Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#49. Whitopia

Who in the world could like Pre-Obama America? The boring, white-bread world that represented America when it was 90 percent white (as late as 1964 the United States was less than 1 percent Hispanic - a forthcoming SBPDL) is but a distant memory, like the view of major city's skyline in the rear-view mirror as white people flee to their Whitopia's.

Wait, wait, wait. It is a well documented fact that the majority of Black people live in major cities (an important website that shows which states in America have the highest Black population can be found here) and thus - despite those pioneering Stuff White People Like whites who practice gentrification - have few white neighbors.

Strangely, white people don't want to live among Black people despite the ululating protestations of disingenuous white liberals who demand complete integration yet flee farther from Black people than their MARs counterparts.

Is this implicit whiteness on the part of white people, as some people have postulated? Is it a revulsion at the spectacle of the creeping reality of Clayton County and Cook County into all parts of the country that have Black people and the horror of what happened in St. Louis recently that continues to push white people into enclaves that are economically inaccessible to most Black people, sans athletes?

No, Black people know the real reason white people enjoy living among white people - and the occasional token Black - and it isn't that difficult to comprehend, requiring few academic credentials to decipher and qualify: the reality of underclass Black criminality, which sadly comprises a large cross-section of the Black community acting as veritable Pac-Man eating both sides of a Venn Diagram (let us take a look at Memphis and the deconstruction of Section8 housing and the scattering of Black people into new areas of the city, as only The Atlantic Monthly could regale):

"Memphis has always been associated with some amount of violence. But why has Elvis’s hometown turned into America’s new South Bronx? Barnes thinks he knows one big part of the answer, as does the city’s chief of police. A handful of local criminologists and social scientists think they can explain it, too. But it’s a dismal answer, one that city leaders have made clear they don’t want to hear. It’s an answer that offers up racial stereotypes to fearful whites in a city trying to move beyond racial tensions."
Black people don't like living around crime and that means they don't like living around Black people at all. Remember Detroit? Whites long ago fled that city with the same tenacity as Martin Blank, leaving it for those who crave raccoon, but Black people are now fueling "Black Flight" from the very city they conquered and turned into a Blackopia:

"After decades of "white flight," African Americans are now leaving Detroit at a higher rate than their white neighbors, according to estimates released Monday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The total population estimate for the city fell to 912,062 in 2008, a .5 percent decrease from 2007, indicating that roughly 6,609 people live in each of Detroit's 138 square miles.

Estimates for single-race African Americans fell 3.8 percent in 2008 to 643,200, according to the bureau's American Community Survey data.

The estimated number single-race white residents remained virtually unchanged at 86,072.

The ACS estimates are based on an annual, nationwide sample of about 250,000 addresses per month.

"Black flight" has been a relatively consistent phenomenon in Detroit since the last official U.S. Census in 2000."
Yes, major cities that once sparkled with magnificent, gleaming new towers that symbolized the United States dominance of the global economy now see these formerly great skyscrapers acting as tombstones, headstones and mausoleums to the white people who built them and as silent witnesses to the Black people who kill each other with stunning rapidity underneath their shade.

Black people in America have been shocked for a very long time at the stunning invertebrate reactions of white people to the de-whitening of the entire country. They can see what is happening to every part of the country and wonder why white people are so callow as to retreat to so-called Whitopia's and merely wait for the fate that the fates have decided (it is akin to retreating to a fallout shelter and believing a nuclear war has been fought and the sky is already contaminated, when no such war has been fought).

What is a Whitopia?:

"A Whitopia has three things. First, it has posted more than 6% population growth since 2000. The second thing is that the majority of that growth — upwards of 90% — comes from white migrants. The third thing a Whitopia has is an ineffable social charm — a pleasant look and feel."
So, a Whitopia is a place, much like the US News and World Reports list of Best Places to Live in America, that has few Black people or "gasp", other racial minorities (Black people still believe they are the only minority, despite being elbowed out of the way by Hispanics for second place in the spoils system long ago).

Black people look upon Whitopia's with envious eyes, for they have been left to fend for themselves for nearly two generations since white flight first occurred and gave Black people the chance to run major cities, with most going the way of Jefferson County and Birmingham.

Why our Whitopia's so evil, when white people are merely retreating to white cities to die, thereby raising the white flag of surrender, hoping to live out their days in peace?:

"There's a long-term harm when Americans accept balkanization as a way of life," says Benjamin, who is an African American. "Segregation can appear to allay social tensions, but it worsens them in the long run. Optimal democracies require more than voting; they require social integration and involvement."

Benjamin defines Whitopias as towns that are much whiter than the nation as a whole, which means they are more than 75 percent Caucasian. He looked at areas with a population growth of more than 6 percent since 2000, in which the growth was 90 percent white. Then he set out to Forsyth County, Ga., (98,000 people, 684 of them black), St. George, Utah, Coeur d'Alene and other vanilla outposts to find out why folks were moving there.

"There are forces that push people out [of cities and inner suburbs], like diversity and crumbling infrastructure and high home prices," Benjamin says. "And there are pull factors, like more home for your dollar [in the whitopias], beautiful natural amenities and safety, and the perceived comfort that comes with homogeneity."

White people want to live around white people, although they will never, EVER admit this fact, which Black people exploit so easily and effectively. A movie was made called Pleasantville, which pokes fun at Pre-Obama America, for its lack of "color". White people are constantly trying recreate the magic that is dramatically castigated in that film, to no avail.

Black people want to live among white people, because only white people have been able to create and sustain a pleasant -ville that welcomes them with open arms and away from the crime and poverty that shapes most majority Black areas.

So, paradoxically, we must include Whitopia among the Stuff Black People Don't Like, for they would love to live among the thoughtful and pleasant white people who flee to these enclaves that are popping up quickly and efficiently (like a SIM-City), yet they are fearful for actually admitting what this would mean in practical terms.

Simply put, Whitopia's mere existence undermines all that has been done in social engineering over the past 50 years and proves without a shadow of a doubt that integration has failed and that wherever white people can be found living amongst almost all white people, Black people will be found with their bags packed, hoping to move in soon to start Acting White.

Yet, if Black people flock to Whitopia's, it will mean Black people are incapable of governing and keeping their own communities in check, and that there is no THE MAN keeping Black people, but merely Black people performing that feat. Catch-22 indeed, for a Pleasant-ville really can only include white people after all, sans color. If Black people flock to a Whitopia, white people will just pick up and leave again, thereby exacerbating the problem in an endless hamster wheel of disharmony.


Anonymous said...

The problem blacks have after they chase out the Whites is similar to one the Romans had. Once the Whites leave they have no one to pillage.

The Roman economy was largely based on the loot they stole from conquered lands. Once the Roman Empire had expanded to a certain point that loot dried up. There was no one left to steal from.

My Point: They need us. We don't need them.


Anonymous said...

When Blacks enter a Whitopia and the Whites flee, Blacks don't create a Blacktopia in it's place; they create a Blackferno. And in turn when our Latino friends do the same they create their own little Hispandemonium.

Anonymous said...

Is there a complete list of Whitopia's because I want to move out of Mexifornia.

Steve said...

Whitopia wow sounds like a garden of eden away from all the pro-human hordes. Course now that this is out our Dear Leader (kneel) will be swift to diversify them.

Anonymous said...

Man is the most dangerous animal & Those animals should live with their own KIND - FREAKING SATANIC LIBERAL COMMIES

Anonymous said...

It is practically pointless to do this because we will run out of space and we will to do what the British did and fight back or DIE.

Anonymous said...

I'm black and I'm perfectly fine with living amongst my own people. I like that a majority of whites feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

"My Point: They need us. We don't need them"

not what our forefathers thought. as a matter of fact this country would not have been built without them. poor lazy white men had to steal people to force to do their work and now their progeny bitch incessantly that they are here. and the same goes for the rest of the immigrants that actually did the manual labor to build this country. even today if all of the immigrants disappeared we'd shit our pants because the jobs that most americans feel too "above" to do simply would not get done.

Anonymous said...

If you look at history, whites don't fight until they have no option. they will allow a certain amount of BS to happen, but there IS a breaking point and when it comes... Revolution destruction vengeance like you've never seen. Ive watched this across many people many walks of life and many races. I have only what I have seen in life on a small social scale to draw upon. In schoolyards and city streets. The white fights when he has no other option or when he has truly had enough of it, and usually its bad for the one who started it. We as whites can unify at the snap of a finger. Remember that.

Porter said...

From Anon 9:00pm: "even today if all of the immigrants disappeared we'd shit our pants because the jobs that most americans feel too "above" to do simply would not get done."

What's this "we" crap, do you have a tapeworm?

Today if all of the non-whites disappeared from the USA the only "we" who would shit their pants would be the prison guards, parole officers, and Section 8 social workers who suddenly found their services no longer required.

Anonymous said...

are you a tapeworm? no, you are an american, as am i.

you are delusional however.

Anonymous said...

"not what our forefathers thought. as a matter of fact this country would not have been built without them. poor lazy white men had to steal people to force to do their work and now their progeny bitch incessantly that they are here. and the same goes for the rest of the immigrants that actually did the manual labor to build this country. even today if all of the immigrants disappeared we'd shit our pants because the jobs that most americans feel too "above" to do simply would not get done."

If we knew then what we know now, we would have picked the damn cotton ourselves!

Anonymous said...

"poor lazy white men had to steal people to force to do their work"


White people did all the work in what is current America before a dutch captain decided to make a quick buck by selling his cargo at a discount in Charelston.

Anonymous said...

"poor lazy white men had to steal people to force to do their work"

I'm an ethnic German. If you view the map in the article link below you will see that my tribes populate the areas in the country where slavery did not exist. We did not need blacks back then nor do we now. Contrary to your guys' comments not all White people were from the slave owning south. Didn't most slaves adopt the surname of their master once they were freed? How many blacks do you know with German surnames?



Anonymous said...

Great article. Let's be honest....if the blacks and latrinos that cause 90% of the crime in this country were eradicated, there would be an economic surge greater than the mass industrialization of the early 1900s.

Those thugs add nothing of value to society. All they produce is misery, death, disease and destruction. Yet, we tolerate them because we're weak and we're afraid of being labeled as racists.

If I say the truth about them openly, I might be fired, sued, or otherwise persecuted. Anyone who is in any position to lose what they've built (a busienss, a career, a reputation), stand the very real possibility that they will be attacked for speaking out.

Decent blacks are deathly afraid that they will be laeled as "Uncle Toms" and decent jewish people know that they will be called "self-hating jews" if they speak out against the vermin that are now destroying everything that was once good and decent in this country.

How many more children do you have to bury before you say enough, white man?

Anonymous said...

agree with ze german and the other guy

what do you mean blacks have built this country?
tell us please did cotton picking slaves mastermind the industrialization of america?

sorry i highly doubt that those blacks who worked, were qualified for more than carrying material. or brick laying AT BEST.

they were not needed at all.most whites did not posses slaves because they wouldn't want to be anywhere near our beloved chocos.it was just greedy white land owners, who didnt want to pay for work,which a trained monkey could have done aswell.

Anonymous said...

"White people did all the work in what is current America before a dutch captain decided to make a quick buck by selling his cargo at a discount in Charelston."

they couldn't even feed themselves! they were dependent upon native people from the jump.

"If you view the map in the article link below you will see that my tribes populate the areas in the country where slavery did not exist."

yay for german americans. too bad your industrious nature did not rub off on the rest of the assholes who came here to loot and plunder the land from the people already living here.

"If you look at history, whites don't fight until they have no option"

does a non instigated war we are still fighting in iraq started by white people for white people count as history? we could go back further, but why not start with something recent.

"If we knew then what we know now, we would have picked the damn cotton ourselves!"

nobody believes this. why do you think immigration is such a problem? more lazy white people trying to maximize profit by limiting expenditure on work force. so why aren't white people picking up the cheaply paid jobs to make sure america stays white? seems that is all it would take to eliminate so much of the "colored menace". according to sbpdl white people are more concerned with long term investment than immediate gratification so certainly foregoing a livable wage to run out poor dark skinned people is an investment worth making considering the only problem we have in this country is that there are there are too many darkies. let's be honest, this is not going to happen.

"Anyone who is in any position to lose what they've built (a busienss, a career, a reputation), stand the very real possibility that they will be attacked for speaking out."

this would not happen if everyone agreed with you. but they do not. not everyone is a bigot. get over it.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:18PM,

The industriousness of Germans did indeed "rub off" on other Whites. Anyone that paid attention in 2nd grade knows that America was the de-facto capital of the industrial revolution.

The war in Iraq was the brainchild of neo-conservatives. The ranks of the neo-conservative think tanks and political advisors are almost entirely jewish [links below]. While it is true that this war is/was fought by mostly White people, I must object to your assertion that the war in Iraq was for the benefit of White people. It was not.

America is the most productive producer of agricultural commodities in the world. This productivity is acheived not on the backs of "brown people" but with machines [links below]. There is even one called a "cotton picker".

Now a quote, "The term bigot is often misused to pejoratively label those who merely oppose or disagree with the devotion of another. The correct use of the term, however, requires the elements of obstinacy, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing devotion."

This fellow spoke the truth when he said peoples' careers and reputations would be attacked if they exercize their 1st Amendment rights. Terms like bigot and racist are routinely used to silence any attempts by Whites to point out the downward spiral our country is stuck in (Both economical and moral). You know about this behavior good enough to post anonymously here at SBPDL. After all, you wouldn't want your boss to know you read SBPDL would you?

Thanks for your time,

Father of neo-conservatism

Architect of the Iraq policy/war

Agricultural machines


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you are right. Although I don’t think it’s just blacks (I’m using my experiences from London), Jews, Turks, Greeks, and Poles – all want to be close to the Anglo-Saxon. We are not him and can’t be like him. He has a sense of order, discipline, and there is that irritating factor called Class where he lords it all over us and make it sound so obscure and complicated that we can never ever figure it out. And even if he is white working class, we would still defer to him. When he decides that he wants to up and leave to go beyond the borders of M25, we are left with ourselves, and the others. And of course each of these groups can never see themselves deferring to one another. So yeah, that is the reason when you guys move, we follow, and keep on following until there is nowhere left for the AS to go.
Some of the groups I mentioned above may read this and rightly argue that I’m a bit simplistic. Maybe, but I do know that despite what the BNP say about the suffering white working classes is that the Government is more likely to protect and look after them then the rest of us. In the borough of Haringey where a high percentage of immigrants (including second, third and forth generations) live, over the years, the local council have slowly and deliberately reduced the funds so activities, some amenities and projects have either come to a standstill or has been cancelled, leaving very little for the locals to do. They are left with no choice but to go to the borders of the M25 and find things to do – especially for their children. But after checking your site, Elliot Lake looks great, so who knows I may just want to come and see………

Anonymous said...

germans did little for the industrial revolution beyond provide manual labor. sounds much like an argument you made against blacks does it not?

moreover, americans did not even want germans here at the time. sounds like a similar argument.

your forefathers were looked at in the same way you look at black people.

the war in iraq was for the benefit of white people. that is how it was sold, to protect us right? how is protection against terrorism in the united states not for the benefit of white people? and then of course there are the companies that had direct monetary benefit from the war. is haliburton (just one of many) not owned and run by white people? and even if jews did mastermind the war they got a whole lot of stupid white people including the one at the top of the power chain, good ole dubya, to follow along. not a strong defense of your pasty brethren.

so if machines are currently responsible for the majority of agricultural production, why are there so many immigrants coming for agricultural and other manual labor jobs? or are all of the reports concerning immigration wrong or lying? we have machines in factories too and many machines used in construction. so immigration is not a problem because machines are doing all of those jobs? whhat jobs then are the immigrants coming in to this country to do? are they locking up illegal doctors and lawyers?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:40 AM

Anglo-Saxon (Germanic People), Actual Germans and Americans were the inventors and workers who created almost all the works of the industrial revolution. An exception would be the ethnic Serb Nikola Tesla. He was also a great White inventor.

The whole of west europe contributed many immigrants to America during this time. I fear you are confusing Germans with eastern europeans. The polititians did initially try to keep eastern europeans from immigrating. These are the people that were initially looked upon with distrust. However, eastern europeans were not looked upon as negros. Germans are not eastern europeans. Many English are related in one way or another to Germans, also evidenced by the language they speak, English (a Germanic language).

I'll let you keep your mainstream media (propoganda) beliefs about the Iraq war, and I'll keep my beliefs.

I never said that there was no "brown people" picking berries in California or wherever. I said they are not responsible for our nation's productivity. The agricultural machines are and will continue to be the reason for that productivity. The people of Africa should be happy about the White man's agricultural feats. Without them many African people would starve.

You are truly an idiot if you think we NEED the immigrants to build us low quality houses or cars. These are just more things that Germans do just fine for themselves, Carpentry, and building Cars.

Ironically, today Germany is the #1 exporter in the world. Yes, they even make more exports than China. In the days of yore America would be in that position. Now that there is no pride in America, we are merely the #1 importer of foreign made crap.

Of course you will blame that on the White man since he runs wall street right? Wrong...


Wanderlost said...

"even today if all of the immigrants disappeared we'd shit our pants"

In glee!

" because the jobs that most americans feel too "above" to do simply would not get done."


That is all.

Kevin said...

Long live whitopias. White people have a right to exist and be with other white people. I'm tired of all these non-whites wanting to live near us and then destroy everything we created. Immigration laws need to be tightened greatly.

Anonymous said...

White people are not the native americans... you all are immigrants too. Germans, Irish, Polish etc. Not Americans.

You didn't create everything by the way.
The pilgrims wouldn't have survived the first winter without the help of Native Americans who probably pitied the Pilgrim's incompetence.
White people could have never succeeded in agriculture without the sweat and hard work of black slaves.
Industry would never made it without all of the immigrants from Italy, Poland, Ireland that were working in the factories.
The east and west would have never been connected without all of the Asian immigrants working on the railroad.
Search minority inventions and become enlightened by all of the things white people didn't do Kevin.

Anonymous said...

After watching these videos I realize that white people must be the divine race. I mean just look at these people.
Wanting to get pregnant young, adults fighting kids, fighting bus drivers, smoking weed as parents, stripping at 16, abusing each other at 15, drinking each other's blood, heroin addicts.









Anonymous said...

The truth is wherever white people are in the world in majority (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand)are prosperous and people of all other races will literally risk there lives to immigrate and live among whites. Of course, once they get there, all they do is complain about white people.

superbaron said...

I always find it so amusing when these black folks jump into a conversation and say that "lazy, racist white men could do anything w/o black slaves", then they claim that blacks built the country in which we live. It's absurdity of the highest order. 4% of whites owned slaves. Four percent! Blacks would have us believe that every single white person before the civil war had a whole barn full of blacks calling them "massa"... but it's simply NOT the case. I'm not sure if this is ignorance on the behalf of blacks or if it's malicious, but either way it's WRONG. Black culture/society is like a wrecking ball... a big, black, all-seeing wrecking ball. Whites build beautiful cities, then blacks come in and tear it all down. We've seen it happen time and time again.

What is it going to take for these people to realize that whites don't WANT to live next door to them, despite what the liberal media tells them? Those same liberals who are always bashing people for white flight... do they live in mixed neighborhoods? Hell no! They live in gated, 100% white, too-expensive-for-you communities. They sit on their throne in their glass house, all high and mighty and throw stones at the rest of us. Keep it up, nutjob liberals, you know what they say about rocks and glass houses.

WhiteRabbit said...

Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and “assimilating” with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to "assimilate," i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I'm not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn't object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, everyone agrees that I am a nazi who wants to kill six million jews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

People want to live near white people because that's where the money is. The money is there because a long time ago, they stole everything from their fellow humans through violence, arrogance, and greed (sounds familiar today too). Through these inherent qualities, they created a money system and inequitable rules that benefit whites above everyone else. Look up Manifest Destiny and see the painting by John Gast called American Progress with the big white floating lady. They probably only allowed other races to live because some of them were sexually attracted to them. That would explain 'the whigger phenomena' of today...as well as sexual tourism to poor places on earth. White people conquered every other kind of human with rape...which if they were truly superior, it would not have occurred to them to do. They used to rape the Native American children too. White people are really like barbarians...make no mistake about it. Class my ass.

Anonymous said...

Whites want to live with white because evolution causes us to seek our own tribe for SAFETY. This is #1 a safety issue.