Monday, November 7, 2016

"To vote is to wield authority; it is the supreme authority from which all other authority derives. Force if you will!—the franchise is force, naked and raw..."

"To vote is to wield authority; it is the supreme authority from which all other authority derives. Force if you will!—the franchise is force, naked and raw, the Power of the Rods and the Ax." - Starship Troopers
A special podcast for the 2016 Presidential Election.

The next era of western civilization is upon us. Are you ready?


Gwoobus Harmon said...

I have loved the new foray into the aural medium with the multiple podcasts and interviews recently. PK, you are a beast. I don't know how you do it.

You recently hit upon something very insightful - consistency equals commitment. Just the fact that you are able to crank out an article per day on this website shows a lot of devotion. I imagine many days there are things you'd rather be doing, or had a long day at work, or were sick, or have prior commitments, or any number of petty obstacles. And yet your torch stays lit.

We can all learn from this. I, myself, am a very busy individual with my own family, job, and duties. I have also wanted to start a blog or website and I just can't seem to make the time, which is the key to success - create a constant stream of content. I can't even make time to comment regularly or use twitter consistently in the daily grind.

Though it is not much, I will make it a point to comment at least once a day no matter what.

Thanks for the inspiration. I know that there must be countless others in the same position as myself. Let's all take the plunge and try to be as consistent and committed as these great and tireless minds pushing this movement in whatever small way that we can.

With great appreciation for all that you do,

Jacks Carlton said...

The audio on this is extremely low. I have it turned all the way up and can barely hear it. Is it possible to optimizeand repost?

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to read about the Josh Beal case:

It started when a Black guy blocked a fire department exit during funeral. I guess this is an ongoing problem where Blacks don't think they have to follow the rules during a funeral procession.

An argument ensues and an off-duty cop shows up. Josh Beal pulls his gun and gets shot.

BLM shows up but is met with a bigger counter-protest from local Whites.

Make sure you read the comments in that story. I think we are now finally seeing the limits of Chicago Whites.

Californian said...

Today: VOTE!

Tomorrow: Continue the Struggle!

Anonymous said...

“Democracy too is a religion, it is the worship of jackals by jackasses”

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance”

(H.L. Mencken)

Ex New Yorker said...

I just broke up with my Feminist girlfriend. It never bothered me that she had a Marine Corp tattoo on her forehead, lifted weights at the gym and worked as a bouncer in a biker bar. But she just told me she voted for Hillary and that was more than I could handle. I just booted her ass out on the street and she took her ugly bulldog with her.

Anonymous said...

Did my part here in Volusia County, waited 30 minutes at 7am. Make sure you vote, no excuses.
Female in FL

Mr. Rational said...

BLM shows up but is met with a bigger counter-protest from local Whites.

More like the end of BRA is visibly coming.  It's like 2008 only in reverse.

Make sure you read the comments in that story. I think we are now finally seeing the limits of Chicago Whites.

The inJustice Department which persecutes Whites (and "white hispanics") for self-defense against googles is on its way out, with even the Atty. General under fire.  It is finally safe to push back, and the race card is on its way to full cancellation.

BIG voter turnout in my area this morning, despite gray skies and drizzle.  I'm seeing a Trumpslide.

Truth Corps said...

Paul, I love the blog and the new podcasts, but please work on the audio quality. Perhaps buy a mic? I have no other suggestions (maybe someone who does can chime in) as I have no experience with them, but the audio is so bad on some I can't understand what is being said.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As crooked as Hillary is, as crooked as the media is, I think if everyone voted for Trump, Hillary will get her 270 electoral college votes come hell or high water.
I hope that will be the point every non-communist SJW white man & woman says enough! Loads up the mini van, the sedan, motorcycle and pickup truck and heads east to DC. To " recount the votes".
American citizens have a duty to throw off a tyrannical government!




Just wanted to say this for the record.



Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I screwed the audio up on this one. Recorded w/ a free software I downloaded online, but I couldn't upload w/out buying the product (the free trial ended).

Was roughly $200 that I didn't feel like paying last night, so I recorded it w/ Quicktime.

My fault.

Anonymous said...

"To vote is to wield authority..."

NC Realist said...

I believe it's all but over for the hildabeast and her minions. I voted and it felt damn good.

Unknown said...

Democracy is a tool of the enemy. The hidden hand has been cheating for far longer than you know. When you see South Africa "vote" to allow inferior blacks to rule, you know its fraud. Also, the bullshit claims that hated and despised Congressmen get re-elected because even though they are openly despised, the "people at home" like them. Yeah, no.
When Ross Perot starts a movement overnight by opposing Free Trade, but simply "cannot win" because he's a Third Party candidate, that's obviously fraud. People are supposed to be able to vote for whomever they want, but the media was certainly cocksure that Perot had "no chance". When clueless idiots in the Lying Press are sure about anything, you know its fraud. They don't even live in America.
It might be interesting to revive the concept of voting in the Future. Like in Heinlein's Starship Troopers, the only people I will allow to vote are Veterans. The Crazy Times are now coming to an end. I'm sure most of you are scared. War is a dirty business. That said, savages only understand force. Reason is past their meager pay grade. If anyone believes I need to vote and have my candidate win to keep my rights under The US Constitution, that will be the last mistake they ever make.

AnalogMan said...

BLM shows up but is met with a bigger counter-protest from local Whites.

Well, yes, they'd get short shrift in that neighbourhood. That's where the cops and the firefighters live. The dead Babuntu apparently didn't know that, being from out of town, else why would he wave a gun around there?

Just shows to go you, ignorance kills. The BLM crowd should reflect on this.

Anonymous said...

Voted days ago at the local embassy. It always warms the cocles of my heart to see an urban elf like Joshua Beal sent to the great watermelon patch in the sky. "He was not a troublemaker" LOL! You cannot make this shit up. Love to read stories like the one in Bevo Mill where Jonathan Warren and Lonnie Middlebrook made poor decisions that proved fatal. "Get$$$$ boayyyy or you gone die broke boayyy" LOL! Vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Sinistar said.........

Well said my friend. Well said. Every word!


Tom B. said...

You should download Audacity. It's what I use to create and put audiobooks on You Tube.. Also, you can edit with Acoustica Mixcraft pretty easily, altho registering it will cost you 70 dollars I think.

Anonymous said...

ex newyork. im cutting the funding to my ex wife as well over her hillary vote. been carrying her for ten years out of the goodness of my heart. no longer

Anonymous said...

Hope these pricks keep their word: