Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morehouse Listens to SBPDL

Morehouse College has some administrators that are reading SBPDL:

"Young men of Morehouse, pull up your pants, remove your do-rags and remove your shades and hats when you enter a building.

Thanks to a new policy on the campus of Morehouse College, they are no longer permissible.

The new policy is an effort to “get back to the legacy” of Morehouse leaders, said Dr. William Bynum, vice president of the Office of Student Services.

“We expect our young men to be Renaissance men,” said Bynum. “When people go about campus we want them to represent the college in an appropriate manner.”

The policy details 11 expectations of students, including:

* no caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues

* no sun glasses worn in class or at formal programs

* no jeans at major programs, as well as no sagging pants on campus

* no clothing with derogatory or lewd messages either in words or pictures

* no wearing of clothing usually worn by women (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at college-sponsored events.

Students that violate the new rules risk academic suspension.

Bynum said most students are supportive of the policy.

Cameron Thomas-Shah, the student government co-chief of staff, is one of them. While working as a resident’s assistant (RA) he said he noticed freshmen dressed in a way that was unflattering to Morehouse.

“The image of a strong black man needs to be upheld,” he said. “And if anyone sees this policy as something that is restrictive then maybe Morehouse is not the place for you.”

Black people do not like belts, as Stuff Black People Don't Like pointed out last week. Now, one of the few Historically Black Colleges not in danger of losing its accreditation is attempting to distance themselves from stereotypes and act white.

However, Morehouse does face other issues:

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE: Plunging endowment.

Morehouse College in Atlanta has historically had an impressive endowment. But like most universities, its endowment is down and so is enrollment, college president Robert Franklin told the Associated Press in an interview last month. Enrollment has dropped by 8 percent compared to last year, and the endowment is down to $110 million from a high of $150 million.

What's next, white girls winning beauty pageants at HBCU's? All that needs to be stated is this: SBPDL was started on a lark. It has grown in popularity and will continue to do so. All that is published on this site are observations of the United States that the media refuses to discuss, and is therefore relegated to the internet.

Black people do not like belts. Morehouse has taken the necessary steps to ensure that these aspiring Black pupils act white. Will it work? Can Florida State's Black student athletes on the football team read at a fourth grade level...?

New posts coming tonight. In the meantime, realize that a great proponent of sportsmanship like Serena Williams is allowed to be an NFL owner, and Rush Limbaugh is denied that right.

Only in a world that is governed by Stuff Black People Don't Like.


Anonymous said...

Black athletes are given a pass on academics and civil behavior because of their prowess on the field or the court. Because of their superior athleticism who cares if they cannot digest molecular biology and calculus? Their(sic) real goal while in college is to get pussy and to land a pro contract.

STP said...

Best rule would be just no blacks. Then the human children could learn and not be subjected to the violent monkeyshines so often delivered from the proto-humans.

Anonymous said...

i really dont understand black people nor do i ever want to.

Anonymous said...

You can dress up a pig but its still a pig!

walt said...

I know this will be incomprehensible to some of you readers but there are some Blacks that have decency,morals,virtue and godliness within themselves and are glad to see someone trying to put a stop to this foolishness being practiced by young Blacks and others.Hopefully,someone else will do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

"i really dont understand black people nor do i ever want to."

this should be the website's tagline!

fucking genius

Anonymous said...

The feminists disagree with you. Then again if you took the opposite side in the debate they'd find something so be cartoonishly angry about with that. So you know, at the end of the day, eff 'em.

Anonymous said...

I'll go ahead and assume that the infatuation with Atlanta means Mr. SBPDL is from Georgia. I have no disrespect for Georgia (well besides one creepy encounter in the sticks on a roadtrip).

Anyhow, It seems no one has brought up the point that only a HBCU can make rules like this. You see, Mr. SBPDL's was driving this post towards an issue that is politically incorrect to address for White people. The point being, no HWCU (Historically White College/University) would ever be allowed to enact or enforce rules like this.

As White people we are supposed to accept any and all behavior. Yes, regardless of the fact our fathers/mothers taught us how much of an abomination it is. We must accept our place as white people. That place is the harbinger of evil.

Anonymous, I enjoyed your statement and that is what I will close mine out with, eff 'em.