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#541. The University of Mississippi Traditions

(Play this song, while you read this entry)

It wasn't that long ago that Heisman Trophy winning (white guy) running back Paul Hornung had this to say about his alma mater Notre Dame and Black people:

"In 1963, at the height of his career as the Green Bay Packers' Golden Boy, Hornung was suspended by the National Football League for gambling on pro football games.

Forty years later, Hornung has suffered another lapse of judgment that can cost his alma mater, Notre Dame, dearly.

During a radio interview in Detroit on Tuesday night, Hornung, frustrated by a losing season at Notre Dame, said that the university needed to lower its academic standards so more black athletes could play there."

Black people might get upset with this comment, since it relies on the usage of Hate Facts, but it doesn't make what Hornung said any less true:
"Paul Hornung knows that Notre Dame has a lot of black players, but he also knows that his alma mater has limited itself to taking black players whose academic records predict an ability to do Notre Dame work. Notre Dame work is a lot tougher than Miami work. According to the average SAT scores of players -- black and white -- Miami is recruiting players -- black and white -- who are below average students. Notre Dame is recruiting black players who are better than average students. Hornung would like to see Notre Dame be a little less picky because he knows that would result in better players -- black and white -- and more wins."
At the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss here on out), another politically incorrect truth haunts the campus like Scrooge's three ghosts and this phantom isn't likely to leave anytime soon: the school's Southern roots:

"In a day when Southerners denigrate their heritage, try to lose their Southern accent, and act embarrassed at our customs, I was proud to see that some semblance of Southern heritage still remains on the campus of Ole Miss.

No question, the political correctness gestapo has done their damage at the University, but I was still touched to see the Confederate monument at the center of campus. The sports programs still calls themselves the Ole Miss Rebels, as seen in the accompanying photo of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. And the band still plays the old Southern favorite, Dixie."
Before we move forward, it is important to remember the ultimate tool that was used to integrate Black people into the United States is sports. Were it not for college football, Black people would have few outlets for chances of impressing the public in America, as the only time they would appear on television would be in nightly newscasts.

Ole Miss is a school in Mississippi
- a state that still proudly flies the Confederate flag - that is more than 80 percent white. Located in Oxford, a town that is more than 75 percent white, Ole Miss is the epitome of the Southern school. Nowhere on earth does a school exist that exudes the charm, pageantry, glory and tradition as does Ole Miss (well, maybe Morehouse).

Take for instance The Grove, one of the few places on earth that has a direct line to God, where on fall Saturday's the most beautiful girls on the planet (outside of these girls) gather with under-graduates, alumni and family to celebrate the glory of the South, Ole Miss football and, well, life:

"But in Oxford lies, as promised, the most magical place on all of God's green, football-playing Earth: the Grove. A school of red and white and blue tents swimming in a shaded 10-acre forest of oak trees, floating in an ocean of good will and even better manners.

I didn't know the rules at the Grove, rules like: "Don't bother showing up before 4 a.m." Sure, space is at a premium, but for a 6 p.m. game against Memphis? Who would? Apparently everyone, when you consider the masses who actually do arrive promptly at four."

The problem with this paradise isn't the charm, nor the abundance of beautiful people, but the past, which is very much alive at Ole Miss, despite every effort to destroy it by administrators, past football coaches and the politically correct, in an effort to make the campus more palatable to Black people:
"(Former)Head football coach Tommy Tuberville has asked to abandon the Confederate flag for different reasons. He says that the flag-waving makes it difficult for him to recruit African American and white players.

He and others are afraid that the presence of the flag makes for the appearance of a racist environment to outsiders, one that football recruits might prefer to avoid. In the game after his appeal to stop the waving of the flags, confederate flags appeared in the stand with the same frequency as they had the week before."
You see, Ole Miss can't compete in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) without Black people running the football. We at SBPDL aren't sure why white people wouldn't go to Ole Miss because of the flag, for almost 85 percent of the student body is white and they don't seem to mind the flag nor the South.

In a hilarious book, Meat Market, that details the complete collapse of America and why the Chinese and Russians will one day own all of America, a writer followed around a former Ole Miss coach as he tried to recruit Black people to come to Ole Miss on a budget of $800,000 (for recruiting), a school that has the most beautiful white girls on the planet:

"For all the big-time recruits lured to an SEC school like Ole Miss, there are knockout blonds giving them tours of campus in golf carts, coaches trying to decipher their sketchy academic transcripts and a constant battle against negative recruiting."
So, what has Ole Miss done to make the school more attractive to Black people (as opposed to the white girl, Nikole Churchill, who won Ms. Hampton at a Historically Black College and was attacked by Black people for not being Black)?

They have tried to ban waving the Confederate Flag. They have tried to ban the mascot, Colonel Reb:
"But no. The school mascot is a white-bearded old man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and leaning on a cane. His name is Colonel Reb and he looks like nothing less than the very caricature of an old, white plantation owner. He's offensive and the school wants to get rid of him. Saying the figure is outdated and that it wants a more dynamic image, the administration has already banished Colonel Reb from sporting events and is in the process of choosing a replacement."
Now, they are trying to destroy every last vestige of tradition that made Ole Miss the school of Archie and Eli Manning (should have been Peyton Manning's alma mater too), by getting rid of another tradition:
"The University of Mississippi has shortened one of its fight songs to discourage football fans from chanting "the South will rise again" during part of the tune, which critics say is an offensive reminder of the region's intolerant past.

However, some fans have continued to recite the chant at the end of the song, "From Dixie With Love," despite the change made last week at the chancellor's request. The Ole Miss band performs the medley before and after games."

Sophomore Cortez Moss, director of communications for the ASB, said the organization is trying to explain to students why the phrase is offensive.

"You take back on that slave mentality," said Moss, who is black. "I know the South won't rise again and the South can't rise again."

SBPDL doesn't believe the South will rise again, for that is a quixotic venture in fantasy. However, traditions are important, and if Black people find Ole Miss so reprehensible, they should just refuse to go to Ole Miss and deny that school their presence.

Would the football suffer? Look at the Air Force Academy and Brigham Young University on the football field as evidence of how a team full of whites can compete against nearly all-white schools that field nearly all-Black teams (as Ole Miss routinely operates).

The attempted destruction of Ole Miss and her traditions is but a microcosm of the problems that continue to unfold in America and drive home the macro point of view: Black people can get nearly anything they want in America, if they just protest loud enough and long enough.

There is a corollary to this point that must be stated, for it sits in the back of all right thinking Black peoples minds: the South might not rise again, but the day will come, inevitably, when Disingenuous White Liberals and Crusading White Pedagogues no longer have any power in America. What happens then?

Ole Miss is led by these type of people, as is the entire United States for the most part (Mein Obama is 1/2 DWL, thanks to his mom). College football - SBPDL does enjoy the sport - is the only sport that matters in America and having Black people to play at nearly all-white schools, is all that matters, even if they can't read at levels above the second grade. And at Ole Miss, every brick of the past must be removed so that Black people won't be offended and will play football there.

Stuff Black People Don't Like happily introduces The University of Mississippi traditions into the mix, for all white institutions and traditions must be extirpated in the America we currently live in, for listening to Dixie and shouting "The South Will Rise Again" might scare off the pre-requisite Black players necessary to field a competent team in college football. And yet, a quick glance at the 2009 Rebels shows a football squad with an abundance of Black players, despite the purported evil playing of Dixie that drives them away from Oxford.

Hornung said that Notre Dame needs to lower their academic standards - perhaps to Florida State's level? - to have a chance to compete in college football. Ole Miss must remove all images that are heresy to the new regime in charge of America, or feel the wrath of a campus and football team without Black people.

More importantly, white people joining in singing in unison and understanding they have a unique past that binds them together - its called Pre-Obama America - might be all it takes to rekindle pride and finally throw off the shackles of politically correctness for all eternity.

After all, the Estonians proved all a revolution takes is a little signing...


Anonymous said...

"rekindle pride and finally throw off the shackles of politically correctness for all eternity."

Perhaps of interest is the origination of this term, "politically incorrect". The term is indicatative of a world lacking in freespeach or even freewill to an objective thinker. Yet, it manipulates practically all interaction these days.

I once had a newly converted liberal attack my "racist bigot" views one day. He insinuated that my intelligence was lacking and that he had learned to "think" properly. This left me wondering if people are even capable of objective thought anymore. Maybe I should read up on this term. Who could have coined it?

As Americans we should look upon this Mao fellow with respect right? After all, his countrymen make all our iPods and Xboxes. Politics should decide what is right or wrong, shouldn't they.


DixieDestroyer said...

Great write up! I'm a Georgia boy, but I've heard the Ole Miss Grove is top notch, and I appreciate their holding on to Olde South traditions!

Porter said...

Really an outstanding post. And one that left me even more melancholy than usual. As a Southerner who often finds himself behind enemy lines on business in the North, I quickly came to realize that there is one thing that white leftists hate even more than white culture: Southern white culture.

To each his own (as long as that "to each" doesn't involve raping 100 white women per day), but there is no place on Earth that I would rather raise my children than in a peacefully un-diverse Southern whitopia. The feeling of community, heritage, and shared values simply doesn't exist anywhere else. And this is why, as you noted, it must be destroyed.

But before evil wins and darkness falls (both literally and figuratively), next year I'm going to Oxford for a football game. If for nothing else but to proudly sing Dixie in the Grove with my kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

there are better looking girls at my community college.

you lose.

your views are racist from what i have read (i apologize if you are a different dave than the dave who often posts to this blog). why does a correctly ascribed label bother you so much? people call me a liberal and intend it to be an insult. i make no comment because i am liberal. i'm not so stupid as to argue that i am not when my actions and beliefs are evidence of this. you think that one race is superior to another and your thoughts and actions (by way of sharing your thoughts on this forum) are evidence of this. you are a racist. it is really that simple.

prejudice and objectivity are mutually exclusive. you have an obvious prejudice.

if your pride comes solely at the denigration of another group you have nothing to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

"Ole Miss" -- ppffftt. Their alumnae will do *anything*, throw under the bus any of their so-called beloved traditions if they think it will let them be as great as they were long ago at "foo'pawll."

I say we might as well call the place "The University of Northern Mississippi."

CR78 said...

This article is factually incorrect and includes quite a bit of outdated info. New Miss has very little real tradition left. Yeah, the have the grove and tailgating (without the cars since the early 90s) which often consists of bottom of the cooler nipping. Colonel Reb hasn't been the mascot since May 2003, and they haven't been trying to find a replacement since the joke of an election they had back then was boycotted by nearly all the students, who wanted Colonel Reb back. New Miss rightly gets made fun of as a mascotless team. Colonel Reb was loved by kids and adults, the administration killed that tradition. The band barely plays the real Dixie anymore, instead going for the PC medley called From Dixie With Love, which includes the blasphemous and rabildy anti-Southern Battle Hymn of the Republic. The entire student body fought for the South during The War, so if they were to take the Confederate statue down, they might as well be called the New Miss Chickens. By the way, such statues can be found in most towns in the Deep South. It is in no way unique. The tradition of dressing up for games is practiced largely by the huge frat and sorority system on campus, who are known for their wild parties. Mississippi has not been 80% white since it became a state. It is roughly 65% white. The UM student body is well over 15% now, as it was 15% 10 years ago. Again, some horribly outdated or incorrect info. Tommy Tub-o-lies and Robert Khayat worked to get the stick ban passed during the middle of the 1997 football season, all in an effort to keep people from waving the Confederate battle flag. Now, in the school's latest attempt to purge even more tradition, the band leader has created an abrupt ending to From Dixie With Love to keep people from saying "The South Will Rise Again." Oh yeah, the youtube clip above is not of Dixie, it is of From Dixie With Love, a PC version used to move people away from the real tradition the real Ole Miss had. Of course, most people are ignorant of this fact and seem to think its the same song. The changes at UM over the last 25+ years amount to nothing short of cultural genocide. Much like celebrating whiteness, celebrating the South isn't PC and isn't allowed in today's supposedly "tolerant" world. Nearly all of the tradition has left Oxford, and to argue otherwise is to ignore reality.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Interesting comment, and I appreciate your input.

HOWEVER---- I didn't say the state of Mississippi was 80 percent white, I stated the school had an enrollment of more than 80 percent white people.

I know more about Tommy Tuberville than you could imagine and mentioned him in passing for his genocidal attacks on southern heritage at the school, before he bolted for Auburn - IMO the most conservative in America.

You are correct about the Battle Hymn of the Repbulic being a horrific song. Here is a link that explains why:

Anonymous said...

what is your definition of culture? i see you make reference to it time and again but am not sure how you mean.

and how is it that one song is described as being horrific for glorifying killing and another is not when it glorifies the maintenance of the enslavement of other human beings? seems they are both reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

stuff black people don't like.

glad to see you take the time to respond to a reader who brings into question something you posted.

considering that this is not a common practice for you, i am curious as to what the criteria are? i see several other posts that bring into question your words which have been completely ignored.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

First, another comment on CR78's comment:

I'm well aware of the term NEW MISS, as I have spent a lot of time on that campus.

The information in the post is not outdated, but it is an aggregation of all the stories that form the nucleus of the assault on Ole Miss and her traditions.

Yes, Tuberville got the ball rolling by banning the flag - before he bolted for Auburn (the most conservative in the country) - and yes, the mascot - Colonel Reb - is no more.

Most people don't know this, which is why it was rehashed in this piece.

And, I'm still not sure where you got the 80 percent white population for the state of Mississippi. The school - Ole Miss - is 80 percent white, if not more, which is what was said.

As to the drunken orgy comment regarding fraternities... who cares? What tradition is left to defend in America anymore? What is left to conserve?

Ole Miss does still play Dixie at the football games, and, strangely, Black people still come to the school to don football helmets and Ole Miss jerseys.

As to the ANON above, I will make it a point to answer all questions or obvious false statements that are approved by me (most comments are not approved).

Starting... now.

Anonymous said...

"you are a racist. it is really that simple."

"prejudice and objectivity are mutually exclusive."

Yes anonymous, I am racist, just like everyone else. I wouldn't say I am racist to the degree of some others, but I am willing to accept that label to a certain extent. I neither lie to myself about it, nor do I engage in self loathing. I am proud of my tribe's accomplisments for what they are and not for how they compare to the other tribes' accompishment.

I disagree with your "mutually exclusive" statement. Objective thought can and does lead one to find that particular tribes have been a determent to the advancement of civilization. Someone like you would say that we could find good people in these determental tribes. Thus, we should withhold our critique in it's etirety. That's called subjective thought.

The truth is my family, extended family and tribe holds each other to a certain degree of accountability. In my racist opinion I think that is a good thing. It gives an individual pride in where he came from and direction for where he is going.

I'm sorry you have lost your tribe. Perhaps the government guide and take care of you.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you think the North is behind enemy lines. I'll make the assumption that your business takes you to cities and not the 'burbs (AKA Whitopias). If you venture into the 'burbs you will find that the North is acually quite segregated. These people also uphold the aforementioned conservative values. There is a greater number of "White leftists" in any city, North or South.


Porter said...


I meant the "behind enemy lines" comment to be tongue-in-cheek in keeping with the Old South/ Civil War motif. No offense intended.

The South is where my heart is and where I choose to make my home. Though I will agree that there are wonderful areas in the North filled with outstanding people. I'll never forget the elderly couple in upstate New York who took in a stranded motorist (me) and drove him 60 miles out of their way.

Bottom line: I'll take my friends where I can find them, and I've found many north of the Mason-Dixon.

One other note: I habitually refer to democrats and others of their ilk as "leftists" since I can't bring myself to call these people "liberal." Thomas Jefferson was a classical liberal. Jesse and Al are not.


Well you certainly threw a bucket of cold-water on my Ole Miss football plans. A parade of emasculated pseudo-southern trappings is hardly inspiring. I suppose I'll have to witness the desecration for myself.

8:24am anonymous,

"what is your definition of culture? i see you make reference to it time and again but am not sure how you mean."

Is this the same "anonymous" from the music thread? If so, we've already trod this ground. Though I doubt this is intended as a serious question. If you're being willfully obtuse for effect then sorry I have no idea what culture is. If you honestly don't know, then here's a brief illustration:

Observe the differences in how people interact and order their societies from place to place. Then observe what institutions arise from this ordering. Then observe (even from afar) a few disparate locations like say Paris, Kinshasa, Port-Au-Prince, Karachi, and Melbourne. Now look closely and see if you detect any slight, subtle differences in these places.

In my non-expert anthropological opinion, this is culture.

"and how is it that one song is described as being horrific for glorifying killing and another is not when it glorifies the maintenance of the enslavement of other human beings? seems they are both reprehensible."

A) I have no idea what you are saying.
B) I didn't describe any song whatosever. Only that I will sing Dixie.
C)I deduct one style point for deploying one of the hyper-cliched "R" words.

I have noticed that the terms "reprehensible" "repugnant" "repellent" and "repulsive" are now reserved almost exclusively for use as slurs to politically incorrect white men.

Odd that not even black murderers are able to garner these adjectives in the media. Thus a peaceful, productive white man who isn't worshipful of blacks is "repugnant" while Lemaricus Davidson is not.

And by the way, "abhorrent" will also work.

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting my words up for me dave. sadly, they are not my words. the truth is i have never said "Thus, we should withhold our critique in it's etirety." NEVER.

i HAVE said, over and over, that i do not believe one race is superior to another. so no i am not a racist, to any degree. there are those who provide reason for criticism in any race or culture, INCLUDING white people(and white people have a lot to be criticized for. that is not self loathing, that is objectivity and truth) . i do not think that white people are superior and i do more to hold our people accountable than you or your pals here do. that is objectivity. you should be willing to take yourself to account for the problems you and your people have helped to create. you need to include yourself and your people as part of the problem because the truth is that you and they are. i include myself in this and i work actively to try to change myself and as such the world. all you and your hateful friends do is bitch about what others have done to make your world, country, region, state, county, city, neighborhood, house, even yourself less than you could or should be. you are a coward. you are the problem. i have no self loathing. i have no hate for anyone. i don't even hate you or any of the others on this site who i disagree with to a point of disgust. if you or your family were in need, whatever the reason, i would help you. because we are of the same "tribe", we are all human. additionally, i love my white family and friends. i also love my black, of african descent or otherwise friends, my asian friends, my indian friends, my arab friends, my persian friends, etc. and yes i do have friends, actual real life people who i talk to and interact with on a near daily basis from all of these cultures. i can be proud of what white people have done, critique them for what failures or short comings they have and not hate myself or anyone else in the process. just because you do not have the capacity to do so does not mean that it is not possible.

so what is your answer then? i see a lot of complaining and not a single person providing any real input as to what you would do to resolve the issue. why not try talking about solutions instead of constantly bemoaning how someone with a different pigmentation has ruined your life?

i, like many white leftists, live to uphold most of the same "conservative" values you are talking about. family, individual accountability(though you seem less interested in this one), self respect, community, etc. all of my black friends have families who do the same. i do not need to create an enemy of another group of people to do this however. my kids will know they are strong and will be proud without demonizing another group of human beings. their strength will come from within. as far as "I am proud of my tribe's accomplisments for what they are and not for how they compare to the other tribes' accompishment." if that is so, why the CONSTANT comparison on your part?

i think the word you are looking for is detriment. and according to what the word objectivity means, prejudice and objectivity are indeed mutually exclusive. friend.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:39

i agree with dave and i call myself racist awell.

I don't want to hold any power over blacks,don't want to opress them,don't want to hold them down.Because if i would want all of that ,that would mean that i want them near me.I certainly don't.
I think the term you're looking for when trying to describe Dave's views,in your liberal mindset, is racial CHAUVINISM.

For me blacks could all die tomorrow or live forever.I don't care because I, just like Dave ,have my extended family and am in no need to pretend that people who naturally oppose my family because of their chauvinism,are the same as me.

But i just want to tell you the same as i tell every leftist in Europe concerning mass immigration of Muslims:Don't bother arguing against your own people,just wait until their numbers have grown.And then tell us again about the joys of multi-culturalism.

The problem with people like you is ,you think just because you are anti-racist and multi culti ,you think the rest of the world is too.NO,the only group that considers racial awareness and racial pride evil and "racist" are the whites and no one else.If you really want to fight evil racism then start with the non whites,man you liberals would have a load of work to do.But you won't,because by now even the dumbest idiot should have realized that anti- racism actually means nothing but: anti-white.

Porter said...

To Anon 9:01pm:
"i HAVE said, over and over, that i do not believe one race is superior to another"

Does this account for why some races have built 100 story buildings, sent men to the moon, developed microchips and lasers, and doubled their life expectancy in the last 200 years, while another race has invented gangsta rap?

"so no i am not a racist, to any degree"

I doubt it...But what you certainly *are* is naively blinded by your religious devotion to racial piety.

"and white people have a lot to be criticized for"

So you white leftists keep repeating...and repeating...But tell me, what do blacks have to be criticized for? I absolutely can't wait to hear--for the first time from a leftist.

"i do not think that white people are superior"

Really? This is news indeed. After a lifetime of hearing white leftists denigrate every aspect of white history and culture you expect me to believe you don't think we're superior? I'll need to pause for a moment until the shock wears off.

"and i do more to hold our people accountable than you or your pals here do"

Yes you do. You do a remarkable job of ferreting out white racists wherever they hide. You're like a beagle with its nose to the ground. Whites may raise their families in peace, contribute to their communities, and hold productive taxpaying jobs, but some have impure thoughts about the destruction of their once beautiful countries--and that's where you come in. They must be held accountable. Blacks, on the other hand, just rape and murder without animosity--it really shouldn't even be a crime.

"you need to include yourself and your people as part of the problem because the truth is that you and they are"

And to the leftist that problem is thus: you have white skin.

To be continued...

RomanSPQR said...

Many of the same self deluded, race baiting anti white Marxists who post here are prone to say the Civil War was fought over slavery. Reading between the lines of their screedish remarks, coupled with a little personal hindsight, its easy to see where the basis of their arguments often come from.

More accurately it is realistic to say the Civil War was fought as an attempt to replace an independant-minded agrarian culture with an industrial capitalism system.

By the time the Civil War took place a fundamental understanding of race was rapidly taking shape with movements that favored repatriation back to Africa.

Early on, the Founders more often than not saw black slavery as a continuation of the model they knew in Europe--whereby they enslaved each other (white/white) and created artificial classes. That's why if you read the Constitution you will see it forbade two classes of people from voting: indentured servants and slaves. Nothing is said about race.

America's racial identity was later codified with the notion of preservation [and perhaps some good foresight] because they knew what would happen if they did not codify racial standards. Too bad the Frankfurt School nation killers had to come over here in the 40's and really screw things up.

Anonymous said...

"i include myself in this and i work actively to try to change myself"

Ummm... Self loathing anyone???


Anonymous said...

geez. after reading this, you all are without fault for sure. it is definietly everyone else. not you. never you.

Anonymous said...

Southern pride is alive and well at Ole Miss, thank God!

It is inaccurate to say 'The South Will Rise Again' because, for those of us in succeeding generations who survived the War of Northern Aggression, we were never defeated. Our very lives today are a testament to this fact.

Ole Miss as an institution has so much to be proud of, particularly in reference to their valor at Gettysburg:
Marching through an open field one mile long with General Lewis Armistead leading the way, the University Greys, made up entirely of students from Ole Miss, managed to plant their colors no more than a yard from the Union line before the devastating Union fire killed every last one of them.

I was not priviledged to fight in that war, but I am fighting in this cultural hope is that every right-thinking Southerner will stand up and be proud of what others lived and died for, something no amount of political correctness can ever change.

Deo Vindice.

Anonymous said...

"geez. after reading this, you all are without fault for sure. it is definietly everyone else. not you. never you."

Thank you Anonymous, that was a compelling argument. You have truly opened my eyes. What was I thinking? Surely, I must go back in my corner and cower. Certainly I must live in shame for all my days. I have gassed so many jews and whipped so many slaves that all my sons should be ashamed to be alive.

But wait, I didn't gas any jews. I never owned any slaves. I wasn't even alive when any of these 'abominations' happened. Must I still live in guilt?

Tell me Mr. Anonymous, have you ever performed CPR on a cold negro man and restored his body to life? I have, more than once. Was that the log in my eye that I must remove before I can point out the splinter in my neighbor's? Perhaps my log is the whole forest.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny who ignorance is bliss, well considering that Colonel Reb, our past mascot, was based off of a black man. This man was not only beloved by the entire student body, but was a figure in the town of Oxford, Mississippi. He gave numerous tours of Ole Miss for incoming freshman, and was even given a special seat in the football stadium. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that there is a lack in research on this topic.

Wake up and realize that the color of our skin is just a COLOR. It has no reason to be even brought up anymore, these traditions that were founded upon this school that not only provided a sanctuary for both armies during the Civil War are TRADITIONS. I have made numerous black friends while attending this school, and have grown up to realize that it's what is on the inside of a person that matters. Get over your colors and try and allow traditions to be continued.

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss is a very prestigous school with a strong football tradition that is respected throughout America. Coming from an African American southerner and one who is very proud of his southern roots and a student of civil war history Ive never understood how removing vestiages of history that many African Americans may find hurtful from an institution that serves the citizens of a state that is nearly 40 percent African American. Its definately apart of Mississippi history but its the equivalent of the University of Berlins mascot being the NAZIs and people not understanding why the jews have an issue with it. now beyond the issues black people have with it you are pretty much celebrating a group that wanted to destroy the country we live in today. in any other instant we would call it what it is (treason) but instead we call it heritage.

Youre right Ole Miss has a brighter bunch of athletes than usual. At a chess club at my school a economics profesor came to play. It turns out he had played football at Ole Miss before getting injred he went on and earned a phd in economics. Its good when a school goes for quality individuals like that instead of for the best athletes. since the whole James Meredith incident ive noticed they have become a nurturing academic institution for deserving black students.