Sunday, October 18, 2009

#186. Losing the Lottery

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." So the moniker of Sin City goes, for Las Vegas exists to allow America a place to retreat to momentary bliss, potential financial ruin and the wonders of a one-night stand coupled with all the trappings of said illicit encounter.

All people on the planet wish for instantaneous wealth, begot through the luck of the roulette wheel, the Poker table, Blackjack, Black Friday Lines or through a state-sponsored lottery.

Other people, instead of seeking the instant gratification of riches through chance, invest their money in 401Ks, Mutual Funds or CDs, thereby planning for the long term benefits of wealth creation - compound interest baby - over the short term sensation of winning a scratch off card from the local 711.

It must be said, Black people love the idea of instant gratification. Take for instance Black athletes who hit the genetic lottery jackpot and make it to professional sports. Seven figures or more quickly pouring into a newly created bank account makes for an impressive trip to the strip club for a joyful - yet soon to be dolorous - session of "Making it Rain".

Yet, Black people find these avarice-induced downpours of Benjamins an expensive deluge of momentary monetary showering, for money only begets more money when it is put into a savings account and not into the G-String of some random girl:
"Via Half Sigma, we learn the factoid that 3 out of 5 former pro basketball players are broke within a half decade of being out of the game. The typical NBA player makes millions of dollars and has a two digit IQ. That's a recipe for trouble -- both overspending and getting scammed by advisors."
Sports Illustrated, the magazine that is for Black people what Popular Mechanics is for white people, recently ran an interesting article that talked about How Athletes Go Broke. If you read between the lines, the article is largely about Black people in athletics who after winning the genetic lottery go out and splurge with the fervor of a sixteen-year-old girl with her daddy's credit card:

"What happens to many athletes and their money is indeed hard to believe. In this month alone Saints alltime leading rusher Deuce McAllister filed for bankruptcy protection for the Jackson, Miss., car dealership he owns; Panthers receiver Muhsin Muhammad put his mansion in Charlotte up for sale on eBay a month after news broke that his entertainment company was being sued by Wachovia Bank for overdue credit-card payments; and penniless former NFL running back Travis Henry was jailed for nonpayment of child support.

In a less public way, other athletes from the nation's three biggest and most profitable leagues—the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball—are suffering from a financial pandemic. Although salaries have risen steadily during the last three decades, reports from a host of sources (athletes, players' associations, agents and financial advisers) indicate that:

• By the time they have been retired for two years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce.

• Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are broke.

Does pointing out this unpleasant of financial irresponsibility strike SBPDL as utilizing Hate Facts to make a point? Let's get back to the "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" aspect of this entry.

Only seven states in the nation don't have lotteries, as the prospect of quick millions is an enticing idea entertained by millions of people who hope to duplicate the spending capabilities of pro athletes whom they enjoy spending vast times watching on television.

The United States is a country that has a government that spends money like a recently drafted Black athlete and worse, acts like an enraged lottery loser when Hate Facts are deployed in any conversation about race:

"A woman being driven around in a rented limousine pulled up at a coat store and announced she'd won the lottery and would pay for everyone's purchases, police said, but she ended up causing a riot when customers realized it was a hoax.

Angry customers threw merchandise around and looted, leaving the store looking as though a hurricane had passed through it, police said.

Linda Brown was arrested Tuesday after an hours-long shopping spree that began when she hired a stretch Hummer limousine to drop her off at a Burlington Coat Factory store, police Sgt. Lt. Michael Deakins said. Brown walked to a cash register and loudly announced she had won the lottery and would pay for each person's merchandise up to $500, he said."

Linda Brown - a Black woman - the poster child for Black people playing the lottery in America. An incredible report on Gambling and the Lottery can be found here, as our friends at the National Gambling Impact Study Commission decided to deduce the role of gambling in the United States.

A recent study conducted at the University of Georgia discussed the HOPE Scholarship - created through lottery revenue for Georgia students to go to college in the state for free - and brought forth some interesting data:

Third, lottery play is heaviest among African Americans (National Gambling
Impact Study Commission 1999, p. 3-4). Clotfelter (1979), Clotfelter and Cook (1987),Borg and Mason (1988), Hansen (1995) and Price and Novak (2000) all argued that lottery expenditures are disproportionately higher for African Americans than for whites.

Stranahan and Borg (1998) argued that although African Americans were not more likelyto play than whites, conditioned on playing, they spend much more on lottery tickets than whites.

...shows that lottery sales per capita are much larger in counties with a large share of
African Americans than with a small share. The bottom three quintiles spend $201, $201 and $200 per person, per year on lottery tickets, which contrasts sharply with the upper two quintiles (over 36.1% black) that spend $250 and $402 per person on lottery tickets. The quintile with the largest share of African Americans purchases lottery tickets at twice the rate of those in the lowest three quintiles."
So Black people trying to get rich quick - who weren't blessed with athletic skills or who spent on the money they earned thanks to those athletic skills - purchase an inordinate amount of lottery tickets, thereby allowing white people to attend school for free:

"The irony is that while HOPE caters more and more to middle-class suburbanites, it's the parents of Crim students – and not the parents of Mill Creek ones – who are shelling out more of their income to cover the scholarship's costs. That's because HOPE is paid for by the Georgia Lottery.

"Once you decide you're going to fund public activities with a lottery, you are going to be funding them on the backs of people who tend to be lower income and people with less education, which in the South also means disproportionately black," says Christopher Cornwell, a professor at UGA's Terry College of Business who's extensively studied HOPE. "That's just a reality."

Of course, focusing on Georgia neglects the other 42 states with a lottery, which have significant data to prove the theory SBPDL is postulating:

"The director of Arkansas’ lottery insists the games scheduled to begin this fall will not target the poor and minorities.

But if ticket-buying patterns in Arkansas follow patterns in lottery director Ernie Passailaigue’s home state of South Carolina, those groups will be the most likely to become frequent lottery players.

Among other things, the results showed:

—Blacks made up 19.7 percent of the state’s adult population but accounted for 23.2 percent of lottery players and 38.4 percent of frequent players.

—People in households earning under $40,000 accounted for 28 percent of the state’s population, 31.3 percent of lottery players and 53.4 percent of frequent players.

—People with no high school diploma accounted for 8.9 percent of the state’s population, 10.5 percent of lottery players and 20.8 percent of frequent players.

—People whose highest educational achievement is a high school diploma or GED made up 25.1 percent of the total population, 24.3 percent of lottery players and 33.3 percent of frequent players.

—People who said they have no Internet access made up 29.6 percent of the total population, 30.2 percent of lottery players and 41.1 percent of frequent players.

Asked for his explanation of those statistics, Passailaigue said in an interview last week, “There are certain traditional lottery games that are offered that appeal more to minority populations, and those are specifically the three-digit game and the dour-digit game.”

Drawings are held daily in Pick 3 and Pick 4 games. The winning numbers in daily games often are used as the basis for illegal gambling, Passailaigue said.

“It’s cultural,” he said. “It’s been going on since time immemorial. In South Carolina — I don’t know how it is here — you have two different what we call ‘numbers games.’ You have the numbers games run by the South Carolina lottery, and then you have the illegal games, the street games.”

South Carolina’s 2008 lottery study showed that more than 50 percent of Pick 3 and Pick 4 players were black.

Dale Charles, president of the Arkansas branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said he believed Passailaigue’s assessment was far from accurate. The state lottery director does not want to admit the real reason why blacks play the lottery frequently, Charles said.

“The reason why black people play it is because they are trying to make their lives better for themselves and their families,” Charles said. “But they are failing to realize (the) chances of winning aren’t so great. We think, ‘This is going to be the time,’ and we get hooked on it and we just keep playing and keep playing and keep playing until it becomes an addiction."
Black people want to be rich, and instead of long-term wealth creation an epidemic of short-term financial growth strategy permeates throughout the Black community, well, everywhere the lottery is played (even in Obama's Chicago):

"It’s just minutes before the televised noon lottery drawing, and hurried, last-minute players are lining up inside 115th St. Food & Liquor on Chicago’s South Side.

One of them is 60-year-old homemaker Minnie Vaughn.

“I have no strategy,” she said. “I play the same numbers every day, maybe $7 or $8 worth.”

John Brown started buying lottery tickets the day he turned 18, the legal age for playing the Illinois Lottery.

“On average, I’d say [I spend] about $25 a day,” said Brown, now 36, a laid-off laborer. “But I don’t mind because I know, sooner or later, I’m going to hit something.”

Predominantly African American or Latino, low-income Chicago communities have generated the highest lottery sales in the state, shows an analysis of Illinois Lottery records since 1997 by The Chicago Reporter. In addition, residents in these communities spent a higher portion of their incomes on the lottery than people in more affluent areas. And despite the state’s recent economic downturn, lottery spending has increased, the Reporter found.

In the South Side’s 60619 ZIP code area, lottery players spent more than $23 million on lottery tickets in fiscal year 2002, more than any other ZIP code in the state, according to lottery sales records. The 60619 area includes parts of the predominantly black neighborhoods of Chatham, Avalon Park, Burnside and Calumet Heights."
So, it seems the data overwhelming highlights yet another Hate Fact that few will admit is important to discuss, for instant gratification affects one community more than others. Stuff Black People Don't Like includes losing the lottery, for the reality is that Black people play the lottery more than other races, and though they lose, they keep playing the lottery in a game that even Sisyphus wouldn't try, even if the Gods ordained him too.


Anonymous said...

Its funny how most white kids use drugs at higher rate than blacks, promiscuty is common, drunkeness, and blowing money.

I grew up in Minnesota and whites smoked and sold dope all the time. When ever they were caught they got a light slap on the wrist. Getting laid with out having to pay was quiet easy for me. Also most lotto winners are white and most of them end up broke. There are more white rockstars from well off families who end using drugs and blowing all their wealth than rappers and NFL players combine.

Oh btw Im white.

Michael Summers

Anonymous said...

I think this website along with its viewers have alot of insecurities. Black atletes are looked upon with an affection eye by whites, especially white women. Blacks are rapidly moving into middle class areas and leaving behind the ghetto. More and more wealth is growing in our neighborhoods. White people still cling to old worn out sterotypes and point to Detroit Atlanta or Africa for your stupid case in point. Ignoring that whites intentionally crippled and exploited those places for their own personal gain.

This website fails to mention that most lottery winners are white and most end up dead broke and in debt. They make more than your average NBA player with the least amount of work. Also NBA players do get robbed by some of their managers as well. NBA players usually dont come from nice well funded schools like whites do. Most of us had to struggle and work to get middle class unlike the whites.

Porter said...

"I grew up in Minnesota and whites smoked and sold dope all the time. When ever they were caught they got a light slap on the wrist. Getting laid with out having to pay was quiet easy for me."

Why do I find it so easy to believe that this incongruous passage was written by a dope smoker? Though I think in most circles "getting laid without having to pay" is called having a girlfriend or wife. And you ain't the first Mike.

As for Anon, well you certainly didn't disprove the bell curve theory of racial IQ.

"whites intentionally crippled and exploited those places for their own personal gain."

That's terrible. I'm ready to be outraged. If you could just clarify the details of this dastardly plot we'll get right on it. Are Jesse and Al aware of this?

"NBA players usually dont come from nice well funded schools like whites do"

They don't? And from what schools do you think we whites come? And from what schools are blacks receiving those free scholarships? I think they may just be the same schools.

"Most of us had to struggle and work to get middle class unlike the whites."

Yes well, you're on to us I'm afraid. You see the government has a special program whereby whites are able to "get middle class" completely for free. See we don't let blacks in on it since there's only so many slots and we're racist and whatnot.

So one Friday I walk down to the government store and the white clerk (as all government workers are) just handed me a free middle class card. And presto, I'm middle class just like that! Sorry sucker.

Anonymous said...

"intentionally crippled and exploited"

"Most of us had to struggle and work"

You sir, are a perfect example of the attitude that is greatly to blame for the disrespect actual humans have for your species. In your fantasy we sailed over here on a giant silver spoon. Tell me, did the white devil force your brothers in Africa to eat each other?

Negroids do eat each other to this day. Below is a short documentary (10 min) with graphic footage of this behavior.

Your logic is so flawed it exposes a total lack of objective thought. As an example, in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) your brothers killed the White farmers and this led to the destruction of the economy and starvation. The truth is that without the food that Whites supply to the negroids in Africa mass starvation would ensue.

Where are we supposed to point "for our stupid case in point" about your failure of a species? Iceland? Norway? Sweden? Germany? Nope. Negroids are from Sub-Saharan Africa (and Detroit) so logic requires us to "point" our criticism to those locations. If you want to improve your "race" you should start with the guy in the mirror and stop "pointing" at us!


Anonymous said...

Michael Summers,

The wikipedia article on Bloomington,MN indicates your town is 3% black. How about the next time you subject us to your vocal vomit use some facts. You probably think Gene Simmons is White don't you? The truth is all around us, yet you choose to believe the liberal sound bites as fact. People like you are largely to blame for the destruction of our culture. So get your butt over to your "White drug dealer" and smoke some more of that "dope". Eh?


Anonymous said...

"Black people want to be rich, and instead of long-term wealth creation an epidemic of short-term financial growth strategy permeates throughout the Black community, well, everywhere the lottery is played (even in Obama's Chicago):"

not much unlike the "lottery" of 401k and "compound interest baby" yielding investments your dear precious white people raped you and the rest of the country and the world with.

this website fails to mention a whole lot.

tc said...

If I was a minority I would be upset with the States that profit off my ignorance rather than this site for exposing what our government does.

I would also like to point out that I am white and have/had a gambling problem, mostly online and with poker. Most people logged in and paying poker sites like Full Tilt are white considering poor Black people can't qualify for a bank account, let alone a credit card or even internet access. I believe gambling reaches across the racial divide and affects the low/middle working poor of this country.

Most of the internet casinos/sites are run and funneled through Israel and subsided by the you-know-who. Most Vegas tycoons are from the same stock , ie Winn, eh?

Anyway my point, the house always win (the govt) and they always say they are going to use the money for schools, blah, blah, yet when they people put a referendum to vote down the casinos or the lotteries (see South Dakota's video lottery) the casino backed and STATE backed put out a bunch of propaganda that taxes will go up if we outlaw gambling. Then the State has more money to keep its welfare state up and dis-enabling low income people to get off welfare and therefore keep the cycle of gambling-drinking-economic stife- domestic abuse-divorce going and going.

Gambling preys on the weak and keeps people from using their money wisely. Gambling is self-destructive, even when one wins, one loses, eventually.

Surferchick said...

Either one of the above posters are either naive whites who want to sing kumbaya with the blacks or they're self-hating whites.

I live in the white side of my town and I'm on the west coast. The other side of my town is full of Mexicans and people of color.

Guess which side of the town is safer? Chocolate City or Vanilla City? Vanilla City.

Chocolate city is full of boarded up windows, attack dogs, dense traffic, illegals 15 to a house, etc.....on and on an on.

Vanilla side? Nice manicured lawns, people can walk their dogs at night without fear of attack, etc.

I don't have any insecurities Anon at 10:47am. I prefer to hang out with folks of my own race - which happens to be white.

Blacks ARE moving to middle class cities, but they're moving to the WHITE area, not the black ghettos.

And don't even go there with the poor pitiful me stories of how you had to work and struggle to get middle class like the whites.

Every single member of my family is college educated. All of us were poor growing up. I can't tell you how many times we worried about how were going to feed our family on a regular basis. We worked AND went to college and all of us rose to successful middle class status.

My dad died when I was little. My mom put herself through nursing school so that my brother and I could have a decent future. So ixnay on the pity party.

Cry my a friggin river. I went to school AND worked part time while I went to college and worked full time during the summer to graduate from school and not have a ton of student loan debt.

Minorities are still living in the wound and walking around with a goddamn chip on their shoulder, i.e. the American Indians with the reservation, Blacks with Slavery, ad nauseum.

White folks are sick of walking around on tippy toes so your widdle feelings aren't hurt.

We've all had our struggle and difficulties.


Anonymous said...

This is to the anon who blasted Michael Summers:

Summers might live in Bloomington which is only 3% black (as of 2000) but Bloomington is 15 minutes from the black ghetto of Minneapolis' south side. Anyway, even if he lives in Bloomington now, he could have lived in or adjacent to the black ghettos of Minneapolis or St. Paul when he was growing up.

BTW, plenty of blacks come out to Bloomington to hang out at Mall of America, which greatly increased security after shootings in the mall's amusement park.

Anonymous said...

There really is a huge racial divide and this country and reading some of the comments on this site and many others has really given me some insights into the way some white people think. It must be very convenient to anonymously hide behind a computer screen and not have to fear being labeled prejudiced, bigoted, etc.
I'm starting to think, do the majority of people think this way, or is it just a congregated minority of white separatists? I'm new to this blog so...
This one poster, Surferchick, really blew me away!
Native Americans and blacks using the past as crutches?
These past events still affect people indirectly today. The problem is that African Americans were never given the chance to fully intergrate or assimilate into mainstream society.
Only in the past 40 years(speaking of the South) have they had the opportunity to go to quality schools, be present at eating establishments and live in certain neighborhoods.
Now if blacks had been given equal opportunities following the end of the civil war,AS THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE, they would have had nearly 150 years and many generations to finally assimilate.
This is why black culture is so distinctly different from the rest of America. Spending most of the 20th century living in segregated and squalid communities and cut off from the American Dream will cause that to happen.
Suferchick, yes every person has their own individual struggles, but in the case with underpivaleged minorities, it is potentially a wider issue, affecting every person in that group.

Anonymous said...

"very convenient to anonymously hide behind a computer screen"

Would you like to arrange a meeting Mr Anonymous?


Anonymous said...

"blacks come out to Bloomington to hang out at Mall of America, which greatly increased security after shootings in the mall's amusement park"

Sorry, that don't impress me much. Maybe that was a big deal up there when it happened last year, but I'm more worried about what happened yesterday. You see, I live in a real city.

"would have had nearly 150 years and many generations to finally assimilate"

Hrmm... Now there's your problem, there will be no assimilation. You raise your children, and we'll raise our children. It's quite simple really. You make your advancements and we'll make ours. Is that a problem?


Anonymous said...

The lottery: A tax on people who are really bad at math.

Anonymous said...

"You make your advancements and we'll make ours. Is that a problem?"

considering you live a life in which the advancements of black people have a direct impact on how you live your life, it would be a problem if you were to go without them. just one example, algebra. there are more to be certain, but that one seems to be pretty profound.

BTW Imwhite said...

Of course "Michael Summers" chimes in with one of the usual posts we see around the net when an article posting uncomfortable facts about non-whites or other protected groups is written. They tell us that more whites are involved in typical black behavior than are blacks. That more whites blow their money etc. None of it is true of course, but they put the disinfo out there in the hopes of making an impression on casual readers. That the posts all read the same, starting or winding up with "... btw I'm white," adds to the hilarity. Anyone who's lived in Los Angeles, NY, Det, Chicago, Atlanta or any other place filled with blacks (or Latinos for that matter) is well aware of the high levels of impulsive behavior, belief in myth, and hopes of getting something for nothing are in comparison to Whites. But the usual suspects won't stop in their campaign of trying to make whites different. The more they try, the more whites they actually wake up. A few more each and every day.

Anonymous said...

amendment to the above statement: algebra originated in babylon, not africa and is not an african "black" advancement. either way, not a "white" advancement and your life would suck without it.

Anonymous said...

"considering you live a life in which the advancements of black people have a direct impact on how you live your life"

HAHAHA! Yes sir, I am well aware of the black advancement. That's why I have to keep on moving, further and further... Yes, I am well aware... Yes, it is quite profound.


Anonymous said...

The reasom most black people in America, have a poor sense of financial knowledge is that until quite recently money has not been commonplace within their community, most blacks in America were born from slaves, therefore their forefathers did not own anything to pass on to their suceeding generations, they were robbed of there culture, made to hate each other and feel like second class citizens, you forget that its was only fifty years ago that blacks were not allowed to sit at the front of the bus,what was the point of being highly educated or skilled when you could not get a decent job because of the colour of your skin, as for the question of intelligence Eygtians were reading and writing long before you white folks, and as for blacks eating each other, study white people, responsible for the most appauling events in history of genocide, torture, cruelty, examples Christian crusades, Destruction of Indeginous American Indians, Adolf Hilter, destruction of Austrlian Aboringal people, causing half the problems we have today by going into Africa and other continents carving them up into sectors that contain tribes who have never got along with each other, causing many years of internal conflicts, take Belgium and Riwanda for example, taking advantage of people that welcomed them with open arms in most cases, minipulating them and stealing their natural resources, If black people were so cursed why is everything good to be found in Africa from gold to oil to diamonds,to even the earliest record of human exsistance, If Africa wasnt crippled with unfair debts from ridicolous loans from the IMF etc then it would stand half a chance of getting back on its feet, back to the subject of black Americans, things will improve with time they will evolve and the future generations will learn to manage and understand money and importance of education and building strong family units and bonds within their respective communites.

Lewis said...

Dave is clearly racist towards blacks. Dave chill out man. Talking about meeting up with people. You don't know do you. But we still got whites in places like law enforcement and judges slowing ous young black males down and trying to destroy our spirits but we got to push on. ANd on the lottery, if i can't get a job...... Well let me stop there.

Lewis said...

And who's website is this with those racist and dumb pictures posted on this website. White people do have a way better chance at many many things. It ain't hard to tell. I wish we could change it but damn aint a thing change.

Anonymous said...

Most of the whites here complaining about blacks and other people of color all seem to have two things in common: 1) they think whites are superior and 2)their worst nightmare is actually seeing blacks do what they suggest (i.e. go to school, enter the professional ranks, create independent wealth).

They seem to be saying that ALL blacks are indigent and delinquent and ALL whites are upstanding and law-abiding, but nothing could be further from the truth.

For example, whites account for the vast majority of drug users in this country, but blacks the vast majority of drug arrests according to the Centers for Disease Control and the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

But let you guys tell it, America won't be a safe, sane place again until it is all white.

Newsflash: this country has always had a high crime rate compared to the rest of the world, even under its own form of apartheid named Jim Crow.

This country has also always had people of color. Frankly, WHITES ARE THE INTRUDERS who came to a party where they were not invited.

So the problem is not with you losers who think you're really that much better than anyone else, it's with blacks and others who believe you and have for hundreds of years when you say whites have some imaginary birthright in this country.

The one thing that I can take solace in is because the world population is getting more and more brown, and the number of whites is dwindling, one day we won't have to worry about you clowns. And those of you that are still here had BETTER TOE THE LINE.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

No one here is complaining about Black people. I'm merely showing that Black people don't like to lose the lottery, with facts upon facts to showcase that point.

This website doesn't talk about white people at all. No group has individuals that exhibit proper behavior at all times, or do we imply that whites are angels.

According to crime statistics, America might be a safer place without Black people, for the sad fact is crime is out of control in the black community, whether it is black-on-white or black-on-black.

This country wouldn't exist without white people - newsflash - as the small bands of Indians on the continent lived largely in huts and were nomadic people.

Yes, you are correct the world population is getting Blacker and Blacker (and yellow!), as well as Brown.

This should be cause for alarm, considering the state of major cities in the United States where whites have fled in mass, and the melancholy state of Africa - which has horrible overpopulation problems that Thomas Malthus would find vindication for this theories.

We already live in a Black world. White people do toe the line, anon. Very few white people speak out about their dispossession. Those that do our pariah's.

America hasn't had high rates of crime, actually. Even the wild west was tame, although Hollywood did a good job of "mainstreaming" the illusion is was violent - check out Roger McGrath's Gun, Highwaymen and Vigilante's

America was 90 percent white in 1964 and we had a pretty darn safe country. Even Black neighborhoods were safe.

If you want to see the future of world, if nothing changes, look to Detroit for the answer to the world your children will inherit.

Thanks for visiting! Really enjoyed your comment!

Anonymous said...

i went market i buy scratcher-off ticket and i lose. many people lose the lottery. IF lottery company
makes winning lottery ticket than world be happy.
Just once i want to win and buy new alienware laptop. but right now wallstreet stockmarket is bad. what you do tell lottery company to make winning tickets or buy more ticket keep losing for life ???

by ilan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Im black and don't play the lottery at all... what for??? I am 23 years old and married to a black man also.. NO, he is not in the NBA or NFL either. I am an RN and he owns a construction company and we do not live in the ghetto. Ya know what is funny to me is that people are on here trying to talk about blacks like we are all bad.. I try to find the good in all people no matter what the skin color. I am a christian an could care less what your skin color is orhow u grew up everyone has a choice on how to live their life.

Anonymous said...

I may be late on this one, but I just happened to come across this site today. The last comment was by a black woman that is a productive citizen. I too am a productive citizen and I am a black man with a college education (Master's), presently working on a doctoral degree. I paying my way through college, again.

Yet, the whites on this site don't see how they come off as BS hillbillies with fearful mentalities.

Each person is responsible for their own realities and lifestyle. If black people play the lottery more or spend more than that's that particular individual's doing (regardless of color). So what?

This world wouldn't be a better place without blacks and it certainly wouldn't be a better place with only whites. Somehow, I'm sure the upper white establishment will find a way to look down upon their fellow whites and blame them for the way things are too.

So, keep your racist statements to yourselves and cut the bigotry.

I am not every black person that commits a crime and you're certainly not the most brightest white people I've ever blogged with either.

"When you know better you do better"; honestly, I can tell that you white people don't know better yet because you still clump all black people into one group. Learn to distinguish.

I, for one, won't judge any of my caucasian friends on the racist melancholy BS you've all attributed to one race. Obviously, there are many sides to the story regardless if you do belive on one side. Again, so what?!

Obviously, this post may not be read and I'm sure I won't revisit this site, due to its racist content again. Yet, if one of you white racist freaks reads this comment, please remember, that your specific Anglo-Saxon culture is not one to brag on when it is compared to what the entire context of what it is to be human and the glories of humankind.

No race is perfect, but I'm sure when we as humans stop blaming a particular culture or hue then maybe we can get it together.

I know I'm willing to work with any human (regardless of race) to make this world a better place. I've decided to start with me years ago.

Oh, one more thing, if you have nothing intelligent to discuss here and you only want to retaliate with unkind, unintelilgent, and defiling words, then remember "Your words are only a reflection of the state of your heart and mind." Thus, garbage is as what garbage puts out.

Again, I am thankful for all humans that have contributed to progress of mankind (regardless of their race).

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry for the typo in my last post; I meant to state, "I'm paying for college." Caught the typo after I depressed "Post Comment".