Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Return to Facebook

A supporter of SBPDL has created a Facebook page for Stuff Black People Don't Like. Head over to Facebook and look up SBPDL in the search function and then look at "pages".

It doesn't violate the rules of Facebook, as it promotes a legitimate organization with a stated purpose: educating the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like.

Become a fan of SBPDL on Facebook.

And make sure you are following us on Twitter!

Two posts tomorrow, and for the first time, SBPDL will unveil an upcoming post: Country Music (a rabid fan of the site has been pushing for this one for awhile).

The other entry? You'll just have to stay tuned to to find that one out.

Three months into this experiment and the site keeps growing, we've been kicked off Facebook and we prepare for the second quarter of SBPDL's first year.

Thanks to everyone for reading and thank you in advance for helping to spread the news of!


Anonymous said...

Black people don't like death metal! Do an article on that please. Mention Deicide, Dimmu Borgir, Six Feet Under (Cannibal Corpse), etc...

Or how about Australian Rappers? For example Billy Bunks' "devils Clay", or Beardo, Dirt Nasty, and the rest of the Dyslexic Speedreaders?

Anonymous said...

ummm...White people don't like death metal either.

CatOnARoof said...

I just became a fan over at Facebook. I was so mad when you got booted from their stupid site that I almost deleted my own page there. Now I'm glad I stayed on, so I can again be a fan and perhaps get you some more readers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... ummm...White people don't like death metal either. True!

Wanderlost said...

I'm white, and I love death metal. The posters who claim that white people don't like death metal are completely missing the point of the blog.

The fact of the matter is that metal concerts in general are about as "black-free" an event as one can find. Obviously, then, "heavy metal" fits the spirit of the blog.

Anonymous said...

black people don't like water. Check out the swimming at the Olympics or world championship.
I rest my case.

Wanderlost said...

In reply to "January 7, 2010 6:45 AM", black folks' bones are too dense. It's not (necessarily) that they dislike the water, but rather that the water is racist. It doesn't like them.