Monday, November 28, 2016

Putting Somali Muslim Terror Attack at Ohio State in Perspective: Since 1983, 1.2% of Somalia's Population has been Resettled in America

So there was an active shooter on the campus of The Ohio State University today.


Just some dark-skinned guy with a knife?
Won't you be my neighbor, Somalia?

Perhaps it was a graduating senior from the University of Michigan, sent by a still irate Jim Harbaugh to enact revenge on the hated Buckeyes...

Okay, there was an Act of Spontaneous Muslim Extremism - ASME - enriching the Columbus, Ohio campus today that would never have occurred if the United States of America hadn't actively implemented a policy of resettling 1.2 percent of the entire population of Somalia to our nation (sic).

One can only imagine what percent of these colonizers are supported by primarily white tax dollars, living with TANF/food stamps, cash welfare, Medicare, and free housing...

But back the trolley up... Yes: 1.2 percent of Somalia's population has been resettled in the United States of America. Since 1983, 132,224 Somalis have been resettled in America...

And the primary question to this resettlement is simply, "why?"

How do Americans benefit from the importation of just one Somalian to our shores?

And providing an endless supply of "welfare-seeking Somalis' experience discrimination" stories for the public relations assets of the elite masquerading as journalists doesn't count.

It's time to repatriate every Somali in the United States of America back to Somalia.


Anonymous said...

Since 1965 how many Blacks have moved to USA?

Is 1 in 4 haiitians already here?
1 in 4 salvadorians [MS 13 gang, one of the worst in world].

any thoughts?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

It's time to repatriate every Somali in the United States of America back to Somalia.


Okay, I'll bite....when do we get to send the rest of the African bipedals back to the Motherland?

They enrich our culture.

Celebrate diversity.

Bringing them here is the Christian thing to do.

They bring new ideas.

The start bidnesses (sic).

We can learn things from their religion and cultural traditions.

The only reason they haven't created great civilizations and intellectual breakthroughs is because they are oppress-uhd. (tm) ....oh, and "rayciss"...


We have had about 50 years of this indoctrination. It ain't going away quietly. And there are too many liberal pantywaists who have bought into it. The war started a long time ago. We shall see if Trump is the man who will lead us through it. In the meantime, getting comfortable with your weapon of choice is going to be crucial. The defeat of Hillary Clinton bought us some time, possibly four years if Trump isn't assassinated. Use this time wisely.

These folks aren't playing marbles. They mean business. Ladies, do not be another Amanda Blackburn. Purchase a weapon you feel comfortable with and learn how to use it as though your life will depend upon it....because it does.

Watch the MSM and how they put their spin on this:

He was an American, a student. He was "radicalized", probably in much the same way as the evil Dylan Roof. Hate exists in all people and should be discouraged........


They are providing you with an education. Listen to what they say and pay attention to the words they use. They reveal the ways in which they actively deceive the general public. If you pay attention you can see the methods they use to distract, dissuade, and redirect.

Our cable will be gone after Trump's inauguration. I will no longer support their active lies and deception. It will be nice to see a real woman grace the White House after four years of watching Chewbacca stomp around in size 14 high heels annoying foreign dignataries with her child-like prattle and queefs.

On a lighter note, Obama is working overtime, forcing the anti-American laws that have served and protected us for years to be overturned. Kinda makes me wish he'd spend the next two months out on the golf course.

Bird of Paradise said...

And all our politicians can do is bring in even more so called refugees stoking the power keg and igniting even more chances of a mass shoot out as a excuse to pass even mre worthess gun control laws or push for the UN Small Arms Control Treaty when the demacrats and the Useless Nations wants as part of the New World Order

Anonymous said...

The media is in a tizzy. College campus attacked. 11 people injured. No gun. Perp a recent immigrant. Perp is black. Perp a Muslim.

One-day story at best.

We need him to be a white hillbilly running down and shooting 11 black, homosexual Muslims for it to be a 21-day story.

Anonymous said...

"One can only imagine what percent of these colonizers are supported by primarily white tax dollars..."

They are not colonizers, they are invaders. Brought in by those who want to "fundamentally transform" America into a Turd World Utopia. The figure would be 100% supported in some form or fashion.

"How do Americans benefit from the importation of just one Somalian to our shores?"

Only those wanting to minimalize and/or erase the political power of Heritage America stand to benefit. That would be Democraps exchanging our tax dollars to these invaders for their votes, Repukes wanting cheap labor because (they think) it's an easy fix to counter foreign competition, and paint-job theory Cucked Churchians wanting to virtue-signal to their fellow travelers how many souls they can "save", even though most brought in are Muslim, not Christian.

When the time comes; and it *IS* coming despite Trump's Miracle; Heritage America will know what to do. Use your 4-8 year respite well.

Anonymous said...

According to the Somali Community Assoc. Of Ohio, as of April 28, 2015, there are estimated 45,000 Somali living in Columbus Ohio. Two hundred more are added every month. 99.9% are muslims and 25% speak well enough english to get a job. The average family size is 7-8 family members. 42% are alteady AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! Nobody cares about any of that, cheering the bucks is all that matters to Ohioans. Kasich is the scum of the earth. I hope Trump is serious about kicking all the sanctuary cities in the balls. All our major cities in Ohio are lawbreakers and deserve to be on there knees while Trump kicks their teeth down their throats.
Ohiogirl (who wants to hurl)

Anonymous said...

The religion of peace. Tonight at the dinner table one of my kids started talking about Ohio State. The second oldest son who is dating a socialist alinsky sjw self hating snowflake bitch said this" mom we have to help these oppressed people assimilate". No. We need to pull our balls out of our butt. Ammo up. Fuck these free loading foreign fuckers. Period. We the people elected Trump to slow it down to end it. Between the sjw's marching and the left trying to overthrow the electoral process, i do not know if this country can hold out until inauguration. Look at videos of how Russia handles the mudslimes. EPIC. They do not fuck around. We need to get wise and fast. My son's asshole snowflake bitch in heat is so clueless they do not get it. I pray we can start deporting some of these mudslimes. Trump better keep that promise. Drain the swamp, build the wall, my shit commie son can move to Canada with all the deserter commie filth. Messages to all innocents. 19 muslims took down the World Trade Center, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon. What will five million or more do. Reddit 9/11 footage the clearest ever. Never forget . Show your kids that this is coming again and we will have to fight on our own streets . Ammo up.

Racoon said...

PK, the country is "Somalia".

Somalia's citizens are generally referred to as "Somali", or more normally "those crazy-ass black cunts!"

Just a suggestion for an edit.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State problem.

Unregulated Muslim gets car.
Unregulated muslim is a violent impulsive negro.
Unregulated muslim gets unregulated knife.
Chaos ensues; Whites get slashed.

Solution? White man with gun.


Anonymous said...

Herd the illegals into the "sanctuary cities"....let them settle....put out flyers in Spanish in the cities that the schools will check immigration status on Friday and please bring your documents...check attendance on Friday...round up the no-shows...

Hola Mexico muchachos!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let Pizzagate fade away...seriously weird Dem sickness going on...

Anonymous said...

He was a good jihadi. He din doo nuffins. He was an aspiring imam. He went to mosque everyday. He was just starting to turn his knife around ....

Wait, did I say 'knife'? :D

Anonymous said...

I'd change Act of Spontaneous Muslim Extremism - ASME to Spontaneous Act of Muslim Extremism One Less Extremist (SAME OLE) but great article. Thank goodness Somalia didn't have a bigger population. I'd like to see it down to zero, here and there.

Just my opinion but I think we're resettling the worst of the worst dark hordes because ours were becoming "chocolate people" who wouldn't be too much trouble if we put them in prison on their first felony instead of their seventh or eighth felony and kept them there for the full sentence with add-ons for acting up in prison because you know they all do. I also overhead a black discussion in a hospital and it was amazing how many women they knew who couldn't have keeds because of sickle cell anemia - seems if it's dormant and you get pregnant it goes wild and you're not going to be around to take care of or have more keeds.

Sites like this are having an effect on whites speaking out. I follow my old neighborhood on Facebook and the SJWs that live there now amongst the dregs of the world and call it "diversity" and "good" split off their crime reporting page so only verified residents can see it (under the guise of not alerting the criminals but really so they can off-load their real estate onto more gullible SJWs once they've endured all the crime and filth they can).

Just this week somebody found a way around it by reposting the crime on their own page which the moderators can't delete and boy did the discussion get lively about the picture of the black man/teen who stole from a restaurant. The patrons actually tracked him down, called the cops and held him for 1 1/2 hours before giving up because they cops wouldn't respond. Then they all shouted down the lone SJW who thought they were awful for not being good victims and for saying that back in the old days, the criminal would have had his fingers cut off (old mafia area) and maybe that wasn't such a bad idea to bring back since cops were useless. Duct taping him to a pole for the cops to find was a pretty popular suggestion, too.

Paintjob Theory said...

And the primary question to this resettlement is simply, "why?"

This, of course is the question for many seemingly nonsensical public policies which leave folks scratching their heads or chasing their tails in cul-de-sacs trying to assign blame.

In this case, even the tried and true "follow the money" line of pursuit will lead you nowhere. If it were about money, surely we could bribe one of the conspirators to switch teams or spill the beans. Certainly over the years someone powerful would figure out how to make a buck by opposing something globalist. If this were only chance or happenstance eventually the law of averages suggests that we would catch a break in our favor, but none of these is true. So what we have left for an explanation which makes sense of the lack of financial gain and the centuries long continuity of agenda is that this is a religion. It is, in fact, the ancient mystery religion of Babylon, at its core secular humanism concerned with creating paradise on earth in the form of a world government. The story of Atlantis and the Tower of Babel (both of which are central and recurring themes within this group) are both symbolic of their "Great Work".

The Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff is the whole thing in a nutshell. Hiram is the "master builder" who is creating the Temple of Solomon (Temple of Universal Brotherhood/Great Work). He is struck down by three ruffians with blows to the throat, the breast, and between the eyes, these symbolize the opponents of the "Great Work", Ignorance, Superstition, and Fear (the state, the church, and the mob, or Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius). All must be abolished to achieve the New Atlantis or New World Order of "Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality".

How do we destroy nation states? By destroying nationalism first and foremost. A nation of mongrels with no loyalty to their own lands, much less their new ones will not resist loss of national sovereignty. Also through clashes of civilizations. Enough chaos comes from clashes over nations the obvious punchline is "Why do you keep fighting over nations? If all were abolished save our new one you would have nothing over which to fight".

We destroy religion in largely the same fashion. Much has been done to undermine Christianity, from fracturing the original Catholic Church into 1000 denominations, to ecumenism, to simply infiltrating and bastardizing their teachings. Hindu religion already fits with their plan and is no threat as is Talmudic Jewry. Again, clash of civilizations comes into play, the punchline becomes "Aren't you tired of fighting over religion? If we were to abolish all save our new one you would have nothing over which to fight".

And to shackle the mob is simplicity itself. Make them dependent on your table scraps. "Free" housing, food, medicine, 'education', old age care, etc. etc. isn't actually free, nor is it "freedom" but the antithesis DEPENDENCE. The rations of a slave, hay and a barn for human shaped cattle.

Understand this myth and what it symbolizes, understand that the people who orchestrate world events are fighting against these three enemies and trying to erect their temple. Much of which made no sense before becomes very clear.

Anonymous said...

But Bill Clinton said we could use them to rebuild Detroilet, presumably because these imported Africans are better than our homegrown ones. Why is it our responsibility to cater to the dimwitted negroes? Yes, we must feed the poor, hungry negroes so they can make more poor, hungry negroes. Makes perfect Superman's Bizzaro World.

I have rats in my basement so I feed them everyday. Why are there more rats?

I suppose these decisions are better left to the big-brained people who know what's best for us. I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

May the Bush family rot in hell along with the Kennedy's for destroying the USA.
Apparently the negroes aren't the only problem.
Female in FL

Mr. Rational said...

It's time to repatriate every Somali in the United States of America back to Somalia.

This may be easier than it looks.  Any Somali who claimed refugee status due to fear of persecution, but then travelled back to Somalia for any reason, obviously did not fear anything.  Their claims were obviously fraudulent and their refugee status, and anything which came from it such as an application for permanent status or a grant of US citizenship, should be summarily revoked.

Since they retain their Somali citizenship they can be returned to Mogadishu immediately.

Anonymous said...

Last night on the news this story was followed by a story of a young Somali woman from St Cloud who was in a beauty paegent, in a hijab.

DoubleTap said...

You would figure we would learn after bringing the original slaves here...apparently not.

Anonymous said...

The Horn and Kenya are the worst of Shitstainia ..... so yea, c'mon down !

How convincing was Trumps win ? Even with the ProgMuzzscumLaRaziteChimpLiesMatter vote tilt in Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincy and all the whackademic enclaves in the Buckeye State he won by almost half a million votes.

I'm hoping that Keith al-Ellison wins DNC Chair status, so that the slumbering Eloi catch a clue about the Left.

But then again, they are Eloi, and the younger generations have been fully marinated in Cultimulcheral Nonsense.

And GMPI [Gay Mullato Polydrug-using Islamicist] gotz 7 more weeks.

Prepare Accordingly


NJ Woman said...

Blacks do not belong in this country. They can live in any one of the many thriving negro countries in Mother Africa and elsewhere. Left to their own devices, and without the evil White man holding them down, negroes build thriving, peaceful communities where any negro would be "blessed" (they love that word) to live. I won't list all of those countries here in the interest of time.

Muslims do not belong in this country. They too have options to live their America-hating, White-hating, Christian-hating, woman-hating lifestyle in the beautiful nations of Islam.

We are not one world. We are not one big family. I want to live with my own kind. That's not evil. That's normal for any creature.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but remember when P.K. talked about "non-essential" black government employees? Well these useless paper pushing AA slugs are now quaking in their boots. They are worried that their gravy train is finally coming to an end. We can only hope!

Anonymous said...

Something is up, the msm is reporting this.
On Drudge, there is a story from Buffalo about the school system dealing with 85 different languages......the instructor is a somali.
Btw, what happened to the earlier accounts of a gun being used, turns out it was a knife.

Unknown said...

I don't think the US government will send back any "refugees". Liberalism has hog tied common sense.

Anonymous said...

Their average IQ is what 68? Let's say 90% of them are on welfare, is that a fair estimate?
Did the dhimmi democrats watch Blackhawk Down and think yea these Somalis are so *kewl* and they hate America just like we do.
Liberalism progressivism (19th century failed ideas from a German bum are so progressive) is a psychopathy and must be removed from this country.

Off topic-P.K. I got banned from the meme page! Bwahaha! Fun with Pepe the Frog and Hussein the half breed mongrel rat P.O.S. was too much for their ideological safe space.
Some SQL error message comes up but I can see where it says banned IP.
Or it was the merciless mocking of the "fake news" agitprop which was invented by a fat studies major feminist "professor" scrunt out of vibrant diverse Massachusetts because she was tired of her students listing Zero Hedge and other alt news sites as sources.
I do have to give her credit for supplying everyone with a daily page visit list though.

Anonymous said...

So, my wife being too upset to come, I return to our coffee shop and am greeted by friends and staff and hang around for a good while, seeing if our NAPAs reappear. They don't, I have to go to work. It seems that yesterday the group of local police officers that drink their Java with us quietly disappeared when the incident in question occurred, and they have been absent this morning also. Almost as if they don't want to be involved, hmmmm. Hint, they don't like foul mouthed punk teens much either, and local families here still believe that boxing a punk's ears tends toward character reformation

Anonymous said...

This has been going on since the Reagan era so that proves that neither party is really interested in preserving "real" America - especially the "Bush boys"! I miss the America of my childhood and fondly remember the cross country road trip our family took in our brand new 1966 "air conditioned" Chevy Impala hardtop and basically only seeing White people, if I took that trip today I'd probably become suicidal - lol! To let these parasites into this country to feed at OUR trough is beyond treason in my opinion and is yet another nail in the coffin of "Happy Days" America! Anywhere Somalians go they're the turd in the punchbowl! I don't think Trump will be "allowed" to do everything he wants to do but I do think he will at least put the brakes on this nonsense - I have a feeling he has his own "Impala road trip" memories of how nice it once was.

Truth Corps said...

As someone who has been to Somalia, I assure you all, they are all irredeemable.

Anonymous said...

There are now more Somalis in Minneapolis/St.Paul than in any other city on earth -including those in Somalia, with the exception of Mogadishu. Nobody knows the exact number but, according to one estimate, there could be as many as 120-130 in the "twin-cities," the majority in Minneapolis.And many have moved to smaller cites in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Recently, at a mall in St. Cloud, a terrorist attacked and wounded 6-7 people with a knife, none fatally, before he was shot to death by an off-duty policeman. And in Eau Claire, where I live, the city just hired a Somali bus driver and one now sees dusky women in head-scarves riding the buses and shopping and walking the streets. Pure insanity!

Anonymous said...

I just read that the students and staff at this college "pushed hard" for Islamic immigration and have several departments that help muslims come to this country. If that's the case it couldn't have happened to a better group of spineless Whites and hopefully more muslims will get behind the wheel and do their duty - Harvard would be a good choice as would the college that just banned the American flag. The silver lining in this cloud is that the people that were run over won't be able to attend the anti-Trump protests holding their "stop White supremacy" signs!


There is this "mythical" Talented 10% of the Negro race, right?

That number "10%" is a lie. How do we know?

Until Trump, the Republicans got, at most 5% of the negro population vote. This is a good proxy of the few negroes who can think.

These were the few who realized that, as pathetic the Republicans are, the Republicans were better than the Democratic Plantation Owners.

With Trump, he got around 8%. Thus, they maxed out at...8%.
We need to change the phrase to: "The Talented 8%" and from this point forward, I shall only refer to them as the "Talented 8%". If we all do this, and add it to the SBPDL vocabulary, then we will all be proud on the sociatal influence from this blog. Whenever you see "8%", then you will know that person is one of a secret code...........a secret handshake.

Hey, PK, want to make some money? Print some baseball caps and T-Shirts of bumper stickers that say: "....8%...." and then we can identify each other.

If I was younger, and had any clue about computers, I would take my own advice and make a fortune stealing PK's thunder. This blog is wide open for somebody to make a fortune. Here are some T-Shirt slogans:

Sail Foam
Dindu Nuffin
Dinsee Nuffin
Turning my life around 360
Expiring Rapper
TV = Talmud Vision
Amber Lamps (Ambulance)
Chimp 5

Anonymous said...

Maybe he felt triggered by the "evil", "racist" Trump. We just need to be more understaanding.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

A look back on the hopes and dreams (White) America had for the 21st century during the 1962 World's Fair. What they didn't account for was.........negroes, and all the rich, vibrant diversity they would bring to us all.

Anonymous said...

This worthless subhuman has been identified as a refugee from Somalia. This is true only in 0bozo's world. In fact, he and his mudhut-dwelling fambly originally 'escaped' the Somalia shithole only to end up in another muzzie shithole of Pokkie-stan (0bozo-speak). That is where his refugee status should have ended, since Pokkie-stan isn't totally lawless like Somalia, and his life would no longer be in danger (not as much, anyway). Any country he and his mud family went to after that would be as economic refugees ONLY.

But thanks to the creature infesting our White House for the last 8 years, muzzies have been welcomed into the U.S. whether or not they were truly refugees or just following the Kor, er, terrorist handbook's command to spread the caliphate as far and wide as possible. And the thanks we hard-working middle class taxpayers get for (involuntarily) supporting these ungrateful evolutionary throwbacks? Death and destruction.

At the very least, I expect President Elect Trump to have a real Justice department round up everyone even remotely connected to these barbarians and send them back to the shitholes from whence they came.


Anonymous said...

To all immigrant lurkers on this site, here's a novel idea. How about staying in your home country and fixing it.????? America can't take in the whole world. We would cease being America if we did that. Copy our ideas and ideals. If you need help we can provide bombs and pencils. Sincerely yours, an extremely tired of your crap, American.

Anonymous said...

We are a country of settlers--and pioneers. WHITE ones. And to the extent that we are, in part, a "nation of immigrants", we are a nation of WHITE immigrants. Period.

Go back 100 years to Ellis Island. Besides all of the health, background, financial, etc hoops that white Europeans coming here had to jump through--let's imagine one more.

Ask each immigrant-"What has your country done that's worthwhile-for themselves and/or for the world?"

The Irish? The English? The Swiss? The Italians? The Poles, Hungarians, Finns, Germans, Dutch? etc

Marcus Aurelis, Jan Vermeer, Da Vinci, Socrates, Peter the Great, Newton, Copernicus, Moliere, Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, Robert Burns, Plato, and on and on and on.......

The humblest European peasant had the blood of Michelangelo, or Joan of Arc, or Sir Christopher Wren in his or her veins, whether he/she was aware of it or not.

Although I'm talking about whites-and sure as hell don't want nonwhites to keep comingh-you can extend the test to dothead Indians and Asians-peoples of ancient and accomplished cultures-excelling in fields from philosophy to mathematics to medicine.

Now-try it with the Turd World--black Africa and their ilk. What good have the people done for/to anyone-even themselves? Total f'king zeroes.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

He said that "I can't take it anymore!" Please tell me where on God's green earth is a somali muslim going to be treated more obsequiously than on a college campus?

Anonymous said...

You are right and hilarious! Chewbacca was in the White House! I started thinking that after the picture (you all know the one) was released. At first I was like...spider monkey! That's one big ass spider monkey so we'll settle on Chewy. We cut the cord with the cable company 6 years ago. Liked it so much, we don't bother to watch local stations. At first it's peculiar, after a month you and yours' will ask yourselves how you ever got anything done watching it. You will never regret this I promise you that!

Pat Boyle said...

I learned today for the first time that Black Lives Matter is actually a gay rights organization. This seems to be true. I haven't quiet decided what to make of that yet. Blacks apparently according to the big recent study have about 50% more male homosexuality than whites. That's a lot, but most black moral or behavioral deficits are much larger yet. Blacks have about three times as much schizophrenia as whites for example. So you might have expected the homosexual demographics to be even more lop sided.

In the big news of the day, a Somali student tried to kill whites with his car and his knife. I don't understand Muslims and I certainly don't understand the West's response to Muslim Terror. It is no longer the seventh century. We have more effective weapons now. Why don't we retaliate?

Islam, oddly enough, worships cities. One of the obligations of their faith is that they visit Mecca. The military reality is that we can bomb Mecca whenever we wish. They have no capability of defending against an air attack much less a missile attack.

I apologize for being heated, but you may have noticed that President Elect Trump has been appointing a lot of Generals to his Cabinet. I'm tired of these attacks. I suspect our new President is too.

I don't favor nuclear weapons being used. There are many alternatives. For example there is anthrax. Anthrax is an 'area denial' weapon. If we dropped enough anthrax spores in Somalia or Saudi Arabia no one would dare to walk on that ground again for decades. Military robots are also just about mature enough to also serve as area denial weapons. Just dump some weaponized robots (a small tracked machine with an AR-15 mounted) and instructions to shoot anything that moves. We don't need any tricky "friend-or-foe" software. They would be programmed to shoot everything. Soon Islamic cities would be ghost towns. Maybe we could drop some drones too.

The point is we don't have to sit here and take it - and we don't have to fight fair.


Anonymous said...

I like what you did there! :D

Anonymous said...

I've heard twice here in Columbus Ohio that the Somalis do not care one bit of our home jigs. They find them repulsive with the way they carry themselves. To quote a black guy I know, "They think they are better than us." So we have a group of uncle Toms and a group of gorillas. Oh what the hell, they all want us dead!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if President Trump will allow The 5-6 Million Whites in South Africa, to come to the USA? They are skilled. educated, and would most likely assimilate well.

Anonymous said...

You just explained how stupid they are.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Darren Sharper (again with the names, Lawd). Convicted of Cosbying two wimmins and accused of raping a dozen more gets 20 years in Negro College. Once again proving the O.J. Simpson school of thought correct, that there is no place for non-whites in a white nation.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Blacks apparently according to the big recent study have about 50% more male homosexuality than whites."

Don't read too much into that. The negro buck is like an ill trained dog who will hump your leg, a stuffed animal, a piece of furniture, or just about anything else it can pin down. I don't suspect it's any sort of attraction to or preference for men, but just another option of a place to stick "muh dik" for instant gratification and satisfying the next base urge that sparks in it's primitive hind-brain.

"Repukes wanting cheap labor"

I don't know how many of those troglodytes have been imported to Lewiston, Maine, but I've asked around that area and by all accounts not a single one of them has gainful employment. You can barely get a day's work out of an African with a whip, and any work they are capable of could have been done 100X as efficiently by a machine. There is no possible way anybody wants these things around as a labor force, even if they worked free they would be a liability. I can assure you the motives for importing these black monsters are far more sinister.

Brian in Ohio said...

Well, those kids just got a lesson in diversity. I wonder how many of those special snowflakes had to change their underwear?

Hey, if we`re going to have backwards, violent muslim assholes in this country, then college campuses are where they need to be. That's the heart of all this PC, diversity is great bullshit, and what better way for them to learn the error of their ways than face to face! Life is hard. Its harder when your stupid.

Those who will not see, must be made to feel.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

PK, it's more than 1.2%. Those 132,224 are just the ones who moved here. Many have replicated -- crapping out carbon copies of themselves within our borders. Those need to go back, too -- birth certificates be damned.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, has anyone seen the Chase Bank commercial with the oil driller. He and the negro have had a thing for each other since grade school?
We get mailings from them at least once a week, they go directly into the trash bin.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

"non-essential" black government employees-please excise all of them. Put in motivated and I hate to say this, non union employees. With real diversity not fake. Majority should be whites. The unions are enabling the non essential black government employees. At my local library the library workers talk on the phone making personal calls or sit reading a magazine. Their union allows them to do this.

Anonymous said...

the Somali's are Muslims and the very same bastards who stopped the hunger aid caravans into Ethiopia and Eritrea. They starved children and old people so they could get rich off the caravans that were not intended for them.

Anonymous said...

Do not buy from a company called Un common goods, they will not hire white people.

Bud said...

No doubt many of you will wish to profit as our new Somali citizens become prosperous in the coming years.

For the farmers I suggest raising goats or perhaps an inconspicuous crop of khat. Make sure to sell the goats alive as they must be killed in a special way according to the great prophet. I suspect the ritual involves a bit of buggering.

For the restaurateurs serve up some goat liver and onions, or spaghetti with bananas (no joke). Nothing washes it down like an orange Fanta in a Coca Cola bottle with a Pepsi cap, or perhaps a shot glass of tea with about 8 ounces of sugar, or some putrefied water where the donkeys cool and the Land Rovers are washed.

For clothing retailers I would a suggest a stock of brightly colored parkas with large pockets as the temperature dips below 65 degrees.

The only thing holding them back is Uber.

Oh yeah, don't throw away those carpet remnants just yet.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the girlfriend has that which many men are blinded by, especially in early adulthood.

Hang in there I bet he'll grow out of it.

Anonymous said...

"How do Americans benefit from the importation of just one Somalian to our shores?"

American Christians benefit financially by doing such good works. They are also laying up treasures in Heaven by witnessing for the Lord, no doubt a motivation just as important to such wonderful folks. Jesus will surely welcome them with open arms when the Rapture comes.

Gilbert T Whyte said...

Virtually every African-in-America I've ever encountered (usually, driving me around in a taxi) has, with minimal prompting, expressed utter revulsion at and contempt for our precious Africans-born-in-America. It gives me little hope, don't get me wrong; cold comfort at best.

Gilbert T Whyte said...

My SJW wife just loves it when I call the thing those women wear a "jihad," instead of a "hijab."

Unknown said...

Why in fuck are the goddamned Lutherans importing these goddamned Somalis?

Sick n' Tired said...

Haitians are coming in from every side. I live in S. Florida and we are swamped with them here, as are many other islands in the Caribbean. This story really surprised me, I already knew they were coming here for benefits, just didn't know they were coming in thru Mexico to get them. They are the equivalent of sub-saharan blacks in the western hemisphere.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

White Supremacist? No, pro-white.

We must ask why the enemies are anti-whites.

Also, we need to give up on Right vs Left.

It's really about OURS vs THEIRS.

In Russian, ours is 'nash' (nah-sh), and theirs is 'ikh' (ik-hh).

Time to speak of NASH versus IKH. No more right vs left.

Our Right and Our Left versus Their Right and Their Left.

Neo-Fascism is a fusion of our right and our left. It is for origins and roots but also growth and change. But the growth and change must serve what is OURS.

Social-Nationalism is right + left. It is for the race, nation, and hierarchy but also for justice and basic rights for all within the nation.

Also, opposing immigration and diversity is respecting OTHER races and cultures. We are saying they should defend their own homeland, respect their own ancestors, preserve their own culture & values, and keep their own identity.
When non-whites come to the West, they lose their identity & culture and turn into globo-morons addicted to junk culture and rap garbage. And their daughters turn into worthless whores who 'twerk'. Their identities and cultures are digested in the acid and bile of globalism controlled by Jews and homos.

Also, the fact that all non-whites want to move to white nations is a sign of racial supremacism. The fact that they want to reject and depart from their own race & culture and instead live under/with white people implies that they find whites to be superior at everything. Diversity that favors emigration to white nations is premised on white superiority. So, we need to urge non-whites to reclaim their identit and pride and improve their own societies.

US has become Amnesiarica. People come here for better material life by losing their racial identity and cultural memory.

They need to stay home, and white people in America need to REGAIN their lost memories. Wake up from the opiate of PC and say no to the castor oil of Jewish manipulation of white conscience.

Sick n' Tired said...

A few of these would do the trick, and the benefit would be no nuclear fallout/ratiated area afterward.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo News- NFL guy gets 20 years. Even has picture of him.

Somalis. addicted to kang drug? Now I recall, few years ago.
Somalis in Ohio wanting government housing. cell phone using, fat, ugly, nice

Californian said...

There are at several levels of threat posed by the mass importation of Somalis or any other Sub-Saharan African demographic into the Homeland:

* Terrorism. This is obvious. But the reality is that the amount of death and destruction caused by this sort of attack still does not amount to that of the next point, which is...

* Crime. With a growing low IQ/low impulse/lacking future time orientation control demographic, the Homeland will see more murders, more assaults, more home invasions, more gangbanging, more flashmob attacks, etc., etc. There may be some karmic retribution going on here as these universities will have more of their students victimized, and have to go through the usual ideological convolutions to rationalize the ensuing havoc. Hopefully, it will be a downward spiral which wrecks them altogether.

* Social costs. Again, a growing low IQ/low impulse/lacking future time orientation demographic is going to be a drag on school systems, will overload welfare roles, will not be employable other than for the lowest level make-work jobs (which other third world demographics can perform much more efficiently).

* Costs to YT. More Africans-in-America will mean more affirmative action, more black "studies" programs, more trashed suburbs, more recruits for race hustlers to put in the streets, and etc.

* Costs to the Western World. Flood first world countries with third worlders and you undermine the nation-state, thereby accelerating globalism. And you undermine the White middle class which is a bulwark against both external invasion and internal power grabs by hostile elites.

The question is: how can we use terrorist attacks such as this one to alert more White people as to the bigger threat posed by the Somali invasion?

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

OSU faculty member accused of social media post supporting terrorist who attacked students

Self explanatory....

I'm a V8 overheating from blowing a water hose..... better known as peak negro fatigue.

and trust me, I can pretty much 1000% guarantee I'm deeper in the trenches with "them" than ANY and ALL posters on this site. So much so that I'd most definitely be willing to put my money where my mouth is on this one. Yeah, it's that serious.

Subconsciously speaking, I can't even stop my mind from thinking about it, literally 24/7. Yeah, it's THAT bad. What a tragic disease this country has suffered. How much more of these stories are we going to continue to idly sit back and tolerate on our dime before the appropriate action is applied against it? At the moment it's getting uglier by the day. This country, OUR country, being destroyed from within right before our very own eyes. Disturbing is an utter understatement. Absolutely Fuck!ng Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

We cut the cord right after the election. We've found that once you stop watching cable news, local and NBC nightly news becomes hilarious.

Thanks to the abundance of surveillance videos, local news in Houston always starts with spectacular pics of negro crime.. road rage, holdups, muggings, all presented by vibrant newscasters.

They'd prefer not to do it, but it's cheap and easy. Interspersed with the crime is the "paid" news - Beyonce concerts, Kanye, what some Houston Texans pavement ape is mumbling about.

Newspapers are dying, and the TV news can't cover up the races of criminals the way print did. They need the video.

After that, nightly network news. If real crime stories don't start with "a white male murdered a Muslim, woman, child, it's clear it's a minority perp.

They eliminate the comments section, but everyone still knows.

"Police are looking for Xrayvious Gonzalo Ali Jones as a person of interest. He was last seen wearing a regulation New Jersey Nets jersey and shorts and sporting a Raiders fitted cap. He has brown eyes and hair."

ejit said...

It's time to patriate every Somali in the United States of America to hell.

Fixed that for you.


Brian in Ohio:

Very brilliant. IN fact OSU should be a "sanctuary campus" for Somalian Refuse, I mean, regugees.

BUT, it will take far more than 9 simple Assault Knife attacks to change the stupidity of the uppity Whites OSU students.

How did this negro get an Assault Knife? Nobody "needs" a "BUTCHERING KNIFE". Did he have a back-ground check? Was this a 10 inch Assault Knife when nobody needs a knife blade longer than 4 inches?

We need to protest the NKA, "National Knife Association" that wants to make all Assault Knives legal. Plus, we need strong effective Knife Control laws to prevent tragedies like this.

Long Island Guido said...

God Bless you Ohio girl!

My familys from Youngstown and Ohio is full of so many CUCKS its unreal.

Sal said...

William Hendershot said...

pat - That is what I've always thought. We could nuke Mecca and Medina.If the full force of the US military were unleashed, Islam would be gone with no Holy cities. Bush was so frustrating, he believed in nation building. Instead of understanding Islam, he foolishly thought he could plant the seed of democracy in Iraq and it would spread like a weed. he should have closed the borders, thrown out the muzzies (and after 9/11 he could have), and bombed the crap out of them. He let a crisis go to waste.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

To all immigrant lurkers on this site, here's a novel idea. How about staying in your home country and fixing it.?????

I'm not an immigrant (to America, at least), but my daughter is. I don't have a home country any more, largely because America decided South Africa needed to be "fixed", and offered us "help" to do it. Now, it's beyond fixing.

So, here's a novel idea for all the non-immigrant (American) lurkers on this site: How about fixing your own home country, and staying the hell out of our business?

See how that works?

Pat Boyle said...

I guess I'll have to repeat myself.

In the sixties we had writers like Borgstrom and Erlich who argued that the world was heading into overpopulation. Now we are living in the future they foresaw. The world is overpopulated. The problem is that most people think of overpopulation as being like 'Soylent Green' or one of the Harry Harrison novels. If you want to know what a real overpopulated world looks like - open your front door. Overpopulation is here now.

In the fifties who could have imagined that the American government would bring in excess Somalis who would do their best to murder us? It would not have made a Science Fiction story because it would have seemed too fantastic. Nor would anyone have believed that the Swedes - the descendants of the Vikings - would import Muslims to rape their womenfolk. I'm sorry if the horrors of overpopulation turned out to be so improbable but there is a solution. You've heard about it before. Build a wall.

And take down that poem on the Statue of Liberty. America has accepted refugees from everywhere. We did our part - now we are closed for business. Or should be.

Venezuela has followed the advice of Bernie Sanders and has adopted a socialist government. The consequence of that has been that the formerly prosperous Venezuelans are now hunting rats - they are hungry. If someone can assure us that the Venezuelans will vote Democratic some liberals will be eager to open our portals to them. That isn't the worst of it. China or especially India could have a famine and there might be a half billion people looking for somewhere else to move to. America could conceivably double its population overnight. But it wouldn't be America anymore.

We must harden our hearts. America has been a vast empty land where many different populations have found a refuge from tyranny, natural disaster and political instability. But that time is over. My people - the Irish - came to America to escape the potato blight. But if the Irish potato crop would fail today I would argue that we should not take them in.

We should now be looking for the means by which we can remove certain peoples not gather more. We should not be filling every town and village in America with the poor or misfortunate from foreign countries.

One of the flaws of liberalism is that they try to gain praise and popularity by giving from the public purse. Liberals like to solve problems by taking resources that are not theirs and giving them to favored populations. This is the story of the liberal programs for American blacks. Now they want to give American resources to blacks from elsewhere. Taking resources from whites to imported foreign blacks is not moral. It is absurd.


Unknown said...

if we can't deport, how about a somali reservation in the middle of a desert.
or let the idiotic sanctuary cities have them. or create a somali "work camp."

Tom B. said...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if President Trump will allow The 5-6 Million Whites in South Africa, to come to the USA? They are skilled. educated, and would most likely assimilate well.

Tom B. replied

Not a chance. I won't say that White Lives Don't Matter at all, but, compared to Syrians or Somalis, they matter a whole lot less these days. Wish it were different, but you know..(Shrugs.)

Anonymous said...

Somalia. Bottom of the third world barrel of immigration. Here in Toronto all they brought is desease, crime and warlord families. Driving 80k toyotas while on welfare makes me wonder.

Anonymous said...

I like this 8% idea.
My 6 year old grand daughter is already on board with the sail foams and Amber lamps.

Anonymous said...

Coming back home today had a Muslim family pushing their way down the sidewalk. What filth. Anyone of them on the streets here needs to be dismembered and their heads put on a fucking spike. People are all waiting until the new administration is in place instead of acting now, because they know the Statists would like nothing more than to prevent Trump's taking over the presidency--but tick, tick, tick, the clock's running out for these cunts.

PB said...

"I don't understand Muslims and I certainly don't understand the West's response to Muslim Terror."

Which raises the obvious question of why Russia fights ISIS, and America fights the legit Syrian Government while pretending to fight ISIS. Answer: ISIS was created as a straw-man by the US, Mossad and Saudis to destroy Syria, and every other country Israel wants wrecked (see: Yinon Plan...its all out there). It came about after Amerisrael lost a UN vote aimed at unseating the Syrian Government by force after which ISIS appeared out of the desert fully formed (driving AWAY from Saudi) and no-one apparently knew. Unintended consequences are not always unwanted consequences, especially if it engenders hatred by the people of the West against the enemies of the Chosen. Yes, Muslims, particularly the atrocious Black variety (the ultimate useful idiot) need to be eliminated from civilized countries, but sometimes you have to actually open the septic to find the bagel stuck in the pipe. Cui Bono?

Anonymous said...

Brown people kill, period. Violent trash! Brown skin and brown/black eyes are predestined to kill, kill, kill.

Gaysyirnaim [Monty python's "Life of Brian"] 1a: voodoo that causes those who are manifesting contempt to enter a homophobic republic, faggot state, and catatonia

Oil 'n Water said...

Quoting Paintjob Theory:
"I can assure you the motives for importing these black monsters are far more sinister."
The importation of this group can only be viewed as an assault against Whites in America, an ever-growing drain both emotional and material on white people in so many ways, it is not necessary to list them - you well know what they are.
The negative impact of "in-house" blacks is so obvious to those with any reasoning skills, that it would seem outright insanity not to foresee the outcome of importing even less- intelligent and just as violent, people.
While Obama has been a facilitator, the present immigration policy was implemented much longer than eight years ago.
The Sudanese, for instance, with their slashed foreheads have been a staple in Nebraska for at least 17 years now.
So why is this happening?
First and most importantly, the American people have had no say in immigration matters (until voting for Trump).
Secondly, there are actually people who believe the "humanitarian" mantra. The, we-are-all-alike, bit. Then there are the pretenders profiting under the guise of compassion.
Third, Americans are afraid to voice their concerns, at the risk of being labeled racists, to outright loss of their jobs.
Most importantly, the entire effort is at the heart of the liberal agenda: Flood the country with as many malleables as possible who will gladly add to the liberal voice. Condition the American people to the extent they do not see the on-going demise of the wonderful country we all hold in our minds and hearts. It's all about power, control, and the loss of America to the would-be globalists. I don't have to tell you the names of the players on the varsity team.
This election was a victory for realists across the country. But the popular vote was a scary indicator of how effective the liberal machine can be.
Repatriate. Build the wall. Take back our country. Do not give up, because the liberals never will, until, as PJ Theory states, their "sinister motives" are exposed.

Anonymous said...

They speak English as well. I'm for it.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Why in fuck are the goddamned Lutherans importing these goddamned Somalis?"

Martin Luther's seal was a rose and cross. Follow the Rose and Cross (Rosicrucians) back to my explanation above. Same religion, same methods, same goals.

" They are also laying up treasures in Heaven"

Again see my earlier post. Salvation through works is a central theme of Mystery Babylon teachings (most of the door knocker types are taught that they get a better seat in the hereafter or somesuch if they recruit more believers), while salvation through faith and repentance of sins is the ONLY route to salvation according to Jesus in the New Testament. Does a true believer do good? Hopefully, but the narrative is plain if you read the book that that is not required for salvation.

"No doubt many of you will wish to profit as our new Somali citizens become prosperous in the coming years."

One of my farmer friends who has an egg business sells his retired laying hens to markets that sell to the mud-hutters. They apparently prefer a bird that's old, tough, gamy and all sinew and bone to our more traditional plump juicy Cornish X broilers.

The Maine Dept of Agriculture health inspector I met told me stories about things he found in Somali markets that he needed to have a team come in with hazmat suits and 5 gallon pails of bleach to decontaminate. A giant rancid (refrigeration be racis') camel hump was one such delicacy. The stuff Chinese try to pass around for food isn't far behind. These non whites truly live a sub-human existence and have no business on this continent. Not one of them is in their natural place here.

Anonymous said...

Which raises the obvious question of why Russia fights ISIS, and America fights the legit Syrian Government while pretending to fight ISIS. Answer: ISIS was created as a straw-man by the US, Mossad and Saudis to destroy Syria, and every other country Israel wants wrecked (see: Yinon Plan...its all out there).

No the US did not create ISIS. It started in Iraq and has been a headache for the US.

There is no conspiracy. There is just a bunch of naive globalists in DC that still think they can turn a country like Syria into Canada but with an Arab flair.

Anonymous said...

All these churches are importing these vile animals. Look at "national council of churches ". All these have been infiltrated and subverted. Check it out.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

LOL wow. Really?? IsIs cut its teeth in Lybia , they were used to get rid of Khadafi , and that one is an interesting story in itself. Remember Benghazi? That was a hit to get rid of Stevens, the guy who probably could have spilled the beans on how the obama administration was arming these people all along. Stevens knew about the fast and furious of the Middle East and North Africa. Remember how they told any and all help aid and assistance to "STAND DOWN"? Everything that is going on right now has a purpose. Everything. Especially the influx of mud people. The goal is for you to be gone, white man.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

"I'm not an immigrant (to America, at least), but my daughter is. I don't have a home country any more, largely because America decided South Africa needed to be "fixed", and offered us "help" to do it. Now, it's beyond fixing.

So, here's a novel idea for all the non-immigrant (American) lurkers on this site: How about fixing your own home country, and staying the hell out of our business?

See how that works?"

The Americans on this site do not and have never gotten involved in South Africa's business, neither have most Americans. Many governments, including the USA, got involved with SA and apartheid and there were those Whites in South Africa who worked to dismantle apartheid. Just like South Africa, Whites in America and all over the West, are having destructive policies forced on them by their governments. So yes, South Africans have the right to tell other countries to stay out of their business and other countries should but Americans and everyone else have every right to tell 3rd world immigrants to fix their own countries and stay out of our business too.

Sick n' Tired said...

They are getting $1800+ per person they bring over from what I read, not to mention raising cash donations from their congregations to help these ferals "settle in", and pay for future missions over to Sudan, Somalia, and other African shitholes. They sign them up for all kinds of government assistance, housing, & welfare as well. If the churches had to be 100% financially responsible (housing, healthcare, feeding, not breaking the law) for their pets, you can bet the farm they wouldn't be bringing so many over.

Sick n' Tired said...

They were also hijacking ships and ransoming the crews/cargo. Haven't heard to much about that lately though, I think since the Russian navy/security teams started killing them and leaving their bodies in the boats, or disabling the engines and setting them adrift.

Sick n' Tired said...

Yes, they are on the screen at every Chase ATM as well. I noticed that long before I saw the "love story" commercial. Unfortunately I continue to bank with Chase because they have an extensive network throughout the country, and I travel a lot.

Anonymous said...

the Somali's are Muslims and the very same bastards who stopped the hunger aid caravans into Ethiopia and Eritrea. They starved children and old people so they could get rich off the caravans that were not intended for them.

The 'starvation' in Ethiopia was a scam. Ethnic cleansing from a black Commie warlord dictator.
Spent millions on a party while people starved. I read that in a tabloid.
'We are the world' song didnt tell that.

And while I am on dictators,i skimmed, 'The Other Side of Fidel' book. It is
a hoot.

Castro was a narco terrorist.
and some say that he 'communist' was worth a billion dollars.

europeasant said...

Itz all about population growth.
Our leaders want continued sustained population growth.
If the locals (that's us) can't come up with three children on average to keep growing the population, then they will have to import (Somalis) others. They don't care about the imported culture or IQ. All they care about is;Do they eat, shit and consume.

There are countless people with one or no children. People with a lot of money to spend but either don't want children or can't have children.

Anyway the more people the more food and toilet paper etc., etc., will be needed. This creates a need for more production and consequently more growth.

The population Ponzi Scheme keeps rolling ahead no matter what we do or say.
Itz all about growth.

Somewhere in the future there will be a terrible price to pay.