Monday, October 19, 2009

A Halloween Appeal

New post will be published in a few hours. First, a quick appeal (first ever at SBPDL). Halloween is forthcoming, a favorite holiday here at SBPDL.

We have about five posts that will be posted next week in honor of this wonderful day, but we need a few things (we could get more than five posts out of ideas that are spinning in the demented mind of SBPDL's creator).

1. We have a lot of loyal of readers here, and that number grows by the day. Can you send us stories that deal with Halloween from a whitopian perspective (i.e., why does trick or treating only exist in Whitopia's).

2. Photos of Halloween costumes that Black people don't like (think of traditionally white fraternities around the country that get into trouble for daring to criticize Black people and the trouble they rightfully get in for not bowing before Zod's people).

3. Halloween is a true white people's holiday, where the idea of community and trust (both sorely lacking in a diverse world, as Putman showed us) correlate with trick or treating and festivities. Find any stories that deal with this issue, such as the FORCED BUSING OF LOWER INCOME PEOPLE (Black people) into Whitopia's so they can enjoy trick or treating.

That's it for now. New post coming later tonight.In the meantime, remember that Stuff Black People Don't Like includes sudden frights, one of the first posts here.

Send all ideas (for any SBPDL) and links to

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Anonymous said...

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