion between themselves and the DNC, even down to the delay to call the race on election night ---- all of it was so blatant and transparent, even the densest of Americans, including those who backed Clinton, saw the unmasking. Again, it can never go back to the way it was before.

Lastly, he defeated the Democrat machine and their non-white vote farms, and did so without help from the RNC, freeing him of being beholden to their interests. With Trump as president combined with majorities in the US Senate, the US house, the majority of State governors, the majority of State legislatures, and soon to be the US Supreme Court - Republicans have a clear path to set things right in a way that they have never had before. The kinds of things that the States can do without an interfering federal government will be amazing. Coupled with the rising tide in Europe, and the reemergence of a Russia which we can have normalized relations with - globalism can be defeated within our lifetimes!

This is uuuuge. Winning bigly!

Anonymous said...

Epic Godly Shitlord President Trump just opened the hatch of the n*ggers' tank and dropped a grenade in!!

LOVE the Bannon appointment!! Well played Sir!!

The LEFT is FREAKING!!! They have declared a full on shooting war over this appointment. Watch them freak cause Bannon (allegedly) is on to the Tribe's influence. And they ain't gonna stand for that. Get ready....!

Paintjob Theory said...

Great interview and the audio quality was much better than the last one.

I'll have to agree with Centurion that we could have some much better discussions here with a better comment system or discussion board, but since I'm in no position to finance, create, or maintain such a venue I can't really complain.

PK gives us a lot here with just his time in researching and writing articles and moderating our comments and keeping the lights on here.

The problem with a big open forum is that it would be a constant battle keeping away trolls, agent provocateurs, spam-bots, and just censoring comments that would result in knocks on the door. If any of you has the money to register a domain and technical knowhow to build a forum I'll join up, but it'll be work to maintain and you won't in 6 million years find an advertiser.

In short, I think if we want it we're going to have to white up and do it ourselves and not wait around expecting PK to gibs it to us.

Anonymous said...

A teacher got fired for saying Michele Obongo looks like a monkey. They said she was racist. Is that racist? She didn't mention Negroid or Caucasoid etc. How does race come into it? She didn't say one race was better than another. It's just commenting on the way something/someone looks. Am I wrong here?

Unknown said...

But to be black means all is forgiven

Anonymous said...

Great news if Trump puts Astorino in charge of HUD!! Guy was out in the lead against AFFH program (force orcs into Human communities). This will drive the Left bananas!! Got to shut down AFFH completely! It's like a medical program that injects cancer cells into your healthy tissue. Crazy!

Go Trump! Go Astorino!!

Bird of Paradise said...

The mobs of hoodelums are still rampaging through the city streets throwing their littl temper tantrums over the fact that americans have made their choice for president so they might as well just Go Away and Never Ever Return Again

Anonymous said...

Gotta respond to @SteelPalm Calling people's legitimate concerns on the overrepresentation of certain group in organizations hostile to white people "stormfaggery" is not helpful. You did not cite facts, numbers or statistics in your poopoo-ing of certain bloggers views. Calling people "stormfaggots" is the equivalent of branding people NAZIs(Eeek!) or even worse Antisemites(Oh God nooo!!!) That's way worse than being called a racist.

Anonymous said...

Now is not the time to be complacent. We got a win but the anti-White alliance never sleeps.

Liberals have decided that Whites without degrees are to blame for the election, even though Trump took college educated Whites by a slim majority and also 1/3 of Hispanics. But don't expect the media to point this out.

Liberals are going to double down on their efforts to disparage and indoctrinate Whites because they are absolutely terrified right now.

This means their unholy trinity (government, media, schools) will be working overtime. They are going to backlash as they see Whites as spoiling their dreams of a Clinton presidency.

Trump only got elected because of websites like this one. Only the internet allows the great lie of paint theory to be challenged. Nice-guy conservatism allows the lie to stand which then allows liberalism to proceed. The Limbaugh/National Review/Cato approach was NOT working. Only racial realism can fully deconstruct liberalism.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a fuck that east Asian people are overrepresented on the American ping pong team. Nobody really cares that certain groups are overrepresented in Hollywood or Wall Street. We are however concerned that they are overrepresented in the ACLU, early NAACP and extreme leftist organizations. On the other hand, being a high IQ group, maybe they're just a race of progressives. Google Adam Sandler and Howard Stern's reaction to Roger White's concerns to see how "progressive" they really are.

Anonymous said...

***Meant Roger Waters of Pink Floyd***

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Great comments, as per usual. Loved the podcasts. It is amazing to see the sh*t storm coming down as liberals with their crying hissy fits drench every handkerchief in North America.

The (((mainstream media))) is doubling down on its attacks on Trump. I note that Trump is not allowing them access to his daily jaunts, as did presidents before him. You reap what you sow, bitchez.

Trump is actively engaging Putin over future approaches to many things, not the least of which is the U.S. created "Isis". I could not be happier nor prouder. This is the way our democracy is supposed to work. For the time being, we have to hope and pray that Trump meant what he said on the campaign trail. If nothing else, we have stepped back from nuclear armageddon, which has kept me awake many nights.

I spoke with a friend of ours on the phone the other day. Turns out she was a Hillary supporter. Her husband, an accountant by trade, has been serially unemployed for the past three years or so. When discussing the election, I mentioned that Hillary, if elected, would have ushered in a nuclear war with Russia. She said, "Well, I don't know about that....I will have to look into that."

I said, "Dear God, Nancy, it isn't like I just made that sh*t up. She said it on national television. She spoke openly at exactly how many minutes it would take her to push the nuclear buttons during the most watched presidential debate since Nixon-Kennedy! It's not like I am some investigative reporter. She said it on television." Silence, on the other end of the line.

I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would elect such a lunatic, who among other things, promised to double down on Obama's disastrous foreign and domestic policies. A true, modern day, Benedict Arnold.

News is leaking out now that Hillary is an alcoholic and is regularly medicated with drugs and tranquilizers. During these episodes, she frequently becomes abusive and violent. I have lived with an alcoholic. It is extremely unpleasant to be around them.

This news about Hillary's alcoholism is why, as I suspected, she was nowhere to be seen after conceding the election by phone to Trump. I said it to friends at the time. She pulled a Lucy Van Pelt.

You remember Lucy...Charlie Brown's nemesis. Whenever she was losing a board game, instead of graciously losing, she'd violently kick over the board and stomp off in a rage. Reports are filtering in that is exactly what she did on election night.

Damn, we dodged a major bullet, lads and lassies.

Gwoobus makes an excellent point. The MSM has lost all credibility. Absolutely no one takes anything they say as serious. They have destroyed themselves. Good times! Effective January, 2017, we are pulling the plug on our cable. I do wish to see the inauguration, though. And I cannot wait to see the elegant, beautiful, Melana Trump, standing by her man, during his oath of office.

RT has an item about how a government official in Virginia made a comment on Farce book about how nice it would be to have a real lady in the White House, rather than "a ape in heels"! News you won't read about in our (((press))).

OT: To Stand up Broad - You made a mistake. It is as simple as that. I can only tell you that I have made more f*cked up blunders than yours and they pale in comparison. Your experience only stiffened your backbone. Your courage in sharing with us is admirable and nothing to be ashamed about.

Ya'll be safe and drink in the sweet, salty tears of our white, liberal, "friends". As Connie Francis (raped by a n*gger), "Whose Sorry Now?" Dumb bitches!

Wide Awake said...

Big thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Libtard friends and family on Facebook are losing their SH&T over Trump & Bannon!! Hahahahaha...!!

I just coyly comment that Trump isn't even in office yet and they are spewing outrage so strongly they are blowing gaskets in their brains... they have a long four years of daily outrages coming so save some energy; don't blow their wads now.

Needless to say, they ain't happy with that comment... teehee.

Oh, and why did I vote Trump? Because FUCK YOU!...that's why.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

......The Armageddon comes when the snowflake generation becomes the leaders of America.

Don't count the snowflakes out just yet. Once they've been passed over for an AA hire or two than get a look at the taxes being ripped from their paychecks when they're finally hired they'll start wising up.

Besides......Even though they may not admit it, I'm quite sure the original snowflake generation, the flower children of the 60's pulled the lever for Trump. The more things change......


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot.....

I have alot of hobbies. Guy stuff. Cars, bikes, guitars, tools, fixin' shit etc. I visit / read / post on a bunch of different forums. None of 'em hold a candle to SBPDL and the fine like minded people I've encountered here! I love this little "safe space"! Keep up the good work gang...


Ex New Yorker said...

As we all know anyone that voted for Trump is a Nazi. The local school where I live has already started the Trump Youth Corp. At lunch time and after school all children over ten years old will be taught to march. Machine gun and hand grenade practice will only be done on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

@ Formerly Miss Greenbaum

The first time I saw the now infamous "Deplorables" speech you can clearly see she's loaded or on something. She's got that glassy, foggy eyed, arm waving thing going on and she's rambling into the air. Kind of like that secretly taped, over the hill, washed up drunken 1940's actress that isn't getting any more movie roles.....


Anonymous said...

No, you're not wrong. The teacher was wrong. Wrong for believing we still have First Amendment rights and the freedom to express our opinions as Americans.
Would have thought a teacher would know better after nearly 8 years of Obama.


Anonymous said...

They've been getting their way, for so long, they think they should get the president they want.


Anonymous said...

Savages.......F'n Savages :


Detroit Refugee said...

Trumps win means we managed to insert a few more thumbs & fingers into the dyke.

Tarczan said...

Is this what it feels like to take drugs? I've been on a high since Wednesday am.

Baron- The book "Revanent" has none of the pic crap in it. Just a story about a guy attacked by a bear and betrayed by his friends. No noble Indian bullshit, typical Hollywood editing. I recorded the movie but when I saw De Caprio was in it I erased it. Can't stand his constant lectures.

Antidote said...

In the simplest terms what the Trump Election means is a victory of the politically incorrect basket full of deplorable irredeemables over the politically correct orthodoxy (sometimes called the cathedral and sometimes also the "mound"). It is a rejection and repudiation of the 'change' Obongo foisted upon society. It is a victory for normalcy and sanity. The deplorables voted against:
Open Borders
Race displacement
The theory of white privilege
The theory of a "war against women"
The assault on religious liberty
The narrative of the white Man's raycizm as the cause of all bl@ck dysfunction
The narrative of a vicious police state hell afflicting the Negroes day and night
and yes, Tranny bathroom rights

And the package was wrapped in the pretty paper of Nationalism and Populism. The look on Obongo's face as he sat with Trump by the fireside said it all. They told him this couldn't happen; they told him there would never be another White man in the Oval office. Now there will be a very huWhite family in the Executive Mansion and a White lady will light the national Christmas tree.

NJ Woman said...

To Anon at 7:18 am - You are not wrong. We see what we see. I find that teacher's candor refreshing and charming, not racist. Michelle does look like a monkey - a large, hulking, angry, aggressive, nostril-flaring, male monkey. This is, no doubt, why she was not welcome in museums. May I note, with no racial insensitivity intended, that Donna Bobo Brazile has always put me in mind of an angry Aunt Jemima.

To Gwoobus Harmon at 3:45 am - Yes! Well put. The win is a robust kick in the backside to so many factions I detest. It is a gift that keeps on giving as each day since the election unfolds. Perhaps America will eventually cease to be a giant assisted living facility for negroes and immigrants.

P.S. Oh, the Bannon appointment! I am giddy with joy.

Anonymous said...

The latest ploy of the Crooked MSM is to say that Trump supporters of out and about causing strife with the blacks and latinos. Off course this is complete bullshit, here is the reality of Trump supporters having to put up with the illegal activity of Clinton supporters

Anonymous said...

^ Thank you

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...


Thank you for pointing out that video of Hillary's basket of deplorables comment. You are so right! My God, I had flashbacks of my mom exhibiting the exact same behavior....eyes half shut, vacant expression, her gaze lasting a few seconds too long...incredible! I encourage all of you to check it out on "Youtube".

Then again, she was among "friends", Hollywood gays & lesbians....she had her hair down and obviously had more than a few. Nevertheless, she is absolutely seething with hatred when discussing us, the people who voted for Mr. Trump.

I mean what I said earlier. I truly believe we dodged a major bullet. You can thank God, Allah, or Whomever the f*ck you care to. This bitch, with any luck, will have a house fall on her in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Mr Turner

Long Island Guido said...

Boy...the media is going scorched Earth or (oy vey'ing) on this Bannon pick as well as the Hoaxes going around.

I have a feeling (((they))) know that more and more people are getting redpilled regarding the "agenda" they are going pedal to the metal on the whole "white Nationalist" news stories.

Anonymous said...

We still have to be vigilant about who leads us. Trump's early picks, like Reince Priebus, are from the vile GOP establishment that most rank and file voters said no to. I will continue to return GOP fundraising letters with no money and letters of protest on the continuing legal and illegal invasion of unwanted turd world people. I will no longer consume MSM anti-white propaganda; I no longer subscribe to The New York Slimes.

Anonymous said...



Sick n' Tired said...

Marvel is owned by Disney now, so you can expect diversity in every movie they put out. If you are looking for authentic comic based series & movies I highly suggest DareDevil seasons 1&2, especially 2 with the introduction of the Punisher.

Anonymous said...

I went to desert trip 20:16, the last night of six acts .Roger Waters on the third day. put a bunch little kids across stage. . Singing Trump is a racist. the usual garbage, he almost ruined 3 days of good rock and roll.
And most of the audience cheered in California Of course.

Anonymous said...

When you think about it, the Democrats did some excellent work for us. They separated us into groups that are more easily dealt with. There are certain points of their grievance coalition that will never see any progress for themselves- these white guys have the duty and honor of standing aside and always supporting the needs and demands of others. If you're a white guy spewing anti-white pro-diversity b.s. and you're not trying to get or keep a girlfriend then you're probably clinically insane. Nice guys finish last moron, we've tried this before.

Another neglected and overlooked group when it comes to grievances are Asian males. It doesn't take much searching to discover that they face a lot of the same crimes and harassment that white males do, and this is more often than not coming from their "allies" of color.

As you can see, liberals always tend to the squeaky wheel and give it all the grease (black people, etc.) and it leaves them with huge blind spots when it comes to these other groups. These groups need to be addressed and brought into the realist fold- it's time to come to reality folks and let's all get on the same page.

Once some groups start to follow, others will follow them. White males, Asian males, white women, Asian women, Latino men/women. And by bring into the fold I don't mean one happy multicultural tent. Just everyone living in peace with the realization that genetics matter and that we are not all the same and interchangeable. We just leave each other alone. It's really not much to ask, the only one who would fight vigorously against it would be someone who has plans of being a parasite.

Part of the point of this approach is to kick off a white male brain drain which results in all the existing organizations going stale if not outright going out of business. Shove genetics in their faces if they are going to continue to play dumb and waste all of our time to please the unpleasable.

The liberal coalition is ripe with contradictions and infighting- it is inevitable when you attempt to force diversity on anyone. Islam and feminisim, I mean seriously!?! The more you learn about that religion and their "prophet" the more you will learn to despise it if you hold any Western values dear, whatsoever. Liberals don't want their kids to go to school swamped in diversity, if ever put into that situation they just pay and have their children put into (safer) more exclusive schools. Same with their neighborhoods, which is how they used to attempt to keep diversity out of their schools.

The gimmie gimmie gimme apologize coalition has gotten so so so old for white men and increasingly women as well. At the stage that white women start jumping onto the realist train their goose is cooked.

Anonymous said...

Tom B, I have spent much time thinking and agonizing over the plight of the white South Africans. I am hoping that once Trump is sworn in, that we can work together to get them granted refugee status here in the US. I am just not sure how to begin but if we all work together I'm sure we could figure out a way. Why not welcome legitimate and truly persecuted whites? I am hoping we could eventually accept Europeans, maybe not the men if they need to fight to regain their homelands, but the women and children. As long as they aren't going to come here and push liberal policies. I am putting a lot of hope into Trump and hope I won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trumps victory means that false flag racist events are going to be rampant now......

University of Oklahoma student expelled and two others investigated for somehow adding hundreds of freshmen sudents at University of Pennsylvania to racist group me account with the name "Daddy Trump" of course. University of Oklahoma will not release the identity of the student of course or the "other perpetrators"

The fact that the nexxus between the desire of the left to paint trump and his supporters as racists and the SAE fraternity event at OU and Penn university ( where Trump went to school) is so glaringly obvious to a person with two brain cells to rub together just wreeks of shenanigans.

And you should hear the stern rebuke by David Boren ...... Puke.

Mr Boren..... You know damn well that the perpetrators are black... Or Liberal SJW whites.

Unknown said...

To Formerly Miss Greenbaum:
You mistakenly attributed a reply TO ME as a post by me. Totally understandable. I just don't want anyone to think I had...shudder the thought...mudsharked. Ewwwww!!!

Johnny See said...

Ok, so whats up with offense over ape comparisons? Does no one remember the site ?
It was made to lampoon W Bush.... nobody bitched back then.
Honestly the double standards gall me most of all.
A mayor just resigned for promoting or at least laughing at Moochelle as "a ape in heels". Is this the grammar poolice at work? Maybe it would be ok if she had said "an ape..."?
They will never be happy. Ship them back and to hell with the refund!

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

Michelle was great opposite Han Solo in the new star wars movie.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

Ahh yes, Adam Sandler the progressive pioneer of retard comedy.

Anonymous said...

I hope President trump will mean:
#1. No more earned income credit
#2. No more EBT
#3. No more foreign aid
#4. No more section 8
#5. No more racial quotas for colleges
#6. No more busing for school integration
#7. No more affirmative action hiring
#8. No more WIC
#9. No more TANF
#10. No more SNAP
#11. No more AFDC
#12. No more presenting the negroe as an equal
#13. No more negroe and third world immigration

I have a dream!

Anonymous said...

I'm in high hopes that whole departments will be fired like the rest of us have been fired - enmass and with no warnng. I suggest an off-site meeting where their govt cellphone are taken while their work computers are being removed for analysis of wrongdoing and misuse of govt property. Have their personal belongings brought to the meeting and they never step foot in the work building again. Follow quickly with whatever they can be charged with. Keep them frightened and off balance. Later, rinse, repeat.

PB said...

"Trumps win means we managed to insert a few more thumbs & fingers into the dyke."


Anonymous said...

[What it means]- Evil white Trump supporters are the scourge of the nation. We live our entire existence to undermine people of color without conscious, and our eternal goal is to absorb every ounce of their good nature and wellbeing at every turn. They are the chosen people, we are the thieves of the night that steal their good nature and feed on their upstanding quality as a true loving peaceful people. We are the true demons, white devils!

That's what it means to them,at least that's what they're teaching our children

Gilbert T Whyte said...

Wow, Togetherheid sure is working out pretty swell.

Anonymous said...

News in CT is standards are being eliminated for hiring police officers, felony conviction: OK, drug user: OK, non HS grad: OK, also physical standards being reduced, don’t have to know how to swim or lift a minimum weight. Reason given is that the state wants to hire more black male and Puerto Rican female police officers.

Anonymous said...

Some recent headlines: "The Electoral College is an instrument of white supremacy - and sexism," exclaimed Slate magazine. CNN: "Math is racist: How data is driving inequality." From the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma: "'To be white is to be racist,' Norman student offended by teacher's lecture."

Wow, things are bad here in America. Maybe I should move to Canada? Uh oh, from Heat Street: "Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege, says Canadian professor."

Is there no place safe from white supremacy? Let me check the Huffington Post. "North Korea proves your white male privilege is not universal." In other words, going by the headlines, you'd think everything is about race. Or, as the

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side, they were expelled, as they should be. Last year something like this would have resulted in the stoodints recieving zero punishments.
Mr Turner