Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where in the World is SBPDL?

New posts forthcoming today. A few recent comments on previously published articles have struck our fancy here as quite interesting and caused longer research to be done on articles that will be published today.

Also, Steve Sailer, a writer whose work SBPDL is quite interested in, has published an article eerily similar to the one done last month on the Doak Walker Award here (three upcoming posts on this site will delve further into our college football expose here at SBPDL).

The influence of SBPDL is spreading; the comments are becoming increasingly diverse and intelligent; and the need for more research into two articles has prompted a two-day hiatus from a new post.

The wait will be worth it. A sneak peak of what to expect today: Tom Cruise starred in a movie of the same title and a Sprite can is the same color of a growing movement that is included in Stuff Black People Don't Like.

So, re-read some of the previous posts and breath. SBPDL is back and ready to educate the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like.


Anonymous said...

based on the black people i have talked to and shown the site to, this blog deserves an entry.

Anonymous said...

There he is!!!