Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Go be with your family. Go be with your friends. The war will still be waging, but you can relax for one day.

Question: what are your favorite memories of Thanksgiving? In this time of darkness, remembering the past is the best way to ensure you have the motivation to fight for a future.


Anonymous said...

I did something rare today: I bought The New York Times. It's expensive at $2.50 per copy. A Business Reply subscription came with it. I wrote " when is The New York Slimes going to tell the truth about black crime and violence? Thousands of whites are brutalized each year with little notice from you. Shame on you." This was my protest of the day.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

All the best to each and every one of the great ppl here.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I will always remember sitting at the dining room table at my grandfather and grandmother's house, along with my dad, mom and the rest of our intact family. Obviously not a black face in sight, unless of course you count Chuck Spears and the rest of the football team on the telescreen.

It's All So Tiresome said...

My favourite memory of Thanksgiving was when everyone liked my mash potatoes, as I have mashed the potatoes I stirred in some of the water they were cooked in.

Pro Tip: If you have leftover Turkey and freezer space, divide the turkey meat into small portion and FREEZE it promptly as Turkey goes off rather fast in the fridge. In fact, if someone has a long drive home, it's better to set aside what they will take home as the carving is done and stick it in the freezer first, rather than have them take home room temperature turkey that will already start to go off. Send them off with some bottles of ice - don't have to buy ice at the store, fill an empty soda bottle with tap water in the freezer before dinner starts.

When you are freezing something dense with a high moisture content like rice, stuffing, or mashed potatoes freeze them in a roundish container and make an indent in the middle so it can be reheated more evenly in the microwave.

Thanksgiving in Canada was a month ago, but I'm seeing frozen turkeys at the supermarket again in preparation for Christmas, egg nog is out too! Going to keep my eye on when the table of canned pumpkin puree goes on sale after the holidays so I could snatch them up for soup. I'm not the only one who has this idea so I have to be quick!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mr.Kersey! May the coming winter chill bring you the boon of a White Christmas. More peaceful times till warmer weather wakes the ghouls, and Max Brooks had said of dread, Spring is what Winter used to be... For now! Hope springs eternal.

Detroit Refugee said...

A Thanksgiving memory,
1984 we went up to my grandmothers place in Grayling. Dad took the guys out driving around Camp Grayling, I spotted a wild turkey on top of a wooded hill. We all got out to take a better look, damn if that bird didn't take to flight & get the hell outta there!!

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

A Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow SBPDLers. It does feel like we're some kind of a big family. I sure missed this place and all of you while it was gone, so I'm thankful for Paul Kersey, SBPDL and all of you. May God bless us all.

Mr. Rational said...

Detroit Refugee, you ain't seen nothin' until you wake up in the morning, look out your window and see a flock of wild turkeys literally swallowing pebbles from your driveway.  Or find one roosting on a telephone wire.

Ex-Detroiter, a very happy Thanksgiving to you too.  I hope you had family to spend it with.

Anonymous said...

Driving to Pennsylvania from Michigan to my grandmothers house for a long thanksgiving weekend. Seeing Santa arrive in the thanksgiving parades. Delicious thanksgiving dinner. Best to you all, happy thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Southeast Michigan thanksgiving blessings to all at sbpdl and to you Paul. Thanks for your efforts through this last year. Enjoy dinner!

Anonymous said...

Black Friday starting early--literally. A woman decides to buy a stolen iPhone from a guy driving around in a black van with balloons and a sign reading "black friday sale" taped to it. She was surprised to find that the box she left the purchase with just contained potatoes. Of course, rather than keep this embarrassing story to herself, she decides to post all about it on social media. I doubt you need me to fill in any other relevant details about this story.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of us who can SEE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for SBPDL! After being around my DWL relatives on Thanksgiving I find I'd much rather be here than around them.

Anonymous said...

Target pulls out of West Baltimore and White guilt lib calls it White supremacy

How much of Maryland would even exist without Uncle Fed jobs in DC? Meaning the entire place is already propped up by White taxpayers. It just happens to be near the epicenter of jobs for liberal arts degrees.

Anonymous said...

You have to admire the turkey, who is rightfully punishing the boy for his racism and privilege.

Hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving.

Brian in Ohio said...

When I was a lad, Thanksgiving at my grandparents house looked exactly like that Norman Rockwell painting.

This year, we went to my brothers house in Tennessee. Had a great meal, then shot some guns in the back yard. It was a good day.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Am glad the blog is back up. I got depressed when it was down.

Something you will see are events for black women and their children. There was a huge free party at the Four Seasons in NYC the night before Thanksgiving, holiday dinner, face painting, DJ to blast god awful music. They will increase with the advance of Christmas. Every office is doing a toy drive. It's a bit much. Not only do they get subsidized housing, cash benefits, free health insurance free childcare, they get free Christmas parties for their children. That's so the parents can afford alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, cell phone, expensive sneakers, fake nails and fake hair.

I was in an organization that lobbied for increases in government benefits. Every year they held a huge Christmas party for single mothers and their children. Each child got huge bags of presents. The place would be packed. Of course they were all black. I don't think I ever saw one white single mother. The kicker was that not one of those women had every attended any of the member meetings or participated in making phone calls or lobbying. I saw a lot of hypocrisy but that took the cake.

Paintjob Theory said...

Thanks to PK for all he has done keeping and maintaining this site over the years and resurrecting it from the dead.

Had a very white Thanksgiving up here as usual. Also as per usual I raised a bunch of turkeys myself this year. Not the "jumbo" birds I usually get because there are still supply issues with turkeys from the bird flu 2 years ago. Medium BBW turkeys processed out at 15-22 pounds (as opposed to as high as 40-50 some years with the jumbos). They were good foragers and all around pretty hardy stock.

Anyway, my friend found some new "trick" to cook a turkey in some sort of oven bag. I had no idea turkey could simultaneously be dry, mushy, chewy, and flavorless. It was astounding what poor cooking methods can do to a bird that was pastured in the yard and slaughtered only 3 days before eating; never frozen. I really feel bad about killing him considering that was his fate. I'll never allow that to happen again.

Antidote said...

A happy and meaningful Thansgiving to one and all. I see where Kapurnikoon has gone out to the island of Alcatraz to hold an "Un-Thansgiving" LOL. The guy's a schmuck; what he's really doing with this kneeling and posturing is trying to develop a brand. He wants to be a Muhammad Ali-like figure as a way to extend his career and make money. And I guess the djooz of GQ are trying to help him.

@ It's all so tiresome: One of my favourite memories of Thanksgivings gone by was the mashed potatoes with gravy. The potatoes were stiff (like Irish colcannon)and the gravy unbelievably flavourful (prepared with celery, onion, thyme, sariette, and salt pork). Today the mashed potatoes are like wallpaper paste and the "gravy" is from a packet.
I hate the modern instant stuffing as well. Give me that old cornbread stuffing with spices and cut up sausages.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I was stationed with the Army in Maryland. One Thanksgiving I drove up to New England for dinner and an overnight stay with some relatives I had not seen in years. My relatives were working class Whites, and they had built good lives for themselves and their children. They were the people who worked construction, manufacturing and aluminum mill jobs, and fought in this country's wars. i.e., they had literally built this nation. They lived in two story houses with screened in front porches, and took evening strolls on the beachfront.

Well, all of that is now gone. The town in which they lived has since been "enriched" with the diversity, and has become another rustbelt casualty. But I still think of that Thanksgiving as the American dream in action. And it gives me something to think about, a goal as it were, in the coming struggle.

Anonymous said...

The position of the black population changed in the United States during the sixties. They became "the people." I recall looking at photo essays in my college newspaper that recorded the hijinks of moronic black children at the playground. I looked at the brain-damaged fucks and just couldn't figure out why this was featured.

We can see now that that was just the cutting age of a tidal wave of such bullshit that was to come. It was our cultural replacement.

Problem is: white people are still here. They don't live in Brooklyn so much anymore. They moved up the Hudson valley into the wilderness. And the teeming concentrations of shit-skinned mutants get all the attention in the city.

But, as my dad said during the worst of the riots in the sixties: "I've got to live here, too."