Monday, November 30, 2009

What Do You Say?

Some people still don't get Stuff Black People Don't Like. Why have a website like SBPDL? Is it run by Black people? Is it run by white people who dislike Black people?

We get a lot of email from curious readers asking similar questions (e-mail us at and thought it might be time to throw the cards on the table.

The United States is a failed nation, for we exist as a nation of cowards when it comes discussing race - Eric Holder was right - and yet, the reality of race is right before our lying eyes.

Watch the nightly news cast to see two things: Black people excelling at sports and at crime.

If that last statement upsets you, well, you have no business operating in the real world. Taxes could rise or fall; healthcare reform could pass or fail; immigration could be stopped tomorrow; yet, these facts don't undercut the reality that America is a failed - and cowardly - state.

Institutionalized racism against white people in every sector of society (law, business, academy, sports, Hollywood) is now the norm, and yet, white people still bend over backwards to help out non-white people, like Michael Oher and other non-whites through adoption.

Even in the face of the United States dissolving and breaking apart, white people go out of their way to help out non-white people - especially Black people - and then go and see a movie (The Blind Side) about it, just to feel better about themselves.

SBPDL is a website dedicated to educating the world about Stuff Black People Don't Like. Does that mean we are Black or white? Michael Jackson famously said it don't matter if you are Black or white... so we won't answer that question.

What we will answer is this: SBPDL will be back soon with new entries. We don't believe in racism at SBPDL either, nor will we tolerate it. What we will tolerate and promulgate is facts, backed by links and honest discussion of race.

So what do you say at a moment like this? SBPDL will be back tomorrow with a discussion of doctors and another on tutoring of college athletes (yes, another college football entry), so we hope you'll have a lot to say.

In the meantime, SBPDL would like to pay homage to an individual they cared about greatly who passed away four years ago in early December 2005. That person lost a battle with cancer and yet, at the end of their life they were more apologetic for leaving a world for our generation to inherit that stood on the cusp of disaster then with their untimely passing.

You have not been forgotten JRH.

The time to be honest about the nations decline is upon us, more than ever. Someone dear to SBPDL taught them the lesson that honesty is the most important virtue, and it's time to uphold that trait: What do you say?


Anonymous said...


You guys don't tolerate racism? That statement is both funny and strange at the same time. Also based on the tact you guys are taking anyone with half a brain knows you guys are white. These so-called humorous posts are boiling over with contempt, resentment, and hatred. I always loved the way whites are to viewed as individuals, and blacks represent an entire group, even those in foreign lands such as the West Indies, Jamaica, or Africa.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Thanks SBPDL for educating the world, i´ve learned alot about multiculturism and blacks thanks to this website. I´m voting nationalist at the next election!

- The Swede

Anonymous said...

"We don't believe in racism at SBPDL either, nor will we tolerate it."

well it doesn't matter what SBPDL claims to believe ,the libs and blacks will call you racist anyway.but let me ask SBPDL:do you believe in multi culturalism?do you believe that different races can coexist without tension in mutual love and respect?

if you do, i'm sorry to tell you that human nature and human history disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

To Black guy, whites are viewed as a group. Only 5 European countries had slaves: Spain, Portugal, England, Holland and France. Yet collective racial guilt is assigned the dozens of other European countries and their descendents.

Truth Hurts said...

"I always loved the way whites are to viewed as individuals"

You just used the collective term "whites" to refer to a group, not individuals.

There are very few (if any) behavioral patterns that can be described as "white" due to extensive diversity among different white people.
However, there are numerous behavioral patterns that are so universally embraced by significant majorities of black people, that they can reasonably be described as "black behaviors".
1. Black people commit a shitload of crime.
2. Black people have a shitload of illegitimate children.
3. Black people perform poorly in school.
4. Black people are not interested in listening to music performed by a non-black artist.
5. Black people vote democrat, or in the case of Clinton vs Obama, black people vote black.

In spite of the absurd "we are not a monolith" mantra, blacks are largely monolithic.

charlie sierra said...

"These so-called humorous posts are boiling over with contempt, resentment, and hatred". I'm so very sorry, Black guy, that as a white guy, I seem a bit angry in response to the factual information I'm seeing in the posts here. I guess it's understandable(to you anyway) that as a de-facto representative of your race you would be partisan (though ethically wrong in regard to humanity as a whole) to the actions of your "brothers and sisters" even as reprehensible as they are. So in fact: racist behavior exhibited by you. As a White guy I'm rather alarmed at the whole black culture "thang". Frankly, with much of its emphasis on material gain, sex and violence, etc. it represents a de-evolution of the advanced (though far from perfect) white culture of the US. We are supposed to be moving UP Maslows hierarchy of needs chart aren't we? This site is a valid and vital source for viewpoint and comment on a major public health and welfare hazard. Thank you SBPDL!

Anonymous said...

ok, next sbpdl entry: Viewing whites as individuals. thanks, Black guy!

Rob said...

What all of the naysayers should do is go to the blogsite "Stuff White People Do" and see the point of view of a self-hating White male. Then they can come back here and whine about the lack of objectivity they encountered over there. SBPDL is informative, ironic, sardonic and humourous.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think black people are the most afraid of a post-racial America. In a country where over half the voting population is willing to vote a black man into office (and I was one of them), fewer and fewer reasonable people will be willing to accept racism as an excuse for the rampant crime and dysfunction amongst black communities. Hence they must cling to the race card ever more tightly in the age of Obama.

This is why if you step onto a typical liberal university, you will see racism being defined ever more broadly and ambiguously, so it can be applied in every situation. As a liberal arts student, I was told that as a white man, I was by definition a racist via the unconscious exercise of my white privilege. So basically my very existence is racist, and by implication, I am partially responsible for every crime committed by a black person. What a convenient excuse. But who is going to buy it anymore?

Anonymous said...

"What do I say?"

I say your pretendeding to be against 'racism' is a mere ploy to keep the disingenous liberal reader here. You and I both know that 'racism' is an inherent 'human' trait as demonstrated by your black doll/white doll citation.

You want to tell the truth as much as I do... I however, have actually put my cards on the table, you have not.

Your favorite non-jew German,


Jean C. said...

"White privilege" HA!!! HA!!! HA!!!

What a myth. What a cruel and hideous joke. Try to tell that to the MILLIONS of dead Ukranians, Germans, my ancestors the least a million and a half of whom died in an orchestrated famine, men who died in the so-called "Civil War", etc., etc., etc. And on and on it goes. I'm sick of ignorance, stupidity and, ABOVE ALL, "conventional wisdom". So many little time...

Anonymous said...

Who is JRH? Why not just print the full name?

Anonymous said...

I continue to grow in my knowledge of stuff black people don't like. I, as always, appreciate your enlightening articles.

I think hate facts are not racist..............
I mean, they're facts.

Akbar in Seattle

Anonymous said...

@ Black Guy

Man, I made this mistake too. Never enter an argument where the sides are split many to 1. You can't win. Besides, We do have a lot shit to deal with. Regardless of cause, the issues are here. And you, like me probably are "an exception" to the "rule", but this is not the place to represent us. We can't win on this website, nor should that be the goal. We're not shedding any light, our presence and contrary opinions only further justify any preceptions that there might be about us (meaning, since we're mad and therefore complaining, we only justify the whole "hate facts" post). I'm not trying to come down on you, hell, I just made a longwinded post trying to "enlighten" earlier. I say, let those who are posting post, and let us actually do something about it. Not because we "wanna stick it to whitey", not to make black people look "better", but because we just... should, you know?

All in all, its just another "us vs. them"ism...