Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Week at SBPDL

The response to SBPDL's request for Halloween stories was tremendous (Keep them coming... send them to stuffblackpeople@gmail, or any other correspondence you might have can be addressed there) and we are working overtime to produce prose worthy of the holiday.

Already, we have discussed how ghosts are one of the things that frighten Black people the most (registered mail and dogs come next) and we have also stated the importance of never, EVER providing sudden frights to Black people.

What can be in store for you this week, dear reader, as we prepare to celebrate Halloween in Stuff Black People Don't Like style?

You'll just have to sit back and wait, but we'll have two new posts today (including the first Halloween edition).

And, it is important to note that the decision to discuss Halloween here at SBPDL is no way an endorsement of the occult, but a strong endorsement of the importance of communities that can thus harbor said Halloween activities that are safe, fun and enjoyable for all involved, especially for children.

So, go get a pumpkin and carve it with the family. Throw up some spooky decorations in the front yard and then relax. SBPDL is about to dispense Halloween treats that will make those memories of crappy black and orange candies you got trick or treating disappear forever.

More importantly, the fear of getting cavities from enjoying our treats is non-existent.


Mgrub said...

I notice that every time the black person was scared they'd hit the person as if they were going to be seriously attacked by the joke puller. I don't know if it's just the more violent tendencies they have or some sort of more primal instinct that makes them think they are in a more dangerous setting than they really are. Some of their reactions looked so instinctive that it seem they didn't realize what they were doing. Not just this vid but in others like with David Blaine. You'd see blacks run away from these tricks of his. Only the girl seemed to be the most "normal". Anyways, I am kinda split on this. It seems good to have those reflexes but at the same time they never let their guard down, so they see everyone as an enemy. They can't even take a good natured joke at their expense that harbor no ill will at all.
If blacks aren't being worshipped, they don't like it.

Anonymous said...

I must alert others of the dangers of letting someone you don't know, get too close. A creep will talk to you to stop you and move in closer as you are "polite" and continue to chat, upon which time they will viciously sucker punch, or elbow you causing you to either be knocked unconscious or incapacitated for further beating or worse. This is a favorite tactic of black thugs as they count on the victims reluctance to appear "racist" and run as their instincts are screaming for them to do. My point being that a lot of black males seem to be in a perpetual "fight or flight" state, as seen in the above video, therefore their love of the sucker punch and their propensity to attack in large groups. They don't like to go one on one in a "fair" fight as they will often lose; especially if you go all "Russian" on their ass. Word to the wise among you.

Anonymous said...

"I must alert others of the dangers of letting someone you don't know, get too close."

Is this why people walking on the sidewalk in "diversity" towns just look at the ground as they walk past each other, saying nary a word?

In the days of yore there was a time when people were cordial as they passed each other in their day to day excursions. *Gasp* There was once a time when people even left their doors unlocked.

Those people were evil White men, they MUST live in guilt today. Those evil bastards!