Sunday, July 16, 2017

In 2015 St. Louis - 49% Black/43% White - 98% of Homicide Suspects Non-White

Each year, the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, releases an Annual Report to the Community. This report breaks down violent crime and the overall percentage of the racial group arrested for each offense (note because of lack of trust with police, many violent crimes/homicides lack suspects. The black community would rather have criminals among them than in jail).
From 2015 annual report from St. Louis Police Department (115 of 117 homicide suspects were non-white)

Remember, out of 318,000 people, St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white (as of 2010 US Census). 

Here's the breakdown for 2015:

  • 84.3% of those arrested for aggravated assault in St. Louis in 2015 were black.
  • 92.6% of those arrested for robbery in St. Louis in 2015 were black.
  • 95% of those arrested for murder in St. Louis in 2015 were black.  

  • 72.2% of those arrested for forcible rape in St. Louis in 2015 were black. 
  • 79.8% of those arrested for auto theft in St. Louis in 2015 were black  
  • 91.6% of those arrested for weapons offenses in St. Louis in 2015 were black
For those wondering, 1999 - 2013 are found here.  
From 2014 annual report from St. Louis Police Department: 99% of homicide suspects non-white

Crazier, let's look at 2014:

  • 87.1% of those arrested for aggravated assault in St. Louis in 2014 were black.
  • 93.6% of those arrested for robbery in St. Louis in 2014 were black.
  • 94% of those arrested for murder in St. Louis in 2014 were black.  

  • 80.2% of those arrested for forcible rape in St. Louis in 2014 were black. 
  • 81.1% of those arrested for auto theft in St. Louis in 2014 were black  
  • 90% of those arrested for weapons offenses in St. Louis in 2014 were black
What's crazy about the data for St. Louis is this: the annual report shows 96 of 99 homicide suspects in 2013 were black (97 percent), and 120 of 123 homicide suspect in 2014 were black (98 percent).  For 2015, 112 of 117 homicide suspects were black (96 percent). 

Yes, folks, crime has a color in America. Just look to St. Louis for proof of this fact. 


Awakened white said...

I kinda think ole St. Louie could be a powder keg one day. It could be Indy as well. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Enough f'ing around folks...just name the exact data for all crimes everywhere. Race, age, sex, height, etc. Stop playing favorite with your dusky feral pets...

Anonymous said...

I moved away from the LOU in 2015, lived fairly close to the Brewery, the city has its nice things to do, but since the St. Swisher fiasco the city has been in a nosedive, Cardinal games have lead flying around, Metro-Link ridership is down because of shootings and robberies, Forrest Park removed its confederate monuments, rolling gun battles, once quiet neighborhoods getting ruined by guess? I don't miss it one bit, the good ppl yes, the thugs no! Playing taps for another once great city lost to diversity.

Anonymous said...


I know you're on a roll with "just the facts" in the buildup to what may be the next "long, hot summer", but I felt I should bring this up if nobody yet has.

The stress of poverty and racism is what makes black people's health so bad. Yup! You guessed it, it ain't genetics, which could be easily studied, it's RACISM!

I know someone bitched about linking to a liberal site like tbis, but ya know.... The libs will have ALL the excuses!

Raccoon said...

Multiple "spontaneous" uprisings, I'm afraid.

There will not be an epicentre - it will happen regardless.

Anonymous said...

"could be a powder keg"???
Hell, there are powder kegs all over this country.
The questions are: what sets one off and when?

Anonymous said...

Well come on PK, the blacks improved the number for murder and went down one percentage point for murder. In a way the Negroes are doing humanity a favor by lowering their total male population. I would bet that most of the murders and other crimes were committed by yutes.

Anonymous said...

The data would probably be out of date by the time of publication but you should make a book detailing all of these utopian chocolate cities across Amerikwa.
Put the black power fist from Detoilet on the cover.
Someone should make a stuff mudslimes don't like blog as well and start it with a post about Dearbornistan in the glorious people's republik of Michigan.

lowly said...

I've lived in St. Louis, worked there, and have lived outside of St. Louis as well. It can be a dangerous place.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

Scary Gary

Alex from N. England said...

"The world is changed. I can feel in the earth. I can feel it in the water. I can smell it in the air."

There's no going back to the way things used to be. Traditional media is collapsing at an unprecedented rate. The boob tube has lost its power. newspapers are irrelevant and in decline. The (((enemy))) is sick and dying.
History always repeats itself, and no matter how hard we resist it, nature always wins on the end. The reset is about to happen. I can feel it.

Brian in Ohio said...

The statistics are no surprise. Not to anyone with a brain. But what is surprising is that the St. Louis Police are still allowed to release them.

Give it time. Information like this will be "hate speech" one day.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

OT: INDIANAPOLIS: In an effort to stop the violence, a black police officer goes undercover at a summer camp for fatherless, troubled black teens to prove that "police are people too."

Will it work? Of course not. Are blacks magical thinkers? Yes. Did whitey pay for this stunt? Of course.

You just can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

Indy just hosted the week-long Indiana Black Expo for 2017. Media coverage has been very sparse this year. Almost nothing.

I am positive that there was lot of crime all over the city, but the media has done a huge cover job.


Anonymous said...

War For The Planet Of The Apes casting call??

Or just another day in BRA?

Anonymous said...

St. Louis was a powder keg twenty years ago. Have you ever watched Natational Lampoon's Vacacation? When Clark took the wrong exit from the highway twenty years ago. OT, but check out Brian Greer race realist website for a good laugh. You gotta love it when they self hate.

Anonymous said...

Know negros =no peace.
No negros = know peace.

Truth !🤔

Anonymous said...

Imagine if you will that there was a tv show entitled "Crime In America" that showcased a different city each week and presented the crime stats such as in this article. Not just the current crime stats but the stats for the past thirty to forty years for each city- St. Louis, Baltimore, Memphis, Atlanta, etc on and on down a list of cities and each show naturally revealing that the face of crime was black and including lots of videos for the viewer of the black violence taking place. Perhaps some before and after videos of the racial transformation of each city from white to black and showing the crime stats before the negro infestation which would be massively lower. Just the facts- no opinions as to what was causing it or what the solutions were. The videos would also reveal the horrible deterioration of formerly pristine areas once negroes took them over and they turned them into dangerous slums.

If such a show could be made and could get on tv, it would be eye-opening for lots of people who are asleep to the reality of black criminality and dysfunction. However, it would immediately be denounced as racist by blacks who would screech, "Ya'll just tryin' to make us look bad!" and they'd be joined in their screeching by libtards who loudly proclaimed that they "know a good one." Rev'runs, community organizers and other hustlers would pour into the streets demanding mo' programs, initiatives and gibsmedats.

For us older people who are in our 60's and 70's or even older, looking at the reality today compared to what we knew decades ago makes us want to look around to see if Rod Serling is standing nearby saying, "You've just found yourself in the Twilight Zone" -and if all these changes had happened over night, it would be like waking up and finding oneself in a horror movie or some sci-fi movie about an alternative universe where everything had gone to hell.

(((You know who))) and their turncoats have really done a number on the country and even though the resistance was strong, I gotta tell ya- the Borg are winning the battles and have been for years.

Anonymous said...

These stats are...wayciss!
Hands up don't shoot...a gentle giant pre-med student walking down the middle of the street on his way to class.
Wayciss cracka poleece! He wuz a goot boi and dindu nuffins.

There is data that shows almost every major city in Amerikwa had an increase in violent crime the past couple of years.
It was during the golden utopian reign of Imam Hussein Hopenchange so there will be no lamestream media coverage of it.

Pat Boyle said...

Time is running out for the American Negro.

There have been a number of stereotyped social remedies for the race problem. The first is probably closing the education gap. The second has been get blacks good middle class jobs.

Both of these - the two major efforts at race amelioration have been total failures. The other remedies are quite minor. Welfare, food stamps, and subsidized housing are not intended to actually to actually solve the performance gap between blacks and the other races. They just supply sustenance while the education and job training programs have enough time to work. But of course they aren't working.

The only other kind of social program aimed at helping negroes are minor scale peripheral programs like Midnight Basketball.

So the evidence is in - there is no prospect on the horizon of any improvement in negro behavior. All we have to do now is to wait for the other races to fully realize the demonstrable facts.

Time is running out for the American negro.


Anonymous said...

@pat Boyle time is running out on the American Negro. I bet you got clock and watching it count down to see what's happening on your mind

Anonymous said...

I surprised that Bill From St Louis haven't commented yet. He only talks about blacks in area and how bad diversity is

Californian said...

Time is running out for the American Negro.

Very good point.

As we've seen, blacks have have had the benefits of seven decades of integration, civil rights, AA, wars on poverty, plusgood rolemodels on the telescreen, and even their Big Man in the White House teleprompter reader chair. The result? Black dysfunction is exploding. Really, the Ferguson era riots are but one more symptom that blacks can not integrate themselves into modern civilization with its expectation that people obey the law.

The increasingly frantic mainstream media glorifying Africans-in-America is another symptom. The mainstream media can place "wise" blacks in commercials, or produce movies like Hidden Figures. The media can turn flashmobs and drivebys into exuberance by "teens" and "youths." But it can not change the reality in the streets.

And that reality is percolating through the Matrix and into the public consciousness via the Internet Insurgency (with websites like this one). It's available to anyone who walks the mean streets of St Louis, Baltimore, Newark or Detroit. It's obvious to Hispanics and Asians in America. The real issue here is how to make this consciousness widespread through enough White people. Bear in mind that a century ago White Americans across the political spectrum awoke to their racial unity, see Birth of a Nation.

We did it before.

We can do it again.

Take that Red Pill, YT.

Anonymous said...

We could have a TV show called, "Rip Van Whitey", about a man who falls asleep near the turn of the 20th century and wakes up at the turn of the 21st century. Different episodes can show his family vacationing in Detroit and Rip Van Whitey's dad showing him the splendors of the past, while poor Rip Van Whitey lives in the horror of "tomorrow" knowing from whence the nation came.


Anonymous said...


The sad fact of the matter is that the other races DO realize the demonstrable facts, I don't think our race can hold up our fallacious thinking to the light of reason. We can known in our hearts the reality of different dog breeds, but do not want to extend the logical line of reason over to the different breeds of humans.

Let the species/breed die on the vine, or let it exist in Africa. I do not hate these people, do I hate bears, wolves or mountain lions, true predators in their own right? No! I do not hate blacks, but I look upon them as half tamed animals who cannot be trusted. I

Anonymous said...

OT: I'd seen a news article about an Afghan Girls Robotics team being able to come to the US to compete.

Now how is it that a bunch of schoolgirls from a crazed tribal AND Muslim nation who has been at war for quite some time can cobble together a girls Robotics team and the people of St. Louis can't even keep from.shooting each other? What gives?

Anonymous said...

Like everyone here, I am so saturated with the statistics of negro violence that it sickens me.

Will there ever come a time when the gloves come off and the reset button gets pressed? I don't think there will ever be a political solution to this problem. Too many apologists and socialists in our government. Simpler to throw other people's money at the problem and tell everyone you helped.

Will there be a catalyst that will propel us toward a climax? Will there be a 'response' from the citizenry to a riot or some other aside from the police being ordered to give the vandals 'space to vandalize' in a safe manner?

We've been threatened with 'long, hot summers' for decades and yet, they get us no closer to a solution. With each riot, protest and 'flash mob', the police are further muzzled and the treat marches closer and closer. And we keep getting stuck with the tab.

The social experiment is over. It has been a dismal, disappointing failure. You can not integrate the black man into white society. Period. It's time to admit the simple facts and move on to the next thing.

We need to de-fund the experiment and begin taking back what has been lost since the 'Equal Rights' (Re: Special Privileges) Act, raising standards for civil service jobs regardless of the fact it would 'disproportionately impact' minorities. Too bad. Study harder. Lowering the bar for such things leaves us all vulnerable as has been demonstrated far too many times.

Curb the leftist media, empower the citizenry to defend itself and take the money out of the equation and it would be solved in a matter of months.

Imagine Camden, Trenton, Newark, Patterson, the Oranges and Passaic as vibrant, relevant cities again. Across the country, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis being restored to what they once were.

It's not too far fetched a dream. It's right within our reach.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

How can anyone tell you with a straight face that blacks aren't a blight on the planet?

Pat Boyle said...

Swedish women are afraid to out alone at night because of all the rapes by Middle Easterners. London women fear acid being thrown in their face apparently by Indians and Pakistanis. People all over Europe are being menaced by Africans.

On the other side of the world the Japanese women do not fear rape nor do Korean women fear acid being thrown in their faces.

What's the difference? Immigration. Places that have admitted Near Eastern or African immigrants lately are coming to regret their actions. Angela Merkel is not popular these days for opening the borders.

This political counter movement may have an effect here in America. Somewhere, possibly Britain but maybe Italy, some nation will conceive of the formerly unthinkable. They will ship their troublesome recent immigrants back to their homelands. This sort of action was literally unthinkable a few years ago and it still would be opposed today by many, but it is just now entering the realm of the politically possible.

Our two great enemies in the Second World War - Germany and Japan - have taken different paths towards immigration. Germany has embraced it and Japan has rejected it. To date Germany's approach has been disastrous. If Japan's path has a down side, it is not obvious.

Some European nation will - tentatively at first - begin to pull back from open borders. Others will probably follow. If this happens perhaps here in America we will begin to consider our own problem with peoples from foreign cultures. The 'Back to Africa' movement may be reinvigorated. In any case it won't the first repatriation movement. If we actually do send substantial numbers of blacks back to Africa it will be many years in the future.


Anonymous said...

Detroit, Paris of the West
Paris, Detroit of the East

Paintjob Theory said...

In other news, Australian in USA shot dead by police:

The sweet irony is that she is a vocal SJW who thinks that only police should have guns and the cop is some half-nig African mongrel named Mohammed.

Seems like a match made in heaven, and for once a positive outcome of affirmative action hiring.

Anonymous said...

It is a wonder more aren't killed. The blacks don't aim at what they shoot; they put the gun in the air and start pulling the trigger. Good job on the stats! You are one of the few that actually takes time to analyze the data. What this tells me is that without blacks, St. Louis would be one of the safest cities in the world. You will never see CNN do a show on this problem. The media have trouble with saying black youth, so they use the term teens. We have a media that refuses to look at where the real problem lies...good job!

Anonymous said...

The world is experiencing a 21st Century Black Plague!

Anonymous said...

"War For The Planet Of The Apes casting call??"

No, the apes in the movie are far more intelligent and civilized.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find out what he would have done if they had confessed to criminal activity. Turn a blind eye or turn them in?

Anonymous said...

O/T Minneapolis 70 IQ affirmative action Somalian moslem subhuman shoot and kills unarmed white woman
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

""could be a powder keg"???
Hell, there are powder kegs all over this country.
The questions are: what sets one off and when?"

My bets are on financial markets collapsing leading to a currency crisis leading to an economic crisis, the process starting this summer/autumn. Once it starts the process will go quickly telescoping down into the worst economic crisis since the 1930's. Look for short deflation followed by bad inflation as the Fed prints money by the bushel basket to bailout their cronies just like they have done before. This will lead to shortages and shortages lead to higher prices, it's inevitable.

Massive inflation will also destroy debts (and savings), especially important when Illinois is already bankrupt under accepted accounting principles from excessive debt. Puerto Rico had a law passed by the scumbags in Congress allowing them to go bankrupt and several states such as California, Connecticut and New Jersey are an inch away from bankruptcy too, all caused by overspending including contracting massive debts over many years. These debts cannot be paid back so they will be repudiated one way or another.

The EBT cards/Section 8 etc. will remain in force but there will be shortages and rapidly rising prices making the fully charged EBT cards nearly useless. White maintenance workers who keep the heat, electricity, water etc. running in Section 8 will become scarce as they work for themselves in other areas. This will be the catalyst for the dusky hued Holy Ones to vent their righteous indignation against evil YT.

I fully encourage them to show the nearest politicians how they feel about their oppression. Take it to City Hall and have a nice "dialogue" with their "elected representatives". Their rallying cry can be: "No 40 ouncers, no peace; no weed, no peace". Good luck, they're going to need it.

The other guy from N. England.

PB said...

"Give it time. Information like this will be "hate speech" one day."

The word "Hatefacts" has already been coined.

Anonymous said...

White woman in pajamas killed by police in Minneapolis, maybe they were colorblind!!!!

Anonymous said...

Somalian "cop" kills beautiful unarmed white Aussie woman in Minneapolis -- not a PEEP from the mainstream media.

rexfreeway said...

St Louis isn't the "Gate way to the West" anymore, thanks to Negroes. More like "Gateway to Hell". Negroes ruin everything they touch. Period.

Anonymous said...

OT: Seems the fine constable-on-patrol who blasted the Aussie "spiritual healer" in Minneapolis was a Somali-American! Apparently, he'd been on the job a couple of years. To make matters worse, he started blasting at her from the passenger seat of the patrol car. Thank God a black man shot this woman, remember Philando Castille? Yeah, it was Officer Yanez that shot him.

Anonymous said...

$50 seminar. What a deal!

Defining Whiteness. "White Fragility."

The Unitarian Universalist Church has been infiltrated by communist Jews.

Anonymous said...

20? I think that was 35 years ago

Anonymous said...

Off topic, and yet typical BRA. I work with 3 groids, during the break the conversation always comes to the subject of guess?? FIGHTING.Stories of conquests in their neighborhoods where the other guy usually another groiddal gets their a-- whipped. It's a one upmanship extravaganza where I am the baddest black on my side of town. It was a real live sociological study of these characters that I had never witnessed before. Usually, the talk is of the latest movies which one? you guessed it, the major character is black!They love TUPAC, the POWER series, and discussing whether OJ is guilty or not, only two think the juice is guilty. My opinion is not asked or even consulted. Another group, all black males that work with us on one day of the week have gotten into hot water for FIGHTING with each other.What's the name of the book? "Don't make the black kids angry", well there is something to that statement. NO, they are not like us!!

Anonymous said...

Traditional media is collapsing at an unprecedented rate. The boob tube has lost its power. newspapers are irrelevant and in decline

Race denial libertarian and conservative publications like Reason and National Review don't even live on subscriptions anymore. They just have a few sugar daddies behind the scenes keeping them alive.

I expect many other medial outlets to follow the same path. They will become the mouthpiece of a few wealthy establishment types trying to keep the genie in the bottle.

Well the genie is coming out and it won't matter if all the millionaires in the world try to stop it. We've been lied to about Africans and there is no stopping the truth in the age of the internet.

Bill in St Louis said...

This would be funny... if it wasn't real. I see it every day. This is why I:

Stay alert, stay armed.

Anonymous said...

The only other kind of social program aimed at helping negroes are minor scale peripheral programs like Midnight Basketball.

So the evidence is in - there is no prospect on the horizon of any improvement in negro behavior. All we have to do now is to wait for the other races to fully realize the demonstrable facts.

What is truly pathetic is that even Midnight basketball didn't work as intended. It brings in too many young negroes to the same area. So while the indoor event might be controlled that still leaves the parking lot.

I used to live near an all night basketball court and it was a nightmare in the summer. Negroes from all over would show up since I assumed it was nicer than whatever courts they had in the hood. When it started bringing in the gangs I had planned on sabotaging the court by cementing random speed bumps. But I ended up moving and thought it was best to leave the court in tact for the nearby race denying liberals. A lot of these liberals would only be familiar with TV blacks if not for the court.

NJ Woman said...

Statistics are unfair and racist. Just because negroes are only half of the population but commit almost all of the violent crimes does not mean that they are violent, and can't control themselves, and destroy every city they live in, and accomplish nothing remotely positive, and are a massive drain on society. We need to completely ignore statistics and facts and live a life of tolerance and love. Let's focus on the real issues of our day, like climate change!!! and transgender bathrooms and sugar consumption. Come on people now 🎶

P.S. "Citizens of Vicksburg, Mississippi, complained so much about city workers watching TV and using personal cellphones during business hours that the city has banned the devices at work." "Vicksburg south ward Alderman Alex Monsour says the city's mayor and Board of Aldermen voted to ban the electronics' use after getting complaints that included workers texting and watching TV for reasons not related to work."

Yes, Vicksburg is almost 70% black and probably 100% of the city jobs are filled with blacks due to AA, but you can't draw any conclusions from that. Most blacks are highly industrious and conscientious to a fault. They are just like us.

PB said...

Somalis, Sudanese, Eritreans and myriad other African excrement have been a catastrophe for Australian cities. There is no reason for them to be there beyond having been put there to destroy.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said

I do not hate these people,

Stick around. You will. Once you get to know them better.