Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving... Ready for Black Friday?

Happy Thanksgiving from SBPDL. New post(s) coming later tonight, after a heavy consumption of food with the family.

The question though, is are you ready for Black Friday Lines? Last year, Black people trampled a Black person to death as they battled it out for marked-off goods at Wal-Mart.

What will this years Black Friday provide?

We'll wager a decrease in consumer spending, but a few more injuries than were suffered last year by overeager anxious to get discounted goods.

In the end, SBPDL is thankful for our readers. This site is averaging more than 2,000 unique visitors a day and continues to see positive growth from month-to-month.

Black people - at 13 percent of the United States population - have closed ranks completely around their president, Mein Obama, who last year entered with the White House with an unprecedented amount of popularity:
"In his first full week in office (Jan. 26-Feb. 1), an average of 66% of Americans approved of the job Obama was doing, including 61% of non-Hispanic whites and 80% of nonwhites. In the most recent week, spanning Nov. 16-22 interviewing, his approval rating averaged 49% overall, 39% among whites, and 73% among nonwhites. Thus, since the beginning of his presidency, his support has dropped 22 points among whites, compared with a 7-point loss among nonwhites.

Given the 17-point drop in his approval rating among all U.S. adults, it follows that Obama's support has declined among all major demographic and attitudinal subgroups, with one notable exception -- blacks.

Blacks' support for Obama has averaged 93% during his time in office, and has been at or above 90% nearly every week during his presidency. Thus, part of the reason Obama's support among nonwhites has not dropped as much as his support among other groups is because of his consistent support from blacks. (With Hispanics' approval rating down five points, greater declines among Asians, Native Americans, and those of mixed races account for his total seven-point drop among nonwhites.)"

Still, it is strange to see near monolithic support for Mein Obama from Black people when they have an unprecedented level of unemployment that is augmenting under his watchful eye:
"The latest employment figures sadly unsurprising: with about 35 percent of black men aged 16 to 24 unemployed, the epidemic of joblessness in Black America encapsulates a nationwide crisis. Although high unemployment and deep racial disparities are nothing new, the depth and length of the recession has prompted progressive economists and community groups to warnof an impending “social catastrophe.”
Black people don't want to admit it, but they are engaging in an unprecedented "social catastrophe" that few wish to discuss, as a massive crime wave - fueled by Black people - is overwhelming the nation.

Interesting, Black people had trouble finding work - well, position that didn't have diversity officer before their name - even in the most recent economic high tide:
"At a time when the U.S. economy is on the upswing and more people are finding work, young African American men are falling further behind.
  • Rates of imprisonment for young black men escalated throughout the 1990s and continued climbing well into the current decade. About 16 percent of black men in their twenties who were not college students were either in jail or in prison.
  • African Americans are seven times more likely to go to prison or jail than whites.
  • Almost 60 percent of black male high school dropouts in their early thirties have spent time in prison.
  • The percentage of young jobless black men continues to increase, part of a trend that generally hasn't abated in decades. In 2000, about 65 percent of black male high-school dropouts had no jobs, either because they couldn't find work or because they were in jail. By 2004, the studies found that number had grown to 72 percent. The numbers for young black men were higher than for whites and Hispanics similarly affected
Sadly, all of these Black people who can't find jobs and ended up in jail were incapable of finding a family such as the one Michael Oher found, or other white families that Black NFL players found:
"The film touches on his rise from poverty-stricken beginnings in Memphis—his father was murdered, his mother was a drug addict, and he was virtually homelessness by age 16—but its most prominent story line belongs to Leigh Anne Tuohy, the sympathetic white Ole Miss booster who saved Oher from the streets and helped tap his enormous potential.

The film makes Oher out to be an improbable success story—the 23rd pick in the 2009 draft, he was a Day One starter for the Ravens—but the NFL is loaded with similar Hollywood tales. Titans Pro Bowl linebacker Keith Bulluck, Cowboys defensive end Marcus Dixon and Eagles rookie wideout Jeremy Maclin are three other players who owe their pro careers in part to white families who provided them havens from adverse circumstances, and Oher wishes his story were just as underreported as theirs. He's generally loath to discuss that difficult period in his life, and says he only flipped through the book and has no plans to see the movie."

What does all this point too, you might ask? Stuff Black People Don't Like is thankful for altruistic white families that adopt Black children, for Black people are incapable of raising their children... just ask Barack Obama's papa (the job of raising him went to his white grandparents).

That is the entire point of the movie The Blind Side, and that will soon permeate into every sector of American life. Remember, 70 percent of Black people are born out of wedlock and into broken homes, thus the need for the Michael Oher Act: Remove Black kids from their biological parents and into the loving arms of white families.

So, SBPDL recommends you stay away from any and all department store this Black Friday. Spend time with your families and loved ones instead.

And most importantly, realize that Mein Obama's poll numbers will continue to fall and the day will come when he sees the wrath of Black people come down upon him, as Black support will erode over time. After all, he is half-white.

When that happens, recall what we have discussed before: Black people don't like to be out rioted.

This Thanksgiving, we are thankfully those haven't started yet. They came close in Detroit a few months back.


Anonymous said...

Re "random acts of violence"...
The violence is also directed at the truth that we expect from other human beings when describing events. To conclude something is random conveys a great deal of thought has gone into the description; randomness is not easily perceived. One has to labouriously eliminate the tendency to see patterns to conclude something is random. This effort is obviously not being done in this instance.

Anonymous said...

Apparently no one was ready for this Black Friday either. Because according to people were breaking into shrink wrap items @ Wal-mart before the 5 a.m. sale time and fights broke out. I don't know the race of the offenders but like Wesley Snipes says in Passenger 57 "Always bet on Black".

P.S. Does this mean Black Fridays will have a whole new meaning in Obama-America?

Anonymous said...

Everything has a different meaning in "Obama America". My wife and I don't shop at Wal mart because of all the trashy people white and black alike. Maybe it was a classy place during the Bush years. I don't know ,but something tells me it wasn't.Everyone with half a brain knows that Black friday is a joke. Retailers mark prices up during the year and then on black friday they give you chumps a "discount" Who falls for that?

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