Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#24. Their Own Hair

Have you ever seen Liar Liar? This film happens to be one of Jim Carrey's finest and contains one of the most interesting nuggets of truth imaginable, as Carrey's character is unable to lie for one day (thanks to a wish from his long neglected son). Upon learning this, his son asks the following:

Max Reede: My teacher tells me beauty is on the inside.
Fletcher: That's just something ugly people say.
Was Jim Carrey's character in the film telling the truth, and if so, what does that say about the people who spend vast amounts of money on their hair to change it from its natural state of nappiness (Nappturality) into something that doesn't resemble anything close to what nature intended:
"SILKY straight hair has long been considered by many black women to be their crowning glory. So what if getting that look meant enduring the itchy burning that’s a hallmark of many chemical straighteners. Or a pricey dependence on “creamy crack,” as relaxers are sometimes jokingly called.

Getting “good hair” often means transforming one’s tightly coiled roots; but it is also more freighted, for many African-American women and some men, than simply a choice about grooming. Straightening hair has been perceived as a way to be more acceptable to certain relatives, as well as to the white establishment.

Last year, sales of home relaxers totaled $45.6 million (excluding Wal-Mart), according to Mintel, a market research firm, a figure that has held steady in recent years. So many African-American women use relaxers or a hot comb to get a straight look temporarily that not doing so can require courage."
Hold on. Before we continue to, it is vital to point out a glaring paradox that exists between what we are about to discuss (Black hair) and the absolute loathing that Black people have for their own hair, to the point of Acting White and desperately trying to imitate white hair.

This earth shattering contradiction must be discussed at length, for Black women find the natural state of their hair too nappy, and thus, engage in ritualistic abuse to straighten their hair and embarking in the incredibly expense hair weave, which can cost between $1,000 - $3,000 a session (some stylists do take lay-a-way).

An interesting description of fighting nature with massive amounts of nurture is described her:
"A hair weave can either be sewn or glued into the existing hair. The sewing process generally takes from 1 to 4 hours depending on how much hair you decide to have sewn in to you existing hair. With the practice of proper application and maintenance, glue in hair weaves can last up to three weeks; while sewn in weaves last up to 6 weeks. No matter what kind of weave style you’re going for, a professional applied hair weave that is applied by a hair stylist can instantly provide the look you’re searching for."
Chris Rock, who once had the audacity to verbally assault a large portion of the Black people in an (in)famous comedy bit, has once again decided to assault a large portion of the Black community by pointing out that every Black woman who embarks on the odyssey of nurturing their hair from nappiness to straightness does so to Act White:
Secrets, comedian Chris Rock declares slyly, are bad for the human spirit. That's why he's gleefully talking out of school in his new documentary, Good Hair, which has some people rolling in the aisles and others rolling their eyes.

In Good Hair, Rock sets out to explore the historically fraught concept of "good hair," which for African Americans burdened by the twin legacies of slavery and racism has traditionally been defined as hair more like white people's. Do black women, he wonders, spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars in hair salons to make their hair straighter and silkier because they want to look white?

So he visits hair salons, where women get their heads slathered with toxic goop (known as "creamy crack") to "relax," or straighten, their hair.

He watches as they sit for hours getting their hair braided or a "weave" of hair extensions that can cost $1,000. He helps a scientist demonstrate what the relaxer chemicals can do to an aluminum can (it's not pretty), observes a wacky hair show contest and travels to India to see where the hair in extensions comes from. (Indian women shave their heads and donate their hair in a religious ritual; the hair is later sold by Asian-owned companies.)

Jason Griggers, 40, another Atlanta stylist in the movie, who is white, hopes the movie will help break down walls between races.

"More dialogue is better than no dialogue," he says. "When I started (going to Bronner Bros.), there was only a tiny handful of white people there, and now it's much more integrated."

A movie about Black hair and the desire by Black women to part with up to a $1,000 dollars to Act White - well, to have white hair - kick starting a dialogue about race? Wouldn't that have the adverse effect of showcasing the enormous differences between the races? SBPDL thought we were all equal?:
"[Black women's] hair costs more than anything they wear," Rock recently said in a Salon interview. "It's like the No. 2, 3 expense of their whole life." Meanwhile, in a recent discussion on MSNBC, black Princeton prof Melissa Harris-Lacewell agreed with Rachel Maddow that an Obama administration meant white people would be more emboldened to ask black people about previously taboo issues, like how they do their hair (Harris-Lacewell admitted she wasn't looking forward to that)."
Even worse than the money spent trying to Act White - or at least have white hair - is the opportunity costs that are lost in this perverse attempt to thwart nature with nurture:

"A government study shows that African American women are 70% more likely to be obese than white women. As intriguing as this statistic seems, the reasons for it are equally as interesting. Factors including time, money and even hair contribute to keeping some black women out of the gym.

Nikki Kimbrough is a celebrity fitness expert who says, "The number one excuse is 'what am I going to do with my hair,' and I can relate because I'm a black woman myself and I have the same issue".

In Nikki's fitness class, the women are of a variety of races and have a range of hair textures. Three black women from her class battle with issues about their hair, but make a consistent effort to get to the gym. Adrienne Lynch, one of Nikki's clients, is a black woman that, in the past, let her hair keep her from going to the gym"

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, four out of five African American women are overweight or obese which increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other aliments.

In addition to hair and money, a big roadblock to hitting the gym is time. With the economic downturn, many African American women have more responsibilities and finding time to work out is difficult, but as these four African American women have shown, you don't have to put your beauty second to have your health come first."

Sadly, four out of five Black women aren't just passing on seconds, but they are passing thousands of dollars to Act White - err, have white-looking hair (imported from India) - and risking their own health in the process.

So how much do Black women spend to have white-looking hair?:
Today, African Americans spend an estimated $9 billion a year on hair-care products in an effort to fry it, dye it, lock it up, weave it, or make it lay flat and smooth, according to industry estimates. Still, black women often debate whether certain hair styles -- cornrows, locks or Afros -- hold them back in professional work settings such as financial and legal firms or in broadcast media.
$9 billion dollars, in an all out effort to ensure that Don Imus is wrong. Hey, even in an economic depression, Black women spend the big bucks to Act White (vicariously through Indian-imported hair):
"Every woman wants to be beautiful no matter what color, but Black women have a special pride that includes taking care of their hair," said Adams. "Even if times are hard, a good hairstyle can do a lot for an individual."
Yes, it is quite true that every woman wants to be beautiful, but as Jim Carrey taught us in Liar, Liar, nature didn't give everyone equal beauty, nor equal hair.

Sadly, the attempts to Act White by impersonating white peoples hair is nothing new, as women throughout time have been envious of white people and their hair:

"Blonde women, both natural and contrived, are disproportionately represented in film, fashion, advertising, and television. Blonde women are generally thought of as the most beautiful, not only in northern Europe and North America where many natural blondes live, but also in those parts of the world where blondes are rare. Tens of millions of women—and not just in America and Europe—lighten their hair, while only a few darken it.

Many would dismiss this almost universal passion for blondeness as a recent fashion, or as a consequence of the ubiquity and power of American culture, but Joanna Pitman’s new book On Blondes

She notes that many whites who are not natural blondes dye their hair in the hope of “passing,” and wonders: “Are those who blonde themselves still subconsciously seeking to distinguish themselves from darker and less powerful ethnic groups?” Mrs. Pitman concedes that non-white women have often turned themselves blonde but never permits herself to wonder whether at some level they may wish they were white."
An interesting question indeed. Black women spend $9 billion a year in a desperate bid to foil nature with Indian-imported locks to Act White through having white looking hair. There can only be one explanation for this: Stuff Black People Don't Like includes their own hair, for $9 billion dollars spent on fixing Black hair to look white every year, only leads to that conclusion.

Might this $9 billion dollar number reflect the ultimate Hate Fact and perhaps the ultimate self-loathing fact?


charlie sierra said...

"Black women have a special pride that includes taking care of their hair". Wow, I hope the other races of man can develop some "special pride". How asinine. And by "special pride" the author means a warped need to emulate another races hair. This fits nicely with a minor revelation I had a few years ago. It was then that I realized that many blacks hate white people because they want to BE us. They are so jealous that they hate us for being white even as nature has denied them the same birthright. Sounds like a skewed perspective in regard to self worth. Truth be told, blacks in america should, for their own mental health and to heal their collective psyche, be transported back to their african homeland at our governments expense, and post haste-toot sweet, double quick time to boot. It's the only way for them to heal. Obama, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

This is one of the biggies. Black women do go to elaborate lengths to obtain the features of beauty. Perhaps these are the elements that television or magazines portray as beauty. Perhaps these are the traits that our instincts tell us to seek. Nonetheless, there is a worldwide lust for the features of a Nordic woman.

This endeavor leads many women across the globe to extremes beyond hair-dye. Some have rhinoplasty, and some go much further.

Just as you mentioned the sales ratio of blond to black hair-dye, I also wonder what the ratio of colored eye contacts is... say blue eyed to brown eyed. I'll bet blue is the best seller. Any takers?


t_c_ said...

I know this was an obvious faucet of Black culture that we White Americans are aware of to point out...as I did in my suggestion to you.
Thank you for posting such an indepth article and I look forward to the Chris Rock film.

Anyway....the reason why I suggest it is because the trauma that happened to me. I was attending a community college in Seattle, and was walking through the lobby area, full of people, by the way. Anyway, I noticed a group of girls standing to the side, Black girls, being loud and crazy so when one is passing you couldn't happen to look over, appartently the social taboo of "looking" over at them caused a great stir. They started to proceed after me and started yelling things about my hair. I had rather long "grungy" brown/reddish straight hair at the time (it was Seattle in the 90's) but I do have "a lot" of it, it is rather thick, something I got from my half-German Mother. Ok, all I remember is the remarks about "how ugly my hair was"....also I remember distintly how NOT ONE PUSSY ASS WHITE interceeded with this scene. I didn't look back and ignored them and kept walking...the other White kids looked at me as if it I was the who did something wrong as I passed them by with my heavy packback and thoughts of, "oh shit what am I going to do if they jump me?" Cause being from intergratted parts of the midwest I knew Blacks had a strange disposition of going Ape at any given moment for the slightest perceived injustice.

Fortunely I did not make eye contact and walked out the door, realizing at that point if they followed me out I was fucked because there wasn't anyone outside in this walkway and therefore no witnesses....then I when I turned a corner I ran to my truck. Anway, they didn't follow my outside, much to my relief. However, I was struck that NO ONE interceded or even tried to get the attention of a security guard...maybe they did and I didn't know, but it was a strange and hollow experience, one that stays with me.

I laugh when internet posts accuse me of hate and racism, haha, it wasn't because well deserved, now was it?

Hey bitches....I still have pretty brown hair and only thing I do is spray a little conditioner in it to make it straight. Oh that's right, they don't have internet and nursing 3 different babies from 3 different daddies and sitting in a salon burning their freaking scalp! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Will we be seeing #1 someday soon or are you saving that one for further down the road?

B. Herder said...

Having been unfortunate enough to have lived in one of the Black Mecca's of the country at one time (Otherwise known as Los Angeles) I used to observe a lot of what passes for Black Beauty.
Any grocery store works great.

The typical black female would have (Of course) the typically straightened hair. Some better than others. Sometimes there was the attempt to make it blond, which as always turned it red.

Then there was the $200 nails. Usually, so long as to render your hands useless, but by God, there was a Rembrandt painted on each one.

Then there was the 37 lbs. of gold bobbles draped around the neck or dangling from various body parts.

This was usually accompanied by several lag-bolts shoved through a nostril or lip with with some shiny fishing lure glued to the end of it.

Funny thing is, this was almost always on someone who was 5'7" and 300+ lbs. Usually with a butt the size of a grill on a 57' Buick.

B. Herder said...

Hahahaha!!!! Oh SHIT, I just noticed!
The very first pic in the article!
EVEN at the beach, the buck has still got to have the droopy-pants-belt-below-the-butt-ass-hanging-out-gansta'-look!!
Hee hee hee ... PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

I really love it when white people claim to have black people figured out. One hundred years of "legal" racial segregation gave some of you the impression that blacks aren't Americans. This country and culture is the only one we know. We are Americans.

Logicar Omega said...

" This country and culture is the only one we know. We are Americans."

Only until I can White Flight my pale self to some Whitetopia to get away from you darkies!

Laugh out loud!

Behaviors prove you wrong, you negroid fool!

charlie sierra said...

Too bad black people can't even figure out how to assimilate into a more highly evolved (Caucasion) society and are STILL failing after all these years and even with government sanctioned racism against whites in favor of blacks. Look what happened in South Africa after apartheid, the black people there couldn't even run a freakin' 7-11 store much less a country. If blacks want to be "Americans" maybe they should start acting like an "American". That includes moving up Maslows hierarchy of needs chart. You know, less "bling", booty dancing, attacking whites out of a jealous hatred, screaming "mother****er" as every other word, having a stable family unit, etc. I know, it's a "white culture thing", you wouldn't understand.

Anonymous said...

"We are Americans."

African-Americans? Hey, I'm American too. I just don't have to use chemicals and dyes on my hair trying to look like one.

The root issue isn't really the hair. The root issue is the crime and other degenerate activity. I was once told by some black students that white people can't dance. They elaborated on this point of theirs by lurching around while 'grinding' their genitals against each other.

Is that what is 'American' these days?


Anonymous said...

LOL@these comments.

Albinos are so hateful! :)

IronWynch said...

Wow...some people are ignorant.

Black people straighten their hair for the same reason White women shave their legs.

I wouldn't say that White women shave their legs to look more acceptably African. The problem is that certain looks have been politicized, when it's really just a matter of a beauty standard. If White made right in beauty, then nobody would shave their bodies. We'd all be running around trying to look as hairy as we could.

I wear dreadlocks. I love my natural hair texture. I don't fault people who do other things with their look, so long as they aren't harmful.

I think people who go too far and end up making themselves ugly to try to look beautiful are stupid no matter what color they are. There's a sane limit.

Anonymous said...

"Albinos are so hateful!"

"Wow...some people are ignornant."

I once encountered an albino. I agree, she was hateful and ignorant. She must have endured a good amount of disparagment from her fellow african people. Ironically, she was actually proud enough to publicly dipsplay her 'White' yet nappy hair.

I hope she finds her place in this world. Regretably, that is not my responsibility. My responsibility is helping members of my fellow tribe. Just as other tribes help themselves, I will help my tribe. Sometimes, in this strange preverted world, that is my only comfort.


Annie said...

As an Indian woman, I am appaled that the literally $1000 worth of natural self grown hair we have on our heads is being profitted by others, we are not benefitting from it, instead a large portion of our society lives in poverty with no shoes on our feet and no food to eat. Far far worse of a situation than anyone in America, we have no such thing as welfare or soup kitchens, children and women die everyday here from starvation. It is unfair for the profits to go to large corporations stealing our God given assets. Something must be done. Indian women are the most beautiful in the world, yet we are oppressed and it must stop.

lormarie said...

In all honesty, whites (especially white males) who create posts claiming to have black women figured out are really starting to annoy me. Do me a favor and mind your own damn business, white man. You have created a blog obsessing over us, I'm not blogging about you.

lormarie said...

If you aren't white, still mind your own business.

Logicar Omega said...

" Do me a favor and mind your own damn business, white man. "

Obama is in Power.

Blacks are in Power.

Once in Power... one should be prepared to be criticized!

Anything less is Dictatorship and we do not need more Mugabes.

If you can't stand the heat... then get out in the field and pick some more cotton!!! Laugh out loud!

IronWynch said...

LO, yeah that's right. Black people picked the cotton because White slaves weren't as plentiful or as strong. White slaves were considered better suited for prostitution, housework, and light field labor. Some of them were made overseers, but they were still just as owned as the Black slaves they supervised. If they ran away and were caught, they'd be locked up and punished like fugitives just as surely.

So careful when you try to insult a Black person using slavery references. Your great grandmother might have been bent over in front of some rich landowner or European "nobleman" against her will too.

Anonymous said...


Your thoughts betray you. No one made a reference to your mulatto great grandmother.

You never addressed Logicar Omega's point. That point being, you must address/accept the criticism of the white man. Just as the white man is criticized everyday by folks like yourself.

You cannot move forward while constantly looking back.


Anonymous said...

You are all hateful ignorant people.

Anonymous said...

"You are all hateful ignorant people."

I'm flabbergasted! That was the best argument I've heard this year. To think I was about to suffer a great bout of depression over the 'fact' that:

"White slaves were better suited for prostitution..."

Wait a minute, I almost forgot that I'm White. Yeah, what was I thinking? White people actually get up. I was about to become a victim of the past as well.

Thanks Dad, like you said, "Life isn't about how many times you fall down, It's about how many times you get up"


IronWynch said...

Dave, accepting and addressing criticism isn't agreeing with it. If your argument is out of line and based on inaccuracies and hypocrisy, you should be ready to be called out on it, if you post it in public, just like anyone else.

When in power, people have to deal with the fact that they're going to be criticised regardless of their own color or their critics. Your being White or Obama's being Black makes neither of you special in that regard.

Your being the opposition also does not, by default, make you more right. When it comes down to the cold facts of nature, those who are in power are there because they were put there by those who aren't. They're there because they deserve to be because they did what needed to be done to get there.

So if you're going to whine about the President not being White this time, then Black people (less than 20% of the U.S. population) are not the ones to blame. The ones to blame are the White guys who could have been President, but didn't do what they needed to do to get the job or do the job correctly.

All the previous Presidents have been White, so if you want to play the blame game, blame the people who were in power before for the sorry state the country's in, not some newcomer who politically is still wet behind the ears. What should be chapping your hide right now is that some young dude from out of nowhere seemed a better choice as the leader of our country than the well established veterans.

That should bother you regardless of the man's color.

...but you can't see past color, and that is why you fail.

When you get that burden off your mind, then you have some chance of getting up. Until then, you'll stay hunched over like a half blind dogs snapping at every dark face you see.

Wanderlost said...

"Wow...some people are ignorant."

Thank you for your example.

Anonymous said...

I say, if you're not happy with something, change it. Just like most people don't find severely overweight people attractive, most people don't find thick, nappy, doesn't flow like the wind hair attractive. If you want soft hair, get soft hair. Besides, some people have NO IDEA what it is like to worry about whether your hair is standing up the wrong way or whether its frizzing up in a hot room. If you are able to find a solution to a problem, why not?

I wanted to watch Good Hair, but if Chris Rock is just going to be preaching about how Black women want to be White in that damn documentary... what's the point?

Now am I the only one that has noticed that White shows, whether it's news, talk shows, etc have started to have more flavor? Even sports shows have the broadcasters using 'hip' words. By some old white man, really?

Maybe Black women can exchange their hair with White women and they'll allow White men to steal some of their phrases with no repercussions?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Firstly, Women of ALL RACES perfer to present themselves with features they were not born with. Almost, if not, every woman in America owns a straightener/curling iron, some form of make up or mascera, lip gloss or lip stick etc

Women are not born with eyeshadow, or blush and beautiful glissening red lips or curly feathery bouncy hair for that matter. So why is it with black women, that straightening there hair is suddenly "acting white"?? Oh so I can only assume for most of you getting a tan is "acting black". This is all ridiculous.

Women of all races make attempts to look and feel better about themselves and should be encouraged to do whatever it takes to be happy.
I think it's preposterous to think black women straighten their hair to satisfy white standards.

If you have to get up early, straighten that hair, throw on some eyeshadow & blush, and then top it off with some sexy lip gloss to leave the house feeling like a trillion paseos, by all means.. do it!

Self esteem is great for you. And I applaud all women who understand that.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the previous statement. All the white women that are out here getting tans everyday and you all want to go hard on Black women wanting to straigten their hair, this is insane. The beauty of being an American, Black or White, male or female, is to be able to do what we want to do as long as we are not breaking the law. So, just save your ignorant statements for another day.

Real talk, black women may color their hair blonde, but certainly does not want to be a White woman. And white women may get a tan often, but certainly does not want to be a Black woman. It's all about feeling beautiful on the inside rather your hair is purple, straight, dreaded, black, or blonde.

Going forward, anyone who refuses to believe this truth has an IQ of 10 or below, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I didn't know this was a webpage for the Klan. The hate on here is satanic.

National Geographic has a website where people can donate their cheek cells to trace their ancestry. I suggest you white people do it STAT.
Sadly, you will find that you are just pale skinned Africans.

If I hear one more person compare the tanning of a white woman with the hair issues of a black woman, I'll scream. No matter what, a white woman's beauty is held up as the standard. She will never be denied an office job because her hair is too straight or blonde. The tanning is for a healthy glow. It used to be that tanning was not the standard because it meant you were poor and had to work out in the sun. Later, in the 1920's the tan meant you were rich and sophisticated because you could afford a nice vacation in some sunny locale.

The reason black folks started straightening their hair and adopting other white traits was survival. It makes whites feel secure when blacks emulate them, therefore a woman with straightened hair was more likely to get hired and be accepted socially than one who didn't.
Even now there is pressure for black women to conform, and unfortunately a great deal of that pressure comes from black people. We have bought into the lies/lyes- fallen for the cons of the beauty industry that makes millions off of our fried hair and burned scalps.

As for that crap about black people not being able to adapt to modern society, look at the African immigrants. Most of them come to America and do extremely well in school and business. It's the same with Jamaicans. In America there's a culture of entitlement and laziness that has influenced us all. There are plenty of empty headed lazy white slackers.

It's interesting how bigots have no sense of logic, fairness or balance on these issues.

Anonymous said...

All you Racist Bitches will BURN IN HELL!!!! You would never see an entire website dedicated to any of you as "White People"…you know why…Because no other Race (That's right, not just Black) even cares enough about you, to waste so much time. If you all want to say Black People straighten their hair to look white…you should really think about what you say before you say it…because if anything they would rather their hair look Indian than White, I mean they are buying "INDIAN HAIR" …White hair is sooooo weak, oily, stringy, and limp…even White People with extensions use INDIAN hair...so you all sound really stupid.

Anonymous said...

White people get over yourselves, "highly evolved" caucasians?
All of the people making racist, white supremacist comments are proving that caucasian people are capable of being some of the rudest, uncivilized, inhumane people out there. You have no idea the number people who would never want to be associated with anything you supreme white Americans claim to stand for.

Also, your hair is disgusting:
"weak, oily, stringy, and limp"

Anonymous said...

mostly at t_c_

Wow, you white racists are funny to me first of all some of you need to check your spelling I mean after all you are supposed to be more "evolved" than us aren't you? All you are proving when you go on these forums to spew your ignorant often misguided hate is that you all are cowards. You walk around taking crap from ghetto black folks then come here and act like your some martyr. Funny how you have the nerve to generalize all black people with the same David Duke paintbrush then contradict yourself. I suggest you learn to stick up for yourself and leave the rest of us who are innocent alone.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last Anon,

Black people spend BILLIONS to make their look anything but naturally Black. Pointing this out is important, because it establishes a depressing picture of Black womens view of inner beauty as opposed to outward expressions of whiteness.

To the anon above that,

Why attack white people's hair as "weak, oily, stringy and limp" when billions upon billions are spent by Black people to emulate this sub-par hair?

Anonymous said...

koreans and japanese are also envious of white hair... they look stupid, especialy korean/japanese men. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm am Indian and Black, personally, I think natural West African Hebrew(Negro) hair is attractive.

I hate seeing black women with straight hair, it shows that they are insecure. Braids, or corn-rows are most attractive to me.

Not to say straight hair is unattractive, it's just unattractive when you're not born with it and pay money to get it. It's just the same(to me) as getting a face lift or something

And yes, black women ARE trying to act white. It's because when they were slaves they felt whites were dominate and felt that anything that is associated with white people is good. For instance, a smart person or someone who talks properly- this makes someone sound "white."

Bottom line is... black women need more self-respect, and pride

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many of you i won't see in hell????? (smh)...

Anonymous said...

sooo. white women also spend alot of money on their hair. look aht paris hilton or jessica simpson and many other white celabraties. more white people thann u thing where weaves and extentions but they just dont put there buisness out there like black women do.

Anonymous said...

-race isnt the thing that matters black women arent the only ones changing things about their appearance. black white & lotts of other races are doing tons of things to change about themselves. i agree no women werent born with blush & make up all over there faces & certainly werent born with hairlss legs etc. but ppl need to learn how to accept themselves more. changing how you look doesnt mean you want to be another race & all races shouldnt judge one another were all fucking humans here.

Anonymous said...

I notice two things about this topic. The first is, ALL we humans are first and foremost persuaded to look, act and talk like what we see and are bombarded with day in and day out ON THE BOOB TUBE. Doesn't matter if you are black, white, japanese, Asian, or whatever. Folks are NOT trying to "be another race". They are reacting to what they have been brainwashed to believe is the ideal look, behavior, and belief system from the satanic television - and are incorporating it. Which explains why Asians pay to have round eyes and blond hair, "wiggers" try to look, act and sound black, blacks pay enormous amounts of money on accoutrements (including hair) pumped at them through BET and television, etc, and why you have the ridiculous example of Mexicans using black Ghetto gang slang, thereby emulating a race they hate and are at territorial war with. ALL of us are doing exactly what we have been brainwashed to do - spend money trying to emulate what Television tells us is the ideal. Rather than be content with who and what we are.

The second observation is that the only folks who seem to be crude and use profanity, and have mis-spellings, and engage in truly hateful speech (big difference between "offensive" speech and hateful speech ya know) are the obvious BLACK respondents. So there ARE differences in racial behavior. Excuse us for noticing.

Anonymous said...

I think racism is disgraceful, particularly when both parties are from an ethnic background...Whilst we are on the topic of weaves, lightning of the skin [vanity], it is fair to say that these issues exist amongst many culture's; asian's, arab's, african's, and yes some white people. I have asian friends who bleach their skin, and i have saudi arabian friend's who wear weaves just like blacks.

Why is it that us whites get a tan?

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful. We all wear weaves, just that some are more noticeable than others. I'm english-middle class, do you think they would allow me to open a hair shop? It's terrible that one has to boycott shops yes, if it were me i'd buy hair from china instead of korea... Oh yes and is any woman natural anymore. Only if you people knew. You people can only do this to people who you perceive to be weaker or less educated. Very offensive!

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments posted are nothing more than ridiculous!! Whites obviously feel an overwhelming urge to demeanor blacks to make themselves feel more important or superior…Other than the obvious tanning, lets talk about white women opting for butt implants and larger breast to have a more curvier(black) body shapes. What about the whites who get lip injections for fuller lips??? Everyone knows that these are ethnic traits that Only blacks are blessed with…What about white women who want to have mixed babies so their children can have a black complexion and all other black features…Whites have stolen from blacks for decades….Land, inventions, music (Rock, Pop, Rap,), Our style, and Lingo…the list goes on!!! Guess whites have to find culture somewhere…why not put the black race down and steal all that they are???? But blacks are tring to be white…Never!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol. To those of you saying that black people should be transported back to Africa (specifically charlie sierra), please explain to me how that should be done. Let's ponder this. Okay, first of all, since Africa is not a continent, we would have to trace every black person back to the country of their African ancestors' origin. However, this is nearly impossible considering there are no records of where slaves were taken from. Oops. What a dilemma. Then, if we REALLY wanted to do things right, which I'm sure we do, we would have to send all the white people back to Europe, since they don't really belong here, either. But before all this, we must tell the Native Americans that they can have allll their land back. Oh, but what about the mixed race people? You know, those people that are half-white, half-black, and darn proud of it? I wonder where we'd send them....
Anyway I really wanted to comment on the fact that, yes, there are black people that try to be white. However, there are also black people that straighten their hair (whatever the process may be) just because they cannot deal with it otherwise. My hair is so thick and nappy that my mom couldn't get a comb through it. So she gave me a relaxer at the youngest possible age, and still my hair is pretty defiant. It's thicker than most black people's straightened hair, most white people's straightened hair, most Asian hair, Latino hair, my hair is just thick. And i also must admit that some black people straighten their hair that shouldn't because then it looks fugly and thin and dry. Those are the black people that hate their hair. I hate their hair too, they need to just leave it alone and watch it thrive.

Anonymous said...

Black people spend BILLIONS to make their look anything but naturally Black. Pointing this out is important

Unfortunately they spend BILLIONS to achieve their natural look.


Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, since Africa is not a continent

I think you will find that it is.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@June5 12:26, they were bred to make bigger slaves. Makes sense they would tend to be large. Similar to Samoans choosing the largest and strongest;their women tend to be bigger. IJS

Anonymous said...

"The second observation is that the only folks who seem to be crude and use profanity, and have mis-spellings, and engage in truly hateful speech (big difference between "offensive" speech and hateful speech ya know) are the obvious BLACK respondents. So there ARE differences in racial behavior. Excuse us for noticing."
Yes - I noticed it as well. You can tell by the spelling, grammar and swearing what race and socioeconomic group writer belongs to - the bizarre names are another give-away.

Anonymous said...

"White people get over yourselves, "highly evolved" caucasians?
All of the people making racist, white supremacist comments are proving that caucasian people are capable of being some of the rudest, uncivilized, inhumane people out there. You have no idea the number people who would never want to be associated with anything you supreme white Americans claim to stand for."

Is that why we conquered the known world?

Anonymous said...

for the record yes african american women perm their hair to achive the hair styles and looks of a white woman. and quite frankly in africa their are women who straighten their hair as well..some parts of africa think your crazy if you walk around with an afro instead of wearing braids or straightened hair... their are parts of africa where african ppl will look at you like you insane because you wearing yo afro..and for me a newly natural person a perm was never wanting to look like a white women instead it was a way to escape the painful hair sessions when my mom would comb and style my hair also i wanted my hair straightened so that i could look like my friends and look like the little girls on the cover of the perm box ...never did i want to have the hair of a white women and when i got my first perm i didnt want it i just wanted to be like my friends and to not go through the pain of combining my hair