Thursday, February 11, 2010

Black on Black Criminality: The Strange War on Acting White

We have warned Black people that Acting White is a tragic sin in the Black community, punishable - in some cases - by death. In other cases, you get immortalized at the acting white blog.

In Black Run America (BRA), white on Black crime is so rare that these actions are rehashed from the past in a continuous manner in which to drive up animosity toward white people. The National News is awash in stories of Emmet Till, James Byrd and other heinous crimes perpetrated by white losers years ago in the bad old days of Pre-Obama America (the corollary to this is the local Nightly Newscasts are awash in Black Truculence).

Sadly, the availability of white on Black crime to discuss ad nauseaum is limited to these discussed to death events, thus the need to replay the travesties of the past on a perpetual basis.

Never mind that the Black on white crime rate and the mere prospect of such criminality has created whitopia's throughout the nation where white people seek sanctuary.

However, we at SBPDL find the sad truth of Black on Black crime a problematic issue that threatens to turn into an epidemic across the nation. Worse, Black people are engaging in a systematic war against those among their ranks who Act White and are prepared to win the fight to keep Black people authentically Black:
"The brutal beating and robbery of a girl in a Seattle bus tunnel has been caught on tape -- along with the inaction of three security guards from whom she sought protection.

A teen girl and three young men face first-degree robbery charges stemming from the attack, during which they allegedly stole the 15-year-old's purse, phone, and iPod.

The 15-year-old victim, who is black, told cops the altercation began at a nearby Macy's, where some in the group taunted her saying she had "nice things" and acts "white," according to court papers filed Wednesday. One of the defendants claims the victim pepper-sprayed a person in the group.

Two Seattle police officers noticed the escalating situation and kicked the group out of the store, then brought the girl and her friend to another exit, the victim said. She reported that she asked the officers for an escort to the bus tunnel, just below the department store, but the officers refused.

She said she then deliberately stood next to the security guards in hopes of warding off further confrontation.

"I went to the security and told them that these kids were trying to jump me," the girl said. "I know that I am about to get jumped and I am hanging around the guards to try and get protection. ... I thought the security guards would defend me."

The guards didn't intervene, though."

The Black guards didn't intervene in the brutal beating of a Black girl who was Acting White due to their intricate knowledge of Stuff Black People Don't Like. They could neither condemn her beating, for she was Acting White, nor could they condone the bellicose nature of the Black youth engaging in vigilante-style justice to snuff out those among them who Act White.

So the guards remained apathetic.

In Chicago recently, a Black student was violently beaten to death by a Black posse intent on lynching for his crime of Acting White.

Black on Black crime is a major problem. Stuff Black People Don't Like has to ask though: is vigilante style justice against Black people who Act White a problem?

Or is it implicitly understood in the Black community to be a justifiable means to eradicate a cancer before it spreads - since the white race is the cancer of history?

If you can help us find other instances of Black people being the subject of vigilante justice for the high crime of Acting White in BRA, please send them to us at

Black on Black crime is horrible, but it seems Black on Black crime to eradicate the germ of Acting White from infecting the soul of Blackness is tolerated. Are we wrong?


Anonymous said...

Isn't saying "stop black on black crime" - racist? I saw this sign saying the same thing in an all black neighborhood in Oakland California. I thought so what are these black churches saying? Its alright as long as the victim is white? Isn't that a hate crime?

Anonymous said...

These crimes and murders are just another way that negroid man ensures his inferiority, here and in Africa. By eliminating the prodigies among his kind he ensures that his race will stay on the lowest rung of all humanoids on the planet.

I could care less that these negroids fight and destroy themselves. My only concern is how this degenerate behavior has crossed the 'railroad tracks' and effected those of my race. In the end, we are in a battle for the direction of the 'evolution' of mankind.

Separation is the only solution. You don't walk amongst the monkeys in their exhibit at the zoo do you? No!, there is a barrier between the humans and the monkeys.


Steve said...

I couldn't agree more Dave.

Anonymous said...

Are these blacks in Seattle descendents of
WWII era blacks (or pre WWII). Hopefully hey are
not actively migrating up from LA, because I hear the
Mexicans are "cleansing" some LA neighborhoods of
blacks. They are likely to end up out in the far desert, but
who knows?

t_c_ said...

No comments about this from your fan club? Hmmm....crickets chirping.

Eric said...

How do folks view Obama? Is he acting white?